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Star Trek Discovery pinball machine

By Loganpinball

1 year ago

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    #101 1 year ago

    I wish! And thanks Nevadanutjob! Jersey Jack should go after this theme. I would buy it sight unseen. I will have to make this ramp box out of one piece of plexi, for the final playfield. This is patchwork but it works on the rampbox assembly.

    D01555A9-662E-4EA6-B1CF-DD2DCF73205E (resized).jpeg

    #102 1 year ago
    Quoted from NevadaNutJob:

    When does the pre-order start and where do I send money ?

    I am 1st on this list....haha...I dont mind being 2nd and you can have my spot NevadaNutJob

    #103 1 year ago

    I bought a set of clear bumper caps to see if I liked them. The printed cap is solid white plastic and doesn’t look well lit, these clear caps go with the whole clear plastic direction. Zitt I will be looking for clear bumper parts soon.

    DAE189FD-3035-460F-9421-6F1966A7D2B8 (resized).jpeg
    #104 1 year ago
    Quoted from Loganpinball:

    Zitt I will be looking for clear bumper parts soon.

    I'll be here / No rush. Looks like some Gottlieb popcaps on the modern bases?

    As I stated...

    Quoted from Zitt:

    There may be other color options in the future. Nothing I'm ready to publicly disclose right now.

    I've approved the samples... so as soon as the Dragon boat holiday is over; I hope to have them start production shortly... so maybe in 30ish days.

    Here's the Data East Wide drop targets in frosted polycarbonate:
    P_20200626_235708 (resized).jpg
    Unsure if they would fit your drop target assembly.

    #105 1 year ago

    Caps are stern ones. Nascar has one clear cap so I bought 3. Drop targets would be great addition. I will pop one out and measure everything and we can see. Thanks for showing that option.

    #106 1 year ago

    Eightballtexas pushed an idea about eliminating the coin door. We came up with a very cool unique idea to do just that. We just hashed out the concept and I really think it will be amazing to see if we can pull off whats in our head. Thank you sir! You sparked the idea and we are designing it this week. I will post a picture once it is completed, but only when its ready. In progress or what were doing would spoil it. Really cool concept. So thank you sir!

    #107 1 year ago

    Will this feature be on the pro or Prem/LE only ?

    #108 1 year ago
    Quoted from NevadaNutJob:

    Will this feature be on the pro or Prem/LE only ?

    SLE Only...haha.

    #109 1 year ago
    Quoted from Loganpinball:

    Eightballtexas pushed an idea about eliminating the coin door. We came up with a very cool unique idea to do just that. We just hashed out the concept and I really think it will be amazing to see if we can pull off whats in our head. Thank you sir! You sparked the idea and we are designing it this week. I will post a picture once it is completed, but only when its ready. In progress or what were doing would spoil it. Really cool concept. So thank you sir!

    That's cool news. If someone where to do some mod option doors I think it would be a hit. Mine will always be HUO so no need for all that mechanics and if pins could be ordered just blank it would save some money and some fun designs would come out... One guy said he would make a small box and hold his beers..HAHA

    I would have it open like ST doors on the enterprise...just dreaming...or a slide out tray mimicking the food replicator...bring me bourbon..LOL.

    #110 1 year ago

    Glued all inserts. Went with clear starburst. I can change bulb colors easier than inserts so I went that way. Added some gi lighting. Added another spinner! You cant have too many spinners! The lights are routed and installed. I have to map them out and program them for proc once I start that process. Progress!

    #112 1 year ago
    3EDF918A-646A-4DAC-9681-00098034E212 (resized).jpeg4BE0E273-B6EE-4D39-9774-42BF89E112EE (resized).jpeg6688F370-BB1E-466E-838D-BAE14A0DAE26 (resized).jpegA9BC741A-8AAE-4D07-AA63-0996F6043281 (resized).jpeg
    #113 1 year ago
    F576AD73-B4B8-423C-8E4A-25878BA58B09 (resized).jpeg
    #114 1 year ago

    Is it bad when you are in your garage making pinball parts and the police tackle a heroin dealer breaking your fence in the process? Or is that a good luck sign?

    457FD3C1-0ED1-4EBB-A8D5-F7B9A449EF88 (resized).jpeg

    #115 1 year ago

    I was making this ball lock assembly when the police were pilled on the runner.

    9A6BAEB1-961E-4631-B7B2-F4287C073CB4 (resized).jpegD3097B10-390E-46A5-A765-6FDD3B6347E0 (resized).jpegCE2B3409-87A0-4F51-84FE-BD80A1137089 (resized).jpeg4249F71E-DC69-49BD-A114-17ACF789E955 (resized).jpeg
    #116 1 year ago

    Only just seen this but holy shit looks very cool, following now and can’t wait to see the playfield artwork.

    #117 1 year ago

    Thanks J85M. The bane of this machine is that upper left ramp. Redo number too many. I had issues with the ball getting stuck on the lips. I was not thinking when I made the plastic version. It needs to be all one piece. I also made a one piece wall for it. I am praying this is the last time I tackle the ramp. The plate worked, but altered the balls velocity too much. Now its all one piece. Lesson learned on ramps.

    801FE156-D269-486E-B489-A979BF925A7F (resized).jpegC55DA583-5753-4F47-A973-4C9AA272C43D (resized).jpegD40F91C6-1921-4641-B164-D7BEDB3BAE52 (resized).jpeg7CE82E3F-1B93-4037-B29C-CC59E0AEB662 (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #118 1 year ago

    I got a shot of right side tonight. Cabinet is almost done. I am impressed by her work and she is doing exactly what we were going for. I sent her youtube clips to help get the idea of style. Perfect.

    58135232-88B8-4148-9C31-0091482CD2A5 (resized).jpeg
    #119 1 year ago

    Working on micro leds on Discovery and space dock. Still need to drill out engines. These micro leds look very good.

    92AA1878-B920-4A35-ABA4-6D9CB1C50987 (resized).jpegD23C7D64-6D07-4E01-8AD7-FC008E3FB796 (resized).jpeg
    #120 1 year ago

    I moved the post over so the lower captive ball can be hit by a glancing shot off left flipper. Adds another shot. I think this will be better and it can be hit by upper flipper and now if you get a good shot off left it is enough to move ball to upper lock on ball lock assy. I will fill the hole left behind at some point.

    EFA6EE35-6FF6-47F7-8D7C-449102FE530C (resized).jpeg
    #121 1 year ago
    Quoted from Loganpinball:

    Working on micro leds on Discovery and space dock. Still need to drill out engines. These micro leds look very good.
    [quoted image][quoted image]

    Really dig the attention to detail you're putting into this. Your passion for the project really shines. Keep it up.

    #122 1 year ago

    Thank you Apinjunkie. Appreciate the comments. Discovery is all prepped for install. The micro leds are amazing!

    394B80EB-7A34-4EBC-A6D6-B1DD640B3C45 (resized).jpeg3AFD3B17-0ADB-4B17-9F17-21D472DAB211 (resized).jpeg3BEC4C7C-40E9-44E4-A1B4-00328F8CF0E8 (resized).jpeg40E3BE3C-75EB-46A8-9DCE-27854820EBF6 (resized).jpegC9E7D06D-9408-4574-A0AC-83B3DAE6ED3B (resized).jpeg74D12DD4-A274-4652-9D20-30D1E47F34CD (resized).jpegF8967940-57CD-4D5D-9FB2-2006E610C82A (resized).jpeg
    #123 1 year ago
    48973FED-B6DE-4D17-A04D-845C0E659BFB (resized).jpeg
    #124 1 year ago
    8CDC5AE9-7ACF-4577-A0F6-1372580E10F8 (resized).jpegD5A9AF09-C0C2-45AF-985D-82A290C21DC2 (resized).jpeg2C939A4D-4A74-4D64-80BC-10A58A2672ED (resized).jpeg
    #125 1 year ago

    Really coming along. Looks great!

    #126 1 year ago

    Thank you Zahner! I have to take out rotating mech and make the hole larger for the wiring or make another hole. There is one for the switch on post. But, it is not big enough for the switch and led wiring. I paid the artist today and I looked at the cabinet. It is better in person. Michaels face is excelent. Shes finishing up the front and said I can pick it up in a few days. I am trying to figure out lighting for the lower arch inserts. The lights that create the reflected ring affect are very bright and hit me in the face. I am 6”6 so the viewing angle gets me right in the eyes. So that is a work in progress. Thinking tinting, but not sure yet. As of now regular leds because of that. The game shoots very well and I am very happy with it. It is a quick game. Longest I have gone is about fifteen minutes on 3 balls. It is running xtreme rules so its just madness. Once I get the proc board I am going to start the programming. I want all the mechanics ironed out prior. I am also keeping this white wood to beat on. I have a complete second xtreme for parts that will enable me to make another machine. I think it will be great to have my first machines prototype along side a finished version. I can beat the hell out of the proto type and improve the code as it goes.

    #127 1 year ago

    That UFP station looks pretty good... but; what's with that flasher bolted to the top?
    Looks a little out of place to me. Is that just temporary? maybe go with a clear dome like the red ones in STNG's prototype cannons?

    Can you mount either from inside the ?model?

    #128 1 year ago

    I have a smaller clear dome one. I just have to make the switch. I agree 100 percent. I did not have that when I started out.

    #129 1 year ago

    In regards to Michael's monitor being too bright, have you considered maybe applying a lite blue tinted film to the Plastic, or possibly reverse painting or dying the plastic. That should cut the glare and may provide for the
    light to playoff the slightly darker surface better, yet still keep the illusion of her monitor intact. Just a thought.

    #130 1 year ago

    Apinjunkie, I am open to solving the issue in anyway, so thanks for the tip. I will try several ways to see. My height is a pain in the ass.

    #131 1 year ago

    Cabinet is now done. Picking it up tonight. I really struggled on front panel. If you followed the two seasons maybe you understand why I chose the side art. The right side represents Michaels starting the war with the Klingons in that exchange. The left side is Michael leading the Discovery into a time jump to save the universe from control. (Spoilers). I really enjoyed her story of turning from a convicted starfleet traitor aboard a starship to turn into someone saving all life in the galaxy. Her intensions of betrayal were something I really understood. She was trying to save everyone by her actions of wanting to fire first on the Kingons to prevent a war from starting. The front panel in Klingon has the phrase “we come in peace” on it with starfleet on one side and klingon on the other. That represents the start of the war between the two sides. And how someones actions or statements can have honorable intensions only to be a turning point of chaos or conflict. Art is very subjective, but this is what I felt watching the series and that is what I tried to sketch out.

    89E7D697-4629-4EA4-AB0B-9B8B486BFA6E (resized).jpeg
    #132 1 year ago


    BC687DCC-55B7-4161-9F47-FC756A70781C (resized).jpegA3B2F8C9-B0BE-4D94-8940-659619C44627 (resized).jpeg401DAD9A-4565-4A8A-B463-965C9322C2E1 (resized).jpeg931718DA-14F0-4DE3-AA22-0C2E6BEE8E8F (resized).jpeg
    #133 1 year ago

    I am forced to eliminate the headbox folding brackets as I did not think to outline or show where they or the legs would be on cabinet. All my fault, so lesson learned. The bracket on right side covers too much of ship and just kills it. The front legs cover the artwork and at some point I will have it redone. The headbox is now bolted and latched into place. The speaker panel and backglass are only there until I figure out what size monitor I use. I like Sterns backglass to monitor sizing and will follow that model. I put all the hardware on it this morning. Now I have to finish cutting out playfield and artwork for that.

    36AE4448-FDCF-4940-8F55-E3B7F640FB4F (resized).jpeg3DAEA066-56F2-465B-9788-2CAB507D0139 (resized).jpeg4FD8A790-49A1-46AC-9BA6-66E28351558D (resized).jpeg8450DACD-4E23-4BDC-BE5E-FEC9C36F665F (resized).jpeg4CEC3011-9A05-4BA2-83DD-62B0D8D0BF36 (resized).jpeg
    #134 1 year ago

    That looks so bad ass dude ! Nice work and props to the artist !

    #135 1 year ago

    Thanks. She nailed it. She took my drawings and brought them to life way better then I expected. I just finished drilling out all the inserts. Still stuck on playfield art. I was going to have Michael under the arch, but now I think I am going with the player being Michael looking down at the arch.

    1A662EE6-F0C6-4D9B-AB9E-A8027E01680C (resized).jpeg

    95B815D6-0116-4901-AA71-544234FCA1E4 (resized).jpeg
    #136 1 year ago

    Printing Leland’s ship. Going to swap it out for the Klingon ship. 12 hours!

    2F6A6A6F-D08B-4E91-9B05-D5958B51B2A1 (resized).jpegBD327495-F3F6-4A2A-837A-2B773C9A3BE5 (resized).jpeg
    #137 1 year ago

    One side sagged a hair and caused seam. I will call it battle damage?. Cutting out support structures on model this small and engines fall off. I hate and love this printer at same time. Thinking eaglemoss route. This is just frustrating. Might try bigger size.

    75BA1D90-3C4B-4C79-8658-3A15B2279A0B (resized).jpeg
    #138 1 year ago

    Sketching out ideas on paper today. I have ideas and the only way I will get anywhere with them is sitting down and drawing them out. I am not a fan of photo shopping.

    8F3F4FD7-90D9-42A7-BBD1-662ECF6C21DB (resized).jpeg
    #139 1 year ago
    7FE703FB-4CCC-4884-98CE-1D34643ED1C5 (resized).jpeg
    #140 1 year ago

    The lower half of left upper corner is going to be painted as the spore drive chamber. And the captive magnet shot on rotating assembly will be the spore enable shot. I am going to try and get some of those micro leds in blue in chamber.
    The right spinner lane shot is hard to illustrate with pencil, but it is going to be the red angel streak as seen in picture. Still working on other images and printing a bigger lelands ship. 23 hour print time!

    0AEB8D27-5391-4FDD-ABC5-BC63D5DF6256 (resized).png34256439-9EA8-42FA-916D-3512DC43DD46 (resized).jpegE4B4E4D5-6C6E-446C-9AFD-A5AACB56CC7A (resized).jpeg81162629-AA7A-481A-8B54-6B9BA93A6E49 (resized).jpeg442E2181-3661-417B-864E-F2E26D5E1254 (resized).jpegE9C31176-55FD-4F3C-8936-0809EE26D3D1 (resized).jpeg
    #141 1 year ago

    2 drones, repair bot, fighters and a d7.

    A360BEC1-AB39-45CA-8757-FF710EC61C72 (resized).jpeg
    #142 1 year ago

    Pop bumper area is mined after the control mine trap at the starbase. Progressing. One more section to go.

    2C4E59F3-4247-4333-ADFF-9C68E1A912FD (resized).png813DCB42-9AD0-4CEF-AB2D-5B3B6E8F3BD9 (resized).pngDD89FE90-9750-4172-920B-F64438C61840 (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpg
    #143 1 year ago

    Primed playfield so it is going out next week for painting. Ship came out well, going to paint and run lights through it. I am trying to figure out one area on playfield drawing, any ships there and it looks too crowded. Thinking maybe a bright star in that spot, but? I am done for this weekend.

    855D6188-F310-4036-BDE4-5D327DEFEA87 (resized).jpeg76E9A7FC-607B-4954-8CCC-AB499487FE63 (resized).jpeg8809B600-1AD1-41B2-8846-2217A0601FB7 (resized).jpeg

    #144 1 year ago

    Added sphere. Another hard thing to illustrate with a pencil, it should look better painted with the red glow. Also the starfield pictured is what I am going to have her use for entire playfield. The colors are great. I am going to ask her to make it less dense, way fewer stars, but in that exact style. That should really look nice painted.

    68095C08-9833-492A-B272-F4E13243094A (resized).jpeg7B6A64E2-D1A5-4E6D-8CA8-D82BA88D914D (resized).jpeg444E00EA-C98C-4D99-B252-456A0F801E44 (resized).jpeg

    #145 1 year ago

    Redoing lanes at bottom the drones remind me of independence day movie too much, so they are gone. Added Spock lettering as his shuttle will be mounted by that switch. Black alert top center. Fires on captive shots and hit it in launcher lane. And star fleet flag for the mission start shot. Couple more to finish.

    17BF2762-49DC-4792-92D7-8D7AE585092B (resized).jpeg71F3C825-F6E0-4265-A113-13384049CA6B (resized).jpegD6DA6C51-6588-4458-9729-82E4B0F387EE (resized).jpeg

    #146 1 year ago
    F8C594C7-284D-4919-878F-4FE285276F78 (resized).jpeg
    #147 1 year ago

    Target reticles from show around “fire”, added 2 torpedos and vulcan insignia with spock. Getting there..

    8D9801ED-097F-4B50-BD15-A1AC36FBD0E4 (resized).png4BFD370E-24BE-4DEA-8008-3EB7A4EE7728 (resized).jpegEA7E203B-7299-4230-92A2-7CE1B6547DC4 (resized).jpeg
    #148 1 year ago

    I am leaving my original mode plans to follow where this artwork has lead me to. This is all inspired by that point where Spock tells Michael to jump at this precise moment in time. And she does. So I can add to these, but heres the new mode list in order. Not sure if I go Tron route with progression or open modes.

    Jett Reno
    New Eden
    Time crystal
    Red angel
    Last signal for Spock. (Wizard mode).
    Mini wizard ( Lorca and a Pike)
    Others I am sure!

    3C885A0E-CF06-4994-B31B-D0DD76358CA4 (resized).jpeg7E0163A1-1B1D-43EA-B76C-7388390B43E0 (resized).jpegCE13B0BF-821D-40B1-9CFD-0FEC4BD2B95E (resized).jpeg
    #149 1 year ago

    Going with this. The bottom is the worm hole she opens and the grids are the time grids seen as she jumps. Added captains names on shooter lane with rank pips above them. Suru was acting captain so I put him in. The shooter lane will be blue like uniforms and the 5 lines are going to be gold. It should look way better painted, but I did it this way as a template of placements. I learned from front cabinet. Looking forward to seeing her work on thie playfield.

    162484FA-4BFD-4A8D-A8EA-9EBB7E88EBB9 (resized).jpeg9CFB14F9-B572-4D69-AD50-32F9B4397946 (resized).pngA12DD7E4-13F8-4ECE-A241-4C4ADD9722A2 (resized).jpeg3A6F09E4-CDEC-44C2-AD5F-D5F264426467 (resized).jpeg

    #150 1 year ago

    3A916670-D7AA-4A89-AD83-800AFF20592F (resized).png

    62E17AB8-2B83-45A9-9837-18CA700A506A (resized).png
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