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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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#1190 1 year ago


#1191 1 year ago
Quoted from Rasavage:

New proprietary system, old system, PROC...whatever. How does the game play, look, and sound?

Since we’re not going get much more in that dept. until the big unveil at TPF, it’s fun to talk technical stuff in the meantime.

So, what about flipper latency? Will the flipper response drop everytime the screen has start a new animation sequence? . Why not? How do you test flipper latency?

Will the HD animations run at like 15 frames/sec like spike 2 seems to a lot of the time?

Will AC use the same speaker setup as TNA?

#1228 1 year ago
Quoted from Aphex:

I'm looking forward to see the final product. It looks like they knocked 1 thing out of the park already (at least for myself) the display. and yes I'm basing this off of a screen cap. Either way, it shows each players score displayed in a respective corner (hopefully without jumping around or disappearing randomly, I understand that might happen to avoid screen damage) current location in the game, Ball, decent looking graphics/animations, and instructions for the player... and not 50,000 other things cluttering up the only info I need...
Dialed in aside, other JJP games have information overload on screen which is overwhelming for a new/casual player. I haven't spent much time on Aerosmith but the few times I have the LCD seems to be a jumbled mess.

The large font and high contrast for the score display is certainly a step in the right direction. However, we all know that scores should really live in dedicated score displays in the BG, ala TNA.

#1233 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

On pinHeck8 the microcontroller is "still in charge" Linux doesn't make any game decisions.
So you'll have the same 1ms response time as all other pinHeck titles.

As science intended! Nothing like riding the bare-metal baby! Enough of this 6 layers of emulated abstraction between my flipper buttons and the ball. I'm just that fast! ...at least that's what my wife tells me.

#1236 1 year ago
Quoted from spoke:

"That fast" or "too fast"?

...better not to ask for potentially embarrassing clarifications.

1 month later
#1432 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

So it's no LE then.

LE's suck. Just buy the game and add whatever "I have $ to burn" upgrades you want.

...and there's only 500 of them, so they are ALL LE's by definition.

#1433 1 year ago
Quoted from westofrome:

From FB...a sheer nightie over the playfield. This is some fine pinball strip tease burlesque.

Wow, that's the opposite of "invisiglass"!

That LCD art looks fantastic! Comic book style is perfect.

Shit, I hate it when companies make games I actually might want...

#1861 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

An updated display for RZ is an unlikely as a colorized AMH.
HD LCD's are a content nightmare. I really feel manufacturers shot themselves in the foot making the jump.

I totally agree. All those resources/budget used to make a pretty video presentation (that I never see if I'm playing anyway) that could have gone into the game mechs, toys, or how about adding some quality back where needed and maybe lowering the price??

In a lineup of modern LCD games and say a MMr remake with the "32-bitty" color screen, the MMr is by far the most compelling presentation.

2 weeks later
#2354 1 year ago

If you haven’t done so listen to the latest episode of the Spooky Pinball Podcast, lots of good post-TPF announcement discussion there.

Sounds like the game will be way more functional at MGC next weekend as they rapidly port more of the code over to the PROC system.

4 weeks later
#2862 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Hopefully they ring in on this. We need snappy flippers!

Quoted from RustyLizard:

It's an issue now because the Pinside worry mill has started spinning.

Yeah, I just heard that if they can't dial in the flipper strength before the game has to go on the line they might have to remove the flippers and replace them with one little flipper in the middle of the playfield that spins around when you press either flipper button...

1 month later
#3105 1 year ago
Quoted from BudManPinFan:

Quick question, where does Spooky put the power button on it’s pins? I’m rearranging things and trying to figure out the best place to locate my ACNC when I eventually get it.

Lower right corner under the cabinet, like Zuess intended!

4 months later
#4174 1 year ago

Love the full RGB lighting on this game. Going to be very Spoooooky!

2 months later
#4741 11 months ago
Quoted from BudManPinFan:

A little off topic, but has anyone heard the Nita Strauss album Controlled Chaos? I was surprised by how good it was. I knew she was a good guitar player but she’s really better than you can tell from just seeing her with AC. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of good guitar shredding.
[quoted image]

Gave this a listen based on your recommendation. Amazing! She can really crank!

#4808 11 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Bowen isn't an experienced coder, though. Perhaps he'll be great on rules, but however quickly he picks up coding (he only started to learn around the time of being hired), it'll be a steep learning curve, and I can't imagine he will speed anything up coding wise for quite some while.
Scott specifically said he wasn't doing code on HHP, at Expo, actually. He also said it was undecided if he'd do music, audio, lighting etc.
In a recent stream chat (about a week or 10 days ago), I asked him about that ... he said that he'd probably end up doing music, audio and lighting himself.
So unless something's changed, he's not doing code on HHP, though I'm sure pretty much everyone would like him to. His support of TNA has been absolutely stellar.

I feel like there is no way Scott wouldn't do the music on this own game at least. Kind of a deal-breaker if he doesn't... (not a threat or anything).

3 weeks later
#4939 10 months ago
Quoted from SpookyKT:

Spooky Pinball LLC is feeling cold.
29 mins ·
Kayte just talked to R&L Freight... with record cold temps the next 48 hours (60 BELOW ZERO WIND CHILL?!?) games will be held until next Monday to keep the drivers out of harms way. We are leaving all the non-Benton minions home tomorrow to keep them safe as well. Public schools, colleges, public services, businesses, most everything is shutting down. This is a bit crazy... even for Wisconsin! Our apologies to the people who are waiting. We'll keep your games safe and warm!

I saw this movie once... "The Day After Tomorrow". Seemed far-fetched at the time.

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