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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#3 3 months ago

Holy shit !!!

#24 3 months ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

This Wednesday 9:00 a.m.

Thanks, I’m busy at work and was in a full blown panic

#311 3 months ago

Landed a CE through Nitro after 30 minutes of failure .Thanks Tommy !

1 week later
#685 3 months ago

congrats !!

#699 3 months ago

Did you get your numbers through spooky or distros ?

#701 3 months ago

Cool good times ahead .

#746 3 months ago

Any luck with my # Tommy ?

#749 3 months ago

I would like to take a moment to thank Spooky and Nitro !This has been the most fun I’ve had in this hobby yet ! From the teases ,to the release ,communication ,a couple side PM surprises and everything beyond ! I’m exited to be a part of this and best wishes to all .You make this hobby fun ,the way it should be keep up the good work ! Proud to be part of the fang club !

#995 87 days ago
Quoted from Txcoastal1:

Bumping this announcement in this thread

Feels so good to be with a professional group having fun on the job .

#1028 85 days ago

Man that’s a pretty sight

#1030 85 days ago

Evil Dead ?

EDB2F37B-0826-4F10-A681-291F4ECC0BAC (resized).png
#1034 85 days ago
Quoted from Morinack:

that's an Ultraman cab

Just joking

1 week later
#1343 76 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

Absolutely love the opening music to the gameplay…perfectly sets the tone as you get started. Was hoping this track was present when first starting out. Definitely will get more upbeat as you progress. That’s a guarantee.

Yeah I’m guessing a chase with the music slowly building ,then panic sets in as the topper slashes and the lights go red .The little that’s out is the exact path I was hoping for .

#1557 74 days ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

To me it has good bones! Hopefully it will have a great code with good video assets.
Also the mod people can fix the lighting.
I like spooky trying new things. Keep it up!
Also Spooky don’t listen to these old pinheads
Trying to get every pin be the same ! Innovation baby !

I jumped in because it was different and I have not swayed .It’s a toddler right now with everything we’ve seen ,still looked fast .I just got a nib LZ prem n kicked my ass solid ,was embarrassing ,until I got a feel for it .I’d be worried if they were hitting everything like when they streamed Mando

#1804 67 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I heard the powder coating looks much better in person and probably is close to your sample there.

I heard that also .My bud said it was visually stunning ,couldn’t keep his eyes of it .This whole process has been top shelf and I’m glad to be a part of it .

#1818 65 days ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

Any mod makers have any good ideas? I have a few but will wait until my game gets here before I implement them

Not complaining at all but Ultaman has 3 different looking buildings on the left I believe .Maybe change 1 hedge so he swings out from the back of the station wagon and 1 hedge like he’s swinging out from behind a tree or a couch although with that the sizes won’t jive .Other than that swap the pumpkin scoop for the mask since theres other pumpkins on the CE ? Something with the asylum patients 3d in the first upper ? This game is stuffed as it is I’m extremely happy with that but am always game for something that makes sense and is presented well .I’m all for personalizing with keepers

#1819 65 days ago

These people did such a great job on the looks of this pin it’s unreal .Just came to me , make a custom tombstone with the owners name on it to mount on the plastic next to MMs sisters .Now thats personalizing a pin !

#1919 62 days ago

Did these start shipping or is that at Spooky ?

#1920 62 days ago

Never mind I see thats at a show .

#1934 61 days ago

I’m about 1.5 years into this hobby ,and the one thing I’ve learned that’s all important is never try to will what you want into a theme .Very simple 1)Theme announced 2)Get exited or don’t 3)If exited ,just let the team do they’re thing 4)Watch trailer and keep composed 5)Let the team do they’re thing 6)When streamed ,focus on the ball movement nothing else 7)Let the team do they’re thingGet your landing spot ready 9)Let the team do they’re thing 10) It arrives ,try to keep your pants from splitting 11)It’s yours to explore and tweaks will come it’s not a polished product yet 12)If your Meh on it ,let it bake .We all know to fully get a grip on a game it takes plays and lots of them .What I’m trying to say is I trust these people with what they’re doing .They’re not going to flop out these pins without a good workout and I greatly appreciate that .They know what this title means to us and they will give us they’re best .I feel very lucky to have one locked in .After all ,It’s Fing Halloween !

#2087 58 days ago

How about a 3D shooter housing plate with the boyfriend hanging on the wall .

#2097 57 days ago

I’m really exited to what spooky will put in the game as far as movie clips .I heard when you finish a task the reward will be a scene from the movie .If this is true I love it .Makes sense as while you’re feeling good about what you just did you’ll get a little break and actually get use of the LCD .Most games you’ll only see that stuff while waiting your turn .

#2257 53 days ago

Looking sweet early on .Every video ,you can hear the players tension build as they’re working up to the house .

#2350 48 days ago

I’m shaking right now .This code is just starting to move and I’m good whichever way they roll with this for sure!I’m feeling it big time!So far ,it seems your trying to escape .I’m kinda hoping there’s either a mode or a side game that puts me in Michael’s shoes and I’m doing the chasing . Please don’t be afraid ,I’m a boring family guy lmao.I was just playing LZ and thought to myself if I pick a victim to chase the game will give me a chore either in sequenced combos or total hits on a certain shot .Timed kill of course with film footage .Just food for thought

#2351 48 days ago

My Labor day weekend has started, Cheers pinheads!Thanks to all with the early clips .This game is going to be intense from what I’m seeing .For those who have been playing can you explain how the sounds of thunder/lightning ,slashing, callouts ,music etc are in your home environment ?

#2438 43 days ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

Remastered version out next month
[quoted image]

Well there’s why all the leaves to all that were complaining about so much of it lmao .

#2439 43 days ago

I hope the modders get a 3D station wagon with micheal driving with the gown on somewhere in there .

#2457 42 days ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

Man that would make me soo happy

Even If they’re doing the minimum 30 a week from here on I would think your 100% before halloween .

1 week later
#2574 33 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys. That's a bunch of stuff to unpack.
The code on the game is actually alot farther along than the version on the game kaneda played. That's on us we will put out an update right away. As far as the review all we can do is our best job and hope people enjoy our stuff. We are certainly looking to do the absolute best. This whole company has always been a journey and I don't think anyone would say we haven't continued to improve! If this one isn't for you that's OK and we will be doing our best to win you over in the future!
There are 19 movie clips approved in the game however most of at the beginning or end of a mode so unless you work your way through many of the 10+ modes you won't see them. We have some cool plans for this we will be working on in the month of October to make sure variety of clips and modes more accessible.
In general I would just say we are working on this stuff every day and everything takes time. We have a year of code ahead.
As far as some of the other requests we added LEDs to the topper this week. I will absolutely fix whatever I can. No worries guys.
I will also say on a positive note that build quality has been really solid so far and we will be looking to maintain that. All pinball has issues but we have been feeling really good about the games rolling off the line. I believe we completed game 70 this week.
Thanks for the kind words everybody and hope to see you getting your hands on the game soon!

This and the following post are exactly why I need spooky in my life .I’ve been really relaxed with this purchase .I admire the whole story from its roots to this .The thing everyone needs to remember is this pin was a huge leap for them .Podcasters we’re like “Halloween?” and we were like “yeah ….Fing Halloween!” I looked back in my posts over a year ago I was screaming I need a “shit your pants “ horror pin and then this happened .Besides the absolute beauty in this pin ,theres a bunch of shots ,crazy light show ,”more flow than the mighty Mississippi river “ and most importantly a team that won’t quit until it’s everything it can be .My advice is relax and let it all come to you .Nothing wrong with how people are expressing they’re concerns but just remember this team is here listening and responding and that’s worth its weight in Gold

#2669 32 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

If anyone is buying this game based on speculative value-then might as well get off the hype train now. I can tell those who are devoted and are digging what they see. Why are so many hitting the market in the last couple days? Probably Godzilla launching? Like a dog getting distracted by a squirrel-Hey look a squirrel! Maybe it's ignorant podcasters poking the bear talkin smack? Don't get distracted by all the fluff-make up your own mind. I recommend getting the game and getting a minimum of 200 games on it before coming to any conclusions. Too many times I have seen people dismiss games pre-maturely. I do not pay attention to the market-I make up my own mind.

Well put .LZ wasn’t received well and I’m glad I jumped on one recently it will be here a long ass while .As for Halloween the whole point of me putting a deposit down was it’s unlike anything else .This game is second to none as far as eye candy .People all say it shoots great .The rest will come along actually we haven’t seen nearly anything that’s already in there .My advice would be to just relax .Hell i just seen someone put up a CE for 1800 ? That’s just nuts .Just look back to PotC lmao.

#2674 32 days ago
Quoted from Lopa:

I’ll say it, it’s stupid how much control that one podcaster has over this hobby, I personally don’t want Kenada influencing anything ever (for Christ sake look at his hair) and to watch people crumble because he still doesn’t understand how coding and animations work at a boutique company is just plain stupid.
Spooky has been upfront about this, the games we are seeing went out to friends and family to work out hardware and build issues. Production is really just getting started.
There are clearly issues with the animations and movie clips I agree but there also haven’t been any real meaningful updates addressing it either and that will probably take time.
It’s probably time for papa Charlie to step in and do a little damage control.

It’s the video guys stream that has everyone running to CVS for Depends lmfao

#2676 32 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I'm gonna disagree on this one. Spooky prices (all-in, shipped) are now in the same ballpark as Stern and JJP.
They need to deliver a comparable experience at this price point to be competitive.

There not buddy .Spooky Top tier (CE) 9k.JJP now at 13.5? Stern 11.2? Not even close but they’re doing just fine .They’re playfields actually hold up

#2680 32 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Wow ok first let's clarify:
"There" - A place
"Their" - Ownership
"They're" - They are.
So translating your sentence to English:
"They're not buddy. Spooky top tier (CE) 9K. JJP now at 13.5? Stern 11.2? Not even close but they're doing just fine. Their playfields actually hold up."
I will concede they make good playfields.

Lmao ,I type like a text .I’m a busy man ,I check in on the fly .

#2747 31 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Streamed actual gameplay today. Uploading to YouTube now. Game shoots really well. Animations are fine to me. Few rules need tweaked, combo exploit should be corrected. Game is tough but fun. Sorry didn’t talk much while playing if people want more explanation and stuff I can do another one sometime soon.

Thanks for doing the stream .Also didn’t know about your place I’m 1 hr away might swing by tomro to play it

#2750 31 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Great stream. Watching this now.
Edit - what in the world is that animation at 8:07. Sanitarium scoop is ready I believe. Man that is looking rough, especially Laurie.

That’s grade A cheese there .Just like the movie looked so cheesy that he was missing her .I think it’s meant to poke fun at that maybe ?

#2794 31 days ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

I'm in till the end. As far as selling preorder spots. Some selling for a profit. Others have reasons why like "new home doesn't support the topper height" etc. Some people bought in to flip and realized the demand wasn't there like RaM. I think some people preorder because they didn't want to miss out and then had buyers remorse. I don't think the majority are selling because they don't like the gameplay videos. I see people sell brand new games all the time with 50 plays on them. These things are like motorcycles and RV's. Some people buy and use the shit out of them. Others buy and park it under a tree to rot for 10 years.

I agree .Also do you think with all these companies putting out like 8-10 machines a year combined it will start getting real hard to sell used pins ? Or is there really just that many new people in the hobby ?

1 week later
#3089 23 days ago

Drove to North End Bar tonight to play it .Brought my 13 year old for the ride but Halloween is in the bar section so I sent him with a handful of quarters to go play Dolly ,Monopoly ,and Baywatch ,needless to say he’s still mad at me lmao.Big Time eye candy,shoots fast,both uppers are fun (hoping there’s different ways to shoot the house as you move on in the game and maybe a left/right callout shot scenario dodging Micheals blows ?),shooting for the hedge multi ball was fun and easy passing left flipper to right ,I had a hard time hitting the grave but might’ve just been me.To me,If it’s going to stay where your locked out of sanitarium while in the house mode I’d suggest the machine go dark and use the jackolantern from the opening credits with the one on the playfield only lit flickering in unison .It takes 7-9 seconds to drop from the house until it’s on the right flipper and this would be real cool to see happen after all your “starting over” and what better way than to go to the start .Great job so far guys

08E27986-E49C-4037-8CA9-398EDB666C40 (resized).png3A3C2425-6ABE-4107-999F-FF90323B827F (resized).png6C46ED6C-B353-45FE-87D1-5BF1ECA827C7 (resized).png8904BF0A-92B4-45FB-B86A-5AEFBC4904B3 (resized).png9A597FA2-44E3-41E1-8E9A-237F68353B50 (resized).pngF543C34F-C7B5-4F09-BA1B-DDA8FD19E99D (resized).png
#3090 23 days ago

My bad ,and Gals !

#3092 23 days ago
Quoted from tp:

Went out for a hike in the woods yesterday. In the middle of nowhere I ran into this, spooky to say the least.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yeah I’d agree .

#3095 23 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I wish you would have let me know you were coming down, always happy to meet up and play! Next time you visit let me know! Sorry about the 21+ in the bar, but well it's Indiana you know how genius our laws are.

For sure coming back solo I want to play it more and Congo is a fav of mine .I hit you up ,that’s a cool place you got there .

#3137 21 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I'm going to stream the game more tonight, the left side shots include 3 stand up targets, 3 scoops, and an orbit, I think if people actually paid attention to the rules of modes and multiballs they would appreciate the shots that are actually over there. Anyway, my suggestion to anyone is to go and actually play the machine somewhere.

I agree .I just played a handful by your place with the goal of just getting the feel for how it shoots .I think it was very fast and a very refreshing new layout with more shots than most pins .People need to remember it’s pinball, not a movie .The goal is scoring as usual and there seems to be many ways to score in this game .It’s real exiting how fast the ball moves from the main to the uppers .Thanks for doing another stream tonight and I’ll hit you up when heading back there .Last thing ,for those of you bailing without playing it your nuts .

#3160 21 days ago

I always like watching Travis and his reviews .He always reminds people he is a tourney player first and foremost and I like that he puts that out every time .I got a laugh out of him talking about a pinball company guy calling it bush league with the multiball insert .I’m taking it that employee was from Stern and they should look at the back of LZ where 2 songs are not lit up fully

#3264 19 days ago
B31D9BA1-183F-45AE-B005-3275BD3A3A62 (resized).png
#3270 19 days ago
Quoted from thechakapakuni:

It’s October, you all better look out


#3453 16 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

Saw this RM butter shot example
[quoted image]

Damn looks 3D

#3454 16 days ago

Is anyone talking about the great job Tommy did with the 3 plus hr stream ? I was back and forth live ,my kids had a Bears party so I started watching again last night.I have been on board the whole while but that straightened a bunch out I would say .Still very early but I liked the mode selections and how when in sanitarium the house flipper went dead to drop down .I’m sure they will do the same for the opposite to clear up what your doing .Modes looked real cool , seems timing is going to be a big part of a couple .Looking good crew I’m glad they’re sticking to the suspense but here’s another vote for “Dont fear the reaper “ getting worked in somewhere to change things up if possible .If not no biggie onward we go !

1 week later
#3568 7 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I know I should definitely give it a try before I attempt to bail on it.

Honestly I’d give it a try bud .In case you want to still trade lmk what’s local for you .I have a GnRLE wasn’t thinking about getting rid of it but might for this and sell my other HW spot .

#3587 6 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

My local theater
[quoted image]

No shit !!

#3588 6 days ago

We’re putting a TV outside tomorrow night to watch it next to a big fire !

#3610 4 days ago

Cheese ,Cheese ,and more Cheese ! Actually I thought the filming locations were real cool ,especially the bar .My wife fell asleep, but me and the kids were entertained .The ending would’ve been better if less townies were there to attack him but whatever, MM slaying 30 or so was pretty cool .This story needs a twist now.He needs to actually die and it can continue on with his girlfriend Michelle and they’re child Mark ?

#3625 4 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

When I saw your viewing location choice I was concerned you wouldn't be getting the full experience. . . This one needs to be watched on a large screen combined with a nice sound system to truly appreciate. . .
I also loved how they are tying in Silver Shamrock Novelties. . . and for a little cheese, I hope you didn't miss or overlook some pretty good acting by a legend (AMH). . .
I can certainly see how it doesn't stay in its lane, though
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"44adab04781372a3f2cbbc2c8f50bbeb26cf21d8-1634509333-1800"};

but I guess I love it for that

Had a 32inch out back with a sound bar hooked up under a gazebo .Was cold out and had a fire going ,perfect setting .I really liked it ,and yes AMH was stellar ! I don’t get how people would feel ripped off .It’s a movie about a dude that just won’t die no matter how much led and steel are pumped into him .This isn’t “Shawshank” ,this is Halloween .Nothing will compare to the original just like most rock bands put they’re best out early but it was really entertaining to us .Seems to be doing pretty well at the box office also

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