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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#60 3 months ago

CE w butter.....very excited...this the club thread?

#67 3 months ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

I appreciate the suggestions.
Off the shelf toys generally look tacky and out of place, and I'm not the sort of modder to take them and add a light, etc. (anyone can do those DIY). I did add the RZ figure to my personal game after some modification to its positioning, but I'd never sell that sort of thing.
My mods are original, and designed to fit the geometry of the game, and take many things into account to look as factory as possible.
I also try to avoid IP concerns.
Hoping there will be a way to add something more violent to the game, but I won't be able to envision it all without the game in hand.

Great to hear!!! Looking forward to this one, and what you come up with...let the adventure begin ( soon)!!!

#162 3 months ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

I will be in a really good mood tomorrow AFTER I receive a confirmation email!

Lol, agreed!!

#333 3 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

Was in at 9:59 eastern this morning. Spooky site was slow and then crashed repeatedly. I got as far as info for shipping then store closed. Emailed Pinballstar, Joe immediately answered my rants. Ordered through his site in 15 seconds with PP deposit. He is my go to crack dealer from now on.
Thank you Joe for your patience and helping me get a HWNCE.

Great to hear!!!

I suffered for almost 30 minutes, but when the dust settles, a butter HWNCE heading my way,,,,classic horror....hooray!!

#337 3 months ago
Quoted from icyjones:

Do we have any confirmation that Butter can be added to the Spooky Pinball website orders and how so? I will email them, but wanted to at least wait until tomorrow. Figure they are still sorting through the chaos.

Morgan said it would all be sorted....zero worries..

#339 3 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Would i hit up my PinballSTAR to get a butter cab?

Not certain as I ordered direct...have to believe it's a solid path to just email your Distro to ensure they know that's what you want.

They'll certainly be checking all details before assembly...

#352 3 months ago
Quoted from RobT:

Congrats Mark!
I went with UMCE. I had given up on it and was going to wait this one out but then I received a notification that my order actually went through! I am near the back of the pack though.

So good to see you Rob!!! Been too long since we've crossed in the threads....shall PM To catchup....

Couldn't pass on this one. 1st Spooky for me, AND an iconic slasher theme at that!!!!

UM is a great theme as well. Memory lane for me on that one!!!

#456 3 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Super interested in what the numbers will be, and what they'll actually mean (don't know how spooky does it).
If they go 50/50/50, what does it mean to be the 60th person in line for a CE? What happens when the #3 standard moves up to a CE?
How many can they actually make and ship before 10.31?
Interesting indeed.
So I guess they have to make 100 a month so the initial shipment of 50s will take longer than that.

I scratched my head on that for a bit, then decided it didn't really matter. My CE order apparently " stuck" at 9:36CST, but have no idea where that put me in line.

Broke down and ordered a TBL about 2 months prior, so just sort of wondering which shows first ( a good thing to ponder, so no complaints here)

#458 3 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yes the sad part is we were all clicking at 9:01 dammit!
Oh well, nothing we can do now but wait.

Exactly!!!....felt like a weird Black Friday thing for a bit....stopped for a minute saying " no pin is worth this anxiety", but then went back at it....on a mission then!! Pissed me off and wasn't going to stop, lol.

I have a problem....

#466 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I'm really not clear why people had anxiety. You guys need a hobby.

Think you mean " need a life" ( speaking for me)

#471 3 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

Took my family to Allentown pinball show in 2011. Wife and two teenage kids were trying to find me in the crowd. Later wife says, ‘no hope. It was a sea of bald guys.’ Smashing that refresh button on Wednesday at work for 48 minutes my boss shook his head just let me rage until I was done.
I laughed after picturing all of us pinheads stubbornly ego-ing exactly the same time on website. Guess we are an odd group after all.

Too funny!!!

#485 3 months ago

Watched the first Movie last night for a refresher...been awhile. Can only say if they put actual clips in this it could be a genuine scary ass pin. The way they did the murders ( quite a few) and the whole vibe was really great from a shock standpoint ( not pure gore, but still rough on occasion).

Had forgotten how good it was....more excited than ever to see how Spooky goes at this and getting the game.....

#491 3 months ago
Quoted from Aeolus7:

It’s a great film. I’m younger than the movie and still one of my favorites. Pacing is perfect. Holds up incredibly well.

Well, I was a year out of High School when it came out, so speaks volumes to the timelessness of this one..

Actually liked it much better than alot of the crap coming out currentlu......

#500 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I wonder if those are inserts or just art.

Blood and knives definitely lit inserts judging by brief video.....can't make sense of it yet....very interesting however....

#509 3 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Unless its x-men type bad code id rather have it right away


Early vs late code = whatever

Early minor bugs vs late-=whatever

A small, local boutique COMPANY that is proven, in the threads, and will truly support a very strong theme/ game= PRICELESS

Bring this bad boy!!

#517 3 months ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Did anyone with a Spooky direct order have the deposit charge go through? Mine is still sitting on pending

Did you get an order confirmation email?

My $$$ definitely went

#526 3 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Spooky for creating a pin that I feel was long overdue and my personal grail theme...the 1978 film, Halloween. Thanks to everyone at Spooky that made this happen and congrats to all of you on selling out your direct sales allotment on that crazy day...it sure was stressful!
As a tribute to the original Halloween, what I feel is the greatest all around horror film and my favorite movie from any genre, it was time to update my avatar. Two years ago I made the pilgrimage to South Pasadena, California to visit some of the original locations they shot the film. My wife took this photo of me recreating the iconic hedge scene...
[quoted image]
I was clearly not the only one to visit those hedges as the grass behind the hedges near the sidewalk was worn down to dirt!
...and I had to wear my ‘78 Black Sabbath tour shirt that day!!!

Classic!!!!! Too excited for this one!!

#533 3 months ago

My Avatar speaks to my excitment for this Pin...borderline fanboy here!!!

#598 3 months ago

Original Halloween stacks easily w any of the others mentioned here. Best imho.

All sequels get watered down and weird after the first 2..Hellraiser, Rocky, Fast and Furious , F13, Alien, Exorcist, on and on. Sort of cash grabs I guess for fanatics.

Glad the pin is based around the original...

#601 3 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:


Bingo ( except Alien for me.. )

#632 3 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Took my children to go see Cruella last night at the movie theater and saw a movie promotion poster for the new Halloween movie being released. I have enjoyed all of the movies and I really enjoy Jamie Lee Curtis (; Looks like another great movie, and the timing might be perfect with games shipping around the same time frame. I also wanted to say we really enjoyed Cruella (great movie)-not good for smaller children but good for 7+year old and adults.
New 2021 Halloween Kills trailer:

Read good things about it and am likewise excited.

Bought the blue ray set and plan on binge watching this weekend....

#711 3 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

No # for me yet. Good to see these going out!! Good times ahead..

Ditto, but ordered direct and roughly 30 minutes after site opened during the site crash lol. Maybe Spooky sends their #'s by the weekend, given distros are getting theirs.

0 worries here...I get it when I get it....

#814 3 months ago

#264 from Spooky Direct for CE here….hooray!!!!!

#859 3 months ago
Quoted from apessino:

They say 20 to 40, so I assume they expect to average around 30. Even being pessimistic and allowing for production to slow down for holidays, unforeseen employee circumstances, etc. I think they'll hit at least 500 games done by the end of the year, which is pretty good!

Agreed...and given they are doing all CE's first, at #264 pretty confident to be seeing mine before end of year easily.

Such a great experience and communication already for me....fun stuff!!!

#964 3 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Is this the first flipper trying to make 1k?
[quoted image]

delt31 ? Not a chance, lol.....

#996 3 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Feels so good to be with a professional group having fun on the job .

100% agree!!!

#1111 89 days ago

Appreciate seeing the video...thanks for posting. Just to see it in the wild, flipping, and players having great comments was quite enjoyable for me ( instead of " oh this is broken and being redesigned, this doesn't work, heard parts are coming,etc."

I don't care about quality of video at this point...the pros will stream soon enough.

Great looking game!! Very, very excited...

(HWN for the win, btw)

#1112 89 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Ahem....they are the SAME GAME. UM looks more impressive to you because the player in that video knew how to shoot for what’s lit and get into multiball. C’mon man...shitting on a wack gameplay video from a couple of noobs ain’t doing anyone any favors. You’re just being negative for the sake of being negative. Game looks GREAT! If you want to sell your spot because you didn’t like the poorly shot horror van vid well...I’ll take it haha.

And correct...( I already have a spot, but if someone is turned off by this? Overreacting a bit)

#1166 87 days ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

As good as this game looks, I really don't think it will stay long in most collections. Which is good news for others to own this game when they get flipped...and a high percentage will be flipped.
UM seems the better option. HWN is a one-trick pony, and UM seems to offer more variety and fun for the player (and all the family).
I love HWN, but it's not a great match for a modern pinball machine...as you owners will soon discover. The Evil Dead however, a match made in hell!

And.....ridiculous...HWN already getting preflipped ( expected) and no clue where or why you created a baseless claim...unfortunate...

#1235 86 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Just catching up on things and wow John wick was the original design? Would love to see if it was a different design, can’t quite imagine this final design as John wick.

Yea, not quite buying that, or that Halloween was a third choice behind it and Ultraman....

I speculate Halloween was the core, and Ultraman was a well played jab @ Godzilla...

( Huge John Wick fan btw)

#1238 86 days ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

There are a few podcasts the Spooky crew has been on. They confirmed that when the group started the game design, they had John Wick in mind. I don't think they ever actually pursued the license. They also confirmed that they secured the Ultraman license well before Halloween. They started licensing talks for Ultraman at the same time they secured Rick and Morty.

Interesting.....I'd think Ultraman would be easier ( cheaper) to procure than Halloween, but have no clue in truth. Think UM looks great from what I've seen, but the game oozes Halloween as the primary skin to me....

#1270 85 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

custom aprons that look terrible

Don’t forget “for games that aren’t even really released yet, and will be missing the original electronics…..”…

I’m going butter as I’m hoping it will be similar to my ECLE which really pops. Not $16k nice, but looks great….

#1271 85 days ago

HWN please….I have a hard enough time w IM being used for IMDN in the threads….

#1272 85 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I personally like butter cabs. Yes, Spooky’s decals are amazing, but I don’t feel I’m a “fool” for how I decide to spend the money I have earned.

Your not a fool, as many just buy what they want in a toy (nothing wrong with that), not equating w flipping value.

#1302 84 days ago

Jack Danger + Halloween = must watch for me...this is gonna be fun!!!

#1350 82 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

[quoted image]

Is this coming out of “The next Spooky Pinball” thread? Seems I’m missing a lot of chatter, as I’ve only been paying attention here….thx

#1363 82 days ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

Trust me you all are gonna get an awesome game, with authentic vibes, music and the like. Just settle your minds and let a little patience come in. Speculating and demanding doesn’t do anything but cause unneeded stress on people trying as hard as possible to make one of the best horror films sprout into a pinball machine you will love.

Way excited to see the stream!!! Rarely put any pinball stuff on my Outlook calendar, but I've blocked tomorrow evening for this bad boy!!!

#1397 81 days ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

No way! But maybe?! This license for sure, as I ain’t kidding it was my fave flick as a child and was my main gateway into the world of horror… plus since I worked on (and am still working on) the Animations I am holding it dear and protecting it like it’s a child

Admire and appreciate your passion for this theme!! Hoping it meets or exceeds your expectations.....this one will live in my horror/ terror row w Heighway AlienLE, TWDLE, and BSD, so definitely bring it!!!

#1445 81 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

The funniest thing on the stream chat was when someone asked “will Pinstadiums fit on this game?”
What, it’s not bright enough already? Are you blind? Ha!

Koolaid….crazy….think the game looks great!!!! Interesting shots, major lighting effects, and once all the video assets are added w polish, much fun!!!! Great job Spooky!!!!!

#1449 81 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Yeah, looks great so far. Certainly we’ll get more assets, callouts, and music. At this early stage, it’s bare, but the same could have been said for BM66, TWD, Met, etc.
Nice job Team Spooky!

Completely agree....the ones that were in there looked great....alot of placeholders in other frames...they even stated several more months on additions....I'm good w that. Like a new game everytime code drops on this one imho

#1450 81 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I am a little nervous.
I don't think Jack was loving shooting these games. Not trying to be negative but 9k plus is a gamble when there are other options out there. I know there is a lot of coding to do yet but I will re-watch and focus on the flow next time I watch again. I am a Spooky fan and own a ACNC but not sure I have room for 2 pins with so so flow going on.

Don't really think this is setup as a typical flowey, super speedy game...alot of surprise movement and just unique gameplay.

Honestly, I think it will just scratch a different itch...very excited. Looks like alot of fun....will be hard to sort the vibe until the video and all assets are deployed.

Stoked for my first Spooky....great looking game, and easily competes w anything I'm seeing out there...a great niche game imho...

#1526 80 days ago

Also felt amazing hearing Jack talk about the factory and overall enthusiasm for the MANUFACTURER!!! I swear a huge breath of fresh air for me in pinball land, with all the absolute bullshit going on elsewhere. Not saying they (Spooky) are perfect…but the company vibe, coupled with a great game is just what is needed….I really feel good about buying this game and supporting a company that certainly seems to care…

#1527 80 days ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

A whole lot of people in here who come across as impatient. Like as if most games that come out now are done and polished on release, when that simply isn't the case 99% of the time. Rick And Morty in it's current state is very different from how it was on release, for example. It has gotten a lot of updates, polish and things added...but it was fun on release too, it's just better now. I'm okay with a game getting updates that add and fix things after release. Spooky actually puts out updates pretty regularly, unlike other manufacturers. The layout is solid and any qualms I have can be fixed with code. Along with that, Luke and the rest of the spooky team have been very open about the state of the game now and where they want it to be and are working towards that. Be patient.
-They mentioned that there are a bunch of modes that are almost (or actually) ready to be added. Maybe not on release, but they will be.
-They mentioned that the video assets (and most likely the sound assets, but I don't think they specifically mentioned that) are going to be improved, and what's in there already is encouraging that they have a generous license. For a licensed game, that's probably the single most important thing. The music (original and edited/alternate stuff, as well as original being used is a good sign), the sound clips of jamie from the movie, the video clips that are in there from the movie...all those are good indications as to what they can and can't do. Obviously I don't know the details of that, but it's a good sign.
-They mentioned tons of specific things that are going to be resolved with the code and were upfront that the game will not be 100% on release, you're not honest like that if you want to move units and have a stance that the game is "done" so you can avoid releasing code (*cough* stern *cough*). They've already moved the units, now they can focus on manufacturing and coding and implementation. I doubt the guys coding have to worry about getting down on the factory floor to help much, so calm down, they'll do some coding. They mentioned specific things they want to fix or add, were open to suggestions (midnight madness) and you can tell they just want the game to be solid. Be patient.
In my opinion, any time a game has any kind of upper playfield(s), you get the same old broken records jerking off about flow. Listen, early 80's solid states had great flow, go play those and stay in the stone age. I want something different, something unique, with interesting ball-flow, not fast ball flow. You want to know why a series of loops on a flat surface are easy to nail and give you all the flow you want? Because it's easy. I want to support companies willing to take chances on something unique, and if it means that all the kinks are not ironed out right away, so be it, the important part is that they care about those kinks being ironed out and are willing to work at them. By all indications I have seen, Spooky seems to care about that, so I'm content. I do hope they can get the ball moving a bit quicker as it goes from playfield to playfield, but if they can't it's not going to kill the game for me. Not every game needs to be lightning fast to be good.
Anyways, nice work Spooky, can't wait for #154 to get here! Ultraman isn't my thing, but it also looks really great.

Whoa….spot on!!!! Just read this as I was adding a comment…….completely agree….

#1579 79 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I saw that, and I think that’s a good thing. I’m glad there’s enough games out there that everyone who wants one can get one. Plus, if anyone purchased a slot just to flip, screw ‘em.
I enjoyed the stream and I’m looking forward to what’s next, but I understand if some were underwhelmed, especially if this type of genre isn’t up their alley. The flow was unique (maybe too unique for some), the animations were early and the music was repetitive. No harm in anyone jumping early, but I think good things will come to those who wait.

Spot on again Mudflaps!!!

#1619 78 days ago
Quoted from Lopa:

these "review a game with early code before its anywhere near done" videos are beyond stupid.

Why this ALWAYS happens is just mind blowing.....can truly appreciate why manufacturers hesitate to put anything out here.....

Regarding UM vs HWN - Flippers are already testing the waters with the latter (some already with success...the usual suspects "oh, I accidentaly ordered 2 as the sight crashed...here, take 1 for a 1k profit").

I used to watch UM as a kid, but had zero interest in owning it as a game theme. Suspect I'm not alone. The lower #'s produced will push many to pumping this game over the other simply to create a potential larger flip margin. Happy for those that dig the theme, but you're not really hearing them bash HWN either.

Guess nothing keeps the threads going like negativity...time to go play the pins...a day closer to having my HWNCE in the house.....

#1622 78 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Halloween will catch up! Ultraman has very relaxed guidelines and we are able to add sounds, display elements, clips, etc at will. Halloween has a very involved staff that like to have input and see all elements before they are added. A full approval process. We will be on these games for a long time to come we have just barely started! Much of the initial few months goes to making all the features work. Then when all modes and functions are in we start to add the text, music, sounds, light shows, flashers, effects etc. On this game it also has to be done for 2 separate games so it adds a ton of time. We are building a team to get farther ahead on these things in the future. Getting better every day! Wish you guys could see how far we have come in the shop from a tiny incubator unit with 2 workers just 7 years ago.

Watching the podcast and reading your posts really shows the passion you have for this very, very big theme. I have zero doubt you will hit it out of the park!!!

Thank you for entertaining the good, bad and ugly that comes from these threads.......

#1631 78 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

Well I didn’t like Bug’s hair. I’m out.

THAT is funny!!!! (I might have to reconsider as well)...

#1675 77 days ago

Going to watch the stream again this weekend when I've got more time ( pretty awesome the first go around)

Think a huge hidden plus with this type of lighting horsepower...blackouts, lightning effects, and all sorts of scenes can be added to the vibe..

Deep pulsing red for murders, a blue/white power mix for building/ blinding shock value, etc. This thing could easily bring serious terror to gameplay.

Whole package looks very strong to me!!

#1680 77 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Going to also somehow blackout the motor cover and whatnot.

That topper may get a whole molded backbox around it as well...no telling.

Seeing Jack's reaction when it engaged was priceless....definitely caught him off guard...knives, knives....and the clown on side.....I might have to turn the lights up when I play this thing, lol

#1681 77 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Watch it with headphones, sooooo much better.

Think I shall...

#1683 77 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Did I miss it in the stream? I didn't see it in action.

No...we couldn't see it, but he did....

#1703 76 days ago
Quoted from RobT:

I can see a huge difference...immediately, between HD/Invisiglass/PDI vs regular glass. There is no comparison.
Having said that, I know that there is no shortage of people who share your opinion. I will never understand it myself, because I see such a huge difference, but apparently many people don't notice the difference to the same extent.
Believe me, I wish I *didn't* see such a big difference, it would save me quite a bit of money if I didn't.

I'm way in this camp w you Rob....major difference for my eyes and all my games have a sheet. Best mod for me except colordmd when applicable.

The Stern stuff looks surprisingly better than I would have thought.

PDI still hands down the best...

#1705 76 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I mean I want to believe, but these same folks probably need pinstadiums to see the ball so whom knows

Never shall a Pinstadium emit rainbows of artificial light on my games...tried it once and couldn't get them off fast enough....PDI w dimmable overhead lighting let's me enjoy the game the way it was meant to be seen...just me.

#1707 76 days ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

They're not like that anymore. I still think they're too expensive, and really couldn't care if someone liked them or hated them, but in fairness to the product they don't do the color reflection thing on ramps/metal parts anymore.

It doesn't matter to me if others like them...to each their own.

Gets extremely weary to see nothing but their banners in sale items at the bottom of every single freakin thread however. Thought it was addressed at some point, but definitely getting worse.

Marketing genius and serious pinball bank ...gotta give them that..

#1710 76 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Hmmm...you shouldn't be seeing them as a Member+ Perhaps there is a settings item?
Edit: yes look in settings-->Forum settings-->
[quoted image]

Best post of the night!...Thanks!!

#1760 75 days ago

Oh, getting real now!!!!

1 week later
#1926 68 days ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

[quoted image]

Can’t imagine it staying like that for production ( wiring and exposure wise) but what a cool idea!!! I’ve wanted to stab several of my games on occasion….

#1933 68 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

I never request anyone not video! I can take a video for you myself tomorrow if I remember!

Sweet!!! Let the stabbing begin.....great idea!!

#1952 67 days ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

For all the people crying about the topper wire I suppose you could drill a hole through the top of the head and dress it up better. If you were so inclined. I don’t think it requires a giant 3D printed plastic cover over it. In a line up you are not going to see it anyway.

No crying here....just a small plastic motor cover and a hole w removable plug in top of backbox to get the wire in would definitely clean it up nicely in a minimalistic way. Just my thoughts...

#1965 67 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

The led strips aren’t overly bright at all with the plastic covers over them. The plastic seems slightly tinted.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That pumpkin pic is awesome!!!

#2015 65 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I have both, from previous games. I choose butter for this game. If you fault me, then that is on you, not me. My experience, my money. To me, there is the value.

+ 100...you don't have to justify your purchase to anyone except yourself...hell, if it's just getting " slid in the line" might as well do the sides in flat black right ( doesn't effect gameplay)?

And it's not only "a rich or stupid person's view" btw....( don't know if that's come up yet...usually does). I'm neither. These things tend to keep their value, and flippers have grown their collections and wallets by doing just that.

No judgement from me....buy what YOU want ( I'm getting butter too, btw). Always the same...

#2069 65 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Here’s a couple.
[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]


#2174 61 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Definitely with no topper vid!
[quoted image]

Too funny!!! Who cares? The only one I really want to see is mine anyway. Another day closer....

Congrats to the earlybirds!!!

#2181 61 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

[quoted image][quoted image]

And you sir, are definitely deserving of 1 of the first...lineup looks great!!

#2190 61 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Wow wtf. Haha. Totally got me.

Who cares? How about bc they’ve been hyping it and it looks awesome and we’re all interested in seeing it. You’re reading a pinball forum….other people might just be interested. Crazy thought I know.
It’s actually getting kind of funny how no video is out yet on how this thing works. Man RebelGuitars that was well played. Totally got me

We're going to see it. We all are interested ( at least those who are actually keeping the game for a bit).

But making this big deal, almost badgering someone to show it now is just a waste of time.

I'm fully aware of where I am, but thanks for reminding me.

It will be shown, there will be people that love or hate it...that's personal preference. Hell, there's been people that " accidentally" bought 2 pre-order spots and flipped 1 for a $1k profit without even seeing the topper. Crazy thought, I know.

#2198 60 days ago
Quoted from delt31:And there are others that have made ugly and very overpriced custom aprons and still people bought those too. I know - I get it. Pinball market!

Ouch!!! Oh wait...considering the source.. .....forgotten and disregarded, as most do anymore.

Just think everyone should just relax as opposed to getting worked up about not seeing the topper in action beyond what was shown in the early teaser video.

Think RebelGuitars was just having some fun....of which we can all use every now and again.

I'm as anxious and excited as anyone to see/ discuss stuff with this game. Will be most excited when mine lands and I can experience it in person...the only point I was making....

#2204 60 days ago

Really like the speaker light effect in this one (along w other stuff) !!!

You've owned (own) many games....beyond honeymoon effect, how's the vibe on this one for you?

#2207 60 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

It’s still early in code, but there were more modes/animations/movie clips/callouts in it than I expected there to be. Loving the music. It shoots really well. The upper pfs are challenging, but very fun.
There was a code update a couple days ago that’s added more to what was in the games in Atlanta. I’m sure there’s a lot more coming.
I would say it’s their best shooting game to date, as well as their best looking game. I love the powder coating and the orange plastic protectors. They really make the game pop.

Nice!!!! This thing has " win" all over it for me....enjoy the new toy, and thanks for your initial thoughts!!!!

#2217 60 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

As I notice things I’ll post them. The butter colors are phenomenal. The flipper buttons are black (something I was gonna change to black…so that’s cool). And the hardware isn’t really “gold”…but a dark gold. Goes really well with the theme.
[quoted image]

Great shot!!! If that's not glossy, then I'm blind....beautiful....

#2223 60 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

What is an EL panel? I agree there needs to be a bit of contrast there

Example I did on IM

20210828_202110 (resized).jpg
#2227 60 days ago
Quoted from delt31:Haha - the pms I would get from others about that monstrosity of a apron. What a joke - I get it why money was taken before product was shown. Truth hurts but hey - pinball market. I get it. People will buy anything. But I’m on these boards to find out about new info and see new videos so PM me if you want to talk more about it.…….

Pathetic, and not for this thread for sure....if only I cared about your bs....gather your info....

#2249 59 days ago

Too funny!!! Great stuff...

Gameplay just looks insane btw...thanks for posting!!

#2267 59 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

In about 24 hours. Yes, it’s that much fun. Congrats to all of Spooky!
[quoted image]

Whoa…very nice!!

#2277 58 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Love that picture with cool cat on top of Halloween-Spooky

No doubt...got a feeling the game is definitely going to have a creepy vibe to it already....the cat sort of cemented it!!! Definitely enjoying Doug's take regarding gameplay and the vids...good stuff!!

( if you tell us the playfield pumpkin has decided to change its viewing direction later I might have to reconsider this whole Spooky thing, lol)

#2343 55 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Oh, I repointed my pumpkin head, but it keeps slowly turning…I think it’s possessed!

Just as I suspected, lol.....much appreciated vids and your thoughts while enjoying this pretty amazing pin!!

1 week later
#2485 47 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys we were able to hit our mark of 5 per day! Will bump that up as soon as possible. Boxed up a ton of games to be shipped this week and have another 20 just waiting to go in boxes. Should be pretty consistent sailing now. I'm sure a a parts issue here or there will pop up but we are looking solid right now. Excited for you to start cracking them open! Shooter rods were on backorder but we go a bunch this week so they will start going in games and anyone who didn't get one will get it in the mail. Didn't think anyone would want us to hold their game back over a shooter rod!

Whoa....appears Santa is going to be quite nice to me this year!!!

Great update and thanks!!!

#2487 46 days ago
Quoted from mrclean:

Just make sure you leave him some cookies...
[quoted image]

Count on it, lol!!!

( the whole thing is actually starting to creep me out a little in truth)

#2527 40 days ago
Quoted from tp:

I look at the screen all the time. And in this day and age feel it is a big part of the package that draws you in. It's also adds to my excitement and enjoyment.

I also look at and "feel" the screen during gameplay, especially depending on how well it is integrated. As others have brought up, the HW Alien is one of the most total experiences in a pinball machine, due in no small part to a large backbox screen for effect and a PF screen to keep you in the action. Tie that in with David's audio, and very few come close. Sadly, a failed manufacturer never allowed this one to see total fruition, but what it has won'tbe matched by a cheaper version.

Believe it's unfair to judge video assets/ deployment in Halloween yet as they've stated numerous times that they had plenty of content and are extremely excited about deploying to it's fullest extent. Good grief, barely any games have gotten out yet, much less updates.

Absolute zero concerns from me that they will pull this off, as just the theme alone brings strong personality to the game.

My first Spooky, so can't/ won't speak to manufacturer comparative success in pulling off the desired intent, but man it sure seems they are committed to this one...just my take. Not getting any indication that Spooky is taking a back seat to anyone currently, including the "world under glass" BS manufacturer.

A deadly theme, unique design, AND dedicated manufacturing/ support is something very hard to come by. This effort screams "classic" imho.

Bring it Spooky.....we are ready, and have already verified my security system status at the house, lol.....never feared a Xenomorph showing at my door, but Michael or a killer clown? That could be a thing, lol.....

#2534 40 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Don't be so sure. The LV hasn't even been shown yet and the sound with my "Cheap" Alien is awesome and the screen is still bigger than Sterns and Spooky's.

Of this I'm quite sure (wrong thread however). I'm sure LV will have different art, shaker, armor, and beacons, but no video changes. Glad some can buy a new value engineered version now, as the game is still great.

Back to the awesome game that is unfolding here...very, very excited!!!

#2539 40 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Seriously - don't mind him. He's an OG alien owner who is jealous of the new kid in town. Pathetic. And he has the old version with less features where it actually counts.....gameplay. But hey, it has duplicative screens!

Fortunately, everyone can have their own opinion.

And best thing in this case, yours means absolutely nothing to me ( and many, many others).

Spooky is impressing me and what I've seen so far looks pretty awesome. My opinion.

( apologies to Spooky for chiming in w another poster about HW Alien relative attributes in this thread....nonsense follows every time)

#2552 40 days ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

Where is this "review"

Not worth any bandwidth.....best thing Robin ever did was to ban him, as have other forums.

Weird, weird people in this hobby that can literally make you regret even trying to do something to better it if you read or put salt into some of the pure shit that is spewed at times.

Tune out the noise ( can be very hard at times) and appreciate the passion you bring to this game.

" no good deed goes unpunished" as they say...never more true than his trash or what some bring in this place. Looking forward to having this machine big time!!!

Setup looks great!!

#2557 40 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Nah, there are definitely some people who's opinions on anything should be ignored.

Read my freakin mind!!!

#2563 40 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

You can continue kissing up to Spooky all day - I could care less. Your opinion is meaningless, like background noise.
It's when you put down others for critiquing the game (topper for example - telling people to stop asking and talking about it) or say something outlandish about the new Alien pinball (b/c you're jealous) on a thread about Halloween! That's when I'll put you in your place - every single time.
In case that wasn't clear, now it is. Carry on.

Some of your best stuff to date......

" my place" is what it is, but you have nothing to do with it, along with your "clear" purpose in this hobby.

You just don't get it...never will....people are different....I tolerate you w an occasional jab ...after that there's nothing more to discuss.

Convincing you to change your Avatar from a Doughboy for me to keep trying to help you w early Alien issues apparently gave you superpowers? Not so much.

How about this just stopping? You can have the last word, but easy on the insults and personal attacks...I'm in this thread for Halloween and Spooky...

#2564 40 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys. That's a bunch of stuff to unpack.
The code on the game is actually alot farther along than the version on the game kaneda played. That's on us we will put out an update right away. As far as the review all we can do is our best job and hope people enjoy our stuff. We are certainly looking to do the absolute best. This whole company has always been a journey and I don't think anyone would say we haven't continued to improve! If this one isn't for you that's OK and we will be doing our best to win you over in the future!
There are 19 movie clips approved in the game however most of at the beginning or end of a mode so unless you work your way through many of the 10+ modes you won't see them. We have some cool plans for this we will be working on in the month of October to make sure variety of clips and modes more accessible.
In general I would just say we are working on this stuff every day and everything takes time. We have a year of code ahead.
As far as some of the other requests we added LEDs to the topper this week. I will absolutely fix whatever I can. No worries guys.
I will also say on a positive note that build quality has been really solid so far and we will be looking to maintain that. All pinball has issues but we have been feeling really good about the games rolling off the line. I believe we completed game 70 this week.
Thanks for the kind words everybody and hope to see you getting your hands on the game soon!


#2573 40 days ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Thanks for the updates SpookyLuke. It's a beautiful evening in southern Wisconsin. I might suggest a drink, fire, and Brewers game.
[quoted image]

+1 on the fire!!!

#2635 38 days ago
Quoted from bemmett:

He came home!
Haven't had much time on it but seems great and have no doubt will only get better! Love me some Spooky games.
[quoted image]

Major congrats!!! That Pic makes my Pinday.....think I'll just go watch football while doing some minor maintenance stuff in the gameroom...nothing gonna top this in the threads today for me....

Healthy envy here....enjoy!!!

#2717 38 days ago

Wow!!...out of the threads ( installing ceiling fans while watching football..not wise but it all worked out lol). Came back to this...

Haven't seen the vid, and based on all this latest activity, I think I'll just pass on finding it. What I've seen to this point in development is fine for me.

License way too big and Company reputation stellar for me to even think about bailing. Believe every new game has its share of FOMO then dumping for whatever reason. Not really news.

Admire Spooky for engaging so freely in the threads and appreciated. Any mis-steps however, even if corrected, opens one up for a merciless thrashing.

The reality of Pinside...

#2720 38 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Kinda scared to do anymore video . It’s just me, my wife, and an iPhone…and very average players.

Nah...public forum, your enthusiasm is infectious and appreciated. Good stuff.

#2737 38 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I think it fair to ask, how does something so obvious, get missed? I mean, surely this was all in CAD or whatever program that would be used to render for over a year? If this detail is missed, combined with the animators comments in his vid, will Spooky be taking this pin as seriously as we all hope, or since they sell out so fast, is it just oops and next??

Rarely pay attention to what people say in streams....I like Dead Flip Audio because Jack is hilarious, but that's about it. I'll never play as well as he does though, but entertaining for awhile. Sounds like this stream was definitely not, but again, for me, IDK.

Latest stream looked like the game is a fun shooter. The mis-sized insert doesn't kill it for me, but certainly worth the question...way more than the extra topper LED's or animation/ content concerns at this point ( think it was stated they are addressing the topper?).

IDK, it really doesn't bug me, but of course having it spot on would have been better., as I can't unsee it now. Wonder how many pf's have been manufactured already?

Still excited for the game, and what I did see on the screen with this last stream definitely had some positives, as well as things that surely will be sorted out...

#2744 38 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

My 10c …
Quality of stream has sooooo much to do with public perception these days.
I was watching Godzilla the other day … the first 8 balls were instant drainers — everyone is like “ooohhh no it’s a drain fest!!”
Then Keith Elwin - arguably the best competitive pinball player ever in history - steps up to his ball 3 and shows everyone how awesome he is at pinball. Every game looks awesome when Keith is playing it!
Compare that to the other nights stream from Denver - no diss to NM, but it was so dark I couldn’t see any of the playfield, and the playing was not great, so I turned it off after 2 minutes.
You’re comparing a full on Stern production number, with the best pinball player ever, full lighting, top end cameras, done by a professional twitch streamer - to some dude who’s probably “had a couple” in his house in Denver.
You’d be crazy to base an opinion off that.
I’m sure Tommy’s stream posted above will be a lot better … I’ll check it out later.

Completely agree, and the latest posted stream is pretty cool...again, I don't watch any of them very long, but that's just me.

Quoted from dnapac:

I suspect the insert is that way because this is the same playfield for 2 games.

Very well could be, and certainly miles from a deal breaker or a " Spooky doesn't care" for me. All kinds of oddities in some of these games....is what it is.

#2759 38 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

That was a really nice stream man! Input was quality as well. We are brainstorming something fun for the Sanitarium while you are in House!
We pulled in the team on Sunday today to address the video assets. We have a concise plan to make them more accessible and at time where you can really watch and take it in! Only a fraction of what we do have has been implemented and we will be requesting more. You will see more than one major update before Halloween! I think part of the issue is that we thought the game was going to be easier and its actually pretty challenging to finish modes. Many of the clips come with finishing modes and major events as they were meant as a reward. Often times you don't see them unless you complete pretty lengthy modes. We have a lot of really cool ideas to alleviate the issue without taking any of the challenge away. Also as suggest we will be adding animations like bloody knives stabbing in etc. Overall I think everything you guys are after is on the agenda it's just going to take more time than we want it to.
As I said I am going to take a look at the insert and see what was intended and what my options are. Ill do my best for you guys.

Great response and thanks!! Sure sounds like the team is already in tune. Take your time....

#2896 35 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

For those that don’t do Facebook:
Hey guys! Just going to take some time to give some update notes on the day to day around here! We don’t use Facebook to often but I am going to try to start!
We have been doing 5-6 games per day for a few weeks now. I’m sure we will run into the occasional shortage of parts but for now things look really good. Plan is to slowly ramp up to 40 games per week over the course of the next 4 months. Expanding crew continuously but taking our time so as to keep the quality as high as possible. We want you getting the best product we can build. Should be hitting our 100th game late next week!
As far as code we have a TON of cool things on the agenda! Will be working on this for the next 12 months so lots of content.
Will be dropping a major Halloween update Oct 1st. So far 19 original movie clips have been approved for use in the game. The next update includes 15 of those. Will be releasing a list of additions with the update.
A major Ultraman update will follow in the coming weeks.
As for the insert questions I am going to take a look at it and see what the options are and how the art was intended.
Glad to see so many people enjoying the game and can’t wait to make it even better!


#2905 35 days ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I'm honestly not worried about the movie clips as I am the animations.

I'm just worried about where it lives in my lineup so that clown w a knife isn't staring at me alot, lol.

Maybe some of this stuff should have me concerned about the finished product. Oddly, I'm not. Quite excited, actually, for an all time classic slasher theme in a great shooting game from a passionate company. Is what it is....for me.

#3061 31 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I'm fully on board!! Let's do this Spooky!!

Ditto...hyped...patient, but hyped. Not much in the thread, so content until I get the call...

#3257 26 days ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Bug showing off the new code:

Good grief!!! Awesome!...Finding club thread...

2 weeks later
#3599 11 days ago

Watched and enjoyed it last night. Pretty much impossible to every beat the original and initial followup in any series ( maybe John Wick for me).

HK had enough to be a good flick. Actually thought several parts ( his face shots/ images, subtle stuff going on behind, throwback tie ins, nice blood and guts) were actually quite good for this kind of movie.

Decent plot, couple cringe worthy moments for sure. I've seen way worse....overall, it delivered.

#3603 11 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I liked all the parts that didn't have Jaimie Lee Curtis in it....I know that sounds harsh but it's true for me. She is like a broken record now, sort of like Linda Hamilton in the last Terminator movie..

Kind of agree w you...she's obviously a key player in the whole thing, but got too cosmic in her theory stuff. I don't need this kind of movie to make sense to be good. If she'd got out and stabbed him in eye or something.... might have been better...

Michael did kick ass however...just enough carnage to keep it a slasher

#3615 10 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

There is a twist - I don’t know what it is, but in one of the final scenes Laurie says something like “he not after me…” even though basically she’s after HIM now. I just hope Danny McBride is up to the writing challenge

Think you're right....definitely no closure in this one, and hints towards what it might be.

I'm just not sure how they kill the bastard....definitely immortal in some instances ( multiple gunshots, fire, etc)...others, he's knocked out a bit with a bat, very mortal like...tricky one he is...

#3619 10 days ago

Above comments by others sort of summarize my take...

1st Alien, 1st Halloween, 1st Exorcist, 1 F13, 1st Texas Chainsaw,...on and on.....I'm like " wtf?" that's some classic horror stuff right there.

The sequels always are sort of just mindless fun for me at that point...HK fit the bill nicely....take the cringe crap out including " deeper meaning", chants, etc. ( I generally just laugh " you gotta be kidding me" at that stuff), and several parts were pretty cool.

Classic horror? Of course not. A nice visit w Michael? Yep. Just me

#3626 10 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Watched the new movie last night.
Good popcorn stuff. Hand in your brain at the door.
However (spoiler …) it was pretty dumb that MM got shot a lot, stabbed a lot, beaten with bats a lot … and still got up like nothing happened and walked around and killed some more.
I thought he was a crazy dude - not a indestructible robot.
Can’t kill off the franchise I guess!

True....must have had a teleporter too...showing up all over the place....hard to keep track of him!!

#3627 10 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Aliens was a fantastic sequel!

Very true!!

#3629 10 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Aliens was better than the Alien. Anybody who says otherwise is lying. I appreciate Alien being ground breaking but Aliens topped it.

Aliens was awesome, but kinda knew what you were up against.

Alien scared the shit out of me....original chestburster scene was something that had the whole theater freaking out. Guess I'm a liar.......

Pumped for the game ( Halloween)

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