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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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Post #1998 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by Pinbaltz (1 year ago)

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#462 2 years ago

Other than the girl singing "Go, go, go, go" (reminding me of Evanescence for some reason) getting annoying relatively quickly, this game is freaking awesome. Congrats Scott. What an awesome layout. That pop bumper is so strong and what a unique placement. The reactor building light show is so cool. Drool.

1 year later
#1871 1 year ago

March 26 the orders begin...

#1883 1 year ago
Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

26th. Monday. 25th is a Sunday

Fat fingered ! Fixing

4 weeks later
#2599 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

the guy in the Mayhem stream was a bad player? did you even watch him? that guy kinda/sorta knows what he's doing.
do people now need authorization to post gameplay play footage?
you put the game out on the floor. isn't that authorization enough?
sounds like free marketing for the manufacturer and additional input for potential buyers, especially for those of us who cant be there.

Go poke a hornets nest. You are now just being a jerk.

1 month later
#3147 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I'm confused. Whats Bryan Kelly's real name?

His name is Robert Paulson.

3 weeks later
#3282 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Here we go again!
You don't like it, don't buy it! What part of this doesn't compute with you?

greenhornet is an attention whore. Stop responding to him and he'll get bored / leave.

#3337 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Oh, don't worry. I still have all my mattress tags.

Give proper credit.

#3379 1 year ago

greenhornet... wow. Nothing you can say, dude. You got ...exterminated.
Leave this chat with your hornet between your legs. It is all you can do at this point to save anything.

#3393 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

No one wasting money on pinball machines needs to be complaining about others having an easier financial life. If you have that kind of expendable income you are doing just fine. Plus opposite of what you hear many of that 1% work extremely hard for what they have and pay the vast majority of taxes that pays for everything in this country.

Haha. I wish double thumbs down was an option.

1 week later
#3454 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

pretty sad.
somebody has an op to purchase game #45. i point out to him that the current queue is at #413+ and that he can save months of waiting; possibly take delivery in october. its incredibly straightforward.
now where are you coming from?
i make no mention of you personally [have never had an interaction with you before], i make no light/fun of anyone or circumstance, i make no comment [good/bad/indiffernt] regarding your decision to purchase #413. what is it that you are possibly inferring from the context of my post that upsets you? what assumptions are you making as to my mindset at the time i wrote those two sentences that have you believing im 'calling you out'? why are you telling me to take my ball and go play elsewhere? why dont you just read what is written, as written.
this exchange only goes to show how damning character assassination can be and, as a victim, how difficult it is to resurrect oneself. whysnow is playing all of you.

Sounds like somebody needs to call the waaaaaambulance.

#3491 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I’m curious. Does greenhornet have any interest in Spooky, besides criticism. Do you have a Spooky pin, or have one on order? I guess I’m wondering why you take such pleasure stirring the pot on this particular thread? There’s a certain word that comes to mind, but I think that is not to be spoken here...But greenhornet does seem to fit the definition.

I was going to go with "attention whore" but maybe we can all play a little Hangman in this thread.

3 weeks later
#3847 1 year ago

In that video, why is the first page it spelled "Wecome!" ? (00:13)

#3857 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

We already went over this last night Lance. When you buy a pre-order spot for this work of art, it just kinda happens.
Mr. Jizzly

So quality and craftsmanship is not there.

2 weeks later
#3987 1 year ago
Quoted from Damonator:

He wasn't being singled out for selling his spot, he was being singled out for continually dropping in the thread to let everyone know it. Most people sell their spots and move on with life, but he seems to keep dropping in the thread trying to justify himself. It's actually quite humorous to go and read all of his comments in this thread. My favorite was him asking if the game had ramps a full 2 months after he put down a deposit.
I have nothing against Markymark2400 - but please, just move on brother. I would suggest waiting to play a game in person before putting down a deposit in the future.
And yes, there have been a few spots sold off just like there have been on EVERY pre-order game ever made. I suspect some people got tired of waiting, others found something else to buy or whatever. I don't care. 16 spots out of 500 seems pretty good to me actually.

16 of 400+ is less than 4%. 4% trying to walk away by selling their spots, considering some of the names he gave, is actually a very good thing and shows the success of this title. Back in greenhornet's face it appears.

1 week later
#4070 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

100% spot on fantarama.
the situations are hardly comparable for many reasons, especially your last one. plus, at stern, elwin has a team of experienced software developers and engineers to back him, whereas spooky has fawzma and whoever the 'heck' is in charge of engineering now.

Experienced software developers at Stern? How many games can I count that are still missing code or are not even at the v1.0 level? Stern and software are like oil and vinegar, move on you troll.

#4072 1 year ago

Blah blah
Nothing to see above folks
Just green hornet blabbering again or what I call diarrhea of the mouth

2 weeks later
#4178 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

For anyone that was considering to go to Pincinnati at the end of November, Alice cooper’s nightmare castle will be there! I can’t wait to finally play this.

Wow, I will try not to drool, so excited for it !!!

#4198 1 year ago

Cmon gryszz we talked about that many times, good to see you caught up

#4201 1 year ago

Yes the castle and even skeletor seem like the reference point for the artist. I grew up on he-man so maybe that is why the draw is so strong

#4233 1 year ago

Spooky doesn't owe us anything as far as numbers. They've been great with communication and answering questions, but to ask for specific numbers every week.... what are you, their accountant? We get it, you want your game. But other things come first. Mainly 1) TNA and 2) quality. If you got your Alice and it had a flurry of issues you'd be asking why they rushed it!!!

2 weeks later
#4372 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Ahhh...buyers remorse...now i understand.

Hi greenhornet!

#4415 1 year ago

that ghost screaming got annoying quick! Nice vid thank you for capturing, can’t wait to play at pincinnati

1 month later
#4625 12 months ago

Charlie recently made comments the production of ACNC would really get going by February (8 weeks or so) once the TNA's are done.

Surprised no one has got really ansy and sold their spot.

#4641 12 months ago

Hi greenhornet.

#4655 12 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Does the code change the shot geometry?

Hi greenhornet

#4683 11 months ago

I agree Charlie is very observant. I caused some sort of ball lock to occur at Pincinnati, and Charlie was quick to record it on his phone to take back to development.

#4695 11 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

everybody else that’s bitching at me .

This is where the problem lies. ALL OF US are the problem guys

2 weeks later
#4742 11 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

[quoted image]

who is attack7777 and what is your point / take?

#4744 11 months ago

Then what is the point of your post other than to incite? Give your opinions of the feed and your thoughts? Why is the biggest takeaway a random comment from someone you don’t know? What’s your point?

#4749 11 months ago

I’m chill , I would just like to know why you can’t voice your own opinion and the best you could think of was to snapshot a attack7777 post whom you don’t even know. Like what’s your point dude?

#4752 11 months ago

Then you have explained everything we need to know. Cool job dude.

#4757 11 months ago

Frank, these posts from you are not helpful and are frankly very childish. I wish you would bring more to pinside than this.

#4770 11 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Chill lancestorm be a pro. It is all good. Games will be in customers hands very soon.

What does be a pro even mean? If it means bringing something to this thread (is opposite of you) then I agree. Games being in customer hands has absolutely nothing to do with your attack7777 post earlier. Still asking what you meant by posting that attack7777 screen shot earlier but I have to chill? Ha!

#4778 11 months ago

If you aren’t trolling then explain what you were going for with the attack7777 random picture? At least say something not just screenshot in bs

#4779 11 months ago

Ice... Charlie explained to me at pincinnati that the license was they had 18 months to get them out. But who knows when the timer began

1 week later
#4827 11 months ago

Ball 5. That rough?

#4829 11 months ago

Pm sent

1 week later
#4914 10 months ago

1) Can someone explain what the Monster Mirrors vs Interior Cabinet decals are? Picture?

2) Can someone show the standard powdercoat vs scary blue?

I tried finding in this thread, striking out.

#4916 10 months ago

Thanks to Magic, this might take a while. 700 photos!

2 weeks later
#4961 10 months ago

Butter / no-butter would be helpful when mentioning numbers as it sounds like butters are done together.

#4965 10 months ago

My reasoning:
Have to have time to setup & convert workers over to working on the new machine.

Have machines going out of the states potentially (combine them with any TNAs also going on a ship).

Machines being made for past customers first maybe? Keep the past owners happy.

Machines for shows and distributors (show season is coming). Often someone will take ownership of the game after a show.

I am sure by the end of this month they will be starting on the first 50 in line.

May be done with first 100 in the series by end of May?

#4966 10 months ago
Quoted from Eric_S:

Can someone post all of the mod options and prices? I didn't find anything on the Spooky website.

Email Kayte for the latest, but I was given this:

1) Nightmare Castle Game $6,450

2) Knocker/Shaker Kits

3) Interior Cabinet Decals $65

4) Butter Edition Cabinet $999

5) Pc. Plastic Protector Set $35

6) Interactive RGB Speaker Kit $95

7) Monster Mirrors & Installation $95

8 ) Bill Acceptor Door Upgrade $35

9) Coin Box & Lid $25

10) Scary Blue Powder Coat $125

#4973 10 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Shaker and knocker kits can now be DIRECTLY ORDERED FROM SPOOKY. No need to order from pinball life and spend extra on shipping.
$100 shaker
$30 knocker
$25 install

Honestly, the options list should be directly on the Spooky webpage with pictures of each option, updated when necessary. Shouldn't be hard for customers to find this information and potential mis-information is avoided!

I ordered my shaker/knocker from pinballlife this week and sent to Benton because I was not made aware of this new option. Would have saved me $20 total ($15 shipping). Grrr, I'm annoyed.

#4980 10 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Did the same thing. Guess they just made this decision. Oh, well.

I'm just stating where I feel Spooky can improve in the future. Having to go to pinside to know options is not good control of your brand. Spooky should have the pdf of options available directly on the website, easy for the customers to find. The pdf should have pictures of options like the interior cabinet decals. This will also benefit Kayte from having to answer back and forth emails about options and what each one looks like etc. Win for the customer, win for Spooky (control of information, easily updatable, decreases Kayte's work -- she can just state "go here on the website"). Just a helpful suggestion from a customer perspective!

#4987 9 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

Paid today and I'm #24. My guess is I'll have it next week.

Do you have #24 and #28 ? You mentioned 28 above.

#4994 9 months ago

Thanks for your updates! Shooter wise are you having fun or is it a bit frustrating?

1 week later
#5040 9 months ago

You have to remember that those with the low numbers have waited much longer than you

#5046 9 months ago
Quoted from BudManPinFan:

Not really, probably a week at most. But I understand, by the original estimates they should be much further along.

My bad. I didn’t realize they sold 300+ in 7 days

#5048 9 months ago

I think tna quantity was not expected to be so high and that really derailed the summer 2018 plans. I’m just pumped tna is officially put to bed and now it is all alice

#5052 9 months ago

Speaking to Charlie at pincinnati, unless I heard wrong, the 18 months was how long they had the license

#5055 9 months ago

I like how Charlie said that every number was important. The last thing I think we all would want is for spooky to feel this pressure, they start pushing machines out too fast, and quality slips. All is good now, alice machines are being built and no tna to slow them down. I also like that the code is gonna be nearly complete by time Bowen presents it next month. Exciting times!!

#5064 9 months ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Are they multi-colored, interactive with the game or just a solid one color

I am lead to believe so. The description on the Spooky order form is:

"Interactive RGB Speaker Kit

#5069 9 months ago

I keep going back and forth. The blue looks better to my eyes, but is it $125 better? That’s a tough decision.

#5075 9 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Have you seen it in person? If money wasn't a concern, would you opt for the blue?

If money wasn’t a concern then blue all the way. This thing costs a lot of money so yeah another charge makes it worse. I just have to think should I put the 125 towards pinstadiums or something instead / better use of money vs always wishing I had gone blue

#5078 9 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Wow ! $125 is the factor? Wow?

I think I explained it..all the extras add up. $125 in my mind might be better spent elsewhere. Everyone has a budget but you? I'll already be paying and arm & a leg for the machine. Just my thought process.

#5083 9 months ago
Quoted from robertmee:

If $125 is such a non factor for you, why don't you pay for it for him?

Frankmac I’m all for this, what do ya say?

#5086 9 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

I will PayPal gift you half the amount . Pm me your PayPal email .

Wow haha. Thanks for the offer but I was just joking around / messing with you so I won’t take it. You are a good man for offering!! Appreciate it though.

#5094 9 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

I donated it to pinside in your name.
lancestorm now you have a heart for the year!!

You are making it tough to try not to like you. I kid. Hey thanks a bunch, that is so cool. I was thinking the other day that I should probably purchase a heart for the year with as often as I use this site. Thanks for it!!!

1 week later
#5111 9 months ago

Why the obsession with a unboxing video? What does it aid?

#5160 8 months ago

Ghost cut-out/edging should be a thing on all future hinges! Nice touch, saying its a Spooky!

#5190 8 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

I got plenty of patience and am sympathetic to problems that can happen, I don’t like being misled.
[quoted image]

TNA exploded and they had to make over 500 of those games. Technically they are on month 10 (June 2018-March 2019) of an 18 month project to build ACNC. I can see if you were maybe number 275 then month 10 would be your timeframe if everything came out equally each month.

I feel for spooky. It’s hard being boutique sized and trying to get quality games out quickly while also keeping the business sustainable. The happy thing now is that the shop is all ACNC everyday. Yours is coming!

#5193 8 months ago

No sweat. I was not aware of all those changes. I do feel for those that put a grand down and are waiting a year later. But at least we’ll be getting spookys best attempt at the game?

#5198 8 months ago

Same. Been watching development over past one year, played at pincinnati and loved it, then swooped in when someone wanted to sell their spot. I believe ice’s spot will sell. There just currently isn’t an enthusiastic buyer wanting to put money down on a number that might not have delivery until mid summer. As spooky gets over the 100+ threshold it will sell. Or if someone at an upcoming show loves it they will buy the spot.

#5220 8 months ago

Wow nice, and you went with the scary blue armor ! Question: do you notice speaker light kit change color or always green?

#5286 8 months ago
Quoted from pinhacker71:

I’m in on#79 and was told a couple weeks.

A couple weeks sounds off. I'm 59 and not a word yet but I haven't bothered them with a call and don't want to They're busy enough as it is and won't get me further up the line.

#5289 8 months ago

Ice, whats the point of adding negativity to this thread? I’m sure you can find another thread about another machine to get excited/positive about

#5291 8 months ago

I posted because 79 was told a few weeks and that doesn’t sound correct if 54 and 59 have not been given the 2 weeks heads up yet

#5312 8 months ago

1) How are Spooky's balls? I'm trying not to laugh. But I hear all the time folks won't use Stern's supplied pinballs. Spooky is providing decent carbon pinballs (due to magnet) for this machine or I should use from elsewhere?

2) Do you ever put wax on before first ball or just play?

3) Anyone immediately putting down mylar in spots like shooter lane or scoop? Thinking that would require wax so mylar easily removed in future.

Your tips are appreciated. I've never had NIB before and want to do it right. Thanks!

#5350 8 months ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

I have adjusted my flippers. From factory it was pretty hard to hit outer orbits, which is a ton of the game.
My suggestion is drop your flippers some from factory.

In your case where did you go from / to ?

1 week later
#5493 8 months ago

A podcast with a "hot take" is just as good as "breaking news" from the media. Usually wrong and worth little.

#5503 7 months ago

Hmm I’m 59 and was told a few weeks ago that I couldn’t change my options when I attempted to do just that and that I would be on the line soon. No call, yet.

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