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(Topic ID: 264009)

Star Trek Discovery pinball machine

By Loganpinball

7 months ago

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    #201 14 days ago

    Never Tig welded before. I watched a bunch of videos on youtube and finally found one that helped me see what I needed to do. I am making another set of wireforms and they will look so much nicer then the mig welded sets.

    40C0E511-0578-45BB-9130-1B26E72F9046 (resized).jpeg
    #202 10 days ago

    Just watched the opener of season 3. Burnham has a great range of emotions in it and it was fun to see her high. Give it a chance if your a Trek fan. The new character is very interesting and well played by the actor. The two of them play against each other in a great way. I am picking up the finished playfield Sunday and that is going to push me further along and for the winter coming along the timing is great.

    #203 10 days ago

    I liked that they brought this ds9 characters species into the future.

    3E9BE40F-9FAD-4880-9142-3854EAD84A18 (resized).jpeg

    #204 9 days ago

    Round three on wireforms. I clamped rod to a socket that outer diameter when bent is 1 1/2”. Then cut them in half for the supports. So far going well. Way cheaper to bend a rod then to buy stainless rings, which I would be cutting anyway.

    1575835B-9430-441F-820A-EFA481AFB2F9 (resized).jpeg68A0CFC7-9487-416E-B692-5C37B8E791DA (resized).jpeg9CF28C6F-CD84-41D6-8EF5-8CC5BD50AFC7 (resized).jpegB3DE197B-9D3B-4E9E-83B4-307F9261BEDD (resized).jpegB54F4FF1-D480-4563-96CB-C5127A41F336 (resized).jpegB7D3766F-72AD-4728-B1C2-86455F86A6CB (resized).jpeg

    #205 8 days ago

    If there is one thing I want to learn to do is TIG weld.
    One day... he says.

    #206 8 days ago
    Quoted from Zitt:

    If there is one thing I want to learn to do is TIG weld.
    One day... he says.

    I am still learning as I blew through a rod and ruined a wireform last night. Today I cut flat stock and drilled holes for form shape holders. It holds all 4 rods in place and is way better than what I tried yesterday. I tested this on table and it does a few things better. First it maintains the spacing better than brackets that I was usuing. And second It keeps them level on a table and is way easier to weld the rings. I am trying to find the best overall fit with half moons or rings today.

    20958E77-07BD-4B36-B86E-B53CA41D973F (resized).jpeg
    #207 7 days ago

    My son wanted to watch me weld so I went out and bought a good lincoln helmet thats adjustable. This is another time where I am going to say I wish I bought this helmet sooner. I got the cheap one for christmas a few years ago and I am guessing it is harbor freight. I had alot of trouble seeing my initial arc since new. I can not tell you how much of an improvement the lincoln is. I can see! Who knew! What a difference in welding. The intial distance on tig if higher away from material flashes alot of power(melting!). This lincoln you can clearly see the point and where it is at. And I am kicking myself for this. What a difference. Look at pictures. My god man! The first is looking through lincoln and second is the other brand.

    1A54E711-844F-4630-B42A-F7986187C710 (resized).jpeg2D3A1897-8299-407F-91CD-7F8C8329E679 (resized).jpeg329BB133-27FD-4A22-A6F3-8CA9E95C938A (resized).jpeg62C61A8B-7A3A-4D6A-B530-C172BCBCF9E6 (resized).jpegE1DD34AB-98A3-43F5-9672-CD889691D092 (resized).jpeg

    #208 5 days ago

    I thought this information might be good to share about making wireforms. I use two benders. One from marco specialties atatched to a wood handle for 90’ bends. And a brake line tubing bender from Harbor freight. The tubing bender produces nice rounded angles and the marcos one hard angles. Just covering 90’ angles here. If your bending with the marcos tool you subtract the thickness of the rod from your measurement to get the right length on bend. So a 4 inch needed bend would actually be 4 inches minus 1/8” for 1/8 rods. The brake line bender is minus 1/2 inch of needed measurement. Same thing if you need a form to reach a 4 inch mark, you would bend it at 3 1/2 inches. Other benders might be different. But the harbor freight one works great and is cheap. I thought anyone digging through this build might be curious so I am putting it in this log. You can see the two types of bends in pictures. One bent at 4inches and the other at the subtracted.

    1671C1F2-E30C-46CD-BE2A-D63245C8727E (resized).jpeg9D0AC08F-8F96-41B4-B7AA-08806057519E (resized).jpegC8716B48-201C-4490-A973-D49C1E664DD5 (resized).jpegE59058D5-D411-4C76-9AAB-B4FAE69BF570 (resized).jpegFCCDBBA1-769E-4C14-8ADE-953977EC721E (resized).jpeg

    #209 5 days ago

    M&Ms... whipped cream... juice bag... pudding cups... Those aren't healthy snacks.

    #210 5 days ago
    Quoted from Foo:

    M&Ms... whipped cream... juice bag... pudding cups... Those aren't healthy snacks.

    Thats power fuel !

    #211 4 days ago

    My 6 year old consultant requires high test!

    #212 2 days ago

    I need therapy. I had a 25th machine years ago and I just picked up a dead one. I did not notice the battery acid damage on board which sucks! Rottendog use to be my go to route and there no longer an option. I cleaned up what I could, but no pia or blanking! Picking up a game at 7 am in a garage with poor lighting was on me. Not mad at seller, I should have done a better inspection. I would have haggled more. Happy that I got another one, but wish I saw it when I was there.

    267E1920-96B9-41E6-8FCC-D084D9F71792 (resized).jpeg339319C9-88A0-498D-BE29-C59F21E6F12F (resized).jpeg7C3627E4-895C-4E2B-8B47-D88591231D94 (resized).jpeg
    #213 1 day ago

    Sat down and wanted to alter the wireform route to a more straight run. I am seeing some cool ideas running through my head. I have been up since 4 am so I am punch drunk at this point and its creative sparking. Hard to see on old white wood, but look at the pictures and I hope you see what I see. I think it will come together amazingly. The last picture should hit it home. Nacelles!

    B295257E-7C7A-4293-8686-921D6008D3A7 (resized).jpegC2C92D65-2CF7-4ADA-B2A3-237F3EC4A490 (resized).jpeg3995DCCD-6170-4ECB-A397-B4C717261263 (resized).jpegC0E63F83-A276-4E44-8F05-5AE8E1A1C403 (resized).jpeg5A9690F3-52D3-437F-826B-2A98A8EBBA7C (resized).jpeg
    #214 1 day ago

    I am extending the vuk by 9 inches towards the player. It will give you clear view of both upper corners and I am changing the ball left to right to a simpler more reliable triangle assembly. (Thanks star trek 25th) going to mimic that alternating mech. You can see how much better the view of top playfield will be. I was dumb to create a machine around a wireform, but it got me started so thats good enough for me.

    34CA1CC8-1846-42A2-BA26-E06D06AFF53F (resized).jpeg5951082C-4565-49D8-88C9-C4783908FF79 (resized).jpeg
    #215 1 day ago

    Made sliding lane guides so I can move and weld more easily. I cut slots in flat stock to create the channel. Works great. Tig welder is the way to go once you get the hang of it. Got bottom rails done and moving on.

    FBEB644F-BF67-4DC4-8D4B-6423CE0AD40D (resized).jpeg7D52DD87-62CC-4D21-BC5E-5F0087ED78AE (resized).jpeg80A0A1DC-1C4B-4328-9811-9F088C1C81B0 (resized).jpeg
    #216 1 day ago
    D945DE55-5A0F-4463-9439-A1D9AEE2CB59 (resized).jpeg
    #217 23 hours ago

    Done for today. Lower rails are completed. I copied the mechanism from data east and it works great. So thanks star trek 25th. Way better mech.

    0DD8CE74-5783-4DC9-8A67-BEA5BA66050F (resized).jpeg
    #218 23 hours ago

    The data east mech copied on to the discovery lower rails. Thank you data east!

    #219 19 hours ago

    The rails look great, fantastic work, keep it up.

    #220 19 hours ago

    Thank you sir. We will see if the welds pass the “Zitt test”.. The top rails will extend past the upper curves and Look like a top view of discovery engines. Thinking el wire in blue on nacelles and going to weld rods to look like impulse engines with red leds on back. I want it to look like your seeing the ship from above and behind. Looking like this picture is the idea.

    1D11B191-99AF-4B22-B912-1E4C7D0775DA (resized).jpeg
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