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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#516 3 months ago

Did anyone with a Spooky direct order have the deposit charge go through? Mine is still sitting on pending

#518 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Did you get an order confirmation email?
My $$$ definitely went

Ya, I got the order confirmation mail, and then the follow-up "Babysitters Beware, HE's Coming!" Mail that said the charges would be going through. I mailed them just in case

#521 3 months ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Same. Still pending.

Heard back from Spooky that the pending charges should go through this week. Cool, to get such a fast response over the weekend

#524 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

That’s quick customer service. So your in Gilbert? Hope you survived the high winds we had. Well I was not happy with the theme at all. I wanted Scooby Doo and it didn’t happen. I am not a slasher movie fan at all.
My wife and I were very worried no gameplay videos. So we passed on buying launch day. I asked my wife yesterday if she wanted Halloween because she did really love the reveal video (Halloween is one of her favorite holiday’s. She said she wants it. So had to decide which version.
Then I sent her pics of CE and BSE. We talked later and we decided to go CE. This will be my first spooky pin. I just hope it turns out good. So what time frame do you guys think it will be till I get the game?
I am nervous but excited also.
[quoted image]

Thanks, ya the winds were pretty intense over the weekend. Wouldn't mind so much, but it made a mess of the pool blowing dust and debris inside and turning it green.

Halloween as a theme was the opposite for me. Just the kind of theme I hoped they would make. I was a weird kid into stuff like Halloween, nightmare on elm Street, Friday the 13th growing up, instead of the more normal kid interests like star wars, Indiana Jones, Disney stuff.

I wasn't planning in another pin for quite some time as I've been more into arcade games recently, but when they announced Halloween I knew immediately I'd have to order it. It was hard to explain to my wife after I've been nagging her to save money with a second kid due soon lol. I've been selling a lot of my old console game collection to help subsidize it.

I'm in for a CE. I got Alice Cooper from spooky before and it was almost a year wait. My number was in the mid 300s on that run of 500. I think I should have a pretty early draw for Halloween. My order number was 11342. I'm expecting anywhere between 3 to 6 months wait, but who knows.

1 week later
#770 3 months ago

Got #79

1 month later
#2099 64 days ago
Quoted from spandol:

The licensor, from what spooky said, did not want just a running movie in the game, so we’ll have to see how they make it creative. I remember bug saying there’s a mode where Michael is after you and you have to make shots quickly to get away. Maybe as you’re making shots to get away, they are using clips of Michael chasing Jamie Lee Curtis, but they don’t use clips where she’s in the scene. That would be cool. Or she could be in it. We’ll just have to see. I’m excited about it.

I dont know much about this kinda thing, but I'd assume they have the rights to Jamie Lee Curtis's image since she is on the cabinet and plastic art. It could well be different from the film clips, but it would see odd if they could put her in the art, but not use film clips with her.

#2107 63 days ago
Quoted from colonelmikey:

Still waiting to see somebody receive a Halloween and post it and the number. My number is so far back it would be nice to see some production from Spooky.

I have a pretty early number #79 and I haven't gotten a mail about butter cab yet which they said was 3 weeks before it goes on the line roughly.

They had also.mentioned they were holding the initial batch for a bit for testing, so looking like it will take them awhile to get production warmed up.

2 weeks later
#2461 48 days ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

Man that would make me soo happy

Not to be a naysayer, but realistically someone mentioned they were in the low 50s and hasn't been contacted yet, and they had said contact would be 3 weeks from going on the line I believe. So probably unlikely you'll get it by Halloween.

My number is 79 and I was initially thinking I'd have it late September, but now I figure I'll be lucky to get it by Halloween. I'm not complaining I'd rather they tweak and playetest it a bit more. I love my ACNC but it's pretty rough around the edges

#2500 42 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

What is the lead time from invoice until built? If they are doing 20 per week that is a 3 week lead time. Do they invoice days before it being built? I thought the invoice 3 weeks before game is done.

It said invoice 3 weeks from it being on the line in one of the initial preorder mails.

I would have expected an invoice by now for my #79. I just got in on a Godzilla premium also that is supposedly going to be in the initial October batch. I suppose it's possible I'll get that before Hallwoeen.

#2536 40 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

at 61, I would think so by Halloween.

I guess the whole having it by Halloween thing is pretty arbitrary anyway. Would just be a cool novelty, and we're excited to play and a little ancy.

Of course I'd rather have them done right then rushed out the door, but their ramp does seem a bit slower than I had expected and how I interpreted their messaging. Seemed about two months after the sale before a small handful of the very earliest numbers went out. I should be having a great month for October if all goes to plan with expecting to get this and a Godzilla premium around the same time.

#2697 38 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You think so? I think they should, but it seems unlikely to me. I just assumed the animations would be awesome on this. Spooky killed the animations on Alice Cooper. A+. This is looking like a D- so far. It's like night and day.

Ya, I thought the Alice Cooper animations were excellent. It had sorta a modern revamped dmd feel with great hand drawn art. I'll take that any day
over the typical lcd pinball display where looks like a z grade video game from the early 2000s.

That said this does look pretty rough currently, but that is what I expected getting in early on a pinball machine. The shots and flow are looking great and the layout is unique. Those are the things that have little room for refinement or change at this point, and those elements are looking good on that front.

The animator seems really passionate about his work and the IP, and I have faith that Spooky will keep enhancing code and theme integration on the video as things proceed.

I do understand why that stream gave people concerns though and it probably wasn't a good idea to show in that context. It was very dark for most of the stream, no game audio, and abrupt very brief videos. In the manner that it was shown it looked closer to a fan homebrew than a nearly 10k machine in production.

I'm holding onto my preorder and I agree with some of the comments that the stream didn't do the game any favors, but I also think people are overreacting a good deal. While I agree with the philosophy that it would be silly to just run the movie in its entirety in screen, there is a middle ground, and the current state of the film integration looks quite poor.

Looking forward to receiving my game hopefully in the next month and watching the code and hopefully the film integration and animations mature.

#2707 38 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

This is why spooky needed to do an official video reveal and not let others do a crappy piss poor one. If your first video reveal is of two guys who can’t play well or hold the damn phone still, doesn’t bode well at all for a first impression.
I haven’t watched this latest one, but spooky should be chewing his ass off for putting that out. He is caused many to apparently abandon ship(sorry ex navy). They really need to do damage control on this. Fire him if needed and get someone else if you have to.
Outside of the stupid insert issue, the animations are your weakest part imo. Fix it or remove it IMO. I am still in with #481 and you all knew the code will take time, but the animations issue needs to be addressed ASAP.

Ya, I guess what unique aspect of the pinball market is especially on these boutique releases early numbers get access to the game a year or more before the late numbers get it.

This is further complicated by non refundable deposits and the fomo pressure to get in early or miss the boat entirely or to get a late number and getting the game way way later than the early crowd.

To your point presentation and perception definitely matters though. Especially with there being very sparse "official" media on this game (Deadflip stream as close as it gets?), And the cost involved people will get cold feet.

I've worked in the video game industry for the better part of 20 years and video game companies are typically very careful about their games putting the best foot forward and presenting to the buying public appropriately for just this reason.

While I sorta like the less formal less "corporate" style, Spooky will have to manage this kind of thing more closely as they get the bigger and hopefully bridge the gap from a tiny upstart studio to the big leagues.

#2800 37 days ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

100%. Rick & Morty had such amazing access to clips that blend in perfectly with animated overlays.
That said, I actually like the animations for hedge, where it's the shot from behind Michael's shoulder and the animation for house, whene it's Laurie in the closet. If they can interrupt those with some more frequent clips, I think they will work just fine.

Ya, I think those are pretty good. They remind me of the ACNC animation style which I liked a lot.

The ones that I don't care for much in their current form are the hand floating around the car window or the Michael face, and hand floating in the back of the car wouldn't be so bad if they were brief transitional animations, but for the length of time they were on screen it looked pretty hokey.

I'm not too worried, there is actually more present now that I would have thought for the state of the games production. The game itself looks to play well; much smoother shooter than ACNC. I love my ACNC as a big Alice Cooper fan, and the game looks beautiful, but it's very clunky, and has maybe two satisfying shots that are hard to consistently pull off for the average player.

Agree with prior posts that for the most part the people trying to offload their spots alreadt probably weren't all that serious from the start.

#2938 34 days ago

No snark intended, but I do find all the talk of the licensor being so protective and concerned about the integrity of the I.P amusing given the state of the Halloween franchise for decades.

It does seem to be turning a corner with the new trilogy now which is great, but it was in a grim health for at least 4,5,6, h20, resurrection, and the horrible Rob Zombie remakes. So with it having so little cohesion or consistency for so long weird the licensor would be so worried about auditing and mandating video clips for a pinball machine of which only 1250 will exist.

#2963 34 days ago
Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

I don't understand. They said weeks ago they were building 30 a week. But they are not even going to be at 50 until a couple more weeks? If they were at 0 built now they should be past that in a couple more weeks.

I was initially confused with this also, but to my understanding they are nearing 100 games done total between Halloween and Ultraman. All these are still in the friends, family, vip batch.

It sounds as though they will start getting into the public games the first week of October. 51 and onward for both games

1 week later
#3132 27 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I've been concerned about the 3 scoops on the left as well as the subways since the reveal. I'm giving it a shot as subways are new to me and I'm a huge fan of the film. Just hoping the 3 scoops don't end up being boring shots over time. I want variety in my lineup and Halloween does look and play quite different than most games. If I end up not liking it, I will be trading it for A GNR LE.

Ya, I'm not a big fan of scoops as a core part of gameplay. They usually don't feel all that satisfying to shoot, then slow gameplay.

I prefer them when they are used lightly or more difficult to hit. For ACNC it's in part since the scoop eject fires at inconsistent angles and sometimes sdtm, but the scoop is very heavily used for all modes and as a return on many shots and is my least favorite aspect of the game.

I'm trying to stick to just horror theme pins to have a cohesive theme lineup since I have limited space, so really hoping I click with Halloween and it is a permanent place in my lineup.

#3152 27 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Watching some streams and seeing some of Travis's criticism, I think he has a very valid point that at times the game becomes too tunnel vision with "this is what you're supposed to be doing right now and nothing else matters/progresses” which is especially apparent when on the upper-upper playfield mode.

I like this idea and would suggest that the drops reset after the jackpot collect phase and then collecting the super jackpot would be a single shot worth, for example, 1x for hitting the outside drops, 1.5x for hitting the edge and center, and 2x for hitting just the center. Just to add a little extra reward for accuracy. They already have an excellent subtle rule that if you knock down only the center drop you can shoot through to go straight to the upper upper playfield. Those little rules add good depth for players to discover and for tournament players to enjoy.

I haven't watched the stream and don't plan on watching any further until I get my game and can make my own impressions, but I had similar feelings with ACNC. I initially found it pretty rigid and frustrating, similar to what you mentioned of if you aren't hitting the mode shots you aren't racking up any significant score or making any progress to speak of, but eventually it grew on me.

I think variety in home pins is a big factor, and I've found I began enjoying ACNC a lot more after I got a simpler more forgiving machine like Monster Bash and the contrast makes me appreciate switching it up to a more brutal exacting game where you have to sharpshoot or make no progress.

#3230 26 days ago
Quoted from TouchingEvil:

I played it today and feel the same. This pin is not good and it shows, look how many pre-order sale it is on the market. People jumps the ship before it sinks.

Lol, coming from an owner of Wrestlemania? I only played that once briefly and thought it was somewhat fun, but that machine is routinely trashed as one of the worst games of the modern era.

There is someone out there that loves and hates just about every machine ever released. I think Popeye is a way underrated game, and put in a lot of time on it and that is routinely panned also.

#3274 25 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Lifter is triggered, lifts the ball up to the flipper lane and releases.

Ah, is that why the plastics are so large on the inlanes obscuring the view a bit? I wasn't sure why those would be so large and cover view, had thought it was an aesthetic choice before.

I've tried not to watch too many videos until I get thebgame myself.

#3313 24 days ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

It's the same few people that buzz around the flavor of the minute threads pointing out little gripes, constantly stirring the pot yet they aren't even in on the game long-term. They just move on to the next game and cause a stir there too. Several of these people were doing the same act back when I had Alien. I haven't paid much attention to the new stuff since then, yet here they are still barely interested in a title yet yelling the loudest about its flaws.

Ya, I never understood that mentality much. Some may just be trolls, but others seem to be genuinely invested in just nitpicking and being a downer.

It makes some sense to nitpick if someone actually owns a game or a preorder spot since they are invested in the outcome of a project as you noted, but I dont get extended attacks on a game if you aren't involved with it yourself.

Like there are some games I have zero interest in about the theme or I think it looks like a dud play wise, but not going to waste my time trashing a title I'll probably never own or even play beyond a round or two on location .

#3481 21 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Ha, me too #80. Pulling the plug on this thread and headed to the owners club. Happy Halloween!

Same here for #79. Looking like will pan out to get it before Halloween.

On a loosely related note my son had a Myers themed cake for his third birthday last week. Lol

20211001_192548 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3570 13 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

#80 invoice received

Weird I haven't gotten my #79 invoice yet. Hopefully that means I will soon. Were you getting butter cab? I was getting standard.

#3578 12 days ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Make sure to check your junk mail. Just in case. My original emails were going straight to junk. I had to add them as a permanent contact.

Ya, checked spam and nothing. Still haven't gotten it., up to now. I forgot they are just open 4 days a week, but I'll probably mail them if I don't get it by Monday.

I wouldn't have thought much of it, if didn't see someone one number after me already got theirs.

#3598 11 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

definitely glad we checked out HK last night. They definitely did not work on the dialogue very hard, and I have to imagine the format of the movie was partially a way to convince JLC to do a 3rd movie, since she really didn’t have too many scenes. And yeah the kills were WAAAAY more F13 than Halloween 1. I dont think I would have cared about that if not for the fact that they made a BFD about ignoring the other sequels. I also felt like the pacing was weird - the 1978 scenes made me want for John Carpenter’s Panaflex lens and the way he would slowly let things unfold. But I guess it’s not 1978 any more.
But anyway, it was still good to see some of the flashback story, I noted a couple of grabs from the 1980 Halloween TV version, which was cool, and in general though it was a little silly in some parts, I liked Anthony Michael Hall WAY more than I expected to, and the vigilante crowd scenes reminded me heavily of the ”Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Yeah I’ll check out Halloween Ends.

Ya, my problem with the 2018 reboot wasn't scrapping most of the sequels since that is pretty common for long running horror franchises that have turned into a continuity mess. That said I thought it was really lame and pretentious to scrap Halloween 2 as I thought that was a really solid sequel.

I know that John Carpenter hates Halloween 2, but it is definitely a cut above the rest of the mostly junk sequels and Myers following Laurie to the hospital the same night really drives home how scarred she would have been by the encounter later in life.

If it had been up to me Halloween 2018 and onward should have picked up after 2.

#3604 11 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I picked up the 4K version of H1, 2 and 3 recently. 1 is amazing obviously, and H3 is as awesome and silly as I remember - but I was really looking forward to 2, as I haven’t seen that in 15 years. Yeaaaah, it didn’t hold up as much as I had hoped. It’s fine, but back to back with 1, eh… I did kind of miss the whole connection with Laurie from 2, but overall the movie isn’t as great as I remembered. VERY cool to have the TV versions of both movies on the discs.

Funny you mention that since I just ordered the new 4k discs. Quite possible I'll have a similar reaction. I've rewatched the original MANY times, but I haven't rewatched the sequels including 2 in well over a decade.

It may not hold up as well as I remember it watching now, but I remember originally thinking it was a near perfect sequel.

#3658 9 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Weird I haven't gotten my #79 invoice yet. Hopefully that means I will soon. Were you getting butter cab? I was getting standard.

Quoted from Mudflaps:

No butter. I’m sure your invoice is on the way, but may be worth a call tomorrow if you haven’t heard anything.

Glad you mentioned. I pinged Spooky today about my invoice and they said I should have gotten it on the 14th also. Weird they said that it showed I had opened it even when I definitely didn't receive. I've been checking my mail many times a day including spam. If I hadn't known you got yours I probably would have waited another week before pinging them, so thank you!

#3661 9 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Glad you mentioned. I pinged Spooky today about my invoice and they said I should have gotten it on the 14th also. Weird they said that it showed I had opened it even when I definitely didn't receive. I've been checking my mail many times a day including spam. If I hadn't known you got yours I probably would have waited another week before pinging them, so thank you!

Got my new invoice and paid for #79

1 week later
#3691 4 hours ago

Anyone have any updates on their games shipping or received? Think the window has closed on getting mine by Halloween. Minor bummer, but not a big deal

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