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Star Trek Discovery pinball machine

By Loganpinball

6 months ago

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    #151 41 days ago

    Resized captains names. Third attempt at shuttle and I ordered a 31 base! Removing starbase and going with section 31 as it makes more sense and will look awesome.

    53E2F23A-DC8B-4146-B4E7-3DABCDFCB23B (resized).jpeg5FDCFE9A-9756-43D1-A910-9BCCD133AEA0 (resized).jpegCAF84378-FE65-4B02-8711-AFAA0928DEE7 (resized).png
    #152 41 days ago
    E3BFAFC3-BD10-4094-A040-F1B9C3F5E88E (resized).jpeg
    #153 41 days ago

    Looks good. I've enjoyed watching your progress. Might want to check the spelling for "Suru"...


    #154 41 days ago

    Thank you! I am braindead. That would have sucked! Artist has no idea on star trek shows.

    #155 41 days ago

    I mean she would have not caught that. I drew it out so again thanks Eric-S.

    #156 41 days ago
    A765B685-F1C5-4923-906B-6BC07A0C0464 (resized).jpeg
    #157 41 days ago
    Quoted from Loganpinball:

    I mean she would have not caught that. I drew it out so again thanks Eric-S.

    Looks better now.

    2 weeks later
    #158 24 days ago

    Eaglemoss rules. The section 31 base came today and looks amazing. The only thing that sucks is I have to trim the base to put it in. It is going where starbase is. I need to think of the options in doing the cut. The playfield is at artists house now and I look foward to seeing how she does. I showed her everything I drew and explained that she could move the artwork around and make lettering bigger if needed. I will post as soon as I get it back.

    201A21D4-6BB6-406F-8BCA-2A1C6EA1B029 (resized).jpeg3CC5FC65-1CD5-4E71-98FA-BBE63F23ED57 (resized).jpeg
    #159 19 days ago

    Took the section 31 base apart with razor blade to seperate glue and the layers. The only way this model fits is with the base completely off. I was hoping to see a little of the bottom layer, it just wont fit. I like it better then the other star base just not sure how it looks to others with the bottom off. Ideally I would like to 3d print one shrunk down to size, it just would not look as good as this one so I am leaving this in, but my eye says it looks off with no base.

    5498E8DD-ED4A-4426-A577-857F6E7F0F40 (resized).jpegB40D1E38-6530-44BF-A747-7F485CF9B27A (resized).jpeg
    #160 13 days ago

    Put micro leds in base. I am really disappointed with the red leds. They just dont have same brightness as the others. But, there is a white on dome top, green on sides and whites on base pointed at base pads. It is hard to see in pictures, but the exhaust port has red led in tube. Took rotating mech out and got wiring routed down bracketing as there was another hole so I did not have to drill anything. I will be trying a different brand of micro leds on the next section 31 base for finished game.

    E655D167-43F9-4073-BBE5-2A32DE46A6DE (resized).jpeg13DBBFA4-8A98-4D49-A2F3-A3046798B398 (resized).jpeg44E3E2A4-47F1-4A1C-8384-9ABFA130D300 (resized).jpegF1846A09-336F-4076-8189-F88B3937E995 (resized).jpegF9131D4C-2885-45DF-AA67-A6A27828ED28 (resized).jpeg42994B50-FE41-4FF5-842A-798B4A714A42 (resized).jpegEE99CB46-4EC8-48E1-8E25-B20922C3105F (resized).jpeg

    #161 12 days ago

    Multiball, newton ball and ramps in action on playfield.

    #162 12 days ago

    It's really coming together, super nice. I really like the way drop targets act as a shield in front of of the discovery. And for what it's worth I think the LEDs look just fine from a player's perspective in the space station. Keep it up.

    #163 11 days ago

    Looking great! Only comment would be tliwerbthe speed if the ship that’s going back and forth if you can. Like 1/4 the speed, smooth back and forth.

    #164 11 days ago

    I agee with the speed of rotation. It would look better slower. There is a captive magnetic ball switch in the base of that mech. It might make that shot too easy to hit slowed down. I will look into altering it mechanically or code wise. Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it.

    #165 11 days ago

    Just got the mock up photo!

    66AD9404-0CC5-4E5C-B848-593F6059ED9D (resized).jpeg
    #166 11 days ago

    She needs to move logic up and add fire to other reticle.

    #167 11 days ago

    Art looks great!

    #168 10 days ago

    Following this incredibly awesome project ...

    #169 9 days ago
    Quoted from Loganpinball:

    I think the clear pops is a go! All this plexi with nothing on it was just going to be template for making others and puting artwork on them. The further I go into it I think leaving them clear might look diferent and work well.

    Hey; if you decide you want to do other translucent colors - I now have stock of translucent skirts and bases... which I didn't have a few months ago.

    Didn't Eaglemoss also do a Discovery Shuttle Craft recently?
    They say the length of the shuttle is 6.3 inches; I'm guessing that's too big for you're 3d Printed one?

    Did you get a chance to watch any of the Discovery stuff during Star Trek Day today? I didn't; was too busy working. :S

    #170 9 days ago

    Hello Sir! Yes I do want to get those parts from you and I will follow up with you on that. Eaglemoss shuttle looks amazing like all their stuff, but it is too big for the spot I wanted to put it in. And the printed ones dont visually work in this spot. So I made the target that was going to be Spocks shuttle into Vulcan symbol with logic as the text. Going to use that target as Spock assisting player in modes with shot selection. Thinking like a hint button at times. Imagine seeing a bunch of blinking shots and if you hit Logic shot first the lights will show you the specific sequence of shots that are the most “logical” to achieve the goal of the mode. But only if that shot is made first with no other switches hit beforehand. I think that would be very cool feature in a game. No need to look anywhere but the playfield. Since the ball is not captive I think it will be a timed event where the shots will be shown to the player in sequence with flashing targets in the right order. I did not see any of the event. I am hoping the season 3 will be interesting. They are so far into future that the writters can go anywhere with storylines. I hope it does well. I really believe that Stern or someone else could get Discovery license and make a really cool Star Trek game. They are putting it on broadcast tv so there will also be more eyes on it.

    BC164C7E-3E3A-44E3-A4C3-EAA92134ADF8 (resized).png

    1 week later
    #171 3 days ago

    Thank you Zitt. Got the parts today. I forgot the bumper skirts!

    34EBE162-6664-47AF-9988-CE9C28BDAFEB (resized).jpeg
    #172 2 days ago

    LOL I figured you had a plan... or had already ordered the skirts. or something.
    Don't forget the bases.

    Are you changing the Drop targets in STD? or are those drops for a different game?
    I thought you'd need:
    based upon the pictures I saw earlier in the thread.

    #173 1 day ago

    The plan is I am braindead sometimes. Most times. Working double shifts does not help. I am done with extra shifts this friday. So I will get some sleep and sit down over the weekend and place another order.

    #174 1 day ago
    Quoted from Loganpinball:

    So I will get some sleep and sit down over the weekend and place another order.

    Ok. feel free to email me. I'm also willing to restock the Stern Drops if you don't need them.

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