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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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#1687 1 year ago

The display graphics, artwork and sculpts for this game are the standouts for me. The shots flow well, which is surprising given how much there is to shoot at. I have fond memories of blasting my stepdad’s “School’s Out” album while shooting pool with friends. I hope I get the chance to own this game some day. I think this going to put a dent in MB remake sales.

#1763 1 year ago

I observed a level of douchbaggery that I’ve never seen in other pinball events. There was a long line for AC, and a little girl of about 8 was waiting patiently with us. Then this guy jumps through the line to stand next to the game, and puts up a 4-player game for her. That seemed odd, but of course we let the little girl play her balls (which were draining pretty fast anyway). Then when she got to player 4 the guy says “I’m gonna play now!”, jumps in and plays a ball. The little girl turned to me and said “He wasn’t in line with us! That’s not right.” I didn’t make a big issue out of it because I didn’t want to ruin the girl’s experience. I just said to her “He was wrong, and karma is gonna get him.”

#1820 1 year ago

Here’s 1 man’s opinion:

AMH was cute and fun, a great first pin. It needed some help in the art and sculpture department, but the layout was great. Let’s call that “mama bear”.

RZ was a HUGE step up in art and really fun to play, but the theme was a little too weird and hardcore for your average bar or family. Daddy bear was was drinking gin and gargling bleach. I love it, but it’s not easy to resell, I have heard.

ACNC is the baby bear, it’s “just right”. Now we’re dealing with classic monsters that everyone understands. Oh, you don’t like Alice Cooper, Mr. Jones? Well then replace the backglass and the songs, and make it as lame as you want. I for one will be amping up the Alice Cooper in this game, but this game’s art does not require you to commit to AC the way that Metallica, AS and Kiss did.

Quoted from taylor34:

I think it would be better to wait, play it, and wait for it to be shipping before jumping in. Even if it sells out, it will be available, everything is available later. Think of it this way, AMH sold 150 and RZ 300 or so, and both are available for at the original price still. All the Stern games and JJP games are this way too, be patient, play it, and make an educated purchase. There are a lot of other games coming out and it could be a while before yours would even be built.

#1823 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Anyone know who might be making the topper for ACNC?

...and cupholders and flipper toppers and side blades and leg wraps?

#1864 1 year ago

This thread needs more Alice Cooper!

Alice-Steve (resized).png

#1895 1 year ago

There are at least 3 orbit shots, as I recall from playing it. The inner orbit is not as fast as the one on Star Wars, but it’s fast enough.

#1896 1 year ago

I think the song choices are really clever. I made a playlist on Amazon Music from this, and tried to imagine playing the modes during these songs. I might change 2 or 3, but I love the rest. I also love the balance between classic rock and power metal - something for everyone.

Quoted from toyotaboy:

Official song list from the latest video:
youtube playlist:

#1899 1 year ago

I’m really enjoying the early Alice Cooper albums again, mostly from the 70’s. He did some really creative stuff on albums like Easy Action. Of course, I wouldn’t even be thinking of AC if it weren’t for Spooky, so thanks!

#1900 1 year ago

It would be cool if the shipping container looked like this. Just replace “Muscle of Love” with “Nightmare Castle”.

A6E8D9B9-0913-4091-A93E-9BDBACC09F29 (resized).jpeg

#1958 1 year ago

Not for me. I plan to butter it myself, how hard can it be? Planning to use the really good stuff from Land ‘o Lakes.

Quoted from ultimategameroom:

is the buttered cabinet worth the $1000 upgrade cost. Most of my machines are lined up side by side. Won't even be able to see it....

#1966 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Is it cleared over decals or screen printed cab with clearcoat?

Screen printed cab with clearcoat. I was kidding above. I think it’s worth the extra $1000, but it probably translates to a $300-500 hit if you sell. I’m all about total cost of ownership. Now I’m second- guessing myself - I may upgrade to the butter cab. $400 is like 1 vet bill for us.

#2051 1 year ago

I think the game is going to be a winner. My last NIB was MET in 2013, and that leap of faith worked out for me. Remember when people were freaking out over that first video for MET, where Lyman was trying to complete the pick shots? Everyone thought he was bricking and said “I’m out!”.

This time I did actually get some gameplay in on ACNC at TPF, and that’s what sold me on it. This is not a stop-and-go game. The inner loop shot feels good. The shots look tight but are all very makeable.

#2095 1 year ago
Quoted from Damonator:

P.S. don't forget the "Bowen" effect...I suspect he'll be tweaking shots and making some great rules.

And the P3ROC effect. I think this change was a bold, smart move. I'd much rather wait a little longer to get something on this platform. I know nothing about pinHeck, but I know the community seems to be rallying around P3ROC and it should be here for a long time.

#2142 1 year ago
Quoted from Jodester:

I like the stock color better.
I went with inside decals and plastic protectors. I can add the shaker and knocker myself.

Same for me. I love the graveyard side decals!

#2165 1 year ago

Invoice # break...

44A33FF2-5C58-45FB-BF83-2A03BEA51057 (resized).png

#2235 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I had to pick one of these up on ebay. I do wish the castle would just be grey like the skull entrance. For me its too green like its completely over grown with moss. If it was just grey it would catch the full rgb gi more dynamically. Just me?

The castle colors work for me, but I am color-challenged according to women.

#2236 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I had to pick one of these up on ebay.

Dude you just cost me 20 bucks.

232DFD15-FD3D-432D-839D-A15AEFD9B8F9 (resized).jpeg

#2256 1 year ago

SDTM has a *great* video of the game from TPF. Apologies if this was posted here already, but I don’t remember seeing it yet.

#2259 1 year ago

Jeff Zornow is a great artist! I looked around and found a few links:


3 weeks later
#2665 1 year ago

For the past 3 years, I've been using Klasse All-in-One to clean my playfield and rubber. It has no abrasives and doesn't leave residue on posts. For ramps and plastics, Plexus is the shit. The ball flies over my ramps the first 50-100 games after using Plexus. Novus 2 is what I use when I get a new unrestored pin that looks dull even after cleaning.

1 week later
#2787 1 year ago

I gotta say, the only thing weirder than distributing numbers is doing it over several many days. I was fine with no number, until all you guys started posting yours.

#2884 1 year ago

How do I get a number? I’m feeling kind of left out here. Do they call, email, or does Alice Cooper leave a raspy voicemail?

#2903 1 year ago

My ACNC will be coming after summer 2019, which is perfect for me. It gives me lots of time to think about butter.

1 month later
#3140 1 year ago

I was at TPF, and got to play ACNC again at SFGE (in my hometown of Atlanta). It just gets prettier every time I see it. But it sure would be nice if there was a headphone jack so we can actually hear what it sounds like. There was one IMDN on the floor at SFGE with headphones, and I really appreciated that.

1 month later
#3586 1 year ago

Great stream guys, I really enjoyed watching the gameplay.

I think rotordave is right, this game is going to be great for more skilled players. I sold a really nice No Fear about 6 years ago, and I regret it now that I’m a better player. I’m hoping that I can open up ACNC after the first 50 plays. I think it’s comparable to NF, DH and other great but “difficult” B/W games.

I’ve played ACNC at three shows now: TPF, SFGE and ReplayFX. The pin was absolutely mobbed at TPF, and on 1-ball play. I got a lot more quality time on it at SFGE and after about 5 games, I was starting to get dialed in to the shots...but the audio was low. Pinburgh was great for hearing the sound, but it played too floaty. Bottom line, it’s really hard to judge a pin at a show. The stream really helped pull it all together for me.

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