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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

6 months ago

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#511 6 months ago

Wearing a mask and social distancing since 1978....Michael is coming for you!

Cant wait for Halloween (resized).pngMichael Myers bush.gif
#628 6 months ago

Took my children to go see Cruella last night at the movie theater and saw a movie promotion poster for the new Halloween movie being released. I have enjoyed all of the movies and I really enjoy Jamie Lee Curtis (; Looks like another great movie, and the timing might be perfect with games shipping around the same time frame. I also wanted to say we really enjoyed Cruella (great movie)-not good for smaller children but good for 7+year old and adults.

New 2021 Halloween Kills trailer:

3 weeks later
#1308 5 months ago

Not a fan of novelty upper playfields, but thought the pass through looks fun. I also really dig the hedges and having to complete them for multi-ball. Something different than a standard target bank used on most games. Michael popping out of hedges was one of the coolest features I have seen and another reason I pulled the trigger. Really getting jazzed for this one and looking forward to the unique and different layout. Definitely not cutting any cookies on this one! It literally looks KILLER to me!

#1310 5 months ago

At first I was turned off by the upper playfields and exposed LED strands, but the 'Hedges' really impressed me as something unique and different. Then when I saw that the uppers were more of a pass through like WH20-I was sold. Looks super fun and unique and nowadays I need more cowbell-getting tired of fan layouts.

#1322 5 months ago

To me butter vs non-butter is how shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny it is. The butter really pops and is super shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. If you are a lover of art and want to showcase it, the butter really does pop. The first time I saw the butter on TNA I was impressed. Do I think it is worth the coin-to me no. I will likely have this game wedged in-between others and I think the art pops enough as is. I may pop for butter for a super dream theme? Beetlejuice or Grateful Dead or something I wanted to showcase?

#1380 5 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Was notified i had #139. Then a few days later was told it was a clerical error and moved to 341.

Same thing happened to me. I was told I had #420 and honesty it made me feel like it was meant to be-I would almost pay a premium to have that number. Then another pinsider posted he had the same number? I then was bumped up because of clerical error? Seems I am not alone, and while mistakes happen I do think it is unprofessional and it burst my bubble.

#1394 5 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

I wasn't too worried either way, it was a crazy hectic day for spooky and the distributors.

Yea its all good, but they do need to get things together better next time. I chose to go through a distributor because I feel it is a conflict of interest trying to sell direct and through distribution(and I wanted to support them). We are not talking thousands and thousands of games here-seems simple to me to assign numbers(I can send someone a three ring binder if that helps?) Hopefully a lesson was learned for the next go around.

#1487 5 months ago

It looks like it plays great and has a great layout. Jaime Lee on film snipet-oh yea, and the LED's really pop! Whack a mole Michael-get him! Just noticed huge knife on right side-super creepy and I am lovin it. Love the music-piano and keyboard combo make for a tense hurry up sound-perfect for the theme. Can't wait to check out the patent pending 'Butt Pretzel'.

I have goosebumps-so stoked for this one!

#1490 5 months ago

Thanks again Jack for the great stream-one day I will death save like Super Jack Danger does.

#1492 5 months ago

Watched the stream again and the Ultraman reminds me of BM66 with 60's tunes. The light show also seems more intense with more of a rainbow disco show. So glad I chose Halloween as Ultraman does nothing for me-just can't relate to it. The music and light show seem way more subtle on Halloween as well(digging it).

Ultraman seems like it would pair well with BM66 or Dialed In in a collection.

#1498 5 months ago

I really think it was brilliant of Spooky to offer two themes with the same layout. With polar opposite themes it really gave people a choice and selection to buy what they can relate to. Can you imagine how many more games Stern could of sold if they did a duel theme with the Iron Maiden layout released at the same time? Seems like Spooky is on the up and up-I will need to keep my eye open in the future. Now if Spooky gets/has? Beetlejuice license I would definitely be stoked to see them do it? What's next for Spooky?

Future dual release idea...

Beetlejuice and Dukes Of Hazzard-Make it so!

2 weeks later
#1984 4 months ago

Thanks for all the great feedback! It looks challenging and fun to play, and I cant wait to flip it. The art is really spectacular and the whole package looks really good. Back Alley really did a bang up job and looking at some of the detailed toys and props up close is a work of art. I thought I was impressed with the ship on JJP POTC, but the detail on HW is also a work of art.

I love Halloween, and I asked my wife-is it too early to start decorating for Halloween yet? She said yes
I asked a friend who goes crazy with decorations when he starts-he said 'When you see the Spirit Halloween stores pop up-it's time.' I will start pulling out my decorations next week

#2105 4 months ago

Michael coming after you and having to make shots for hurry-ups-sound thrilling

-May be one of the best hurry-ups ever that will get your heart racing-I love hurry-ups

#2200 4 months ago

RebelGuitars needs a TNA and orange speaker lights for Halloween

#2276 4 months ago

Love that picture with cool cat on top of Halloween-Spooky!

Was at Spirit Halloween yesterday getting some Halloween decorations and noticed they had some cool Halloween franchise stuff. One thing they had and I would have bought for a topper(if I did not get CE) was a Michael with knife stabbing pumpkin that lights up(pretty cool). Lots of little props that were interesting, and several rugs like one posted above. FYI-there is a 20% coupon circulating and we had the cashier hook us up. Also the day after Halloween the store offers 50% off everything. We bought a cool well built 5' pose able skeleton for $49.99 and the kids are having fun posing him in different positions around the house. Bought me some candy corn-it's official-Halloween is around the corner.

1 week later
#2436 4 months ago
Mike (resized).jpgMike just kill it (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2546 4 months ago

Just got some good time in on a Halloween and..............................................................

I was blown away!

This game is everything I was hoping for and more. Really a cool layout with tons going on. The subways to the slings bring a fresh dimension to gameplay(takes some getting used to-had to tune my ears for sounds) and the flow is great. Even coming down from the third playfield was quick for me. This game is a super fun shooter and also looks spectacular in person-the pictures do not do it justice. If your tired of fan layouts-this is the ticket. I thought the code was really decent as well, loved the suspenseful red GI's that interacted with gameplay and sounds and call-outs are good. I was really impressed and it has raised my enthusiasm ten fold. If anyone has a lower number and is not quite ready for delivery-I would trade mine for a lower number? This game is KILLER!!!!!!

-Also thanks to JJ at Game Exchange for having one on his floor on free-play (;

#2580 4 months ago

I really appreciate Luke's attitude and devotion to this title. His wiliness to make this game even better and try and improve things speaks volumes. Getting feedback, making tweaks and implementing improvements is all part of a successful outfit. Tons of respect for team Spooky-keep up the good work!

(BTW-my Stern Led Zeppelin has a song cut-off for illumination on backbox because it was not routered properly from factory-no biggie and stuff happens)

#2585 4 months ago

When I have a new game on order and arriving soon, I always try and think of ways I can mod it. I have not thought of anything I really want to add to this game? It really is loaded, and when I saw it in person I thought-they even already have the perfect flipper topper stickers that tie in with playfield art-stunning. The Backalley sculpted props are perfect! The only thing I can think of adding as of now is a set of orange superbands and an under cabinet color changing red/orange/yellow special effect light?

This game is already a masterpiece and does not need much

#2667 4 months ago

If anyone is buying this game based on speculative value-then might as well get off the hype train now. I can tell those who are devoted and are digging what they see. Why are so many hitting the market in the last couple days? Probably Godzilla launching? Like a dog getting distracted by a squirrel-Hey look a squirrel! Maybe it's ignorant podcasters poking the bear talkin smack? Don't get distracted by all the fluff-make up your own mind. I recommend getting the game and getting a minimum of 200 games on it before coming to any conclusions. Too many times I have seen people dismiss games pre-maturely. I do not pay attention to the market-I make up my own mind.

#2677 4 months ago

The thing is I have actually played the game and put some time on it.....and I flippin love it! That is all that matters, if you have a good layout and decent fun code-dialing in the little things is just icing on the cake. I was nervous because I do not care for mini playfields-and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun the two uppers are. I also almost bailed on Mandalorian because of the mini upper. I bought a Pro and an LE just in case-and ended up getting rid of Pro. I kept the LE and the mini is epic and really fun to play-so there is that.

1 week later
#3031 3 months ago

The Neca Halloween figurines of Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode are perfect for potential mods but the scale is too big and I think they would look out of place in the game. Would like to find the same level of quality/detail but a smaller scale? The 1978 Wagon may need to find a place in the game(find a larger scale). Also was watching Halloween II the other day and there is a great sound clip that was retro and intense-thought it would make for a great hurry up sound clip.

Halloween 1978 Wagon (resized).pngNeca Halloween figurines (resized).png

2 weeks later
#3596 3 months ago

Halloween Kills was fantastic and it left right off Halloween's last scene in movie and ties in perfect. My wife and I have been geeking out on all of the films lately and Halloween Kills is one of the best in the remake series.

We were going to go pay and see this one on the big screen, but decided just to stay home-crank up the volume/bass-turn on spooky halloween lights and watch it for free.

#3633 3 months ago

I think of Michael like a zombie who is possessed and is not alive-you can't kill him. Dr. Loomis-'Get away from him' always sticks in my mind as he is not dead! Is it cheesy-yes it is. People running away at full speed while Michael walks slowly and catches up-it has always been this way. I actually think the Halloween Kills was better than Halloween III(1982)-which was basically unwatchable. Horror movies are not known for high quality acting and the cheese factor is part of the novelty. Sometimes I feel like directors dummy down the films and add social justice elements to appeal to the masses. My only gripe was the directors choice of Judy Greer. Her character really struggled and felt out of place, especially in a horror film.

'Evil dies tonight'

#3635 3 months ago

I am talking 1982 Halloween III Season of the Witch were directors deviated from the classic formula.

#3637 3 months ago

Are you serious about liking the 1982 version-what a complete monstrosity

Probably in 10 worst films of all time, how can you like it without Michael- Blasphemy!

1 week later
#3714 80 days ago

This title is not a title that I feel will need any sound upgrades on. The music and call-outs do not scream for sound improvements and the stock system should be more than good. I would not waste any money trying to improve sound quality, this is not a crank it up style game imo. I think the only thing I plan on adding is orange Super-Bands, Silver-jets, orange LED under cabinet lighting(maybe), and if I can find the correct scale I want to add Loomis and Laurie somewhere.

#3715 80 days ago

I know this is a long shot but I have number 421 and the wait is going to be awhile, I guess I am not used to waiting a year+ to get a game. If anyone has a lower number and is not ready to take delivery yet-I will trade numbers? Not looking to pay a premium but just throwing it out there. If you are on fence or need more time to get funds together please trade me for a lower numbered game. Wishful thinking I guess

#3719 80 days ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

Made my first pumpkin and my birthday is Halloween!

My son made the same pumpkin for his pumpkin-looks good. I let my son watch a little Halloween and my wife got pissed and put an end to it. Meanwhile she watches her chic flicks with sex scenes and that is ok? Weird that I try and protect my son from premature sexual awareness but feel violence is tolerable. My excuse is that he knows its not real.

#3721 80 days ago

I am a bit of a conservative Dad and want to keep them innocent as long as possible-which is very difficult in today's day and age.

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