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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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Post #1998 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by Pinbaltz (1 year ago)

Post #2755 ruleset Posted by Medisinyl (1 year ago)

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#673 2 years ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

Even though AC has cleaned up his act I wouldn't say he was family friendly. He's a stand up guy and a great musician, but come on Scooby Doo! Zoinks!!

It just may be Scooby Doo . . . there is a pic on Spooky's Facebook page where they're unloading the truck and there is a machine with Scooby on it partially covered by a tarp.

#675 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

It just may be Scooby Doo . . . there is a pic on Spooky's Facebook page where they're unloading the truck and there is a machine with Scooby on it partially covered by a tarp.

Nevermind . . . it's just a towel on closer inspection.

#691 2 years ago

Confirmed trolling?

#793 2 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

TPF has been nuts... what a great show!
Not gonna have time today to answer questions, so just let me say we are NOT making this a typical "rock game". Alice is a visual theatrical performer, and a great character you can take anywhere (much like Elvira). As the title suggests, this isn't going to be a "collect a guitar, go on tour" kinda vibe.
Everything across the board is being improved and being made more reliable... more than I can begin to talk about here.
We'll never make everyone happy.... we get better with each game and I think you'll see that big time with Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle. We appreciate everyone who helps support this family run looney bin.
Keep your money in your pocket. We'll show the game before we take a dime. A charity function tie in with Alice today kind of drove us to make the announcement last night, so now you know it's coming.
Tons of work to do... 1 more day of TPF!

Thanks Charlie for taking the time to give us some more info. Another modest example of why many are becoming fans and supporters of Spooky Pinball LLC.

10 months later
#1210 1 year ago

Can't wait to play ACNC too . . . the pancake feature (presumably in the kitchen of the castle) looks awesome. What will Spooky think of next?

1 month later
#1822 1 year ago

Anyone know who might be making the topper for ACNC?

1 week later
#2203 1 year ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Went with decal blades on mine as well (and plastic protectors--I may add the shaker myself once I see what it does--I didn't bother on RZ). I recently installed mirrors on my RZ, and I think they look great there, but something didn't look right about them on Alice to me. I think the mirrors are a bit too open/bright for the theme, where the decals give the sense of isolation. Highly subjective I'm sure.
As for the armor, the blue didn't look better than the silver to me, so silver it was, but I believe something like the RZ LE or another "vein" color may have looked nicer. However, as I have a standard RZ, the armor will match my other Spooky game (may or may not be a plus).

Dave, glad to see you’re getting ACNC too . . . now get going on the mods!

1 week later
#2342 1 year ago

Any news on the “authorized” topper?

#2344 1 year ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

Quick question to all former spooky purchasers. Were you notified first before open ordering began for Alice Cooper nc? I thought prior owners got first shot like rob zombie ordering. Wasn’t sure if this process had changed.

As a prior purchaser, I did get prior notice before ACNC officially went on sale . . . but I believe everyone on the interest list got that notice. I understand the prioritization for prior Spooky customers comes when KT sorts out the orders.

#2355 1 year ago

So I just purchased this . . . have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but for some reason I thought I needed it.

alice-cooper-guillotined-head-web-600x600 (resized).jpg

#2358 1 year ago

ACNC pinball machines or severed Alice Cooper guillotine heads?

1 week later
#2437 1 year ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I went with the silver trim. Any thoughts from anyone who has seen the blue and silver?

I went with the silver vein finish trim. It is the same trim as on my standard version on RZ, which I think looks really good. From the photos, the blue looks good too, but to me the silver fits better with the castle theme (also similar to the wireforms) and at no additional cost.

#2441 1 year ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

This is my perspective as well without seeing the blue, but knowing the silver from RZ. The vein style powder-coats in general look much higher end IMO than at least any solid color powdercoat (due to the texture and multi-tone factors).
As for matching the coin door with the blue, if I were to consider going that far, I believe my preferred route would be an entirely custom color option. Perhaps RZ LE armor (copper vein?) would look nice on ACNC as well.

. . . and the silver vein texture hides finger prints (my biggest regret on the ink black powder coat I had done on my Scared Stiff).

#2453 1 year ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

I have a few close ups with glass on

Thanks! So many cool details . . . this looks to be a really fun pin.

#2514 1 year ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Alice certainly knows how to perform. Very puzzling as to why the callouts are so bland.

Much different than what he did for the initial promo that was on Spooky’s website.

1 week later
#2666 1 year ago
Quoted from Jodester:

Anybody get a build number yet? Kayte told me they were waiting for overseas orders last week before sending out the numbers.

Just received my notice . . . game #314.

#2672 1 year ago
Quoted from Alamo_Pin:

Thanks for sharing this. Did they give you an expected time frame for when 314 would be ready? Based on 500 finished 18 months after production begins, I'm guessing you are a year away from receiving your game?

Nothing more than "game #314" in the email. I ordered on day one by the way and am a prior Spooky purchaser (RZ).

#2674 1 year ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Still no notice for me. Must be a lot of prior Spooky customers in on it if you're that far down the line (not a surprise with how many AMH buyers got in on RZ). And if you were a day 1 order as a prior spooky customer, does #314 suggest they got close to sell-out interest on day 1? (assuming you're not the furthest prior spooky customer down the list and that non-spooky customers go further down the line). It wasn't entirely clear to me how our place in line was being determined.

Not sure if the time the order was placed made any difference in assigning game numbers for prior Spooky customers, but given that I sent my email to Kayte seconds after orders were being accepted suggests that Spooky had a really good day of sales on Day 1.

#2680 1 year ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

I ordered right at 8am and got 338, when did you order? I’m surprised to be so low on the list

At that same time. Again, I'm not sure if the time ordered made any difference in assignment of game numbers for prior Spooky customers. I'm just glad I will have one of the 500.

#2711 1 year ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Congrats, but it's odd that much earlier numbers are going out to some that ordered weeks after initial sales, and those that ordered within seconds are in the 300s. Still don't have my number yet, but a high one will just mean I get an IMDN sooner rather than later

I hope you get a lower number than me so the mods will be ready by the time I get mine. Get on that IMDN too . . . I think you can come up with something better than the cyborg Eddie figure.

1 week later
#2757 1 year ago

Medisinyl, did you get your game number yet?

1 week later
#2915 1 year ago

Just saw that PinSide now lists Spooky as the manufacturer of Alien . . . if only that could be true.

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