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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

5 months ago

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#968 4 months ago

Do all 3 trim levels have the same playfields?

1 week later
#1317 4 months ago

So is this the official owners club thread?

#1447 4 months ago

Are they done streaming Halloween or are they going back to it in a bit?

#1562 4 months ago

Anyone else notice at the 31:10 mark the "Bob/PJ's Demise Mode"? Surely they plan to refer to PJ by her on screen name of Linda and not her real name. Just proves how early and incomplete this code currently is. Great things to come I'm sure.

#1632 3 months ago

If I had to make a short list of key things I wanted to see in a HWN pin, I'd say Spooky has already checked every box and more. And they've just scratched the surface! You can tell how passionate these guys are. Halloween is a piece of American cinematic history. And ALWAYS will be. UM? Well....ummmm...hmmm I have no doubt these guys will do this title justice. Even if HWN and UM were nothing but blinking boxes of lights and nothing else, I'd take HWN in my home every damn time. Either way I'm just so happy that Spooky is making both pins. We all win!

#1744 3 months ago

For those worried that the same soundtrack music may get too repetitive, John Carpenter recently recorded new music for the first 3 Halloween films. The new music can be found on some colored edition vinyl that's coming out. I haven't heard the new music yet but maybe it will find it's way into the machine.

#1786 3 months ago

Did anyone order a Standard edition?

#1822 3 months ago

IMAG0630_1 (resized).jpg
#1831 3 months ago

Even if UM ends up with the superior final code the theme does nothing for me. Halloween will always top it for me.

#1947 3 months ago

How are the LEDs looking in person? I know on the Dead Flip stream they looked really bright.

#1995 3 months ago

Yes, and its already been said that the license holder must approve every clip and how its used. That takes times. If you're content with your Wrestlemania I have no doubt you'll enjoy HWN. Its already light years ahead of Wrestlemania code wise.

#2027 3 months ago
Quoted from CheapTrick33:

So I have a couple of questions.. maybe it's a statement but either way. I'm in on a CE got lucky and got one of the last available spots in the 900's I know I'll be waiting and totally accepted that when I made my purchase... however Post 2011 from Kingpin games saying they have spots available in the 620's and 700's available. Seems a tad unfair (I know boo hoo poor me) that I got in line all be it at the end of it, and am patiently waiting but someone today could possibly buy a machine and get their machine several months before me but buying after me... kinda feels like cutting the line. If it is what it is so be it, I will still have an awesome machine to play (1st Spooky) but what say you the masses and Spooky fair or not? Also I saw/read a rumor that the CE buyers might get their name put on one of the grave stones? I'd actually love to see that and even if I had to throw a touch more $$$ to do so I'd gladly do so.

I think some people moved from HWN to UM and thus left the distributor with an available spot(s). That spot(s) gets filled with a buyer. Many times after they are already "sold out". There's no way the distributor is going to contact everyone who bought one and adjust their spots accordingly.

#2187 3 months ago

Can anyone confirm if you can see the knife through the top of the backglass?

#2230 3 months ago

I tried goggling the FB group and couldn't find it. Nevermind I got it!

#2255 3 months ago

Id much rather have an upper playfield than some random pops. This game is so different than my others. And thats a good thing!

#2261 3 months ago

Great vids Doug thank you! One thing...is there a reason why your playfield pumpkin keeps looking towards the shooter lane? It's driving me nuts!!

#2271 3 months ago

With 100 plays how's the playfield holding up? I've heard Spooky playfields are the best.

#2355 3 months ago

Good eye! The newer Spooky LCDs look to be angled properly from the players perspective. Im sure Doug will chime in

#2367 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerKraken:

Thanks guys, I bit the bullet and put in my preorder for a CE. With the number I got they said it will be possibly a year at the rate they are producing, but gives me time to prepare home space for it! Excited!

Awesome!! When it arrives just tell your wife they must have sent you a CE by mistake!

#2392 3 months ago

I really hope Spooky fixes the H and N on the topper not really being lit. Since another member pointed it out it bugs me whenever I look at it.

2 weeks later
#2645 78 days ago

I'm still a little surprised that the license holder authorized a Halloween pin. For many years they protected this property like crazy and went after anyone trying to use the name, images or likenesses. For a while they were shutting down eBay auctions of those selling unlicensed, custom Myers masks. And judging from what Spooky says they are Still very protective of the property. Maybe some new blood came in and saw the money to be made. Anyways, hopefully Spooky will chime in and address some of our most recent concerns.

#2653 78 days ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

And B66 has the same insert quirk apparently.

It does?! I own one and never noticed.

#2698 78 days ago
Quoted from Damonator:

no animations of Michael balancing on top of a pinball or something stupid.

#2901 75 days ago

I just saw a YouTube video yesterday and it was every scene from H78 that showed Myers. The whole video was only 3 1/2 min long. If Spooky gets 2 min of that footage in I think they're on the right track.

#2904 75 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

Nah this is missing tons of Michael shots. Entire car strangulation scene is missing. Also all the times he watched from outside the window and then killed the dog. And more various.

Yeah they did cut the kills out. Its still amazing how little he's actually on screen. I'm honestly not worried about the movie clips as I am the animations. They need to improve.

#2937 74 days ago

Since we're talking so much about what's on the LCD, how about the quality of the LCD? There's a company that sells the upgraded screens for Spooky pins. I know that R&M had viewing issues and washout from multiple angles. Many owners upgraded theirs and they look amazing. Can any owners confirm if this is still an issue with Halloween? Or did Spooky correct this?

#2977 74 days ago

New stream from the animator. Looks to be a little more "normal" in this video...

1 week later
#3323 64 days ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

Also on the latest Batman I’ve been told

Id really like an example of this. Ive owned BM66 for over 4 yrs and have never seen this. Catwoman's head was cut off by one of the ramps but that was corrected by production time. Its not a huge deal on HW but that should've never made it to production looking like that.

#3339 64 days ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

I don't know but someone on here who owns one only realised and never saw it until it was mentioned by me earlier, can’t remember who though.
It was Neil McRae who said there was a similar thing on Batman, I presumed it was BM66.
Edit: just looked at a pic and ringed the inserts, might be these.[quoted image]

Thanks for posting this. I think the big difference is that Stern's was intentional. There's no way those words were gonna fit any other way unless they were miniscule. Whereas Spooky's insert looks like "Eh, its good enough. Right?" Again, not a deal breaker by any means but should be fixed on any future playfield runs.

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