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Spring Break 80B Help!

By Brnichol

26 days ago

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#1 26 days ago

Hi All,

Admitted new to 80Bs here, so I'm hoping for a relatively easy fix. I recently inherited a Spring Break with several new boards, but I'm having a few issues. Would love it if someone could point me in the right direction.

1) Game boots up to some sort of maintenance mode, flippers work, some insert lights flashing, flashers stay on solid - game won't start

2) Display is dead, so I can't see what mode it's in.

As you can see in the pic, guy before me replaced several molex connectors. I've cleaned connections (haven't repinned display molex yet), seem to get getting a solid 5v to the display, replaced a cap......nothing

Anyone able to point me in the right direction here who has some more familiarity with this system?

IMG_4195 (resized).JPG
#2 26 days ago

looks like they replaced the mpu ,driver and power supply from a distance it looks like a swemmer mpu board which would explain why they replaced the power supply . No display is the key here usually if something is not right with the mpu the display will do nothing. The zero force sockets that hold the eproms are known to have problems with connection points. they have a lever that releases the eprom. The first thing I would try is removing and reseating the eproms
also make sure both your display plugs are seated properly the blue connector on the bottom of the MPU looks crooked in the pic

#3 26 days ago

Thanks. Reseated connectors and eproms multiple times - nothing.

I'm kind of working under the assumption one of the eproms may be bad? Possibly the previous owner stuck one in in reverse? Typically if that happens is there scaring or burning that occurs on the eprom? (both of these look just fine).

I'm going to check the workflow in the manual and see if one or the other is tied to the sound board AND the display. If so, maybe that's the culprit?

I know the original boards have the "notch" to indicate the right way to put the eprom in, but I'm not sure if these new boards do.

IMG_4196 (resized).JPG
#4 26 days ago

....Last owner put one of the EPRoms in backwards...working on getting a new one and will go from there

#5 26 days ago

definitely not a good thing for the previous owner to do. I ended up buying a GQ4 v 4 eprom programmer and extra chips for my three games. allows you to verify and program new chips also allowed me to change some of the code in my raven game and burn a new eprom. I like my 80b's and didn't want to be at mercy of having to order chips

#6 26 days ago

Finally found some time to work on Spring break Brandon? Well good luck! I've been trying to help a guy with his System 80 Panthera, and so far it's been a pain in the butt. These Gottliebs are really weird to me, strange connectors, strange wiring, hard for me to troubleshoot. I suppose it's just a matter of gaining the experience with them to figure out what's going on.

2 weeks later
#7 6 days ago

Finally getting some time this weekend to get back into the project.

Got a new A1 Eprom, snapped it in....no luck. With the totally dead display still reading a good 5V, I'm still working under the assumption it's something with the Eproms. Especially because:

1) No eprom = small set of lights on
2) New Eprom = same small set of lights on
3) Old Eprom put in the correct way = several more lights on the boards and playfield

Could it be that the new A1 Eprom rom I got and the A2 rom were different versions? (I know Spring break has several different versions)

Maybe the answer is to get both a new A1 and A2 Eprom that I know are for the same version of the game?

As far as I can tell, the new Swemmer MPU looks like it's all good...

Mike - I agree. I just want some new context to what the old owner did. I love the fact that he replaced several of the boards, and I think most of the schematics are the same for them, but it definitely makes things a lot harder to troubleshoot when almost everything has been messed with from the original.

#8 5 days ago

Post pictures of your display board. Looks like the last owner replaced a capacitor on the display. I would replace all the caps and see if that solves the problem.

My display went dead and it was the top most cap.

#9 5 days ago

the problem with the display could still be the MPU if any one of the data lines is open the display will be blank. At one point I took my display from the Raven game I was working on where it seemed dead and put it in another machine and it worked so I knew the display was good....It wasn't until I removed and re-soldered the daughter board on the mpu that I got the display to actually work. So I would believe the problem is still in the mpu. Take in to account here that we are talking different MPU's though but i believe the results would be the same given we are talking about the same display unit.

you can check the caps on the display without de-soldering them with a capacitance checker C1 should read around 470uf C2 10uf and C3 10uf

#10 5 days ago

Definitely wish I had access to another 80B game to swap out displays. I was the one who replaced the cap with a new one (I noticed some scarring on the old one, so I was hoping that would do the trick. No luck).

Thanks the9gman. One question I had was if the display is good will it show some sort of default message even in the Eproms are back, like a default "display good" message. Again, don't know the 80B system here at all. It seems like that is not the case and it'll just be blank.

Yup, no daughter board on this Swemmer board, just the Eprom. I'd like to think the boards, since they're newish, are fully functioning. I sent an email with a pic to Swemmer customer service. It's a long shot, but maybe they'll notice something on the board that was monkeyed with that I'm not seeing.

The fact that the game boots up to some sort of maintenance mode and not the game mode with no display board keeps me thinking it's the MPU. ''

I'll check the caps later today just in case. Easy enough.

#11 5 days ago
Quoted from Brnichol:

Definitely wish I had access to another 80B game to swap out displays.

Post in the wisco/MN thread. Someone will let you borrow their display, I'm sure of it. I would but you live six hours away.


#12 5 days ago

nope even if the display is good you will just get no display if there is no data. there are specific voltages that go to that card and they should be checked I think -45 +12 - 12 and 5vdc don't quote me on the 12 it may be +/- 15

there was a thing on the swemmer boards about a transistor blowing with the 5 volt supply, but you have the replacement supply that is recommended even so I would take a look at it just in case the supply was changed after the board was blown ....
look for this thread on the forum

Swemmer board (sys80b) no longer booting?

#13 4 days ago

Very nice with almost all the cards changed, neophyte question, it's worth it, it's my first pinball machine, in Italy you can't find these cards, to restore my spring break comprnado the cards in USA it takes about 1000 dollars, I have a similar problem, in the end you solved it?

Can I ask you where did you get the emproms, would I like them too?

#14 4 days ago
Quoted from hotto:

Very nice with almost all the cards changed

you can get the eproms off of ebay

ebay.com link » Amd Am2764 3dc Am2764 Ic 28pin Dip Eprom Int Circuit Lot Of 4 Pieces Tested

got the programmer here

ebay.com link » Gq Prg 109 Gq 4x V4 Gq 4x4 Universal Eprom Programmer Eprom Uv Eraser

send me a pm will send you an interesting link on your side of the pond

#15 2 days ago

So, I decided to shoot an email to Swemmer...Fred got back to me and said that based on the pics..the backup cap needs to be removed, the Qa transistor, and 2 other small mods.

He said he can fix them and check the EPROMS for a small fee, so I'm thinking this may just be worth sending in to the pro! Fingers crossed.

#16 2 days ago

sounds like a good plan

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