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** The Next Spooky Pin(s) **

By sataneatscheese

9 months ago

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Post #1125 Great outline of different types of buyers. Posted by mrclean (5 months ago)

Post #6466 First release video Posted by Borygard (3 months ago)

Post #7251 Led strip explanations Posted by SpookyLuke (3 months ago)

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#33 9 months ago

Prometheus if you want to stay with the Aliens family tree

#35 9 months ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

Horror, Horror, Horror. Please just make it horror....any horror!

I’m with you .Would be all over a “Shining” pin but would take anything that will scare the shit outta me .

#58 9 months ago
Quoted from Pyromedic:

Holy [email protected]#$ could you imagine a pin that wasntt only Horror themed, but actually designed to actually scare you!
programmed to do creepy shit, totally random turn on by itself and start a game, appear off, but say creepy crap at total random after crazy long periods, hologram hidden in backglass comes out during game play to eff with you and scare you into loosing your ball. occasionally takes over your game play and plays it self.
Hell Yeah!

Yeah something like that is long overdue !

#59 9 months ago
Quoted from Pyromedic:

Holy [email protected]#$ could you imagine a pin that wasntt only Horror themed, but actually designed to actually scare you!
programmed to do creepy shit, totally random turn on by itself and start a game, appear off, but say creepy crap at total random after crazy long periods, hologram hidden in backglass comes out during game play to eff with you and scare you into loosing your ball. occasionally takes over your game play and plays it self.
Hell Yeah!

It doesn’t even need a licensed theme .Just call it “possessed” and I like that what you said where the game takes over and plays and you do t know when you get control again .

2 months later
#154 7 months ago

Friday august 13th release

C194E846-E192-4CFB-9C3B-DEEF993557A9 (resized).jpeg
#172 6 months ago

All I know is I need in the Fang Club! Came close w RnM .Looking forward to the next whatever it is (F13th).

#196 6 months ago
Quoted from Grossp59:

Megadeth would be awesome, but my number 1 Spooky wishlist pin is Slipknot. Dark and heavy imagery, fast paced metal... It's also one of those bands that I don't think Stern would touch, as they probably arent popular enough. But, would be perfect for the bootique manufacturer that is Spooky.
A boy can dream...

Never came to mind but now that you mentioned it .....That would bring me in 100%

6F22F4E9-D6E7-42CC-A7E8-CC68135EB8B9 (resized).jpegD225678F-3DCC-4C6A-B210-FCE990F5CB98 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#325 6 months ago

I’m not buying this .I’m sticking with FR13th

#399 5 months ago

I’m not buying into the Kaneda crystal ball .I’m sticking with Heck’s statement of “Killer artwork”which says to me “Jason” .People are guessing June announcement ,which in pinball language means August, and funny thing is in Aug the 13th lands on ....you guessed it Friday !

#400 5 months ago

Spooky+FR13th = Match made in Heaven!

#441 5 months ago

How does spooky roll out theyre titles ? Meaning if your in the fang club do you know the title and have a couple pictures of the new pin when your in the 2 week window to pre order ?

#447 5 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

when rick and morty was announced, everyone had to wait before orders could be placed. the only thing the fang club gets you is a 2 week jump on purchasing a game before the general public, which means so long as its a sought after title, you're pretty much joining the club to buy one or waiting for someone to sell their spot. and yes, you had to put down $1k for a standard edition, and $1500 deposit for blood suckers. whether thats spooky direct or a distributor

Thanks a lot .So I take it the title and pictures of pin are public knowledge from when the 2 week window starts?

#465 5 months ago

I have a feeling whatever theme it is the “Big 2” will need to make room .Spooky Pinball is a incredible story with a team that’s incredibly focused .I’ve only had the pleasure of flipping TNA and RZ but anyone can see the progress they’ve made each step .They’re not expanding because they “think” they need to they are because they “know”.

1 week later
#551 5 months ago

Whatever it is they sure look confident .Can’t wait to see what it is personally hoping for FR13th but am open to other titles .I need a spooky in the lineup soon .It’s very easy to root for Spooky I wish them nothing but the best .

1 week later
#978 5 months ago
B0FA4ACF-8856-4A3D-BD61-C104F784D5D0 (resized).jpeg
#1111 5 months ago

If it’s not Friday the 13th I’ll settle for DR2000

88145277-3568-4F99-8494-C544BC7412E6 (resized).png
1 week later
#1662 4 months ago
72FA7F70-F7E8-48C2-AE72-7D41B77D7642 (resized).png80BFEF47-3009-4B8B-9778-89A56E1535F4 (resized).png82B13C84-43C5-42A6-B911-14EB53B2BD64 (resized).pngD76E237B-BB28-40D9-9F7E-BFE45DC08572 (resized).jpeg
#1664 4 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Pinside rocks.
[quoted image]

lmfao !

#1670 4 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

where is the reference stack and loaded from? is it from this movie?

That’s a Scooby Doos haunted castle ride that was at 7 parks at one time .

#1673 4 months ago
Quoted from c508:

I will pay off a 0% credit card (which I used for Monster Bash LE) this week before the time-frame expires.
In the past two days I have gone from "time to get the asphalt driveway torn up, regraded and leveled at a less severe angle" OR "time to repaint the house" OR "time to focus on paying down mortgage quicker" TO "what's Spooky's next pin... and if I don't like it how about Mandalorian, Jurrasic Park or Hot Wheels?"

So much for early retirement! But at least I can have more fun at the end of each (very loooooooong) day and recharge for tomorrow's grind.

I’ve been working 2 jobs to support this insane hobby .We will see how long this lasts .You hit the nail on the head.I’ve been real happy playing a hour before bed it winds me down .Everine needs a release .

#1676 4 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Everine sounds like a very southern name.

Lmao I’m practicing for when I move south .Hopefully 11-13 years from now .Loved Chicago growing up and love Crown Point IN but I’ll need the heat year round for sure .4 months of nice weather just won’t cut it .

#1679 4 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

If by winding down you meant swearing in multiple languages and kick things laying around in the basement, then yes, I do also wind down playing pinball before bed.


#1680 4 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

If you're going with Everine, it better be the deep south. Sounds very Kentucky or Alabama/Mississippi.

I hear resistance exercise is where it’s at in the golden years .All food stops

#1681 4 months ago

Lmao good stops .Goodnight my batteries just wore down .

#1745 4 months ago

Charlie n Co. are starting to act confident.I like that.Reminds me of EM before GnR came out .I want a Spooky bad ,i’m hoping it’s a theme from my list .My $ is on Skooby which i’d have to flip before considering .I completly understand that pinball is getting competitive so Spooky won’t be putting out a teeter totter pin they will put out a theme that’s a proven masses favorite .Can’t wait for this reveal !

#1750 4 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

So is Scooby still a possibility? Kaneda was right about Mandolarian.

it’s got to be the 2/1 favorite.

#1796 4 months ago

I took Spooky’s tease and put it under a microscope and seen this .I hope it’s on the cabinet art.

594DCA8F-6171-4428-B75B-412C44A1B2AB (resized).jpeg
#2096 4 months ago

So it’s Friday the 13th ?

#2203 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

My pins are getting excited waiting to see what their new brother or sister will look like! Great job again Spooky no leaks, keeping us guessing again!! Enjoying the speculation Pinside, fun to read.[quoted image]

I can’t wait to own a spooky .Whatever the next is they sure seem confidant .

#2204 4 months ago
B1E10B54-6CD5-4A49-9115-2B666D538903 (resized).png
#2487 4 months ago

2 birds with one stone .

E47A1BDC-D6D3-4CD4-91B3-382A9713EA8D (resized).jpeg
#2540 4 months ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

You can tell how old some of you are with what theme you call out. One of the worst I have seen, the one that takes the cake is Abbott and Costello. To you MR old timer will be the 1 out of 10 sales that snooze fest would have. My dad talked about them when I was a kid. Worst 20 min of my life was watching them. The 3 stooges are the runner up to WORST THEME POSSIBLE!!! HEY maybe they can do it in black and white like the Munsters!!!! Bet that would wet your whistle. SHHHHESH!

I’m only 51 diaper boy .So what would you like to see ? Roblox Halloweenie roast ? Fortnight massacre ? Let’s hear it .

#2543 4 months ago

Also as far as the 3 stooges goes I have 2 words for you …..Niagra Falls!

#2654 4 months ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

At this point, I give no shits what the title is.
I just need to know what this g**damn picture is!!
[quoted image]

Already solved the mystery of spooky’s new pin .

6FAA141B-DDF5-4960-B0E3-8EF01ECA62BB (resized).pngA7D2410F-D8E6-42E4-9A1B-981E8618FE61 (resized).pngAA9EDD6C-130C-4988-B085-E7B62131A630 (resized).jpegD3886E84-FF28-4B44-AD43-AFAAFE810314 (resized).png
#2733 4 months ago

you want a spooky pin ? How about Richard Simmons (please no callouts) getting Vince Neil (please no singing) in shape for the Crues tour 2022.

A8ACA714-6674-4168-901A-20A1E0724931 (resized).pngCDF5A69C-0CD1-4E14-A7DF-A115AB1BF161 (resized).jpeg
#2894 4 months ago

Spooky will announce and everyone will say to themselves “I knew it “

#2895 4 months ago

Still my #1 pick

04A2FB44-4140-4D5A-8E95-05F0108B1345 (resized).png
#2896 4 months ago

By the way happy to be in the club

6136AC4E-2896-41E1-9F07-580201D28ADF (resized).jpeg
#2913 4 months ago

Has Spooky stuck to a pattern for reveal in the past ?

#3211 4 months ago

FR13th,HLWN,EVLD…Any of those 3 get called I’m 100% pulling the trigger .If by chance Shining gets the call(cmon the twin pop ups,hedge maze lanes ,ax entry scoop,and elevator blood red pinball MB) I’ll drop dead of a grabber, my family will sell my small collection ,throw my ashes in the pond ,but…..it’ll be worth it

017406B3-D514-4E9F-BB00-38AF19567DF9 (resized).jpeg194F5D15-99CE-4261-B9CC-590B372E4A85 (resized).jpeg2C5DB8D7-9B80-42D4-ACBA-11D699F5462D (resized).png
#3244 4 months ago

Has spooky announced previous releases on the same day of the week ? Like have they ever announced on a Thursday night like 10pm ?

#3255 4 months ago

It’s scooby

#3385 3 months ago

Seeing that edition numbers were not discussed, Im hoping they will let the market dictate how many CEs and how many BSs.I’m sure company’s in the past (depending the pin) have both wished they lowered numbered editions as well as raised .Why make a decision before you see what the market is .I’m sure they see what’s happening on the second hand market .

#3448 3 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

Surely listening to smart people talk about nerd stuff makes me smarter too, right?... right? Either way, I'm finding it quite interesting.
Plus, when we can start gathering to play pinball again, Im going to be able to throw out some fancy terms to pretend I know things.
Player 1: "Ya know, I really like the pulse width modulation on the current Stern flippers, I'd prefer dual wound coils overall, but the heat dissipation is actually quite good."
Player 2: "Uh... what?"
Player 1: "Oh sorry, I'm up"
Player 2: "... wow, that man must be a genius"


#3494 3 months ago

They got the food truck license .

46248785-D51E-45AC-8083-9A39DF70B172 (resized).png
#3633 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Hey guys I just wanted to get ahead of this as I know there will be questions. As far as the 2 gear driven mechs go they are not the servo we have used in the past.
- These are a new driver that I have not been able to strip or damage even holding the arm as tightly as I can.
- These mechs have full clearance above them and below them and are unable to contact anything that could bind them.
- Ben Heck has been working on some super cool current sensing protection code for us.
- I will also note that as far as design goes you are able to swap and replace the entire mech with only removing 4 lock nuts.
- Both have 100% clearance to be removed without taking off any other parts or removing screws.
- We have over 6 months of daily use and testing on them with 0 issues.
We are doing better for you guys every single day and I truly mean that!


#3635 3 months ago

Skoobys haunted castle 4sho

#3636 3 months ago

That’s my guess still .Whatever it is these dudes seem real confident !

#3649 3 months ago
Quoted from SLCpunk2113:

Is it just me or does it look like the mechs in yellow are mounted to a different plain than the mechs in red? I think we got a double upper playfield on our hands. Not to mention the one on the other side of the PF.
[quoted image]

your on it

#3657 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Scooby-Doo Haunted Mansion could be a go for me.....fresh cartoon theme w fun edge...

If it is ,I was on the fence early on but am warning up to it .This pin has a vibe about it .I’ve been wanting a spooky bad ,joined the fang club and am pretty sure I’m ready to roll with a fall or later run (need a little time) .Something about this family tells me they’re going to take off .This reveal could rival the GnR spectacle .Exiting week for sure .I’m rooting for all you at Spooky !I’m 100% confident they will knock this outta the park

#3767 3 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

You sure those aren't BOOBS ?! I still say it's Piranha 3DD
[quoted image]

motorboat multi ball?

#3769 3 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

motorboat multi ball?

Just wait until your married for a long ass time and forget what one looks like lmao

#3771 3 months ago

Or a bud ass sammy .

277A75AF-59AC-4D81-93E0-FF24B4BA87C1 (resized).jpeg
#3779 3 months ago

So what exactly is the theory on this ? Is it 3 drops to the same subway that all lead to a single elevator inlane mech ? If so is it possible these are hidden shots and there’s another P/F above this area maybe something like IJ or LotR has ? Bear with me I’m putting the effort in to learn the pinball language lmao

61671FC0-5A35-43DF-B718-1D9FCAF5992E (resized).png
#3780 3 months ago
Quoted from bestbrad:

So how about an upper playfield stacked on top of an upper playfield? Has that been done before?

GnR has that

#3783 3 months ago

Also I understand this might not (probably not) be a completed populated PF but what would these holes be for situated like they are other than another upper ?

C86C9A62-F810-45BF-BD85-C33FE73A664D (resized).png
#3785 3 months ago

Not holes but screws my bad .

#3786 3 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Maybe something like a 2 level version of the 3 level time expander from Dr Who? Love that mech. Too bad it was never used again...

I have not seen this one anywhere Ill check that out thanks buddy.

#3791 3 months ago

Well there’s only 6 days left in the month ,I wouldn’t think they would pivot from the stated June reveal .Spooky seems very professional and coordinated .

#3793 3 months ago

The drywall screws in pairs with a small elec component to the left is killing me .Unless it’s a flipper controlled lane to move the ball down some sort of maze .Does this make any sense ?

EAC0C637-12AF-40D9-9236-11043666E0DC (resized).png
#3795 3 months ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:

Are you talking about the rollover switch at the top? Or what looks to be a light socket of some type at the bottom?

just the drywall (i think) screws that are in pairs that go through the underside of P/F to the far left of the pic .

#3796 3 months ago

and this where a paired screw would be following the pattern

756DF7D3-483C-4D37-8689-0623E3177771 (resized).png
#3798 3 months ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:

Ah, I see them now. Interesting...

That’s a lot of real estate there .

#3799 3 months ago

Another thing I don’t see any pics complete from side to side .Is it possible this is a widebody ?

#3800 3 months ago

Last thing .If those are drywall screws they’re mounting something big and permanent .They did say mechs will pop out without taking anything apart .

#3801 3 months ago

I just noticed those screws are on both sides in the same pattern pretty much .I’m thinking there’s a big ass upper across the whole P/F.Is this even possible ?

FE842CDA-F9E9-4A5D-B7BE-A1A31B8E4C06 (resized).png
#3802 3 months ago

This is a widebody 100%

#3803 3 months ago

There’s more components outside those screws where the pictures cut off .

#3805 3 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

These Spooky photos are being analyzed harder than the Zapruder film!

It’s rivaling JFK footage .

#3806 3 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

These Spooky photos are being analyzed harder than the Zapruder film!

lmao i didn’t know who Zapruder was

#3808 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

and the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage.


#3810 3 months ago

It’s flipping Scooby’s Big Ass Haunted Castle and that circled is the Mystery Machine !

A5A9223D-9627-4A4F-A5E1-5248F99AE76E (resized).pngB2099D12-3759-45A8-8142-2C10DFECFE6D (resized).jpegBAEF1ACD-3243-4002-B652-D26BB47E49D9 (resized).jpeg
#3814 3 months ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

They were referring to the servo lifters near the flippers. Upper playfield mechs will almost always need at least some minor disassembly to access.

Thanks bud .I’m a construction guy that just got in this hobby and am seriously trying to learn .The only thing I have now at my disposal is subpar comedy so i’ll take a backseat and just read .Other than that I can’t wait for the reveal and more importantly own a Spooky

#3815 3 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

Or the photos of BAT BOY!

Oh yeah ….Batboy .I almost forgot about him

404F420E-8AA6-4258-93F5-FCC7D916DD50 (resized).jpeg
#3951 3 months ago

I heard the code name is Pat Sajak.

DBEF7E53-764C-4966-A34B-BB792A68C916 (resized).jpeg
#4008 3 months ago

Ok time to lay odds .Halloween 7/5 Scooby 2/1 Evil Dead 4/1 Fri13th 5/1 My little pony devil edition 8/1 Welk the vampire edition 10/1 Mad Max 15/1 5th element 20/1 Student Bodies 40/1.Does this seem correct ?

#4010 3 months ago

Freddy 3/1

#4013 3 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

It’s definitely an adult theme. So no Scooby Doo.

I really want a adult horror theme .We’ve been playing resident evil 7 on VR gets the blood pumping for sure .I just think it’s Scooby from the teaser pic .Halloween ,Fr13th ,ED,Saw …Anything in this genre I’m 100% exited about .Regardless I want a spooky as my next whether it’s the new release ,RnM ,AC I don’t care I like having different play in my humble collection .Most of all the Spooky family rocks they do it right !

064DA639-BD3C-4F93-80C6-C4A4E2D13E53 (resized).png
#4016 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

How definitely an adult theme?

I agree ,coming off an adult theme Scooby would work .Not something I would say is a favorite theme but it has grown on me for sure .The guessing game should be all in good fun .No need to get our hopes up for any theme it’s already a done deal so I’m going to relax now and let spooky do they’re thing .

#4050 3 months ago


Quoted from fnord:

I'm trying to figure it out but I have no idea why your punctuation is the way it is.

They seem confidant .Good vibes are real .

#4052 3 months ago

I have to stick with Scooby been preaching too much .Halloween is my gut feeling .The Shining, I’m scared I’ll have a grabber .

#4407 3 months ago

I still think it’s Scooby.

#4426 3 months ago
Quoted from Xelz:Wait a minute... the punctuation in that statement is formatted correctly. Who are you and what have you done with the real Kkoss24?


#4427 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Spooky just needs to announce the damn game already. It’s getting kinda stupid and annoying at this point.

Spooky is the pole dancer and we are holding a fistful of singles .Let’s get the saw bucks out and get a peek of this baby

#4464 3 months ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

What exactly is an ass hat?
Like a hat which looks like an ass?
Or a hat for your ass?


#4466 3 months ago


Quoted from Oneangrymo:

I already feel a weird presence behind me when I’m alone playing pinball in the basement , like something breathing on me, I think a Halloween theme will make me piss in my pants . But I can always set it up at my parents house and yell for help if need be, they don’t leave the house these days .

This is great !

#4467 3 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Man, you’re horny today!

This is even better .

#4468 3 months ago

I hope Spooky keeps it close for another month this thread is far too fun to turn serious.

#4503 3 months ago

Teaser Tuesday is here .

#4548 3 months ago

Great call Spooky !

#4565 3 months ago

Give it to us .

E35498CF-1ACF-431A-B669-D6FFD959FD6A (resized).png
#4678 3 months ago
38128B09-E73E-4BCD-87E1-DA8A959074B6 (resized).png
#4735 3 months ago
Quoted from Smack:

A lot of the movie takes place between a series of houses on the same block, so maybe what look like scoops on the left side are houses? That would be more interesting to me to take place in the neighbourhood vs in a single house.
If neighbourhood the asylum could be referenced in an upper playfield or higher up on the playfield or something.

That’s interesting .Playing as Myers and looking through houses for your target .

#4741 3 months ago

A must !

Quoted from Smack:

Or trying to save your friends or kids in general in the houses. Perhaps similar to the F13 NES game from way back where Jason is in a cabin and you have to save the kids within.
I have a hard time believing you would play as Michael but who knows.
I am very excited to see the playfield and how the music ties into the game play and LCD assets. The first Halloween is one of my most favourite thrillers.

I agree this is exiting for sure .Especially how confident the team seems .

#4826 3 months ago

Good luck getting a aftermarket standard they will not exist .

#4838 3 months ago

It can’t be another halloween ,that would just be a singular theme .Carpenter fest can’t possibly happen unless it came from metomorphic .That leaves Scooby lmao !

#4848 3 months ago

TNA 2 “Micheal has the codes”

#4856 3 months ago

Sounds like you’ll be able to pick between 2 themes .

#4858 3 months ago

Halloween and Nightmare on elm street ,both originals ,would be able to use the same layout .Halloween has the house UPF and of course the boiler room .

#4935 3 months ago

I got this tattooed on my calf ,can you please tell me what it is now ?

95889A6D-EA5B-41BD-B388-DE71951D5FA4 (resized).png
#5016 3 months ago

Damn I’ll never get this whole tattoo finished

#5051 3 months ago

I’ll start by saying I really like Cary Hardy.He’s one of the 4 pinball personalities I watch constantly .But did anyone watch his last posting on youtube ? I’m besides myself because he’s really going out of his way to drag this pin down .The break in the middle is what made me wonder what the hell he’s doing .He’s basically saying if it’s a success and sells out quick it’s only because the majority are in it to flip it .I’m not going to bash ,it’s not my style but Cary please clarify your animosity with Halloween and or Spooky .You stated you watched 3 or 4 seasons on RnM to try to understand the pinball machine while not liking the show ,but if Spooky put out a GG I sure the hell wouldn’t be watching 90 hrs of it to understand the pin ,all the while not liking it Be good bud I’ll still be watching I’m just trying to understand the Debbie Downer clip I just watched twice.

9A380D6F-845A-47B5-A258-38E983F1B7EC (resized).png
#5374 3 months ago

Let Spookey Doo what Spooky Does .No pun of course

#5717 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

When you work a 14 hour day and worked the shortest hours of the design team, yeah... call me lucky to be here helping them. I crashed out at 11 pm. Bug was texting me for things they still needed at 12:30 a.m. On a Thursday?! Yeah, pinball is in fact hard. The last few months have been intense to say the least.
So damn proud of this team... they took it upon themselves to elevate everything we do, and made it happen. All the crazy long weeks and hours really paid off big. The quality of EVERYTHING shows. More improvements in every area than ever before.
Soon you will see why I am so lucky to be here working for them on this game. VERY soon. No small detail was left untouched. It shows.
Stay Spooky!!! Our best isn't coming, it's here.

Your story is a inspiration .To me spooky comes across as a big family doing things for the right reasons .Best of luck

#5793 3 months ago

Go spooky Go Spooky Go Go Go Spooky !

DCB64DE0-6B72-469F-835F-20CA19D6205D (resized).jpeg
#5797 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

All those wasted bills. Could have went on a down payment for a topper.

that’s the layaway deposit for today’s toppers .

#5897 3 months ago

Wow looks great !

#6080 3 months ago

Please end this soon .I can’t sleep !

72E16D18-9F6B-4425-BB29-DDE08714EE10 (resized).png
#6084 3 months ago
Quoted from corvair61:

That looks like a turd under a blanket. What a shitty teaser pic.

I thought I figured it out 180 pages ago !I read far too much on the 11 theme parks around the world that had Scooby Doos Haunted Castle rides in they’re parks .Then Meatloaf enters the mix ! Now I’m starting to believe we really are living in simulation and the earth is fing flat ?

40682D42-41B6-49DB-8EEE-3BE7DC27A55E (resized).png41A2D96B-25E4-43BE-87D4-EDA373E29361 (resized).pngCA0BD4C8-4C06-45F7-B745-526634B1585A (resized).png
#6087 3 months ago

I even brought home a look alike for the announcement ! Stacked and Loaded like !

2CE72896-18B8-451C-84D9-F081F2A81C8F (resized).jpeg587BAE4A-CD59-4BD1-B300-CAF419E4ACD1 (resized).jpeg
#6089 3 months ago
Quoted from jellikit:

Scooby and Meatloaf?
[quoted image]

Lmao .I’m already in wherever this chaos leads us !

#6091 3 months ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

I'm going with 3 drops/ball locks on the side of that PF pic to represent the houses/holes you have to frantically hit when you are running from Michael and pounding on doors. But he will find you, and that's when the multiball drops and everyone flees. The next lit lanes will be where you *don't* want to run to.

Speaking of ….Can our under P/F experts point out where exactly the tombstone is on the pic and your thoughts on what’s going on there ?

#6098 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I think Ben protests too much...hmm....
Nah, if Charlie is dropping hints of loafing around....it is most likely a big hot steaming loaf, not left by Scooby.....or maybe it was... hmm..

Ruh Roo

E48754BE-E2C5-4687-95CA-1C9A7509A41B (resized).jpeg
#6228 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Enjoy your holiday weekend! Monday we got ALL the goods.

You too bud !

#6229 3 months ago

Is that Jack Danger in Predator camo?

E3488226-79F8-41C9-BDC9-1FC53A68A2DB (resized).png
#6232 3 months ago
Quoted from Morgoth00:

No, he is at ground level wearing the Ghillie
[quoted image]


#6234 3 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

[quoted image]

Happy 4th Jack

#6236 3 months ago

These 2 ? Good eyes !

9FE583F1-5695-4546-90C2-1C1097F12FDD (resized).jpeg
#6237 3 months ago
Quoted from insight75:

Who are the 2 chicks on the Segways?

Got my drink on didn’t see that lmao

#6742 3 months ago

Write this date down everyone !Spooky has changed pinball forever Totally blown away Team Spooky Bravo!!!

#6746 3 months ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

reminds me of Shrek and family guy, only way better!

More ,more better!

#6751 3 months ago
Quoted from spooky_dj:

Have you identified the source of your tattoo yet?

Too much excitement I didn’t even look yet .

#6761 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

So essentially the hedges are like a cool whack a mole game. Michael pops out and you shoot the shot. He comes out at random at any of the 3 locations!

That is brilliant !

#6764 3 months ago

A constant running timed shot during gameplay .Unreal .

#6771 3 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

.... It could still be SCOOBY-DOO?

lmao maybe someday but until then I’m all good

#6818 3 months ago

I’m all good with Bug coding even if without the consulting “firm” I’m engulfed so the only question I have left is if the butter cab can be touched up if damaged ?My little guy has a bad habit of fidgeting w stuff and shit happens .I do have a auto painter in my family I will talk to him first but has anyone had to get a butter cab fixed and what was the end result ?

#6831 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyBug:

Thanks man I appreciate it!

You’ll do great Bug.Cat wait to bring the family for a tour someday .We tried during covid but we’ll get there .

#6834 3 months ago
Quoted from spooky_dj:

Does this help?[quoted image]

Damn I’m going to have to get a full body tattoo for that .My family might disown me I’ll stick with the teaser .

#6836 3 months ago

Welcome Spooky DJ.Wise choice you made !

#6838 3 months ago

Damn ,forgot I’m still at work .Great day

#6963 3 months ago

Hmmm little jab there at the end

3D85CE21-3E7C-499C-8711-34A4BBDAABBA (resized).png8DAF6A9E-7B39-44A2-BB07-E3857B1646A4 (resized).png
#6994 3 months ago

And yes Michael moves

#7008 3 months ago

Just wondering ,when ordering begins will there be a way to gauge how many have sold at any certain point ?Like if I was ordering but wanted to be mid/late in the run is that possible by either the way mentioned or requesting it ? Just trying to save a family favorite but if need be we will vote .Thanks

#7022 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Morgan is super flexible about getting a game pushed back to the delivery date you want!

Great Luke thanks bud

#7169 3 months ago

Does RnM have 2 different art packages on the standard and BSE?

#7210 3 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

Just one guy.... Thankfully HE came home. [quoted image]


#7250 3 months ago

These games have a ton of shots.

#7322 3 months ago
Quoted from tlsbryan:

[quoted image]

I’m pretty sure the back glass will have the title on it those are for the CE I believe .

#7353 3 months ago

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see 5 or 6 shots that lead directly to the flippers on the main PF.If so ,wouldn’t this have more Flow than Mels Diner?

#7415 3 months ago

This was all fun but now it’s getting real .I’ll be crushed not to land one .I’ll be at work ,it’ll be hide n go seek at 8:30 I might even wear a sheet ,glasses and just stay still and stare so nobody will bother me .

#7416 3 months ago

Best of luck to the Spooky family ! You deserve your day in the sun .

#7420 3 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:Been going back and forth all day and finally said fuck it. I’m in for a Halloween CE. It’s not my favorite theme, but it looks interesting and I’m all for supporting Spooky pinball. I’ve grown a ton of respect for this company over the past month or so. All of the communication in the threads. The videos sharing little updates. Being upfront and honest. And they all seem very humble. Those things are what sold me on this game. Even more so than the game itself.

We’ll put .I’m just thinking about all those shots coming back to the flippers with the music playing in a dark basement and nobody home (fantasy ,a man can dream).Gnight all ,in the great words of Charlie Brown I hope I don’t “get a rock”.

#7526 3 months ago

Im still on the fence to which one .I’ll let the impulse shopper in me have its day

#7544 3 months ago

I can’t chose between the 2 themes .This is nerve wracking lmao

#7728 3 months ago

I made it to check out at least a dozen times but nothing

#7748 3 months ago

1st try at Nitro

#8055 3 months ago
Quoted from RobT:

Zero products now appear in the pinball machine category on Spooky's site. Sold out?!

Try Nitro they still have them up

#8066 3 months ago

Next time just announce the theme and that they’re ready ,start heading to Benton .Like Sturgis except you can’t bring it home on 2 wheels .Crazed pinheads invading Benton foaming at the mouth .

#8190 3 months ago

I don’t think this was answered by spooky but it seems to me you play as either Micheal or Laurie depending on the mode .If so that would be very interesting .