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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#507 3 months ago

The longer you wait for your game, the better the code will be.

2 weeks later
#993 89 days ago

I can't imagine Spooky will be in any rush to share gameplay vids. It sold out, so what's their motivation? Job done, now build 'em.

1 week later
#1153 82 days ago

As good as this game looks, I really don't think it will stay long in most collections. Which is good news for others to own this game when they get flipped...and a high percentage will be flipped.

UM seems the better option. HWN is a one-trick pony, and UM seems to offer more variety and fun for the player (and all the family).

I love HWN, but it's not a great match for a modern pinball machine...as you owners will soon discover. The Evil Dead however, a match made in hell!

#1299 79 days ago

All eyes on Deadflip for the proper gameplay reveal. I wonder how many Halloween pre-order spots will be up for sale soon after?

That bizarre layout still has me scratching my head.

#1378 77 days ago

In my version I had access to all the movies and all the characters, and still didn't have enough callouts to sustain a lasting experience. For a commercially licenced game you have to go with sound-a-likes or original cast members. Personally I hate sound-a-likes with a passion. I'm a pretty decent voice actor myself and can do a passable Donald Pleasence impression, but no way would I replace the man himself.

You don't always get the lines you need from the movies, but you get an authentic experience, which I value more.

I start my game with: "Death is coming to your town Sheriff....". Chills you to the bone.

#1484 76 days ago

Not knocking the design team, but this is entry level game design:

- 3 identical shots on the left side, with 3 identical toys (eh?)
- targets too close to the flippers (Ninja reaction times needed to deal with those rebounds)
- boring left ramp
- 3 mini playfields (novelty expiry date on those is about 2 hours)
- lighting that will burn your retinas

Code will add more creative flair to the game over time, but a poor layout can kill all passion and enthusiasm you have for any theme.

Mission accomplished for Spooky tough, they sold out and will continue to grow as a company. But they really need to start looking for a skilled designer if they want to be a serious contender.

2 weeks later
#2111 58 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Michael coming after you and having to make shots for hurry-ups-sound thrilling
-May be one of the best hurry-ups ever that will get your heart racing-I love hurry-ups

You do realize, you only have to break into a light jog and you can easily out run him. Michael is too cool to run. Michael's trick it to appear suddenly in unexpected places...like a wardrobe, behind a hedge, or in the backseat of your car....with no explanation of how he managed to get there.

Now Freddy, that guy's in good shape, and he will chase you.

2 weeks later
#2469 43 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

So can somebody explain to me the "3 upper playfields (2 playable)" thing? Shouldn't a playfield be 'playable' to be *a playfield* ? Does the ball even roll on it? I'm just not understanding what they mean by that.
Also, what's the "invisi-magnet lock" (I saw it on the trailer but don't have it at hand) ? that sounds very cool

It's really only 2 upper playfields and a 3rd level where the ball travels to the exit ramp. The 3rd level isn't playable, so it shouldn't be classed as a playfield.

The 'invisi-magnet lock', is a magnet that holds the ball on the upper left ramp for a few seconds, before the ramp is pulled down to release the ball. Quite a clever mech, which allows time to add some extra effects if needed.

2 weeks later
#3093 24 days ago
Quoted from tp:Went out for a hike in the woods yesterday. In the middle of nowhere I ran into this, spooky to say the least.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Should be a new topic.....weird and wonderful things you find randomly in the woods.

#3271 20 days ago

Watched the update vid: quite an accomplished game, very impressive for a small company. Like I've mentioned before, there isn't much to the game because there isn't much to the movie. Seems to me there's only 3 major modes - Hedge, Sanatorium and House. It most likely will improve, as they will find extra little features to add.

My suggestion would be to add extra modes that can be unlocked by collecting blood, for example:

10 blood - Michael breaks into the store and steals his iconic Captain Kirk mask and kitchen knife.
15 blood - A random shot appears on the playfield...is it a Trick or is it a Treat? A treat could be a Special or Extra Ball. A Trick - all pf lights turn off and 1 flipper is disabled for 10 seconds.
20 blood - Young Michael puts on the clown mask and in POV moves through the house, ultimately killing his sister.
25 blood - See anything you like? The scene everyone wants - Michael slays Bob Simms in the kitchen, then wears the bedsheet to take out Lynda Van Klok.

Just a few ideas, to help pack out the game with fan-favorite moments.

#3352 19 days ago

Well certainly, if the game has an ending, it has to finish with 6 shots fired into Michael. That final 6th shot...to a stopping point so the ball is held, would show the clip of Michael tumbling over the balcony: "Was that the bogeyman?" asks Laurie. "As a matter of fact, it was" replies Dr Loomis. Then Dr Loomis steps over the window...Michael is gone...cue Iconic John Carpenter's theme and cut to "Congratulations! You beat the game!" At this point a special perk would unlock to encourage you to continue playing a new game.

In my Jaws game, I had the whole game end with just a single shot, which represents the shot Brody makes to the air compressor in the shark's mouth. BOOM! You make that final shot and sit back and watch Jaws slowly sink to the ocean floor. By far the most satisfying single shot in the whole of pinball.

When you have an ending like that to look forward to.....trust me, it's the biggest hook you can create for a pinball game. The grand prize. The big payoff. It makes you feel fantastic.

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