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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#379 3 months ago

I am since I am in on the SE - I figured Id go SE and customize it the way I want.

Quoted from JeffF:

Anybody else excited to see what kind of inner artwork people come up with for the standard? I have faith it'll be at least as good as the factory artwork.

#403 3 months ago

I like what your saying here - where do I see Colson illusion cherry image?

Quoted from Agent_Hero:

I’m seeing stainless legs that look like knives and Colson’s Illusion Cherry powdercoat on the rails and speaker panel…maybe even a few drops of it GB-style at the top of each leg.

2 weeks later
#757 3 months ago

I think he just enjoys hearing himself talk. Also JJP will sell out of their next CE games regardless of quality or customer service if you didnt know.

Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Do you even know what you are talking about or do you just make shit up to listen to yourself talk ? We just got our numbers late Wednesday - now WE have to sort through all our stuff just like Spooky did. We didn't have 2 weeks, it's 2 days bro.
If you want a refund there's plenty of people behind you who would want your game and not bust my chops by first email and now online like this when I'm working my ass off to do this right and FAIRLY...
Thank you to all my customers who have been nothing but patient while Spooky works through this process.

#781 3 months ago

Invoice 11824 and nothing yet...

#835 3 months ago

1231 all the way at the end

#841 3 months ago

Direct spooky

Quoted from Roostking:

Ordered through who?

#1036 3 months ago

Still trying to understand if you can save on tax $$ going through distro vs spooky

Quoted from RobT:

Best is to order direct from Spooky.

#1038 89 days ago

I did see that message - but the part I didn’t know was of the distro will be passing that on. I guess it could change based on the amount of sales in a given year?

I had a buddy just get that last run of ACNC in KY and was charged tax as well. And it’s not on states listed below

Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

The tax collection depends on what state you live in.
From Spooky's Fang Club email:
Is there sales tax?
If you live in a state where we meet the threshold to charge tax, yes. Otherwise no. Right now those states are CA,IL,IA,MI,MN,OH,PA,WA, and WI, but these may change as time goes on.
I believe your distributor will be asked to collect tax and pass that to Spooky if you live in one of those states.

#1042 89 days ago

This is where I see could change my stance on spooky vs distro - if I can save a little and build a relationship/support from a distributor why not.

Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Spooky is selling wholesale to the distro. It's up to the distro whether or not to collect tax for a particular state.

#1044 89 days ago

This is where it gets interesting

Quoted from RobT:

(assuming they intend to comply with the law).

#1062 88 days ago

What’s the Chance a member on here is going to hit the horror con to see Halloween?

#1113 87 days ago

I’d like to erase that video from my memory - let’s get on with the danger stream

#1117 87 days ago

Great to hear you got to play it!

Quoted from DeathHimself:

Nope it was not, the decals looked really nice and applied well. However the butter cabs will be direct printed onto the cab and clear coated. I was not going with the butter cab but after getting my hands on the machine yesterday and playing it (which is solid btw) I can see this title in my collection for a while so yeah I'll probably go with butter now.

#1143 87 days ago

Do you mean you think the game itself is not complete and just in a sort of “demo mode”?

Quoted from dnapac:

I suspect this is a shadow of the game that is really in existence. There is the licensor that wants it revealed a certain way or wants specific content, and I’m sure Spooky doesn’t want to show the full Monty until a good video reveal is available (aka Jack Danger). This is just getting the buzz going for non-pinheads and to help sell the rest at distributors. IMHO.

#1145 87 days ago

Not what I meant. I understand this. I was asking if the previous post was saying a shadow game as in a demo mode or some limited version of the game as it exists today. Was just curious to clarify his point.

Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

The game is most definitely not complete. Coding takes forever....prob won’t be at 1.0 until a year from now. Same thing with every new game from every manufacturer

#1246 84 days ago

I don’t think it’s reason unknown. They couldn’t get the licenses

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I listened to Spooky saying that the upper playfield was the hotel in John Wick.
Game was 100% designed for John Wick and then for reasons unknown, it switched to Halloween.

#1422 79 days ago

6 central is what he estimated

Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

What time is JD streaming?

#1491 79 days ago

Yeah… I was disappointed in Jack’s setup and overall presentation. I couldn’t tell if the sounds were just way off or it was the setup. Constant Microsoft computer sounds. You could hear certain sounds way better than others and no call outs. The repetitive sounds got to me after a while. Curious to see where these machines are at when they are being unboxed.

Quoted from TheLaw:

Umm....interesting & early for sure.
Not a great presentation with the look of LEDs, not being able to hear the call outs, and missing most of the footage; but you never know until ya play it.
Right ramp seem to be rejecting a lot?

#1549 79 days ago

Can you comment on animations? It didn’t seem that far along is that fair to say?

Quoted from spooky_dj:

Hey! Thank you all for tuning in to the stream! Just wanted to answer some common questions I'm seeing.
First of all, thank you all for your feedback! Positive feedback lets us know we are on the right track, and the negative feedback does genuinely help us know where you want us to improve, and we give serious consideration to all of it, and in fact, appreciate it!
To that point, yes, on camera the LED strips washed out the image a bit. In person, we feel it looks amazing though. That said, I believe we are still going to add a menu option to set the brightness level on them.
There was mention about a lot of letting the ball drain off the middle playfield in the stream, and yes that was strategy; there are modes/multiballs that will restart if you get the pumpkin shot, and that lower left outhole on the middle pf drains to the pumpkin scoop.
In a similar vein, we realize that it's not the most exciting thing to intentionally let your ball drop through 3 playfields. We are definitely looking to address that; as Bug mentioned on stream, the code is actively being improved and deepened, and we aim to make every second of gameplay engaging.
Regarding the 6 shots to get to the upper pf, if I recall correctly, we actually added that so that first-time players at shows would have a better chance to get to the upper pf with the game set to 1 ball. Offhand, I don't know Bug's stance on keeping/changing that particular method of access (there are 2 other ways to get up there, possibly more in the near future), but I know he is constantly considering more and more creative ways to structure progression through the different stages of the game.
The same goes for audio; we are improving it daily. A few comments here validated questions we had with particular audio clips, so we will certainly be looking to address those. As for the audio hiccups during the stream, (quiet callouts) we apologize! We did have some technical difficulties there, but I assure you the games will be plenty full of callouts (including English and Japanese callouts on UM, for those interested)!
Regarding the timing of the stream, we are of course aware of the implications that timing of the first gameplay reveal has from a marketing perspective, but I can personally promise you that we did this stream as soon as we were possibly able to. We called up Jack to make it happen as soon as we had the green light! We've been itching to show off these games for a long time. And honestly the sooner we show them, the more practical it is to implement improvements based on your feedback!

#1635 76 days ago

Thanks for the feedback looking forward to see what you all can do with these titles!

Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Halloween will catch up! Ultraman has very relaxed guidelines and we are able to add sounds, display elements, clips, etc at will. Halloween has a very involved staff that like to have input and see all elements before they are added. A full approval process. We will be on these games for a long time to come we have just barely started! Much of the initial few months goes to making all the features work. Then when all modes and functions are in we start to add the text, music, sounds, light shows, flashers, effects etc. On this game it also has to be done for 2 separate games so it adds a ton of time. We are building a team to get farther ahead on these things in the future. Getting better every day! Wish you guys could see how far we have come in the shop from a tiny incubator unit with 2 workers just 7 years ago.

#1659 76 days ago

Im with you on this - it has to be the direction they are going in. Movie footage would be so much better with a splash of the scenes.

The difference to me is AIQ IS based on the comic not the movies. HWN is based on the movie not a comic.

Quoted from DeathHimself:

I really can't see them going through all that troubles to draw out a slightly animated comic scene just for a place holder. I could be wrong and really hope I'm wrong as this is one aspect I don't particularly care for. It's like Avengers AIQ with still images with slight animations, the movie footage on a loop would be so much better.

1 week later
#1866 68 days ago

Cant wait to hear your input!

Quoted from BertoDRINK1:

2 and 2.
I'm on standby due to rain, before I can finish loading up and head over.
[quoted image]

#1971 66 days ago

Appreciate this kind of feedback! Been very interested to hear how people liked the gameplay.

Quoted from SLRage:

So I’ve played 5 games and wanted to give my initial feedback.
1. Stop sweating the LED lights. When playing it is truly a non issue.
2. The topper needs some work. It’s really cool but needs the metal plate behind the knife powder coated black IMO. Spooky Luke is open to suggestions but as of yet has not come up with a great way to cover the motor. I feel blacking out the metal plate will help a lot but then again just my humble opinion.
3. This is not a game you are going to walk up to and play great. It’s challenging and thats a really good thing.
4. It’s hard to judge overall atmosphere at a pinball show but I’m encouraged.
5. It in no way plays slow. It’s good an intense pace that keeps you on your toes so don’t sweat the speed of the game.
6. The Spooky team is awesome but y’all already knew that!
All for now!

#1997 64 days ago

I had a similar first impression- going to reserve my opinion until we see an update.

The guy doing the animations is definitely all in on both horror and pinball. Believe this is the guy


Quoted from TouchingEvil:

One BIG con with this pin is no video clips from the movie, just crappy still animations wtf. It could be the cheapest animations ever in a pin.

#2050 63 days ago

You have my interest - but will you share some feedback then

Quoted from RebelGuitars:

You’re incorrect, but what do I know. [quoted image]

#2054 63 days ago

How about some clarification then? That would be more helpful than flashing a dick pic then Removing it.

Quoted from RebelGuitars:

There’s already too much false info out there.

#2061 63 days ago

The picture removed was from the page before and it was just a generic picture of the game in a seemingly amazing basement setting with PFs on the wall. Cool picture really

Quoted from dnapac:

I say, put them back up. They were good pics and gave everyone a good idea of what to expect.

#2065 63 days ago


Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Here’s a couple.
[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

#2133 60 days ago

Also the timing was good - people wanted a new machine to be unveiled and before CGC AP STERN decided to get a release out.. well played

Quoted from BOHICA:

In a perfect world, it would be ready to go before announced, but .... Those of us that waited out ACNC production know about delays. A few weeks is nothing and if the game is good then it's worth a wait. Get it squared away then start shipping. Beats enduring all the frustration and internet outrage that comes with the sugar rush of quick ship and **** not working.

#2253 57 days ago

Yeah the recent videos have given me more confidence and in overall gameplay and even on the screen compared to the jack danger stream.

#2337 53 days ago

Thank you I like the additions - I didn’t notice any video clips is that a diff mode or still waiting?

Quoted from dnapac:

Here’s the first video of the new code. This is a MASSIVE update. It will take time for us to figure everything out. We are very mediocre players 8). In this video Andi (my wife) is trying to show as many Pumpkin Modes as possible. I think she gets through 3. New animations, new call outs, new light shows, and adjusted sound effects. Some have asked about the high pitched noise when you hit the scoop. It’s still used, but other sounds as well…so it waters it down nicely. Plus, the whole point of horror music is to create an atmosphere of discomfort and tension…so irritating noises are the norm…but Spooky does a good job controlling it…IMO. Oh, I repointed my pumpkin head, but it keeps slowly turning…I think it’s possessed!

2 weeks later
#2519 39 days ago

I’d just like to know what to expect - 5 or 6 short clips in the game so far. I know people say they don’t look at the screen but it’s a part of the damn game and package.

Wonder if Luke could set some expectations around this for us?

Quoted from Halfwasted:

Pretty disappointed with the one second flash video clips so far. I'm hoping code is very early but pretty disappointed so far.

#2521 39 days ago

I agree I want to see the clips in the game and I want them to be well integrated - its important for theme integration as well. Looking forward to how they implement this but so far it has me scratching my head. Maybe it really is just the last part of the puzzle after getting the animations figured out?

Quoted from tp:

I look at the screen all the time. And in this day and age feel it is a big part of the package that draws you in. It's also adds to my excitement and enjoyment. At today's prices I expect the video content to be there as that's part of what im paying for. I've been disappointed in the past, hopefully not moving forward. Of course this is my opinion, others may differ.

#2524 39 days ago

I dont follow your logic - I dont think you can base it on previous titles. As the person above said they seem to have access to a lot of footage.. and assets can vary by license. I didnt follow the R&M release so I dont know what the clips looked like when the first games were being received - but regardless it continues to drive my interest.

Not a complaint just a question as to where they are headed with the clips as to date its hard to tell.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

The video part of the games is where Spooky has lagged behind a bit - they are making improvements with each game. I’m a little surprised by the comments though, just taking a look at Spooky’s previous title would have given you an idea of what they do on the screen

#2530 39 days ago

This is where I am coming from as well - just not seeing a lot of movement in the asset area. How many need to go out the door before we see how the assets will really be integrated or a better idea other than 4 or 5 2 second clips?

Quoted from PinCrush:

I'm not bailing or anything but would love to see evidence that this isn't the POTC asset experience...

#2540 38 days ago

Just watching Kaneda review at jack bar of Halloween - software and movie integration sounds like the biggest disappointment so far. Animations not looking good.

I really hope this code is just WAYYYYY early

#2544 38 days ago

His Facebook page - his words not mine. Machine looks awesome with those props man! Glad you’ll be working so closely with the machine!

Quoted from NightMutilator:

Where is this "review"

#2567 38 days ago

Thank you for the note I love you guys are in here!

Do the clips have the actors speaking? Are you able to say? Will they be longer than a few seconds per clip? Thanks!

Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys. That's a bunch of stuff to unpack.
The code on the game is actually alot farther along than the version on the game kaneda played. That's on us we will put out an update right away. As far as the review all we can do is our best job and hope people enjoy our stuff. We are certainly looking to do the absolute best. This whole company has always been a journey and I don't think anyone would say we haven't continued to improve! If this one isn't for you that's OK and we will be doing our best to win you over in the future!
There are 19 movie clips approved in the game however most of at the beginning or end of a mode so unless you work your way through many of the 10+ modes you won't see them. We have some cool plans for this we will be working on in the month of October to make sure variety of clips and modes more accessible.
In general I would just say we are working on this stuff every day and everything takes time. We have a year of code ahead.
As far as some of the other requests we added LEDs to the topper this week. I will absolutely fix whatever I can. No worries guys.
I will also say on a positive note that build quality has been really solid so far and we will be looking to maintain that. All pinball has issues but we have been feeling really good about the games rolling off the line. I believe we completed game 70 this week.
Thanks for the kind words everybody and hope to see you getting your hands on the game soon!

#2578 38 days ago

Great thank you for the insight looking forward to seeing what you can get done!

Quoted from SpookyLuke:

They range from roughly 3 to 6 seconds I believe. With that said we are ABSOLUTELY GOING TO REQUEST MORE. We want to put the most content possible in the game just as much as you guys want to see it.

#2597 38 days ago

I didn’t see this posted yet - but NightMutilator the animator did a stream on twitch here. Good insight


I’m glad he mentioned the animations stay in the screen too long cause I agree. I like the animations themselves but because they are “simple” they can come off repetitive. Especially as he said if you are getting the same modes a lot. I am in the camp of more clips.. but not to limit the animations but to pull more if the movie in to the experience.

I’m still not sure the question has been answered if we are going to hear actor voices in the clips?

#2620 37 days ago

If the assets don’t end up being there I don’t want it either. This whole if I wanted to see the movie I’ll just watch it bs is garbage. Why license the theme then.. just for images? Holding out in hope

Quoted from radfordian3505:

Me too bud and it crushes me too no end.when this trailer dropped I have never been more excited in this hobby.if they dont add more assets. I dont want this game at ALL

#2631 37 days ago

This is what I’m thinking as well. I don’t think it’s an issue of they won’t but I’m wondering if they cant.

Quoted from arzoo:

If Spooky could have done that based on the licensing agreement, they would have. Realistically, I don't see that changing much.

Lot of people saying they will deliver no doubt - I hope so - but what happens if they don’t/cant.

#2647 37 days ago

Because games are going out the door. It’s not like we are watching prototypes in Benton. These are on location production machines with not even 25% of the clips in it and animations are incomplete.

Quoted from manadams:

Why are people so up in arms about code that is still so early? It's been stated they have more movie clips that will be implemented.

#2704 37 days ago

Also mentioned that the “man in charge” doesn’t want clips either.

Quoted from Morgoth00:

At 4:30 in the very first stream of nightmutilator when the lady with the blue hair is playing, he says that Spooky wanted animation all the way through, and he couldn't really talk about why there wasn't movie clips, "but they aren't there." Hmmm. Always lots of behind the scenes drama I guess.
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"88530dd5ca49fca4b4419a2a155c75f6c8d9c4e5-1632077852-1800"};

#2716 37 days ago

Your videos have been great please continue!

Quoted from dnapac:

Kinda scared to do anymore video . It’s just me, my wife, and an iPhone…and very average players.

#2742 36 days ago

This 100

Quoted from Roostking:

To me, its not so much the game play from him, but his comments regarding, what could be manangements directive to minimize video assets and push the animation side. That's a losing proposition. I mean, come on, the video guy himself said you want assets, play the movie in the background. That's not really what we are shooting for here. It's based in the movie and should have tons of movie assets incorporated. But again, if the powers they be really didn't want the movie in the pin, that's am issue.

#2766 36 days ago

For me it’s less about the time to implement more about knowing the direction - appreciate you hearing all of us and taking it in to consideration. Also hoping the team looks at sharpening the pencil on the animations overall. Thanks

Quoted from SpookyLuke:

That was a really nice stream man! Input was quality as well. We are brainstorming something fun for the Sanitarium while you are in House!
We pulled in the team on Sunday today to address the video assets. We have a concise plan to make them more accessible and at time where you can really watch and take it in! Only a fraction of what we do have has been implemented and we will be requesting more. You will see more than one major update before Halloween! I think part of the issue is that we thought the game was going to be easier and its actually pretty challenging to finish modes. Many of the clips come with finishing modes and major events as they were meant as a reward. Often times you don't see them unless you complete pretty lengthy modes. We have a lot of really cool ideas to alleviate the issue without taking any of the challenge away. Also as suggest we will be adding animations like bloody knives stabbing in etc. Overall I think everything you guys are after is on the agenda it's just going to take more time than we want it to.
As I said I am going to take a look at the insert and see what was intended and what my options are. Ill do my best for you guys.

#2776 36 days ago

I really hope Spooky is reading this exact point. Sounds certain they will address the movie clips. I'm curious if they actually like this and if it was their direction.

Quoted from Cheeks:

The problem with most of the other animations (aside from being really repetitive) is that they're SO hokey. Decapitated Michael head bobbing around in the back seat with a dismembered floating hand? Come on. Same deal with the hand through the window, etc.
Not trying to shit on anyone's work, but you could literally import a few PNGs and create this level of animation in PowerPoint. If they can't come up with a better way to animate these, I'd rather see static illustrations than the bobbing and weaving clipart approach.

#2811 36 days ago

AIQ also worked because it is based on the comic not the movie - regardless I personally do not like AIQ animations. I still don’t see the connection considering Halloween is a movie based pin.

For sure they look different good call out with screen shots.

Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

One more preliminary nitpick is the general cohesiveness of the playfield/cab art and what's displayed on the screen.
Take a look at the art style of these 2 frames.
One clearly exhibits the design characteristics of the cabinet/playfield. The other is stylistically disconnected. Both have their merits, but my vote would be to pick one look and stick with it for illustration.
Avengers may have had a bit of an animatic vibe to it, but generally worked because the overall look was consistent.[quoted image][quoted image]

#2815 36 days ago

Ah yes I see agreed we are definitely on the same page.. good observation!

Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Agreed, the animation was lacking in AIQ. But the overall look came off like it was one artist's vision vs. a mashup of different styles, hence the comparison.
Also agree that the comic vibe is out of place for Halloween. I hope the license holder can be persuaded to rethink the decision to minimize clips to drive the narrative. This is basically the Citizen Kane of horror films! What made the Big Lebowski pinball so hot? You guessed it: copious amounts of clips from a much-loved cult-classic movie.

#2879 34 days ago

Amazing never paid that much attention

Quoted from kciaccio:

I always like the Halloween 3 opening credits.
Off topic but since you brought this up.

#2889 33 days ago

19 approved… 15 will be in the October 1 release.

Quoted from PanzerKraken:

They just posted on FB that they got 19 original movie clips to add in Oct approved

#2933 33 days ago

POTC should not be the "bar" for this.

Also - its not pinside pressure it is CUSTOMERS who have already purchased the game. People want movie clips in a movie pin.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

This is also almost a minute longer than JJP has in POTC, so...

#2946 33 days ago

Yeah but look who made it/negotiated. Id like to give spooky more credit at this point. Im not looking for looping video but meaningful clips that represent the entire movie. This game could be amazing all around (Shots, layout, theme integration, clips, art etc..)

Quoted from Agent_Hero:

I doubt there are more than 5 minutes worth of clips in Alien. They’re all just a few seconds worth of transitions or game mode/mood setup. I also doubt Fox was super carefree with their license. Also, clips of the actual Xenomorph? Maybe two or three total clips.

Also - do you still have my old demo man? Regretted getting rid of that one

#3027 30 days ago

I have to say I was put off by the early videos - I really like what they did with the layout and sounds like it’s a great shooter. Can’t have a better start than that - let’s pull it all together Spooky! This can be grade A all around - let’s not let the screen take away from the game.

Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

This is why spooky should have had an “official” reveal video of their own. The only early videos we all saw were crap.

#3085 28 days ago

100% should be the main focus.

Quoted from kciaccio:

Agreed, please keep priority on the Sound and animations.

#3134 26 days ago

Damn - Travis really tore it apart.

Quoted from Nightmare:

I was watching the TPN podcast last night on Twitch and they were really speaking pretty bad about Halloween. They weren't fans of only the left side being mostly scoop shots. Mentioned that you just basically focus on knocking down all three drop targets and just focus on shooting the ramp. One guy went as far as saying that they didn't think code could improve the game. Not going to lie, has me slightly concern for the game. This is just one guys experience with the game. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1163134913

#3136 26 days ago

Should have one local in a few weeks - looking forward to flipping it

Quoted from John-Floyd:

Not gonna watch it, but he was doggin’ It from the get go so it’s not surprising.
As stated above, play it and form your own opinion.

#3241 24 days ago

Send it directly to dnapac please!

#3315 23 days ago

100% I don’t even care about the lighted insert - I’d rather them spend all their time on the below

Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Sounds, rules, animations, and video clips are way more important.

#3374 22 days ago

Interesting perspective. I do not agree with you and have the opposite opinion but I respect your opinion and do not think you are being a jerk. As an operator maybe you are just seeing the casual players out there wanting to flip and not actually dropping the $$$ to own the machine. As a home collector spending this kind of money I am interested in every aspect and want all the boxes check. Even if I choose to skip through them I want to option to watch them if I want

Quoted from Porkfritter:

These just sound and look like video juke boxes to me. . . I see people exit out of these screens after seeing theme once or twice never to watch them again. I hope they make a mode for you that you can switch to. . . I'm not being as jerk... I am an operator and it is just what I see.
and I never mentioned that sound, art and video integration was not important. . . all I mentioned was using this in lieu of score. .
my opinion is video should be an additional and free reward..... but what is awesome is... my opinion is no more valid than yours...

#3376 22 days ago

Coin door is a pain in the ass - no I wouldn’t mind generally other than potentially impacting resale to an operator. It’s also what I expect to see I guess.

Was just giving my opinion I wasn’t saying you didn’t say those things.

Probably is what people are missing in your post I did. And yes I went back and read all your posts - I was coming in late to this discussion!

Quoted from Porkfritter:

I bet a total different use here. Would you mind if there wasn't a coin door?
again, I didn't say you shouldn't have the option to watch them. . . I didn't say they shouldn't be included. . . my personal opinion is they should be part of the natural flow of the game. . . I said they should not be an option in lieu of score. . I think this is what some people are missing. . . ?
I don't want to stop and have to pick what clip I want to watch. . . or pay to watch it. . .

1 week later
#3576 11 days ago

Curious to hear your feedback when you get the game. Sounds like you arent the type to just hype a game because you bought one without playing it.

Quoted from John-Floyd:

Definitely a dream theme for me, but theme isn’t everything - the game must shoot well. Others opinions and an insert issue don’t mean anything to me. My concerns lie in reality on how the game will play based on what I like. I’ll have it late next week and will dive into the game and then decide. If I like it, I’ll keep it. If I don’t, I won’t. Trying to be positive - I hope I love it!

#3583 10 days ago

Those leaves look stupid

Quoted from jk2171:

Halloween Kills queued up for later tonight. And got this from Amazon today!
[quoted image]

#3586 10 days ago

I agree looks great when he was talking about how the leaves didn’t make sense etc I was thinking what in the hell is this guy talking about.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the game - like you I’m unsure of the gameplay. But I can’t wait to play it. I’m a standard owner so I’m way way out

Quoted from John-Floyd:

Very shocked to hear of someone knocking the cabinet artwork. I think it’s phenomenal and perfectly captures the Halloween vibe. One of the best cabs I’ve ever seen.

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