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Post #370 Offer to assist Spooky solve order issues from someone with skill. Posted by TechnicalSteam (4 months ago)

Post #743 Spooky podcast interview July 12, 2021 Posted by ZMeny (4 months ago)

Post #1315 Math on build dates. Posted by Morinack (4 months ago)

Post #1527 Link to Franchi podcast Posted by manadams (3 months ago)

Post #1868 Still a few CEs available with distributors. Posted by KingPinGames (3 months ago)

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#617 4 months ago
Quoted from Mando:

I wonder if the DMD is video based or more cartoon based?

I have got a feeling it might be clips from the original show started bac in 1966, so video based.

#640 4 months ago
Quoted from Vino:

Really hope some of those death blow clips make the game. Classic!

Yep. Hope so especially if your win a battle. Would be awesome. Can’t wait to see some game play and review.

#680 4 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Agreed. I bought his ACNC mods and they are beautiful.

Yep can’t wait for some mods. I was hopi f for someone to do a Godzilla mounted to the rear rail with the atomic blast hitting the rear building, that lights up at certain points or switches. Position so the plane/jet is facing it. Then this could also light up and or fire a laser at Godzilla.
Also a perspective ultraman on the shooter lane.
Amd maybe something with the car on the upper playfield.
These are available now but I would prefer something more interactive and lit up.

2ABC9BB3-1DC6-4781-9AB7-D5F8A5FDE06D (resized).jpeg2E05DC35-F848-477E-95AF-ABFAD9DCCCDC (resized).jpeg3699E801-4DEA-494C-B70D-0EF33B5EAA76 (resized).jpeg90F078B0-A6B2-4D35-B45F-E0AD6478D1E2 (resized).jpegBB832EC0-B5EF-4914-8C71-CA3086ABEB8D (resized).jpeg
#844 4 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Trailers on Elivra are from public domain films. Unfortunately stuff from Ultraman is not so there would be copyright issues.<

Ultraman 55th anniversary month in Tokyo right now going on, with stores promoting Ultraman everywhere!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Would of been so good for Spooky if they could have got a couple of pinballs out there for this in time as well.

#904 4 months ago
Quoted from Morinack:

This is something i never thought I would be sharing on Pinside.
I was lucky enough to spend the summer of 81 in Tokyo.
During a side trip to Kyoto I got to go to Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
Thought I would share some of the pics i took of their miniature scenes. (and of course a kaiju)
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That’s awesome.

#906 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

Wow Ultraman CE #37. So pumped. Thanks Spooky from the land down under!

Nice. Here’s hoping all Aussie CE orders are low and shipped out together nice and early.

1 week later
#1185 4 months ago

UKRCE #89 nice and early. But will still be a 6 week shipping wait for it to get to OZ. And probably wait for others to be built to send together.

#1295 4 months ago
Quoted from Good-Times:

Possible others will come forward rather than the other way around which could be good!

Hopefully. Either way all good. I am sure Spooky will sort it out to be fair and keep shipping cost low for us.

Quoted from lifefloat:

Seeing that artwork makes me consider if butter is the way to go.......looks fn sick..........nice pics Gambeno

Quoted from lifefloat:

Seeing that artwork makes me consider if butter is the way to go.......looks fn sick..........nice pics Gambeno

I know. Thinking about it myself. Would be so awesome as a butter. Hopefully someone post up a pic of one before I have to choose.

#1402 4 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

There is a metal flap over the entry point so an incoming ball will just roll over the top after the lift goes back under. I was a bit worried about this myself but after imagining it for awhile I think it will work really well.

Yes, should be a nice controlled return to flippers allowing to set up next shot.

1 week later
#1657 3 months ago
Quoted from TheHive:

Sup y’all. I’d love an ultraman CE. I know I’m really late to the game. I’ve reached out to a couple distributors and Facebook but no cigar. Would it be unwise to pay a fellow Pinsider $3k to take his #156 pre order spot? Making the total 10k when all is said and done.

If none are available through distributors then probably yes. As no more than the specified number of 500 will be made. Especially if you really want one. They will go
Up in price if anything. Providing gameplay is good and it is looking like it will be not only different but great play.

#1702 3 months ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

The 2nd pf seems super hard to get control on the way the ball flys in. Not a bad thing really, just an observation.
The 3rd pf didn't seem used much at all. I swear they were hitting the shot to go up there but maybe it has to be in the right mode.

Same. Didn’t see much action happening on the 2nd playfield. Just letting the ball drop into mode. Maybe this was because of code or was pretty fast going in there.
Pretty sure they
We’re having to hit 5x right ramp shots before being able to enter 3rd playfield headquarters area.
Game, lighting and footage
Looks amazing. Integration seem spot on and fantastic.
Can’t wait to play it and for full coding to be completed with what they were talking about.

#1764 3 months ago

Up to this point the whole Spooky team have done an amazing job and I am sure all aspects will get a lot better and tweaked over time.

The Light shows look awesome and gameplay and playfield look great.

After rewatching the stream and just concentrating on the display, there is definitely some more tweaking work to be done there.

Just my observations and some things that maybe could be entertained by the Spooky team.
Not griping as I know Spooky have more coding to do.

-sound from slings, I love the sound, but seems overpowering everything else in multiball (I know the sound coming through wasn’t ideal so maybe not noticeable with in person play)

- I love the display style from the show(some tweaks no doubt still to be done)
-Font style (not bad but could possibly be better or more Ultraman-ie)
-text positioning at times and when paying homage.

-there were some Kaiju battles and instructions to start modes that constantly had text across the screen telling you what you had to do, maybe this doesn’t need to stay on the screen all the time, once you have had time to read it, then the playfield has flashing light clues. This was covering up some cool video clips.(also see dial section of screen)

-Maybe where the dial is on the LHS this could be opened up as a screen(when required) for instructions, to keep them seperate from the main video plays and combos and jackpot score flashes etc.

-not sure if any instructions are in the callouts(as in TSPP ‘shoot the garage’) as could not really here call outs in the setup that was streamed.

-Maybe the ‘super jackpot values’ that stay on the screen during multiball could be done like the ‘next combo value’ replace the balls left (see later in post)or interchangeable here. (Please also see dial area of screen)

-text also stayed up on the screen too long and overlapped with new text at times. Looks a bit messy.

-red text on red background of map difficult to read. The white text looked great.
-I like the animations coming in from the side. These are pretty awesome.
-the video clips from the TV series are fantastic.

-I haven’t seen any games in person but the scores were difficult to see/read.
-hopefully someone can tell me. Not sure what the red light under the dial on the left side of screen indicated.

-not sure why there are 3 seperate boxes for ‘balls left’. Pretty sure we are not going to have up to 999 balls remaining. Maybe there are other plans for this section?
Maybe this area could be used for something else. This could be your super jackpot score area( same as next combo score) And then the ‘balls left’ could go under the dial on the left side, as only one box is really required. Possibly. This will line up boarders etc around these section more even aesthetics.

As said not griping just observations and I am one that is super happy with my purchase of Ultraman and can’t wait to play in person.
Awesome work done so far from the Spooky Team. Keeping the pinball passion alive and well.

1 month later
#2023 72 days ago

How many Ultraman are getting done a week. 6-10??

1 month later
#2361 32 days ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

I'm right behind you. I'm sure someone would trade for your spot . Not sure if Spooky would do that but hey idea.

Just contact Spooky and they can delay your order going in to production line.

4 weeks later
#2701 4 days ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Rough draft of what I am talking about. I think something along these lines would be a lot better. Maybe make the top corners look more like control panel pieces but you get the drift.[quoted image]

I like the look of this set up. Has a lot of potential.

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