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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

6 months ago

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#552 6 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I went Direct as It was a frantic frenzy that morning and I wanted to make sure I got one. Later I found out my local guy is a spooky Dealer. Oh well...next time.
I know they are doing 50 friends/family/licensee special orders first. I believe they are then doing 50 distros...then 50 direct. I should be in the first 50 direct if my math is right.

What is your order number from your confirmation email

#555 6 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

Early 113's....confirmed at 9:06am

Same here 11305

#562 6 months ago
Quoted from scruffypinball:

The order numbers last go around with RM were not correlated to position or game #....
Just FYI

I keep seeing people say this, but was that really the case? I know there were some VIPs and locations that got theirs early , as well as shipments out of the country that went out of order, but I thought other than that they were mostly in order, I know mine came about when it should have. Is there something I am missing?

1 week later
#765 5 months ago

Just got mine as well, 52, the email from Morgan said that numbers for direct sales started at 51

Order ID Number: 11305
Order Date: 07/07/21 9:03am

#776 5 months ago

I posted this in the next spooky pin thread, who wants to start a tracking sheet with game number, user, order method(direct/distro), order number, overseas flag, invoice date, delivery date?

#795 5 months ago

I am putting together a tracking sheet, please include

game number, username,Edition, invoice number (if spooky), who you ordered through, and US or overseas

#800 5 months ago

so, here is a work in progress. . .

spooky (resized).png
#805 5 months ago

taking a break now.

spooky (resized).png
#836 5 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

1231 all the way at the end

not quite, i have 1 after you so far

#918 5 months ago

so, .. . it looks like right about the 700's something funky starts happening with the Distro vs Spooky 50/50 alternation. Maybe im just hungover and not seeing something, but it looks like the pattern changes.

#943 5 months ago
Quoted from the_one:

I have seen current highest number 951.Does this mean out of 1250 Halloween st least 951 are CE‘s ?

957 so far.

#983 5 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Looks like that link may be broken
[quoted image]

fixed, sorry.

#1083 5 months ago

Fyi, I am Halloween 52, and haven't heard anything about butter or anything from spooky yet, so they probably still have some time left on the first 50 vip

2 weeks later
#1874 5 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Has anyone been asked about butter cab yet, meaning their order is getting close to ship? Been pretty quiet lately,,,

I am #52, (2nd non vip machine) and I haven't heard anything yet.

1 week later
#2129 4 months ago
Quoted from Morinack:

For anyone still curious on pin readiness dates I made this a while back.
There is also another doc elsewhere on this thread listing the reported numbers.
Note: Just noticed the formula for HWN CE < 1000 was broke. Better now.


1 week later
#2448 4 months ago
Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

I know many people have received their games. What number are we on?

We are still in the <50 vips. I am public sale 52 and have not heard anything yet

1 week later
#2513 4 months ago
Quoted from Morinack:

With R&M:
- received/returned the build sheet on 11/30/20
- received/paid invoice on 12/3/20
- BoD was 12/16/20
Only build option for these machines is butter.
Contact for butter decision is 3 weeks prior to build start. "Approximately 3 weeks before your game goes on the line"
So invoice should be darn close to the 3 weeks prior email.

I'm #52 and still no word.

#2516 4 months ago
Quoted from Damonator:

Your first contact will be from Squirrel asking if you want a butter cab or not. I’m kind of surprised you haven’t gotten that one yet.

Yeah me too. Also I need to get that part list from you for the gnr 2nd monitor.

#2562 4 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys. That's a bunch of stuff to unpack.
The code on the game is actually alot farther along than the version on the game kaneda played. That's on us we will put out an update right away. As far as the review all we can do is our best job and hope people enjoy our stuff. We are certainly looking to do the absolute best. This whole company has always been a journey and I don't think anyone would say we haven't continued to improve! If this one isn't for you that's OK and we will be doing our best to win you over in the future!
There are 19 movie clips approved in the game however most of at the beginning or end of a mode so unless you work your way through many of the 10+ modes you won't see them. We have some cool plans for this we will be working on in the month of October to make sure variety of clips and modes more accessible.
In general I would just say we are working on this stuff every day and everything takes time. We have a year of code ahead.
As far as some of the other requests we added LEDs to the topper this week. I will absolutely fix whatever I can. No worries guys.

Thanks for the update. This is the type of direct info that we are dying for. Any updates on production? How many have shipped?

#2593 4 months ago
Quoted from Morinack:

Keep in mind 70 units is split between both models.
Sounds like approx 50 Halloween and 20 Ultraman.
I would guess you will get the email next week at #78. Following week at the latest.

I'm #52, and still no call word yet.

#2832 4 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

6 games per day right now! I threw some updates in the previous halloween thread but the threads move so fast.

SpookyLuke Any idea when you should be getting to the general public builds 51-1250? I recall hearing that customers should get email for butter 3 week prior to their build. Based on the numbers you have hit already, some public build customers should be coming up very soon

#2836 3 months ago
Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

I know a few days ago Spooky said they were around 70 built. You all around 100 will probably be getting emails or calls soon. Me not so much.

Ty-Arnold Not quite. That is 70 between both games. I am 52 and haven't heard anything.

#2975 3 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I read on Facebook that Ultraman # 52 got his email yesterday....Things are progressing.

I am 52, . . . .no email yet.

#2981 3 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

My bad - it was #53 who posted on FB yesterday saying he got the email.

Also missed you said um . . I am Halloween 52

#3110 3 months ago
Quoted from finnflash:

The place near me is getting #45 this weekend I believe.

I still haven't heard anything about 52, I hope they aren't holding to their statement that you would be contacted for butter option 3 weeks prior to build

Here is the most recent tracking sheet


#3145 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

I don't have an exact figure on shipped but I know a pile are boxed up ready to go on a truck. We have made 70 games total between halloween and ultraman. We did 5 per day every day for the last 2 weeks and are going to do 6 per day this week. This will fluctuate up and down I'm sure with the occasional parts backorder or whatever comes up throughout the build. However we will steadily increase throughout. Overall like I said I believe the build is our best quality yet and that's pretty exciting! Our best layout to date and the smoothest shooter. It's also our most stable code to date with no resets and slim to no bugs. Those are 3 pretty good things right there! Now we look to keep making the code better and we can all obviously see how passionate the night mutilator is about making the best animations.

SpookyLuke not trying to be a pest. But you were at 70 on 9/18 and then assuming (low) 5 a day. Should be at
115 today between Halloween and ultraman. Are these evenly split? Has production slowed under 5 a day? I ask bc I am #52 and still have not heard anything yet for butter option, but based on these numbers my machine should already be built. I apologize if I am missing something.

#3181 3 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Not trying to be a pest, but....

Well I think it's great that we are getting some updates, but when the math starts to not make sense. I ask directly. If there is an issue. Or they need more test time, that's fine. I think we all just want to know when machines will start rolling out to us commoners. If I get a call tomorrow and then I am officially 3 weeks out
(Spookys words from email "Approximately 3 weeks before your game goes on the line you will get an email from the sales team asking to choose butter cabinet or no butter cabinet, shipping info, etc.") then that is fine. But for now. According to the numbers given. I should have had an email weeks ago. So I just keep asking politely and directly hoping that once it will be answered directly and I will be fine with whatever the answer is.

#3184 3 months ago

52 got my email from spooky this morning

#3194 3 months ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

Cool! Was it a "3 weeks out" email?

I did not say, Morgan did say that there would be a follow-up email with an invoice

#3195 3 months ago


We are beginning to gather the parts to manufacture your machine! Before your game is put on the line, we need to get final confirmation on a few things.

What type of cabinet you want (butter or regular)

Shipping information


If liftgate is needed

Contact person and phone number to schedule delivery

Warehouse receiving hours if shipping to a warehouse

Before we asked what specific add ons you would like for your game, but not any longer! Minus the butter cabinet, CEs come with all the in house add ons we offered before!

Unfortunately we no longer can do special requests/modifications. We have more games to build than ever before, and we don’t want to delay you any further!

IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR YOUR GAME YET, now is the time to tell us! We will not build your game if you are not ready, just please let me know!

Also,please let us know if you plan on picking up the game in person instead! We are here Monday-Thursday 7-5 CST to help you get loaded up! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out! And as always, thank you for supporting the love of pinball through us

#3227 3 months ago

Just saw on Facebook that 48, 49, and 50 were delivered today

#3400 3 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

So what number has hit the street?

The highest I have seen is 50 a few days ago 10/1 I believe.


#3489 3 months ago

Just received my invoice, and paid for number 52

#3502 3 months ago
Quoted from pldubya43:

Any update on where they are in the production line?

50 is the last one I have seen delivered. I got invoice for 52 yesterday

#3549 3 months ago

#52 showed up this morning.

20211013_120302 (resized).jpg
#3551 3 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

How long did it take to deliver after paying for it?

Options email 10/1
Invoice 10/7 paid same day
Shipped 10/11
Delivered 10/13

#3668 3 months ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

looks like they are using R&L carriers for me....Do they usually call and give you a heads up when they will be delivering?

I always request that they do, but it rarely happens. This time they called me and said they would be arriving in 2 minutes, then proceeded to take 30 mins to show up.

Edit, I guess you meant a call to schedule. Yes they do. I also ask for a call 30 minutes out since it is usually an 8 hour window.

1 week later
#3724 81 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I kept turning the volume down because I was getting some glass rattle from the bass. Having good bass on this title is good because of the jump out at you scene music really gives it good effect.
I already have an external sub kit that connects 5 pins to one sub so I might as well add this pin to it. I am going to back off the bass in the machine a tad and let the external sub do some of the lifting to reduce glass rattle and add the anti rattle tape.
It also seemed like the smaller speakers were trying to push bass out to and had some distortion because of it. I am going to look at that also. I want those speakers just handing mids and high range for clear speech.

Yeah, the Rattle was just as bad, if not worse than rick and morty. I have felt tape on rick and morty to fix the problem, decided to try the zip tie method on Halloween and it worked great

#3735 81 days ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

What's the zip tie method?

Cut the flat ends off zip ties. . . 6 pieces about 1.5 inches each . Place 3 on each side UNDER the slot the glass slides into. Between cabinet wood and the plastic glass channel.. One near back box, one near flippers, one in middle (on each side). Ill take pics when I get home.

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