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6 years ago

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#47 6 years ago

All of the above? Do I get elected Admiral of the club?

#74 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

It would be nice if pinside would let us give ranks lol. But, if I could you certainly would qualify

Actually; SamVA probably should be Admiral... I don't recall if he has the ST:Voyager arcade like I do... if so he's defiantly a little more hardcore than my collection. We'll have to revisit once my Star Trek: Mirror Universe project
is done.

#98 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I will ask him next month about it, if anyone has any questions about TNG pinball let me know. Or Better yet, a question to ask William Shatner about the new Stern Pinball based on him?

Don't think the new stern will be based upon him. got the impression that it's based upon JJ Abrams butcher of our beloved universe.

Voyager does need a pinball after them. Ask Picardo if he'll do the voice acting work for a new pin if it becomes a project.

#196 6 years ago
Quoted from Jags:

All you Bally Star Trek owners. I'm looking to buy a Bally Star Trek "Uhura" play field plastic piece as pictured below. If you purchased the full kit and used the original layout you would have this as an extra piece. Get back to me if you have one. Thanks!

Those are prototype plastics of which I have one which is not forsale... as it's a true prototype set off of a Proto PF.

The only place you can get this Uhura is from someone who bought the Repo plastics from CPR and decided not to use it. Now that I re-read your request; you already knew this.

I prally have a scan of the proto plastic(s) if your interested.

#208 6 years ago
Quoted from Jags:

Thanks for the offer of the scan but I'm not set up like you are as far as reproducing a plastic piece like that. By the way, how are you coming along with your "mirror universe" project?

Welp; IM me if you don't get a purchaser. Maybe I can throw the piece in with my mirror universe plastics when I commit them to printer.

I had a delay as I had to move my project collection out of storage ... those ashhats raised the prices regularly for the years I was on it. It was the last straw when they went to 363/mo for a 10x10 earlier this year. As I was finishing the back yard shed to replace it; I got another notice that they were going to 383.

It took me 6weekends to get the shed built and loaded with the projects/contents.

I'm working on the cabinet now; doing some regluing to make it sturdy. Plan to strip the existing paint this weekend.

#240 6 years ago
Quoted from Jags:

Thank you very much Zitt! That may be the best way yet to get that piece.

You know There is more than just Uhura; right. Illia was created from the busty redshirt (as I call her). You can see the before here:

My biggest concern is color match issues. Even the pictures I've seen of CPRs repos; the blues are way too blue. I think even peps who bought the CPR set said that they weren't really a match to existing plastics. Correction... SamVA confirmed the blue issue.

I made it a point of attempting to get the colors as close as I could. We'll see if that color match carries over to the printer.

Looking forward to seeing more progress on your project! What's the link to the thread you started on your Mirror Universe" Star Trek?


Decided to isolate the sound board from the mounts by using a thin nylon washer as a spacer and also 8-32 nylon screws to mount the board. Solved the buzz problem. I'm an audio engineer and I'm very familiar with ground loop buzzes. You may want to try that and see if it works for you.

Great data. My machine does the same thing. Do you think inproving the ground between soundboard and it's psu would help? Isolating the grounds lugs of the soundboard seems like a temp solution to the overall problem.

One of the other projects I keep getting side tracked on is I've been working on a 3D model of an accurate Shuttle for the STNG... One day; I intend to finish it and 3D print it. I plan to put in some windows and some tiny Data/Picards like Bob'sMods did back in the day. Too many projects... not enough time.

#268 6 years ago

Not sure; mine makes it every time.

My bigger concern with the ball launch wireframe is the ball always seems to land on the PF insert. On a friends; he's got a badly damage insert. On mine it looks like the mylar is bubbling up.

#270 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Mine has a bubble as well

Unfortunately; even after repairing the Mylar... I'm guessing we'll continue to have this problem.
I need to do something about it... a project for the future.

#276 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I have the solution and it's awesome! Take the mylar off........if you can (tried taking mylar off my JM and took the insert decals with it). Then buy one of these and install it:
Trust me it's awesome. Looks better then clear coat, protects better and really makes your LED's POP! GET IT NOW!

Aint no way I'm putting down a piece of acrylic with adhesive on my STNG.
I look at it this way... We KNOW the balls scratch everything... included the metal ramps.
So Acrylic / Lexan or whatever isn't going to hold up against the ball... eventually ball swirls and ball "channels" will be worn into the top of that sheet. Then you (or the future owner) will want to pull up the sheet to repair / replace / clear coat it.

Guess what happens then... either the adhesive pulls up mylar / artwork... or they can't even get it off.

So no; until someone does a REAL study of the effects of these "awesome" gimmiks... I'm not going to risk "my precious".

#281 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Ummmmmmmmm...............There's no adhesive.
When you want to replace just take it out and put another one on. It's a piece of super harder than nails plastic that won't scratch. There is no glue or adhesive it just SITS on top of the playfield. But to each their own I guess.

Well; then maybe it's not a bad product after all.
I'd want to see one installed before I spent that kind of cash.

#324 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Next Saturday at 9:10 am I have a date with JERI RYAN. Well along with a few thousand other Trekkies. 9AM in Vegas, I will be so dang tired.

Been there done that... nothing to really write home about.
Hope yours is better tho.

#347 6 years ago
Quoted from Meph:

So what do most of you guys use for rubbers, white or black? Also, I am torn on the flipper color, thinking about trying light blue to match the logo or purple to go with the playfield colors. Anyone have pics with some "different" colors for posts, rubber, flippers, etc?
Also where do you guys get your stuff? I see that Marcos has a white rubber kit and I can get balls there. Does anyone else sell a black kit if I opt to go that way?

I went with purple rubbers in general... and cliffy post rubber which matched the switch colors.
I usually go with Pinball Life ... he's good people.

#349 6 years ago

I had him sign there... because; who really cares if he was really intended to be on the BG or not.

#368 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Just painted some legs to match my custom pingulp ,from Pinball Life.

I need to do something with mine... but; Alas... too many projects.
Spent the whole weekend working on the head for the Mirror universe; Hope to get to paint by mid week.

#378 6 years ago

I thought JJ signed a 3 movie deal back after the success of 2009.
Regardless; honestly... if he did bail ... good riddance.
I'm tired of that hack fuxing up the Star Trek Universe.

Let him go fux up Star Wars now.

#381 6 years ago

omg - if that tool stays true to SW ... unlike he did for ST... I may have to ... nevermind; won't finish the thought.

Who was at the convention?
Ah. Karl, Alice
Wonder if that means 3rd movie won't happen. Honestly; wouldn't loose sleep if it didn't.

Are you planning on going again next year? With luck; I'll have another translate to sign.
I haven't really seen a large gathering of the new crew... so maybe that'll change.

#393 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

However, this means we will have to wait longer for the 3rd. The movie sure won't be next year lol.

I'm guessing the Sean (newScotty) may have this right... if the movie comes; I'm betting it's a 2016 release to coincide with 50th anniversary.

Doubt it. To be honest, Vegas almost killed me lol. I drank so much, eat so much and spent so much at Strip Clubs that I am surprised I made it home and not the hospital. And thats coming from a heavy drinker. That place is dangerous for people like me. lol I won't return to Vegas for a few years when I finally recover from it.</quote>

I had the opposite problem... No drink, no gambling... makes spending money on the vendor floor and auctions too easy.

I'm thinking I'll be attending 2016's 50th anniversary for sure... We should get a krew together and go with everyone else. Hell; even an Star Trek Charity arcade would be cool.

As far as Abrams... yeah; hes to blame...

"Abrams, however, declined to accept the director's position until the script was complete and he was sure he was the man for the job. Abrams worked with Kurtzman and Orci on the story throughout 2006 and early 2007 and finally signed on to direct on 23 February 2007. " -- http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/J.J._Abrams

No word on that site... if Abrams is specifically responsible for the POS Into The Darkness. I'm assuming so since he still directed it.

2 weeks later
#429 6 years ago

The 7 r the only ones with full color renders
Sigma is the tech for rendering in full monochrome ... ie if you put in a data east star wars.. you could pick rebel red or imperial white for the "dots"

#431 6 years ago

?Randy? who co-created the ColorDMD tech is really a great guy. Spent some time with him after his ColorDMD speak at TPF'13. Smart guy.

Basically Sigma Displays == ColorDMD. It's all firmware. So for the games they have gone thru and colored... you flash the firmware to get it to interpret the frames being sent by the mpu.

For games that haven't be colorized; you get a "Sigma" mode which allows you to select dot-less and other HD screen modes. You can also select the RGB color of the entire screen. So if you want LimeGreen to match GameY... you select it in the Sigma menu. If you want Almond color to match your 1998 PC from the Whitebox manufacturer; you can do the same.

1 week later
#481 6 years ago

I wouldn't. STNG is the bomb... this is probably a close second.
I sold stock options (which were expiring) to fund most of this purchase.
My first... and probably only... NIB.

1 week later
#496 6 years ago

BOO to Quarter!!!
sorta kidding

3 weeks later
#540 6 years ago

I personally had no ill fillings doing the deposit on my LE...
The sickness came when I had the bank draw out the balance on my checking account.

1 week later
#566 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

In my case the rod wiggles which makes the ball fly at your flippers at a random direction which sometimes is right down the middle making it impossible to hit. Is this intentional or is that cup suppose to be solid an not wiggle or tilt at all?

Mine does this. I assumed it was a randomness of the pinball. Sometimes you get the bull... others you get the horn.

I don't think pink is right for the game. I forget... but I went with orange IIRC. IIRC; I did the whole pin in orange rubber. seemed to fit the game.

#579 6 years ago

You should post to the main stern subforum about this..
it kept me up last night given I have a LE on order.
Pictures would "help"

#584 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I was going to continue to play and take pictures of the craters but when I went to get a new beer from the bar someone jumped on the machine. I do know for a fact that Stern PF's don't hold up as well as Williams/Bally for example My Shadow does not have one pit and it obviously has several thousand plays on it. My TSPP has millions of small little dents but they can only be seen when the light hits just right and also has several thousand plays on it. In this case the Pro had craters not just dents and only has 14 days of play. I do wish I took photos, sorry about that. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the LE has either extra layer or a harder layer? So you should be fine?

Well - ClearCoat only protects the PF art from ball swirls really. It's not a protective layer from hail or metal balls.
There is a recommendation somewhere that you let the PF "cure" for a month or more before playing it. Not sure I have that patience. Maybe I'll play it 10 or so times then "cover it" for winter.

#587 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I wonder what Williams/Bally did to protect PF's. They seem to have done a better job and the PF's seem to have survived the years compared to Sterns. Hell, even both of my DE ST25th PF's don't have pits/craters. So Stern must be cutting corners with the new machines. Or, like you said they need to be cured "Hardened". Maybe play with a ceramic ball while you wait for it to cure I really do hope it hardens for you and lasts for many years in your collection.

DE ST PF doen't fire the ball at you. Only STNG does that.

Honestly, I bet you $ to donuts its another case of Stern cost cutting. I bet there was a conversation something like this:
"We can get softcore PF wood from china for $2/sq ft or high quality wood from "whomever" for $7/sq ft... which should we go with? Go cheap; they are only for operators with limited life spans anyway. And I want you to maximize profit. "

#592 6 years ago

Once you go 3D... you never go back.
Real STNG FOR life!

#607 6 years ago

Green def feels more like the show imho... at least later generations of the borg.
But I too bought blue... to match existing film in the ship.

1 week later
#656 6 years ago

if your going to go thru trouble; at least design a phaser handle for it.

1 week later
2 weeks later
#809 6 years ago

Captain; I applaud your support of that other galaxy.... but you made an offtopic post.

#834 6 years ago

Stern LE #301 is installed and functional. Played a dozen or so games.
Like the game; just too busy with the Mirror Universe project to really give it a go.

2 weeks later
#855 6 years ago

saw those rugs... thought cool; but honestly; don't know where I'd put it right now.

#861 6 years ago

idk - maybe she got it cheaper or something.
not like a google search fro star trek rug wouldn't have gotten him the same results.

1 week later
#871 6 years ago

Tonight I installed the Pinblades and the lighting kit for said blades. Really makes the game that much better.
I also installed purple for the third flipper and blue superbands for the lower flippers. The color difference really makes the game pop. Almost like the blue rubber emits a blue aurora around the flippers.

Gameplay certainly seems "easier" shots seem to be under better control than the standard black rubber.

Nothing else to report.

#873 6 years ago

no procedure really.
Pull the black off with your fingers; put the new stuff on.
has a video of installation.

#878 6 years ago

Captain - you sir; are not funny.

3 weeks later
#886 6 years ago

Congrats. Get some sleep tonight.

#890 6 years ago

Maui - had similar ideas.
Ones I'll keep to myself for the moment. Great minds think alike.

#892 6 years ago

sensitive switch which makes contact when flippers fire?
Check for scores while slapping the side of the cabinet.

#903 6 years ago

STNG > Stern ST > DE Star Trek > Bally Star Trek
Anyone selling STNG to get a Stern is well... wasting good money to offset the difference.
A Repro STNG would be easily worth 8K IMHO. Deeper rule set then Stern. Better theme.

1 week later
#911 6 years ago

Is it LE snobbery if I say... ewhhh... a Pro?!
Kidding! congrats!

4 weeks later
#929 6 years ago

It's probably a pot adjustment on the eddy sensor.
Turn it until the LED lights; then back it down until it just goes off. Run a ball over the sensor a few times to make sure the LED doesn't stay locked on.

#935 6 years ago

:::Red Alert:::
Someone seems to think the STNG is inferior to a WOZ.
We can't let such blaspheming stand. Go forth and vote!

This round will conclude Tuesday at midnight (eastern time). Thanks for voting!

1 week later
#988 6 years ago

Glad I'm not the only retentive in the bunch.

At TPF; I put STNG next to ST LE.
And Mirror Universe next to Bally.

Compare and contrast.

#997 6 years ago

Wait. How does one have two STLEs in the same 8ft area?

#1012 6 years ago

To each his own. I personally think you made an LE look like a Pro with the black trim.
It's your game; enjoy it.

#1030 6 years ago

Wait ... that machines all backward. Oh that's right. never mind.

1 week later
#1032 6 years ago

CPR did a whole set; not sure anyone has any left.
Which two did you need?

#1034 6 years ago

The bottom parts (clear) weren't included in the set IIRC because the plastic is "riveted" to metal spacers. I may have a spare from my donor PF used on the Star Trek: Mirror Universe project. I'll try to look tonight.

Both are "arrow" pieces.

#1037 6 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

The bottom parts (clear) weren't included in the set IIRC because the plastic is "riveted" to metal spacers. I may have a spare from my donor PF used on the Star Trek: Mirror Universe project. I'll try to look tonight.
Both are "arrow" pieces.

Bailorgana - I found the clear / standoff piece. It's yellowed a bit due to age/use and could probably use some cleaning... but its complete and ready to install if you want it.

I'll give it to you (you pay shipping) if this is for your personal machine and you intended to not "flip" said plastic with your machine in a short period of time. I'm assuming given you have an NG and a Bally ST... that your machine is a keeper for you- baring any unforeseen financial stress.

If this is agreeable to you... I'll look around when I get a free moment as I'm about 90% sure I have the other screened arrow piece you want somewhere in the hell that is my garage.

#1039 6 years ago

You talking about the smaller arrow piece for which you need the clear standoff?
Which corner is breaking off?

Either way; I built custom protectors for my mirror universe project. "In theory" the same protectors would work for the original bally; you'd just need to flip them

Pretty sure you could buy a whole set of protectors from one for the vendors here on Pinside. If not; I could proably cut you a set from my files at techshop.

#1041 6 years ago

I see your Shat... and raise you a Picard:

#1043 6 years ago

Sorry - still confused. You said you needed the clear standoff piece under that plastic. Is your plastic on top also broken? A picture might help.

#1054 6 years ago

nah. you still have 4 more arcade games to get.

1 week later
#1079 6 years ago

If your an ST fan... the 25 is def a must.
However, it's kinda shallow for a game of the era. I wish more than Scotty was voiced in the game (not that he's bad; just seem repeative without spock or kirk in there.)

I have my ClearCoated 25th PF here... so someday; I hope to start restoring my 25th to better than new.

2 weeks later
#1145 6 years ago

Todate I have only three mods on my STLE:
1) ColorDMD
2) Pinblades + lighting kit
3) external volume control

In the works / plans;
Custom STID Klingon Bird of Prey
Replacing crappy Enterprise

#1153 6 years ago

If your going to do proto reds... You need the black boot piece too

1 week later
#1198 5 years ago

Congrats to Levar...but given he's already exceeded his goal... I'm thinking about the SciFi museum:

There's only 8 days to go... so now would be the time.

#1215 5 years ago

Best Cameo in a Kickstarter film goes to @BrentSpiner for the Reading Rainbow video.
He's at the end...

watch the first 1:15 and skip to 5:50 to see the punch line.

#1219 5 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

better yet ... they released the new theme song! better than ever!
ยป YouTube video

Ok. I must admit... I'm stumped.
Did they piece this together from something else... or did Levar really provide the scenes?

#1266 5 years ago

I just did a STNG KBOP mod on my machine:

and was rewarded with some love by the game giving me all artifacts for Final Frontier... 3.8billion later; my game ended. Anyone else notice how the games seem to give you love when you take care of them in some way?!

1 week later
#1362 5 years ago

I *just* did the defuser mod using an xacto knife and some stencil material I had on hand.
Easy and well worth it. I didn't install the light blocker... not really sure I "need" it.

#1395 5 years ago

Laser only works with Klingon multi ball.
There is a test... Think its one of the coils or flashers

#1419 5 years ago

Just finished modding a Hotwheels Klingon Bird of Prey
amazon.com link »
for use on my STLE. I went all out at created a custom PCB set which provides:
1) Cockpit Red LED
2) Green Front body LED effect
3) Red top LED effect
4) Two Under Wing LED Red LEDs for Playfield Illumination
5) Candle Flicker Yellow LED for rear engine.

Here's a Money shot for you to look over:

Here's a YouTube Video of it installed:

Is there interest is the PCB set and/or a Tutorial for how to mod these?

Post edited by Zitt: Added YouTube Video

#1434 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not personally interested in sticking another ship on my game, but that's nicely done. Candle flicker is a nice touch even though I guess you're not likely to ever really see it.

Well; true... but just because the player won't see it ... doesn't mean my "minds eye" wouldn't see it.
If your gonna do it... do it right.

Having said that... The fact there is really only two "toys" on the PF is kinda a let down. While I'm not gonna be putting action figures on the PF... a few extra toys kinda brings it more in line with what I'd expect from an LE.

#1438 5 years ago

I sent my borg and cannons to Matt at Back Alley and had him do the set in "ship tiles".

#1443 5 years ago
Quoted from J_Striker:

can you post a pic of your cannons?

Quoted from pezpunk:

i'm going to have to look into that. would love to see the cannons as well.

Was lazy and didn't want to fire up the machine... here's the pics I took when I installed the set. (click URL for higher rez pics)




As I understood it... PBL was stocking Matt's Painted Borg ships. As a result; I just bought the plain white one and a new set of cannon covers; and shipped them to Matt after arranging to have him paint the set. Don't recall the cost; but it was reasonable.

If your going to put the dome red / prototype covers in the cannons; you'll want to ensure the red domes fit and drill bigger holes BEFORE you ship them to Matt. That way you don't mess up the new paint job.

#1460 5 years ago

Capt'n... I have one you can have for 300. But it's project.

I haven't installed any of the LED caps in my NG yet. No immediate plans.

2 weeks later
#1521 5 years ago

Just looked at my stock black ones and they are tore up from TPF'14 and other play.
I may have to order some of these miniposts... had anyone had them on their machine for long?
I'm curious how they hold up after 200-300 plays.

#1529 5 years ago

Thanks for the feedback guys ... I just need to remember to order some superband mini posts when I do my next PBL order. Seems kinda silly to do 10x1.19 with 15 in shipping.

#1541 5 years ago

Spent 1 hour and a half 3D printing the following. Attaboy to the person who figures out what this is:

#1545 5 years ago

The Pauls got it. AttaBoy!

Still have some work to do... but here they are test-fitted:

Next up; some laser cutting... and disassembly of the Vengeance so I can get to the PB under it.

2 weeks later
#1558 5 years ago

I posted
to see if anyone was interested in pre-assembled KBOP PCBs... so far; there's been no interest.

#1565 5 years ago

you guys are all backwards! STNG was my first... STLE was my last.
STNG, ST:25, Bally, Voyager, Sega ST, RFM, ST:MU, STLE

#1576 5 years ago

SaminVA is a little more hard core than me... There's no way I'd own more than one voyager... much less a cockpit in a home/personal setting.
Ofcourse; I did design my own ST machine... so maybe it's a wash.

#1580 5 years ago

I was like ... what's Our captain peddling now?!
Now I'm like Take my money!... $75 for bluray... yep; think I will.

#1589 5 years ago

Did some more work on my Stern Star Trek Pop bumper caps. I laser cut some 1/8" colored acrylic in Amber and Blue to go under the Command and Science caps I 3D printed before. To lite the popbumpers; you need a low profile #555 LED lamp - I could not reuse the stock leds. I went with CometPinball's 5SMD bulbs here:

I also tried:
but they didn't seem to throw enough light present in the blue acrylic.

Anyway; I put the 3D printed bumper caps in a Toluene vapor bath to smooth the PLA/3D printed ridges; then taped them off with some painters tape and hit it with some Antique Nickel Flat Universal Spray paint. The result:



I haven't pulled the Vengeance ship yet; so I can't get access to the remaining pop bumper for the Engineering Insignia... But I think these look pretty damn cool for prototypes.

#1594 5 years ago

Crystal fan bulb won't fit. There are litterly mm of space between the compressed bulb and the bottom of the acrylic.
basically; the only thing that will fit is the bulb's base. :S

#1607 5 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

Any plans to do some STTNG bumper caps like these?? The Stern one's are VERY tasty

I want to clear some of the Star Trek Mods I currently have in stock:

Bally Star Trek Flipper Buttons: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/fs-custom-bally-flipper-button-mod
STNG KBOP Mods: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/stng-klingon-bird-of-prey

Then bring these to market. Once the Sterns are available; I'll consider STNG caps.

#1612 5 years ago

Went to techshop today to print the final popbumper cap for the stern star trek. This one was particular difficult because it resides under the USS Vengeance ... which I had to remove so I could get good measurements. After dorking with the insignia angles a bit; I was able to finalize the Engineering Insigna design. Techshop was out of the black PLA I used for the other two; so I printed in black ABS. Here's the last pop bumper with the red laser cut background piece:

Again; the LEDs need some work.

I'm thinking I need to cut this pop bumper in the design... the black ABS is a little too high to make the Vengeance sit right.

Anyway; here's the trifecta installed and lit:

I made an angle change to the command insignia; bringing the point a little more to the left. I didn't print another prototype but did check with a paper gauge.

I need to ponder the lighting and if/how I'm going to cut the Engineering Insignia.

#1624 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

NICE! are you selling any of these mods or are they just your own thing? I would love a set of bumper caps

I'm still working the details before I know that answer on the Caps.
I'm not 100% happy with the lighting under the red & blue caps. I'm thinking about a custom LED board to go under said caps. There are a couple of other things I want to look into before I make the determination if I'll sell.

#1628 5 years ago

I just submitted my prototype order to OSHPark for my Stern Pop Bumper LED board:

10 Natural White LEDs should light my new pop caps very well. Should fit within the cavity of the stern pop bumpers and plug directly into the GI socket. The LEDs are driven via a constant current source... so shouldn't be susceptible to the brown outs present in the Stern Star Trek. Constant brightness baby!

1 week later
#1651 5 years ago

:evil laugh, as he strokes his Spock goatee:
Muahhhahhaha get in line boys. I got them all.

#1659 5 years ago

Got my prototype PCBs back from OSH Park... My eyes are still recovering from the brightness outputted by these LED inserts. Here's some pictures:


They plug into the #555 wedge base:
in the stern star trek pop bumper body.

And fit within the lip of the Stern PopBumper socket:

This LED cluster is so bright; it's hard to take picture of. This is a picture WITH FLASH:

Here's my caps posted previously ... with the LED board underneath:

Here's an example of Before and After:
This LED board is on the right.

The PCBs work as desired... they are immune to the brownouts seen with other LED designs. They are bright and fit within the pop bumper body allowing the my caps to work as intended. They are non-polarized; and will function with both DC and AC GI circuits (@6.3V).

These are power hungry tho. With 10 qty 30mA natural white LEDs; they'd draw ~322mA; which is still less than those pop-ring caps seen other places (I'm guessing). The LED vendor used in this design also has Cool and Warm White LEDs; so "in theory" it's as simple as using different leds.

The real test is the red and blue pop bumper caps under the ramps and Vengeance. I'll try to finish the other two prototypes and post some pictures tomorrow.

#1669 5 years ago

...it actually hurts my eyes to see a stock STNG display.
ColorDMD... live it- love it. Best mod for this game; hands down.

#1679 5 years ago

I think you have seen the unanimous answers above w/ regards to ColorDMD.
I rest my case.

#1686 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Zitt, amazing pop caps! Well done!

Thanks. Unfortunately; I had to take the boards back to the design phase because of a problem which showed up when I installed the second board for pictures.

In the Modern Sterns (Star trek, [assuming also Mustang, TWD] ); They are running GIs from one of the RGB controllers which takes the 5.7VAC GI and "boosts" it to 9V for the RGB lighting. Apparently on the Stern Star Trek LE; the GI lighting is at the hairy edge of failure. Adding too much of a load on the GI causes the entire lighting system to malfunction. I suspect I know why ... and can design around this; so my Fab B boards are on order for OSHPark.

Should know more in a couple of weeks.

No one should plan on adding any specialized lighting to a modern stern machine - AFAIK; any high current LEDs will cause problems.

#1688 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

High current as in 9-12v? On my Mustang Pro I have all kinds of 5 and 6.3v stuff on it. Cointaker lit flipper buttons, 6, 6.3v Comet 7 led strips, Sparkys MDM and Mezelmods tach and will be adding under apron flashers from the Refinery. Haven't popped a fuse yet.

Not a fuse issue. It's a loading issue. Maybe they fixed the design in Mustang.
I had two of my boards in the pops... each drawing 330mA. IE total of ~700mA.
It caused about 1/4 of my RGB and GIs to do a periodic "flash" instead of a solid on.

#1694 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I see. Would you consider what I have hooked up a high load?

No. Most of your stuff is the standard 20mA LEDs.
The highest power one is the 7 LED strips; but it really depends how they are laid out.

#1723 5 years ago

For those that were interested in my Stern Star Trek custom caps ... please see:
I'm taking Pinhead feedback on the design... and prepping quotes to have them CNCed out of 6061 Aluminum.

1 week later
#1766 5 years ago

Not a fan of the rainbow start missions... but other than that; looking good.
No specific armor color suggestions - I like the stainless look tbh.

Your corgi Klingon is nearing you as we speak. Hope you enjoy it.

1 week later
#1812 5 years ago
Quoted from Lovef2k:

Does anyone have custom drop targets on their Bally ST? I saw them on a game at a show yesterday.

I made custom drop targets (Klingon) many years ago on my Bally Star Trek restore. I then repeated that custom drop target here on my Star Trek: Mirror Universe.

I haven't seen any custom targets for sale.

#1824 5 years ago

Pro doesn't have the shaker motor. I have no data if the PRO code actually attempts to use it.

1 month later
#1967 5 years ago

felt like Christmas morning when DHL delivered them here at the house...
...I had to leave work early just so I could install them.

3 weeks later
#2117 5 years ago

FYI: The Stern Star Trek PopCaps seen earlier in this thread are up for sale in limited quantities:

#2129 5 years ago

Grrr.... you fuxers taking Pros and making them look like LEs.
Stay away from my exclusivity!

#2154 5 years ago

My problem is I think my friends mixed chromium and normal pinballs.
Prior to TPF'14; I had carbon steel pinballs in my LE... But they helped me break down at TPF and they thru all my chromium high polish and my normal pinballs in the same pile. As a result; I think I'm mixing the two in the LE.

I need a way to screen the pinballs for magnetic strength.

#2162 5 years ago

Thanks for the feedback and pictures.

At this time; I don't have any plans on making LE vs Pro editions of the caps. Honestly right now; given the excuses I'm hearing from my overseas cnc company - Another batch of the caps may not even be possible. They are basically saying the etches are "too hard" and can't make them without being slobs. So far the only responses local to TX have been: "we aren't setup do to what you need".

This kinda further puts the cabash on any other caps - like STNG.

#2175 5 years ago
Quoted from PWhiz:

Zitt, I have to thank you once more. Such a cool mod and the quality is great! It's a brilliant way of incorporating the uniform colors and insignia, in a game that already has so much color in it, in a way that complements it perfectly.

Many thanks. I'm glad these sold well for the first few days. I'm kinda surprised they didnt' sell out all together; but I'm ok with it right now as I might just be getting those USPS barcodes out of my dreams now.

Quoted from PWhiz:

It's a shame that it sounds like not many more of these will be made. If anyone is on the fence, I'd jump all over it now.

We'll see... I'm toying with the idea of getting a new laser cutter here at the house. They aren't cheap; but "in theory" it would allow me to laser etch these here and avoid having to deal with unresponsive low wage workers who don't seem to give a sh1t.

Not sure what I'm going to do about the STNG Caps I have designed - kinda disappointing cause I had just high hopes.

#2177 5 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Not a fan of pop bumper mods. But nice effort

LOL - Fair enough.
I'm just not a fan of modern cost reduced pop bumper caps that Stern seems to put on all their machines.

4 weeks later
#2399 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Personally I think the 2nd one was better than the first.

Kickvote initiated against AstroPin for blasphemy. Can I get a second?

*ANYONE* who thinks the second was anything but trash needs to have their head examined. I'm tried of JJAbrams ripping off great movies and making them sh*t.

#2407 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Remember that this is an alternate universe following Spocks return from the singularity so it gives JJ some artistic license to change some things.

No problem with that... but here's the rub... It's a new / different timeline. Come up with a F*ckin' original story line. He did that with the first one. There was ABSOLUTLY no reason for him to butcher Wrath of Khan with his second movie... he could have done ANYTHING else and I would have been ok with it. That worthless hack couldn't see beyond some unwritten expectation that he had to do a second movie based upon TOS's second movie?!? umm... His first one wasn't based upon V'ger (the cloud probe). He didn't have a First officer named Decker or ilia. so WTF did he have to do a Piss Poor Khan with a Spock vs Kirk death scene switcherenio.

Let me state; I've been a true ST fan since jr high .... and I'm now 43. I've been an avid scifi nut and movie go-er since I could afford it. NEVER has a movie made me so voliently mad as STID did. I didn't watch any trailers... when the a trailer came on... I put my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes, and hummed so I didn't hear a thing.

So imagine my utter disgust when I sat down on opening wkend after putting my PERSONAL machines in several Alamo draft houses to collect money during this obvious Block Buster... I was red faced mad that JJ had took an awesome story line like WOK and just ruined it... he basically painted a slight different tint over a movie that was made 30 years ago... with the same title Star Trek 2. Darkness... yeah in my soul... because I probably would have beat him senseless for that travesty.

Off my soap box.

#2420 5 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Well, I think part of his problem is that Into Darkness WAS a dumbed-down rehash of Wrath of Khan.

Keep in mind; that when prompted early in the films production... JJ outright lied and said there it wasn't a Khan re-hash.

#2422 5 years ago

omg . if you are point blank asked... is Cumberbunch playing the Character Khan? and you say no.. that is the very definition of a liar. I don't expect you guys to understand; but I don't stand alone is how this movie angered me.

#2441 5 years ago
Quoted from wheels:

On my STLE, my manual plunger is barely able to contact the ball and it barely moves when it does. I have to use the Fire button. Anyone else have this problem? I confirmed that all the screws are in tight on the assembly underneath the playfield. The top of the manual plunger does graze the automatic plunger assembly, which I've noticed is different that the other Sterns I have including ACDC. Any thoughts?

I have the same problem. Just seems to be limp as it makes the orbit... most of the time not even making the orbit.

Quoted from PWhiz:

Leaves one to wonder why, when you have such an emotionally charged reaction to the movie, you'd want anything to do with the pinball?

It did give me pause. However, you have to understand that I have a version every ST arcade machine made... a complete collection. So for me to NOT have a NIB STLE... it was the lesser of two evils.

#2467 5 years ago

Comprehensive Stern Star Trek Mod list

I'd like to do the same for STNG, DE, and Bally machines... when I have a moment. I think those lists will be much shorter.

#2491 5 years ago

I just replaced my Data East Star Trek 25th Anniversary with a new sound cable... and surprisingly it fixed a problem where the soundcard would play random sound effects.

The random sound effects included the startup Scotty "welcome" clip heard when the machine first powers on; so originally I thought the audiocard needed a new cap kit. When that didn't fix it; I figured it was time to try the simple thing first.

I went ahead and replaced the DMD cable too. Both cables have strain relief and a pull tab; so hopefully this game is good for another 30years.

#2524 5 years ago

I seem to recall that Art at Comet was having issues with the color changeable strips. I don't see them on his site; but maybe he is out-of-stock?

#2560 5 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

I have the same problem. Just seems to be limp as it makes the orbit... most of the time not even making the orbit.

It did give me pause. However, you have to understand that I have a version every ST arcade machine made... a complete collection. So for me to NOT have a NIB STLE... it was the lesser of two evils.

Solved. On mine the Washer on the tip side of the spring was contacting the autoplunger as the tip came forward. Your shooter shouldn't move the autoplunger at all.

For me; had to remove the two red screws holding the plunger plate to the wood cabinet. Then loosen the three screws so I could adjust the position of the plunger.

Left mine "snug enough" to allow movement ... but not loose to have it move by hand.
Then with a block of wood and a hammer; I tapped at the top of the plunger housing (black) on the front of the machine to push the plunger tip down. I also saw that my plunger housing was crooked / not square to the side of the cabinet. Using a light tapping of the hammer got it square.

Hit the block of wood while it's resting on the black housing... so as to not damage the housing or cabinet with the hammer.

Verified the plunger tip hits the ball correctly and didn't move the autoplunger. tighted the screws and reinstalled the red mounting screws (new holes).


#2593 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Their site still says "Installation for the new Stern backbox design used in Star Trek requires additional mounting hardware (not included) available from Pinbits."
I have no idea if that will change by the time the coloring is actually ready.

Don't forget about mine...
Which completely covers the studs on the LE panel... so you can avoid scratching your $400 colordmd investment.

#2595 5 years ago
Quoted from PWhiz:

Sorry, that kinda went over my head. Perhaps you could provide a more detailed explanation?

Here's what he was talking about:
Hope it helps.

#2609 5 years ago

Only 13hrs left on the KirkStarter:
You owe it to yourself to STOP what your doing and go given them a pledge... then go watch the episodes on utube.

#2630 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey guys, what is this and why are the bb speakers hooked up to it in my ST Pro? I bought a pair of other speakers to upgrade the bb speakers and need to know if I have to keep this in line. Thanks.

That is a Capacitor. I'm ASSUMING it's a DC blocking cap put inline to prevent damage to boards/speakers. BB = BackBox?

2 weeks later
#2718 5 years ago

I've been working on the day instructions... I'll try to publish them soon.

#2729 5 years ago

I wish I could be excited about a new STLE code release... I've been waiting for way to long to get my hopes up.

#2764 5 years ago
Quoted from SaminVA:

I wonder if the new code will include changing the dot's and adding some animation to some of the static non-moving pictures.

Honestly; I hope not. Stern needs to be more frequent about fixing bugs... and not adding features.
One mega-update a year on a coded game like ST is just silly. Break it up into smaller bug fix releases.

#2778 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

idea. I'm mixing Treks since the set pieces I have are from Enterprise NX-01 but what can you do.

I might be a tad jealous.

#2782 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I'll take another picture for you when I get your bumper caps installed.
The overall effect is just a bit sweeter since my name is Jim.

That's ok... At least I'm the only one with a Star Trek: The Mirror Universe pin.

#2809 5 years ago

FreeBee - is there a website / document on how to do maintainence on the cannon motors? I might want to tackle that after TPF.

#2855 5 years ago

Only if you use Pinball Browser.
My settings were obliterated with the upgrade.

#2887 5 years ago

I set 5ball because I actually want to enjoy the game / progress in the story line... not interested in getting "good" at competitive play.

2 weeks later
#3048 5 years ago

Thanks guys... for those that missed it (I've gotten a couple of PMs).

I have limited stock at:

Once I run out; I'm going to have to have the bad caps re-anodized and etched... so expecting it to take a month or two depending on the unrelated job search.

#3050 5 years ago

Paul, If I don't have something by end of June - that's what I'm being told.
You'd think 19years at a company would buy you something... but at the moment; it's not looking good.

1 month later
#3258 5 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Paramount has been surprisingly lenient on Star Trek fan based material.

Shuussshhh... What's wrong with you?
I think it's one of those - they have far too many licensed materials to deal with. Just been real damn lucky.

1 week later
#3277 4 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

I avoided going the purple route with Metallica and I'm glad I did, because I ordered some purple and blue for the slings and back of Star Trek, just to kind of tone down the glaring white.

Pics or it didn't happen.

#3286 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

When do you guys think we will get a full color DMD for the game?

IDK - I'm guessing a few more months. ColorDMD does seem to be cranking out all kinds of titles now. Good to see the community stepping up to help them colorize games.

#3288 4 years ago

I've been running a ColorDMD in my Stern LE since just about the first day I got it.
I just need the update.

#3332 4 years ago
Quoted from beefzap:

So what are the essential extra parts I need (protectors & mods)?
Looking for mods that really add to the game, for me these are normally the ones that add extra / better lighting. Not interested in extra models.
Which mods do I really need for areas that have known wear issues?

This is a good starting point:

#3362 4 years ago
Quoted from PWhiz:

Sometimes when the ball ejects, it gets hung up in the shooter lane on the top lip of the ball eject protector and won't roll back to the shooter.

Had both of those problems. I had the shooter lane protectors too close together so the ball was resting on the protector; not the lane. I widened the stance of the protectors and the problem went away.

The weak plunger is probably the plunger assembly. On mine the washer of the plunger tip was hitting the top of the catapult housing - effectively removing the momentum of the shooter. Loosen the shooter assembly and center it on the ball so the it doesn't hit the catapult.

#3369 4 years ago

Scored over 6Billion points on Saturday for STNG.
It's was a personal best as I completed all missions + Final Frontier. For that FF; I collected all the artifacts for 1B bonus and 175k / shot. During the game proceeded to do like 3 shuttle video missions and two borg multiballs. I had completed all missions a second time but drained my last buyin ball on the final mission... so no second FF.
Was a lot of fun - the pinball gods must have been shining on me.

#3380 4 years ago

Only 10days to go... and they are only 1/2 there. Final push for Nimoy's Son... who needs some cash to license some Star trek items for an upcoming documentary he's working on:

2 weeks later
#3500 4 years ago

I've always had problems with the back legs on my Stern STLE. Well at TPF'15 teardown this year; the leg bolt wouldn't come out. I had to get it tore down; so I ended up twisting off the leg bolt near the end of the bolt.

So where am I going to find a replacement leg bracket for this newer stern?

1 week later
#3555 4 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Hopefully this has been discussed before, but our LE has a very dim Black Hole insert vs. the rest of the playfield - is this a common problem, and if so, are there any remedies? Not had the game very long, so yet to open it up and have a real fiddle under the hood.

Seems like mine is similar; not sure why. I don't recall anyone discussing it before.

1 week later
#3638 4 years ago

Now's your chance to go support an awesome trek film:

I'm really looking forward to this one.

#3650 4 years ago

There was a guy here on pinside selling a kit do upgrade to green - but I don't think anyone said they updated to a higher wattage red.
I still want to mod mine; but it's one of those projects I may never get around to.

#3664 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Cointaker sells an upgraded laser in both green and red.

Wow - they are in love with them; aren't they?
$105 seems - costly given a green laser module is less than $15 bucks from china.

#3694 4 years ago

Nemecek has posted a rebuttal of the original report, saying he never stated there were ongoing talks about a new Trek series on Netflix.


#3707 4 years ago
Quoted from Meph:

I have owned this one for 4 years now and never really expected that I would ever let it go, but the wife is now into pinball and she doesn't like it

Might be time to consider a trade-in for the wife.
No one in their right mind would allow her to dictate my collection.
I'm unsure why someone would trade a top 10 pin for something else... just cause she doesn't like it.

#3709 4 years ago
Quoted from Meph:

It's only a pin.

Dem's fight'n words.
He comes into a Star trek thread to spew this blasphemy.

('tis a joke people)

#3739 4 years ago
Quoted from Patofnaud:

The ship conversions is a nice touch but takes some skill to do. You will need to add resistors/connectors


#3741 4 years ago