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Spooky Pinball 3rd Game - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

By ZenTron

2 years ago

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Post #81 Ben Heck confirming theme is not The Munsters Posted by benheck (2 years ago)

Post #789 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by SpookyCharlie (2 years ago)

Post #1998 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by Pinbaltz (1 year ago)

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#17 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Old cartoon is what I suspect

In my FB feed today I have 2 "On this day" type posts for cartoons that I think would make for great pins.

#157 2 years ago
Quoted from DarkTruth:

It would be interesting for a future release to be voted on by the fans. If Charlie's said "here's 3 choices, which license should we pursue?"

I could see Spooky being able to do that. Would be interesting for sure, but can't imagine the bellyaching that would go on on this site for the people who didn't have their vote win. I think the Spooky crowd is a little better with that, but still.

#162 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

If you search wikileaks you can find how much Stern paid to Sony for Spiderman (or at least some of the payments). Just over $54k during this timespan, as a frame of reference.

Seriously? Whitewood leaks would play second fiddle to financial leaks from my thinking.

#180 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

layout looks phenomenal.

Have you shot it? It's a very nice shooting game. Played several games on it at Arcade Expo this year. There are a lot of animations though, and the screen size is larger than even a double high DMD that Ben has talked about. Would be a tough sell in my house, and maybe even my location, even though I do love the theme.

#182 2 years ago

I actually was talking to a friend of mine about retheming his Baywatch into Archer. He brought it up and it was a day or two before I was leaving on a cruise. So I put the first 4 seasons on my tablet and when there was some down time I watched a little here and there. Got through most of things on the plane though. By the end of the cruise, I had a page or two of modes/goals in notes on my phone. It is a theme that just writes itself. Another good side is there is a lot of material. What I have is literally nothing like what Keith and Randy did as far as modes. There is just so much content. I found out about the archer machine shown above like 2 weeks after that cruise. Funny timing, great layout.

1 month later
#215 2 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I get why it is time limited, but I wish that it would be available for a bit more time. I'm seriously interested in a Domino's, but I don't have the money at the moment, and I haven't played it to see if it is a game I would sell something I currently own for. Considering it was just unveiled a few months ago, I wish it would be another 6 months or so before sales closed...
Having said that, I also totally get they need to order parts and put them together in the right quantity, so I get that... Now the only question is if I should just bite the bullet and order one, or potentially regret it later...

It's $1k down and then the rest when yours is shipping, so it's not too brutal.

This should take you to post 515. This is the first production machine. Looks fast and flowy with some early code (really just unbalanced scoring that will be fixed). Best part is that by the time the game would be on the way, things would be pretty mature. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/dominos-pinball-official-thread-translite-reveal/page/11#post-3426817

When I talked to KT, she was saying that the end of the line would likely be shipping early summer 2017, so a good amount of time to get the cash ready to go.

1 week later
#260 2 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I'm still surprised at how underpowered the Pinheck is, given the processors available today. Seeing programmers talk about limited resources and finding space in 2016 is very retro.

AMH started off as a one-off project and Ben said that he liked the original microcontroller, so was just going to use it. I mean it surprises me as well, but I bet once they find the hardware sweetspot that will support a double high DMD size display, that will be used for quite a while.

1 week later
#280 2 years ago

Super Mario Bros has a tube as a part of the habitrail that comes down the left side. It works with the theme, but I wonder how much cost reduction it would be for that compared to a full wire or ramp.

3 weeks later
#364 2 years ago

What I'm really hoping for is a Dialed In style reveal so that buyers can play the game and then put down their non-refundable 1k. TPF is late March, so it would be cool to see it there as it's the next large show coming up. Then it would obviously be shown at MGC as well.

If this is the plan for contract game #2, that would be cool as well. Maybe Expo 2017 for Spooky #3.

1 week later
#389 2 years ago


I did say that this is the path I would take. Even more excited for TPF now and hope the game is far enough along because I will make a decision that weekend. Been holding off for months on a purchase waiting for this.

#405 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

you dont know Ben very well... guy labels seriously everything. I think his label maker even has a label on it, hahaha.

And he has a sense of humor that makes him an almost perfect soft core troll when he wants to be.

2 months later
#509 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

That's not a clue, that's just a picture they took to show they are on their way to TPF.

Everything is a clue.

Looking forward to the session.

#821 2 years ago

Charlie, remind me again who did the art? My Google fu is weak with this one.

5 months later
#949 1 year ago

TNA #1 delivered and streamed without a hint that it was actually #1, and now Charlie shows that he's been lurking with the cool new art pieces shown in the mag. Pretty amazing self restraint.

4 months later
#1063 1 year ago

Teaser vid was very well done. I love a lot of what was shown but also that they are still keeping a lot back. I'm really looking forward to seeing and playing the total package at TPF.

The coated wireforms, the cartoon art style of the display (freaking love that!), the molded pieces. So much good stuff.

1 week later
#1244 1 year ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

Have a listen to the latest pinball profile with Jeff Teolis!
Mr. Cooper got handed 47 pages of speech. So yes he is going to be saying custom stuff!

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the honesty that Charlie provides. Things like "I'm never not nervous" and the tone are very genuine and I think goes a long way with public perception.

1 month later
#1360 1 year ago

Digging the newly shown art.

Did Bug grow like a foot since last year? Kid looks huge.

#1382 1 year ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Second the request for a live stream! Anyone gonna stream the reveal on twitch?

I might be able to. It'll be on an iPhone on a tripod during the presentation and then likely handheld for gameplay. I'll ask in the TPF thread.


#1386 1 year ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I'll have my computer and cameras down there already for some stuff so if Spooky wants it streamed I'm sure we can make it happen.

Even better.

"Some stuff" you say?

1 week later
#1863 1 year ago
Quoted from herg:

I'm going to say an updated RZ display is less likely. Granted, this is not done, but it's well underway.
ยป YouTube video


#1917 1 year ago


This is just one reason why I'm a Spooky fan.

1 week later
#2286 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I swear Alice has to be one of the busiest guys still touring. He's playing shows for Alice Cooper, did the Jesus Christ Superstar Live! show last night. Then it looks like he's going right into an oversees tour with Hollywood Vampires.

And his "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio show.

1 month later
#3039 1 year ago

spookycharlie is easily one of my favorite pinball people. My buddy is on the AC list (don't remember his number) and we are very excited to watch things progress. ACNC #whatever on route in Tucson as soon as it's delivered and we are looking forward to it.

2 weeks later
2 weeks later
#3245 1 year ago

I'm guessing the first shipped game is going to PAPA. They have the setup to do multi-camera tutorials, and guess who does those...

1 month later
#3856 11 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

It was said to be 2 weeks from the last one. 4 weeks will be this Monday.
I suspect they'd like to have considerable progress to show (fixed spinner and some other shot issues), and more to the point code that's a lot further along.
Bonus would probably be having Bowen there to coincide.
Given those things, I doubt 2 weeks made sense when they actually thought about it. Plus they have to liaise with DF.
I understand TILT in Minneapolis are getting one soon. I'd be surprised if Rudy Soup doesn't stream that on the Buffalo Pinball channel.

I watched the post-tournament video of AC at Ayce Goge (?) last night. The 9 minute video posted previously of the various music really had me wanting to see some gameplay. The video I watched showed super bare code. Stern gets destroyed when they ship early code and this was very early. The biggest things that stuck out was one player shooting the center target over and over to change monster, and then shooting loops over an over changing the rooms. Somebody remarked how a lot of that isn't in there yet. The Frankenstein locks and multiball are there and working, but there was one instance of something odd going on.

All in all I think this will be like BM66. A steady increase in features and code because Fawzma is a dedicated person. There are two things you can't change, layout and art. I think those are covered, so no worries there. The display is amazingly well done. It might be the most attractive display presentation I have ever seen in a game. The custom music, based on that 9 minute video is this really cool mesh of old surf music and rockabilly, which works really well. I have to admit that I had the disco song tormenting me as I tried to fall asleep last night. Probably because that was one of the only modes people were able to get into.

I was really, really looking forward to having one of these local. My business partner was in the upper 300's and this was close to his dream theme. He passed away a few weeks ago and I just can't pick up the torch on his spot after buying out his side of the business. I know there will be a few others in state and maybe one day one will make its way to Tucson. If nothing else, I played it at TPF 2018 and will be very happy to play it again there in 2019.

#3859 11 months ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Just wait... it's only getting started. Fawzma is dedicated, and having Bowen on board to help get that dedication put to the best possible use has been INCREDIBLE! Always some speed bumps on this stuff when learning to be a team, but we are... all of us. And it's ONLY GETTING BETTER. Bunyip on animations, Fawzma on code, Bowen on direction, Scott as another set of eyes. My only job is to make sure the talent is all better than I am and keep it together.
You'll see some new features, some refinement of old stuff, and a whole lot more diversity in the code. Just taking what exists and making it less repetitive and more FUN!
We lost a lot of time and work on the system change back in February, and some learning along the way, but it's coming together... you've seen hints of that, but lots more to come! The differences since the streams that have gone out are immense, and still much to do.
Patience will be rewarded for everyone... and not just on Alice. We intend to clean up all our games when time allows. For a team this small, we're doing just fine.

Just so it's clear, none of what I wrote was meant as a dig. Improvements have been made, and noted. One thing I can point to is the magnetic ball save. At TPF I had it grab the ball, hold it, and fling it straight up just a little. From the IEpinball video that has obviously been tweaked. That's just one of the things.

My biggest goal early on with a new pin is how are the goals presented, and can I learn them based on what the game has to offer. Example: I didn't get the skill shot slot machine wheels at first. I thought it was a 3-part series you had to do to complete the skill shot (because hey, Rob Zombie). Turns out within a few balls I figured out that it was going to pick 3 shots and you had to hit one of those shots, maybe within a certain time (i.e, NOT Ghostbusters) to collect the skill shot. Another example, shoot the center to select your monster, shoot the loops to move through the mansion. It's on the screen, and those are the inserts blinking. That might not be the final setup, but the information is there.

Keep doing your thing. In Spooky we (I) trust.

2 weeks later
#3979 10 months ago

As Arizona was getting whacked on Saturday, I noticed that Houston's punter is from Bunyip, Australia. Is that how Dave got his nickname?

And no matter how much you contort your finger, Taylor Reese still has you beat.

#3983 10 months ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Sort of... he's Aussie, and a fairly mythical monster (which is also Spooky). Kinda just works!

I didn't even know about the monster until I threw things into Google to spell check. Very cool that it all ties together.

1 month later
#4428 8 months ago

That display art is so good. I have a feeling the closest one to me is going to be about 120 miles away, but I'll be seeking it out when they start landing.

3 weeks later
#4580 7 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Beware the Spooky defenders. If you post something even remotely critical they may pounce.
Per Charlie production for this pin began in June, almost 6 months ago. If they are have only shipped 20-ish so far then they are way behind all reasonable expectations.
"Have you not realized Spooky isn't Stern already? You should have done your homework." What a stupid remark.

He also has TNA's to try to pump out before moving them to line 1 and AC to line 2 and eventually AC to both lines. There was an issue with a ramp not coming out properly, and probably a few other smaller things that have all been mentioned. I don't think that anyone questioning the production pace is wrong, but they (Spooky) don't have to stomp on the gas pedal either. I can't remember it right now, but Charlie has said that he fully intends to get all ACs out by the deadline they had said. Hopefully they are able to do that, because they have a very strong history of doing what they set out to.

I don't have one that I'm waiting for, so this is easier for me, but TNA's keep getting delivered (check out that thread) so it's not like they aren't doing ANYTHING in Benton.

#4611 7 months ago

I think using the ones digit as an indicator for a major milestone is brilliant. I expect that to be copied quite heavily.

3 months later
#5141 4 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Sweet! Will see you down in Frisco! Can not wait to try new code..

I don't think they are coming, but will have some games there anyway.

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