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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

6 months ago

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#48 6 months ago

Goin for a CE, this layout is TOTALLY cool

#61 6 months ago

Saw spooky say the entire original soundtrack is in the game! plus "new music" by piggyD from Rob Zombie

#71 6 months ago
Quoted from miracleman:

The ONLY thing I think looks off on the pf is being able to see all 3 Michaels at once behind the bushes. Him jumping out quicker totally hidden behind them would have been cool...

It's so great that they incorporated that scenario. Ironically a while back I had sent this to the guy making his own Halloween re-skin, to do a row of bushes along the shooter lane and to have Michael on a coil so it would be a sudden jump scare as the ball passed by via opto. Would have had Michael more hidden and rapid movement. I still think the spooky version will work good since you won't see it from players position anyway. I think I like Spooky's whack-a-mike better

20210530_175930 (resized).jpg

#72 6 months ago
Quoted from miracleman:

ugh, I like RZ & crew, just would rather keep original music only, unless you mean new mode/multiball transitions.

They didn't go into detail on what the new music entailed.

#246 6 months ago

Got my CE form spooky! Took 45 mins of nightmare status and resubmitting and refreshing

#358 6 months ago

My local arcade just stated they bought a HWN CE to route

1 week later
#608 6 months ago
Quoted from spandol:

I remember seeing Halloween III in the theaters expecting Michael, but was shocked to see he wasn't included. For me 1 & 2 are the complete story. I've seen H2O and one other but don't even remember those. Is the latest coming out part of the first 2's timeline? So, before the first?

Michael IS in part 3

#627 6 months ago

I was wondering if anyone knew if (50/50/50) distributor orders are included in the spooky order number system? Assuming 11300 was starting, and someone who had let's say 11500- are they theoretically 200 deep? Or is it an extra 100 for every 100 spooky order numbers? So 450 deep including the initial 50?

#680 6 months ago

HELL YAH I just won a CE Halloween/Ultraman machine in the raffle!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm should I do Ultraman so that I have both?

#787 6 months ago

Order 11629 spooky. #481 CE
Looks like I could still get mine by Halloween at best case pumping out 40 a week, assuming they start production no later than Aug 1st. It would be super tight I'm sure.

#821 6 months ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

So it appears first 50 to Vip’s and locations like they said. Then they took the next 50-100 to Spooky direct, then 100- -150 amongst distributors, 150-200 back to Spooky. They definitely are incentivizing people to order direct.

Except there is one death save. Take Ballykiss1978. He waited 2 weeks after launch for gameplay that never came and then got one from a distributor. He still got #790. So unless you get in with Spooky in the first 30mins, then a person should just go to a distributor instead as he would snag one of their unclaimed auto assigned 50/50/50 "spot holds" that are sitting dormant?

#930 6 months ago

Initially the official release date was "a couple weeks after fang club access"....did that official release date ever get announced? I had wondered if the licensing made them wait for that date to show gameplay etc? It's been a little over 2 weeks

#1084 6 months ago

Saw these on FB

Screenshot_20210730-185813_Facebook (resized).jpgScreenshot_20210730-185847_Facebook (resized).jpgScreenshot_20210730-185731_Facebook (resized).jpg
#1101 6 months ago

Halloween just sitting around on free play with nobody there, waiting for a player? Spooky indeed! Looks killer

#1104 6 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

You do realize these two guys aren’t pinball players? They work in the horror industry. Chill out dude.

I think they were pinball players. They used the term "subway" and the one said he couldn't wait to have it in his house. The black hair guy was making too big of deal that it was his first play.
I love the way they did the music, can't wait to get mine!

#1106 6 months ago

Oh! Sandy Johnson (Judith Myers) in the background taking pictures of them playing near the end! Hmmmm

#1157 6 months ago

Here is this walk-around video, no gameplay though.

#1178 5 months ago
Screenshot_20210801-155304_Facebook (resized).jpg
#1199 5 months ago

First on the scene should get the choice of best acronym. No need to throw JC or 78 in there since there are no others?
BSD was not the first Dracula so the BS was needed.

#1296 5 months ago

Deadflip is currently setting up their gear on the stream to do a dual machine simultaneous reveal. Switch back and forth between games?

#1298 5 months ago
Quoted from Dan1733:

Looks like he’s getting ready to play LZ.

No, he wheeled over LZ and Beatles just to use for setup. He said Beatles spot will be ultraman and Halloween where LZ is. Must be happening very soon (tommorow?

#1334 5 months ago

He also said he needs to overnight ship a bunch of equipment

#1398 5 months ago

Jack must be setting up at this point if he wants to go live as he said in 4.5 hours! Stoked!
Did you ever notice that the pumpkin in the opening credits actually depicts Michael carrying a knife? I used to think it was just supposed to be a crummy kid carving. Notice the slow zoom in

Screenshot_20210807-103419_Facebook (resized).jpg
#1401 5 months ago
FB_IMG_1628361561573 (resized).jpg
#1429 5 months ago
Quoted from Txcoastal1:

Will stream just start? Not seeing anything on home page or schedule

It will show up where munsters is and say live. (After you refresh, and assuming he is live)

#1456 5 months ago

So the new quote was 2.5 Halloween to 1 ultra. But sounds like the 18month timer hasn't been started yet.
I liked the new Halloween remix music I heard

#1466 5 months ago
Quoted from Lopa:

I asked about a “midnight madness” mode during the stream but I didn’t get a response.

It was asked by someone else and Bug really liked the idea and hadn't thought of it. Sounded like he was gonna make it happen. Midnight Stabness was the suggested term.

#1541 5 months ago

I hope spooky can keep it true to the movie feel as far as movie assets/modes go and not have them appear randomly to please some players desire for movie clip overload. Initially the movie is a very open landscape feel with Michael running the country side, and as you progress the scenes get tighter and tighter and closer and more intimate until eventually you end up face to face with the most claustrophobic closet scene as worst case scenario. That's part of the feel and suspense build on the "he is coming" aspect. So personally I like the qualifying ramp aspect. And that also translates to not seeing that much early on in the gameplay, similar to alot of other pins.
I know it's early code but I like what I see so far! I would bet that's one of the reasons why they kept the art on a more Autumn side of things instead of going dark, for better rgb lighting integration. Look at Stern Pirates, should be a darker game IMO but pretty colorful and still works.

#1555 5 months ago

SpookyLuke NightMutilator consider having initial gameplay video be staring through the clown mask eye holes walking around with the very loud heavy breathing, while the player wanders around the pf hitting things trying to get into the house, or until a mode is started. Or maybe that could be the video mode once you enter the house. Then you could do the other video modes upon entering the house later. I would love to see the video put on the clown mask right when I push the start button.

Assuming you don't have all that lined up for implementation

#1565 5 months ago
Quoted from Lopa:

Dude, this is a brilliant suggestion!

I would even go so far as to say disable all modes until "mask mode" is complete and the house has been entered, sister is dead, and Michael's lifelong fate has begun.
The magnetic tray in the top left corner could be decorated to be Michael's sister's room.

#1567 5 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

I think that area is supposed to be the balcony that he falls from at the end of the movie.

Yah, there is a balcony to the right of the mag drop. But you can get to the balcony/mag drop right after entering the house for the first time.

#1607 5 months ago

Wow Charlie, Nick Castle played your tribute game???What an awesome life you are living! Very cool

#1614 5 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

That's the one thing I envisioned, climbing level to level, progressing.
CE 920 here.

Same. I know lots of people are saying that. And spooky mentioned possibly "another way coming" to get to the top floor. Fingers crossed!

#1742 5 months ago

I didn't expect HD to come with the pin, I am fine with the business model. But I do hope they will offer it in addition to buttercab as an add-on due to shipping costs etc.
I would only bother with HD if there were things to watch in the back of the pf that the monitor reflection was hiding. LOTR for example. Or Halloween.

#1788 5 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Did anyone order a Standard edition?

At least 10 people did, but no more than 125 people did, based on the last BSE currently listed.

#1852 5 months ago

For the list- I am #88 CE spooky

#1870 5 months ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

Looks like there is a cover on the topper on the Halloween motor which is awesome

? Looks the same to me

#1928 5 months ago

Videos for this pin seems to be as elusive as Michael.

#1936 5 months ago

Saw this in my neighborhood. Needs some door magnets...

20210801_163803 (resized).jpg
#1972 5 months ago

On the butter flipside, I think the non-butter on the left has a better looking shooter panel graphic, brighter and matching the time of day depicted. That's all I would see with my lineup so most concerned with that.
*pics by RebelGuitars *

FB_IMG_1629565634435 (resized).jpg

#1973 5 months ago

And butter better on UM front panel

FB_IMG_1629566735120 (resized).jpg
#1975 5 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Where’d you get that nice photo of my friend?

Saw it on facebook

#1977 5 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Just joking around. Those are pics I took yesterday and posted on the Spooky Fans FB page.

Sorry, edited for credit given. Thanks for the pics

#1996 5 months ago
Quoted from TouchingEvil:

One BIG con with this pin is no video clips from the movie, just crappy still animations wtf. It could be the cheapest animations ever in a pin.

The guy who only owns what is constantly rated as the worst game Stern ever made, is unhappy with Halloween's animations? This is worse than I thought!

#2020 5 months ago
Quoted from Frax:

Honest question, because I'm not really familiar with Spooky's prior games...
What is the point of all of those twisted cables? Seems like a pain in the butt to work with or replace when it will eventually be needed. Is that due to the RGB lighting...and I'm assuming they're twisted to reduce the chance of signal interference? Some RGB specs use 3 wires, some use 4 (ARGB). I might have to design a sleeving kit for those. It appears to be ARGB, looks like 4 wires on the LED boards.
Also, knowing these are prototypes/sample type games, is this typically how wiring looks on the Spooky games? The top half (bottom half of the playfield technically) looks passable, but WOW that's a mega rat's nest down by the board. I'm not going to lie....it looks kinda like the back side of my Lian Li PC case where it's all hidden. I'm terrible with cable management, but the idea of that many wires all over the place has me wondering if we can't come up with a better solution. Maybe some kind of 3d printed wire routing bracket. Looks like there's more than enough space to mount something down there. I'm sure they've got things routed in such a way it's unlikely to snag in mechs or be an issue, this is just my visual OCD.
Also...someone's gotta say it...nice chin diapers.

I saw them say somewhere these were the "prototypes". So maybe the wire management will be different on the production units?

#2071 5 months ago

Will rebelguitars be the first person to somehow successfully post a video of the topper in action? Congrats on your purchase!

#2090 5 months ago

Is this not the same one we will get?

Screen-Shot-2021-07-05-at-10.06.57-AM (resized).png
#2110 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:Based on that, he should start the official owners club thread, since it satisfies Pinside's rules of starting Club Threads

Nope, the rules specifically state that a club thread owner must post a video of the topper in action, and he won't do it.

#2139 5 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

You can update my CE spot from 790 to 481. I was able to trade up! Can’t wait to see when it arrives. Hopefully by first of the year.

Hey you got my old spot!

#2185 5 months ago

I like how the start button looks like the moon just beginning to rise

#2206 5 months ago

Screenshot_20210828-095539_Facebook (resized).jpg
#2294 5 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Here’s another video. I got closeups of the playfield to show wear after 100+ games…I know, nothing in the grand scope of things, but someone asked how it was holding up. As far as dimpling, there is a little on the big pumpkin by the 3 drop targets as this is where you’d get most air balls, but there is a deflector there. The dimpling is extremely light and minor. I started a game to get the GI and you can hear loomis call outs to start the game. The LED strips seem bright, but I like them. I think they are having a setting to turn them down if you want. This is a pin best played in a dark room…really helps the whole horror ambience, so a nice lighted field
is a must. Oh, and for those worried this an early code (if you have an early spot)…it is, but far from half baked. Actually, it plays like it’s fairly polished.

Have you noticed any flipper post strength issues that RM has had, requiring the X spacer?

#2309 4 months ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Just got notice that the one headed to North End Pub in Lafayette, IN should be ready next week!

What number are you?

#2330 4 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

We were blessed with a code update. It’s a monster update. We will redo some videos soon. Much more of everything (call outs, sounds effects, videos, topper and speaker lights). Everyone who got one is going to love this game!

Yes please!

FB_IMG_1630563722413 (resized).jpg
#2349 4 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

We played a little UM at their complex…it’s really awesome! UM buyers are in for a treat.

Is it my imagination or is the screen tilted back more than Rick and Morty? Does it give a better view for a taller person vs RM? Can you tell that the screen quality is any darker/crisper or does it seem the same?
Thanks for all your images/vids
Screenshot_20210902-195105_Facebook (resized).jpg

#2411 4 months ago

Hmm Butter cab? ....Or a 35 foot inflatable Michael. Choices Choices! This should be in front of Spooky headquarters for sure

Screenshot_20210906-184325_eBay (resized).jpg

1 week later
#2701 4 months ago

Saw a Gottlieb like this, so I guess that insert style is not outside of the possibility that it was intended.

20210919_000018 (resized).jpg
#2703 4 months ago

At 4:30 in the very first stream of nightmutilator when the lady with the blue hair is playing, he says that Spooky wanted animation all the way through, and he couldn't really talk about why there wasn't movie clips, "but they aren't there." Hmmm. Always lots of behind the scenes drama I guess.

#2903 4 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I just saw a YouTube video yesterday and it was every scene from H78 that showed Myers. The whole video was only 3 1/2 min long. If Spooky gets 2 min of that footage in I think they're on the right track.

Nah this is missing tons of Michael shots. Entire car strangulation scene is missing. Entire phone cord strangulation scene is missing. Also all the times he watched from outside the window and then killed the dog. And more various. And other scenes cut short.

#2921 4 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Easier to add suggestions now, before you can't. If everyone waited for anything, or until you owned it, nothing would get better. It's not nitpicking, it's letting the maker know what the market wants.

This is the plague of the industry I am in- R&D. They will always tell me they will "change it later" which turns into "too late" at the blink of an eye.
However, Spooky has relentlessly asked for feedback and given their email along with that, I don't get why people get so upset that others are giving feedback, wishlists, and concerns.

#2924 4 months ago
Quoted from Chief_G:

This is the Cleeland code everyone desires basically, the dilemma other companies don’t understand, aren’t getting the hint, or just don’t care. Give us the full package man!! We’ll pay up for it. Get the assets, that’s what makes the game killer. It’s why RnM soared and AIQ was an awesome layout that fell short because the call outs, music, and assets was less than desirable.

Just curious if you sent Cleland a donation? I know I did. Everyone says they will pay up for it but I wonder if that is really true. An entire thread devoted to "F Stern price increases" but if the answer from Stern was "we are chasing higher dollar assets now, so of course it costs you more", do you think that thread would go dormant? I wonder.

#2967 4 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I read on Facebook that Ultraman # 52 got his email yesterday....Things are progressing.

If that's true, then these numbers are absolutely meaningless, since I am #17 ultraman with no email.

#2983 4 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

New stream from the animator. Looks to be a little more "normal" in this video...

This was streamed 5 days ago right after the initial stream, on twitch.

1 week later
#3187 3 months ago

Spooky: " we will be working on some updates in the month of October"

Pinside response 'Great news! See you October *1st* 8 AM, with the finished code!"


#3190 3 months ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

52 got my email from spooky this morning

Cool! Was it a "3 weeks out" email?

#3210 3 months ago
Quoted from bigehrl:i agree about your point regarding the lack of patience in this hobby... but in this case, that's not what Spooky said.
"Will be dropping a major Halloween update Oct 1st.", that's what Spooky said. It's right on their FB page. So Matt's question is valid, and if it's true, I'm very much looking forward to it.

Oh I was quoting what Spooky said in this thread. Thanks for the update! Just some Friday humor

#3286 3 months ago
Quoted from spandol:

Not something I would put in, but that's me. Licensing the song has it's own cost, first of all. I want this machine to be about the horror aspect of Halloween, the tension. I don't see passing the joint around to really be anything important to the main story. Realize I'm not downing you for the suggestion. I just would be confused if I saw that and thought maybe it was a Cheech & Chong machine I stumbled upon. I also am not keen on having a boob shot in the game either, so not everyone wants this scene. It's up to Spooky what they do, but again, I don't feel it's an important element to get the horror aspect across. Is it a memorable scene in the movie? I do know the scene but I don't watch this movie because of that. I'm playing a horror themed pinball about an iconic killer with killer music.

Spooky basically said the boob scene will be taken care of, in an initial interview. People who don't like that can run family mode I suppose. I don't think anyone watches it *for* that, it is just part of the genre and iconic. "Oops there's a spot on my shirt, time to do laundry ". That type of thing is seen in all top slasher films. Halloween had 13 movies and 13 nudity scenes so far. Jason has double that. Add to that- Michael hates women, so when she did that, it was a noteable part of the storyline to really rub it in his face.

As for the joint scene- if they can make it mesh up, I am all for it. If they keep it all "killing" the whole time, then I suppose it wouldn't fit in.

#3322 3 months ago

Someone posted once that HWN was kind of easy- "just keep shooting the middle ramp." If that is the case, then personally I welcome the suprise Michael inlane popout drain. Something needs to even things out. I like the idea that the video would coincide with "oops you weren't ready and were killed by Michael".

Seems that all the top competitors in my area hate RM. That's because it is the great equalizer. Constantly throwing everyone off their game and keeping them on their toes. Love it. Those same guys post up on on a Stern and play one ball for 10 minutes looking like a rockstar.

#3452 3 months ago

Saw this RM butter shot example

92762986bcfb97f40012efecc364a714a7d7fced (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3579 3 months ago

My local theater

FB_IMG_1634321708138 (resized).jpg
#3669 3 months ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

I always request that they do, but it rarely happens. This time they called me and said they would be arriving in 2 minutes, then proceeded to take 30 mins to show up.
Edit, I guess you meant a call to schedule. Yes they do. I also ask for a call 30 minutes out since it is usually an 8 hour window.

RL called and scheduled a 1-4pm drop-off last week. Luckily I stayed home that day because they showed up at 9 am and already had the pin in my driveway before ringing the bell!

1 week later
#3730 3 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

Trim off the thinner end of a zip tie and use them as a shim between the underside of the glass channel and the edge of the cabinet sides. I typically use a length of maybe an inch to an inch and a half and space 3 on each side evenly top top to bottom. I also use the felt tape on the top and bottom edge of the glass. Rattle is completely eliminated even with a 12" powered sub under the cabinets.

You can also cut off the head and stick them between the top of the glass and the channel, you won't see them. They will fall out if you pull the glass but it helps when trying to pinpoint what area needs attention.

#3759 87 days ago
Quoted from curban:

So what’s the highest number that’s received the butter can email, so far?

I believe #89 is the last butter email that we know of, on the 21st.

#3761 87 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

As far as I know, I'm 89 and didn't order butter. Paid in full last week.

I didn't mean you ordered butter, just that you got the option email he was asking about

2 weeks later
#3807 73 days ago


Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

So wonder what number has last been shipped? Is spooky in the 100’s now yet?

1 month later
#3862 43 days ago

Tracking spreadsheet should be current. Let me know if anyone's info is not there

1 week later
#3890 34 days ago

You can tweak the left tab of your lockdown bar at the base of it, towards the playfield, that will allow the bar to move away from the playfield just slightly and clear the glass. Had this issue on my RM so much that the glass got chipped. Bending it towards the playfield helped.

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