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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#377 3 months ago

I still cannot believe they sold out of these (and UM) SO quickly! Really crazy.

This theme is so up my alley, I am a little pissed I let myself miss the boat on it. Too much else going on at home, but still-

I love that hedge mech! That’s a very cool idea

#393 3 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

You didn't miss the boat. Pinball Star and Nitro still have games.

Quoted from f3honda4me:

It's also possible Chris at Kingpin has games.

Thanks folks - this is shocking news for my wallet.. LOL

1 month later
#2254 50 days ago

Anyone know if there are any Blood Sucker spots left at any distros? All I'm seeing are CEs, and I don't care if I get a CE or if I have to wait a bit for it to come off the line.

1 week later
#2458 39 days ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Even If they’re doing the minimum 30 a week from here on I would think your 100% before halloween .

Is that the average production rate? About 6 per day?

#2460 39 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

5 machines per day - 4 days a week is the last I heard.

So that means I should get mine in about... a year! LOL

#2463 39 days ago

So can somebody explain to me the "3 upper playfields (2 playable)" thing? Shouldn't a playfield be 'playable' to be *a playfield* ? Does the ball even roll on it? I'm just not understanding what they mean by that.

Also, what's the "invisi-magnet lock" (I saw it on the trailer but don't have it at hand) ? that sounds very cool

#2474 38 days ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

It's really only 2 upper playfields and a 3rd level where the ball travels to the exit ramp. The 3rd level isn't playable, so it shouldn't be classed as a playfield.
The 'invisi-magnet lock', is a magnet that holds the ball on the upper left ramp for a few seconds, before the ramp is pulled down to release the ball. Quite a clever mech, which allows time to add some extra effects if needed.

Thank you! I’ll look for that in the video again

1 week later
#2522 31 days ago

The video part of the games is where Spooky has lagged behind a bit - they are making improvements with each game. I’m a little surprised by the comments though, just taking a look at Spooky’s previous title would have given you an idea of what they do on the screen

#2526 31 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

I dont follow your logic - I dont think you can base it on previous titles. As the person above said they seem to have access to a lot of footage.. and assets can vary by license. I didnt follow the R&M release so I dont know what the clips looked like when the first games were being received - but regardless it continues to drive my interest.
Not a complaint just a question as to where they are headed with the clips as to date its hard to tell.

I only meant that you have to compare Spooky titles to Spooky titles and not (un)consciously compare to Stern and JJP. They’ve been getting better for sure, R&M also had access to WAY more content from the show than is represented in Halloween. Might be worth checking out so you get what I mean.

I’m not dunking on Spooky, just saying apples to apples

#2566 31 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys. That's a bunch of stuff to unpack.
The code on the game is actually alot farther along than the version on the game kaneda played. That's on us we will put out an update right away. As far as the review all we can do is our best job and hope people enjoy our stuff. We are certainly looking to do the absolute best. This whole company has always been a journey and I don't think anyone would say we haven't continued to improve! If this one isn't for you that's OK and we will be doing our best to win you over in the future!
There are 19 movie clips approved in the game however most of at the beginning or end of a mode so unless you work your way through many of the 10+ modes you won't see them. We have some cool plans for this we will be working on in the month of October to make sure variety of clips and modes more accessible.
In general I would just say we are working on this stuff every day and everything takes time. We have a year of code ahead.
As far as some of the other requests we added LEDs to the topper this week. I will absolutely fix whatever I can. No worries guys.
I will also say on a positive note that build quality has been really solid so far and we will be looking to maintain that. All pinball has issues but we have been feeling really good about the games rolling off the line. I believe we completed game 70 this week.
Thanks for the kind words everybody and hope to see you getting your hands on the game soon!

This! This is awesome. This is the kind of post in the face of a litany of complaints that led me to buy a P3 a while back, and which later led me to buy my first Spooky! Glad to hear there’s updates and glad to hear you guys continue to kill it (see what I did there?). I’m a loooooong way off from getting my game but I’m glad to be on board

#2709 29 days ago

Boy, Pinside shows yet again why manufacturers stay the hell away from here. I’ve got to admire Luke’s tenacity and patience here. The comments from people who think they know John Carpenter are hilarious

#2760 29 days ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Most of the comments are about a wasted employee representing the game in pretty much the worst fashion he could have. Everyone has been polite and encouraging with Luke.
War spooky!

I'm on board!

#2770 28 days ago

Not that anyone asked me, but IMO Elvira’s House of Horrors has the absolute best asset integration of any title, ever. The movie clips and new video of Elvira are so well tied together, it’s like watching an episode of Movie Macabre. Halloween is going for a different experience it seems, but the same types of assets still apply. The sound stings and snips of the score really help set the mood

#2854 27 days ago
Quoted from Chief_G:Good day fellow pinheads. I have one on order and believe in Spooky and this game. I only have one concern and it is about the sound system. My Rick and Morty sound was so awesome, but the bass made the PF glass rattle big time, that became rather annoying quickly. Any inputs? Hopefully that has been remedied for this game.
Thanks, Dave

This is an issue on most games that have powerful/upgraded sound. You'll want to add some "rattle tape" to the glass, or to the sides of the glass channel in order to keep it from rattling.

I upgraded my Monster Bash and I use guitar picks on the top /bottom of the glass on both sides, which also works great. You just want to keep the glass from rattling in the channel.

#2931 25 days ago
Quoted from thundergod76:Yeah they did cut the kills out. Its still amazing how little he's actually on screen. I'm honestly not worried about the movie clips as I am the animations. They need to improve.

This is a huge reason the movie is so effective. Same as Jaws - you are searching the frame for him every second, it heightens the tension. This concept would NOT work on a game because you should be looking at the playfield, not the screen. I trust Spooky is keeping this in mind and not just throwing a bunch of movie clips in the game just because of Pinside pressure. That said, watching a stream is *kind of* like being a bystander on location, so the more activity (not just clips) on the screen, the better

#2932 25 days ago
Quoted from PanzerKraken:

2 min added in is decent, and it's again still early so imagine we might see some more clips later added still, as well as maybe some more animations added too eventually. It's a year long project and we already getting a bunch of clips added to the game in like a week. Doubt that is going to be it after the Oct 1 update.
Long clips also only really work well if it's a game that has lot of locked ball features for you to spend time looking up at, it didn't seem like this game has lot of moments your going to have sitting around doing nothing. Godzilla for example has a bunch of features that lock the ball out of play for you and you watch stuff on playfield and screens till the ball is released back into play.

This is also almost a minute longer than JJP has in POTC, so...

#2969 25 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Just remember again, code is early and more to come. Elvira had early code and people were not happy with it at the beginning. Same with Guardians and Stranger Things. Those games are now really really good with code updates and are sought after. Just relax.

Absolutely - IMO the Elvira code updates made the game go from an ok curiousity to one of the best games of all time. Halloween seems to have a cool unique layout which shoots well, AND has the opportunity to get even better and better through updates.

#2999 24 days ago

I bought in (WAAAAAY later than 180) on a pre-sold spot about a week ago. I should have waited!

The other pinsider and I got on the phone and just discussed details, price, etc. I sent him money via paypal and he copied me on an email to the distributor he bought the spot from to transfer all the details. I had already bought other games from Joe Newhart at Pinballstar, so he had all my info. Pretty easy.

#3010 23 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Ehh...I'm not sure I agree with that. This is a case of him showing a machine he is helping develop, acknowledging that fact publicly, and representing himself and the machine in what is being perceived as a bad light. I work at a large plumbing product manufacturer. If I started making videos of say a faucet I am working on, set up poorly, and discussing our design decisions and why the features the customer wants are stupid, you can bet my boss would like to have a word with me. It's just not something you do. Take a look at RayDay's streams and how well he represents the machines and in turn the company. That's a world of difference.
I'm not pulling out the pitchfork and calling for him to be fired or anything, but I will say if he were my employee we would be having a frank conversation about why that is unacceptable behavior for a company representative. Even in his time off, he is still absolutely representing the company in this case.

I totally agree with you in principle, but as a business owner I’ve been in the position Spooky is in right now: you’ve hired what turns out to be a less than desirable contractor - less than desirable for reasons perhaps other than their skill - but the company still has to finish the job/product. In your example, your employer can have a LOT more say in what you do as a representative of the company. This dude to my knowledge, isn’t an employee.

It would cost them way more to dump him and find someone else than just to ride this out. I just hope his skill set is worth it. The game looks awesome; really really hoping the animations fully match the rest of the art package.

If he ever hopes to get any other work with Spooky or any other pinball company, one would think he’d cool it with the crazy videos.

#3050 22 days ago
Quoted from tlsbryan:My Ultraman has both lights that flash and sound effect when the ball comes up the elevators to the in lanes. Is that missing on Halloween? Rather odd that it would be on Ultraman and not Halloween.

There’s no possible way it’s missing on HW. Not only would this be a weird oversight from Spooky, but they actually said the code would be shared between the two games until a point at which it would require a major divergence - which may never happen.

#3269 16 days ago
Quoted from thechakapakuni:It’s October, you all better look out

Beware the chonkla!!

#3360 14 days ago
Quoted from mrclean:Hedge MultiBA ba mode isn't too bad once they add the sheep jumping over the hedge...
[quoted image]

LOL! Is that the first mod we've seen? Sheep must be in the director's cut

#3383 14 days ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

Sorry but pinball was not designed to earn score. They were designed to be entertaining and make money!

And score is one way to drive up earnings when people compete to get on the leaderboard...

#3408 13 days ago

If nothing else, it's become clear to me that this game is about to become the new POTC. Luckily Spooky already sold out before the panic set in. Then the FOMO, but too late. I'm still in.

#3473 12 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

With the customer games starting to land here soon I will be switching over to the club thread only! Can't keep up with 4 threads lol

I did in fact make the change to extend the insert. With inventory it will take awhile to kick in but it has been adjusted. Just hope everybody can be cool about this so we can continue to improve during builds.

I was just about to post about how there's no way that insert could be fixed now since the design is done and playfields are printed, but ..WOW, what do I know!? Amazing.

#3518 7 days ago

Really too bad regarding @drfrightener - he has an amazing horror shop and I really wanted to support his business. But coming out guns blazing with all the negativity… I just couldn’t do it. I don’t have time for that sort of negativity and lack of tact any more - in any part of my life.

Not sure what he was expecting from the game, I’m going to choose to believe he had huge expectations built up that no game could match .

#3546 5 days ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Has anyone watched on Netflix "The Movies that Made Us" Halloween episode?

Breakfast viewing yesterday. I've watched every single one of the Halloween "making of" documentaries I could get my hands on, and there were one or two things in that "Movies that Made us" that I didn't know!

#3597 2 days ago

definitely glad we checked out HK last night. They definitely did not work on the dialogue very hard, and I have to imagine the format of the movie was partially a way to convince JLC to do a 3rd movie, since she really didn’t have too many scenes. And yeah the kills were WAAAAY more F13 than Halloween 1. I dont think I would have cared about that if not for the fact that they made a BFD about ignoring the other sequels. I also felt like the pacing was weird - the 1978 scenes made me want for John Carpenter’s Panaflex lens and the way he would slowly let things unfold. But I guess it’s not 1978 any more.

But anyway, it was still good to see some of the flashback story, I noted a couple of grabs from the 1980 Halloween TV version, which was cool, and in general though it was a little silly in some parts, I liked Anthony Michael Hall WAY more than I expected to, and the vigilante crowd scenes reminded me heavily of the ”Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Yeah I’ll check out Halloween Ends.

#3601 2 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Ya, my problem with the 2018 reboot wasn't scrapping most of the sequels since that is pretty common for long running horror franchises that have turned into a continuity mess. That said I thought it was really lame and pretentious to scrap Halloween 2 as I thought that was a really solid sequel.
I know that John Carpenter hates Halloween 2, but it is definitely a cut above the rest of the mostly junk sequels and Myers following Laurie to the hospital the same night really drives home how scarred she would have been by the encounter later in life.
If it had been up to me Halloween 2018 and onward should have picked up after 2.

I picked up the 4K version of H1, 2 and 3 recently. 1 is amazing obviously, and H3 is as awesome and silly as I remember - but I was really looking forward to 2, as I haven’t seen that in 15 years. Yeaaaah, it didn’t hold up as much as I had hoped. It’s fine, but back to back with 1, eh… I did kind of miss the whole connection with Laurie from 2, but overall the movie isn’t as great as I remembered. VERY cool to have the TV versions of both movies on the discs.

#3607 2 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Funny you mention that since I just ordered the new 4k discs. Quite possible I'll have a similar reaction. I've rewatched the original MANY times, but I haven't rewatched the sequels including 2 in well over a decade.
It may not hold up as well as I remember it watching now, but I remember originally thinking it was a near perfect sequel.

You’ll still like it, it’s not like it’s Battlefield Earth or anything - and the transfers look awesome. Who would have thought that III would ever look BETTER than it did the day it was released!

#3608 2 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

He was definitely brutal in this film. Some of the death scenes were very well done and I did like a couple of the instances where Michael was up to his old games as he toyed with his victims. Not to spoil, but one of my favorites was The slow camera pan as one victim died slowly watching what was going on was quite creepy.

The scene with Lenny Clarke? That was definitely brutal! Man I did NOT like that scene you’re referring to LOL

#3614 1 day ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Cheese ,Cheese ,and more Cheese ! Actually I thought the filming locations were real cool ,especially the bar .My wife fell asleep, but me and the kids were entertained .The ending would’ve been better if less townies were there to attack him but whatever, MM slaying 30 or so was pretty cool .This story needs a twist now.He needs to actually die and it can continue on with his girlfriend Michelle and they’re child Mark ?

There is a twist - I don’t know what it is, but in one of the final scenes Laurie says something like “he not after me…” even though basically she’s after HIM now. I just hope Danny McBride is up to the writing challenge

#3645 16 hours ago

Another +1 for part III

Pretty much decided I would marry my wife after riding back from New York watching part III, she told me it was one of her favorites of all times and we cracked up the whole time watching it. One of my favorite memories

It’s by no means an oscar winner, but it's fun, and kind of ridiculous, and fairly damn prescient in this day and age. Back in the day, I totally did NOT put any thought into Tom Atkins totally just leaving his wife AND KIDS, grabbing a 6-pack he drinks ON the way, then hopping into bed with Stacey Nelkin! WTF! This movie is insane!

Anyway, but it all just kind of works. The big downfall for this movie was that they released Halloween II FIRST. Unfortunately they couldn't get III made first. If they had done III and it was reasonably successful, they could have made a second Myers movie eventually. But I totally get why Carpenter didn't want to do II - because it led to IV, V, VI, H20, etc!

Quoted from freakyvideoguy:

Actually kind of hoping after Halloween Ends they give the anthology concept a try again, would be better then another reboot. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

There's Trick r' Treat which is very similar in terms of the anthology idea

#3649 14 hours ago
Quoted from aeonblack:I absolutely hated michael putting masks on people he killed and arranging them into set-pieces. It was bafflingly stupid. Also, "oh he's at the back door" "oh now he's at the back door".

You mean, like in the first one?

#3654 13 hours ago

I just read that HK pulled in $50 million at the BOX office, not including the $30 million Peacock paid for it. Holy hell. That movie cost $20 million to make. No wonder they keep making sequels.

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