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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#103 3 months ago

Spooky said they got full access. I agree the fake doctor is very noticeable but the same was true for the 2018 movie. I think if they use him sparingly we’re good. They should have real Donald in there as well

#272 3 months ago

CE locked in for me, but that was a given. Pumped to see some gameplay

#290 3 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

PinballSTAR update at 11:19am...
We still have left :
Halloween SE (4)
Halloween BS (6)
Halloween CE (7)
Ultraman SE (0)
Ultraman BS (0)
Ultraman CE (12)
If you got our email blast feel free to order... If you didn't ask a friend who did... TY to everyone and CONGRATS to Spooky ! We probably will have some spares left after all this settles out as some people ordered from both Spooky and us then asked for a refund etc... If you want a game and didn't get one - feel free to email us and we'll assist until we are sold out... TY
Joe Newhart
PinballSTAR Amusements
[email protected]

Pretty crazy you only have that amount left just after an hour or two. Congrats all around. Seems like these are selling very very well considering almost twice as many than R+M

#475 3 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I just listened to the SAPS podcast w/Charlie and Bug. Great stuff, and makes me happy to support Spooky even more.
One of the questions was on the amount of assets they were allowed to use, and the response was 'almost everything.' It made me wonder what they wouldn't be able to use, and my first thought was video assets from Jaime Lee Curtis. Total speculation on my part, but I wonder if video assets (not art as seen on the playfield and cabinet) would be cost prohibitive or a non-starter.
I think not having Jaime Lee Curtis on the screen would be a bummer, but ultimately not a big deal. Alien didn't have Ripley and it still worked. Jaime Lee Curtis is tied to the franchise, but the game is all about Michael Myers, as it should be.
Anyway, looking forward to the game reveal.

She’s on the cabinet. She is also on the dmd/screen too. She’ll be in there.

I heard the same and asked if the other music besides the theme is in there and spooky luke said that’s in too.

#503 3 months ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I'm getting a CE with butter decals. I am 1000% percent excited about this game, and Spooky should be very proud and thrilled with what they've done.
I think the game looks amazing. It's a fresh layout, jammed packed, a million shots, 3 upper playfields, full Carpenter soundtrack, movie assets, custom callouts from a major character, amazing artwork, etc...
My only (very slight) disappointment I have after looking at the photos and listening to the podcast, is that you can't travel up from the sanitarium to the house level. In my head after seeing the pics I figured you could work your way up the levels...that seemed like it would be really cool.
In the grand scheme of things, I probably won't care when I'm playing the game...there is so much packed in there.

I feel the same way. Little surprised about that but everything else sounds great. Looks like they’re going to do justice for the best scary movie ever.

Hopefully we get some gameplay soon

#676 3 months ago

Can’t wait to see more gameplay!!!

Like others mentioned, Halloween 2 (the one right after the original) is super underrated. IMO, it’s almost as good as the original. The double shot eyes bleeding out is still an amazing look.

#4, although not good, was still good to me though. Love the ending on that one too.

1 week later
#1004 3 months ago

Just catching up on this thread. Yes I ended up with two machines hence why I’m selling. I should of got through with spooky no problem but ran into all sorts of issues. I locked one in for sure with a distributor which was most important. I then ended up getting one from spooky even though their system gave me all types of errors. 2k out the door though I confirmed - their system worked well there!

The one I’m selling is actually later in the order than the one I’m keeping. Halloween is my favorite scary movie. Def getting the game for myself and keeping the earlier one (319). The latter one is up for sale.

What to do with the extra? Market will dictate that. Start at 1k OBO and go from there. If it sells at no profit sure, could even sell at a loss - but I’m going to let the market decide. I know when I missed out on TnA I bought at a premium from another pinsider and I was happy to get it.

Now where is that Halloween gameplay?

#1114 85 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Just found this;

Finally some gameplay! Nice find. Glad to hear the other cool Halloween music besides the theme. Fake Donald doesn’t sound bad. Love the sound effects from the movie. Hopefully more is uploaded.

And JCH makes no sense. Should just be HWN.

Btw - Hilarious that someone said Ultraman looks better than Halloween. It’s literally the same game.

#1241 83 days ago

I’m surprised about The lack of animations in the back box during the game. Maybe it’s the terrible gameplay thus far not going deep into Vice but still, seems like placeholders at this time? Weird

#1266 82 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Spooky standard cabs look amazing already. Everyone says that pics of butter cabs don't do it justice. The photos I've seen you can't really tell the difference in them.


I've seen butter and standard in person. I've heard so much about how much butter is. Based on my eyeballs, it's an easy decision. Standard all day. Spooky's standard pops so much, it's splitting hairs but when you have fools spending thousands on toppers or better yet, custom aprons that look terrible, I can understand why people lean towards butter as the popular opinion.

I feel the same about radcals as well. Yes they look nice but hardly worth the upgrade unless you can get it built into a used price.

#1291 81 days ago

Gameplay spooky….. gameplay

#1382 78 days ago

Anyone have the stream details for this evening? Time? Thanks

#1453 78 days ago

Missed the stream as it was movie night with the fam. Hopefully it will be posted later tonight!

#1515 77 days ago

Watched the stream this morning. I really like what I see. There are some soft areas that need to be ironed out which I’ll outline below but overall I came away impressed as it flows more than I was expecting.

+love the custom music tracks. They sound very much like the original soundtrack. I was worried about this but it def was a stand out.
+ fake Donald was good!
+180 hidden ramp shot - HELL yes! What a nice surprise shot and it’s so fast. Great job there
+ lighting looked good although I would want more red/spooky effect.
+ side art of the town looked good
+ flow baby - with two uppers it was a concern and although I like the ball to come out quicker in some spots it def has enough there. Reminded me a ton of white water which I always liked. Now it has a better theme haha
+ giant knife on the right of pf looked very cool. Would love to see the topper in action.
+ sound effects seem really good. Ball save sound and I really liked how that hospital mb started with that bass effect. Almost all effects were good EXCEPT

- OVERUSE of that one high pitched chime effect that plays in two different chords - back to back use is WAY too much. It’s played at bonus, when you hit that pumpkin shot and some other times (jackpot?). Spooky please don’t use it that much as it’s very Annoying. Use it but not overkill.
- video assets or lack there of. Probably my biggest disappointment but I know they are adding more. Animations could be a little more interesting too.
- Center ramp had too many rejects for my liking. Spooky please double check this.

Overall great stream. Sound for me in the replay was perfect. Excited to get this

#1636 75 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

I agree they are way to much. Especially with the high pitched house song. We are looking at it for sure. Cary made alot of great points and we watch all this stuff. Bug couldn't wait to get in to make adjustments for you guys today. Throwing away your whole purchase on a great game that has awesome gameplay and tons of content over a couple of sound effects that will be removed and a song that gets a little annoying that we could easily change is a little wild though.

Well hopefully not too much is changed from a music perspective. You have folks putting the game down who obviously don't understand Halloween. Kaneda does a great job reporting rumors but the kid doesn't know anything about horror. He's completely lost (although he admits the same - I think he even referred to Michael as "Mike Myers"). And Cary complaining about the amazing music that is so iconic in the movie is another sign of a complete miss. That is the music that builds tension, which he rightfully predicted as the response to his complaint. You are in Michaels house so get ready - s**t is about to go down! I like that music there as you flail to keep your ball alive on the top upper. Perfect.

Campy dumb humor is not the only winning formula in pinball. I applaud you guys for trying something new. Yes the high hat sound that plays in two chords needs to be reduced but let's not cut too deep. You will continue to get the best feedback right here in this thread.

#1672 74 days ago
Quoted from jk2171:

I think it would be cool to add either the sound of Michael Myers breathing (from end of movie when they are showing different locations in the movie), or wind and rustling leaves, to fill some of the sound landscape without the repetitive themes or music. Doesn't have to be all the time, but would be unique and give it a creepy vibe IMO.

This 10000%. I suggested the same earlier to SpookyLuke . Instant terror

1 week later
#1880 66 days ago

I can finally picture the knife going through the translite from the pics above. The dark part of the translite must be open and that giant knife just slips on in. It’s going to look epic

#1916 65 days ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

Got my first game in. I need to play better.
[quoted image]

…….and? Would love if someone could video or at least explain how the topper works

#1949 64 days ago
Quoted from jellikit:

It looks fantastic in person! The regular cabinet looks good, but you can see the color difference between the two.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Surprised you can tell such a difference. Looks like the color scale is different on butter…. And for the better

#1980 64 days ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

On the butter flipside, I think the non-butter on the left has a better looking shooter panel graphic, brighter and matching the time of day depicted. That's all I would see with my lineup so most concerned with that.
*pics by RebelGuitars *
[quoted image]

Is it Just me or does the butter on the right look more purple on the front decal display? Time of day does look different. Never seen butter look this much different

#2188 58 days ago

Wow wtf. Haha. Totally got me.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Too funny!!! Who cares? The only one I really want to see is mine anyway. Another day closer....
Congrats to the earlybirds!!!

Who cares? How about bc they’ve been hyping it and it looks awesome and we’re all interested in seeing it. You’re reading a pinball forum….other people might just be interested. Crazy thought I know.

It’s actually getting kind of funny how no video is out yet on how this thing works. Man RebelGuitars that was well played. Totally got me

#2196 57 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

We're going to see it. We all are interested ( at least those who are actually keeping the game for a bit).
But making this big deal, almost badgering someone to show it now is just a waste of time.
I'm fully aware of where I am, but thanks for reminding me.
It will be shown, there will be people that love or hate it...that's personal preference. Hell, there's been people that " accidentally" bought 2 pre-order spots and flipped 1 for a $1k profit without even seeing the topper. Crazy thought, I know.

And there are others that have made ugly and very overpriced custom aprons and still people bought those too. I know - I get it. Pinball market!

But you’re welcome for reminding you that you’re on a public pinball forum where other people have opinions and would like to see the latest in action considering its been hyped since day 1. Otherwise this place would be as boring as some of those who offer their very boring opinions.

#2224 57 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ouch!!! Oh wait...considering the source.. .....forgotten and disregarded, as most do anymore.
Just think everyone should just relax as opposed to getting worked up about not seeing the topper in action beyond what was shown in the early teaser video.
Think RebelGuitars was just having some fun....of which we can all use every now and again.
I'm as anxious and excited as anyone to see/ discuss stuff with this game. Will be most excited when mine lands and I can experience it in person...the only point I was making....

Haha - the pms I got from others goofing on that monstrosity of a apron. What a joke - I get it why money was taken before product was shown. But I’m on these boards to find out about new info and see new videos so feel free to PM me if you want to talk more about it.…

topper wise, I’m starting to think it’s not ready for showtime otherwise, it would be shown. That’s fine - spooky has built enough good will and things are moving along at a good clip. The more videos the better though and I’m confident that topper will be sick.

#2250 56 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Here’s House mode. I got there the easy way by hitting the center ramp 5 times to open it.

Appreciate the videos! Love the music - I can listen to it all day. I like how there is a glass shatter sound when you make it to the house.

I'm still a little nervous about how much mini PF action there is but for the most part, it looks like a solid layout.

#2252 56 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

With so many upper playfields, I see your concern. But rest assured, the design is solid. A ton of fun to play, fast, and smooth. The mini playfields are fun to shoot…there is a ton of variety packed into those playfields. There’s some ass kicking, but not like R&M that can make casual players discouraged. Really, a great balance.

yeah with this theme, it's going to be hard to disappoint me but it looks like they're handling the mini's well.

#2275 55 days ago

dnapac killing it with the videos! Love it. Thank you!

#2331 52 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

We were blessed with a code update. It’s a monster update. We will redo some videos soon. Much more of everything (call outs, sounds effects, videos, topper and speaker lights). Everyone who got one is going to love this game!

hell yes

thank god you're an earlier owner.

#2441 46 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

The playfield is in tight (not a bad thing). Just a friendly reminder to protect the interior art blades with these…
I use them every time I pull out or lift the playfield on all my pins.
And, the right lockdown latch needs to be in the correct position when you replace your field so you can latch the lockdown bar. Otherwise it’ll end up under the playfield and you can’t use it.
These are NOT problems, just nuances that are helpful to know about.
[quoted image]

This looks like the powder that I put on my POTC LE. Robert stone did it and it's absolutely gorgeous. Not gold either - it's very nice. Until I saw it this close, it was hard to tell but I'm excited to see they used the same powder.

1 week later
#2538 37 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

It added a physical ball lock and extra magnet. Not sure you can say Value engineered. If the LV has a bigger screen I would say it ties the original.

Seriously - don't mind him. He's an OG alien owner who is jealous of the new kid in town. Pathetic. And he has the old version with less features where it actually counts.....gameplay. But hey, it has duplicative screens!

Back to the purpose of this thread.....for those not always 100% kissing Spooky ___, there is no doubt the video assets thus far have been disappointing.

The good news is that Spooky is on top of it and I'm confident the clips will be enough. If they don't correct that, it would be a huge oversight. These guys know there Halloween from what I've seen thus far - I don't think they would let us down.

#2559 37 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Fortunately, everyone can have their own opinion.
And best thing in this case, yours means absolutely nothing to me ( and many, many others).
Spooky is impressing me and what I've seen so far looks pretty awesome. My opinion.
( apologies to Spooky for chiming in w another poster about HW Alien relative attributes in this thread....nonsense follows every time)

You can continue kissing up to Spooky all day - I could care less. Your opinion is meaningless, like background noise.

It's when you put down others for critiquing the game (topper for example - telling people to stop asking and talking about it) or say something outlandish about the new Alien pinball (b/c you're jealous) on a thread about Halloween! That's when I'll put you in your place - every single time.

In case that wasn't clear, now it is. Carry on.

#2568 37 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Some of your best stuff to date......
" my place" is what it is, but you have nothing to do with it, along with your "clear" purpose in this hobby.
You just don't get it...never will....people are different....I tolerate you w an occasional jab ...after that there's nothing more to discuss.
Convincing you to change your Avatar from a Doughboy for me to keep trying to help you w early Alien issues apparently gave you superpowers? Not so much.
How about this just stopping? You can have the last word, but easy on the insults and personal attacks...I'm in this thread for Halloween and Spooky...

Well, we’re both in this thread for Halloween - we can agree on that!

#2702 35 days ago

Man I had to catch up - thread is blowing up!

I’m the first to point out issues/concerns but the drama about the insert not being entirely lit is a little much. What will be a HUGE deal is if the videos don’t get in there but that takes time and they’ve already confirmed 19.

From experience of incorporating JP videos into the stern code and correcting the biggest issue in that game, it takes time. Spooky gets Halloween. They understand clips are necessary and I’m sure they will resolve the animator issue, if he believes otherwise. I’m still very excited and like what I see. You have to really enjoy Halloween to truly appreciate this one.

#2746 35 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Streamed actual gameplay today. Uploading to YouTube now. Game shoots really well. Animations are fine to me. Few rules need tweaked, combo exploit should be corrected. Game is tough but fun. Sorry didn’t talk much while playing if people want more explanation and stuff I can do another one sometime soon.

Great stream. Watching this now.

Edit - what in the world is that animation at 8:07. Sanitarium scoop is ready I believe. Man that is looking rough, especially Laurie.

#2755 35 days ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

That was a really nice stream man! Input was quality as well. We are brainstorming something fun for the Sanitarium while you are in House!
We pulled in the team on Sunday today to address the video assets. We have a concise plan to make them more accessible and at time where you can really watch and take it in! Only a fraction of what we do have has been implemented and we will be requesting more. You will see more than one major update before Halloween! I think part of the issue is that we thought the game was going to be easier and its actually pretty challenging to finish modes. Many of the clips come with finishing modes and major events as they were meant as a reward. Often times you don't see them unless you complete pretty lengthy modes. We have a lot of really cool ideas to alleviate the issue without taking any of the challenge away. Also as suggest we will be adding animations like bloody knives stabbing in etc. Overall I think everything you guys are after is on the agenda it's just going to take more time than we want it to.
As I said I am going to take a look at the insert and see what was intended and what my options are. Ill do my best for you guys.

Appreciate the feedback! Glad to hear.

#2757 35 days ago
Quoted from Otto110:

I really felt there was an issue with movie clips during all those hype appearances on various podcasts early on. Charlie claimed they butted heads with Moustapha Al Akkad’s son about movie clips in the game and stated Akkad had a vision for the game that didn’t include the whole movie running during gameplay. I think whatever Akkad envisioned was a mistake if it didn’t include a healthy selection of lengthy clips.
I got in on my first Spooky game because I love Halloween and I really like the spooky family, but I kinda knew what I was getting into.
Tommy’s stream made it look better. Really respect his opinion on all things pinball.
I guess if the original movie was a series of poorly animated scenes mixed with beautifully painted pictures of the characters cut and pasted in, it would have been a bigger hit.

I remember this as well. Charlie specifically said he wanted more video but what they ended up with actually worked even better.

I do think that it’s even more special when the clips are played vs having them looped nonstop but the current code just isn’t balanced yet (much more animation vs video). Good news is that more will be coming. I think if/when they add in more clips, maybe a little longer too and combined them with some improved/enhanced animations (some are good, some are bad and cheap looking), it will be the total package.

#2955 31 days ago

if anyone wants to trade their early/low Halloween spot for my low 300 one (and tax isn't charged to PA), PM me.

1 week later
#3185 23 days ago

I had the opportunity to play Ultraman at Helicon Brewery here in Pittsburgh. Shout out to Helicon as it continues to be the best place to play pinball in the nation. Yes I said it!

I'm not going to comment on Ultraman as a theme b/c I absolutely have no interest in it at all. I will say that the sling shot sound could be the most annoying sound I've heard in some time. It sounds like someone checking out items at Target. I haven't checked the Ultraman thread but I can't believe people wouldn't comment on this as it's that bad. Spooky - needs to be fixed.

More importantly, I was there to see how this game shoots. To keep this high level, it's an interesting shooter. It's like two games in one. It has flow for sure as the ramps feel good, orbits are fast but then the left side with the hedge shots and the two minis really slow it down. Quite honestly, I wasn't thrilled but I wasn't disappointed. It's unique. It will likely be a nice compliment to a shooter from stern but on it's own, if it was my only game, not so much. It definitely flowed better than other spooky games but again, I'm just not sure if the constant flailing on those mini pfs will get boring/frustrating after 400 plays.

I really liked that flip up shot to the 1st mini and I liked how the return ball on each inlane snuck up on you a little - very similar to how Michael is in the movie. That was cool although I would like the return from the mini to the flipper to be faster.

Code on the game - I'm not going to comment. It's ultraman but for me, it felt very very early. There is so much talk about the code right now and animations, I think we all agree, it needs to mature BIG time but confident Spooky is going to do it.

On a side note, this def felt like the most well made spooky game to date. I've played them all and this one felt great. I didn't notice insane shaking either of the glass which was good. The ball on the 1st mini did get jammed after it went behind the target and the vuk would shoot it up, hit the target down but the target didn't remain down. This pattern lasted until I turned the game off b/c the game was registering points each time the target was hit so ball search never went into effect. Spooky - fyi for a potential bug.

EDIT - I forgot to mention, I was able to get the ball from the top mini to the left drop ramp and that was very cool. I can see that working in well with Michael being shot and falling off the balcony.

#3244 23 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Send it directly to dnapac please!

And please stream it!

#3265 22 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

Liking what I am seeing with the new update. Some observations: The movie clips are still just a tad too short and seem to cut off at odd moments. Also Hoping they can do a little more with the house with lightning - looks good, but it’s on the screen way too much.

I noticed the odd cut off as well. Hedge mb seems like it cuts while the girl is speaking.

SpookyLuke - are you only allowed to use 6 seconds per clip Bc if so that might explain the cut off.

#3337 21 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Streamed the game today and uploaded to YouTube.

Awesome thanks for posting on YouTube

EDIT just a fantastic stream

1 week later
#3511 13 days ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

This guy is an idiot... "You've got the leaves on the shooter rods."
Thankfully, he has spared this forum his presence since deactivating his account in July. drfrightner

No one respects that guy. When he was active, he did some really shady things. Downvotes galore.

Kaneda should know better. Not a good look at all. He should really take that post down and distance himself big time. It's not helpful for anyone besides coming across like you're trolling.

#3541 12 days ago

Never heard of these thanks for the heads up. We’ll certainly check them out

#3594 8 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Have you played both machines? I realize I'm biased (as is the rest of this thread being a HWN thread), but that's a terrible idea.

I really enjoy Halloween kills. Much more like an old school Halloween movie although not as good as the original of course and there were things I def didn’t like about it but thank God they dropped the dumb humor. Not a fan of Michael fighting multiple people at once and prob the worst rendition of the main theme but I just loved the flashbacks to 1978 and brutal kills

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