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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

5 months ago

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#105 5 months ago
Quoted from GrandFireball1:

So on the main playfield, there are three steel ramps. Where do each of them feed? I thought they mentioned one of them had a diverter to the second upper pf

Left - Returns to the left flipper.
Center - Returns to the left flipper or upper-upper playfield.
Right - Returns to the lower-upper playfield.

#109 5 months ago
Quoted from blastbeat:

Feedback please. All preference I know, but do spooky owners like their pins as much as stern they own? I was gonna get Mando but love Halloween theme as well. Just not sure what to do and I need to decide by tomorrow lol

It's all preference. The only Spooky title I've owned is Total Nuclear Annihilation and it's such a different game then every other modern game. Ultimately, I would agree with what others have said, you won't have any trouble going back and buying a Mandalorian a year from now. I would not be willing to make the same guarantee for Halloween / Ultraman. If you think you're ever going to want one, now might be the best time.

#129 5 months ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Orange makes sense to me, and I also dont think it is too orange.
Like I think Deadpool IS too red

Deadpool and Ghostbusters might be my two all time favorite playfields. Zombie Yeti is without a doubt my favorite artist working in pinball. Stern hiring him and Keith Elwin were two of the best hires in pinball. Back to Spooky, I think Jason Edmiston absolutely crushed it on the backglass and cabinet artwork. Among the best ever. His work reminds me of Christopher Franchi. With that said, I think it's okay to admit that the playfield artwork is just okay. The bottom half is really good, but as my eye works it's way up the shotlines seem to stand out with the knives and blood floating a bit. I much prefer when an artist works shotlines and inserts into the artwork, like the katana's on Deadpool. Still an amazing overall package, but if he continues in the hobby, that's where I'd provide some constructive criticism.

#131 5 months ago

I just don't think there is a game where the inserts are worked into the artwork more seamlessly then Deadpool. Whatever the workflow between artist and designer was on that game is the standard others should try to replicate...IMHO.

#247 5 months ago
Quoted from J_Striker:

Man, I just went to the store to order a hoodie.... was this the wrong time to order that?

That's funny. Several years ago I was in line for a TV on Black Friday. I was talking to the guy behind me who was from India. I asked what he was there to purchase and he said that he was just there to look around. The crowds on Black Friday reminded him of home.

Quoted from Lopa:

Reminded me of buying concert tickets

Yeah, sporting tickets for me. The sites crash always crash once the tickets I want go on sale.

#264 5 months ago

I think this is one of those cases where you'll have some double orders and even though things are "sold out" you may be able to find one as things are sorted out. The real question is when we'll start seeing resale spots on Pinside.

#266 5 months ago

I wonder if it would be possible to create a "waiting room" to limit traffic to the actual shop website.

#301 5 months ago
Quoted from MJK-911:

Please tell me the game will be better than the horrible confusing website, told me everything was good, how was i supposed to know a red x means the site is a Liar?

The game will be better then the horrible confusing website.

1 week later
#615 4 months ago

Those "spinature" figures are sweet.

#617 4 months ago

Yeah, I saw that one as well. I thought about posting after I secured my copy on eBay

1 month later
#1872 3 months ago
Quoted from Dan1733:

Big fan of this game. But don't understand the middle (asylum?) playfield? Looks like 3 or four ways off of it. What's the objective? And what is there is shoot at on that playfield? Maybe it needs a "butt pretzel"

I believe the goal is to hit each standup target, then the scoop, then the exit to the shooter lane as a bonus.

#2014 3 months ago

No question the butter cabinet looks better. If you want the best version and an extra $1,000 is no big deal...go for it. If I had near unlimited cash I'd get a butter cabinet. That said, I do not have near unlimited cash and have many other priorities that will come first.

#2033 3 months ago

Wasn't it already confirmed in an interview that one of the wizard modes was locking a ball into each of the 7 physical ball locks?

1 week later
#2285 3 months ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Yeah, I get it.. its just not very satisfying for me. Take LOTR for example.. I have to work to achieve Destroy the Ring. I don't get to it very often but when I do get there it is incredibly full-filling. I understand with 1031 there has to balance given there is an entire playfield but still... if I'm up there I want to feel I've accomplished more than hitting the ramp over and over.

I don't think that's a fair comparison. House is not a wizard mode or sub wizard mode it's one of the three main modes in the game along with Hedge and Sanitarium. If you are following the movie you'd want it to be Sanitarium then Hedge then House, but then Spooky would have people complaining that the game is too linear. I'm glad they let the player choose which order to do each mode based on their preference.

#2303 3 months ago

Soon, very soon.

#2324 3 months ago

I'm going to drive to get my Ultraman.

#2377 3 months ago

Can't wait to see the new code.

2 weeks later
#2569 80 days ago

Thanks for the updates SpookyLuke. It's a beautiful evening in southern Wisconsin. I might suggest a drink, fire, and Brewers game.

20210917_214852 (resized).jpg

#2654 78 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Because games are going out the door. It’s not like we are watching prototypes in Benton. These are on location production machines with not even 25% of the clips in it and animations are incomplete.

I think it's part of the nature of supporting a bootique company. The most important thing to me is that almost everyone has said it's the best shooting Spooky pin to date. Code and animations can be added, see B66 or TWD. Correcting shot issues after the fact is much more difficult. Not impossible, but much more difficult.

#2799 77 days ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

For Rick and Morty, all Spooky had to do was create a polished user interface to overlay on top of clips from a (beyond massive) team of seasoned broadcast traditional animators. This is why Goodbye Moonmen is super short, that's all they had to work with... the song is much longer, but the episode they pulled scenes from only animated the first 45 seconds. GNR also had the advantage of being able to use a bazillion clips from the Not in This Lifetime tour backdrops, coupled with an AMAZING world-class motion graphics artist who handled all of their previous titles with a super professional flair. Halloween doesn't have this luxury.

100%. Rick & Morty had such amazing access to clips that blend in perfectly with animated overlays.

That said, I actually like the animations for hedge, where it's the shot from behind Michael's shoulder and the animation for house, whene it's Laurie in the closet. If they can interrupt those with some more frequent clips, I think they will work just fine.

#2847 76 days ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

I'm not going to tell anyone what to do w their spot or their money. I'm just going to add this...
I've been operating the game for a little less than a week, and the feedback I'm getting from players has been well beyond what I expected, considering the code being so premature. I've been told it's incredibly fun, and that the house upper playfield is one of the best in pinball, for it's rules and flow. the level of return/repeat play I've seen is definitely higher than any previous Spooky title I've operated. People are just loving it. That can of course change with time.
It's my opinion (and I stress "opinion") that anyone bailing out now, especially for a loss on their deposit, is comparable to folks selling a stock out of fear after it crashes, only to watch it go back up without them.
anyway, do what you want with that information.

That upper-upper playfield is what sold me on the game. The figure-eight shots look like a lot of fun, once you get the flow going.

#2927 74 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I really think this pin can be a masterpiece of a pin with play and integration, but the A/V guy himself didn't seem to feel that way, and with the comments he made about Spooky/the big guy not really wanting a bunch of videos in the game, is concerning. I'm just trying to ensure Spooky knows what we want, cause like Joe Dirt says, it's not what you like, it's what the consumer likes! Or something to that effect lol. We want video and we want a lot if it. Spooky will deliver, I have no doubts!!

I didn't watch through the whole stream, but do we know that "the big guy" is from Spooky and not from the license holder? Maybe it doesn't matter in the end, since it could have the same end result, but I know licensing for some games is more difficult then others.

#2943 74 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

No snark intended, but I do find all the talk of the licensor being so protective and concerned about the integrity of the I.P amusing given the state of the Halloween franchise for decades.
It does seem to be turning a corner with the new trilogy now which is great, but it was in a grim health for at least 4,5,6, h20, resurrection, and the horrible Rob Zombie remakes. So with it having so little cohesion or consistency for so long weird the licensor would be so worried about auditing and mandating video clips for a pinball machine of which only 1250 will exist.

I had the same thought, but I think this license is specific to the first Halloween. They probably look back at what has happened to the franchise and not want to further tarnish the original. With that said, I'm hoping they put some faith in Spooky Pinball. I don't think there is a licensee that is more committed to the horror genre then them.

#3102 69 days ago
Quoted from JeffreeStar:

Halloween #666 is officially home. Can't wait to unbox this and get some plays in tonight!!
[quoted image]

Nice. Did you also get Ultraman #8? I think the rules are going to be almost identical, but I'd still be curious which game you enjoy more.

#3148 67 days ago
Quoted from Nightmare:

I was watching the TPN podcast last night on Twitch and they were really speaking pretty bad about Halloween. They weren't fans of only the left side being mostly scoop shots. Mentioned that you just basically focus on knocking down all three drop targets and just focus on shooting the ramp. One guy went as far as saying that they didn't think code could improve the game. Not going to lie, has me slightly concern for the game. This is just one guys experience with the game. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1163134913

I'm listening to the stream while typing this. After first reading this, I thought I was going to be upset about everything, but I'll admit his first few points are valid. Early on he says something about the player just shooting the drop targets and center ramp. With the current coding, if you are playing exclusively for high score, this is 100% correct. The combo values are out of balance and you are also make progress towards House / Jirahs. Based on the inserts it does appear that the combos values might not be the final plan for the coding. On Ultraman the right scoop is marked for "Mystery" and on Halloween the right scoop is marked with a large blood symbol. Similar symbols are used on each of the combo shots, so I believe that the combos will eventually make progress towards a series of mystery awards. Bottom line, this can be fixed with code.

He also mentions not enjoying one of the minor Pumpkin Modes / Quick Battles. The mode he's talking about does happen to be my least favorite of the six modes currently in the game. This is the Zarab battle in Ultraman. Sorry, I'm not sure what it's called in Halloween. My preference is that they would combine this mode with the roaming target mode and then perhaps add a new mode. For example, knock down all the drop targets to light all major shots for 15-20 seconds. When the timer runs out the drop targets reset. The final shot will be lit after the player successfully completes 5-6 of the major shots, which may require completing the drop targets multiple times. I tend to prefer modes with multiple phases and multiple shots lit at one time. Either way, I think this is another example that can be made better with code.

Finally, let's talk about his major complaint; the scoops on the left. Personally, I enjoy them way more then the giant targets other companies tend to put in those locations. I've never seen it take anywhere close to 10 seconds from the subway to the playfield, but it does slow down the gameplay. With zero staging it's closer to 4-5 seconds from the top scoop. For comparison, this is the same amount of time for the ball to return to the flipper from the center ramp. The greater issue is when you lose a ball on the upper playfield when House / Jirahs mode is already started. Again, I believe that is fixable with code. Ultimately, those are multiball modes. By not starting these modes until you start the multiball you allow the player to move from the upper playfield to the middle playfield to the lower playfield with meaningful shots everywhere. As an added bonus this change would also permit increased opportunities to play the upper playfield, which is one of my favorite upper playfields on any game.

#3154 67 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Watching some streams and seeing some of Travis's criticism, I think he has a very valid point that at times the game becomes too tunnel vision with "this is what you're supposed to be doing right now and nothing else matters/progresses” which is especially apparent when on the upper-upper playfield mode.

Absolutely! The longest delay in the game occurs when the player loses a ball on the upper playfield. The issue really is not having anything to shoot on the middle playfield. Any time you reach the upper playfield you are already in the house mode, so you can never make progress towards sanitarium mode. Why even have the ball travel from the upper playfield to the middle playfield? I think the solution is simple, don't start house mode until the start of multiball. Then allow the player to reach the upper playfield more often but increase the difficulty of starting multiball. The playfield if fun, let the players shoot it more often. Require them to complete multiple shots to each spinner before they can shoot the crossover ramp or use virtual locks and require them to shoot the crossover multiple times before it starts multiball. It's less noticeable on the middle playfield, but it's the same thing. There I wish they would take advantage of the physical ball lock. Complete a sequence of shots to light the scoop on the middle playfield. Then lock a ball in that scoop and launch a new ball from the shooter lane. Require another sequence of shots on the middle playfield to release the locked ball and start sanitarium multiball.

Quoted from TreyBo69:

I like this idea and would suggest that the drops reset after the jackpot collect phase and then collecting the super jackpot would be a single shot worth, for example, 1x for hitting the outside drops, 1.5x for hitting the edge and center, and 2x for hitting just the center. Just to add a little extra reward for accuracy. They already have an excellent subtle rule that if you knock down only the center drop you can shoot through to go straight to the upper upper playfield. Those little rules add good depth for players to discover and for tournament players to enjoy.

I don't think there are jackpots in the pumpkin modes, only during the three multiballs. Have you played the pumpkin mode where you have to shoot the individually lit drop target? That is my favorite mode in the game. For those that haven't played it, one of the drop targets is lit green. You have to hit just that one target. After a successful hit you have to shoot an orbit to reset the drop target and a new drop target will be lit green. In my opinion that is the perfect length for these quick modes. Another mode I though about would be similar to what I mentioned above, but light up all the standup targets, including the ones on the middle playfield...why not. The player must shoot 4-5 of these targets to light the orbits for 15-20 seconds. Since there are less shots, each successful orbit resets the timer. The final shot will be lit after the player successfully completes 3-4 orbit shots. I just prefer quick modes like this that have those multiple phases and multiple shots lit at once.

PS: Again, I don't want this to scare people away. The game is already good. I just think with a few additional rule tweaks it can be even better.

#3155 67 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

I began enjoying ACNC a lot more after I got a simpler more forgiving machine like Monster Bash and the contrast makes me appreciate switching it up to a more brutal exacting game where you have to sharpshoot or make no progress.

Halloween / Ultraman is not a brutal game. It's more like Lord of the Rings, where the majority of the shots lead to the in lanes. I think that's why my favorite mode is the one where you have to hit the orbits and drop targets. Those are the shots have a bit more risk / reward.

#3242 66 days ago

Luke it's time to stop working.

#3255 66 days ago

I love the addition of the blood collectable feature. Do these replace combos? The current combo value seems too high.

#3301 64 days ago

I don't have an issue with ball staging, but I don't think it fixes the problem you are talking about. In my opinion, timing isn't the issue. Players aren't losing balls because they aren't being returned instantly. The issue is the ball entering the playfield in a unique way. I think that's cool, but it takes a few games to get used to.

#3316 64 days ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

So, what happens if you hold the flipper up when the ball ejects from the lifter? Does it have enough momentum to pass to the other flipper, or do you need to flip to save the ball?

It might depend on the slope, but on my game the ball would hold pass to the opposite flipper.

1 week later
#3533 55 days ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Preparing for #306, but I don’t know guys. I feel there’s too many leaves on the box art and it’s really going to ruin the Halloween experience for me.
[quoted image]

It's his neck that really stands out to me.

#3642 49 days ago
Quoted from freakyvideoguy:

Actually kind of hoping after Halloween Ends they give the anthology concept a try again, would be better then another reboot. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Halloween III: 2, LOL

1 week later
#3685 41 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

For real? This sold in a day? For $15k?
[quoted image]

Anyone else stressed seeing his battery life at 3%?

#3757 35 days ago

Can't wait to try out the new code.

#3763 35 days ago
Quoted from Gambeno:

Anyone who has both games (UM and Halloween) know if they have the same rubber sizes? No info on the rubber sizes for UMCE. Wanted to pick up some Titans before my game arrived.

The layouts are identical, so yes.

4 weeks later
#3834 7 days ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Has anyone seen the butter and decal in person next to each other .I was hoping they would’ve been at expo to help me decide .It’s hard to tell from pictures .

I've seen them both. The decals look fantastic. The butter looks even better. I did not go with butter.

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