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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#265 3 months ago

Got my halloween order through.11616#
My ultra man is stuck in the cart aaarrrghh!
Haven't gone through something like this since ps5.
Gotta be a better way.

#269 3 months ago
Quoted from tp:

Got my halloween order through.11616#
My ultra man is stuck in the cart aaarrrghh!
Haven't gone through something like this since ps5.
Gotta be a better way.

Woohoo just checked out with my ultraman also.

2 weeks later
#801 3 months ago

Order #11616 halloween ce
Game #471

Looking to move up if anyone wants to move back.

1 week later
#1231 85 days ago

H78 or hwn gets my vote. Even though I clicked on a halloween thread I still couldn't figure out what this JCH mentioned by some even
meant at first. I was like, what now there's a 3rd pin? Dont even get me started on ukr.

When I look at JCH I draw a blank.
When I see hwn or H78 I instantly know.

Acronyms are suppose to make things easy, not make you ask google or Webster's to figure out the meaning.

#1279 84 days ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Alice Coopers Nightmare Castle = ACNC - not NC
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International = RZ - not SI
Elvira's House of Horrors = EHOH - not HOH
John Carpenter's Halloween = JCH - its right there on the backglass and topper
HWN is not even an acronym. Its an abbreviation that isn't necessary because a TLA is right there printed on the game.

So john carpenter is doing the callouts?

#1325 82 days ago

#471 very special number(figure it out). Could be yours as I'm looking to move up. Dosnt matter to me if your #s special just looking to move up.
Michael myers

#1351 81 days ago
Quoted from RETROCENGO:

Pinball Talk episode 3: Halloween Pinball, i dont like the music, sorry guys...

Ok Arnold. Your opinion has been terminated.

1 week later
#1754 73 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:CLEARLY stated from the get go how it was going to go down - Should be no surprises here.


And I wish spooky would step up and kick the #s being resold to the back of their prospective lines. Would make alot of us that actually went through 'day one' smile.

#1755 73 days ago

Cant wait to see em lined up in boxes!

#1761 73 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

There’s been like ten spots re-sold so far. It ain’t gonna make anyone’s day unless you operate off of pure spite haha

I dont think spite is the word I'd use, more like step to the back of the line "$calper!"
And yes this 'anyone' would smile to go from 471 to 461 as I really do want the game. No spite here just what's right.

#1770 73 days ago

Maybe you can buy this one since no ones line jumping, or $calping. Didnt even have to look it was advertised on the bottom of the page. For a mere 600obo over anyone can jump the line a month later. And just did. I'll be laughing silently as you quote my post . I think their calling your name over in the deeproot thread. Bye

Screenshot_20210813-232623_Chrome (resized).jpg
#1773 73 days ago

And another...again no need to look advertised right here bottom of thread.

Screenshot_20210814-002212_Chrome (resized).jpg

#1774 73 days ago

And another. When I bought mine day one they were $8995. But yea what do I know.

Screenshot_20210814-002839_Chrome (resized).jpg
#1805 72 days ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Those last two haven't sold, you know. And if people want to keep their pre-order spot, sell it at cost, or sell it for megabucks, how does this affect you? It's a weird thing to be upset about. Every single person except you could sell their spot and nothing at all about your pre-order or the game you'll receive would change.
No idea what the Deeproot comment is about, either. You're the one who bet on that nag, not me. That said, I never poked fun at you guys and always hoped you'd get your games, or at least your money back. I still do.

1st of all I wasnt talking about you when I mentioned the deeproot thing. That person knows for a fact that I was talking to him and only him.
Thanks for not being one of those guys I appreciate that.

Now if you can do me a favor. Please go back and read my post again.

I clearly mentioned it would be "nice" "if" "spooky" kicked everyone that was "$calping" their machines to the back of the line.
If they did that everyone behind that # would move up 1 spot everytime someone $calped their machine.
Think of it as a penalty for having spooky waste time on having to switch out the names and what else goes with it, not to mention the fact it takes them away from building our machines.
If spooky did that it would also stop the $scalpers in their tracks because not many would over pay for the last spots. Only gonna get worse as machines start shipping. And yes $calping is what they are doing. You can call it want you want. So will I thank you.

Do you really believe all these people all of a sudden had a catastrophe in their lives and now have to sell their machine? People dropping 9k+ on a machine "dont" all of a sudden need 2k. They have plenty of money. Wouldn't you think?
The ones selling their machines at cost are probably selling because they realized it's not for them. I like to think of them as the good guys. The ones I contact when I see them selling a game I want cuz I know their good people.
To be honest it does not matter to me one fn bit about the profit thing. It's the line jumping and the fact these people paying over retail will only encourage the $scalpers to do it more and more if it doesn't stop.
You dont think I have the money to buy one of these spots? I choose not to.
If you cant see that I guess we'll agree to disagree.

I'm passionate about both hwn and um to the point I couldn't sleep a wink the night before they went on sale. Took the day off work and was at the ready waiting to order well before the bell rang. Then the crash happened. It was brutal and painful to not be able to make it through checkout.(first world problems lol) But at the end I was happy to have secured a spot for both.

Think of the enjoyment you and your wife felt when you secured your hwn spot!
Well that feeling was × 2 in this household. Hope you and yours enjoy hwn when it arrives!

I've said all I have to say about the subject. Dont believe me, look above.lol

Moving on, hope this cleared things up.

#1894 67 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Probably no ul listing unless it’s specified

He's like the comedian that keeps telling the same joke cuz he thinks its funny.

4 weeks later
#2520 39 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

I’d just like to know what to expect - 5 or 6 short clips in the game so far. I know people say they don’t look at the screen but it’s a part of the damn game and package.
Wonder if Luke could set some expectations around this for us?

I look at the screen all the time. And in this day and age feel it is a big part of the package that draws you in. It's also adds to my excitement and enjoyment. At today's prices I expect the video content to be there as that's part of what im paying for. I've been disappointed in the past, hopefully not moving forward. Of course this is my opinion, others may differ.

#2535 39 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I also look at and "feel" the screen during gameplay, especially depending on how well it is integrated. As others have brought up, the HW Alien is one of the most total experiences in a pinball machine, due in no small part to a large backbox screen for effect and a PF screen to keep you in the action. Tie that in with David's audio, and very few come close. Sadly, a failed manufacturer never allowed this one to see total fruition, but what it has won'tbe matched by a cheaper version.
Don't be so sure. The LV hasn't even been shown yet and the sound with my "Cheap" Alien is awesome and the screen is still bigger than Sterns and Spooky's.

Does the new pinball Brothers version of alien have those video assets installed?

#2601 38 days ago
Quoted from Frax:

What, the ONE F'ING GUY? You're just throwing fuel on their fire with shit like this... there has been so few posts similar to what you're describing that I can't even easily remember them to quote them...

I'll counter with...
I couldn't decide which one was more awesome so I had to get both. When they arrive I'll feel like this...

2021022495164233951614203046467 (resized).jpg
#2603 38 days ago
Quoted from Frax:

Counter.....or agree...?
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"bb4b96d616deed39dde351e9c276f0daa78ad647-1632000272-1800"};

Seriously, most of the HW v. UM posts that went one way or the other got stepped on pretty quick. I'm not mad that ya'll are getting more news and updates, there's going to be nearly 2.5x as many of your games as mine. I think it's really a pity that the threads are separated between the games because you know a lot of these updates are going to be somewhat similar between games minus the actual loaded assets and color of lightshows. All the stuff posted over here more or less gets reposted on the UM thread.... and aside from that.....it's pretty quiet on there for now!


#2624 37 days ago
Quoted from Captain_Tilter:

With all due respect.

Jaw drop... and yes with all due respect.

No I don't expect the whole movie to be in the machine. But I do expect scenes from the movie along with original art to lead me through the game. I expect to be rewarded with cut scenes and awesome original art animations for accomplishing goals. I expect to be surprised and have jump back moments at every turn. I don't expect to be told go watch the movie if that's what I wanted or expected as a buyer and supporter. Sorry if I'm expecting more but at 10,000 grand delivered I am EXPECTING MORE than what you just showed. ALOT MORE. Time to put down the booze and whatever your smoking and get to work. Your horror fest seems cool and all but I'm more concerned about the game I was sold!
This post is meant to light a fire under your ass, not to bash. I'll be the first to praise you and shout holy fn night mutilator from behind the bushes when you deliver. That's all I want to do! I want to love this game! I want to say thank you when the game is finished! You mentioned greatest game ever 10×. Time to deliver greatest graphic content of all time. Shut me the [email protected] up with your awesomeness!

I'm in til the end, not selling my spot!

#2662 37 days ago
Quoted from manadams:

has it even been a month yet?

Been 76 days since this thread started. Looks like 2 1/2 months according to my wvw math.

As for have we forgotten bm66? I'll be happy to wait a year or even 2 if we get a guarantee a complete video package such as bn66 will be delivered.
Which btw arrived at my door fully coded and 2k 3kcheaper nib when I ordered it.

1 week later
#3091 28 days ago

Went out for a hike in the woods yesterday. In the middle of nowhere I ran into this, spooky to say the least.

20210927_142935 (resized).jpg20210927_142942 (resized).jpg
#3214 25 days ago
Quoted from Arevalo89:

Got it, I guess since for me it’s a residential home i will need the life gate.

Or be strong enough to get it to the ground.
I got lift gate once and then they called said tractor trailer couldn't get up my street. What's the point of lift gate service when they send a tractor trailer. Had to meet them at a local parking lot and unload to my vehicle.
I'm gonna choose to pick up at trucking terminal.

#3222 25 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I got a game delivered a month ago from R&L trucking which services PA. They are super nice and accommodating. They send a truck with a life gate and roll the game right up to your house/garage. No 18 wheeler, just a big truck with lift gate. No hassle easy peasy. Might want to try them when its your time...

Yes they are super friendly, however R&L is the one that sent the tractor trailer.

#3300 23 days ago

I've only played ultraman, but the ball lifter drops the ball to the flipper there also.
Be cool on Halloween if somehow incorporate the ball in the inlane to represent Michael popping out to get you by surprise. (,sound, animation) if you happen to miss it and it drains a screen animation where he stabs someone or a reference to haha got another one. (Michael kill count)
Halloween In my mind should have surprises and change the way you play because it's a unique theme for pinball. I happen to like the phrase dare to be different.
So excited and can't wait to get my hands on ce 471. Anybody having second thoughts and or not ready for theirs I'll be glad to jump up as you jump back and give you time to decide.

#3371 22 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

If they want to do this when everything is finished and complete, after code 1.00 is done, and it selectable for home use, I respect your opinion. . .
Right now we need to concentrate on 100% pinball rules and add video into that where and when it pertains. . . with all do respect, people are not going to want to buy video clips of the movie is a tournament, league, or even more than once in a bar or competitive setting from the shop. . .
Pinball machines are designed to earn score.... not movie clips. . . Spooky, IMHO, shouldn't spend time building rules on earning video clips

Like yea man, totally about the score. Not sure why they went dmd back in the 90s, and now we gotta deal with this stupid lcd screen. It's almost like they wanna jam cool animations and video content to make a better experience for the astronomical cost these days. They must not realize we're all tournament, and competitive players. Don't they know it's not about the fun of it anymore? Don't they know we don't care about theme? Sound, music, art who needs em? Just give me the numbers baby that's all I care about.

Seriously though, my opinion is the exact opposite of yours when it comes to what makes pinball fun. If it were just about the the score why do companies show all the cool stuff in their reveals? Sure scores important, but so is all the other stuff. Visualize in your head back in the day when score was all we had. Would pinball be alive today without its evolution?

I want an amazing journey on my way to grand champion, that's what I'm spending stupid money on.

With all due respect, that's my opinion.

#3384 22 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

I bet a total different use here. Would you mind if there wasn't a coin door?
again, I didn't say you shouldn't have the option to watch them. . . I didn't say they shouldn't be included. . . my personal opinion is they should be part of the natural flow of the game. . . I said they should not be an option in lieu of score. . I think this is what some people are missing. . . ?
You do realize this was a discussion that I didn't want to have to spend blood to watch video clips instead of earning them during game play? right?
you act like I am saying I don't want the clips there at all. . .
Not that they shouldn't be included? or did you jump in late?
#1. I want all the clips you want
#2. I just want to earn them during game play.. I don't want to just earn blood and buy them at the store. . too easy too shallow should be free and earned

All good. I did jump in late on your discussion. . Often miss things. Just want lots of movie clips and animations. Just wanna be living in this pin while playing it. Wanna feel like I need to look over my shoulder. I want the full experience with nothing left to "good enough" as I want the best. Pin is based on a horror movie story line. Gameplay should make me feel like I'm part of the story line at every flip, the urge to survive should be strong.

I rarely play on location or against someone else. Getting a good score is my means of opening up the game to see the things it has to offer. The actual score is trivial to me as the wife and I are the only people in our game room. I'll admit though... seeing my wife as grand champion is priceless, and brings me great joy.

I respect your opinion, and it is not opposite, it just differs here and there.

1 week later
#3589 10 days ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:We’re putting a TV outside tomorrow night to watch it next to a big fire !

Behind the hedge I assume.

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