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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#18 3 months ago

I'm in for a CE

#304 3 months ago

Got me a Halloween CE from PinballSTAR 5 minutes after launch. So pumped

#307 3 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

But only for Fang Club members, right?


4 weeks later
#1332 81 days ago

Jack danger just said the stream is Saturday on twitch.so excited

#1362 80 days ago

So excited to see this stream tomorrow and retro geno. How can you not like the music? it's literally the original score from the movie and not just the theme but all of it. Techno would ruin this game. I'm sure the guys at spooky will mix it up a bit but nothing like your video was claiming bc that would be horrendous.

Quoted from RETROCENGO:

Pinball Talk episode 3: Halloween Pinball, i dont like the music, sorry guys...

#1387 79 days ago

Does anyone want to move down.im #512 ce and would like to move up if anyone is interested

#1406 79 days ago
Quoted from Nazz26:

Sure 512 that’s my birthdate.. May 12th. I’m CE#926 through pinballstar.

Sorry im wanting to move up the line to be sooner

#1410 79 days ago
Quoted from Nazz26:

Np. It was worth a shot. Maybe Spooky is saving the best for last. Lol.

Hey that's actually true.as all later games from any manufacturer get better later in the run

#1411 79 days ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

How do I cast twitch to my big screen Roku?
My phone won't do it, really want to see in in 65", not 4"

Same here.i want too know as well.

#1439 79 days ago

I will say the LCD display is not what I was wanting at all with all the still images from cabinet artwork and repetitive images like the house with hardly ANY movie assets which is VERY unattractive. they have got too be more creative than that. This is a dream theme to so many of us and hope they change that. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints

#1621 76 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Halloween will catch up! Ultraman has very relaxed guidelines and we are able to add sounds, display elements, clips, etc at will. Halloween has a very involved staff that like to have input and see all elements before they are added. A full approval process. We will be on these games for a long time to come we have just barely started! Much of the initial few months goes to making all the features work. Then when all modes and functions are in we start to add the text, music, sounds, light shows, flashers, effects etc. On this game it also has to be done for 2 separate games so it adds a ton of time. We are building a team to get farther ahead on these things in the future. Getting better every day! Wish you guys could see how far we have come in the shop from a tiny incubator unit with 2 workers just 7 years ago.

How you all considered contracting Scott Danesi to do a professional mix of the Halloween sounds and music. Bc I know I'm not speaking for everyone but I know he could absolutely make this game a amazing soundtrack with his style of music mixing. Just my .02 . #512 Halloween ce and cant wait too get it

#1751 73 days ago

Thank you for posting updates of the games being built. So excited

#1757 73 days ago
Quoted from tp:

And I wish spooky would step up and kick the #s being resold to the back of their prospective lines. Would make alot of us that actually went through 'day one' smile.

This^^^^ 100%

#1816 70 days ago

Any mod makers have any good ideas? I have a few but will wait until my game gets here before I implement them

#1868 67 days ago
Quoted from BertoDRINK1:

2 and 2.
I'm on standby due to rain, before I can finish loading up and head over.
[quoted image]

Looks like there is a cover on the topper on the Halloween motor which is awesome

#1879 67 days ago
Quoted from jk2171:

Wonder why no knife shooter rods on these?

These are prototypes is why

#2034 63 days ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Wasn't it already confirmed in an interview that one of the wizard modes was locking a ball into each of the 7 physical ball locks?


#2114 61 days ago
Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

Yeah they said they were holding the initial batch for testing, but that was almost a month ago. Hopefully we hear that some get shipped soon.

I'm glad they are doing everything they can for quality but if we dont hear any updates this week I believe we will all start to get worried about their 18 month timeline

#2115 61 days ago

Next week makes it 2 months from launch with no games shipped

#2258 57 days ago

Picked up this sweet rug at spirit Halloween today. Either will put it in front of my Halloween ce or at our front door this year.

20210829_191728 (resized).jpg
#2281 56 days ago

This game is really looking like a gem. If the code updates are done right with more video clips and extra sound bites.I truly believe spooky will be in the running for and may win game of the year and they truly deserve it with this unique layout. To all the people that have sold their spots. I personally think you will seriously regret it.

#2368 52 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Here’s the first video of the new code. This is a MASSIVE update. It will take time for us to figure everything out. We are very mediocre players 8). In this video Andi (my wife) is trying to show as many Pumpkin Modes as possible. I think she gets through 3. New animations, new call outs, new light shows, and adjusted sound effects. Some have asked about the high pitched noise when you hit the scoop. It’s still used, but other sounds as well…so it waters it down nicely. Plus, the whole point of horror music is to create an atmosphere of discomfort and tension…so irritating noises are the norm…but Spooky does a good job controlling it…IMO. Oh, I repointed my pumpkin head, but it keeps slowly turning…I think it’s possessed!

Thank you for sharing this. Man the music is amazing now. Those sound clips are so dang intense. I'm so glad I dont have too wait too long #159. So hoping before Halloween. This is really coming together beautifully. If they was able to stream this code on the dead flip stream reveal. There would be no one saying ultraman is a better game. Bc obviously its NOT.

#2378 52 days ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Hopefully we see it before Halloween. I'm #72 and they haven't contacted me yet. They said they would contact when they are around 3 weeks out from your build.

I bet you are contacted this weekend or next as luke just stated they are on a daily production schedule now. My guess is around 20 HWN a week and 10 UTM. So with me being 159 about 5-6 weeks but you about 2-3

#2449 47 days ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

We are still in the <50 vips. I am public sale 52 and have not heard anything yet

Wow ok. so they are still not shipping games yet just the 1st 50 still. I'm #159 and feel like the chance I was gonna get it by Halloween is all but gone now

#2456 46 days ago
Quoted from Morinack:

You may yet be surprised. I think your game would still be on track for mid-late Oct.
Good luck.

Man that would make me soo happy

1 week later
#2594 37 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

They range from roughly 3 to 6 seconds I believe. With that said we are ABSOLUTELY GOING TO REQUEST MORE. We want to put the most content possible in the game just as much as you guys want to see it.

Thank you Luke bc the 19 clips are perfectly fine if they are longer in length like your asking for. It's such a shame that that the licensor is holding back y'alls creativity bc we all know without a doubt nobody could do this theme better.please listen to the spooky guys bc they know what's best.

#2606 37 days ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

I appreciate the kind words! Working on so many things over the years that were critiqued gave me some crazy thick crocodile skin, but I just want to knock this one out of the park for everyone who loves Halloween more than anything right now. It's a tall order for sure, and probably an impossible feat, but I still strive for it! Some reviewers just use some really harsh words before thinking things through and I respect that. It's their opinion, and any opinion is valid.

Great job. As soon as the clips are actually implemented it will be legendary.i know you said earlier if you want to see the movie put it on in the background but this is why we have a lcd screen. For awesome animations like you have created 50% and 50% movie clips.

#2619 36 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

He is referring to the “hedge multiball” insert where only “hedge multiba” light up and the “ll” are outside of the lit insert. It looks sloppy and terrible.
After a lot of contemplation yesterday afternoon and evening I’m starting to get concerned on this one sadly. It’s a big investment for me and cold feet are developing…
I LOVE the theme as I’m a huge fan of the film but I am starting to have 2nd thoughts as well on this game after watching the newest stream (has nothing to do with Godzilla as I’m not in on that theme). Im not the biggest fan of the animations in the current state and overall what is being shown on the lcd is far to static and just plain boring. And if they are that tight on approving what is being shown (3-5 seconds tops) what’s the point on movie clips ect? Example: The house with lightning and Michael In the closet are almost always being shown.
Will this game just get old and repetitive very quickly? I’m more of a rock pin guy so I have some concerns developing.
Sadly I am ‘toying’ with the idea of selling my spot as well.

Me too bud and it crushes me too no end.when this trailer dropped I have never been more excited in this hobby.if they dont add more assets. I dont want this game at ALL

#2622 36 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

If the assets don’t end up being there I don’t want it either. This whole if I wanted to see the movie I’ll just watch it bs is garbage. Why license the theme then.. just for images? Holding out in hope

Amen . Pretty much original theme without them

#2657 36 days ago

. I don't expect to be told go watch the movie if that's what I wanted or expected as a buyer and supporter. Sorry if I'm expecting more but at 10,000 grand delivered I am EXPECTING MORE than what you just showed. ALOT MORE. Time to put down the booze and whatever your smoking and get to work. Your horror fest seems cool and all but I'm more concerned about the game I was sold!
This post is meant to light a fire under your ass, not to bash. I'll be the first to praise you and shout holy fn night mutilator from behind the bushes when you deliver. That's all I want to do! I want to love this game! I want to say thank you when the game is finished! You mentioned greatest game ever 10×. Time to deliver greatest graphic content of all time. Shut me the [email protected] up with your awesomeness!
I'm in til the end, not selling my spot!

Amen. That comment REALLY made me PISSED OFF when he said that about putting it on the background. Literally was ready to immediately sell my spot with that type of attitude towards my dream theme.

#2661 36 days ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Just watched it too. Oh my... I'm very, very concerned. In addition to his narrative, which confirms the approach is completely misaligned with what I expect from a $10K pinball (watch the movie BS comments), he played over 15 minutes and the screen never changed from 2 static panning imagines. Holy smokes. He did say he would fix that but... dam.

If he doesn't. He single handedly killed all of our dream theme

#2685 36 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

All I have to say guys is we're are barely even started on code and rules. I think there is alot of misinformation right now. We have so many major updates and things planned. This stuff all takes time. We only just started hitting full regular production numbers a few weeks ago. This project is another year long! We wish we could have these games with final code before they ever leave the shop but that is not something we have been able to accomplish yet. We are working as quickly as we can for ya.

Thank you for updating luke. We know you guys can do it right but with night mutilators comments of just put the movie on in the background is what caused all of this madness. Literally people are selling at a loss bc they feel the game will just have no fully immersive feeling to it with split second clips very randomly. Such a shame as I know you all are working your butts off and one comment literally overshadows everything.

#2690 36 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

All good man! I think that most people playing the game are really enjoying it. Watching people's eyes light up at shows I know we are on the right path! I think as more people get the game home and can really enjoy it and get farther into the game they will be very impressed. I don't think I have seen anybody touch sub wizard or wizard yet!

Sounds great but as long as it has video assets longer than a few seconds. Truly love the idea of showing the child Michael myers scene with seeing through the eyes of the mask. I 1000% believe in you and spooky and know if he doesn't get it right ,you or Charlie will step in and get someone else to fully immerse the game as you all are die hard Halloween fans as all of us are.

#2691 36 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

All good man! I think that most people playing the game are really enjoying it. Watching people's eyes light up at shows I know we are on the right path! I think as more people get the game home and can really enjoy it and get farther into the game they will be very impressed. I don't think I have seen anybody touch sub wizard or wizard yet!

When you ask compass pictures for longer clips please show them all our comments bc we know that all of you are working so hard and they are the stranglehold in your creativity. And they need too give the fans of this beloved franchise what we want

#2693 36 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You think so? I think they should, but it seems unlikely to me. I just assumed the animations would be awesome on this. Spooky killed the animations on Alice Cooper. A+. This is looking like a D- so far. It's like night and day.

Ofcourse they will if he doesn't do what they ask. And I couldn't agree more. Alice cooper is top notch where these are MEH. Spooky is the 1 pinball company that truly cares about its customers and that why I will never back out on them as they will get it right no matter what.

#2708 36 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

They really need to do damage control on this. Fire him if needed and get someone else if you have to., the animations are your weakest part .Fix it or remove it IMO.

This 100% I hope we get some clarification on this issue very soon as I support spooky and love their story and dont want our dream theme ruined by one person.

#2722 36 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Kinda scared to do anymore video . It’s just me, my wife, and an iPhone…and very average players.

No please dont stop making videos. Yours are awesome and have made me and my wife so excited. We even have the notifications turned on for your channel on YouTube.

#2726 36 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

My apologies if I contributed in a negative manner and assisted in setting a bad tone. It’s a lot of money to me and perhaps I’m just looking for a little reassurance that I didn’t make a bad decision. Just giving feedback in hopes of helping make this a great game. I’m just going to concentrate on the positives I’ve seen so far (and there are plenty) and just enjoy the ride as code gets better over time.

You have no reason to apologize as your 100% right as this is a major purchase and have every right to help contribute your feedback into a game we all desire too be better. I know I'm so ecstatic to shoot it as it looks so much fun.

#2728 36 days ago
Quoted from SLRage:

I hope you do get a chance to shoot it. You will feel a lot better. There are issues, no doubt but it’s a damn fun game to shoot. Hard but fun

Won't be too much longer as I'm #159 and so excited for the invoice.

#2773 35 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Another great place to include video assets outside of active playing time is in the return from the two upper playfields, into the subway and return to the flippers. Also, in attract mode or the scoop shots during return time. Would love to see clips shown at start of mode, when hitting lit shots in the mode as well as longer clips for completion as an award. I have faith that the developing code will make this game feel much more dynamic than it is at current version. Also…I hope there is a schoolyard bully hurry up mode in the works. :School bell rings like an alarm: “he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you” shoot the scoop to collect decreasing jackpot and various mystery awards. Best mystery’s awarded for quick completion.

Man that would be AMAZING with them bullying him and show where the one boy runs into Michael and que the music. Could be such a moment in pinball.

#2858 34 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

NightMutilator’s stream was a train wreck, both in presentation and message. He’s in charge of the animations and complaining about the ‘naysayers.’ He seems like a great dude, and I’m glad he’s a Halloween fan, but let the work speak for itself.
Anyway, still in and very excited.

Amen literally caused multiple people to bail on this amazing game with his attitude and lack of common sense as he didn't realize that all of us are paying spooky customers and have every right to question the only weak part of the game which HE is leading.such a shame as spooky is top notch in my book and personally I truly hope they replace him sooner rather than later as they are the best in the business when it come to community and customer service and he obviously doesn't fit that criteria and we all know they can do much better. Being a die hard fan doesn't make you a good animator. Some of his are absolutely top notch like the scene with judith myers tombstone and then you have they horrid sanitarium animations and the moving hand. It just doesn't look professional in 2021 in a 10k game that has amazing artwork everywhere else except on the lcd screen. BUT No Matter what. IN SPOOKY WE TRUST

#2863 34 days ago

I was thinking how AMAZING would it be if this was the attract mode background or when you press the start button.i truly believe it would totally immerse you into the Halloween universe.
And instead of the actors names you could put the people that worked on the game in the same font. Man I truly would be blown away with this type of theme integration.

#2864 34 days ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Marco Specialties had done a great interview with Spooky a few weeks back where they went over all of the hardware inside a Halloween. Now it looks like the video has been taken down. Anyone know why or if it will be re-posted?

That's a shame as it was so informative

#2869 34 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

It'd be ok for doing the credits during attract mode, but starting every game like that? People would skip it every time after watching it once and operators would be annoyed at how it wastes a minute when they're primarily concerned about player turnover to maximize coin drop.
I'm not trying to sound overly harsh. It's a nice attention to detail. But there's plenty of other areas that need work first.

They wouldn't have to do the whole thing but just show the pumpkin and john carpenter's Halloween and that would be so epic. But for attract mode it would work best.

#2891 33 days ago

So it sounds as they will be hitting number 75 Halloween by next week which is amazing. There still may be hope for me to get 159 by Halloween if they are pumping this many out now. Fingers crossed I get that email soon.

#2893 33 days ago
Quoted from Damonator:

First 50 Halloween + first 50 Ultraman go to friends and family. They won’t hit that until next week.

I thought it was 2 to 1 ratio the whole time.

#2968 32 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Just remember again, code is early and more to come. Elvira had early code and people were not happy with it at the beginning. Same with Guardians and Stranger Things. Those games are now really really good with code updates and are sought after. Just relax.

Exactly. I have already mode a promise too myself that I will not watch anymore gameplay videos so that I will get too experience this baby right out of the box for the 1st time. With this new update coming on October 1st it feels like they are about to completely change this game for the better as I have counted only 4 movie clips and he said 15 will be in it now and cant wait until #159 gets here.

1 week later
#3138 25 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:Damn - Travis really tore it apart.

i personally dont like travis's taste as he dont care about moments in pinball, for him its all about points and to me that is no fun

#3139 25 days ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

i personally dont like travis's taste as he dont care about moments in pinball, for him its all about points.and to me that is no fun

#3147 25 days ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

SpookyLuke not trying to be a pest. But you were at 70 on 9/18 and then assuming (low) 5 a day. Should be at
115 today between Halloween and ultraman. Are these evenly split? Has production slowed under 5 a day? I ask bc I am #52 and still have not heard anything yet for butter option, but based on these numbers my machine should already be built. I apologize if I am missing something.

This 100% we are patiently waiting another production update.

#3239 24 days ago

So when today is this code update dropping. I'm so excited to see the changes to the rules and clips.

#3281 23 days ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Watched the update vid: quite an accomplished game, very impressive for a small company. Like I've mentioned before, there isn't much to the game because there isn't much to the movie. Seems to me there's only 3 major modes - Hedge, Sanatorium and House. It most likely will improve, as they will find extra little features to add.
My suggestion would be to add extra modes that can be unlocked by collecting blood, for example:
10 blood - Michael breaks into the store and steals his iconic Captain Kirk mask and kitchen knife.
15 blood - A random shot appears on the playfield...is it a Trick or is it a Treat? A treat could be a Special or Extra Ball. A Trick - all pf lights turn off and 1 flipper is disabled for 10 seconds.
20 blood - Young Michael puts on the clown mask and in POV moves through the house, ultimately killing his sister.
25 blood - See anything you like? The scene everyone wants - Michael slays Bob Simms in the kitchen, then wears the bedsheet to take out Lynda Van Klok.
Just a few ideas, to help pack out the game with fan-favorite moments.

Love this idea please do this spooky.

#3341 22 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

please don't. . .

Why not I love the idea of earning a special movie clip with the blood. Would make for a very special pinball moment for sure.it would give you something to build towards each game.

#3366 21 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

If they want to do this when everything is finished and complete, after code 1.00 is done, and it selectable for home use, I respect your opinion. . .
Right now we need to concentrate on 100% pinball rules and add video into that where and when it pertains. . . with all do respect, people are not going to want to buy video clips of the movie in a tournament, league, or even more than once in a bar or competitive setting from the shop, or even at home probably more than a few times (it will wear off quick). . . you can always try to beat your last and high score, you can never add more movie clips once you have earned and seen them all
Pinball machines are designed to earn score.... not movie clips. . . Spooky, IMHO, shouldn't spend time building rules on earning video clips

I agree but this is such a niche genre that us fellow die hard horror/ halloween nuts just love the little deep cuts. I agree on getting the rules 100% fleshed out and done but something simple that truly ties in the specific movie into the game is what makes a good game great

#3373 21 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

I think there is enough interest here that if you are on the wait list you might want to include your invoice information with an idea for a possible selectable game mode that includes your idea. . . I am way more a pinball nerd than a Halloween fan although I do love the movie. . . Just because I am way more concentrated on game flow and score, it shouldn't discourage you from letting Spooky know what you would like to see. . it doesn't sound like it would be super hard to add at the end of things if IP and timing permits.

Oh yeah I'm #159 halloween ce and absolutely can't wait to get it and play.

#3404 20 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Was it even an “issue” until Kaneda said it was?

Exactly while I agree It would be nice if fixed but in no way is this a deal breaker like the assets are.and they are listening so people please give them faith and time as I guarentee no other company listens to their customers like spooky.

#3409 20 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

If nothing else, it's become clear to me that this game is about to become the new POTC. Luckily Spooky already sold out before the panic set in. Then the FOMO, but too late. I'm still in.

Me too bud and I couldn't be more proud of this purchase bc I know that this will be exactly what I bought. Which is the only true horror pinball machine since bram stokers dracula

#3433 20 days ago
Quoted from rai:

TWD would like a word with you.
[quoted image]

Quoted from rai:

TWD would like a word with you.
[quoted image]

Touché, completely forgot about this one

#3446 20 days ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Nope, I still say Freddy is

If Bally/Williams, or data east would have made it. It would have been 100 times better.my favorite slasher of all time and sucks that gottlieb was the one that got that amazing license.

#3451 20 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

You guys getting the Butter/No Butter options?

No butter for me but glad others like it. as it is truly a work of art

#3482 19 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:# 78' here - just got the email. Life is good.

So happy for you. Cant wait until I get that special email

#3524 14 days ago
Quoted from pldubya43:

This is unrelated, but has anyone ever heard or purchased from Artifex SP? If they aren’t legit is there a place we can report them (other than BBB)

Total scam website

#3544 12 days ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Has anyone watched on Netflix "The Movies that Made Us" Halloween episode?

Yes it was awesome

1 week later
#3671 5 days ago

I'm truly hoping for atleast double of the pumpkin modes. Bc there is just so much that is untapped in this game. Like the opening scene with the view from behind the mask, the school scene with the kids saying he's gonna get you. I believe with a minimum of 12 modes selectable. This will be a amazing game for sure

#3673 5 days ago
Quoted from Ceemunkey:

Yep totally agree with this - there are some pretty iconic scenes not yet being used and they could make for some really cool modes. Watching the last code update was super encouraging, so I'm assuming they are working hard on this and we still have a lot to see. Come on Spooky, you've made an awesome, unique layout and a killer theme - now let's have the most awesome code to match it!

Absolutely. I truly feel they have just made a bare bones code right now and even SpookyLuke has said so. So all the haters need to just chill and let this baby mature. With atleast 12 selectable modes and about 30 clips overall, hands down top ten game PERIOD! But we shall see. The one thing that is hurting the progression is the double game aspect of programming and the approval process. But I believe in 12 months it should be totally fleshed out with all we could ever dream of with clips and modes.

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