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Spooky HALLOWEEN hype thread. Babysitters welcome.

By coasterguy

3 months ago

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#78 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

the layout looks really cool to me and I like the theme, but Im a bit worried this game is going to be a lot of stop and go. Not flowy. Theres a lot of scoops/locks. Would love to see someone actually playing it before pre ordering..

How can someone from Haddonfield be on the fence for this title?

#98 3 months ago

Of course one of the people who is always crapping on themes the minute they are announced by saying they need more blood, death, and dismemberment still hates something about this game.

#387 3 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

I am since I am in on the SE - I figured Id go SE and customize it the way I want.

I’m seeing stainless legs that look like knives and Colson’s Illusion Cherry powdercoat on the rails and speaker panel…maybe even a few drops of it GB-style at the top of each leg.

#406 3 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

I like what your saying here - where do I see Colson illusion cherry image?


Scratch build by Colsond3

#489 3 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:Agreed, and hopefully they got as much as they could.
Another interesting tidbit from the podcast was on the use of film clips and when they’d appear. Charlie wanted to use them more often, the IP holder less often. Charlie said less often was ultimately the right way to go because you don’t want to watch the Halloween movie over and over. I think we’ll be able to see a few key scenes at the right moments.
Bug mentioned that the last thing PJ Soles said after her recording was “Will everyone get to see my boobs?”
I guess time will tell.


4 weeks later
#1507 77 days ago

Just watched a few minutes of the early action--I like the quick entry to the nearest right upper playfield. I think there is too much R and G in the RGB lighting going on. The change from one color for a mood to the next is kinda jarring, but that can be adjusted as more people complain about it I don't think green lighting serves much for creating a spooky mood, so those instances should be less frequent.

#1677 74 days ago

Speaking of Stranger Things (as others mentioned it a few posts above), I enjoy the "Where's Barb?" mode and think it would be cool if the upper playfields had something similar going on where you're looking for Michael--or if you hit the wrong shot in an unrelated mode while in the upper playfield, he finds you. You, as the ball, then have to get the heck back down to the main level and hit some sequence of shots. If you really want to go all-in with the chase effect, failing to complete the sequence after a set amount of time could shut down the flippers and you're dead, ball drained.

#1702 73 days ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

My Operation Thunder does this when you run out of fuel, it does add to the tension but its pretty annoying all the same. Especially for people less skilled.

I'm not skilled, but think it would be an ok feature. There has to be some sort of hook to this game that accelerates your pulse rate beyond just shooting to build points without any care in the world. Might as well be Austin Powers or Flintstones if there's no fear of Michael Myers for at least some portion of game play.

#1794 71 days ago

The powdercoat colors available don't appeal to me and the topper with the knife slot could have something DIY'd with all of the licensed stuff out there for sale. The mod sellers will also have plenty of creative add-ons so the art blades and whatnot will be interesting as well. Sure, a base standard won't be as desirable, but these machines rarely stay totally stock. I don't see $2k worth of value when I would rather hand pick my machine's final look.

1 week later
#2134 59 days ago
Quoted from colonelmikey:

Anyone have a higher number than 916 or am I last in line? Maybe I get it before halloween 2022?

You aren't even close to the back of the line.

1 week later
#2332 52 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

Respect. That’s dedication - and here I am debating whether to drive only 2-1/2 hours…shame on me. I just need to find a truck or SUV - all I have is a sedan.

Rent a pickup truck or cargo van from Enterprise.

1 week later
#2511 39 days ago

This specualtion is tedious for a "hype thread".

#2525 37 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I think this time should be different since they have access to actual film cuts. First pin I think they have made with movie film cut access.
My Alien pin is a perfect example how good a pinball can be with lots of film cuts used while playing. It is amazing.

Just the ambient music before launching the ball sets an ominous mood. David Thiel did an excellent job on the sounds.

#2560 37 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

You can continue kissing up to Spooky all day - I could care less. Your opinion is meaningless, like background noise.
It's when you put down others for critiquing the game (topper for example - telling people to stop asking and talking about it) or say something outlandish about the new Alien pinball (b/c you're jealous) on a thread about Halloween! That's when I'll put you in your place - every single time.
In case that wasn't clear, now it is. Carry on.

I checked in on the new Alien thread for the first time since I sold my original version. It seems like they are having a lot of the same technical issues out of the box that plagued my machine--flippers randomly dying mid-game, Xeno pickup issues, code bugs. I'd still consider getting one since I enjoyed the modes and ambience, but then I remember the frustration that led me to sell it and I just don't miss it that much. I'll let someone else put one on location and play it that way.

#2599 36 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

I think the modders will come up with something for the balcony area, I know Medisinyl is waiting for his game to start working on them. Looks great from factory tho for sure

I wonder if a Game of Thrones premium/LE style facade covering is possible like how that game has upgraded castle walls for the upper playfield.

#2623 35 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I was going to get GNR but when Halloween was announced I was like - alright I’ll stray from a rock pin and just go for it since I love the original film so much . Halloween is different and I like that - I think the 2 mini upper playfields would be something fun and completely different to what I own now as I like variety in my home games. It has some cool stuff but is also missing some things that I like in games too. I may of just acted on FOMO and am now paying the price. This flip flopping is driving me nuts! Only myself to blame. It will be interesting to see how this turns out and which direction I go.

If it were reversed and you were in on GNR but wishing for Halloween the FOMO would be over GNR having constant multiball. You're probably going to regret whatever you choose.

#2627 35 days ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

I played GNR a few times at my distro and thought it was pretty damn cool. Then Halloween got announced.
I want to love Halloween…I really do. Just have my concerns…

Then sell your spot and move on to the next hype thread. This game will be for sale if you change your mind again.

#2735 35 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Streamed actual gameplay today. Uploading to YouTube now. Game shoots really well. Animations are fine to me. Few rules need tweaked, combo exploit should be corrected. Game is tough but fun. Sorry didn’t talk much while playing if people want more explanation and stuff I can do another one sometime soon.

This is my first clear view of the mis-sized insert. People losing their minds about that need to relax. It would be nice if it were sized properly, but that really isn't a huge deal-breaker. It's like "Negative Reinforcment" on early Ghostbusters pins.

#2769 34 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Another great place to include video assets outside of active playing time is in the return from the two upper playfields, into the subway and return to the flippers. Also, in attract mode or the scoop shots during return time. Would love to see clips shown at start of mode, when hitting lit shots in the mode as well as longer clips for completion as an award. I have faith that the developing code will make this game feel much more dynamic than it is at current version. Also…I hope there is a schoolyard bully hurry up mode in the works. :School bell rings like an alarm: “he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you he’s gonna get you” shoot the scoop to collect decreasing jackpot and various mystery awards. Best mystery’s awarded for quick completion.

I hate to keep referencing other titles, but clips at the start of modes in Alien really helped with immersion and setting the mood. Start the mode "that thing's gonna eat through the <gosh darn> wall". Fail the mode "here's your pen back". I only watched the two Alien movies once, but short clips like those were enough to get me immersed into the Alien setting and serve as quick transitions.

#2944 31 days ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

POTC should not be the "bar" for this.
Also - its not pinside pressure it is CUSTOMERS who have already purchased the game. People want movie clips in a movie pin.

I doubt there are more than 5 minutes worth of clips in Alien. They’re all just a few seconds worth of transitions or game mode/mood setup. I also doubt Fox was super carefree with their license. Also, clips of the actual Xenomorph? Maybe two or three total clips.

#3046 28 days ago
Quoted from manadams:

So much doom and gloom when very few have even played it and code is very early. You said it shoots like a dog in an earlier post, have you played it on location somewhere?

I read that line as saying GNR shoots like a dog.

1 week later
#3311 21 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Where are we at in life where 3-6 seconds is such a crisis?
And the $30 screen isn’t “true black” like their $3000 TV.
Honestly sometimes I just wanna throw in the towel. I don’t know how some people get through the day without having a some sort of hemorrhage with the minute things that worry them.
I tell you what - thank the lord I’m not in the pinball manufacturing business. There’s no pleasing half these f**ckers.

It's the same few people that buzz around the flavor of the minute threads pointing out little gripes, constantly stirring the pot yet they aren't even in on the game long-term. They just move on to the next game and cause a stir there too. Several of these people were doing the same act back when I had Alien. I haven't paid much attention to the new stuff since then, yet here they are still barely interested in a title yet yelling the loudest about its flaws.

#3469 18 days ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

This insert debate is like the Billy Ripken FF baseball card. Once they fix it, the rare ones will be all everybody wants.

It will be like "Negative Reinforcment" on early GB Pro's. No one pays extra for that and anyone who doesn't feverishly listen to every bit of pinball-related drama would have to have the issue pointed out to them for it to be noticed. Even several posters in this thread admitted they didn't notice it until it was mentioned.

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