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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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#62 3 years ago

Smart move by Spooky.

I love what they are doing. Wish I could have kept my RZ.

With GBLE, AlienLe and now BatmanLe surprise I had to make a choice.

I'm happy someone else that wants it is gonna get my spot.

#80 3 years ago

I really hope and pray its NOT Mad Max, the Munsters or Scooby Doo for the next pin.

I don't need another one right now!!!!

Don't tease or entice me again please. JK

#107 3 years ago

Ok. Ash vs Evil Dead it is

1 year later
#1168 1 year ago

This seems like a mainstream media issue.

So who gives a F.

#1237 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

On pinHeck8 the microcontroller is "still in charge" Linux doesn't make any game decisions.
So you'll have the same 1ms response time as all other pinHeck titles.

We need to work on getting that response time down to about .5ms

1 month later
#1412 1 year ago

I thought they weren’t doing LEs anymore?

Art looks great

#1430 1 year ago

So it's no LE then.

#1459 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

LE's suck. Just buy the game and add whatever "I have $ to burn" upgrades you want.
...and there's only 500 of them, so they are ALL LE's by definition.

Who said there are only 500?

I thought they are going to make them to demand.

So the answer is no.

What's the price? Is that still up in the air?

Animation looks great, like AS

#1462 1 year ago
Quoted from MRudowsky:

Literally the first post in the thread. 500 @ $6250. There’s also a PinballStar ad directly below this post confirming $6250.

Boom drop the mic.

I see it now. 500 is not "limited" in any way whatsoever, like every other pin manufacturer. I guess that's the point.

Still anxious to see what it looks like, sounds like, plays like.

Love the Spooky boys.

#1464 1 year ago
Quoted from freakandgeek:

Not really...but if the rest of this game is a good as the cabinet artwork, it might feel pretty limited at the end of it all.
I think Spooky is going to be very busy with this and TNA.

Def not "limited" at all.

TNA is unlimited which is great.

You will always be able to buy one on secondary market for less.

IF the game play is much better than the artwork then i agree. At the end of the day, artwork is great and its awesome on this pin but it better play much more awesome. Like Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper is going to have a "limited" market.

#1469 1 year ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Well...it's limited to 500, no?
But I don't think they were specifically trying to make it a limited game. That's just what they can make in a reasonable amount of time.

Yep but, 500 of any kind is just not "limited".

They should have kept some kind of RZ like "LE" but that didn't work out that well either so I would think they should go "unlimited" or make as many as people would buy.

Why limit it to 500? Not limited.

#1471 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

They will stop at 500 machines. Limited.

NOT limited when they stop at 500. But whatever you think. It just means they will stop if they can sell that many and i doubt they can.

#1473 1 year ago
Quoted from herg:

Maybe not "limited", but it IS limited. Limited is not the same thing as scarce.

Ok but it really means NOTHING. Just like JJP saying 2500 of POTCLE's are "limited".

Agreed 500 will be made but there aren't 500 buyers to have an Alice Cooper pin long term no matter how it plays.

Look at RZ and AMH.

But for $6250, i'm interested.

If this is all Spooky can do theme wise then that's ok.

#1476 1 year ago
Quoted from riggy469:

If they are only allowed to make 500, then that is a limit. They are limited to 500.
If the game looks as good as the cabinet, then I’ll be surprised if they don’t sell that many.

It's still "Alice Cooper". Like Rob Zombie its "limited" with respect to the number of potential buyers.

That simple.

If it plays like Metallica with Lyman code then here we go.

#1478 1 year ago
Quoted from riggy469:

I agree, which is why I think it was brilliant to tie in the whole nightmare castle thing. That way it will appeal to many more than just AC fans.

Could be a home run! I'm anxious to see what it looks like.

#1502 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

WTF Icey old mate!
Put down that drink!
The are only making 500 machines. That is the actual dictionary definition of the word “Limited”

Since they are "limited" to 500 then the entire run is a "limited edition" LE by definition

The quantity of 500 is not "scarce". How about that?

Drinks on me RD!!! . Wish I was there.

Bring on the reveal!!!

#1503 1 year ago

Somebody please pass this on to Charlie at TPF.

"Hi guys , I Am one of the few lucky ones that is involved in the Margritiville resort going into orlando . It’s a combination of one of his hotels that is also paired with its own private neighborhood . The homes are being built for residents and short term vacations . I’m the gameroom and theming vendor for all the homes , so any arcade , pinball , bars , custom rooms are done by my company . I can tell you right now that there would be a big interest in a JB pinball . I have already have clients going to purchase the new JJ Pirates pin for there rentals because they love that the pirates theme fits jimmy buffet . I’m actually going to reach out to a few people to see if this could actually happen. I can already see what the demand could be just by asking my clients that I’m currently designing rooms for . The demo graphic is perfect for who would buy this game . Parrot heads love anything jimmy buffet and alot of them have the money to buy it . If any manufacture is following this thread pm me and let’s talk . I can get a real gage of interest to see if this could work and also have a way to the imaging and license department . I honestly think this could have some wheels on it even if it was a low production like WNBJM. Of course this is my opinion for what that is worth . Fins Up"

Just saying, now bring on some COOP ladies!

#1511 1 year ago
Quoted from riggy469:

Friends don’t let friends mention Jimmy Buffett as a pinball machine theme to Charlie.

Branch out a little bit for F sake

Isn’t the idea to sell pins? Whatever

It will probably be JJPs first music pin. More their style

I guess I’ll lobby Deeproot too

#1515 1 year ago

Haha yep, didn't they sell a few of those pins?

#1635 1 year ago

Leaps and bounds over RZ.

What's not to like about it? It's different and packed AND Bowen is gonna be involved in the code. That's HUGE

#1640 1 year ago

The whole theme direction, layout, artwork, toys by Matt etc. is really awesome I think.

Bowen will help bring the code home ala Lyman.

I think its a huge winner.

I'm in.

#1843 1 year ago

I would think Spooky is planning on doing a twitch reveal of ACNC before accepting the "non refundable deposits"?

Or does it really matter either way for Spooky? They have the "indications of interest" from TPF and whether people want one or not but does it really matter if some deposit now OR simply wait until its ready?

I don't know, until you are ready to take $$$ in does it make sense to reveal at a show?

Nowadays, with proper marketing you will get much more hype on a twitch stream reveal. That's worldwide.

Either way, it looks awesome and the "theme" and artwork exceeds my expectations.

#1845 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I believe there will be a Danger stream as soon as possible.

That's sounds great. The Bowen factor is also HUGE imo. The nuances, knowledge and pinball passion that he can bring to Spooky hopefully rivals Lyman at some point.

1 week later
#2197 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

On the very early WOZ clear coated ? Same thing I believe. Charlie made them for JJP.
LTG : )

Looks like it. I've got one of those gorgeous early Woz cabs. I'd get the butter if it was going to sit by itself. And maybe it deserves to, it sure is a beauty.

#2215 1 year ago

Dumb question, I can't find a picture of the blue coat. I see the "butter" though!

#2217 1 year ago

Thanks Pacman! Some pics looked black to me so in those pics you can def pick up the blue.

I like it, that's what I'll go with.

#2220 1 year ago

I love it. That blue is "purty".

The whole pin is absolutely gorgeous.

1 week later
#2364 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Just a passing thought and we have a long ways to go before delivery.
One of the many reasons I'm buying this game is based on theme but not necessarily on Alice Cooper. I have always enjoyed AC's music and especially his stage persona. But I'm attracted to the monster, mystery castle, dark theme more than anything else. The fact it just happens to have Alice Cooper's music in it is a bonus.
Thumbs up or down are welcome but I'll put my flame suit on just in case.

Right on Kim. 100% theme first for me too. This game is gonna be really cool.

1 week later
#2617 1 year ago

I don't get the "freak out" either. It's a different pin with great art, cool animations, Bowen assisting with rules (that alone is HUGE), and "different" is a great thing.

For me the theme is perfect, nightmare haunted castle that just happens to be based around Alice Cooper appropriate tunes.

I got to meet AC in Maui years ago. My dad played golf with him. He couldn't believe what a normal nice guy he was! And good golfer/sports fan.

#2682 1 year ago

At the end of the day, let's be thankful for Spooky pinball, regardless of # we will get a great game!

1 week later
#2788 1 year ago

I'm looking at Halloween timeframe. Perfect!

I'm more excited about this game than the IMDNLE i have coming.

#2818 1 year ago
Quoted from riggy469:

It would be nice if Spooky could have Bowen post a video of some gameplay without any voltage issues or what not so prospective buyers can see the game being played as intended.

Def like to see that. I always like to be reminded what a crapper I am!

#2905 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

We are in on the 'Big titties, buttery edition'. (I love titties btw, essentially we want it all on this pin)...
Now that being said, I have selected the blue hardware but the last pics that I saw from Texas were not impressive at all and the coin door just negatively contrasts it in plain ol' black. It was said that the blue at the show was just a 'quick' job but unless it is 'titties' I'll drop to the grey powder coat or consider anything else that they might have. We would opt in for a matching coin door though, whatever is selected (if available).

Who doesn't love big titties with saucer nips

#2908 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Shaker, Knocker, Art blades and Plastic protectors are a must for starters.

Knockers are a must have! Big ones.

3 weeks later
#3041 1 year ago

Shit you guys are out in the corn fields. I love it!

Lots of expansion room

1 week later
#3100 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

the hints being dropped long ago make it sound as though its a foregone conclusion. whysnow gave most of us the impression it was close to selling out over a month ago. assuredly it will, and certainly sometime in the next 18 months that it will take to produce them all. with 50 machines going to AC charities, a sellout requires only 450 additional buyers.
and that gives us something to think about. with the game sold out, whatever anyone has to say [good, bad, or indifferent] regarding any aspect of the game will not interfere with spookys ability to sell any additional machines; it will not have a bearing on spookys obligation to produce those 500 units; and it will not have a bearing on the 500 buyers obligation to buy said 500 units. seems like any talk about ACNC will have no affect on sales or production and, in that respect, certainly nothing worth getting upset about.

Thanks Eugene from TWD. Good to see you are chiming in during the season break.

1 month later
#3461 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

lets see how far I can get with another constructive recommendation before getting trashed.
I don't need to come to benton in order to see 'exactly what is going on' - and neither does anyone else who is unable to make a similar trip. I understand jack danger with be at spooky HQ in two days with his camera rig in tow. what perfect timing for customers/distributors/the industry/the curious. in addition to the gameplay stream, an opportunity presents itself to show everyone 'exactly whats going on' by allowing jack to tour the facility as part of his broadcast. probably 10 minutes to walk through the warehouse/barn and then across the street to see how that is coming together. even if he simply recorded footage to edit later for someone to authorize that would still be better than nothing.
if people are speculating/wondering, its understandable given whats taken/failed to take place going during the past several months. just read most of whysnows recent posts made in spookys defense/behalf to see who is the real 'boy wonder'.
given the number of customers patiently waiting for games, it would go a long way for them to see what could be shown during a factory tour. a surefire way to reduce speculation and wonderment, while helping to further legitimize [apparently whysnow believes stern has done this for spooky recently] the company.
hope and expect bowen to be there. if not, it will be a missed opportunity and a big disappointment. having the creator of the rules there to explain them, HUGE. we would also witness arguably one of the greatest players of our time shooting the game. in addition, he has had nearly three months to practice on one of the prototypes. will be interesting to see if mere mortals are allowed to give it a go.

Are you drunk?

#3572 1 year ago

Really excited for this game

Great job guys!

1 week later
#3729 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Sold another ACNC in NZ.
That’ll be 4x ACNC coming on NZ - more than WOZ, Hobbit, DI and probably some of the stern pins.
Thanks to NZ customers for supporting Spooky!

I thought the distro in New Zealand was a total stiff?

Good job RD.

Btw, just watched a bit of the recent stream. Looks freaking awesome guys.

I love the artwork and video!!!

The layout is different and that works for me. I don't want every one of my pins to have a typical cookie cutter fan layout.

1 week later
#3812 1 year ago

Every time i look at it I'm blown away by the artwork. Just phenomenal guys!

3 weeks later
#3975 1 year ago

This is just another example of people rushing to line up on a pin afraid that they are going to miss out on something.

Charlie even said up front, "don't put the deposit down unless you are sure you want one"....."and if not sure then you should wait to play it and decide later".

It's hard to see another route here that Spooky could take. Next time the people lining up with deposits will be much shorter and the sales will play out the way they probably should.

Still will end up in the same place sales wise overall.

#4013 1 year ago

I don't see how anybody can really evaluate the game and say its a POS when it hasn't been "out there" and the code is nowhere near complete and much farther along than anyone else has seen.

Yes the "code" and integration matters a lot!

I like difficult games and i can remember EVERYBODY hammering TWD at the outset, calling it "the Walking Dud", "clunky", "too hard", except myself of course. Loved it from day one and it became one of the greatest pins ever.

Now we have an excellent theme here with what looks to be fantastic integration of audio and video, and the greatness of Bowen helping guide the gameplay along with Fawzma and team.

Thus, its totally ridiculous to think anybody knows how this game is gonna end up yet. Have a little F ing patience!

#4033 1 year ago

Let me clarify my post above, I was not comparing ACNC to TWD from the standpoint that it will be that great! I hope it will, but it doesn't need to be.

I agree with Kman that you really can't LOVE it or HATE it at this point. How many people have really even played it with updated code?

What i do LOVE about it:

1) The Artwork is sensational

2) Great looking LCD integration and theme

3) The "potential" for GREAT coding with Fozzy and Bowen

All the above make it worth owning for me.

As for "geometry"? Let me take BM66 for example, is it a "geometrical masterpiece". Uh not even close. In fact its relatively elementary and the shots are easy but the game is GREAT, why?

DIFFERENT is good in my book, that's why my Ac/dc and SM Ritchie pins are gone. I don't give a F about "flow". Every pin has "flow" when you hit your shots.

People that don't like it or dropped out for whatever reasons, its always good to hear the negatives in the eye of others but I don't really give a F, I'm sure I'll love it when i get to play it in home!

So let's all rock and roll, there is no right or wrong, only shades of both and somewhere in between.

#4035 1 year ago

F ed up my edit and I'm only on my 3rd beer

1 month later
#4206 1 year ago
Quoted from tp:

I enjoyed playing this beauty at york. All this talk about clunkfest is bs. If you can't hit the shots your not to good at pinball. But that's ok, cuz if you put one in your gameroom you'll get better. If one were available to take home it woulda left with me.

Exactly, that's the definition of "clunky". You suck at playing that game and can't hit the shots.

If you want a boring F ing ramp fest buy SM or AC/DC and hit easy ramp shots and orbits all day long.

TWD is "clunky", until its not, until you get better by playing it!

Get that line moving Spooky! Want #161 in house.

#4219 1 year ago

Do we know what # we are up to?

3 weeks later
#4492 1 year ago
Quoted from mjalexan:

Someone asked for a chart so here's a 1st draft. This is a very simple model with the following assumptions:
18 months of production, starting June 1
20 production days per month
360 production days, 1.388 games per production day, 27.77 games per month
no corrections for ramp up, holidays, playing hooky or shutdowns due to godzilla attack.
Posters who have provided a game number are listed with an estimated delivery month

[quoted image]

Patience required.

1 month later
#4773 11 months ago

If the code is still that sparse then I don't care about getting my game for several more months.

I realize that Spooky needs the $1k deposits to fund production but man depending on theme I don't think i would do it again. It's hard to lock yourself in and then get delayed for so long.

#4775 11 months ago
Quoted from thirdedition:

What has been delayed? They said they would have the games out in 18 months and it hasn't been that long yet.

You are kidding right?

Based on "early projections" when i put my order in, #161, I'd be getting my game around Halloween 2018.

Not even close, and Spooky should have just said we are going to complete all of the TNA orders before we move to ACNC.

"18 months" isn't what i signed up for at #161 . Just saying. I doubt I'll do it again. Too many people selling pre order spots anyhow. I'll just wait and get a pin next time with more flexibility.

1 month later
#4958 10 months ago

Charlie, can you give us an update on how many games have shipped and what is the approx number of games going out the door on a weekly basis now that it’s full time ACNC?

#4967 10 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

I don't get it, months ago they were in the teens. I'm seeing facebook photos of games getting loaded on trucks yet people in the 30's still haven't got a final payment call yet.. Can someone help me wrap my head around this? People must be getting those games by now, right??

Some explanation would be nice.

But i would speculate like others that those games are going to distributors who are allotted certain number ranges?

Still, you would think those would be the early numbers?

2 weeks later
#5035 9 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

What would make sense to me is if someone sells their spot then that game moves to the end of the list as if that person just signed up.

What would make sense is to not go down this road again.

Live and learn. And you'd think i would have "learned" by now.

There is someone trying to sell their #139 spot for $500 and no one is biting. If you had to go to the end of the line what chance would he have of unloading his spot? Zero.

#5050 9 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

I think tna quantity was not expected to be so high and that really derailed the summer 2018 plans. I’m just pumped tna is officially put to bed and now it is all alice

I guess that's good problem to have in a lot of ways for Spooky.

I would imagine they regret saying "games will begin shipping by June 1st, really...we promise" while collecting the "non refundable" cash.

While a lot of people don't care about delays, I get it, can you understand why some people might have relied on that "promise" to set a time line to get a game, within a reasonable amount of delay?

The issue is "non refundable" tied in with a substantial delay. People want to compare to JJP but those deposits were always fully refundable and i got my TH full refund after that fiasco.

Like i said, live and learn.

#5054 9 months ago

Btw, its not to distract from what looks like a great effort and cool game. It is what it is.

#5084 9 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

I think I explained it..all the extras add up. $125 in my mind might be better spent elsewhere. Everyone has a budget but you? I'll already be paying and arm & a leg for the machine. Just my thought process.

I wouldn't spend the extra $125 if i were you. If you are stressing about it don't do it.

1 week later
#5149 9 months ago

My $550 for BCRF still stands.

Or, I'll match another $1k if Charlie wants to send my deposit to BCRF.

#5162 9 months ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Not sure why Charlie should send your deposit to charity? If you sell it at a reduced rate Spooky still breaks even or am I missing something?

Well I'm not buying this game now. My mistake. This locked in deposit strategy has worked this one time. Not gonna happen again.

So he can keep it.

#5166 9 months ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Musketd was looking to buy a spot at a reduced price . You were selling your spot at a reduced price . You could sell your spot to him and recover some of your deposit .

My spot has been listed in the marketplace, crickets except for $350 offer. I guess that's about where the market is right now.

#5174 9 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Timeline has always been by the end of 2019.

It wasn’t supposed to be back end loaded like that.

They “promised” to begin shipping last June after taking deposits

That would have me #164 around Halloween time based on their own schedule

I’ve bought several other games since then

The extreme delay isn’t what I bargained for

I def won’t ever do it again

It’s all good! Just waiting it out

1 week later
#5287 8 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

A couple weeks sounds off. I'm 59 and not a word yet but I haven't bothered them with a call and don't want to They're busy enough as it is and won't get me further up the line.

So just wait for the call then

It’s so far beyond delayed what does it matter at this point?

#5290 8 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

Ice, whats the point of adding negativity to this thread? I’m sure you can find another thread about another machine to get excited/positive about

Just reality man. Yes I'm excited about a lot of pins, really including this one. They don't get a pass.

Spooky better worry about a time in the future when people like myself don't give a shit to even care about production delays of future pins. I'll be in other pin delivery threads then. Unless they do better.

Just saying. If you are #59 then no need to post, sit back and relax, soon enough. Got it?

#5292 8 months ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

I posted because 79 was told a few weeks and that doesn’t sound correct if 54 and 59 have not been given the 2 weeks heads up yet

I get it. Nothing makes sense with ACNC and this delivery. Patience, this is pinball and its NOT Stern, thus it is what it is

#5294 8 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

At least the code is more mature. I look forward to playing it...and not waiting for code updates...weeks, or months...or never...ie ghostbusters.

Good point. Hopefully with only one game to code for Spooky we won't end up with a GB, although its still pretty good, i have one. We know the story, "code coming"

Not sure what the state of the code is other than what i hear from those that own it. Doesn't really matter to me as long as they finish it off.

1 week later
#5450 8 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I concur. I’ve seen some of their stuff and generally it’s well done - but you can’t give a game a proper review after one or two games.

You think RD? Maybe 10 games? Pathetic on their part and clueless

Quoted from tbutler6:

They can’t please everybody, but I don’t care for Nick. in his last ones he came across arrogant about not giving a damn about his route games. Then they don’t mention anything negative about WOZ YBR? Don’t lose sleep off of this clip..

A couple of arrogant dopes that played a few games on a pin and basically suck. Not the first time

Quoted from trilogybeer:

The rules are fantastic ! The monster modes are great . Each one has a unique feel to it and they utilize different shots on the playfield . The game also does a very good job of visually showing what you should be shooting for in each mode . Well done ,thank you.

And you own it and have played it a few hundred times so I'll go with those opinions over the above.

#5451 8 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

In saying that, the podcasters wield so much influence on this hobby - JJP has figured that out as you can see with his launch of Wonka. And the coverage is all FREE. And as we have seen this week, it is not very hard to whip some people in this hobby into a buying frenzy. Very clever from Jack.


But not really, people buying pinball machines for $10k are MUCH smarter than listening to some dope drone on regarding whether or not they like a new pin or not.

The pin will speak for itself, always.

There might be a few stupid people that buy off of some podcast but it ain't happening in big numbers.

#5455 8 months ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Guys, these were our first impressions based on what we played at TPF, and not a full fledged review, and we labeled it as such. We’ll get a chance to play the game more later in the month in a home environment, and the owner is pretty excited about what it has to offer. I’m looking forward to it.
There’s no doubt about it in my mind though that this is a tough game that is going to take a good amount of practice in a home environment to get good at. I appreciate that it’s got a unique layout and not the tried and true “two ramps, two orbits and a bash target” and I’m hopeful that the code will put it over the top. The game is certainly beautiful, there’s no doubt about that.
Not every game is for everyone and that’s OK!

Yeah well you sound like an arrogant ...... You are obviously just trying to put up some content on a podcast that makes zero sense after playing only a few games.

No need to pander now and waffle after that pathetic review.

You guys are so full of shit.

#5457 8 months ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

sorry I like this

Glad you like the truth.

I'm getting tired of all these podcast dopes.

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