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Spooky Halloween… He’s coming to your Home

By wfumed2

4 months ago

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#119 3 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I'll almost 100% be in on Halloween, and almost 100% be in for a CE. I love John Carpenter and while I wish it was an Apocalypse Trilogy pin (The Thing, Prince Of Darkness, In The Mouth Of Madness), I'm pumped on this! I wrote up some thoughts in the other thread but they got buried by people speculating on the second games titles.
Here is a break from all the speculation with some of my own thoughts on potential gameplay and rules for Halloween without any thought given to anything except theme and the basic story beats of the first movie.
*Playing as Michael Myers*
-Kill sister
-Escape Smiths Grove Sanitorium
-Return home (and see Laurie Strode)
-Stalk Laurie
-Spy on babysitter Annie Brackett, kill the dog and kill her
-Kill Bob Simms, put on ghost costume and pose as him, then kill Lynda Van Der Klok
-Stalk and attack Laurie, she escapes
-Sneak into Doyle house where Laurie is hiding and attack her again, she stabs you with a knitting needle and escapes
-Awaken, search house and find her hiding in the closet, she stabs you with a coat hanger in the eye and chest with your own knife
-Awaken again, find Laurie, attempt to attack her, she pulls your mask off, Loomis shoots you.
-Awaken, escape, begin again
This would lose a lot of the menace, dread and atmosphere that the movie has, but would have the deepest options for rules. Making shots to progress the story, "side quests" to deal with non-laurie/non-loomis stuff, building a dread meter, etc. Could be some really fun bonus multiplier stuff through the use of that. I'm not a fan of bonus multipliers, but it's one way to do it that is actually interesting and makes sense to the theme. "Winning" would be just progressing the beats of the story, maybe doing some extra kills for points, etc.
*Playing as Laurie*
Lots of evasion, making shots to fight back against Michael, investigating different locations, etc. Not a super dull way to do it, as the looming menace of Michaels approach and presence would make for great atmosphere, but definitely wouldn't have the deepest rules if going purely from a movie-beats standpoint. I could see a "win" scenario of going off the path of the movie by warning and saving others from being killed. It would be really fun to have a "final girl" multiball where making shots fights back against him. This would be more of a meta thing, but could be really bad ass. I wouldn't mind if the gameplay beats didn't stick strictly to the movie beats. It's not a deep movie, as some have griped about, but that doesn't mean you're completely handcuffed to it. The idea of Michael as an unkillable force of nature (as John Carpenter and Deborah Hill intended) and Laurie as a true Final Girl is pretty much canon at this point so I can't see the license being adverse to that.
*Playing as Dr. Samuel Loomis*
-Bumble your way through ineptitude and thousand-yard-stare warnings as Michael escapes from your custody, steals your car and kills people because you were useless
-Shoot him, but don't kill him, because you can't even get that right
Just kidding, but I would mostly see this an "investigator" style of gameplay where you follow the leads to find Michael while trying to warn others of the danger of him. It would have a lot in common with Laurie mode of helping others, but I can't see it as being nearly as fun.
*Playing as a random*
-This is a classic license approach, don't use stars because they cost too much and don't want to do the voice work, get some other voice actor to do the voice work, make the game loosely tied to the movie at best. Throw in some story locations and beats to tie it in. Walking Dead is a perfect example of this. As Walking Dead (eventually) proved, the game can be good despite that flaw, so it's not a total bummer, but it does take away from the game some.
-I can see gameplay for this being very open ended and actually giving way to a much deeper ruleset since it's not handcuffed to anything in particular. The problem with this movie is that there isn't any great choices for the character you play as, it's a pretty small story. Maybe a police officer? Sheriff Leigh Brackett? That would work well for tying in with the babysitter/his daughter.
Basically, I don't see this as a super deep game unless they go with a meta-gameplay route, but I don't think that hurts the game at all. The theme is an absolute killer, the artwork (so far) looks amazing, and I can't wait to see what they do with it!

Shit, that seems deep af with 3 playfields lol.

#126 3 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Love it! It's such a great game and it just keeps getting better with all the fixes and modes and stuff. It's a game that requires time spent on getting it set up right, but once it's set up, it's very solid.

TNA and R&M are the reason I took the plunge. There might be some work to set up, but the service after the fact gives me confidence.

1 week later
#132 3 months ago

Yall need to watch this, ya psychos! Its hillarikillity!

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