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Star Trek Arrived. Impressions.

By markmon

7 years ago

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#32 7 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I don't love avle but I don't hate it. It's next on my chopping block.

I don't blame you. It would have been the first on my chopping block.

#33 7 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I added a lot more lighting to even out the lighting in a dark room. But it's way better then most out of the box. I found the spinner flasher blinding and replaced it with a different style. The orange ship flasher was dull. Replaced with red and now the ship glows like its on fire when it flashes. Looks awesome. The pro LEDs are mostly replaceable 555 bulbs. The game doesn't ghost with regular LEDs. So no need for non ghosting replacement bulbs. I replaced a lot of the cool white inserts with color matches with some pinball bulbs LEDs (blue on blue and red on red mainly). At least you can do this on the pro.

So does that mean your company PinballBulbs will be coming out with another kick a$$ LED kit for Star Trek??

#49 7 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

There is a kit for Star Trek. Unfortunately, it looks pretty good out of the box so many people won't see the need. It's basically a cointaker light kit stock. This will convert it to a pinballbulbs style kit.

The pictures really don't do this justice. The photo looks purple and blue bombed and pasty. In real life it's not and instead has an awesome glow. The camera just can't capture this. The evenness of the lighting helps eliminate the seizure effect from the stock cointaker lighting. We also replace a couple flashers that were poorly chosen and a few insert lights ( reds under red, blue under blue ) to help deepen the colors. As I said, the stock really wasn't bad. But I've already had some compliments from locals that saw this finished. The pictures are taken in pitch dark.

WOW! If it is a Cointaker kit on the left side pic and a PinballBulbs on the right side, I would take the pinballBulbs kit any day of the week! It looks way better then the one on the left.

#55 7 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

The picture on the left is stock and the right is pinballbulbs kit. I'm not saying this is a cointaker add-on kit, but it uses all cointaker bulbs and in a manner similar to what buying a cointaker kit provides. Cool white in all GI, similar bulbs in inserts, LED flashers, etc. It's really not bad. I'm not trying to say the cointaker stuff is garbage - its not. There are just some additions that I made on my end to really make this pop. This the type of stuff we do for all our kits anyway. It may not be for everyone, but it's our style

It's my style too, that's why I bought three of your kits already . After seeing the pics how can you not??? Best kits on the market IMHO!

#87 7 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

He is talking about the 'knocker' sound. That is the knocker sound all Sterns have. It sounds like a screeching tire or something.

Isn't it called a chirp now??

#95 7 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Tron was still the "old style" though right? Didn't they switch to decals on that at some point? Trying to figure out what to expect if I ever pick up a Tron. thx

The first run of Tron is still silk screened cab. Any run after that is the new style. So if you don't want a silk screen Tron cab stay away from the one's with the 3D translite unless it was purchased afterwards.

#104 7 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I'm not a professional photographer, and taking pictures in a pitch dark room is pretty difficult (for me) and they never come out perfect. But the level of difference between the two is accurate. If you think the before is way brighter in person, then the after will be even that much brighter. The important takeaway here is this. If you think the game is fine stock, leave it that way. I think it looked pretty good stock. But it didnt meet my standards (no game stock ever does), so I made some changes. I'm fine with people saying that the after looks worse or that the stock looks fine. Those are valid opinions. But I am not ok with people trying to tell me that this is a scam, I'm lying, I'm editing the photos. I'm not. This is how the two photos came out in a pitch dark room, same camera, same exposure, etc. Both the before and the after looked tons better in person than the photos.

I've bought a bunch of PinballBulbs kits and I can tell you after install they look exactly the the photos on his website.

#109 7 years ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

Before I hack you off, let me first say I believe you.
But personally it was a little too much to have a Sales Pitch highjack a thread on "playing impressions" of a new game. I see you have a high rating, and that you get Thumbs up on your posts. But speaking for me, I'd expect your pitch over in the "for sale" section of the forum. I thought it was slightly inconsiderate to do a hard sell with pics off topic within the thread. Whether your product performs as stated isn't an issue. For me, your having to defend it inside the wrong area is.

It was my fault not his. I was so impressed with the kits I got I had to hijack this thread and ask him if he was making one for Star Trek because I would buy it. Then he answered my question with a pic just to show ME, because I asked the question, what it looked like. Mark then states several times in this thread after that that this is not a for sale thread so lets get back to Star Trek. So I don't understand what your issue is?? Do you want free LED's?? PinballBulbs is so good they'll probably give them to you.

Quoted from markmon:

This isn't an led sales thread. It's a review of the Star Trek game. I made a couple comments about lighting and answered questions people asked here about what lighting I changed. I even said the game looked pretty good stock.

Quoted from markmon:

But this really isn't an LED sales thread. If people see no need to add any lighting to this game, by all means they shouldn't. Also, I support getting the game and judging yourself before buying any additional lighting.

You're right, he sold the crap out of it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

#126 7 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Using similar logic, I was hoping the game would be made out of pure gold, and issue $50 bills every time you hit the start button. Nobody ever told me this would be the case, but like you, I want it. Now that I hear it's not going to happen, this game is a failure in my eyes.
Quit your whining Man! Post after post, you keep saying you want an LCD. Maybe this isn't the game for you!

But he's still buying it so the LCD thing must not bug him THAT much or he would pass on it.

1 week later
#258 7 years ago

I like my pins like I like my women, standard body.

#262 7 years ago
Quoted from AvidPinPlayer:

Just purchased my Pro on Friday. Attractive, exciting, and interesting pin.
The pros: the LED lights; the ball flow (truly smooth); the speed - very fast; the shots and in particular the "lock ball" shots; the play field which is not full of toys as in the higher end value pins.
The cons: the game code needs some real upgrade to make this pin non-repetitive and challenging. The sound could have been better and with closer fidelity to the movie/series. Other minor stuff like the head lock screws are not that important.
I realize that opinions are like elbows, everyone has a couple, but I sincerely believe that if the game code is improve, this pin will have serious potential. I like it and so does my family. I had the mirror blades installed as well as the motor shaker and as we all know, both of these add-ons are great improvements. I've not been a fan of the LE's or Premium models because of complexity, cost, and since I enjoy smooth flow and speed the addition of toys in play normally hinders speed and flow, but that's my opinion and I realize that others prefer the top model.
In all, a good product by Stern and company. Looking forward to reviews, comments, and the opportunity to see and play LE/Premium models at the Expo next week.

Will they be at the expo with this whole redesign thing???

#266 7 years ago
Quoted from cal50:

...and 4 legs ?

Preferably. Nothing worse then when you bring a woman home and find out she has three legs

#289 7 years ago

Only if they glow in the dark.

#291 7 years ago
Quoted from JAXPinball:

Nice... That one was about an 8.

I'd say it was leaning more towards an 8.5 or 9.

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