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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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#906 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I wonder if newer songs are going to be included like some stuff from Brutal Planet or 'Poison' from Trash. Welcome 2 was actually a great record too.

I'm hoping there will be some from Brutal Planet. That and Killer are perhaps my favorite albums from Alice.
I suppose if I get on the wishlist wagon...:

Bed of Nails
Feed My Frankenstein
Dead Babies
The Black Widow
Cleansed By Fire
Brutal Planet
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Ballad of Dwight Fry
Go To Hell
House of Fire

4 months later
#963 2 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

Not an AC fan either, but wow, that art looks sic! Looking forward to the game’s full reveal.... after I get my TNA of course.

I always seem to be the youngest guy at one of his concerts (32 now), but I don't know how anyone could leave and not be a fan. First saw him as an opener to the Black Sabbath reunion with Dio (Heaven and Hell) and my jaw dropped. I already liked Alice Cooper's music before that, but seeing him live put it over the top and led me toward seeing him live many more times (and reading his book :p). Always left in awe.

I see a lot of people complain about this theme (I know japespin isn't complaining), but I can't think of many music related themes that would top Alice for me. Will go well with this acoustic of mine :p (converted an online image for my vinyl plotter).

Alicegit (resized).jpg

3 months later
#1004 1 year ago
Quoted from Trekie:

I was in Benton, Wisc. yesterday. If you like Haunted Castles and Zombie Monsters? Start saving your nickles and dimes now for ACHC.

Already trying to figure out what game(s) will go to make space/funds. A "Killer," monster of a theme

#1012 1 year ago

With the side by side, it appears different than the skull. Perhaps a castle archway?

#1023 1 year ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

There are many bands I love that would make for terrible pins as there wouldn't be much well known toy theme and such to go for. I'd be highly interested in bands known for horror theatrics. Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, etc.

That post was from over 2 years ago, before Rob Zombie was ever announced. I re-posted after Rob Zombie was announced, but the fact Spooky went back-to-back on my top music artist themed pins is just amazing to me And by the look of the teasers, Alice Cooper may go beyond my expectations

#1025 1 year ago
Quoted from davijc02:

I think they are going all in on this one! For the time being let’s keep your focus on creating more badass RZ mods lol!

Ha! Thanks I do have a customer requested mod in the works for RZ that I expect to release by the end of this month (and I have ideas for others, but may do another game before getting to those).

1 week later
#1044 1 year ago
Quoted from pin2d:

From Spooky's Twitter:

Cabinet art? Looks like a pin in the reflection as well.

#1062 1 year ago

Are prior Spooky customers getting the first shot on these as AMH did with RZ? Looking amazing

1 week later
#1253 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

He looks like a grandmother, why didn't they just make it Nightmare Castle? Still looking forward to seeing this game.

He gets better looking for his role every day And still giving a top notch show.

Quoted from HIPPY:

I saw him doing the Killers show in 1972, yes, we are both old. Still remember the hanging act, great show.

I've seen that one and the guillotine a handful of times now (though I'm usually one of the younger guys at his shows and can only imagine what it would be like to even be alive in '72 :p let alone see Alice back then). Only once (on the Theater of Death tour) have I seen the spike box (he was in a box with holes and spikes were rammed through, cued with some sort of liquid spray to emulate blood).

3 weeks later
#1300 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

From Spooky’s Twitter feed. Alice Cooper reveal. Looks like a red shooter knob or a big red button.

Looks a lot like a blurry BSD in that pic (spacing of the bluish art and the button). And while I'd say I prefer regular shooters, BSD is my favorite pin, so I must not dislike buttons too much.

EDIT: On a side note, I listened to the H2H interview and Charlie seemed to confirm that prior Spooky customers will be getting first shot at Alice (unlike some, I think the 500 will easily sell out).

3 weeks later
#1588 1 year ago
Quoted from riggy469:

Did anyone get the song list during the reveal?
And where is the Frankenstein toy? I think I’m going blind.

Is he what seems to be hiding behind the castle in the back left?

#1606 1 year ago
Quoted from dr_nybble:

Does the guillotine do anything?

Sounds like you can kill Alice in the game and it chops his head (pinball) off to fall in a basket.

#1608 1 year ago
Quoted from marksf123:

When do they start to sell this game and how do you buy it, if wanted?

I believe they'll do it like their other games--prior Spooky customers get first shot at it through e-mails (100% of RZ LEs were gone nearly instantly by AMH customers). Not certain if that's how this one will be, but Charlie did say in a Podcast awhile back that ACNC would be offered the same way initially (of course things can change).

#1611 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Not seeing the home run I had hoped for so far in this game at first impression. I like Alice Cooper and all the call outs but not many big toys or moving guillotine like I had played for the game. Still hope it’s a hit for everyone to enjoy.

The guillotine does move: Can be seen moving around 7:58

. Sounds like it's part of a mode sequence as well for killing Alice.

#1629 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

No Fear doesn't have pops and it's a damn fun game.

Same with Swords of Fury and Judge Dredd. I'm not a fan of many of the Stern pop nests (the spaced out/open field pops on RZ were a big plus for me, and well-used, single pop bumpers like Black Knight/TNA are great as well).

#1650 1 year ago

Almost looks like a magnet between/below the flippers? Or is that an insert, etc.?

accc (resized).jpg

#1882 1 year ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I own RZ, I love RZ, I really HATE the display on RZ, and I don't think they should waste 5 minutes converting to Hi-Def. I wish RZ had come out after the "conversion" to P-Roc, but it is what it is. It's not realistic to spend the time on this high of an effort low-to-no profit project for them. Too much work.
That said, I would love if Bowen chimed in on some rule upgrades. That would be a much lower cost investment, and I *thought* there was at least one more release that was supposed to happen at some point.
I also wish something would be added to the apron mod. Frankly I feel like I wasted $300 on what was supposedly to come, because it seems like it has died on the vine at this point.

Pretty sure they'll have to update RZ code at some point, and hopefully soon, as the game isn't reliable on the last release, and the beta that fixed that issue also sounds like it isn't 100%, but I have yet to try the beta myself.

#2003 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Is that Frankenstein a prototype. I think that figurine used is a little lame looking.

What do you mean? It looks just like...oh... [perhaps I'll mod mine ] Though I expect 90+% of people won't think twice about the figure at the back of the machine that shows up every once in awhile, particularly with all the mood lighting this machine seems to do. Hard to nit-pick the figure when ACNC is such a giant leap up for Spooky, and enough of a leap to blow most Sterns out of the water when it comes to "world under glass" presence.

genie (resized).jpg
genie1 (resized).jpg

#2006 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

I could use some more gameplay. But if I'm being honest. After watching that video of Charlie playing. I'm having strong second thoughts about pulling the trigger. I think the few Alice Cooper's voice overs I heard were extremely monotone. And the shots looked like a lot of dead spots. Uggghb. Indecision.

While monotone speaking isn't necessarily unusual for Alice, I do agree it sounds pretty flat here (spoken intro to Feed My Frankenstein is fairly monotone, but has more character to it...if that makes sense). Would be a pain to do it after the fact if audio can be swapped, but I could see simple effects such as compression, EQ, and reverb helping, along with a light grit added to it (a program like Nectar 2 could certainly make those callouts more interesting). If I recall correctly, the callouts in Rob Zombie got some light processing as Rob himself requested it.

As for the shots, I hear the same about Houdini, but I had no problem when I got a chance to play Houdini myself. I also don't mind the stop and go as some do (provided the screen animation/lighting integrates it all well).

Otherwise, I can't say I wasn't hoping for more obvious Alice Cooper imagery from the game--we get it on the glass and cab, but as you pointed out, even the Frankenstein isn't close to the Frankenstein associated with Alice (not sure if they were allowed to use that likeness for Frankenstein). However, as I'm perfectly willing to mod my games, I know some of that can be enhanced.

#2012 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

The "butter" option price for a print is 10 bucks extra for one side for my home made MC.
So 1000 buck extra no way.

The "butter" option isn't a decal/sticker, which I believe is what you're comparing it to. "Cabinets are hand dipped in rich colored inks (no decals), lovingly rolled in automotive clear coat protection, and buffed to shiny delicious perfection" -- Spooky

$1k is certainly a steep premium for cab-art, but it's awesome that Spooky offers it to those that want that luxury.

#2075 1 year ago

Initially jumped the gun and sent an e-mail at 8 a.m est., then again at 8 a.m central, but part of the same chain, so hopefully it doesn't go missing in the pile of mail I'm sure they're getting. Been waiting to send that e-mail for nearly a year

#2082 1 year ago
Quoted from Jodester:

Sent order at 8 AM sharp and got my wait for deposit details email from Kayte.
My first Spooky game...

I still have yet to receive such an e-mail. Sent my second e-mail at 8:01 central. As noted above, hoping it didn't get washed as it was part of a gmail chain. Would make for Spooky #2 presuming all goes well.

#2090 1 year ago
Quoted from MattElder:

Just got an email from Kayte, who must be monitoring this thread, and she did not receive my 8 o'clock email. So a heads up to anyone else still waiting for a reply....they may not have gotten your email. Hopefully my reply to her went through.

Sent another e-mail and got a response immediately. Seems Kayte attempted to send me an e-mail an hour prior and it disappeared somehow as I never got anything in my spam folder either, but at least now I know I've got a spot

#2202 1 year ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Damn you guys talking about that butter cab. Would love it but its my TPF travel fund for next year. Congrats though. Preordered yesterday also. Went for decals, silver, shaker/knocker. No butter for me.
I am glad to see so many others going decal blades. I think they really compliment the art, but that video Charlie shot with mirrors looked fantastic. Both options seem great.

Went with decal blades on mine as well (and plastic protectors--I may add the shaker myself once I see what it does--I didn't bother on RZ). I recently installed mirrors on my RZ, and I think they look great there, but something didn't look right about them on Alice to me. I think the mirrors are a bit too open/bright for the theme, where the decals give the sense of isolation (castle wall graphics could have also worked well). Highly subjective I'm sure.

As for the armor, the blue didn't look better than the silver to me, so silver it was, but I believe something like the RZ LE or another "vein" color may have looked nicer. However, as I have a standard RZ, the armor will match my other Spooky game (may or may not be a plus).

#2204 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Dave, glad to see you’re getting ACNC too . . . now get going on the mods!

Ha!, seems I now have multiple customers and lurkers already anticipating the Alice mods. Hopefully I manage to get an early slot to start brainstorming with (invoice 1954--not sure that means much, though I did e-mail soon after orders opened).

Otherwise, it's Greg...but Dave...eh, close enough

#2296 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Sounds good, so maybe a pay a by this date would work. I thought payment was due last Monday..

My invoice shows that it's due 4/25/2018, so I expect it's the same/similar for others that got in day 1. I paid as soon as I saw it come in though.

1 week later
#2409 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

80% of the media in the thread has nothing to do with the game, and are just empty / spam photos of AC. Please stop.

While I can see why someone lukewarm on Alice's character, show, and music could see it that way, it's hard to say that photos of Alice aren't related to that character's game. Perhaps better than "bump" text to keep the anticipation alive (and certainly better than arguing about dimples, etc.). Though I suppose I could be in the minority of pin collectors that are equally sold on the source material as they are on the game. Admittedly the Coop/Elvira/Zombie pic was fairly epic and relatable to pinball

#2410 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Here is another from MGC..

Thank you. That may be the best comparison shot yet of the armor and butter cab. Butter cab makes the standard cab look dull (still can't justify the cost difference for me, but a nice option for someone that has more disposable funds). Though I'm more confidant in the silver vein choice on this one from this photo.

#2431 1 year ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Castle is cool, but there's so much of the playfield covered up it's like you're just shooting into holes not sure where the ball is going to come back out.

Sounds like they nailed the feel of traveling through a mysterious castle. I feel like a lot is lost on Stern games where you always know the location of the ball. Lots of older games with subways that gave the sense that a pinball machine could do magic as the ball disappeared and showed up somewhere you didn t expect

#2439 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

I went with the silver vein finish trim. It is the same trim as on my standard version on RZ, which I think looks really good. From the photos, the blue looks good too, but to me the silver fits better with the castle theme (also similar to the wireforms) and at no additional cost.

This is my perspective as well without seeing the blue, but knowing the silver from RZ. The vein style powder-coats in general look much higher end IMO than at least any solid color powdercoat (due to the texture and multi-tone factors).

As for matching the coin door with the blue, if I were to consider going that far, I believe my preferred route would be an entirely custom color option. Perhaps RZ LE armor (copper vein?) would look nice on ACNC as well.

#2491 1 year ago
Quoted from Indypin:

I love the display effect of the AC comic looking like the old classic EC Horror comics from back in the 50s. Nice touch and great graphics. Would love to play this baby!

I used to collect those in the late 90's/early 2000s and agree 100%.

ACNC may be my favorite use of the LCD I've seen yet (while many others seem to meander with animation that seldom syncs with the ball action). I've been wanting an LCD game for awhile, but they keep falling flat for me (with perhaps the exception of Dialed In). While I'm still interested in an Iron Maiden at some point, the LCD graphics and interaction are disappointing thus far (though things like the combos adding necks to Eddie's guitar are the right direction toward making the LCD feel linked to the game as nearly any DMD does).

Quoted from fantarama:

they should have waited for senior Cooper to come out of the coma to record the callouts...
I'm loving the music thought.

I can agree with that. I expected a bit more signature snarl from the callouts, but for an Alice Cooper fan, anything from the man himself is appreciated (compared to an unrelated voice actor such as TWD, etc.).

Quoted from FawzmaGames:

There are tons of graphics left to be added.. maybe 40% are in.
SFX/Voices/etc.. still need filters/processing. They are raw at this point.

This is what I questioned the first time we got a snippet. Seemed like they weren't processed yet. While it's obvious from the raw audio that there doesn't seem to be as much heart into the callouts as anticipated, I am looking forward to hearing the polished versions

#2500 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Yet another video of brick shots.
It's unfortunate because the art is incredible. The look of the pf is also incredible.
The call outs are terrible. I could do better myself. I'm not sure AC was a fit.
And the shots. Brick after brick. Targets instead of so many posts would have helped. But can't help but still think the shot layout is missing something vital. Pop pumpers. Or better yet maybe a bash toy. Like TWD. Or a barn door. Or even better. Castle door draw bridge shot. Like MM. It's just missing something very vital to make it fun.

I agree with some of this, though I have yet to play the game, so I can't comment on gameplay, but it looks like a fun game as is (glad to know it will be at SFGE). Many games work just fine without post targets. If the center target bank lowered (like Dominos/AMH) for "sewer" access (better yet, "go to hell"), that would have put it over the top for sure, but I'm liking the game more every time I see new pics/videos, and am personally glad there are no pops with this layout.

#2508 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

5) Light show.
Looks fairly non-existent at the moment, though I think it's full RGB, as with TNA. Maybe Scott can lend a hand on that front? Light show on TNA is great.

6:27-6:37 may give a fair idea of what to expect (similar to TNA effects with full playfield lightshow).

#2510 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

I have to agree with you on this. Better to hire a good voice actor I say, unless they redo it right with Alice.
Targets instead of so many posts would have helped.

Alice certainly knows how to perform. Very puzzling as to why the callouts are so bland.

#2627 1 year ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

» YouTube video

Neat, I didn't know that behind the scenes look at it was available, but I did get to see it in person that year

As for the callouts, if they start out bland and ramp up with achievements in the game as suggested (perhaps similar to BSD), then what we've heard so far could actually work well to build excitement. Otherwise, I'm loving everything I see on this game and fail to understand the post target criticism--the majority of my games don't have targets at every post (or any).

#2667 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Just received my notice . . . game #314.

Still no notice for me. Must be a lot of prior Spooky customers in on it if you're that far down the line (not a surprise with how many AMH buyers got in on RZ). And if you were a day 1 order as a prior spooky customer, does #314 suggest they got close to sell-out interest on day 1? (assuming you're not the furthest prior spooky customer down the list and that non-spooky customers go further down the line). It wasn't entirely clear to me how our place in line was being determined.

#2691 1 year ago

Wondering if non-prior Spooky customers could get in front of prior Spooky customers if they ordered through a distributor. Starting to assume I'll be in the 300s as some others that ordered in the same way/time I did. So it may be awhile before there are any mods (have already had some specific requests).

#2703 1 year ago
Quoted from megalo17:

#152 and TNA coming next week! Life is good!

Congrats, but it's odd that much earlier numbers are going out to some that ordered weeks after initial sales, and those that ordered within seconds are in the 300s. Still don't have my number yet, but a high one will just mean I get an IMDN sooner rather than later

1 week later
#2755 1 year ago

[[From FB]]:

Since Pinfestival May 4th & 5th 2018 is getting an Alice cooper, here's a not so quick guide.

Keep in mind, this game had to be rewritten from scratch starting in February. For 4 months of code there is a ton of stuff.

Launch the ball and attempt to shoot the 3 center targets for a normal skillshot, or shoot up the ramps for a super. Key note, on the left side just tripping the opto isn't enough, You have to get the ball locked to get the super. Right side, you just trigger the opto.

After skillshot you need to travel rooms to make your way to the monster.

You can select the monster you want to battle by shooting the center 3 target. This will cycle through the available monsters.

As soon as you shoot one of the outside orbits you lock in your monster and get into the first room. See the image attached for the room diagram.

In each room there are items you can collect that will help with your monster battle later on. Item collection logic is in, but graphics/sfx/effects are still being worked on. I need to set it up so items are represented as specific color on the arrows, and there will also be info boxes on the screen eventually.

If a player doesn't reach a monster at some point in their game; launching the 3rd ball will put you in the monster room that was currently selected.

Shoot the middle scoop (left of 3 center targets) to build mystery. When the award is ready the left scoop arrow will do a color cycle animation to indicate its ready to collect. Right now there is only 1 award for 10k. We have several awards that will make there way in. Just not in time for this show.

Drop the lower drop targets to get to the right scoop, shoot scoop x+1 times to start mode. This will be available at any time as to help with monster fights. When mode starts you will need to shoot the scoops to collect ghosts to put back in the crypt. This mode is not complete.

Shoot left left via left ramp into physical lock. Then get to upper playfield and knock down the drop target n+1 times to start Frank MB. This mode will block the start of any other monster, and can be started as many times as you are able to.

This activate an EOB multiplier . Typically this would be an automatic increase, but for Alice, this will activate the increase multiplier target just above the right outlanes.

For now there are only 3. Shoot left outside orbit/ inside left orbit to activate. then shoot those same ones and/or left ramp to collect. Combo mode is still being worked on.

Shoot the spinner, not much to say about that other than its activated after about 40 spines then there it ended after no activity over a certain about of time.

Same deal as spinners.. but you have to hit the slings about 5 times within x amount of seconds for it to activate.

Ball save is activated when you complete the 4 lanes. Except this time, the outside lanes are lit up purple'ish for about 45 seconds. Draining on the outside lane activates the drain magnet and will fling the ball back up the playfield, or at least is should. This mod is being coined Mag-Neat-O save.

This is getting too long. I'll post each monster battle under their own post.

ACNC part 2, monsters

FRANK see first post

Get to upper playfield, drop ball behind first drop target. Another ball ejects. Shoot first lower drop target to release, then keep shooting the drop targets/scoop to collect jackpots. If you drop the ejected ball in from the balcony while ethyl is still locked, you will advance the jackpot amount and do a "lock swap". Mode ends when you drain one of the balls.

Gotta find igor ("lost in America") one of the arrows is Igor. This is round based, first round is 3 arrow, he is behind one of them. When you find him, the arrows expand out to 4.. so on and so forth. This goes on till all arrows are lit up. Once found in the last round, you will go into frenzy mode. Mode ends when timer runs out on frenzy or you drain.

Get to upper playfield. Stake/dismember the vampire by hitting the target against the backboard. Once dismembered a final shot around the outside obit puts you into Frenzy. Mode ends when timer runs out on frenzy or you drain. If mode ends during frenzy, there is one final hurryup collect that becomes available. Collect by hitting the hurryup target.

This hurryup will be implemented on all the other modes and will act the same way when frenzy timer ends. Just not ready for the show.

Get to upper playfield and shoot past guillotine 2 times. The guillotine lowers a bit. Shoot a 3rd time to capture the ball in the guillotine. Theatrics play and Alices head gets chopped off. This mode is not complete and will act like the other when it comes to frenzy.

Complete combos to shoot the werewolf.

Mode not implemented yet. But this will have a roaming shot you need to complete.

When mode starts all target shots flicker. You need to hit all those shots to squash the bugs (graphics are not in yet). Complete all the targets to go into frenzy.

Not implemented yet. But will involve finding the pitcreature in one of the scoops.

Wizard mode, not implemented yet. But becomes available when you complete all other modes. This mode will be what is says and will have billion point shots.

ACNCfb (resized).jpg

#2762 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Medisinyl, did you get your game number yet?

Not yet. Have been hoping for the email, but I figure they're busy, so I haven't asked about it.

Quoted from rubberducks:

Hopefully a low one.
His mods for RZ are pretty transformative.

Thank you

#2766 1 year ago

Awesome, I'm #37 (and yes, I have a few mod ideas I'd like to figure out once it's here )

#2769 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

All you guys with low numbers will have to debug it for me while I wait my eternity!

"How few days go by to make up a century."

#2886 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

How do I get a number? I’m feeling kind of left out here. Do they call, email, or does Alice Cooper leave a raspy voicemail?

For now I think you need to send Kayte an e-mail if you want your number.

2 weeks later
#2973 1 year ago
Quoted from AntennaMan:

For your reading pleasure.

I read this on release and would recommend it

And the playfield looks awesome. Gives a much better idea of how the shots are spaced out on the "Danesi lock" area as well.

1 month later
#3329 1 year ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

Had the pleasure of hanging out with Alice and Dennis at the Rock hall dedication today, the dude is awesome. He should be on Sirius XM talking about the game and the exibit nowish. The rock hall station. Sorry my photos suck, the rock hall took formal photos and I'll post them when I get them.

Oh my...I think I'll be taking inspiration from that giant pinball smashed into the wall for my own arcade decor. Hmm

1 month later
#3995 1 year ago
Quoted from markymark2400:

The point is you can hardly make any ramps out because the ball disappears from what I could see, and that to me is not satifsying and has been echoed by many others. I am generally a very positive person and think Spooky are on the whole great, I am just sad that I am not allowed to talk about my experience of losing faith in how the pin turned out and how I sold my spot and bought an IM.

One of my favorite things in pinball is having the ball disappear for a bit (it allows my imagination to draw me into the game). Whether it be behind awesome sculpts like ACNC, a subway, under another ramp such as Swords of Fury, etc. In SoF, I always love seeing the ball disappear through that right ramp and pop out on the upper playfield.

If the ball disappears and your mind goes blank, well, it's the exact opposite for me, so I can only be left feeling that you're missing out on half the magic of pinball. It's like a Hitchcock scene where a violent moment is suggested, but not 100% shown. It allows your mind to create something far greater than what could be shown. Do I just want to see a ball go up a ramp in plain view, or do I want to see it enter a castle and give me the visual of the ball going on an adventure through what the screen suggests is inside? If a magician does a trick, do you want to see the method as it's being done, or would you prefer the magic of being fooled?

I did end up getting an Iron Maiden while I wait, but I'm undoubtedly most excited for ACNC. Pinside has proven that NO game is universally loved, and not every game has to try to make the most people happy (Stern plays it too safe IMO)--that would make for an awful game selection.

I for one am glad that we're seeing more imagination out of Spooky than just a pop-nest on a bare fan layout.

1 month later
#4322 1 year ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Happy Halloween!
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20181031_160747 (resized).jpg
#4405 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Just curious as to why nobody has posted a video of the game ?
Can anyone answer this?

Perhaps the very few people that have them are enjoying their game and don't want to get bitched at for adding to the pool of crappy cell-phone videos (not everyone has a Jack Danger set-up or the know-how to capture good pinball video [I certainly don't anyway]). No way to capture in-person audio either (which I expect is amazing based on TNA). Heck, some of us hardly have any time to play our games, let alone suffer the demands of some Pinsiders. Undoubtedly, Greenhornet is at the ready to take a dump all over the next cell-phone clip that surfaces.

I look forward to the next Jack Danger stream, or getting my game--whichever comes first. I like everything I've seen thus far (was iffy on the non-Alice Frankenstein until I saw how well he's integrated on the LCD).

#4407 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Thanks for the reply!
I love to see crappy homemade vids it is the real deal. Yes we all love to see the best pinball players with the best pinball equipment in the world Blow a game up.
This just has a strange no video situation going on.
Show some video boys.
Oh ya!! The Jack Danger vid that was pulled was fantastic! meltdown on all levels but fantastic!!!
2 weeks new vid was a long time ago.
Something is not right here.

While I agree with that, Spooky did keep us updated on the ramp issues and such they had to work out before considering a new stream. That with TNA production and the ACNC code/system hiccup, it does seem drawn out (thought I may have my game by Aug./Sept. when I got my number), but the clues have been there as to why there has been a delay. Still, there are very few people that have these in their home for an isolated video (is it less than 10 people?).

1 month later
#4795 11 months ago
Quoted from Silkenone:

Anyone know if there’s a topper in the works anywhere?

Quoted from dnapac:

I’d be interested. Any modders out there have any thoughts? Such a beautiful game would be great with a topper.

I have some ideas that I may get to. Been meaning to weld together an interactive (moving) topper for TWD for a long time too (sold my Stern topper back in Nov. to make progress in that direction). Several things planned for when I get my ACNC

2 months later
#5072 9 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I thought the blue really made the side art pop when I played one at a show. The hammered grey/black also looks good. I don't think you can go wrong.

Quoted from dnaman:

Have you seen it in person? If money wasn't a concern, would you opt for the blue?

Quoted from lancestorm:

I keep going back and forth. The blue looks better to my eyes, but is it $125 better? That’s a tough decision.

I like the silver vein coat, and the fact it matches Rob Zombie makes it an easy decision in my case. I doubt anyone buying NIB pins will think of the extra $125 as a "concern" (butter cab cost being more of a luxury IMO).

#5088 9 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

I think I explained it..all the extras add up. $125 in my mind might be better spent elsewhere. Everyone has a budget but you? I'll already be paying and arm & a leg for the machine. Just my thought process.

I don't disagree. My perception is that the $125 wouldn't seem like a big deal if you *really* want the blue coat. If there's any hesitation at all, then the silver vein looks great and you'll be happier saving the $125 (sometimes our emotions and subconscious can guide us better than the marketing). I think some see the $125 upcharge and think "upgrade," but I personally see the silver vein as the better finish (I get that colors are a very subjective thing). Either is leaps and bounds beyond the average Stern armor.

3 weeks later
#5311 8 months ago

Alice is Home (#37) Also a shot of the RZ armor next to Alice (Alice has the thicker vein). I thought they would be the same, but the coat on Alice looks far more "Killer" in my opinion

EDIT: Does anyone know what the difference is between the 4 magnet save options? (Original/Pattern1-3)

20190329_002202.jpgAlice vs RZ coat.jpgezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif

#5326 8 months ago

I decided to paint the graveyard. Took the before image from the thread gallery, but the original coloring on mine was the same.

acncpaint (resized).jpg

#5335 8 months ago
Quoted from riggy469:

What kind of paints did you use? This looks great

Acrylic with a matte clear Added a slightly better photo for color (various mixed yellow and green shades for the grass). Went with a Black coffin to better differentiate from a mound of dirt and figure it goes with the vampire. Adding the dirt path between seemed fitting to me as well.

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#5459 8 months ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Guys, these were our first impressions based on what we played at TPF, and not a full fledged review, and we labeled it as such. We’ll get a chance to play the game more later in the month in a home environment, and the owner is pretty excited about what it has to offer. I’m looking forward to it.
There’s no doubt about it in my mind though that this is a tough game that is going to take a good amount of practice in a home environment to get good at. I appreciate that it’s got a unique layout and not the tried and true “two ramps, two orbits and a bash target” and I’m hopeful that the code will put it over the top. The game is certainly beautiful, there’s no doubt about that.
Not every game is for everyone and that’s OK!

Yes, we were warned it wasn't a full review, then we get to hear confidently pushed statements riddled with confusion..."way too tight...waaaay too tight..I don't get it...I don't get it...*huh!?! There's a Frankenstein toy in there?!?!*" A lot of it just doesn't come off as an opinion, but more like facts you're trying to convince people of, and to top it off with the *I'm a better than average player* statement comes off as *I'm more skilled than most of you listening, so take my word for it*.

I could gripe about some things on RZ, and was worried about some aspects of ACNC before playing one, but they really knocked this one out of the park IMO, so to hear you guys say that Spooky needs to get a guy that has been designing games for 20 years to tell Charlie how to fix his mistakes comes off as very strange for me, particularly if Nick hasn't played enough games to know the most prominent toy feature exists--that start to the Frank multiball is awesome (being able to hear and FEEL that intro makes a difference compared to a stream as well). In my opinion, removing one of the shots would have diminished the game, not improved it as Nick claims. IMDN gets tons of praise (only other LCD era game I own), and it deserves much of it, but I find ACNC to be superior. It's loaded with satisfying shots and shots that change function (thanks to the diverters, drops, rear magnet, and Alice mode shot), and the use of subways is incredibly welcomed. Those aspects are a big part of why I love BSD so much, and ACNC is the game that feels the most like the B/W era to me since the 90s, so I'd be glad to see another game designed by Charlie in the future--his improvement from RZ to ACNC is remarkably significant (I expect that's some combination of more experience, some success behind him to risk taking it to the next level, and a stronger Spooky team overall [everything is better about ACNC]).

That said, I do appreciate what Podcasters do and your show, but in this case, I have to agree with others that some things seemed a bit arrogant and off-putting. Again, this is largely due to the clear lack of experience with the game, where it's obvious the bold claims are merely assumptions being pushed as fact (closing with statements about it not being worth buying because you bricked shots with only one game on it isn't fair to Spooky--I'm NOT that great of a player and don't have that problem).

#5467 8 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

What is Alice mode? Are you talking about the Alice Cooper "monster" mode where you hit the guillotine?


Quoted from Pinballer67:

This came across as a mini-review, not a hot take. Dudes, that's why we're blowing this up.
A "Hot Take" can be a useful teaser and I understand that these guys want to cover lots of territory -- and I appreciate their volume of work. But there's a responsibility to give a machine proper coverage; potential buyers DO watch things like this and make decisions with their $$$ based on these riffs. Buffalo should have treated their "hot take" as just that. Scratch the surface, promote it, and move on. No judgements until you actually spend some time on the machine. It's laughable that they would even discuss paying $6500+ to purchase a machine based on a handful of plays. Save that kind of question for the review, guys...or your hot take suddenly gains the weight of a full-on review.
I look forward to their more in-depth review.

Agreed, though part of my frustration with it is how disposable entertainment has become. Used to be that we'd get an album and listen to the whole thing over and over, truly absorbing what the artist was going for (often times requiring re-listens to "get it"). Now we have so much available at our fingertips for free, that unless something grabs our attention INSTANTLY, we ignore it and we're off to the next thing. Same with video media. Just disappointing to think this "Hot Take" suggests we currently have so many options in pinball that some think it's not worth giving a machine a fair shake before moving on to the next. In my experience, things that quickly grab attention often fade just as quickly, where something that takes more time to get into is more rewarding in the end.

#5469 8 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Record store day is this Saturday haha!!!
Special addition vinyl Alice Cooper on the list!!! Hang it up on the wall next to your baddass game!

I do have a bunch of vinyl, but unfortunately only have one Alice album in that format (and it's my preferred way to hear some of those tracks [perhaps the vinyl version has a better mix/master?]). I'll at least look up the album they're offering. I'm wary of a lot of modern vinyl that essentially winds up being a rip of the lesser quality CD version without the vinyl medium in mind.

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#5473 8 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

The shots are tight and the layout makes them feel tighter. There are a lot of dead post shots in ACNC.
Even Bowen was bricking back to back shots at TPF and he is a pro.
I found the pin fun to shoot and play at TPF this year.
P.S no way is it better than Iron Madain Premium or LE.
Maybe the pro but no way better pre/LE
Don’t fool yourself.

Not saying there aren't bricked shots in ACNC for me, but my response was in regard to the 80% bricked shots claim, which isn't close to accurate. I don't have any issue with any of the shots (unlike RZ that has a right orbit shot that's a bit frustrating for me and doesn't feel very satisfying even when making it).

And yes, my IMDN is the Pro, so the Premium does add some better variety with the evolving left and middle ramp (plus another mode), but it doesn't carry the same sort of magic for me. I like balls disappearing behind some nice atmosphere/sculpts and popping out somewhere unexpected (at least for those that don't know the rear magnet/subway, etc. exists). I completely realize it's a personal preference. Too many Stern games allow the player to ALWAYS know exactly where the ball is and what it will do. I prefer to be surprised.

#5476 8 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

I find the ramps on Maiden to be no picnic to hit either, I think they're tighter than average. Bowen was bricking quite a bit of shots to those ramps in his Maiden tutorial as well.

I was thinking this too. They don't look like they should be hard to hit (I could hit Met ramps all day), but I often brick the Maiden ramps (more than ANY ACNC shot, and I have way more games on Maiden).

#5492 7 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Well, I won't be listening to any more of your lame podcasts! That's for sure!

They provide good content to the pin community (freely available), so no reason to push them aside over one over-reaching "hot take." They're good for the hobby, and I'm sure they didn't intend to upset anyone. The point has been made, and I expect they'll be more careful in how to approach a "hot take" in the future.

#5514 7 months ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

I've got my email for customization. I'm thinking plastic protectors, lighted speakers, and a shaker. Possibly a knocker too.
I currently think the standard trim color is fine. Trying to decide on mirrors vs art.
Any thoughts or opinions on the mirror blades vs art on this one?

I do generally like mirror blades, but went with decals on ACNC. They isolate the creepy castle with better atmosphere IMO. More importantly, those sculpts are right up against the cabinet and I find it jarring to see the mirrored image of them in this case.

1 week later
#5520 7 months ago
Quoted from brenna98:

Crickets for a week?? What's going on? where are production numbers at?

Discussion seems to have migrated to the Club thread : https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/alice-coopers-nightmare-castle-club-enter-at-own-risk/page/8#post-4957338

1 month later
#5585 6 months ago
Quoted from Code_Blue:

There is so much to love about this game but unfortunately so far it is a LOCATION DUD!
Even the cheap-o Sterns haven't crapped out on me as much during their first week on the floor as Alice Cooper has.
Stuck balls literally every 20-40 minutes. Balls dropping down into the cabinet body! Ball lock diverter coming completely off. No great way to re-position ball-lock diverter properly.
And when the game goes into ball search, it can't tell that the ball is on the ball lock switches if the ball got there erroneously (even though the switches work fine) so when Frankenstein is raised all the way up during the search the balls fall into the cabinet.
I'm really hoping this thing can be salvaged with a bunch of mods because there is so much cool stuff about the table.

I had the issue with balls dropping into the cabinet from Frank when I first got the game, but this was simply a servo position issue that was quickly remedied through the service menu (needed to be lowered enough to load a ball properly, but if you've done that, I'm not sure).

Would be interested to know the points the ball gets stuck (in case I can create a mod to fix a common issue [or aesthetic mod to double as a fix). Thus far I only know of the graveyard issue as posted by Magicchiz.

#5587 6 months ago

Finally have this roughly together now. I was lucky enough to receive #6 of 6 from magicchiz Can't thank him enough for this incredible topper

I had the challenge of my ceilings being slightly too low for the topper to fit, so I had to adjust the height a bit, and my lightning effect may not be as grand with the lower ceiling and odd wall, but it looks AWESOME! Much better in person than I was able to capture (John's clip does a much better job at showing off his work). To my surprise, even with my existing light panels running in the back, I was still able to see the lightning (hard to tell in the video/photo). I intentionally let the lightning creep onto the ceiling a bit (unfortunately gets a bit lost if I start it on the upper black panel).

I'm sure I'll be experimenting with all of the different color options/brightness settings for awhile. Very well thought out lighting locations and color separation options on this.

[[not sure why the video is at 480p, but hopefully it's just Youtube being slow to fully upload]]


#5589 6 months ago
Quoted from xeneize:

medisinyl Dude! That speaker panel is SWEET!

Thank you! Debating a bezel of some sort to surround the screen. Not sure yet if they will be offered as a mod, but if the interest is there, I expect I'd figure out how to make it feasible to produce (I don't have a cnc, but could look into a service for the blank panels or just hand make each one).

Pain and Thrill knobs reference the lyrics from Poison.

Was going for a lab equipment look. I didn't get the lighted speakers, and thus no grills either, so I wanted to add something to at least my game. The factory grills would fit on this as well (I just made some simple rings in CAD for mine).

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