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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

4 months ago

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#674 4 months ago

So....my HWN CE is going on location. Should I send Spooky an email? I didn’t specify that it would be when I ordered. Orrrr do they just prioritize locations they have done business with prior?

Quoted from Calfdemon:

I think the "location" games are part of the first 50 or so along with studio people, actors, license holders, etc... Then it goes 50/50 from there on out between Spooky and Distributors. At least that is how it went with their previous titles based on their explanations.

#677 4 months ago

Word, I fired off an email. Part of me is happy to wait for a later build but everyone at the bar is friggin amped about it soooo

Quoted from Zablon:

I would say it is worth reaching out to them and letting them know. No idea if there is paperwork involved etc.

#716 4 months ago

So safe to say there are approx 1000 HWN CE’s then? Spooky nailed the market on this one.

#760 4 months ago

The SE line is extremely short. You and three other guys are at the very very end.

Quoted from JeffF:

I realize I'm dumb but I thought maybe Spooky would release their numbers first. LOL. Curious where I am in the SE line.
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#802 4 months ago

You get a CE? If so your order # is very close to mine. Bank on a number between 750 and 900.

Quoted from djsolzs:

Invoice 11824 and nothing yet...

#810 4 months ago

HWN CE Order 11821 game # 690

...let the waiting continue to begin!

#850 4 months ago

40 games a week they say....so we should be at approx 800 ce’s around New Years if the start production first week of Aug? Does that make sense?

#982 4 months ago

Looks like that link may be broken

0FB9DFE0-F0C2-4F35-A5BC-EDE3EC9650F8 (resized).png
#1026 4 months ago

20-40 games per week

Quoted from scruffypinball:

SpookyLuke may have missed this but after the initial run up period you described, what is the current weekly capacity at spooky? Sorry if this is not information spooky will be sharing but I’m curious/excited.
Keep on keepin on

#1063 3 months ago

Does anyone know if stage flipping is possible on HWN / UM? I’d think with balls in play on uppers and lower playfields simultaneously that stage flipping might be crucial to mastery of this game as you could cradle at the lower flippers and shoot the uppers.

#1082 3 months ago

Spooky must have told people at horrorcon no photos / video because of licensing issues. Glad we got to see UM footage though, game looks VERY promising!

#1088 3 months ago

We’ve all agreed HWN / UM... well...not all all of us. But MOST!

Quoted from Nightmare:

Also, has Pinside decided what the game will
be abbreviated as? I’m seeing HWN, JCH, and H78

#1091 3 months ago

The game is called Halloween not ‘John Carpenters Halloween’...when you go play it are you gonna say “I just got to play John Carpenters Halloween” prob not. For Ultraman I guess I can see it...but the fewer letters and the more direct the better imo.

Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

JCH and UKR for the pair.

CB3C5419-9849-4047-B167-17A68B206071 (resized).png
#1097 3 months ago

Hmmm says “Halloween Collectors Edition” on my invoice and in all of Spooky’s emails.
...and on Pinside. I’m sure Carpenters name was included on the game for licensing reasons. But...the Movie is called Halloween and the game is called Halloween.

Quoted from P1nhead:

I was just pointing out that Spooky did, in fact, title this game "John Carpenter's Halloween" - which is contrary to the post I was replying to.
Can't wait to get JCWHCE #68 soon! (I'm indifferent to whatever the pinside powers that be abbreviate the game to)

392A7D4C-342D-4CB5-BBDC-5D541C6DE733 (resized).jpeg
#1108 3 months ago

Quick! Someone teach these noobs how to play! Haha...what a tease! Thoughts on the animations? They must be temporary while licensing gets squared away. Thinking this may be why we havnt seen a full stream yet.

#1109 3 months ago

Ahem....they are the SAME GAME. UM looks more impressive to you because the player in that video knew how to shoot for what’s lit and get into multiball. C’mon man...shitting on a wack gameplay video from a couple of noobs ain’t doing anyone any favors. You’re just being negative for the sake of being negative. Game looks GREAT! If you want to sell your spot because you didn’t like the poorly shot horror fan vid well...I’ll take it haha.

Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Not a dude and dont need to relax, giving my first impressions. And regardless being in the horror industry, they should know to keep still and quit moving so much.
This is why spooky should have released a good decent gameplay video. This is the first gameplay video we are seeing. From what I have seen between both pins, Ultraman looks and sounds better at the moment.
Hopefully we see some better gameplay reveal videos. First impressions are important, and for me I was more impressed with Ultraman and I am not a fan of the show at all.

#1110 3 months ago

They definitely were not pinball players or they would have been at least TRYING to hit the lit shots haha. Amateur hour over there at the Horror Con haha, killin me.

Quoted from Morgoth00:

I think they were pinball players. They used the term "subway" and the one said he couldn't wait to have it in his house. The black hair guy was making too big of deal that it was his first play.
I love the way they did the music, can't wait to get mine!

#1134 3 months ago

The led strips shouldn’t be a major concern for anyone...too bright? Mask them. Hate em all together? Just take em out. Really not a big deal.

Quoted from Jediturtle:

...and now I want a Blair Witch Project pin, LOL! (yes, seriously...could be awesome).
While I would love a "real" reveal stream, as I've said before, I'm sure Spooky would like to do one even more than I want to see one. There is obviously something holding it back from happening. Just chill everyone...it will come. For now I am happy to see these little snippets. They are better than nothing, show a tiny peek of the awesomeness that awaits, and shows people just having fun with the machine. My only concern...which has really been my only concern since the first pics, is the LED strips. I know Luke has said they are out of normal line of sight, but I have a hard time seeing that from everything shown so far. They look really in your face which is something my eyeballs do not like, and seem to take away from the atmosphere. But I will reserve judgement until I have one in my hands. Worst case scenario, I'm sure someone will come up with a way to diffuse or relocate them. I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it, but it is my one and only real "complaint" so far, if you can call it that.
Congrats Spooky crew...looks like everyone is having a blast with it so far. Love it!

#1137 3 months ago

It’s a terrible video. The UM footage people are cheering, guy is playing well...got multiball. Big fun. The Halloween vid brother man didn’t even know how the start the f’n thing haha. HWN will prove to be the superior game, I’m sure of it.

Quoted from Zablon:

I thought I was going to like Halloween more, but so far I'm liking the overall feel of Ultraman more on all fronts. Unexpected. (yes I'm aware the layout is the same, and I assume gameplay elements are very similar as well).

#1144 3 months ago

The game is most definitely not complete. Coding takes forever....prob won’t be at 1.0 until a year from now. Same thing with every new game from every manufacturer

Quoted from djsolzs:

Do you mean you think the game itself is not complete and just in a sort of “demo mode”?

#1154 3 months ago

This is ridiculous. It’s the SAME GAME...and HWN was the initial design. UM is cool too, and obviously better for kids. Why don’t you try to hold out on criticism until the actual gameplay is shown?

Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

As good as this game looks, I really don't think it will stay long in most collections. Which is good news for others to own this game when they get flipped...and a high percentage will be flipped.
UM seems the better option. HWN is a one-trick pony, and UM seems to offer more variety and fun for the player (and all the family).
I love HWN, but it's not a great match for a modern pinball machine...as you owners will soon discover. The Evil Dead however, a match made in hell!

#1176 3 months ago

Unfortunately the sexual aspect of American slasher films is very important in the genre. Without it they hardly work on a psychological level. These films are so tense because of the dichotomy that naturally exist between sex / death.

Quoted from spandol:

I agree with you. I’m hoping the sexual stuff is left out. There’s enough of that out there, so I’d rather just have the horror part in the machine,
especially with my kids in the house. Just my opinion though. If it has it, I hope I can turn it off.

#1200 3 months ago

I hate that this makes sense. Now I’m on team JCH.

Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

Speaking of BSD (Bram Stoker's Dracula), doesn't JCH (John Carpenter's Halloween) just feel better than HWN (3 letters pulled out of one word in the title)? I mean, right?

Ahhhh, but this makes more sense. I’m back on HWN.

Quoted from Morgoth00:

First on the scene should get the choice of best acronym. No need to throw JC or 78 in there since there are no others?
BSD was not the first Dracula so the BS was needed.

#1210 3 months ago

Anyone considering removing the led strips and reinstalling them underneath the upper playfields so that the light show is less direct and more atmospheric? It looks like it can be done.

#1215 3 months ago

Right on, I was thinking of moving their position from pointing straight out at the player to straight down at the playfield from under the uppers. It may not be possible but I think i might attempt it when I get my game...270 years from now (or at least it will feel that long haha)

Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

I plan to do so with my Ultraman. Gonna insert them into something like below, then reinstall.
I'm gonna help my buddy do his Halloween first, since he has a nice low number on his.

#1224 3 months ago

Not any proficient ballers at the horror con apparently. Shame.

Quoted from Billup:

Too bad he could hit a single target or scoop. Can we even call that gameplay footage?

#1290 3 months ago

Halloween was meant to be an anthology series and Meyers was only supposed to be in the ‘78 version. Fans responded so well to the character that the studio pushed for Meyers in 2, then Carpenter went back to the original anthology idea on III and confused the piss out of everyone.
HIII is my favorite by far tbh.

Quoted from bgwilly31:

So ive been rewatching the Halloween series.
I guess i had never seen Halloween III.
What in the hell was that. lol I mean seriously

#1358 3 months ago

Dude, what a clown ass stance. It’s HALLOWEEN...you don’t like the music? You don’t like John Carpenters original score? You want...techno? This cat must be the most downvoted guy in pinside history. Also...you HAVNT EVEN HEARD ALL THE MUSIC YET!!!! Little premature big man.

Quoted from RETROCENGO:

Pinball Talk episode 3: Halloween Pinball, i dont like the music, sorry guys...

#1365 3 months ago

Laugh my entire ass off, I was right. I don’t think a single pinsider has a downvote ratio THIS bad.

8DEB69FF-CFEE-44A5-9F71-BB6D97AA3289 (resized).jpeg
#1542 3 months ago

Just watched the stream again with a pair of nice headphones on. The sounds, original music and Count D’S additional music especially sound phenomenal. The one house theme is a bit repetitive but I’m sure they’ll end up adjusting that down the line. The game looks like it shoots great, the uppers look fun and challenging and the return to flipper time is excellent considering what the ball has to go through to come back. The dirty pool house qualifier shot is AWESOME as well as the player staged physical extra ball at the Meyers grave that can also be utilized as an add-a-ball in modes or multi at the player’s discretion, these are the kind of clever rules/coding that help makes a game special. Overall I’m extremely impressed with how HWN looks at its current code stage. The addition of more original footage, music and polish may turn this thing into a masterpiece. Congrats to the Spooky team, your passion is showing strong in this game.

#1554 3 months ago

I believe the animator chimed in during the stream and said he had a bunch more for Spooky to include in the next code v

Quoted from djsolzs:

Can you comment on animations? It didn’t seem that far along is that fair to say?

#1559 3 months ago

HUGE YES to this...but I also feel like that’s what they are planning anyway.

Quoted from Morgoth00:

SpookyLuke NightMutilator consider having initial gameplay video be staring through the clown mask eye holes walking around with the very loud heavy breathing, while the player wanders around the pf hitting things trying to get into the house, or until a mode is started. Or maybe that could be the video mode once you enter the house. Then you could do the other video modes upon entering the house later. I would love to see the video put on the clown mask right when I push the start button.
Assuming you don't have all that lined up for implementation
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#1592 3 months ago

Pitting these two games against eachother sucks. Especially at this point, neither game is finished and it really honestly and simply comes down to this. Do you like slashers / horror? Then buy HWN. Do you love Kaiju, then buy UM. I will also say that both games exhibit some shrill sound effects ie: the sling sound on UM / the repetitive stabbing synth score in house mode HWN. Spooky will be addressing issues and add TONS more shit to BOTH games. So, everyone chill and be glad your on board.

Quoted from Kevlar:

Spooky, please take note of the few small critical comments made by Cary in his video. I completely agree with the comments made, the sound effects of in particular Halloween are making me wish I hadn't put my name on one. Grating, piercing, repetitive and annoying are words that spring to mind.

#1595 3 months ago

For sure we all have our criticisms of each but I really wish people would cut it out with the Ultraman is better because...sounds and fun. It all depends on what kind of fun you wanna have. I love the tension and nervousness in slashers and feel like that translates incredibly well in pinball gameplay while others would argue the opposite. It’s just a matter of personal taste. I happen to love Horror just about as much as Kaiju so I was torn myself. The huge thing that put me over the top was Edmistons art package on HWN. I won’t say the playfield looks BETTER than UM but...shit...maybe I just did. Anyway I’m super excited for everyone in both camps, they both looks awesome and I can’t wait to see how both develop

Quoted from John-Floyd:

I'm Well aware that the code is not done, but I do Agree with Cary on a few points he made regarding Halloweens repetitive sounds. Nothing wrong with some constructive criticism...it's not like he was being a dick about it. It was One of the first things I noticed as well when watching the stream.

#1596 3 months ago

I think the reason there is more coded into UM at the moment is that Spooky had a access and permissions to use UM footage well before HWN. I am definitely not worried about as a HWN ce buyer.

Quoted from Lostcause:

It has already been mentioned before his video on here and for all to hear on the stream including Spooky, pretty sure it will be addressed.
What I’m hoping they don’t do is put a lot more effort into Ultraman which is what it looks like so far, many more Halloween’s being made so keep everyone happy. I’m sure there is nothing to worry about and all will be good.

#1599 3 months ago

Exactly, and we could see this coming from a million miles away. Buy the lower production game, claim it’s way better than the other and hope the secondary market price goes skyyyy highhh. Not saying everyone is doing that but I sense a few may be.

Quoted from Betelgeuse:

It's as if the UM buyers think there's somehow something to be gained by trashing Halloween. As if that's somehow going to elevate UM in the court of public opinion. If Halloween sinks, both games will sink. We're all on this crazy train together, like it or not.

#1658 3 months ago

Possible solution for stabbing house mode music...have the intro low piano notes loop at mode start and the high pitch ‘eek eek eek’ only kick in when the ball is in play on the uppermost playfield. When ball drops down the music goes back to the low piano loop. Additionally, having Count D remix that theme so the game can alternate between both (or create an elongated mix of both would be super cool too). That theme absolutely has to be in the game but should be arranged so that it just doesn’t ‘eek eek eek’ the entire time the mode is lit...which could be...a long ass time haha

#1666 3 months ago

I figure if the licensor approved of original clips as well as animations, original callouts as well as soundalikes, original film music as well as new music / remixes, original logo as well as new art...which they have on all counts. Then we have very little to worry about. It would seem to me that the licensor is just slow to clear assets...not withholding.

Funny to me as well that people are dumping HWN spots for UM. I think some will come to regret that decision when HWN gets up to speed code wise. There are still NINETEEN clips that have been cleared and not installed yet for crying out loud. Also, the callouts were not audible due to Deadflips Mobil road setup and everyone is like “NO PJ SOLES?!?! Akkkkkkk!!!” Unreal

Quoted from Roostking:

My concern now is that the Halloween IP owners and approvers are going to be very strict on what and how the IP can be used. Probably not a concern, but it was mentioned they are very "Official" when it comes to licensing.

#1668 3 months ago

Exactly, unlike UM where it seems they can do whatever they want without a real approval process. And that’s reason UM has more coded at the moment. As always patience pays off. I think HWN is gonna be f’n awesome when it’s complete.

Quoted from spandol:

They still have to clear how they use the approved assets, I’m sure. So, they have to show how they incorporate things into the code and it has to go through a whole approval process, which takes time, as well as them possibly saying, we’d rather you change this. Then Spooky has to change things and send them off for approval again.

#1726 3 months ago

Anyone know if these new Spooky games come with invisiglass?

#1756 3 months ago

There’s been like ten spots re-sold so far. It ain’t gonna make anyone’s day unless you operate off of pure spite haha

Quoted from tp:

And I wish spooky would step up and kick the #s being resold to the back of their prospective lines. Would make alot of us that actually went through 'day one' smile.

#1764 3 months ago

The majority of these HWN spot re-sales were sold for the actual cost of the deposit plus the PayPal fees of $60. So...I’m not really sure what the problem is.

Quoted from tp:

I dont think spite is the word I'd use, more like step to the back of the line "$calper!"
And yes this 'anyone' would smile to go from 471 to 461 as I really do want the game. No spite here just what's right.

#1779 3 months ago

For an American you suuure seem to hate Capitalism and the free market. Glad to see there are some Socialists in this expensive hobby!

Quoted from tp:

Maybe you can buy this one since no ones line jumping, or $calping. Didnt even have to look it was advertised on the bottom of the page. For a mere 600obo over anyone can jump the line a month later. And just did. I'll be laughing silently as you quote my post . I think their calling your name over in the deeproot thread. Bye
[quoted image]

#1789 3 months ago

Rarity doesn’t really matter when the product is lesser than the majority built. The standard will always be the base/budget model. But I do think the majority of standard buyers went that way because they have their own ideas for how they would like to handle the powder coating, homemade toppers, mods etc. I almost went that way myself but that stabby topper and custom rails really got me good.

Quoted from thekaiser82:

When the run is all said and done would be interesting to see the breakdown between the versions as well as butter vs non butter for HW/UM. Could turn out the standard will be the “rarest” based on numbers sold.

#1798 3 months ago

The value is clearly there on the CE. But if you don’t care about that stuff then, sure
save a few bucks.

Quoted from kciaccio:

No Knocker, No shaker, no armor, No plastic protectors, No topper, No powder coat, No extra toy, No side blades.No speaker covers, no lights in speakers...It starts to add up...

#1806 3 months ago

No one has sold a spot for $2k profit (yet) ...moving on.

Quoted from tp:

1st of all I wasnt talking about you when I mentioned the deeproot thing. That person knows for a fact that I was talking to him and only him.
Thanks for not being one of those guys I appreciate that.
Now if you can do me a favor. Please go back and read my post again.
I clearly mentioned it would be "nice" "if" "spooky" kicked everyone that was "$calping" their machines to the back of the line.
If they did that everyone behind that # would move up 1 spot everytime someone $calped their machine.
Think of it as a penalty for having spooky waste time on having to switch out the names and what else goes with it, not to mention the fact it takes them away from building our machines.
If spooky did that it would also stop the $scalpers in their tracks because not many would over pay for the last spots. Only gonna get worse as machines start shipping. And yes $calping is what they are doing. You can call it want you want. So will I thank you.
Do you really believe all these people all of a sudden had a catastrophe in their lives and now have to sell their machine? People dropping 9k+ on a machine "dont" all of a sudden need 2k. They have plenty of money. Wouldn't you think?
The ones selling their machines at cost are probably selling because they realized it's not for them. I like to think of them as the good guys. The ones I contact when I see them selling a game I want cuz I know their good people.
To be honest it does not matter to me one fn bit about the profit thing. It's the line jumping and the fact these people paying over retail will only encourage the $scalpers to do it more and more if it doesn't stop.
You dont think I have the money to buy one of these spots? I choose not to.
If you cant see that I guess we'll agree to disagree.
I'm passionate about both hwn and um to the point I couldn't sleep a wink the night before they went on sale. Took the day off work and was at the ready waiting to order well before the bell rang. Then the crash happened. It was brutal and painful to not be able to make it through checkout.(first world problems lol) But at the end I was happy to have secured a spot for both.
Think of the enjoyment you and your wife felt when you secured your hwn spot!
Well that feeling was × 2 in this household. Hope you and yours enjoy hwn when it arrives!
I've said all I have to say about the subject. Dont believe me, look above.lol
Moving on, hope this cleared things up.

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#1810 3 months ago

He don’t sound horny to me haha

Quoted from Bmanpin:

He's just a boomer horny posting.

#1843 3 months ago

I’m sure someone will do a sound mod a la cleland on HWN for sure. Would be cool to insert all the best music from the entire franchise (Just to switch it up from time to time) The original 78 music is so classic but there’s not a ton of material. Can’t wait here more of the Count D music for HWN as well. What I’ve heard so far sound VERY COOL and I’m real nit picky about music.

Quoted from Darscot:

It's a little heavy and stressful but damn would this be killer in the soundtrack. Takes about 18 seconds to really get rolling.

#1846 3 months ago

o k . w h y t h o?

Quoted from luvthatapex2:

nope you won't see that

#1850 3 months ago

Ahhhh gotcha, thanks didn’t realize

Quoted from Palmer:

Pinball browser only works on Stern SAM, Spike, and Williams WPC I think

#1863 3 months ago

Two week inspection period on the first batch. I think they won’t begin shipping till first week of sept.

Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Has anyone been asked about butter cab yet, meaning their order is getting close to ship? Been pretty quiet lately,,,

#1882 3 months ago

What do mean by “open”? Do you think the dark part of the backglass is translucent and that you’ll see the knife go into the head through the glass? Might be cool to mod the tip with a red led strip so it lights up like a bloody stab wound in the pumpkin.

Quoted from delt31:

I can finally picture the knife going through the translite from the pics above. The dark part of the translite must be open and that giant knife just slips on in. It’s going to look epic

#1887 3 months ago

So you want the backglass AND the topper to say John Carpenters Halloween? That’s absurd. It was an excellent decision for Spooky to omit the title on the backglass. Classy design choice. I hate seeing games like TMNT or JP where the topper is just the same stupid logo for an extra $1000.00

Also, no one is EVER going to be looking at the side of the topper and it would be easy enough to make a cover yourself if it bothered you that much.

Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Spooky please put a cover over the topper motor. I wish the backglass still had Halloween written on it though. My only two gripes. I understand why you didn’t want it written on the backglass plus the topper, but to me looks weird. Not used to that.

#1910 3 months ago

Have there been any adjustments to the music or addition of film footage / animations since the Deadflip stream?

Quoted from BertoDRINK1:

1st game, got a few multiballs and defeated Michael. Trying to control balls during multiball on the main playfield and upper playfields is hard and fun. 1st impressions are really good game is fun, playfields look amazing.
[quoted image]

#1970 3 months ago

Not missing colors, the butter is just more saturated. I actually prefer the color treatment on the decal for HWN as it’s a bit muted suiting the theme better. On the other hand butter looks 1000x better on UM. Colors really pop, which suits THAT theme. I’m sticking with decal on HWN.

Quoted from joetechbob:

Looks so damn awesome.
I'm surprised there's that big of a difference in print quality between the decals and direct print. It almost looks like the decals are missing colors.

#1994 3 months ago

You clearly have not been paying attention, there are about TWENTY film clips ready to be installed in the next code version and more to follow.

Quoted from TouchingEvil:

One BIG con with this pin is no video clips from the movie, just crappy still animations wtf. It could be the cheapest animations ever in a pin.

#2005 3 months ago

It’s an easy decision, ask yourself these questions.

1. Are you going to actually see the art or is it up against two other games? (me: no I will not)

2. Do you even care enough to drop an extra $1k (me: no)

3. If you havnt SEEN the butter..do you even know what your missing. (me: I don’t)

4. Does a butter cabinet make it a better GAME? (me: no)

5. Can you think of better places to spend that $1k (me: yes, definitely)

6. Are you just made of money and don’t really care and just want the most expensive thing just cuz? (me: no)

Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Worth a grand upgrade in your opinion?

#2009 3 months ago

So, you’ve seen it, know the difference and prefer butter. You will see it in your game room and appreciate it. You care enough to spend the extra and the added cost is not a turn off. I don’t think anyone would fault you for getting what you want.

Quoted from dnapac:

I have both, from previous games. I choose butter for this game. If you fault me, then that is on you, not me. My experience, my money. To me, there is the value.

#2095 3 months ago

Would be cool if the plate was kinda soft like flesh and covered in hair...maybe, instead of a normal plunge you have to push it in real hard.

Quoted from paulbaptise:

Id like the shooter plate to be a knife block. Nice walnut cored wood and the plunger would be pulling the blade from it. Looks cool to me regardless.

#2126 3 months ago

Pretty sure they’ve always said games start shipping in Sept after the quality control period in August.

Quoted from rdonohue13:

SpookyLuke SpookyCharlie SpookyBug any updates on when we will see these start shipping and production ramping up? I think I had hoped to get my machine around Halloween from the early talks of numbers and production talk now I’m wondering by the end of the year? Not upset so don’t read anything into it just curious at this point what’s up.

#2184 3 months ago

Oooof, that’s hot. ACNC RAM and HWN looks so good next to eachother.

Quoted from RebelGuitars:

[quoted image][quoted image]

#2193 3 months ago

It’s a f’n wire for crying out loud. Zip tie it down and move on. I can’t believe the level of insanity surrounding this less than optimal wire placement. You’ll NEVER see it while playing the game. Also, considering Spookys pricing compared to other manufacturers you’re basically getting one of the coolest toppers in the history of pinball for free. Quitchabitchin’

Quoted from Billygrippo:

Why bother with a topper, when there’s wires hanging out and shit! What a waste of money on a potentially bad as game!!!
Sad…..people will buy anything……
Hope spooky can ad just a few extra bucks to clean things up? Great company hands down! A little polishing would send them to the moon!!

#2199 3 months ago

I do not, I’m just a reasonable person.

Quoted from Billygrippo:

You must work for spooky…

w h a t .

Quoted from Billygrippo:

Would you settle for your newborn boy to be uncircumcised??

Fitting that your profile image is a picture of a clown.

#2240 89 days ago

Checking in to say that does not qualify as “boomer hornyposting”. Thanks for thinking of me though. Plus, Billygrippo started this mess with his uncircumcised reference in relation to the topper wire (as if that makes any damn sense) so let’s not shoot the responders.

Quoted from Cheeks:

Jesus dude!
Do we need to get that guy in here that accuses everyone of being a horny posting boomer?

#2243 89 days ago

It has begun.

Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone know when games might start going out?

#2342 85 days ago

Wow, huge improvements! Love the music in house mode now.

Quoted from dnapac:

One more tonight. You’ll see another Pumpkin Mode “Bob and Lynda’s Demise” and some more upper playfield.

#2353 85 days ago

Pretty easy fix

Quoted from John-Floyd:

Hope they tweak the topper - looks very odd when the H and N don’t light up. The LED strip must be shorter than the lettering!

#2356 85 days ago

By adding or adjusting the position of the existing leds

#2358 85 days ago

I bet even adding a bit of reflective material would expand the range of the led outward to cover the H and N. Also…sometimes lighting looks odd on camera. Maybe it does light up the whole marquee in person. Cameras compensate for light or the lack there of in odd ways (ie: the light strips everyone was complying about until they saw them in person)

Quoted from John-Floyd:

Gotcha. Just needs to be spread out another few inches on each side.

#2396 82 days ago

Jeez guys, this is the easiest fix in the book. Ya’ll sound like your about to throw the baby out with the bathwater over it haha.

Quoted from thundergod76:

I really hope Spooky fixes the H and N on the topper not really being lit. Since another member pointed it out it bugs me whenever I look at it.

#2429 80 days ago

Powdercoat looking freshhhh

Quoted from dnapac:

The playfield is in tight (not a bad thing). Just a friendly reminder to protect the interior art blades with these…
I use them every time I pull out or lift the playfield on all my pins.
And, the right lockdown latch needs to be in the correct position when you replace your field so you can latch the lockdown bar. Otherwise it’ll end up under the playfield and you can’t use it.
These are NOT problems, just nuances that are helpful to know about.
[quoted image]

1 week later
#2639 69 days ago

If I were Spooky I’d bring this thread to the licensor and have them read key posts about people upset over lack of assets. I’m not sure why they don’t want clips running while the ball is in play but I think they don’t understand what we want and why we pay so much for a licensed pin. They’ve got to loosen the straps on this. Chill out Compass Int’l…give us what we want! Open the f’n jelly jar and let out all that sweet juice…ya’ dummies!!!

#2695 68 days ago

I’d like to point out that the reason the animators stream is getting such negative attention is the quality of the stream and the quality of his playing. It looks bad and is low quality, the game looks dark (it is not) also…he barely even got to a single mode and out of the house animation. Every pin sucks when you suck. You don’t get to see all the cool things if your unable to progress. Anyway, I’m not worried about the game OR the animations and I’m keeping my CE spot. ITS EARLY COOOODE!!!! It’ll take a year before the game is fleshed out. Everyone knows this yet….panic!!! Also, Kaneda is just propping up his UM by talking HWN down…he’ll sell his game for a profit in under 6 months of ownership.

#2768 68 days ago

Another great place to include video assets outside of active playing time is in the return from the two upper playfields, into the subway and return to the flippers. Also, in attract mode or the scoop shots during return time. Would love to see clips shown at start of mode, when hitting lit shots in the mode as well as longer clips for completion as an award. I have faith that the developing code will make this game feel much more dynamic than it is at current version. Also…I hope there is a schoolyard bully hurry up mode in the works. :School bell rings like an alarm: “he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you” shoot the scoop to collect decreasing jackpot and various mystery awards. Best mystery’s awarded for quick completion.

#2779 67 days ago

So again, if you have been paying attention you would realize that Spooky basically has the entire films assets to pull from and so far 19 have been approved by the licensor but very few have been implemented in the current .v This game will have tons of clips in it by the end of the year and a huge code update is coming in October (that I hope shits up all the panicky naysayers and shit talkers in here TBH) There is nothing that Spooky has to “admit” of ALL of the companies that design pins Spooky is the most upfront and transparent. They deserve respect in this regard.

Quoted from nicoy3k:

At least stern told us there were no clips before they sold 1250 of them

#2786 67 days ago

Serious question, what exactly would indicate that they would lie? I based my previous comment on all of the things that Bug / Charlie assured us was true. I trust this small company far more than I do any of the larger manufacturers. They are consistently providing the most excellent customer service and tech support in the business and they have not told a single tall tale in their entire history. You’re slagging them off like they’re Deeproot. I think they deserve a bit more trust and respect.

Quoted from nicoy3k:

Hope you are right…

#2788 67 days ago

Wrong. The game was designed as John Wick. Then Spooky went after the UM and HWN license. The game is not finished so how could you claim that it was”rushed”? the layout / design is very clearly not an issue with these games. It’s the code. UM is coming along quicker because the licensor is easier to deal with. HWN is taking a bit of time because every bit of footage from the film needs to be reviewed and signed off on. It’s pretty normal.

Quoted from Halfwasted:

I think this game was rushed.
I think it is pretty obvious that Ultraman was the original game design and Halloween was rushed to be integrated on the same playfield.
Maybe Halloween should of been left to bake in the oven before it was released.

1 week later
#3177 57 days ago

why wait! Dwight gets a bad rap because of munsters. GB at the fully matured code is f’n awesome. TMNT…great out of the box. SW although not for everyone…great. He is not nearly as bad as people say.

Quoted from rotordave:

That’s a Dwight game. He probably considers its “finished”. Like he did with Ghostbusters. lol
<hides and waits for Dwights fanboys to enter and fire up>

#3207 56 days ago

Is it the game? Or the player? Because I f’n SHRED GB And notice ZERO design problems

Quoted from Tranquilize:

Finally got to put some time on the game with the new code. And to my surprise, the game still sucks just as bad. I guess you can't fix design flaws with code. Who woulda thunk?

#3377 53 days ago

Anyone else feel like it would be cool for the clips to fade in and out of the animations screens instead of abrupt cuts in/out? I feel like it would draw these elements together instead of one or the other feeling out of place.

#3443 52 days ago

well, more accurately it’s the first and only true SLASHER pin.

Quoted from radfordian3505:

Me too bud and I couldn't be more proud of this purchase bc I know that this will be exactly what I bought. Which is the only true horror pinball machine since bram stokers dracula

#3497 50 days ago

When “Mechs” are referenced it is typically related to unique game mechanisms…in the pinball vernacular anyway.

Quoted from Roostking:

Serious question are vuks considered mechs? If so, then yes, the lifts should be as well. If they are not, then no.

1 week later
#3634 40 days ago

Halloween III is the best of them all.

Quoted from pinmister:

I think of Michael like a zombie who is possessed and is not alive-you can't kill him. Dr. Loomis-'Get away from him' always sticks in my mind as he is not dead! Is it cheesy-yes it is. People running away at full speed while Michael walks slowly and catches up-it has always been this way. I actually think the Halloween Kills was better than Halloween III-which was basically unwatchable. Horror movies are not known for high quality acting and the cheese factor is part of the novelty. Sometimes I feel like directors dummy down the films and add social justice elements to appeal to the masses. My only gripe was the directors choice of Judy Greer. Her character really struggled and felt out of place, especially in a horror film.
'Evil dies tonight'

#3648 39 days ago

Laughing to myself about your non existent knowledge surrounding John Carpenter, Halloween and that the series of films were meant to be an anthology series with no reoccurring characters. Halloween’78 and HIII are the only films true to the original concept. Maybe do a bit of reading before you go toe to toe with the buffs.

Quoted from pinmister:

Are you serious about liking the 1982 version-what a complete monstrosity
Probably in 10 worst films of all time, how can you like it without Michael- Blasphemy!

Thank you for saying what I’m tired of repeating to noobs haha

Quoted from Betelgeuse:

True horror fans like Halloween III. This is actually a good litmus test I use, because the unitiated will always jump to saying Halloween III sucks because 'it doesn't even have Michael Myers in it!'. For example, my co-workers who have horrible taste in movies (they thought Ghostbusters 2016 was better than the original, FFS, and thought Jaws was dumb because the 'shark looked so fake') argued that Halloween III was garbage, while every single horror movie or film buff that I know thinks Halloween III is one of the best entries in the series. It's a well constructed and original horror story that has withstood the test of time.

1 week later
#3680 32 days ago

For real? This sold in a day? For $15k?

49F0B235-96CC-4321-9E3C-343A0E833F2B (resized).png
#3739 27 days ago

Finding the humor as well as the tension is what will take this game to the next level. I also really want a schoolyard bully mode “he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you” where the GI goes out bit by bit and reveals an area to shoot. If you miss the hurry up there’s a -negative score or it takes away a blood drop or you can nail progressive hurry up shots while they are lit and rack up a ton of points (or blood drops) Also, the “see anything you like?” callout would be perfect for when you open the blood bank.

Quoted from Jediturtle:

If there isn't a "Totally Frenzy" mode at some point, I will be a little disappointed.

#3750 26 days ago

Even better: You complete wizard mode by by locking 6 balls then score at least 3 superjackpots in multi to kill Michael Myers. Game shuts down, balls drain… “Don’t fear the reaper” comes on… One ball pops into shooter lane DFTR VICTORY LAPS! The six previous lock shots then turn into six add-a-ball opportunities with no ball save timer. Lose the single ball, that’s it. Mode over. Get one add-a-ball and lose it? Also lose another add-a-ball opportunity. The more balls you have in play the higher the jackpots. Sweep through all the jackpots? Then they all relight with 2x granted (MM rise from the dead animation or something) Would essentially be a huge MB scoring opportunity to completely blow up the game. Quite the feel good reward for a game well played and a huge joy for completionists like myself.

Quoted from tp:

Wizard mode, the unwind and blissful moment you realize I've survived as this song comes on and credits and clips roll across the screen.
Kinda like the walk away song on the warriors...
spookys next pin.

#3782 24 days ago

Prior to payment ask to be CC’d on an email notifying the distributor (or Spooky if direct) by the seller. Send payment (I only take direct bank transfer personally but other sellers may be more lenient) Then confirm in the same email thread that payment has been made. Have the distrib/spooky send a final confirmation that the game # is in your name. I’d recommend only doing this with a fellow Pinsiders that has been vetted with a history of positive feedback. Hope this helps!

Quoted from BradLinden:

I'm pursuing buying a pre-order spot: what's the recommended process for making that transaction?
-How do I confirm the person actually owns the spot?
-How should I pay them (PayPal?), and
-How do I complete the actual order transfer?
(I imagine the answer might be slightly different if the person had ordered through Spooky or through a distributor). Appreciate the help!

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