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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

4 years ago

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Post #81 Ben Heck confirming theme is not The Munsters Posted by benheck (4 years ago)

Post #789 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by SpookyCharlie (3 years ago)

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#902 3 years ago

Ok lets start the guessing on what songs are included.
1. Feed My Frankenstein
2. Black Widow
3. Welcome to my nightmare
4. Cold Ethel
5. No More Mr. Nice Guy
6. I Love the Dead
7. Sick Things
8.Go To Hell
9. Dead Babies
10. Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Other possible ones.

Halo Of Flies - I would die if this was on there. It is SOOO good in concert.
Under my wheels
Public animal #9
Bed of Nails
Devils Food
Price Of Darkness
From the Inside


#904 3 years ago

They made the announcment that it would be songs that fit the theme. So I am guessing based on that.

3 months later
#935 3 years ago


Don't like Alice Cooper. Don't buy one! So I can get mine faster.

1 month later
#944 2 years ago

images from the Sept/October issue of the Rue Morgue Magazine.

21587356_10214378441682005_7994672194881789752_o (resized).jpg

21752959_10214378401000988_601871215408588299_o (resized).jpg

#955 2 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Wondered when that would get noticed!
Soooo much goodness coming from this game. People can speculate all they want about an "Alice Cooper" game and what that means, but ... wait until you see & play it!
All I'm saying for now. Have fun people!

Dana, said I should donate some blood to you to get a early game! Hello from Nebraska!

John - Magicchiz

#959 2 years ago


You can buy a digital issue here for $3.06.

Or go get one for $10 at your local bookstore.

It is the Sept - October Issue #178


3 months later
#997 2 years ago
Quoted from johnnyutah:

Interesting peek?

It sure appears that a ball could come out of that skulls mouth.

I can not wait!!!!

#1017 2 years ago

With the word build. I would think it has to do with the Frankenstien monster. So now where is it on the playfield?

#1027 2 years ago
Quoted from johnnyutah:

Another sneak from Facebook:

Its not on spooky's site. Where was that image?

3 weeks later
#1183 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1505182839489 (resized).jpg

#1186 2 years ago

What are you saying about my game!

FB_IMG_1482770149428 (resized).jpg

#1216 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1501234256562 (resized).jpg

#1229 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1501318540150 (resized).jpg

#1250 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1517295143641 (resized).jpg

#1254 2 years ago

a7666f9dff3a779474dc13e0348e1c4d--alice-cooper-group (resized).jpg

#1265 2 years ago

Happy Birthday Bump for Alice Cooper.

Today Feb 4th he turns 70.


b3cc80a6cddea68a1fdd8383f3679636--alice-copper-birthday-cakes (resized).jpg

#1268 2 years ago

Alice bump.

FB_IMG_1517501787473 (resized).jpg

#1269 2 years ago

Cold Ethyl, Shes cool in bed. She oughta be, cause Ethyl's DEAD!

FB_IMG_1517953770206 (resized).jpg

#1270 2 years ago

Bump to keep Alice on top.

FB_IMG_1518017975929 (resized).jpg

#1271 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1518278008270 (resized).jpg

#1276 2 years ago

Heres amother Alice pix to hold you over!


2db338cb90e2f6331a106ae579621a8f (resized).jpg

#1281 2 years ago

AC-Guillotine (resized).jpg

#1286 2 years ago

Buy my game, or else!

FB_IMG_1519052852349 (resized).jpg

#1290 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519072012690 (resized).jpg

#1292 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519173667427 (resized).jpg

#1295 2 years ago

Cool drawbridge at the start of the video. How cool would it be for a ramp like that?


#1296 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519317819140 (resized).jpg

#1301 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Looks a lot like a blurry BSD in that pic (spacing of the bluish art and the button). And while I'd say I prefer regular shooters, BSD is my favorite pin, so I must not dislike buttons too much.
EDIT: On a side note, I listened to the H2H interview and Charlie seemed to confirm that prior Spooky customers will be getting first shot at Alice (unlike some, I think the 500 will easily sell out).

If you blow it up. It kind of looks like a silver ball shooter on the end. Nit sure its a button.

Here is another cooper pic for a saturday bump.

FB_IMG_1519392022504 (resized).jpg

#1302 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519238796841 (resized).jpg

#1303 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519545138374 (resized).jpg

#1307 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519545311518 (resized).jpg

#1310 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519545613205 (resized).jpg

#1313 2 years ago


tumblr_lwveuh86Ew1qcr6iqo1_1280 (resized).jpg

#1318 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519545459110 (resized).jpg

#1319 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519545400884 (resized).jpg

#1323 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1519544990950 (resized).jpg

#1334 2 years ago

1069887_10151518051052006_458639638_n (resized).jpg

#1337 2 years ago

zom-coopFIXcopy (resized).jpg

#1338 2 years ago

Maybe a cool topper!

imagesY7A7EU2L (resized).jpg

#1341 2 years ago

imagesUOF4MDNL (resized).jpg

#1344 2 years ago

Zornow just posted this on his Facebook.

28958311_10215300495256456_3404669435087159296_o (resized).jpg

#1345 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1520813295480 (resized).jpg

#1350 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1520867356651 (resized).jpg

#1351 2 years ago

Take my money for this pin. Don't even need to see it!

FB_IMG_1519545420882 (resized).jpg

#1376 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1520955424974 (resized).jpg

#1380 2 years ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

I think this thread needs more photos of Alice Cooper posing...

No problem I can get that done for you!

Keeping the thread at the top!

#1381 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1521016944191 (resized).jpg

#1392 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1520682833775 (resized).jpg

#1842 2 years ago

Cold Ethel, she's cool in bed. She ought to be cause Ethel's DEAD!

FB_IMG_1521574793696 (resized).jpg

#1873 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1521657952253 (resized).jpg

#1910 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1521760116132 (resized).jpg

#1912 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Official song list from the latest video:
youtube playlist:

It is interesting that their is no Black Widow monster, or song. With one in the center of the black box in Alice's hand.

#1914 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1521797336154 (resized).jpg

#1938 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1521902420646 (resized).jpg

#2005 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1521797685523 (resized).jpg

#2007 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1522033455263 (resized).jpg

#2018 2 years ago

Today is the day! Celebrate!

maxresdefault (resized).jpg

#2037 2 years ago

Order in

#2125 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1522105485030 (resized).jpg

#2135 2 years ago

How many people went with the blue trim?

How many did the butter cab,?


#2223 2 years ago

SCT_COOPER_SNAKE_DN03 (resized).jpg

#2239 2 years ago

Keeping eyes out for more info from spooky!

FB_IMG_1522375530619 (resized).jpg

#2243 2 years ago

My two cents. I think Fawzma and David van es are going to wow us with content and rules we have never seen before. That along with Zornow's images. We have a great looking machine. Then add the screen, modes, rules, content. It is going to make for a very unique machine. One not to be missed out on. Add in that I am a Alice Cooper fan and collector. It is a home run in my book.

Rob Zombie was ok. Until Fawzma went in and made it what it is today. I was excited about the infection mode on RZ.

So only issue is, driving myself crazy. Looking to see if there is any updates on the forum. Spooky Facebook, etc. Just cant wait. Will be the highlight in my collection. Plus with that butter cab, not going in between other games. It is getting a special place in my my main gameroom hall.

Flavored buttersticks and butter cab, a coincidence I think not. (Inside joke)

#2247 2 years ago

preorder_alicecooper_logo (resized).jpg

#2263 2 years ago

Tooooooooooo quiet!

hou_mus_alice (resized).jpg

#2265 2 years ago

Spooky sold them last year at TPF.

#2268 2 years ago

New podcast with cool Alice info.

#2280 2 years ago

I found it interesting in 50 of them go to Alice's charity. Plus they will be autographed ones.

#2297 2 years ago

tumblr_mj0sn4NdDm1qfryqfo1_500 (resized).png

#2304 2 years ago

Jason wants his game number!

14f1394f29d4045419dd9cdb053920c5 (resized).jpg

#2311 2 years ago

55e4b940fc8c46bdc584941941f27a5d (resized).jpg

#2317 2 years ago

Celebrating their pinball machine releases!

tumblr_m9ll2iDbNn1qlnxnxo3_r1_540 (resized).jpg

#2318 2 years ago

Your not getting your 3rd pinball......soon.

tumblr_lab3e97p2B1qbny87o1_500 (resized).jpg

#2325 2 years ago

Pinball buddies!

b48af160f48db445669fed36595a106b (resized).jpg

#2327 2 years ago

f7b8e143b74d8d89cae63745b3d34656 (resized).jpg

#2328 2 years ago

We love Spooky Pinball!

tumblr_nu1ng1DNu31rd11ypo1_500 (resized).png

#2331 2 years ago

b18a4813399fc57ebcef513125e304c4 (resized).jpg

#2332 2 years ago

Shhhhhh, should we tell them anything?

AliceCooperBarryS15 (resized).jpg

#2333 2 years ago

Surprise....all in due time!

60120d5d4071cc564c77fab58c0f57d2 (resized).jpg

#2335 2 years ago

0fe8462e401fe09bc28fcb2c9ce30d0a (resized).jpg

#2337 2 years ago

R-431_AliceCooperJoeyRamone1990NYC_Gruen (resized).jpg

#2338 2 years ago

306112-7 (resized).jpg

#2340 2 years ago

Trying to keep it at the top. Drops way to fast. For a new release. Its wayyyyyyy too QUIET!

bdf660c98515b069232c5b1ea4f25ae5 (resized).jpg

#2361 2 years ago

alicecooperbitch (resized).jpg

#2379 2 years ago

Spooky growing up, getting bigger!

FB_IMG_1523338934119 (resized).jpg

#2396 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1523651903010 (resized).jpg

#2400 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1523720537620 (resized).jpg

#2405 2 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

These pictures are actually making me want the game LESS.

Great...That means I get one step ahead of you. I don't see you contributing to keeping the subject to the top and not dead in the water.

If Alice's pictures bother you.....you don't deserve the game!

#2407 2 years ago

I sure wouldn't be posting random pictures. If there was information and a constructive conversation about the game. But I hate to see the post about this game go down the list and disappear into the pinside void. I am a Alice Fan and this game is a dream game. So until that happens. here is a picture for the haters.

il_570xN_692837266_fwz2 (resized).jpg

#2413 2 years ago

I believe the light is just not hitting the speaker grills and legs on the blue. Plus it doesn't help with the black coin door. Matt at back alley can easily change that. With a blue coin door, it is going to look sick. Also you just can not deny the bright colors on the butter can. As far as the speaker panel. I think as soon as the high res screen is going. It fills it up nicely.

#2469 2 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

I wonder if the coin door powder coated will be an option

It's not as of yet. Although spooky works close with Matt at backalley. He has done a terrific job on a few of my other ones. He said he would have no problem doing mine.


#2478 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1523917064754 (resized).jpg

#2492 2 years ago

I am a Alice fan and I have to agree. I have heard him do wayyyy better voice work. it just seems like he didn't have direction in what needed to be snarly mean Alice and what needs to be Amped up. Now he does do a radio show everyday, I would think in a studio. So I would figure if they need him to refine some of the call outs there is still time to do that. We have yet to hear any jackpots etc!

I also am a little worried about the Danesi lock shot. it just looks like it would have to be a one in a million shot. Almost like maybe they had planned for another flipper over my the scoop maybe. I have yet to see anyone hit it in my time at TPF.

Anyone that has played it. Where you able to hit it? if you don't know there is a Danesi zombie in front of it!


#2507 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Regarding the blue, someone had said that this was a quick sample for the show but I will easily be dropping to the hammered silver/grey if it doesn't look far better than in the video. !

Maybe the blue needs to be the underlining color with hammered black on top. Or visea versa. Black with hammered blue.

#2521 2 years ago

Trust me you have to leave alice in there. Although. You can add other monsters, characters voice. Like vampires, the Frankenstien monster. Igor. Zombies, Charlie (just kidding Charlie!), cold Ethyl, etc. Nothing says it has to be all Alice. I'm a Alice fan. But it would add some deeper aspect and dimension to the game. Just a thought.

#2522 2 years ago

Frankenstien screaming jackpot!



Werewolf howling....er sorry Monsrer Dog Howling

#2523 2 years ago

One last thought. Let's just not make them cheesey like monster bash.

#2527 2 years ago

I think most of us on this thread are just excited about the new spooky machine. I love it and want to see it be the best it can be for us but mainly for you Charlie. We love Spooky and the way you have proven to the industry that you can be s legit and small company and make it!
Again thank you for taking on a Alice Cooper pinball. We want to see this get hype and it's just due.

#2622 2 years ago

#2624 2 years ago

#2625 2 years ago

#2626 2 years ago

#2634 2 years ago

Alice Cooper's Nightmare castle pinball. Will be great again!

alice-cooper-president-1 (resized).png

#2660 2 years ago

I have to second Terry, Novus is a main item in a pinball cleaning kit. if you are not using it good luck!

Not to mention how did this become a newbie " How to clean your pinball thread"?


#2671 2 years ago

Did you receive your numbers in email or paper mail?

#2735 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1524763381476 (resized).jpg

#2739 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1524485455986 (resized).jpg

#2741 2 years ago

The pinball gang.

FB_IMG_1524571993866 (resized).jpg

#2747 2 years ago

43b9f7a629d32_3776n (resized).jpg

#2748 2 years ago

The master in his throne!

FB_IMG_1525018947974 (resized).jpg

#2750 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1525128652294 (resized).jpg

#2754 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1525133203870 (resized).jpg

#2776 2 years ago

Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle Pinball is being made in 18 months... coincidence, I think NOT!

Wink wink!

quote-i-m-18-and-i-like-it-alice-cooper-6-36-16 (resized).jpg

#2801 2 years ago

18 (resized).jpg

#2804 2 years ago

jyVX50tN_0510141219571 (resized).jpg

#2808 2 years ago
Quoted from marksf123:

ACNC has some of the best animations that I have seen.

You are not kidding. Went with a friend and picked up a TNA in person at Spooky headquarters.
Charlie, Kayte, and Fawzma were so nice and giving of their time. Got to see the Vampire mode. All I can say is it fucking amazing what everybody has put together. Including Zornow, and David Van Es. The comic book style and animations are incredible.

Dont be fooled or let down but this early code.
With fawzma and Bowen polishing the rules. When complete this will be a out of this world game.

#2809 2 years ago

lrwho4pd (resized).jpg

#2811 2 years ago

Zornow posted these backgrounds.

FB_IMG_1525385744005 (resized).jpg

#2812 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1525385732912 (resized).jpg

#2836 2 years ago

alicesidelong (resized).jpg

#2839 2 years ago

We all just need to clam down and enjoy the Alice photos ( Hehe just keeping it towards the top).

I talked to Zornow, just last week he finished the Tentacle Monster mode art. So they are working on getting stuff finished up.

Then Bowen has to have time to give his input. David (Fawzma) is only one person and I know he is working on stuff as fast as possible.

They have a good 3 to 4 weeks before they said anything about production ramp up.

The game I played at spooky Headquarters had plenty of flipper power and could get up the right ramp fine.

At least they let you see it and we can see it grow to what it will become. In a way it gives you and spooky a chance to give and take input and make the game the best it can be.

If you have any doubt, don't buy it. My guess they are in the mid 400's. So not much more time to decide.

Anyone get one recent and have a number?


#2840 2 years ago

16702e033ab3029bd1a748cd17741db2 (resized).jpg

#2843 2 years ago




adjective: facetious

treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.

synonyms: flippant, flip, glib, frivolous, tongue-in-cheek, ironic, sardonic, joking, jokey, jocular, playful, sportive, teasing, mischievous; More

#2844 2 years ago
Quoted from flashburn:

Yeah, you are right... why bother having any sort of discussion. Let's just continue posting random Alice Cooper pics every day.

Did you read where I gave you info from Zornow? Instead of complaining the flippers were weak!


#2864 2 years ago

Dont beat up on Alice, wait and see!

0718coo (resized).jpg

#2865 2 years ago

How about a Coopers Big Bang Bar!

Alice_Cooper_Saturn (resized).jpg

Saturn_Intro_02_610 (resized).jpg

#2866 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1525776713501 (resized).jpg

#2868 2 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Your Google image search skills are amazing.

Running out of good ones. Hopefully we will have something to talk about soon!

#2870 2 years ago

I few more backgrounds That got posted on twitter.

DcUEIqxU0AEVi7g (resized).jpg

#2871 2 years ago

DcUELKQVQAAeSZm (resized).jpg

#2885 2 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

How do I get a number? I’m feeling kind of left out here. Do they call, email, or does Alice Cooper leave a raspy voicemail?

#2889 2 years ago

image-1 (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

#2910 2 years ago

I'm going for:
Butter cab, blue armor, decal blades, shaker, knocker, speaker lights/grills, pin gulp, plastic protectors.

Will add

Pdi glass, lighted flipper buttons, cant wait to see what is developed for topper!

Plus mods

#2919 2 years ago

mw003a_large (resized).jpg

#2923 2 years ago

Alice Cooper to be in the new top gun pinball.
Already in the movie soundtrack.

#2928 2 years ago

I too think the mirror blades are almost too much on this game. the decals with the shadows bring the game together. Its like the monster bash ones with the lab in the left corner. it just adds to the game.

#2929 2 years ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

» YouTube video
Alice Cooper to be in the new top gun pinball.
Already in the movie soundtrack.

ok so maybe its the Evil Dead shirt and we are getting a evil dead pinball next.



#2930 2 years ago

Spooky just posted this. So cool!
She's cool in bed, she outta be cause ethyl dead!

IMG_1526311165281 (resized).jpg

#2935 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1526415194730 (resized).jpg

#2939 2 years ago

history-of-metal-and-horror-1 (resized).jpg

#2942 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1526737026451 (resized).jpg

#2944 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1526737145170 (resized).jpg

#2946 2 years ago

alice-cooper-lineup (resized).jpg

#2951 2 years ago

AliceCooper-2017-5758 (resized).jpg

#2954 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

It would be great to hear about the game instead of seeing Alice Cooper pics. Any other news, screenie of new LCD display graphics, etc?

So your eyes burn seeing cooper pics?
Just keeping the subject towards the top until there is news. I think you can sensor me if you like. But I may have something good to see someday...

FB_IMG_1527093770324 (resized).jpg

#2955 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

It would be great to hear about the game instead of seeing Alice Cooper pics. Any other news, screenie of new LCD display graphics, etc?

Plus I'm the one that posted some of the released screen shots first. So there!!!!!

FB_IMG_1527093765789 (resized).jpg

#2961 2 years ago

You know what we need.....another picture of Alice!

FB_IMG_1527093749901 (resized).jpg

#2971 2 years ago

Ok here is a little bit of greatness!

Looky at the cool snake/ creature skeleton we dont get to see because of the castle.

This was taken during my visit to Spooky HQ.

There is limited info because the Spooky gang has been traveling. Plus I'm sure they are waiting for Bowen to finish his work on the game. He was given a game to work with. Fawzma is great and with him and Van es. I'm sure they are working on finishing up as much modes as they can. While there I was shown the whole vampire mode. The comic book style and animations are great. Let also not forget the art by Zornow. Very good choice by Charlie and co.

Without much info. Hard to keep this topic at the top. That's why all the Alice pics. So now we can talk about the playfield.

Here's to hoping Spooky get production up and running smoothly!


20180502_103204 (resized).jpg

#2976 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1527252288063 (resized).jpg

#2977 2 years ago

20180502_095530 (resized).jpg

#2978 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1527424584856 (resized).jpg

#2979 2 years ago

LUVTHATAPEX2. When you down vote the picture it make me want to post another.

FB_IMG_1527426974955 (resized).jpg

#2981 2 years ago

(of a person, animal, or their behavior) causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.
"two mischievous kittens had decorated the bed with shredded newspaper"
synonyms: naughty, badly behaved, misbehaving, disobedient, troublesome, full of mischief;

FB_IMG_1527426465155 (resized).jpg

#2982 2 years ago
Quoted from markymark2400:

im no. 123, yay! when is the first acnc due to customer 1 do we know? roughly? sorry haven't read all 60 pages!

It would be cool to see who is number 1!
Is it Alice or a pinsider?


#2989 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1527555326275 (resized).jpg

#2991 2 years ago


FB_IMG_1527565514287 (resized).jpg

#2993 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1527596132427 (resized).jpg

#2996 2 years ago

FB_IMG_1527640366386 (resized).jpg

#3007 2 years ago

Really, You guys cant handle some Alice pictures. Instead of the post like.

bump......Oh I hate the posts, the shots are tight, Bla, Bla!

I don't see you guys doing anything to keep any conversation going. Yet I have been on top of this thing. Keeping it in the eye of the pinside beholders at the top. So ok lets just let it slide down to pinside purgatory.

I will stop, lets see you guys talk about stuff and find some stuff to post here. Never would of seen the whole playfield or other stuff. If I hadn't been on here.

Its in your hands now. Screw you guys for hating on the Alice Pictures!

Kaneda is right about Pinside Babies. Don't like the pictures, I think you can block my posts!

At least Alice was a Billon Dollar Baby! OOOOH yeah one more picture! Burn.


Cant wait to see what you guys come up with, Im sure it will be all bashing me!

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Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We will ship some ACNC games in June.
We will ship all 500 ACNC games in 18 months.
We will continue to sell and produce TnA at the same time. (3rd time we've had 2 games on the line together)
Bryan Kelly (who uses his real name every day) does not own Pinball Life. I was there yesterday.
We got all new print gear, a warehouse we built and paid for last fall, and a bigger shop than ours across the road to assist / expand as much as we need that will be done in few weeks. Here's a photo out our front door of said facility for fun...
Nothing has changed folks... except we have new employees helping us grow and our summer help is back.
Speculate all you want. We make games, not drama. Hope it always stays that way.

Thanks for posting Charlie!
They got tired of my Alice photos.
Cant wait fo see what's new.

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I'll just put this here while I wait for more action. Or you picture haters to come up with something to talk about. You didn't even talk about the music video much.

I love the atmospheric music although I'm hoping there is some on your edge of your seat stuff for them multiballs.

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Pictures of Alice Cooper are the topic of the pin. Other wise it would be Nightmare Castle. No Alice Cooper. I stopped to see if others would chime in with topics and conversation. Alas very little from most. It is funny how the picture hathers cant just scroll past them. It's not like you are not scrolling thru pinside anyway. If you hate Alice soo much you might not want to have to look at that backglass. Want to see something new. Here.

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Quoted from Azmodeus:

On topic, possible digression warning.
I was at a friends yesterday, and the spooky movie arrived in the mail. We proceeded to watch it.
I had seen the spooky presentation at golden state pinball a few weeks ago, and I was impressed by them.
I am not wealthy. If I had some coin right now, and more room I would probably get right on board for this here particular release.
I might just try to do it anyways. I was very impressed by their company, work ethic and track record. Thier track record is on thier sleeve.
The spooky guy (Charlie?) in the presentation he joked about being the number three pinball company in a positive way.
I personally would not count out spooky as ending up number one. In pinball.
Good luck spooky!

You are so right. Spooky is top notch and their reputation speaks for itself. Very down to earth. A lot of businesses try to do to much or expand too quickly. Spooky and gang has, and are doing it the right way. I believe in them and pre-paid my Alice in full. Not just because I know I will get my game. But also because I know my money goes to help them continue to move forward in their goals. They even told me I was the only one that prepaid for my Alice. I was happy to do it. And have No worries with this great company or anyone involved with it. They are great people to know! I respect them all for their hard work and commitment to pinball!

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We need some current photos and info from sfg.

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Wow that picture is so much better then Alice Photos!


Snooze fest here in the club.

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Thank you spooky for posting that!


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