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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#25 3 months ago

Game looks awesome - CE for me

#216 3 months ago

Guess I just Joined the Halloween collectors club at 9:06am today. Received the confirmation email with an order # so I’m good to go!

#541 3 months ago

My down payment just cleared for Halloween CE. Got in very quickly when it went on sale so I'm thinking I may have it in a month or two. Exciting times

#543 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Did you buy direct or thru a distributor?

I went Direct as It was a frantic frenzy that morning and I wanted to make sure I got one. Later I found out my local guy is a spooky Dealer. Oh well...next time.
I know they are doing 50 friends/family/licensee special orders first. I believe they are then doing 50 distros...then 50 direct. I should be in the first 50 direct if my math is right.

#545 3 months ago

Good stuff Hayfarmer - we will now have 3 games shared in our collections! I appreciate you helping me get started with Led Zeppelin when I first joined this fine forum earlier this year. 1 machine turned into 3 awfully quickly!

#554 3 months ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

What is your order number from your confirmation email

Early 113's....confirmed at 9:06am

#556 3 months ago

Rumor has it they started at around order # 11300 - you are definitely in the first weeks batch after the VIP 50 ship. Well done! I'm around 30 after you.

#596 3 months ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

The best Halloween movie is original but the “NBC” version of it. John Carpenter was asked to tweak the movie while filming Halloween 2 so the original could be shown on NBC. NBC aired a water down version of the movie and John Carpenter took that extra footage and released his own version later on. It’s hard to find the NBC version of the film that has the hard core horror scenes plus the extra footage but well worth it. It adds some depth to Loomis and Michael Myers.

The Extended TV version has been released on previous blurays and will also be on the upcoming re-release in 4K UHD disc.

#599 3 months ago

For me:
F13 - 2,4,3,1,6. Rest are forgettable (IMO)
Remake is pretty good too.

Halloween - original I and II - pinnacle for me
3- novelty -popcorn flick worth a watch . Tom Atkins is awesome.
4,5+ - awful films - nice to see Loomis though.
Rob zombie 1 is an interesting take - took away the mystery but was more brutal. Not too bad.
Rob Zombie - 2 - strayed from the norm / interesting take. Sub par execution though worth a watch.

New trilogy- got my interest - liked the first one looking forward to pt2 in a couple months.


#600 3 months ago

Deleted. hit wrong button when posting with phone.

#602 3 months ago

Deleted. Sorry for the double post.

#604 3 months ago

Popcorn flic for the masses. Worth a watch for the fun novelty alone. For me, lost interest in Freddy as scary since part 2

There’s something about modern horror films that makes it difficult for me to get into. I think it’s just the overall vibe. I say Halloween 78’ as pinnacle for I just love the softer picture lens, color pallet, outstanding score, no CGI, no cell phones and technology - simpler times. Audience didn’t know what to expect.

#635 3 months ago

I would hope it’s a FIFO process. Especially on a limited run. Confirmed Order # w time stamp should matter.

#640 3 months ago

I just think it’s fair and the right way to do business in general.
I was 3 days late on LZ and was at the back of the line and had to wait 4 months or so. I thought that was completely fair - others acted swiftly and got their orders in before I did and deserved it sooner. Just my take on the fifo system.

#642 3 months ago

I anticipate online ordering hiccups with any high demand item these days. Fond memories of obtaining a PS5 months back. Luck of the draw.

#647 3 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Remember, those who went through Spooky will, in some cases, get their game before you, even if you ordered through a distro before them, given the stated production plans. 50 to Family/Spooky direct, 50 to distro, 50 to Spooky direct etc etc.

Very true. I went direct and got my order in rather quickly - but like all of us, I really have no clue where I'm at - they will tell me where I'm at when they are ready and it is what it is. Just happy i got a CE to be honest.

#695 89 days ago

I thought I read somewhere on here that production started last Friday (when a big shipment of parts arrived) and that they can make approx 22 game a week.

#728 88 days ago

Just some people who ordered from distributors....No Machine #'s for any direct orders yet. Hopefully soon.

#768 87 days ago

Holy shit - I got #78! how awesome is that!? Possibly the best # other than 1031. Should have it fairly quickly.

1 week later
#1059 80 days ago

Looks like it plays well and is a hell of a lot of fun. Originally Thought it may be a little bit of a slower game from the promo, but the actual gameplay looks outstanding.

#1189 77 days ago

blacklight lighting would look great considering the night time shots had a great blu hue courtesy of Dean Cundy...

#1208 77 days ago
Quoted from CheapTrick33:

Anyone else catch the super cool knife mirror blade on the right hand side running up next to the shooter lane? Looked amazing hope it's in the game when they start shipping!!

That's the special add on that comes with the collectors edition.

#1220 77 days ago

Here’s another short video from the convention in case anyone missed it.

#1228 77 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Out of this whole weekend, 2 conventions, 2 Pinball machines, and we got barely 3 vids. Seriously!!!

I live 20 mins from where the convention was and was tempted but I want to wait until I get it in my house in a month or so. Should have taken one for the team...my bad.

#1314 74 days ago
Quoted from pldubya43:

Curious if any Pinsiders have received an email about Butter or not. I’m #196 so quite a ways out.

Patiently waiting...should be any day now id imagine. No butter for me - I'm happy with Decals.

#1342 73 days ago

Gotta disagree with you 100% on this one. Absolutely love the opening music to the gameplay…perfectly sets the tone as you get started. Was hoping this track was present when first starting out. Definitely will get more upbeat as you progress. I don’t want to hear the main theme ad-nauseum.

Im hoping that the music from when Laurie gets stabbed at the top of the stairs is used for multiball! Da…dada…da…dada

#1346 73 days ago

Goosebumps and a big grin just thinking of the possibilities of this game!

Haha My budget was blown after buying LZ and MET this year. Only 3 themes are must haves for me - Caddyshack, Pink Floyd, and Halloween. Can’t believe is Spooky is doing this game!

#1459 72 days ago

Overall Was very impressed. My only gripe was the overuse of that same sound effect back to back (with different pitch).

#1547 71 days ago

Thanks for the stream as well as chiming In on this thread. I’m very Happy with everything so far, but if I may give a negative- that sound effect in 2 different pitches has 100% got to go. Definitely Keep one of them, but the back to back w the pitch variation on certain shots sounds terrible. Maybe Replace one of them with something else?
Any comments on an “adult mode”?

I’ll be an early code adopter due to my # and am looking forward to see the game progress. Keep up the good work!

#1593 69 days ago

I'm Well aware that the code is not done, but I do Agree with Cary on a few points he made regarding Halloweens repetitive sounds. Nothing wrong with some constructive criticism...it's not like he was being a dick about it. It was One of the first things I noticed as well when watching the stream.

#1671 68 days ago

anyone else plan on painting or covering up the screw in the middle of the hand on the topper?

#1690 67 days ago

Quick question - Will the stern HD glass fit a spooky pin? I'm assuming it will, but want to make sure. Gotta say I'm Kinda disappointed that the CE doesn't come with a form of HD glass...

#1692 67 days ago

cool - Thank you LTG!

#1700 67 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Waste of money. People mistake my clean glass for invisiglass.

Maybe for you… Everyone that has played my machines said they noticed a huge difference.
To each their own. My Halloween is getting the HD treatment guaranteed

#1717 66 days ago

the lack of HD glass just a minor frustration...not a big deal. It's awesome that it comes w a topper, kickass side rails, custom knife plunger, speaker covers, and lighted speakers so its a little give and take.

#1735 66 days ago

Easy there fella - No ones crying…just listing the give and takes. Clearly stated if you took the time to read the posts…

#1739 66 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

LOL...ok that's the funniest thing I've seen today.
Sorry guys...it just rubbed me wrong that with SO many extras being added to the CE, people are still not satisfied. Trust me, I get wanting my cake and eating it too. Snapped back harder than I needed to though.

All good! The entire CE package is astounding- hence why I ordered after only seeing their short promo video. Can’t wait to get the email in the next week or so asking butter or no butter!

Finding HD glass in stock somewhere can just be a pain sometimes that’s all! Minor concern at this point and I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it at all - Wasn’t trying to dog them.

#1753 66 days ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Why can’t other editions of the games, BSE and standards, be built at the same time? If you have an order and your ## in line just build it.

CLEARLY stated from the get go how it was going to go down - Should be no surprises here.

#1854 60 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Has anyone been asked about butter cab yet, meaning their order is getting close to ship? Been pretty quiet lately,,,

not yet...patiently waiting - I'm thinking I should hear from them next week.

#1860 60 days ago

Haha Just got mine in the mail too!

#1902 59 days ago

Once my machine arrives I’m going to have one of my co-workers 3-D print something similar to this to cover up the motor of the topper.

B9B8545F-C45C-4354-B3C0-644BFEEDAB7E (resized).jpeg
#1912 59 days ago

If you could comment on the overall span of the topper knife movement id appreciate it. So far it doesn’t seem like it raises all that much - possibly just a few inches.

#1921 59 days ago
Quoted from spandol:

You already defeated Michael? I figured this would be the very end of doing everything.

…You can’t Kill the bogeyman

#1962 58 days ago

Mildly interested in the butter (as this will be on the left side of my 3 pins with full view of the Left side from my Hallway/entry) but cant really justify $1,000 for it. Would need to see it in person I guess and that's not an option for me. I'm perfectly happy with how my LZ and MET look with just the regular cabinet decals, and I think Halloween looks just fine as well without the butter based on this pics I've seen. Guess the colors do pop a little more w butter, but $1000... just cant justify it for myself. Budget is stretched thin as is!

#1987 57 days ago

I see they added a Rabbit in Red matchbook decal on the sanitarium drop target - love the little touches that are being added in. Hope all the drop targets have a little something added to them.

#2052 56 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

You’re incorrect, but what do I know. [quoted image]

Very cool - Looks amazing - I bet you’re having a blast!
I assume they are sending you the knife handle soon…enjoy!

#2076 55 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Here’s a couple.
[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

what is that black thing at the top of the playfield glass?

#2079 55 days ago

Interesting - learn something new every day - thanks Guys.

#2125 53 days ago

# 78 here and haven’t heard from them on butter/no butter yet. Should hear soon - I’m thinking mine may be ready maybe around late September which is cool. Would rather have a quality game w no issues than to see rush rush rush and complaints start rolling in. Excited to see these get in people’s hands.

#2304 47 days ago

Just doing some planning here... Anyone know who spooky uses for freight, how much the shipping costs are at checkout, and how long it would approx take to arrive near chicago? I live about 2-1/2 hrs away and wondering if I should just rent a truck and pick it up myself…possible LTL shipping damage are of concern or should I not worry about that…

#2320 47 days ago

It would be cool to see the clip of Loomis shooting Michael and him falling off the balcony on the LCD when the magnet locks the ball after going up the ramp on the upper playfield.

#2325 46 days ago
Quoted from Frax:

I'm honestly considering driving out there to get my Ultraman when it's time. The gas (even at 3.25/gallon) would cost less than I expect shipping to. It's only 1800 miles round trip, probably need 3-4 days to get er done. Never been to Iowa or Illinois, so could check those off the list.

Respect. That’s dedication - and here I am debating whether to drive only 2-1/2 hours…shame on me. I just need to find a truck or SUV - all I have is a sedan.

#2333 46 days ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Rent a pickup truck or cargo van from Enterprise.

Found a friend who wants to help and we’re gonna take a ride up in his minivan.

#2338 46 days ago

Tremendous upgrade in overall audio. Very impressed with this game so far.

#2352 45 days ago

Hope they tweak the topper - looks very odd when the H and N don’t light up. The LED strip must be shorter than the lettering!

#2354 45 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Pretty easy fix


#2357 45 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

By adding or adjusting the position of the existing leds

Gotcha. Just needs to be spread out another few inches on each side.

#2359 45 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

I bet even adding a bit of reflective material would expand the range of the led outward to cover the H and N. Also…sometimes lighting looks odd on camera. Maybe it does light up the whole marquee in person. Cameras compensate for light or the lack there of in odd ways (ie: the light strips everyone was complying about until they saw them in person)

I like the reflective idea - could work well and be an easy tweak. I noticed the same light spread when it was at the horror convention in Chicago a few weeks back so it looks like that is how it was designed. Not a big deal, but if they are looking for feedback - that’s my 2c on the topper.

#2435 40 days ago

Good call on the protectors - just ordered a set. Dinged up the left Side of my MET a little bit a few months ago and do not want this to happen again.

#2454 40 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

#14 just got shipping email today

16 for UM. I'm guessing they are currently building the early-mid 40's this week. Glad they are taking their time and making quality games.

#2459 39 days ago

5 machines per day - 4 days a week is the last I heard.

#2462 39 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

Not to be a naysayer, but realistically someone mentioned they were in the low 50s and hasn't been contacted yet, and they had said contact would be 3 weeks from going on the line I believe. So probably unlikely you'll get it by Halloween.
My number is 79 and I was initially thinking I'd have it late September, but now I figure I'll be lucky to get it by Halloween. I'm not complaining I'd rather they tweak and playetest it a bit more. I love my ACNC but it's pretty rough around the edges

I'm one ahead of ya at 78. If things progress as planned - We'll have ours in 4-5 weeks or so.

#2508 33 days ago

Safe to ask what #’s are on the line now or will this get downvoted?

#2532 31 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I think if I don't receive my invoice by next week, having this pin by Halloween is not gonna happen.

at 61, I would think so by Halloween.

#2554 31 days ago
Quoted from Aqua1122:

I think I have to agree. This should have been caught.
[quoted image]

Agree 100% - I’m sure they’ll address it down the line

#2575 31 days ago

Lee Brackett’s perfect sideburns better be shown on that beautiful LCD screen! Haha

#2581 30 days ago

True on LZ - I own one and it was routed wrong. It happens…thankfully it’s in the back - not right in the middle of the playfield haha. Looks terrible. Oh well I’ll find out soon enough if it gets corrected on mine.
One question for spooky games -do they also have the option to put more than 3 letters on the high score? My Stern games give me the option. Gotta make sure “HOTSAUCE” is plastered all over the leaderboards to make my buddies jealous.

#2584 30 days ago

Thanks guys. Overall liking what I’ve seen so far. Game looks great and will only get better as we go. Nice to know they are at #70 and things are progressing well on the line. I’m expecting my call next week for butter or no butter.
And thank you to the spooky team for chiming in every so often - that goes a long way in my book. Keep up the great work.

#2589 30 days ago
Quoted from Morinack:

Keep in mind 70 units is split between both models.
Sounds like approx 50 Halloween and 20 Ultraman.
I would guess you will get the email next week at #78. Following week at the latest.

Yeah somewhere around there. The anticipation puts me in a good mood knowing it’s relatively soon. The original Halloween film might as well be part of my DNA so this is the perfect theme for me.

#2591 30 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

I think the modders will come up with something for the balcony area, I know Medisinyl is waiting for his game to start working on them. Looks great from factory tho for sure

I see a couple spots open for something - perhaps a small figurine in the middle and maybe something could go over the clear plastic cover at the top. Also an open space in the upper left corner but I’m not one to overcrowd a machine.
8F16FFDD-025C-47D7-B1B6-258C9576CE54 (resized).jpeg

#2618 29 days ago

He is referring to the “hedge multiball” insert where only “hedge multiba” light up and the “ll” are outside of the lit insert. It looks sloppy and terrible.

After a lot of contemplation yesterday afternoon and evening I’m starting to get concerned on this one sadly. It’s a big investment for me and cold feet are developing…

I LOVE the theme as I’m a huge fan of the film but I am starting to have 2nd thoughts as well on this game after watching the newest stream (has nothing to do with Godzilla as I’m not in on that theme). Im not the biggest fan of the animations in the current state and overall what is being shown on the lcd is far to static and just plain boring. And if they are that tight on approving what is being shown (3-5 seconds tops) what’s the point on movie clips ect? Example: The house with lightning and Michael In the closet are almost always being shown.

Will this game just get old and repetitive very quickly? I’m more of a rock pin guy so I have some concerns developing.

Sadly I am ‘toying’ with the idea of selling my spot as well.

#2621 29 days ago

I was going to get GNR but when Halloween was announced I was like - alright I’ll stray from a rock pin and just go for it since I love the original film so much . Halloween is different and I like that - I think the 2 mini upper playfields would be something fun and completely different to what I own now as I like variety in my home games. It has some cool stuff but is also missing some things that I like in games too. I may of just acted on FOMO and am now paying the price. This flip flopping is driving me nuts! Only myself to blame. It will be interesting to see how this turns out and which direction I go.
I see 17 now for sale on here - not a trend that puts things in my favor.

#2625 29 days ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

If it were reversed and you were in on GNR but wishing for Halloween the FOMO would be over GNR having constant multiball. You're probably going to regret whatever you choose.

I played GNR a few times at my distro and thought it was pretty damn cool. Then Halloween got announced.
I want to love Halloween…I really do. Just have my concerns…

#2651 29 days ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I'm still a little surprised that the license holder authorized a Halloween pin. For many years they protected this property like crazy and went after anyone trying to use the name, images or likenesses. For a while they were shutting down eBay auctions of those selling unlicensed, custom Myers masks. And judging from what Spooky says they are Still very protective of the property. Maybe some new blood came in and saw the money to be made. Anyways, hopefully Spooky will chime in and address some of our most recent concerns.

From what I’ve heard, There are 2 things John Carpenter loves:
1. Cash (firm believer in capitalism)
2. John Carpenter

Kinda surprised they did licensee it out as well - hence why I jumped on it.

#2660 29 days ago

Actually don’t mind the hedge! It’s an iconic scene and I’m glad they are showcasing it. Cracked me up and I thought it was a fun novelty.

Biggest concern screenwise - static images. Boring beyond belief. Need to keep things moving. Needs real animation IMO - not stop animation w 3 or 4 frames - Michael in the background swaying while character has 2 or 3 frames moving their head around. Perhaps going for a comic style, but just needs more. A hell of a lot more.
Movie clips must be more than 3-6 seconds. I know limitations by the licensor are in place but push must come to shove.

I know it’s early, but if they are looking for feedback - they are getting it. I don’t favor any company but for 10K I want to be satisfied w my purchase. I’m rooting for them and am trying to maintain high hopes but the reality so far has me concerned. Hope I am proved wrong and I’ll eat crow. Fingers crossed.

#2689 29 days ago

Love the dedication Luke and appreciate you chiming in. I’ll keep the faith that this will develop nicely over time.

#2723 29 days ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

No please dont stop making videos. Yours are awesome and have made me and my wife so excited. We even have the notifications turned on for your channel on YouTube.

Agree 100. I appreciate your videos and your feedback so for. Watched your videos countless times and they capture the vibe well. Thank you.

#2725 29 days ago

My apologies if I contributed in a negative manner and assisted in setting a bad tone. It’s a lot of money to me and perhaps I’m just looking for a little reassurance that I didn’t make a bad decision. Just giving feedback in hopes of helping make this a great game. I’m just going to concentrate on the positives I’ve seen so far (and there are plenty) and just enjoy the ride as code gets better over time.

#2749 29 days ago

Thank you for the recent Stream Tiskinne. Watched a good hour of it just now.

In regards to the animation - I do love they way they look. The colors, shading, ect all are great and fit the theme well. Also liked how he took stills from the film and added a little movement like the kitchen escape scene. You can see the knife moving ever so slightly…That looked badass and could be expanded upon well. Just hoping to see a little more action, movement, and substance to each scene. Glad he says he has lots to work with and they want heavy animation. Would compliment the game well if expanded upon.

Add in longer clips from the film. The more the better. Anything they will allow that is cool and relevant is more than welcome.

Scoring presentation seemed fairly clean and tame.. Maybe add a flashy style other than a white blinking number? Perhaps a knife slashing the jackpot amount or something reflecting the Halloween theme a little more. Hopefully you get my drift - plenty of options.

#2829 28 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I found this on Etsy. I thought the topper looked fine, but thought I’d see how this looked. It’s made out of wood, so could be painted. I just drilled a hole in it and mounted it to the metal plate with Velcro.

Not too shabby! Painless install and adds a nice touch. Just ordered one.

I’ve decided it’s too much of a dream theme for me to dwell on a few issues that I know will just get better over time. They’ve said this since day one. Glad I came back to reality after a slight case of cold feet.

#2848 27 days ago
Quoted from Chief_G:

Epic is correct word for sound system, blows all others away IMO.

great to know. I have a 12" Klipsch Sub waiting for this bad boy.

#2860 27 days ago

If longer scenes are added (fingers crossed) please make them skippable. 98% I’d watch em in full, but Gotta keep my mojo going in the rare opportunity I got a great game going!

#2888 26 days ago

For those that don’t do Facebook:

Hey guys! Just going to take some time to give some update notes on the day to day around here! We don’t use Facebook to often but I am going to try to start!

We have been doing 5-6 games per day for a few weeks now. I’m sure we will run into the occasional shortage of parts but for now things look really good. Plan is to slowly ramp up to 40 games per week over the course of the next 4 months. Expanding crew continuously but taking our time so as to keep the quality as high as possible. We want you getting the best product we can build. Should be hitting our 100th game late next week!

As far as code we have a TON of cool things on the agenda! Will be working on this for the next 12 months so lots of content.

Will be dropping a major Halloween update Oct 1st. So far 19 original movie clips have been approved for use in the game. The next update includes 15 of those. Will be releasing a list of additions with the update.

A major Ultraman update will follow in the coming weeks.

As for the insert questions I am going to take a look at it and see what the options are and how the art was intended.

Glad to see so many people enjoying the game and can’t wait to make it even better!

#2930 25 days ago

go a page back to my post - Spooky posted an update on FB yesterday. #'s 51+ should start building around week of 10/4 once they finish up the VIPS.

#2949 25 days ago

All I am hoping for is a nice balance. Yeah I don't need to see the whole film on loop - just some cool key snippets every now and then. 19 sounds pretty solid so far. I do like the animations - just hope to see a little more substance and variety to them. I think they pay a nice homage to the film and will fit it nicely once tweaked. The more the better IMO. Spookys' gonna take care of us.

#2964 25 days ago
Quoted from Obed_Marsh:

I was initially confused with this also, but to my understanding they are nearing 100 games done total between Halloween and Ultraman. All these are still in the friends, family, vip batch.
It sounds as though they will start getting into the public games the first week of October. 51 and onward for both games

I read on Facebook that Ultraman # 52 got his email yesterday....Things are progressing.

#2970 25 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

If that's true, then these numbers are absolutely meaningless, since I am #17 ultraman with no email.

sorry - he said he was UM # 53. Looks like some skipping here and there. At 17, I would have thought you'd have gotten the email weeks ago...odd.

#2979 25 days ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

I am 52, . . . .no email yet.

My bad - it was #53 who posted on FB yesterday saying he got the email.

#2993 24 days ago

I'm just happy its all just the original 78' Halloween.

#3001 24 days ago


#3074 21 days ago

I'm still excited for this....just been laying low due to the negativity around here lately...# 78 here and hoping for the call late this week if my math is close.

#3077 21 days ago
Quoted from freakyvideoguy:

Who knows, I'm 15 ahead of you and have not gotten the butter no butter email yet (which should come three weeks before it goes on the line). If they do a 50 distributer batch first, that may not be coming for a few weeks still.

Spooky direct orders go out first starting with # 51. If they are finishing up the first 100 VIP machines this week as they stated, I see no reason why we should not be getting the call this week.

#3079 21 days ago

we'll see - The anticipation is part of the fun!

#3099 20 days ago
Quoted from JeffreeStar:

Halloween #666 is officially home. Can't wait to unbox this and get some plays in tonight!!
[quoted image]

666 Looks like you picked your fav # - enjoy!

#3112 19 days ago

Perhaps it’s been trimmed down to 2 weeks on the line after getting the emailed invoice? Wishful thinking as that would be the only way I’d get mine before Halloween. Fingers crossed and I’m ready to pay the balance. Still would rather have a quality game than rushed with issues…

#3125 18 days ago

I've been concerned about the 3 scoops on the left as well as the subways since the reveal. I'm giving it a shot as subways are new to me and I'm a huge fan of the film. Just hoping the 3 scoops don't end up being boring shots over time. I want variety in my lineup and Halloween does look and play quite different than most games. If I end up not liking it, I will be trading it for A GNR LE.

#3131 18 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I'm going to stream the game more tonight, the left side shots include 3 stand up targets, 3 scoops, and an orbit, I think if people actually paid attention to the rules of modes and multiballs they would appreciate the shots that are actually over there. Anyway, my suggestion to anyone is to go and actually play the machine somewhere.

Just wish to say I appreciate your streams. Watched it again last night for the 3rd time.

#3133 18 days ago

Very excited to see Tomorrow’s code update and what’s been added.

#3135 18 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Damn - Travis really tore it apart.

Not gonna watch it, but he was doggin’ It from the get go so it’s not surprising.
As stated above, play it and form your own opinion.

#3146 18 days ago

I was under the impression that they are finishing up the VIP's 1-100 this week and starting regular customer orders next week.

#3234 17 days ago

No butter for me - I can’t justify $1,000 for it.

#3263 16 days ago

Liking what I am seeing with the new update. Some observations: The movie clips are still just a tad too short and seem to cut off at odd moments. Also Hoping they can do a little more with the house with lightning - looks good, but it’s on the screen way too much.

#3282 16 days ago

Posted this in the other thread but maybe there’s some more visibility here:

Was hoping since day 1 that BOC’s “Don’t fear the reaper” would be present during a certain mode. Alternate the left and center ramp to pass the joint between Annie and Laurie. Time it out with so many combos so you don’t get busted by Sherrif Bracket at the hardware store. Who’s w me or am I nuts and it’s a bad idea? Most horror films have their attempts at humor…

#3310 15 days ago
Quoted from Pinman502:

At the rate they are going I don’t see them making 18 months it took over two months to get out 50 games at this peace I don’t think I will see mine until the Middle of 2023 it would be nice to have updates on production from time to time

Read up - They have been giving updates. They will hit it within the timeframe and it wouldn’t surprise me if they hit it ahead of schedule as they did last time around. Starting off slow to make sure the quality is there and ramping up as they go.

#3381 14 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Anyone else feel like it would be cool for the clips to fade in and out of the animations screens instead of abrupt cuts in/out? I feel like it would draw these elements together instead of one or the other feeling out of place.

100% - a little jarring in their current state, but I believe my LZ does the same... even a quick fade in/out would refine things a little.

#3426 13 days ago

Am I noticing a hint of amber in the CE powdercoating? Looks very fall-like and I love it…

#3428 13 days ago
Quoted from rai:

What is the issue?

People still talking about the ‘Hedge Multiball’ insert text issue…. Part of mutilball is outside the insert and doesn’t light up “ll”. Jarring at first, but I have no issue with it. My LZ lights up “ock and Roll” lol! No big deal and it effects nothing.

#3431 13 days ago

Yep - some are losing their minds over it. I’m sure they’ll address it at a feasible time. Mines gonna have it and I’m at peace.

#3471 12 days ago

Was just gonna ask the same. I’m 78’, glad they addressed it and hope it’s corrected on mine but it never was a deal breaker for me.

#3479 12 days ago

# 78' here - just got the email. Life is good.

#3492 11 days ago

I bought Halloween and GNR is next on my list to buy. Both games are great.

#3556 5 days ago

Should have #78 in a week or so - if anyone local wants to trade for a GNR LE please pm me - perhaps we can make a deal.

#3562 4 days ago

I have played GNR and liked it a lot - as I love Rock pins. I have not played Halloween yet and I have been on the fence since day 1. After watching almost all of the streams (minus the completely negative ones I read about here), I really don't think I will enjoy the subways all too much and 4 of the main shots in the game all go that route, so it is of a big concern. The 3 hedge shots look like they will get old very quickly (again just my opinion based on what I like in a game) and that takes up the entire left side of the playfield. Wish they shot the ball back and didn't go the subway route. Please remember we didn't see all too much prior to the 9am sell time and I knew it was going to sellout immediately. HUGE fan of the original film and theme is very important to me - Game is definitely cool and different but it just may not be for me to invest 10K. I may keep it in the box or play it - haven't decided yet. If I had unlimited funds, yes I would be keeping it 100% but I don't. It saddens me, but this is where I'm at.

Very happy for those that are getting this and I hope all of you love it.

#3566 4 days ago

I know I should definitely give it a try before I attempt to bail on it.

#3571 4 days ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Honestly I’d give it a try bud .In case you want to still trade lmk what’s local for you .I have a GnRLE wasn’t thinking about getting rid of it but might for this and sell my other HW spot .

You're right - after serious thought, I'm Going to try first before I bail on it. Its a dream theme so I have to give it a chance. Invoice paid.

#3575 3 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

Just can't see how you can't like it if it is a dream theme. . . all I can advise is to give it a fair shot and don't let someone else's opinion or an insert sway yours. . . If your an advocate for pinball and not just looking to shit on the first thing you can, I think you will find a lot to enjoy here. . .

Definitely a dream theme for me, but theme isn’t everything - the game must shoot well. Others opinions and an insert issue don’t mean anything to me. My concerns lie in reality on how the game will play based on what I like. I’ll have it late next week and will dive into the game and then decide. If I like it, I’ll keep it. If I don’t, I won’t. Trying to be positive - I hope I love it!

#3581 3 days ago

Getting ready to stream Halloween Kills. Been looking forward to this one. Hoping Laurie isn’t called “grandmother” 50 times like she was in the last one. Found that so odd. All my buddies thought it sounded weird too - Who does that? Don’t most just say grandma!? Lol

F1066BAD-671C-4AB5-830C-4F55ACA3C222 (resized).jpeg
#3585 3 days ago

Very shocked to hear of someone knocking the cabinet artwork. I think it’s phenomenal and perfectly captures the Halloween vibe. One of the best cabs I’ve ever seen.

#3591 3 days ago

No clue who you are referring to, but I stand behind what I said. I have concerns and I believe that’s a fair comment as I’m a buyer. Will only know for fact once I play it. Hoping I’m pleasantly surprised. Don’t like my posts being used by others to shit all over a game though - that is not my intent. I try to be a positive person and I can also mention plenty of things I do like about this game.

As for Halloween kills, just finished watching it. Some Aspects I really liked, but some dialog had me cringing here and there. Worth a viewing. Im kinda a purist when it comes to Michael Myers and nothing will ever touch the original.

#3595 2 days ago

The flashbacks were the only saving Grace to this film - Very well done. Glad they dropped the attempts at humor as well. Movie was all over the place - some parts I liked, some were just terrible. A lot of wasted time on elements that really didn’t matter all too much. Michael is more of a stalker - his actions in this film were far from the norm taking on crowds of people all at once on multiple occasions. Didn’t fit.

While definitely entertaining, there is no way this movie should have been postponed a year so people can view it as some ‘masterpiece’ in theaters as they mentioned. Very overhyped but that’s expected.
Glad it only costed $5 to stream it at home.

#3600 2 days ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

Welp. . . unfortunately. . that guy that has a podcast that kinda looks like he has a squirrel on his head used your post to shit on the game some more and also Halloween Kills, which I thought was a kick ass movie personally. I think you are entitled to do what you want with your money and your spot. . . who is it for anyone to judge. .
With someone with that big of a following, think what good they could do if they decided to be a true advocate for pinball!

Found who you are referring to after a little research. don’t know much about him, but saw his post on Facebook and responded.

#3606 2 days ago

He was definitely brutal in this film. Some of the death scenes were very well done and I did like a couple of the instances where Michael was up to his old games as he toyed with his victims. Not to spoil, but one of my favorites was The slow camera pan as one victim died slowly watching what was going on was quite creepy.

#3609 2 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

The scene with Lenny Clarke? That was definitely brutal! Man I did NOT like that scene you’re referring to LOL

Yep that’s the one. They both didn’t fare so well!

#3617 1 day ago

Cut out some of the bullshit and it was a great film:
Marion chambers acting was awful. “This is for Dr. loomis!” That was So bad.
“Evil dies tonight” was so overdone it was comical.
The mob scene with the other smiths grove patient was awful. As if a 5 ft 2 fat troll looking guy was mistaken for Michael….comon - cringe worthy. I get the point they were trying to make with monsters creating monsters, but it took up way too much time. Looks like they are pushing some slight agenda with this film reflecting on modern society (ugh). I get it, but it was overdone.
Take out the things above and I think it’s a winner. Hopefully they make some adjustments in the directors cut if they go that route.

#3660 11 hours ago

looks like they are using R&L carriers for me....Do they usually call and give you a heads up when they will be delivering?

#3664 10 hours ago

Cool thank you. It stated R&L on the invoice, but they have not contacted me yet. Work is just giving me shit because I have no firm date I’m taking off yet for the delivery.

#3666 8 hours ago

Thanks - Still a tad early as I just paid in full last week. I’m sure they’ll reach out to set a time to make sure I’m home.

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