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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#519 3 months ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Ya, I got the order confirmation mail, and then the follow-up "Babysitters Beware, HE's Coming!" Mail that said the charges would be going through. I mailed them just in case

Same. Still pending.

1 week later
#838 3 months ago

Halloween CE
Order# 11518
Game#: 359

1 week later
#1131 87 days ago

I agree that the Halloween fan-vid was not nearly as exciting as what I've seen from the Ultraman vids, but any game can look like a turd with poor play. What I'm thrilled to see with Halloween is the tone/mood. I was hoping for something a bit more deliberately paced (audio and visually) and super-creepy. For me, this video shows they nailed that part! I want this pin to be scary - as much as a box of lights can be.

I have no problems with the animation mixed with film clips and prefer that approach if done well.

#1212 85 days ago

Who cares whats easy for the newbs... I've earned the right to immediately recognize EATPM. Where else can I exercise this finely honed skill I've obtained by wasting years of my life reading this forum. The harder the better... bring on JCH.

#1250 84 days ago

Alice Coopers Nightmare Castle = ACNC - not NC
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International = RZ - not SI
Elvira's House of Horrors = EHOH - not HOH
John Carpenter's Halloween = JCH - its right there on the backglass and topper

HWN is not even an acronym. Its an abbreviation that isn't necessary because a TLA is right there printed on the game.

#1254 84 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Not even close to the same. Come on man!

How so? I guess if you're going to look at that backglass and still tell me its not called John Carpenter's Halloween then we're done. No path forward in this conversation.

#1256 84 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

There is no title or nothing on the CE backglass

Touché. For my next dissertation I will argue the CE version should be referred to as TS = The Shape.

#1396 80 days ago

Question for the stream experts. I have a previous commitment that I can't change (birthday dinner for grandma!) but it conflicts with the stream. I know it will be available in a few days, but I'm super-excited to see the it tonight! Is there anyway I can setup my computer to record this, or cache it, or something so I can rewind and watch when I get home?

#1400 80 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

Jack must be setting up at this point if he wants to go live as he said in 4.5 hours! Stoked!
Did you ever notice that the pumpkin in the opening credits actually depicts Michael carrying a knife? I used to think it was just supposed to be a crummy kid carving. Notice the slow zoom in
[quoted image]

Dude. I've seen this movie a hundred times and never noticed that. Wow thats cool.

#1509 79 days ago

I'm neutral after watching the stream. Saw a lot of things I liked and some things I don't. I'll be patient and hopeful that additional video and animation will add a ton to the experience. My biggest issue was the upper playfield was too easy to qualify and therefor not very satisfying. With a more deliberate shooter I was hoping you'd have to earn your way to the top. I like the idea of qualifying the upper by playing the two muliti-balls (maybe even some incidentals??) but adding the "5 ramp shots to qualify" nerfs it for me. Feels very much like the Stern "see it all on one ball" approach. Yuck.

I'm still in and I know a lot can change. Very grateful to see the game being played and it looks like it will be fun to shoot.

3 weeks later
#2245 58 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

This is Sanatorium mode. She also gets into drop target mode too.

Thanks for posting. Love the sound when Sanatorium starts and the speaker lighting is really cool. Looks like fun!

#2280 57 days ago

Still not liking you can get to House with a handful of ramp shots. You should have to earn it, IMO. I believe I read that they nerfed it so people could get there with 1 ball at the shows. Hope they pull that back.

#2284 57 days ago

Yeah, I get it.. its just not very satisfying for me. Take LOTR for example.. I have to work to achieve Destroy the Ring. I don't get to it very often but when I do get there it is incredibly full-filling. I understand with 1031 there has to balance given there is an entire playfield but still... if I'm up there I want to feel I've accomplished more than hitting the ramp over and over.

#2287 57 days ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I don't think that's a fair comparison. House is not a wizard mode or sub wizard mode it's one of the three main modes in the game along with Hedge and Sanitarium. If you are following the movie you'd want it to be Sanitarium then Hedge then House, but then Spooky would have people complaining that the game is too linear. I'm glad they let the player choose which order to do each mode based on their preference.

Thats fair. I'll admit I don't understand the rules enough to further this debate. I'm guilty of assuming it was deeper into the game.

#2289 57 days ago
Quoted from Frax:

.......don't ever let me play your game if you ever want to set a GC ever again without having to do an audits reset. I think my record is 4 DTRs in one game.

Dang, thats impressive. You are officially not invited to over to jack up all my high score tables.

2 weeks later
#2529 39 days ago

I have to admit I'm getting cold feet a bit after that Godzilla reveal. I get its a totally different vibe and I'd much rather have Halloween, but it does make me go hmmm... about the overall package. I'm not bailing or anything but would love to see evidence that this isn't the POTC asset experience... and confirmation I backed the right horse.

#2658 37 days ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

Amen. That comment REALLY made me PISSED OFF when he said that about putting it on the background. Literally was ready to immediately sell my spot with that type of attitude towards my dream theme.

Just watched it too. Oh my... I'm very, very concerned. In addition to his narrative, which confirms the approach is completely misaligned with what I expect from a $10K pinball (watch the movie BS comments), he played over 15 minutes and the screen never changed from 2 static panning imagines. Holy smokes. He did say he would fix that but... dam.

#2818 36 days ago

Good reply from Luke

Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Yup, if each mode was treated like a film it would have a beginning, middle, and ending. A clip for intro and outro with interactive animation that evolves as you progress through the mode would be ideal. If the clips were bookended with mode start and mode end the player would have time to digest and appreciate them. Flashing a brief clip in the middle of the mode doesn't really tell the story as the player won't see it.

Agree 110%. Thats one of the things that makes LOTR so cool. You start a mode and get an interesting animation. If you complete a necessary shot, you get rewarded with a new animation, then the original returns. If you complete the mode you are rewarded with a different animation for the completion. Keeps the story flowing.

#3045 29 days ago

I think it would be cool to actually see the ball appear from the lifter hole before it reaches the inlane. Wonder if an alternate sling plastic could be fashioned to allow you to see the action.

Or how about a spooky-lit below the playfield video of the lifter in action that is shown when it fires.

#3088 28 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

You mean like ‘You Snooze you loose?’
That wasn’t a deal breaker for SM popularity.
How’s bout hair dick on LOTR LE? There’s far worse examples over the years.

Agreed. Don't care about the insert at all. Give me cool AV immersion and I won't even notice it.

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