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** The Next Spooky Pin(s) **

By sataneatscheese

2 years ago

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Post #1125 Great outline of different types of buyers. Posted by mrclean (1 year ago)

Post #6466 First release video Posted by Borygard (1 year ago)

Post #7251 Led strip explanations Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #9021 Spooky interview on podcast. July 12, 2021 Posted by ZMeny (1 year ago)

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#1 2 years ago

Edit December 2022: Spooky reveals the next game is going to be Scooby Do!

Edit July 2021: Spooky pulls a surprise double reveal and launches the incredible looking Halloween and Ultraman ON THE SAME DAY!

Which Pin(s) will Spooky reveal next time!

Original Post: As a happy Spooky customer and FANG club member, I am looking forward to seeing what they have on offer for 2021. Rick and Morty production seems to be catching up after being shut down for months over COVID. If they are in the 440s now (out of 750) and building 15 per week, that would imply they are on track to meet their goal of getting all 750 games out within 18 months of announcement, despite the great dumpster fire of 2020. Spooky confirmed there would be a Total Nuclear Annihilation 2.0 in a standard body pin some day https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/gnr-standard-gameplay-celts-gameplay-charlie-emery-talks-clear-coats-new-cgc-game-coming-soon-twip-11-2-20/. If Spooky wraps up production of Rick and Morty sometime in June, that would imply they would be ordering parts for games sometime in the next few months, and making an announcement and taking orders sometime in May or June. So the question is… what will Spooky announce? If they did TNA 2.0 immediately and were making 15 per week, they would make 450 by the end of the year. I’m not sure there is enough demand to keep that game on the line for 6 months as there are already 550 in the wild (it’s a great game BTW). In any case, Spooky would need to announce a new game sometime in 2021 to keep games on the line. This begs 3 questions:

1. When will Spooky announce their next game that may or may not be TNA 2.0?
2. What do you think Spooky’s next game will be if it is not TNA 2.0?
3. What do you want Spooky’s next game to be?

Edit: Topic title changed to make more sense long term.

Edit 2021 0629- Next game announced is Haloween!!! What game comes after Haloween?

#2 2 years ago

1. May
2. Scooby Do's Haunted House Party
3. Weird Al's Polka Party

1 month later
#75 1 year ago

As Spooky continues to fill out their run of Rick and Morty Machines, it looks more and more likely SPOOKY will be doing TNA 2.0 next. Danesi has said that he is updating the code for 2.0, and will drop new code along with it's release that will work on the first run machines already produced, so a huge code update is coming up... yay Danesi, yay Spooky!

Danesi TWIP quote from Just Another Pinball Podcast:
Scott Danesi: I have some big things planned for when TNA gets rerun. So I have been working on the software. And when TNA rerun happens, I am going to launch code for that game which is also backwards compatible with existing machines. Everyone wins…the TNA games that come out, the remake ones are going to be wired the same way, they will have the same computers in them. They will be as same as possible to the originals, because I want the code to run on [both].

As a TNA owner, I'm excited to see how my game changes.

However, we are still no closer to knowing what the next Spooky game after TNA 2.0 is.

They obviously had a hit with Rick and Morty, but I don't know what could be next for them that they could possibly get that would get that kind of reception. I think it more likely that they will do another horror theme, but still have no idea.

Does the rumour mill have any ideas?

2 weeks later
#108 1 year ago

It's not too much to go off of, but Ben Heck, who designed Spooky's first game, dropped in on the Deeproot thread and is screenshotted below. I read this to be that Spooky's next game is not Ben Heck's, and that it has killer art. It is not much to go off of, but it's something... Hello Kitty Island Adventure Confirmed!

Capture (resized).PNG
1 month later
#280 1 year ago

No way Spooky is doing Scooby-Doo. Back when we were guessing Rick and Morty the internal name was Scott Danesi Haunted House Party, or SDHHP. This turned into the rumor of Scooby-Doo Haunted House Party... which is where I think this is coming from...

#365 1 year ago

Do we know who is making the next Spooky Pin?

1 week later
#522 1 year ago

Message from Spooky!

#531 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Message from Spooky!

Notice they said 2021 games... plural!

#533 1 year ago
Quoted from onemilemore:

Noticed that as well, but kinda thinking they just mean multiple copies of a single title? Hope not though!

They have confirmed they will do a TNA 2.0, a rerun of TNA in a full sized cabinet. Perhaps this and their all new pin will both be available this year.

#576 1 year ago
Quoted from Hypercoaster:

On the Youtube video comments, Spooky clarified that the clue was "Stacked and loaded".

Spooky Guy Fieri pin confirmed!

Screenshot_20210504-210917_Chrome (resized).jpg
#591 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

In case Spooky hasn't been paying attention. Evil Dead themed pin would sell like hotcakes. Make it so

As enjoying the Robocop pin made me go watch Robocop, so the Evil Dead movie will make me watch Evil Dead. As someone who has not watched any of them, which one should I watch?

#638 1 year ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

Didn't anyone else catch the real clues?
It's Beetlejuice, like I have been saying for a year.

Seriously... present your evidence.

#788 1 year ago

With Sterns Madalorian dropping today and Spooky finishing out production in their promised 18 months with the last pins rolling out the door in the next 45 days (guess) I think the next Spooky reveal is rapidly approaching.

I would be shocked if we did not have a new game reveal by July 4th.

With that said, I fully expect the next Spooky game to sell out day 1. With G&R CE selling out instantly and Mandalorian LEs selling out before they were even publically revealed, I forsee getting the next Spooky pin being like trying to get Comic Con tickets:

#806 1 year ago
Quoted from Zambonilli:

Fallout 76 has a DLC pack called "Locked and Loaded". One could dream right!?!

#977 1 year ago

Take it for what it is worth.

Screenshot_20210515-173429_Chrome (resized).jpg
#1239 1 year ago
Quoted from oneballjab:

It’s easy to say 750 is the magic number when you was one of the 750. I wonder how many of you would be singing that same tune if you’d missed out.
Fingers crossed I’ll be saying 1000 is the magic number to some poor Pinsider who missed out in a couple of weeks when I’ve got an order in for my dream theme Haha

Spooky made it easy enough that even I got one. It was and is my only NIB pinball purchase.

#1647 1 year ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Nobody gonna talk about this?[quoted image]

Based off of the Spooky photo tease, of things that sound possible I would say Army of Darkness is most likely to be a fit. I am guessing that grey is either castle wall or chainsaw blade, and either would fit.

#1663 1 year ago

Pinside rocks.

5atcf2 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2128 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Just another [REDACTED] day at Spooky!
[quoted image]

Confirmed! Ben Heck doesn't read his emails.

#2157 1 year ago

Spooky, we know you lurk here. Please announce when you have finished shipping out Rick and Morty and stay weird.

#2282 1 year ago
Quoted from Mitoska:

How about Logan's Run. That's from my collection of RCA selectavision discs. Pre laser disc technology
[quoted image]

This movie is amazing. I am a Millenial, and this movie is fantastic as a comedy. I challenge anyone to sit through the soundtrack off of youtube for 20 minutes.

Just because you can make electronic sound effects does not mean you should.

#2392 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

When is the reveal happening?

This summer

#2477 1 year ago

Please... please.... please... be Weird Al's Polka Party.

#2575 1 year ago

Spooky should have a contest. Whoever guesses it right first will have a shot to buy their next pin at the front of the line. Winner only announced on game reveal. Costs Spooky nothing and gets hype going.

#2659 1 year ago

It could be Scooby Doo, but lets go back and look at a little history.

The following image is real and was posted to Spooky's facebook 2 years ago. This is the prototype for Rick and Morty. The initials on the whitewood were SDHHP, or Scott Danesi's Haunted House Party. This warped into the game being a cover for Scooby Do's haunted house party.

Old Sauce.


SD (resized).jpg
#2769 1 year ago
Quoted from oopsallberrys:

I would much rather a Gerbil theme starring Lemmiwinks

I can hear the song in my head without even playing it.

#2858 1 year ago

New He Man Announced

#3059 1 year ago


Stacked and loaded is not a reference to the title/theme of Spooky's next game, but as their status in manufacturing it. I am guessing that Spooky already made a containerful, stacked and loaded them into a shipping container(s), and shipped them by boat to Australia. The idea being to have games ready to go launch day in Australia while they also make and get games ready for launch day in the USA. Australia might have 30/60 games in/near Australia for launch day and be stockpiling a bunch (100ish) for launch day here in the USA. They would still only be able to fill demand so fast after that, but I stand by my guess as to what Stacked and Loaded means.

#3067 1 year ago
Quoted from Chet_Hardbody:

does the blues brothers hold up for millennials? Been meaning to watch it but it's a bit before my time.

Millennial here:


I'd put it in the everybody needs to watch it at least once category.

#3157 1 year ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:I was upset (and still am) when they dumped the Double Decker Tacos... Had to eat them immediately for the crunch, but something amazing about those.

I too miss the double decker taco, but I am still mad they never sent me my rocky and bullwinkle hat.

1 week later
#3586 1 year ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Spooky doesn't go back to old titles. Acnc was a fluke because a distributor did something weird. Doubt tna2.0 Is in the cards, looks like Scott has moved on I'm sure

TNA 2.0 is in the works.

Direct quote from the games designer from the TNA thread.

tns2.0 (resized).png

Edit: I'm not saying its the next game on the line, but that it is coming some day. Charile did an interview mentioning it that Danesi references, but I don't have a link. I think it was the Super Awesome Pinball Show.

#3677 1 year ago

I wonder how this will compare to G&R and Mando?

#3680 1 year ago
Quoted from proco:

Well ok, here you go.
Notes and observations:
- I only put the upper playfield in the cut out area where I can see it, but to make sense it should go all the way to the right side and top right corner.
- On every major shot, there seeesm to be a small round insert, some arrow and then this weird cross insert.
- There seems to be an above-surface opto on the right behind the drop target.
- The only thing that makes sense for me on the center shot is a ramp, because otherwise the ball would have nowhere to go.
- The lights in front of the center drop target bank looks like a face ( o_o )
The placement of most posts and metal guides is just speculation because there aren't any visible holes. Also I didn't bother with applying the correct textures to all the components.
[quoted image]

First of all, very nicely done!

Second, the angled inserts in the middle look like they could correspond with thrasher claws... like Wolverine or Freddy Krueger so... my money is on Nightmare On Elm Street.

#3681 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

First of all, very nicely done!
Second, the angled inserts in the middle look like they could correspond with thrasher claws... like Wolverine or Freddy Krueger so... my money is on Nightmare On Elm Street.

Or maybe those slanted inserts could represtent climbing stairs to reach the top of a Haunted House... Hiding and running from monsters? Hit the scoop to get to where the person is? Game play could represent Scooby Do as well.

#3729 1 year ago

Admit it, you'd be proud to add this to your lineup.

tb (resized).jpg
#3739 1 year ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Close, the right upper playfield is actually two different playfields. I’m guessing with a short ramp between them.

Maybe a Jump Ramp... Robo Cop Style!

#3758 1 year ago

Spooky! We know you are reading these! Can you pop in and eliminate one pin theme? Even if it is just telling us it is not My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic?

#3856 1 year ago

A new Haloween trailer just dropped so.. maybe this?

#3863 1 year ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

Every 10 pages this thread circles around to the.... Ahhhh nevermind.

We gotta speculate on something.

My condolences on Edwin.

#3903 1 year ago

I’ve seen a lot of questions on this so here you go:
Timeline of Rick and Morty Release and Tease:
December 4th, 2019: Rick and Morty Pinball teaser is dropped by Spooky on Youtube. Complete surprise on theme.

December 12th, 2019, Spooky Pinball releases photo of underside of playfield https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rick-amp-morty-pinball-from-spooky/page/39#post-5349623
December 15th, 2019, Spooky announces sales open at 9 A.M central on 12/16/2019 on Spooky’s web page for Fang club members. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rick-amp-morty-pinball-from-spooky/page/51#post-5354932
December 16th, 2019 Spooky shows a couple small play video before sales go live.

December 16th, 2019, Spooky sells out in 4 hours!

#3947 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

what is your point exactly? these are unsold games, not newly built games.

Disagree on this one. If you look at the "More Better video" you can clearly see ACNC on the line.

It is my understanding that they sold out of ALMOST all of these in the original run. They promised a max of 500 I think. They had a few spare parts left around and did a line of another 50 or so with what they had on hand to keep the line moving while they put together, tweak, and prepare to reveal their latest pin.

With that said, I am not an official source on any of this and am not affiliated with Spooky in any way (although I am an official member of their Fang club!).

#4197 1 year ago

They are going to sell out in 2 hours this time.

#4277 1 year ago
Quoted from mrclean:

I don't think it will be a Huckleberry Hound pin.

You know what... I'd be all over a Huckleberry Hound pin.

#4509 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys in general we are interested in doing the titles you guys want the most. Don't be afraid to shoot me an email at [email protected] with your dream theme title or top 3. Helps tremendously with us choosing the right titles for you.

RIP your inbox.

#4894 1 year ago

Here you go Kaneda!

Screenshot_20210629-185549_Chrome (resized).jpg
#4912 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

But wait what if this game has 2 themes? Other theme could be dropped any time I bet...

... RAZA?

#5097 1 year ago

I think the second pin in the same package, be it 1 game with 2 themes or 2 separate tables is brilliant. I have though pinball companies should have been doing this for a while. Take one pin with a good layout and make it with 2 niche but polarizing themes. Something like Futurama with a Matrix reskin.

#5101 1 year ago

Here is another question.

Spooky has announced there will be a limited number of these pins produced. Lets say Spooky says 1,000 pins, which would be a reasonable estimate as to what the could complete in a year (made up number considering increased production capacity they just finished). Would the 1,000 pins they are producing be inclusive of both themes? So if Spooky is making Halloween and My Little Pony (place holder for second theme), Spooky might make 600 Halloween and 400 My Little Pony. It would be interesting to see which pin sells better over time. It would put to rest the arguments I have seen over and over about which themes are better and answer the question as to whether theme matter when gameplay is good.

#5178 1 year ago
Quoted from Thenewguy1337:

Agreed I would pay 10k collectors edition price for a Futurama. Freaking Bender call outs 100% gold! Bite my shiny metal ass multiball.


#5318 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

I have a few CED discs. Nice wall hangers. As are LDs

Never had a player but great on the wall.

Maybe next pin will be one of these.

20210630_182107 (resized).jpg
#5328 1 year ago
Quoted from fnord:

Sweet Franzettas'

Those are not real Frazettas! My dad was a fan and painted those in High School!

#6507 1 year ago

OMG spooky knocks it out of the park. Even the topper is unique!

#6562 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

If so it'll be in PinballSTAR's booth... we are working on it with Spooky - it's up to them at this stage... Fingers Crossed !!!
Joe / PinballSTAR
[email protected]

Won't be for sale but my Rick and Morty will be there on freeplay.

#7101 1 year ago

Thread title changed because now we have Spooky doing double pin drops!

#7125 1 year ago

I doubt it will effect day 1 pin sales, but I wonder what effect hardcore Ultraman collectors in Japan will have on second hand Ultraman prices?

#7127 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I agree with all of your reasoning, but I also think there are those that feel like they missed out on Rick & Morty. I'm wondering if that fear alone will makeup for the extra supply.

I think Ultraman will sell out day 1, but Haloween may have spots open for months.

#7168 1 year ago

Which pin will sell out first? Ultraman or Halloween?

My money is on Ultraman selling out day 1... and early.

#7174 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Don't mean to pick on you here, however read it many times that one will "sell out" before the other. We all do realize one is 500 qty, while the other is 1250. 2.5 times the amount so yea let's go way out on that limb and say Ultrman will sell out before Halloween

Totally agree with you. However, If both pins were an unlimited run, I would think that Halloween would ultimately sell more pins than Ultraman.

I am 100% rooting for Spooky but I will be pleasantly surprised if Spooky sells all of the Halloween pins by the end of the month.

#7228 1 year ago

I wonder which game was designed first? Is Halloween a reskin of Ultraman, Ultraman a reskin of Halloween, or was it designed with both in mind?

#7480 1 year ago

Place your bets!


Spooky sells out of Ultraman at 12:37 p.m. EST today.
Spooky sells out of Halloween at 4:24 p.m. EST today.

In this case "sells out" is defined as no longer available Spooky direct from their website.

#7492 1 year ago

I think Spooky will sell out prior to gameplay reveal because lots of people who may be interested in it will put down a deposit knowing they can probably sell the deposit for a profit or atleast get their money back after gameplay footage is revealed. Also, as you can get 1 of each pin, I am guessing that some folks buy both with the intent on deciding which one they like and selling the other when it arrives.

#7498 1 year ago

They will sell a large portion of their pins almost instantly. When I bought my Rick and Morty, I was refreshing right at release time, ordered immediately (within minutes of it being available for sale) and would up with pin 373 of 750, so that is 1/2 within minutes. I had a great experience ordering from Spooky direct, but I'm sure ordering through a distributor would work great too.

#7534 1 year ago


Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

After 6 months maybe...but you can buy from distributors for weeks after the Spooky store “sell out” The fomo here is a bit manufactured. You want to bite the bullet soon but I think the whol F5 F5 F5 thing is unnecessary

Maybe, but the earlier you order one, the sooner it is in the production queue. With 18 months to build all of these, if you wait a bit and manage to get one from a distributor down the line you might be opening the box to play it in time for... Saint Patrick's day 2023.

#7543 1 year ago
Quoted from wackenhut:

how many ultramans are allocated to the US market?

All of them (500)

#7590 1 year ago

Meanwhile, in the Spooky server room.

Flaming (resized).jpg
#7620 1 year ago

Drop your order number here and confirmation time.

#7644 1 year ago

For posterity.

Spooky SHop (resized).png
#7684 1 year ago
Quoted from John-Floyd:

Order confirmed at 9:06am and I received the confirmation email as well…Didn’t say in the email what #machine I got? Will that info be headed my way once sales are complete?

When I ordered Rick and Morty, the confirmation email had an order number. I did not find out what #machine was alloted to me until a few days after. The lower your order number, the earlier your machine is built.

#7852 1 year ago
Quoted from Selig:

Wow, that was an adrenaline filled hour. #11688 at 10:01am central

Okay... if they are at order 11688 and started at around order 11250, the order number someone said they had on their fang club membership last night that would imply about... 438 sold so far.

Since 1750 total between the two are being made and 1/2 of those are going to distributors, that would imply 875 were reserved for the website.

In other words, an hour in and Spooky has sold 1/2 their stock allotted to their website already despite the site issues and people bailing to order to distributors.

#7888 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Aren't the BSE's also #'d? Or am I wrong?

They were for Rick and Morty. We got an email with our BSE number a few days after ordering R&M.

#7915 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Place your bets!
Spooky sells out of Ultraman at 12:37 p.m. EST today.
Spooky sells out of Halloween at 4:24 p.m. EST today.
In this case "sells out" is defined as no longer available Spooky direct from their website.

O man... it looks like Spooky may actually beat my prediction!

#7973 1 year ago

Congrats Spooky!

spooky marketshare (resized).png
#7978 1 year ago
Quoted from Damonator:

Haha - I think we helped you guys with your market research.
Next release: Army of Darkness/Scooby Doo
Which means I might have to buy both!

I got one better for you...
Army of Darkness/Scooby Doo/Weird Al's Polka Party

#8046 1 year ago
Quoted from metallik:

All gone![quoted image]

Thank goodness! Now we can get back on point. What is Spooky going to drop on us in 2022?

#8054 1 year ago
Quoted from Mando:

Had 12:58 ? That was pretty damn close lol !!

Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Place your bets!
Spooky sells out of Ultraman at 12:37 p.m. EST today.
Spooky sells out of Halloween at 4:24 p.m. EST today.
In this case "sells out" is defined as no longer available Spooky direct from their website.


#8121 1 year ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Told the wife we bought both, lol.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

It's been a pleasure knowing you.

#8334 1 year ago

So what's next for Spooky in 2022? My money is on an Army of Darkness/ Scooby Do Combo.

#8366 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

A little birdie just informed me that Halloween will be at the Allentown Pinfest show on 7/30 and 7/31! This is great news!

Can't wait to try it!

I'll be bringing my Rick and Morty to Freeplay as well (not for sale) for anyone who wants to try it too!

#9033 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Castlevania would offer more depth than Contra. It's also been a more consistent game series and had an excellent adaptation on Netflix.
Also better music.


But the T.V. show didn't have any of the original Konami music!

#9036 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Pinball machines based upon video games are a terrible idea. It's been tried in the past and they've always sucked donkey ass.
You people should know better!

But when was the last pinball machine based upon a video game released?

#9043 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

But when was the last pinball machine based upon a video game released?

Quoted from lpeters82:

Has there been one since Street Fighter II?

Had to look it up. Big Buck Hunter and Roller Coaster Tycoon technically count.

vg (resized).png
#9182 1 year ago
Quoted from Damonator:

If Spooky made it and it was amazing, it would sell well because Spooky is now a trusted and well-respected brand.
But if it were from an upstart company (Deeproot, Zidware, Suncoast, Skit-B)? Yea, I agree - it would probably fail.
In general I agree with you though - having licensed content that people recognize sells more games.

That is an excellent point. I wonder how these exact games would have sold from another smaller manufacturer that has proven themselves not to be vaporware.

For example, if American Pinball released the Halloween/Ultraman combo in this exact package at this exact price would it have sold out instantly?

#9184 1 year ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

When do we turn our attention to the NEXT next Spooky game(s)? Ultraman and Halloween have their own threads now.
Well, I do get that they are still "next" right now, and that their concurrent release is a special thing. Carry on!
Just want to get the Beetlejuice hype started back up, I guess.

You mean Beetlejuice/Weird Al's Polka Party right?

#9241 1 year ago

Do we think Spooky will release TNA 2.0 before announcing any other games?

#9243 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Do we think they are going to release more info on HWN/UMN before announcing TNA2.0?


As a reminder we went through the same thing on Rick and Morty. It was Christmas Week before they showed gameplay footage other than a 3 minute standing by the machine walkthrough released the morning sales went live.

#9389 1 year ago
Quoted from insight75:

Joe said he likes me best and is going to put me at #1.....

Quoted from PinballSTAR:

You're going to get me killed with shit like that - lmao too funny - thanks for the laugh !

Spooky should send the

Quoted from benheck:

I would love to pay to get the art redone just to spite Kaneda
Though it's still better than Oktoberpuke.

Quoted from Cheeks:

Meh...I actually agree with a lot of his takes, but I don't get the hate the art gets in this game. I think it's totally on-brand with what it was trying to be at the time. I heard your interview on his show and the comments about the worst art package ever. AMH isn't even in the team photo of the worst art packages. It's not Zombie Yeti level art, obviously, but it also wasn't trying to be (and frankly probably never wanted to be).
Can't wait to see what you have in store for your next game, Ben. As you described, the playfield magic has me salivating. Someone get me a napkin!

Quoted from joetechbob:

I actually think it looks pretty good. How much of the art did you do Ben? I see you and Kevin Hill on art...Looks like Kevin did the backglass: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24378055/Backglass-Art-Americas-Most-Haunted-Pinball

I present to you the greatest art package ever... Last Action Hero

LAH3 (resized).jpgLAH5 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9750 1 year ago

With Ultraman coming to the booth at Pinfest on Friday/Saturday with a presume roadwarrior trip on Thrusday, I am guessing we will see some sort of reveal stream on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Can't wait Spooky!

#9989 1 year ago

It's at pinfest if you want to try it courtesy of spooky and pinball star. 1 ball per player so the line moves fast.

20210730_160158 (resized).jpg
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3 weeks later
#10350 1 year ago

Okay Spooky, it's time. Bring us the Weird Al's Polka Party, or WAP for short.

I'll bring it up every month here until it happens.

We want Al!

We want WAP!

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2 months later
#10397 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

The next game is one of the titles discussed in this thread. If that narrows it down lol

My money is on the next game on the line being a re-run of TNA for a few weeks while final items are ironed out on the next game.

1 month later
#10462 1 year ago

I'm really hoping for a rerun of Total Nuclear Annihilation after Spooky is done cranking out all the Ultraman and Halloweens before their next game. I've heard that they will be rerunning it in a standard sized cab. I rotated a TNA through my basement and miss it. Rick and Morty is the better overall package but TNA may be the better game from a standalone point of view. Still loving my Rick and Morty.

#10463 1 year ago

Come on Spooky... you know Weird AL would do great callouts.and has a huge catalogue to pull from. I want a multiball song!

Screenshot_20220122-074139_Chrome (resized).jpg
#10470 1 year ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Deadflip (JD) works for Stern. “Stern Pinball” is literally linked in the screen grab. Al is playing a Stern pin.
You do realize this has nothing to do with Spooky, right?

100%. However, this was posted by Deadflip before he was a Stern employee.

For what it is worth, I went to school in Lubbock Texas. One of the local high schools had a teacher that had apparantly dated Weird Al a few decades earlier (so the rumour goes). She used to tell her students about how he was charming and about how he had pinball machines at his house.

4th hand anecdote.

Regardless, I think Weird Al would make a great pin, he'd do great callouts, and his silly nature fits very well with the Spooky mantra.

We love Al!

2 weeks later
#10515 12 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

So when is TNA 2.0 coming? I would love to get my hands on one for sure.

Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Hopefully never. Isn’t it more exciting to see what Spooky could do NEXT instead of putting TNA in a full size cab? Yawn. Give me…Friday 13th, Army of Darkness, Scooby Doo…something NEW!

I can see Spooky making 2.0 "Between" releases. Finish out the Halloween/Ultraman build, switch over to building TNA 2.0 while announcing that they will be making Weird Al's Pinball Party (WAP) / Futurama. This gives them time to build TNA 2.0 while polishing code and letting Weird Al finish his custom callouts.

3 weeks later
#10609 11 months ago

Whelp, Multimorphic scooped Weird Al out from Spooky so my pin dollars are reserved now, but I could see moving something for a TNA 2.0.

1 month later
#10688 9 months ago
Quoted from zebpin61:

As much as I'd like to have a TNA, I'm not a fan of "going back to the well" even though the game is a success. While a money maker for the mfr it dilutes the special status for the lucky owners of the original. Everyone may want one - but like those trophies for showing up - it undermines the future for the "sport" or business. There's something special about the FINITENESS of things... Okay, I guess I'm going to get strafed for this position.

I'm with you on this idea, but the other Spooky pins were all advertised as limited with the owner swearing up and down, "they'd never make another Rick and Morty". This was never said on TNA 2.0 and there are even interviews with a few people from Spooky where they talk about making another run of these. There is nothing about the TNA machine that is "limited". The other machines? Yeah... limited.

1 month later
#10834 7 months ago

TNA 2.0 confirmed(ish) in the TNA club.

TNA 2.0 (resized).png
#10844 7 months ago

I think a run of TNA 2.0 is likely between game announcement and next game delivery to give the code more time to mature and make easy money.

3 weeks later
#10954 6 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

This is 100% correct.

I miss my TNA. You did a great job with that one Scott... be proud.

1 month later
#11066 5 months ago
Quoted from Good-Times:

Where did the Scooby rumours originate from? This was a strong rumour for release before Halloween/UM was announced, so I wouldn't be getting my hopes up. Is it the BTTF of Stern?

In early 2019 with the original whitewood for Rick and Morty.
https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/for-sale-rick-and-morty-whitewood-jankywood#post-6518650 .

Back when Scott Danesi was working his second whitewood for Spooky, he'd have people come over and play, and people really wanted to know the theme. He got tired of asking, and started calling it "Scott Danesi's Haunted House Party. This got shortened to "SDHHP" in a few posts, and then people started guessing that SDHHP really stood for Scooby Do's Haunted House Party.

It is also a theme that would really work for Spooky and alot of people want it, so the rumour continues.

SDHHP (resized).jpg

Edit to add:


Specifically post 179... in Maide 's dream.

1 week later
#11355 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

If pinball machines depreciated at the same rate as pool tables, this would be a much different hobby.

Pool tables... the only hobby where moving and trading is even harder than Pinball.

#11358 5 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Pool tables... the only hobby where moving and trading is even harder than Pinball.

Quoted from cooked71:

Luckily you only need one.

Quoted from SLRage:

True. Pinball machines are like Pringles

So... when I got my Pool Table refelted I talked to the guy doing it for about an hour on Pool table stuff. I asked about the most outlandished setups he'd seen, and he talked about someone with multiple pool tables in his house. Apparantly Snooker Tables and Pool Tables are different. The guy had a 9 foot pool table AND a 12 foot Snooker Table... that was heated. Why on earth do you need a heated pool table? Apparently the uniform temperature makes the ball roll more consistently.

I meant to say it will be interesting to see if Spooky sells out instantly. Do you guys think Spooky will sell all 250 today?

#11365 5 months ago
Quoted from Nightmare:

What time does the sell go live?

Boom! It's Live

TNA (resized).png
#11374 5 months ago
Quoted from zermeno68:

The best pin is the one you play. I was really stressing comparing TNA with TSPP. In the end I wanted a game that is fast and brutal.
Did not desire to add another deep, long ball time game. I’ve got MET and recent added Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE) along with Star Wars.
It’s refreshing to have a simple addicting game that is hard to beat. Cannot wait to show my kids this pin!!

Quoted from zermeno68:

Sometimes after long day working and caring for my 2 month old… I just want to play 10 minutes of fun.
TNA fits that bill!!!

Heck yeah! I put TNA in the same category as Flash Gordon, Dracula, and F-14... nut kickers that are great for a quickie!

#11403 5 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Average recession is 12-18 months…4-5 years is a long depression…if that really happens…there will be no pinball players…even Stern. All money will go to pure survival…no one here knows how it is in a true depression. I pray that doesn’t happen.

Ture... but the type of people buying NIB pins will be the last people to have to make sacrifices to buy beans and rice.

2 months later
#11760 63 days ago
Quoted from LouMatt:

I would think they would announce the next title sometime this month...so they can make and start shipping them in January. I guess we will see soon enough.

Man it seems like they just announced Ultraman/Haloween. But looking back on it that was July 2021. R&M was announced December 2019... 18 months earlier. 18 months after Ultraman would be... January. I don't see them announcing around Christmastime, but I could be surprised. R&M came out of left field. Stern might announce something new in January. Come to think of it... I give it a 75% chance Spooky announces something in the next 2 months... say by 30 January.

#11784 63 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Lots of cluesless people that say all sorts of ridiculous things on here. It would be a Christmas miracle if we were blessed with a release before the new year. Unfortunately, speculation without any actual proof given is just that...speculation. So many people on here think they have inside information, only to find out they're completely wrong.

Quoted from LouMatt:

I would think they would announce the next title sometime this month...so they can make and start shipping them in January. I guess we will see soon enough.

Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Man it seems like they just announced Ultraman/Haloween. But looking back on it that was July 2021. R&M was announced December 2019... 18 months earlier. 18 months after Ultraman would be... January. I don't see them announcing around Christmastime, but I could be surprised. R&M came out of left field. Stern might announce something new in January. Come to think of it... I give it a 75% chance Spooky announces something in the next 2 months... say by 30 January.

Rumor is new theme announced today, 3 December. Possibly the last time for guesses. I'm tapped out, but hoping for Scooby-Doo.

Screenshot courtesy of Kanedas facebook.

Screenshot_20221203-050509_Facebook (resized).jpg
#11786 63 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

As always he’s just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks. I’m not convinced that there will be an announcement today

Yes but Spooky is stiring the pot today too.


#11788 63 days ago

I just missed it.

Come on Harry Potter!

#11871 62 days ago

Hope it rocks! Will it have an optional scooby snack dispenser in lieu of a knocker?

#11921 59 days ago

Spooky should be launching something June 2024 now. Wonder what it will be?

#11946 58 days ago

I will say that Scooby Doo has been kicking ass on licensing recently.

Rick and Morty: 9/10 Niche license that a dedicated fanbase loves.

Halloween/Ultraman: 8/10 Not my cup of tea but horror fans ate it up. Not exactly a ton of horror pins to choose from these days. Ultraman was niche, but they kept numbers low on it.

Scooby Doo: 10/10 Has a huge fan base and appeal.

Compare that to JJP in the time period:

Guns and Roses: 9/10 people love the band and it's popular

Toy Story 4: 5/10 Just toy story 4? No 1/2/3?


Godzilla: 10/10 Full assets

Rush: 6/10 They have assets, but it is a less popular band

Bond: 7/10 Great theme, but assets seem lacking

American Pinball:

Hotwheels: 5/10 They have full assets from... the youtube show no-one has heard of?

Legends of Valhalla: original theme, doesn't count


Weird Al: 7/10 Niche theme, but good assets

3 weeks later
#12110 37 days ago

Found in the depths of pinside... A Pinball Machine Mockup from a Spooky Employee!

Shaq Presents... NBA JAM is officially on the RADAR boys!

SHAQ (resized).png
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