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Star Trek Arrived. Impressions.

By markmon

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

So I got my Star Trek pro today. My impressions:

- The game has the best shot flow Ive ever seen. First, I love Spider-Man. Perhaps my all time favorite game. This layout is simar. But there are some major differences. This game shoots like acdc but with a third flipper. The ramps are easy backhands with wide openings. It's extremely easy to flow shots. Spider-Man shots are way tighter. The upper flipper ramp shot is quite smooth and getting combos to this is similar to say no fear. The risk is that you really get the ball moving and may lose it when you miss. There were no cheap drains like acdc. The game is so smooth. I think layout polish wise, this is Steve Ritchie's best work. I can't stress enough how easy and fun it is to flow the shots. There are several very satisfying shots here.

- Playfield is not as ugly as I had expected. Artwork wise, it's the worst looking stern playfield since acdc, but its nothing like say wheel of fortune. It actually is ok.

- The sounds are great. Very satisfying. With a shaker and sub, experience is good. Shaker could be better utilized. Unfortunately, the call out variety is lacking. I heard the same call outs multiple times per game. Sounded like direct movie quotes. I didn't hear any dubs or actor hired unique recordings here. There's no sound directing you like in sone games. But it's pretty obvious what to shoot at.

- ball times were somewhat long. I may need to open the outlanes more. But the game definitely does not punish you for missing shots as much as other Ritchie games. It could also be that its so easy to make the shots that I wasn't missing as much as normal.

- software feels solid but there doesn't feel like much to do. They need to get more added or the game will not be interesting enough for the long haul in spite of the awesome shot layout. Some good foundation here though. I was able to stack some multiballs and it seems they draining the ball doesn't end your current mission, pretty neat. I didn't see how you can do 3 sub modes per mission. It seems like only the 6 missions and multiballs are implemented. Oh and a decent combo system.

- The lock down fire button is under used. It seems to just randomly start flashing and I get to take a shot at the ship.

- The color changing inserts are great. The rest of the game just uses cointaker doubles and all white in GI. The game is bright for a stock game thanks to two spotlights. I added a lot more lighting to even out the lighting in a dark room. But it's way better then most out of the box. I found the spinner flasher blinding and replaced it with a different style. The orange ship flasher was dull. Replaced with red and now the ship glows like its on fire when it flashes. Looks awesome. The pro LEDs are mostly replaceable 555 bulbs. The game doesn't ghost with regular LEDs. So no need for non ghosting replacement bulbs. I replaced a lot of the cool white inserts with color matches with some pinball bulbs LEDs (blue on blue and red on red mainly). At least you can do this on the pro.

- The ship and ship movement is pretty good. It seems to move a lot more than attack from mars.

- I like the speaker panel. It looks nice in person. The new hinge bolts are a hassle. It took a long time to get the left one lines up to go in. Bolts are in goodie bag. The speaker panel folds out way nicer than older games and is easy to put back without too much fiddling.

I said I wouldn't get an LE earlier at $8k. But this played so well that I ordered an LE.

Edit: sold my tricked out pro for $5200. I get to keep it in my possession until the LE arrives. Bringing the game for everyone to play to the Portland gong show this weekend.

#29 7 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Yeah but Markmon, you really like AVLE too. You must not know what you're talking about.

I don't love avle but I don't hate it. It's next on my chopping block.

Quoted from movingpictures:

I just played some ST and it gave me a serious headache.
Seriously F those 5-LED flashers ... What nonsense.
I must be getting too old.

My lighting changes had a side effect of solving this

Quoted from Zaxxis:

Hitting the ramp is smooth, but feeding it back to the flipper can sometimes be clunky and the ball can be drifting away from the upper flipper due to hitting the playfield. Certainly not Dr.Who Smooth

It comes off a ramp and bounces down but for me by the time it gets to the flipper its entirely settled and feels very smooth. It's way faster than dr who. Looping the shot gets progressively more difficult due to the speed not due to a design issue. At least this is my initial take.

#46 7 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I was being sarcastic, because I love AVLE. And frankly, your numerous posts on the game - especially early on, indicate that you like it a lot too...maybe you've changed your mind. So is ST better than AVLE?

It seems like if I play avengers, I end up playing it for 40 minutes per game. It sort of feelsike too much of a chore to play because of that. There are some great aspects to the game. Maybe I'll come back to it later.

#47 7 years ago

So does that mean your company PinballBulbs will be coming out with another kick a$$ LED kit for Star Trek??

There is a kit for Star Trek. Unfortunately, it looks pretty good out of the box so many people won't see the need. It's basically a cointaker light kit stock. This will convert it to a pinballbulbs style kit.


The pictures really don't do this justice. The photo looks purple and blue bombed and pasty. In real life it's not and instead has an awesome glow. The camera just can't capture this. The evenness of the lighting helps eliminate the seizure effect from the stock cointaker lighting. We also replace a couple flashers that were poorly chosen and a few insert lights ( reds under red, blue under blue ) to help deepen the colors. As I said, the stock really wasn't bad. But I've already had some compliments from locals that saw this finished. The pictures are taken in pitch dark.

#54 7 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

WOW! If it is a Cointaker kit on the left side pic and a PinballBulbs on the right side, I would take the pinballBulbs kit any day of the week! It looks way better then the one on the left.

The picture on the left is stock and the right is pinballbulbs kit. I'm not saying this is a cointaker add-on kit, but it uses all cointaker bulbs and in a manner similar to what buying a cointaker kit provides. Cool white in all GI, similar bulbs in inserts, LED flashers, etc. It's really not bad. I'm not trying to say the cointaker stuff is garbage - its not. There are just some additions that I made on my end to really make this pop. This the type of stuff we do for all our kits anyway. It may not be for everyone, but it's our style The kit we will sell will replace a few of the bulbs in the machine, leaves most of them, and adds our extra lighting to even out the playfield.

#68 7 years ago
Quoted from jackal2001:

It is false marketing. There are added spot lamps on the right sling to brighten up the lower pf. I'm sure there are other LEDs added throughout the game. There is no way you are going to get that dramatic of a lighting difference just by changing the leds.

And every single one of those add ons are included with our kit (all our kits). These are no solder addons made to be easy to install. The kit transforms the machine on the left to the machine on the right.

#74 7 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I guess the thing that always makes me wonder about pictures like that is that they don't include exposure data. From playing Star Trek PRO I found it to be well lit. compared to other games.

Showing it with completely dark flippers in the first picture really doesn't show your kit in the "best light" because the exposure seems to be unrealistic.

This isn't an led sales thread. It's a review of the Star Trek game. I made a couple comments about lighting and answered questions people asked here about what lighting I changed. I even said the game looked pretty good stock. The pictures are not doctored up. The same camera is used with same settings to take the before and after. Both times, the game looked better in person than in the pictures. However, the before has very little light by the flippers and the after is evenly lit throughout. I'm not trying to run some sort of scam here. Lol.

#98 7 years ago
Quoted from jitneystand1:

I played a fresh out of the box Pro a couple days ago and it looks pretty much exactly like the "after" photo, NOTHING like the "before" photo.

That's pretty unlikely if you have the lights off and are in a pitch black room. There's nothing in the machine that lights the lower middle playfield and flipper area stock. If you have some ambient lighting in the room, it could be true. But this really isn't an LED sales thread. If people see no need to add any lighting to this game, by all means they shouldn't. Also, I support getting the game and judging yourself before buying any additional lighting. For me, I didn't find there to be enough light in my dark room so I added more lighting. When I was done, I turned the kit over for pinballbulbs to sell.

#103 7 years ago
Quoted from jitneystand1:

Perhaps it's a little brighter down by the flippers...I can't be sure based on memory. But I maintain that the photo on the left is NOT representative of how well lit the stock pro is. Not even close.

I'm not a professional photographer, and taking pictures in a pitch dark room is pretty difficult (for me) and they never come out perfect. But the level of difference between the two is accurate. If you think the before is way brighter in person, then the after will be even that much brighter. The important takeaway here is this. If you think the game is fine stock, leave it that way. I think it looked pretty good stock. But it didnt meet my standards (no game stock ever does), so I made some changes. I'm fine with people saying that the after looks worse or that the stock looks fine. Those are valid opinions. But I am not ok with people trying to tell me that this is a scam, I'm lying, I'm editing the photos. I'm not. This is how the two photos came out in a pitch dark room, same camera, same exposure, etc. Both the before and the after looked tons better in person than the photos.

1 week later
#224 7 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Too early to even consider mods in the equation lol...
I want to know what happens if you stick a LED OCD on this thing, or if it's even possible. All the LEDs are still 'blinky' so it looks to me like Stern isnt' even trying to make their LEDs have proper fading effects even though the whole game is now LED...depressing.

They did a nice job eliminating ghosting on regular LEDs. Fading just wasn't a design goal of this game.

#229 7 years ago
Quoted from Part_3:

You've already been dismissed. Move along.

Im in agreement with Frax on this one. Sttng has great flow and as long as you are making shots is as good as any Steve Ritchie game ever made. The combo system to get to warp 9 is fantastic. Demolition man is another. I just don't think being wide body causes the game to be any slower or have less flow.

#236 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Widebody pins can have great flow, and DM is a great example. But they do not play as fast as standard size play fields. That includes DM.

Why wouldn't they play as fast? There's only about a 2" difference in width and no difference in length. The slingshots are often no further apart from each other and instead, larger or an added inlane is present or such. I can see the argument if the playfield is wide open but if the playfield is densely populated, just been a wide body doesn't necessarily slow things down. I consider demo man, sttng, and guns and roses faster than lots of other non wide body games. What other 1993 games are faster than sttng?
My sttng plays as fast as my white water with clear coated playfield. Getaway may be faster when properly waxed and all the mechs are rebuilt but that's about it on that list.

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