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6 years ago

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#7226 7 months ago

About to get a NIB Premium Vault. In May.

2 weeks later
#7339 6 months ago

That left VUK Cliffy is a pita to install. I had to remove a bunch of parts. Worth it

#7356 6 months ago

I have had my Premium about a week and I have noticed that on the final shot for Sudden Death, the Vengeance fires the ball out as the drop target pops up with the result of the ball flying into the glass. This seems to happen fairly consistently and I am running 1.62 software. Is this normal?

#7360 6 months ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

I have had my Premium about a week and I have noticed that on the final shot for Sudden Death, the Vengeance fires the ball out as the drop target pops up with the result of the ball flying into the glass. This seems to happen fairly consistently and I am running 1.62 software. Is this normal?

So, is the only solution to install a protector? I was just wondering if this is the way it is...

#7362 6 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

When I had a pro it never hit the glass.

OK, so I have played it a bunch more and it usually doesn't hit the glass, but it can fire out of the Vengeance into the drop so hard that it gets some serious air.

#7368 6 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

Yea, hard to remember a few years back but I have no memory of it ever hitting the glass. I would remember that because certain games I've had it would hit the glass every so often. But I do remember on Star Trek Pro it would fire back the ball at you pretty hard, there is a magnet underneath doing that I think. Are you saying that when the ball is locked behind the drop target it fires it at the drop target and hits it or something?

There is a solenoid plunger in the back of the Vengeance ball lock area that fires back the ball during certain play modes. The drop target stays down in that case so that there is no interference. What I am saying is that during a certain mode, Sudden Death, the ball is sometimes forcefully fired back out along with the drop target going back up as if to lock the ball. If the timing is right, the ball will strike the upper edge of the rising drop target, launching the ball up and towards the player, hitting the glass. I tried reflashing the the latest code, but it still occasionally happens.

1 week later
#7406 6 months ago

That's pretty cool. Mine was made in 2015. Is there any difference in machine from then to now? Any manufacturing updates?

#7408 6 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I’m curious if they use those little Allen head screws on the back box or the leg bolts.

No allenheads on mine. The same backbox bolts as the new games.

#7413 5 months ago

Where to get engage button?

1 week later
#7456 5 months ago

I am wondering what this is. It was in the coin box of my recently acquired HOU SWP. Aftermarket 3D printed something.

#7462 5 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I believe that's an alternative bracket for the warp ramp so you can adjust it up and down and not left and right. I bought one and it worked pretty well to get the warp ramp return to be consistent. What worked the best was putting a strip of felt on the exit curve of the warp ramp.

That's interesting... Where does it mount? I can't visualize the part in place.
The warp ramp is a hard shot, but it is totally doable. I don't see how this would have any advantage.

#7465 5 months ago

Thanks for the info on this.

#7468 5 months ago

The most I have gotten is 4 in a row.

1 week later
#7479 5 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Hey can anyone direct me to the latest version w/Movie Soundtrack ROM for ST Prem/LE?

It's posted in this thread a few pages ago...

1 week later
#7495 4 months ago

Having an issue with the 1.62 code with movie sounds. The bugs that were supposedly fixed in 1.61 with the missions not being completed and next mission being able to be selected while in multi player games are still present. Has anyone else had this problem after updating to 1.62 with movie music? Also, what can be done to fix the laser button? The switch seems to be intermittent. Does any know of a good replacement laser?

#7497 4 months ago

The switch gap is fine. It's a software bug as it only happens on multi-player games and the ability to select a mission is not lit on the playfield even though the previous mission was completed. Works fine on single player. I am looking for a red laser.

2 weeks later
#7513 4 months ago

I have Stern sw along with star trek.

#7522 4 months ago

Love it. Missing the speaker panel, though..

MVIMG_20190515_132505 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#7549 3 months ago

Can someone straighten out how the shields standups work? If I hit both standups in the same ball after already going down the left outlane and having it work properly (it kicks back) after that the kickback does not light up even after hitting the standups again although it does at the start of each ball. Is it only supposed to work once per ball regardless of how many times you hit the standups?

1 week later
#7572 3 months ago

I love the sound on tna. What exactly did you get and how did you install?

1 week later
#7593 3 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Can someone send me a link for the Premium code with movie sound?
Also I’m having some problems with SDTM drain from behind the drop target. My pin I’d perfectly level side to side.

The drop target is directly over the right flipper. I don't see how it can go sdtm if the playfield is level. How are you checking to see if it's level?

#7595 3 months ago

The drop target pushing the ball back is normal due to the shape of the target. If the playfield is level it shouldn't sdtm.

#7598 3 months ago

Stern uses hot glue.

#7602 3 months ago
Quoted from ectobar:

How do we get a key posts section added to the club? The bulk of the tech/troubleshooting questions have been discussed ad nauseam. Would be nice if there was a quick reference to direct people to. I know I've seen it in other threads. I'd be willing to find some posts if needed.

Yes, excellent call.

#7616 3 months ago

I just experienced what I think is a code glitch, please let me know if that's the case or if this is normal-
I completed Prime Directive 1, then selected PD 2 but it would not finish. I got to what appeared to be the end of the mode, shot away team, and then was taken back to PD 2 as if it was never started. Finished that mode, so it would seem, only to have the same thing happen after shooting the Mission select hole and then selecting PD 2 again. As the mode timed out, all ramps and targets were off. I then shot away team again and selected Space Jump, which played normally. I attempted to complete that mode with the idea that I would then select PD 2 again, but drained on the last ball. Any ideas on this? I am running the latest stock code 1.62.

Also- Can someone explain to me how the Shields standups are supposed to work? Relighting them after having the ball get saved by the outlane plunger has no effect.

#7618 3 months ago
Quoted from ectobar:

PD 2/3 are the same exact mode. Hit every shot once. You most likely needed the warp ramp.
Lighting the kickback a second time requires more bank completions. It's progressive. Not sure if it resets per ball or game.

Interesting on the warp ramp, but if the mode was not completed, why was the select mission hole lit? Thanks for the info on the standups.

#7621 3 months ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

zebra is right. It is on a timer and you have to start over again until it is completed.

Ahh. That could be it. I thought that it behaved as PD1 with regards to timing out. IOW, that PD 3 would be available to select at that point.

#7630 3 months ago

Don't all vault machines have the plaque?

1 month later
#7669 59 days ago

Should be free. CBS All Access. It's actually CBS pay-to-access. Forget it.

#7672 53 days ago

Cliff makes outlane protectors for the Sterns, too.

Edit- I see you know that after reading the blog. I haven't had any wear on the left edge, but there was some on the upper edge. I will keep an eye on it. The Cliffy has been working pretty good so far.

1 week later
#7679 46 days ago

Thinking of getting one of these, but it would be LED this time. My TSPP has the LCD.

#7691 44 days ago

Pinball life is where I order stuff from.

#7697 42 days ago

Or you can be Captain Hook.

1 week later
#7720 33 days ago

For sale: Star Trek Pro half assembled.

4 weeks later
#7757 4 days ago

The ramps can crack. Check for insert ghosting and separation. There is one guy who has posted how his has held up over many plays while on route, I am sure you have seen that.

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