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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#2307 56 days ago

Just got notice that the one headed to North End Pub in Lafayette, IN should be ready next week!

#2311 56 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

What number are you?

14 I believe.

#2327 55 days ago

I've picked up all my spooky games in person so far, the drive sucks, but seeing that place and crew is worth it to me.

#2452 49 days ago

#14 just got shipping email today

#2465 48 days ago

Arrived safely

835EE504-BD90-4F6A-A86F-F87FC21FEEF8 (resized).jpeg
#2512 42 days ago

Get hyped

02C8B2ED-F188-4321-A614-E0ADE44157B4 (resized).jpeg
#2729 38 days ago

Streamed actual gameplay today. Uploading to YouTube now. Game shoots really well. Animations are fine to me. Few rules need tweaked, combo exploit should be corrected. Game is tough but fun. Sorry didn’t talk much while playing if people want more explanation and stuff I can do another one sometime soon.


#2763 38 days ago

Here is the YouTube link for you non-twitch users. This was the first time I’ve used the camera between the flippers and I didn’t have a tripod with me so it was on a mic stand and part of that was basically making it impossible to nudge with my left hand at all. I’ll try to get back down to bar with a tripod later this week and get some better footage. As SpookyLuke stated I do think the modes are a bit tough. Not in a bad way but in a way they won’t all be completed often. The insert concerns are just unfounded as far as I’m concerned. I think the art looks 100% correct there and what is lit doesn’t bother me personally. Also this machine is not mine it belongs to Porkfritter so please don’t think I’m trying to keep the value on my machine up or alter the values of some other variant of the machine like some others may be. Just giving honest opinion on it. There are things I think need changed in the code but overall I’m happy with the game and find it fun and looking forward to future code updates.

#2765 38 days ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Thank you so much for posting. This was a great stream. The only thing that has me confused is the drop targets. Why weren't they dropping all the way when you hit them? Noticed many times you had to hit them numerous times as they gradually went down.

Yeah I need to lift the playfield and check them out. I suspect they need some minor adjustments but with all my streaming rig set up it would have been about impossible to get the glass off and lift the playfield. I’m planning to go take a look at it tomorrow after work.

00832734-C94A-4A74-881C-2A6955321B3B (resized).jpeg
#2861 36 days ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

I'm not going to tell anyone what to do w their spot or their money. I'm just going to add this...
I've been operating the game for a little less than a week, and the feedback I'm getting from players has been well beyond what I expected, considering the code being so premature. I've been told it's incredibly fun, and that the house upper playfield is one of the best in pinball, for it's rules and flow. the level of return/repeat play I've seen is definitely higher than any previous Spooky title I've operated. People are just loving it. That can of course change with time.
It's my opinion (and I stress "opinion") that anyone bailing out now, especially for a loss on their deposit, is comparable to folks selling a stock out of fear after it crashes, only to watch it go back up without them.
anyway, do what you want with that information.

Ditto, ours is doing quite well.

#3066 30 days ago
Quoted from metallik:

Also, perhaps they can create a sound effect that only plays when an inlane eject occurs. Think of the scoop and saucer eject sounds we always hear in Funhouse, Whirlwind, etc. If the eject sound has top priority (always playing over other sounds when neeed), it won't take long to associate it with inlane feeds.
(My mind just thought of Keefer getting completely hosed by a soundless Tron scoop eject in a tourney... sounds are important!)

The lights flash and their is a distinct sound only used to tell players the ball is coming from the lifter. It takes like 3 games to get accustomed to this change in traditional game play, it makes handling multiballs challenging and fun. Everyone will be fine.

#3094 29 days ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Drove to North End Bar tonight to play it .Brought my 13 year old for the ride but Halloween is in the bar section so I sent him with a handful of quarters to go play Dolly ,Monopoly ,and Baywatch ,needless to say he’s still mad at me lmao.Big Time eye candy,shoots fast,both uppers are fun (hoping there’s different ways to shoot the house as you move on in the game and maybe a left/right callout shot scenario dodging Micheals blows ?),shooting for the hedge multi ball was fun and easy passing left flipper to right ,I had a hard time hitting the grave but might’ve just been me.To me,If it’s going to stay where your locked out of sanitarium while in the house mode I’d suggest the machine go dark and use the jackolantern from the opening credits with the one on the playfield only lit flickering in unison .It takes 7-9 seconds to drop from the house until it’s on the right flipper and this would be real cool to see happen after all your “starting over” and what better way than to go to the start .Great job so far guys
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I wish you would have let me know you were coming down, always happy to meet up and play! Next time you visit let me know! Sorry about the 21+ in the bar, but well it's Indiana you know how genius our laws are.

#3128 27 days ago

I'm going to stream the game more tonight, the left side shots include 3 stand up targets, 3 scoops, and an orbit, I think if people actually paid attention to the rules of modes and multiballs they would appreciate the shots that are actually over there. Anyway, my suggestion to anyone is to go and actually play the machine somewhere.

#3130 27 days ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Yesssss I can't wait for the stream. Were you able to take a look at your drop targets?

Yep, I replaced them with traditional yellow Williams ones and they are working fine now. Spooky is doing some more testing of the clear ones and working directly with Pinball Life on it as well, at least of my last communication last week after the stream. It has made a big difference in the gameplay. The targets obviously don't light up like the clear ones, but the lighting is still easy to see at the base of the targets. I'm getting a better grasp of the rules and accustomed to the inlane feeds much better now as well.

#3163 27 days ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

I agree .I just played a handful by your place with the goal of just getting the feel for how it shoots .I think it was very fast and a very refreshing new layout with more shots than most pins .People need to remember it’s pinball, not a movie .The goal is scoring as usual and there seems to be many ways to score in this game .It’s real exiting how fast the ball moves from the main to the uppers .Thanks for doing another stream tonight and I’ll hit you up when heading back there .Last thing ,for those of you bailing without playing it your nuts .

Sorry, got caught up counting our coins for the month and doing a few repairs. With the code update coming decided to put off streaming until Sunday. Sorry everyone. Will post when going live on Sunday.

#3278 25 days ago

Code updated at North End Pub. Played a couple games really enjoyed and appreciated the changes. Planning to stream starting around 1PM tomorrow for a few hours. I think those worries will be very happy to see the direction the game is headed. Like Spooky has said it’s still early but obvious changes I saw were mode selection. More video clips. Better call outs and lighting to help grasp what you are attacking in modes. Twitch.tv/thisflippinpodcast for the stream tomorrow.

7FB00487-B730-4305-8B52-E26B491958ED (resized).jpegC39E2545-6C99-4B69-AB99-780906AA775C (resized).jpeg
#3299 24 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Where are we at in life where 3-6 seconds is such a crisis?
And the $30 screen isn’t “true black” like their $3000 TV.
Honestly sometimes I just wanna throw in the towel. I don’t know how some people get through the day without having a some sort of hemorrhage with the minute things that worry them.
I tell you what - thank the lord I’m not in the pinball manufacturing business. There’s no pleasing half these f**ckers.

RD I want to come visit and party and play pinball! Let’s make a plan!

#3320 24 days ago

About to go live with code update on twitch.tv/thisflippinpodcast

#3336 24 days ago

Streamed the game today and uploaded to YouTube.

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