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Star Wars Darksaber mod. (Not going forward)

By Loganpinball

88 days ago

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#1 88 days ago

I had a section of stainless plate that I could only cut out a small section out of. So, I looked at the Mandalorian and I know the center ramps are breaking so I thought I would make one for it. I stole the segmented design from myself (star wars pro mod) as the ball needs to have deflections from jumps and I really like the look of it. It is in Star wars universe so I went for it. This is the prototype and i need to make some small changes. Consider this 90 percent done. I need to finish the ends by transition points. I will offer this mod for sale very soon. $220 shipped in U.S. is where it will end up. Any interest please pm me as I will start a list.

This ramp will work on all models.
I do not have any tempered plate thats not blued. I need to find the non blued plates. The blued plate is only to playtest until I find other plate.

Heres a quick video. Bear in mind I still need to do minor tweaks.

AD0502F8-6A09-449F-A581-B7FDDAC4030D (resized).jpeg5CE6C0A6-B2E5-48DD-97D9-41E35C518D73 (resized).jpegAA18DB2D-7C7D-4CF7-8539-2857F36679AA (resized).jpeg0AF5E9F6-DB62-4F99-86CB-214A718E189C (resized).jpeg11F89F9E-FFF3-451D-B382-C247C3EFD303 (resized).jpeg220B0964-81C4-4FBB-B73E-A5522450AF9E (resized).jpegA9FA2857-3B19-45C5-95E4-E42410C6528B (resized).jpeg80024EE8-440F-4B62-9B39-9A74899AF797 (resized).jpeg

#2 88 days ago

Fixed the transition to plastic ramp at backbox. I just needed to weld a spacer in place. And I finished the rear rails with a ring welded to ramp.

To change ramps it only takes 4 screws on the ramp and it does not screw into the playfield. It mounts on the same two studs as plastic ramp. Theres a plate on backbox that you remove and it allows easy access to install my ramp with the stock screws, but I use lock nuts over welded nuts.
See pictures..

I will be doing the remaining plastic ramp as well. I can make it a wireform from return to backbox plate ramp or metal plate. I am not sure yet, but I will try both. Feel free to chime in..
13A99085-D2C6-496A-BAC9-969A23FF0147 (resized).jpeg1CD1E595-BB27-4985-B2CC-2088A4FAF8D7 (resized).jpeg39B446CF-B78A-4D40-A48B-B8252D1A1F38 (resized).jpeg3E038059-BD17-44B5-94F7-8931D79CA021 (resized).jpegBD31CBD7-209D-4036-84CB-F26FD6A4FB36 (resized).jpeg

DB56AB6F-D4F2-4471-8E61-FC251073A76B (resized).jpeg
#3 87 days ago

Looks great!

#4 87 days ago

O wow I really like this. You have me really considering this for my premium.

#5 87 days ago

Trying a dark saber for other return plastic.
I need to backlight it!
Saber ramp is not part of the $220. I wint know until I am done with the darksaber for a total cost.

Thanks.. i like make funky stuff..

Quoted from Nstone4425:

O wow I really like this. You have me really considering this for my premium.

It will fit!

59D38AA8-72F4-4967-B681-A0B3802F78D3 (resized).jpegB3DCCFE2-9949-45B1-942C-65B5818CAF1C (resized).jpeg

054C2C70-F79F-4A2C-ADD7-AAD2335EAFDE (resized).jpeg9CC789EC-7550-4C36-95C5-30A065A148EE (resized).jpeg

#6 87 days ago

I still need to sand and polish this ramp, but it goes well with the game.. I really dig it! I need to figure out a light source to replace that flasher lamp that is under the blade. I think it will look even better.

40C6A28F-2D6E-41B4-98D1-DED829F479E0 (resized).jpeg7451AEC4-315B-4FDA-A34B-18A402B27E98 (resized).jpeg9824265C-6003-40C9-A50C-4A1EC78D39C2 (resized).jpegF9545638-69C3-4016-85D8-5FDE113B4037 (resized).jpeg
#7 87 days ago

Video of both ramps in action.

You can see the possibilties of under lighting sword as seen in picture. I will work on that next. Heres a bunch of photos. Forgive the purple light, I just wanted to see it back lighted.

A78F47BF-03F5-4345-88DF-E68658C7853F (resized).jpegBD87C708-440A-415F-B24D-92B7A7D95543 (resized).jpegC68185DD-B954-4569-A395-FD4C51494DC7 (resized).jpeg14D163CD-DD22-4DCA-AAA2-17CF04B0125C (resized).jpeg04C3B616-D219-4786-B5AE-81516D1C2576 (resized).jpeg2709762E-F661-429C-BDD2-0FF29F25A0F5 (resized).jpeg59483C3D-5F12-4AC1-BDBF-5D845C1D4895 (resized).jpegD934936D-3BC1-4FCD-A0B3-26CEDB4FDB13 (resized).jpeg

FB0B9B5B-C329-4957-AA93-E32BF8E6E771 (resized).jpeg8B0417AD-8723-4516-A2CA-963FB88FE11D (resized).jpeg

925C28C5-B7A2-4230-BCC3-C67522A261DA (resized).jpeg446556DC-7038-4CC2-B058-13721D881A02 (resized).jpegB44B3E77-998B-44D4-9E9C-97BC3ED5637D (resized).jpeg
#8 86 days ago

Wow looks great and the ball speed is just as fast as the plastic ramps which is cool. I was concerned that you might not be able to back hand the ramp but all of those worries are put to rest with the video Can not wait to order!!!

#9 86 days ago

Made 3 saber and 3 ramps plates to start today. I want to do a better handle. Stainless is not cheap steel, but I think costs of the plated handle is worth it. Its not done at all, but you can see the better look already.

#10 86 days ago

Are there still spots for the optos and wiring to attach to this left ramp?

#11 86 days ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Are there still spots for the optos and wiring to attach to this left ramp?

Yes. I made mounts for optos and they are adjustable.

8F90EFCA-7CD0-4901-A056-21F08A8A4095 (resized).jpeg
#12 85 days ago

Trying another handle. Its not sanded or polished so keep that in mind but, I think this is the way.. yup I said it!

45614DFC-444E-41BA-A56F-AC76B8B2E043 (resized).jpeg979D643A-FC60-407A-804E-998DC507A9EF (resized).jpegB14DECCA-D5CD-4DBA-836F-4356B67B68B8 (resized).jpeg
#13 84 days ago

Looking better and better!!!

#14 82 days ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Looking better and better!!!

I am trying thanks.

I bought a belt sander just to finish the swords. Under $200 at home depot, the only down side is they dont carry the grits I need for metal. I ordered the stainless flap steel, wont be here for a few days and led strip lights and easy connectors. I look forward to see the sword lit up. I am also considering making the center ramp bottom steel with cuts mimicking the design and also back lighting them. I should start shipping within 2 weeks. I started laying out a template board.
Thanks for the interest!

I will work out the price on the saber ramp once I make a few sets to get average labor times.
C3DAAF45-425D-420E-8FA8-599B00CFF45A (resized).jpegE9AB7502-A778-4004-B1EC-9E1726DB740B (resized).jpegF2715FD7-9541-4D5D-97AF-1E0E31D8A318 (resized).jpeg

BF00E868-97CC-4722-8AC2-058F26972A30 (resized).jpegF1B1CDF8-1AB1-4E3F-BCC1-89CFA1D85101 (resized).jpeg
4 weeks later
#15 52 days ago

Back on it. I needed to get Rush done for Pintastic show..

86445B88-AE0D-4034-A211-42B5C9D796C9 (resized).jpeg
#16 52 days ago

Done with center and dark saber. I have no rails to install! For now I am just putting the right ramp flasher and dome below the saber temporarily. The stainless spring steel is perfect for transitions. Looks better than blued.
I am also curious if its worth trying a right return thats just segmented over the saber?? I am also debating bringing this or gnrse to Pintastic??

5C350043-15DD-438D-A36C-D5ADE3C682ED (resized).jpeg606855EA-8FBE-429C-B86B-496AB8A0B128 (resized).jpeg9654158A-3E61-46B3-999D-EE1B921B83A9 (resized).jpegAB6F2478-3E2D-46F2-8D3F-9299C09D6DB1 (resized).jpegE04C83FA-0735-4A74-8B1F-BFC7C9CA2D6F (resized).jpeg

#17 47 days ago

I want to resize the saber down and retain the flasher mounting. Seeing how this version comes out today. The handle is distracting on first one..

EFBFA514-94C0-4308-9DC2-D266CCC68811 (resized).jpeg

DBBB8264-A7EE-48FB-A246-B9695BF2AE4D (resized).jpeg
#18 47 days ago

Might add a flasher cutout mount by handle or just have it mount to stud. I need to see it first, but I am going to go with this design.
Plate, rods, stoning, sanding, polishing and playtesting each one. It is $220 shipped for the Saber return to U.S.

D9EA6EFE-3B5D-472E-9616-11AD64507B0F (resized).jpegAD297E8F-217C-4426-AF47-09BBB4964D6F (resized).jpegCCE62133-027A-4E94-8BA7-B5C9DE891060 (resized).jpeg71B3EEA7-35DC-438A-870F-C80648513EDF (resized).jpeg3108C2D4-5F33-4D7E-97D5-B18C463CF609 (resized).jpeg392101DC-E49B-4E4F-8705-603E32B09485 (resized).jpeg6204743A-5135-4E47-A5AA-A797460DCE0F (resized).jpeg4C0C207C-5FF0-43D0-92A1-9827DAD569D7 (resized).jpeg82902019-65CE-465B-B6A5-8B711AB1ABE5 (resized).jpeg
#19 47 days ago

Looks cool

3 weeks later
#20 20 days ago

I am stopping this mod as I just cant find a good enough variation of the concept for myself. The handle throws off the look and I have not enough interest to keep trying.

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