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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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Post #1 Announcement from Spooky via Pinside User Posted by ZenTron (3 years ago)

Post #81 Ben Heck confirming theme is not The Munsters Posted by benheck (3 years ago)

Post #789 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by SpookyCharlie (2 years ago)

Post #1998 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by Pinbaltz (1 year ago)

Post #2755 ruleset Posted by Medisinyl (1 year ago)

Post #3365 Jack Danger stream date confirmed. Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

Post #3970 Factory photos Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

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#1372 1 year ago

Second the request for a live stream! Anyone gonna stream the reveal on twitch?

2 weeks later
#2200 1 year ago

Damn you guys talking about that butter cab. Would love it but its my TPF travel fund for next year. Congrats though. Preordered yesterday also. Went for decals, silver, shaker/knocker. No butter for me.

I am glad to see so many others going decal blades. I think they really compliment the art, but that video Charlie shot with mirrors looked fantastic. Both options seem great.

#2272 1 year ago

I am more interested in how Fawzma (did i spell that right) develops the code. But the more the merrier. It is neat to have some one with the videogame background.

#2310 1 year ago

I am also excited for this! Bring the numbers. (Politely of course)

1 week later
#2422 1 year ago
Quoted from Alamo_Pin:

Thanks for the pics. I was hoping to see a lot more discussion here this weekend. Hopefully in due time...

Yes! Thanks! Also supporting Spooky on this
...many Mondays ago lol. I HATE spoilers, so i will NOT watch streams until after i have quite a few games on ours but it sure will be nice to whats what on production numbers.

#2555 1 year ago

Wow, feel better now dude? Douche. Eject is fine

#2565 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Re: lit speaker grille ... will it be interactive, like the new option on TNA?

That would be nice. Nice touch on other games. As far as cutout designs, hoping some to further strengthen the castle theme...towers, windows, monsters??

4 weeks later
#2943 1 year ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

I am in at 113

That is my ACNC number. You talking about a flight time or is one of us in the upside down??

#2965 1 year ago

If you can’t beat em..

F7D8876E-A8FF-485B-9D79-99B6E348EB82 (resized).jpeg

#2972 1 year ago

Looks really nice. Thanks for the pic!

1 month later
#3281 1 year ago

Oh Geeze,
Show some respect for Charlie and those of us appreciative of hearing from his team on here. Plenty of games have more posts than standups,

#3304 1 year ago

Very excited for it!.

If anyone hears an updated factory mod list, or game production timeframe by #’s please share.

2 weeks later
#3483 1 year ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Want to swap for spot 113?

Nobody trade for 113 please...That is my game haha. I think he has 115. Joe and Kaytee already firmed it up and this is an honest mistake.

#3485 1 year ago

That blue looks great! Really good! Wow.

1 month later
#3891 1 year ago

I send one and only one email to Kaytee earlier today to get an estimated month on game 113. Will share what i hear.

4 months later
#4812 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Sweet! Cant wait for my ACNC

Don’t sell yourself short. You CAN wait! Lol

2 weeks later
#4886 1 year ago
Quoted from Jodester:

Thanks Magicchiz !!
TNA production should stop soon so that our games can roll out.

True. Actually it was supposed to have happened already. Honestly i think we should refrain from the pics and things again Magicchiz, but this is only my opinion. Do what ya want! Fingers crossed. Reason being when the community has an update, we will have this bumped anyway. Or am i simply an asshole?

1 month later
#5056 11 months ago

I say do it right. They are expending labor with the added engineering, code, tweaking with the TNA delay. If we continue to bitch, it would be easy for them to box them up and kick em down the road...

BTW what is the latest on speaker panel lighting upgrades? Saw some on the production floor pics with different options but my distro has not been presented any options when i asked recently. Cheers

2 weeks later
#5115 10 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Is it weird that we still haven’t seen any unboxing videos yet?? ACNC has become the most secretive pin post release I have seen since getting into this hobby.

Maybe we are just the cool kids... Enjoying ourselves and each day until the thing shows. Dont think i need the hype or “excitement” of others to make me have a good time with this thing.

#5148 10 months ago

From the production image earlier...ACNCs still headed out the door with Lemi cut outs in them? They are a nice touch.

#5151 10 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

From the production image earlier...ACNCs still headed out the door with Lemi cut outs in them? They are a nice touch.

May have answered my own question. These appear to be just temporary parts during assembly...

AB451345-FFA4-4437-83D7-197DE19CC340 (resized).png
#5157 10 months ago
Quoted from mjalexan:

What's a Lemi cut out?

Referring to the ghost cutout in the back box hinges...nice touch and looks sharp.

5C9E5897-B0F9-4C0C-8413-7CFCBBBE6507 (resized).png
#5189 10 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

@bemmett, curious is all. We are getting close as well (#48), but it is will the options including butter so that has caused delays as well.
You're right on with the hardware colour, I thought that they only had scary blue but some of the photos seem to also have a purple.

This hardware color confusion was my fault, i took a pic of temporary line hinges...disregard any “real” purple

Quoted from HOOKED:

We are restocking the ghost hinge panels to light up these hinges. These are the same hinges as TNA.
We expect the panels early April. Hoomedonpinball.com

Took a look. Seems neat. Maybe offer a combo with the rail power supply as It is a req.?

#5191 10 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

TNA exploded and they had to make over 500 of those games. Technically they are on month 10 (June 2018-March 2019) of an 18 month project to build ACNC. I can see if you were maybe number 275 then month 10 would be your timeframe if everything came out equally each month.
I feel for spooky. It’s hard being boutique sized and trying to get quality games out quickly while also keeping the business sustainable. The happy thing now is that the shop is all ACNC everyday. Yours is coming!

ACNC was not done yet!!! They went the PROC, changed lighting, brought on a new coder, sourced new ramp manufacturing, and other stuff. The first out to the museums and bars have been tested before ours are built...The most field and play tested game they have EVER made.

As far as i tell it has not been “sittin”

#5192 10 months ago

BTW Lance i’m with you. Not yelling at you lol

#5194 10 months ago

No sweat. I was not aware of all those changes. I do feel for those that put a grand down and are waiting a year later. But at least we’ll be getting spookys best attempt at the game?</blockquote

Sounds like it!

3 weeks later
#5433 9 months ago

Put about 6 hours game play on mine this weekend. Its a riot. The modes are very creative and pending you trap up or have a goal its GREAT! Don’t put stadiums on it until you get it into your house. I am happy with mine the way it is. Its creepy and neat. Crypt multiball is nearly silent and the thing is just so cool.

I haven't updated the code yet to the latest one. Today if i find a drive. How do you clear the trough in the menu or is it only done by hand???

#5443 9 months ago

No complaints here. No issues to report as of now. Its a special one.

#5447 9 months ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

did they really say "it's not fun to shoot" lol they don't know shit. take that review with a grain of salt

They can’t please everybody, but I don’t care for some of Nick’s comments. in his last ones he came across arrogant about not giving a damn about his route games. Then they don’t mention anything negative about WOZ YBR? Don’t lose sleep off of this clip..

#5468 9 months ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:


Agreed, though part of my frustration with it is how disposable entertainment has become. Used to be that we'd get an album and listen to the whole thing over and over, truly absorbing what the artist was going for (often times requiring re-listens to "get it"). Now we have so much available at our fingertips for free, that unless something grabs our attention INSTANTLY, we ignore it and we're off to the next thing. Same with video media. Just disappointing to think this "Hot Take" suggests we currently have so many options in pinball that some think it's not worth giving a machine a fair shake before moving on to the next. In my experience, things that quickly grab attention often fade just as quickly, where something that takes more time to get into is more rewarding in the end.

Record store day is this Saturday haha!!!
Special addition vinyl Alice Cooper on the list!!! Hang it up on the wall next to your baddass game!

#5470 9 months ago

Some nice Re-releases done for Rocktober and a few other events. Sound great.

30342B50-F508-4200-8C55-C1ACEDA607B8 (resized).jpegDEF434FC-0A0D-491E-8191-F1860C63D58A (resized).jpegF60B944E-4F37-47C9-80AE-7DDC3FA48B4A (resized).jpeg
#5494 9 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Has this pin received knocker support yet?
And this pin is awesome!!!

Knocker alive and well. Replay and Match.

#5495 9 months ago

This game sure makes a statement.
Even with the monsters asleep...

82509E94-163E-4B4C-A83A-902B799F4150 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#5522 9 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Lots of new pins on the market creating BUZzzz. Hopefully the ACNC owners are busy playing.

This is true in my case. Glass rattles from the subwoofer, but other than that. Good times!

3 weeks later
#5559 8 months ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Hey anyone have advice on the Magnet Save and how to adjust it? When I first got the game it worked very reliably in tossing the ball back into play but lately I would say it just drops it into the drain 9 out of 10 times(still activates a ball save which is good). Not really sure how that adjustment in the menu works. I never changed any setting either so kind of odd it just stopped working reliably.

Thank you for asking this!

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