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** The Next Spooky Pin(s) **

By sataneatscheese

10 months ago

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Post #1125 Great outline of different types of buyers. Posted by mrclean (5 months ago)

Post #6466 First release video Posted by Borygard (3 months ago)

Post #7251 Led strip explanations Posted by SpookyLuke (3 months ago)

Post #9021 Spooky interview on podcast. July 12, 2021 Posted by ZMeny (3 months ago)

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#12 10 months ago

Halloween pin?

#63 9 months ago

How about one based on that Identity movie.....Scary rain effects..Or 13 Ghost movie...


#72 9 months ago

Already been done once..

3 months later
#404 6 months ago
Quoted from oneballjab:

I joined the fang club a week ago hoping the new pin was gonna be Little Shop Of Horrors, Beetlejuice or Evil Dead.
If it is Scooby Doo I’m on the fence, it’s not a dream theme for me, but I think Spooky could hit a home run with it and it could be a load of fun.
Does anyone know how it works in the fang club, I know you get early pre order opportunity, but are you still blind buying or do you get to see the game mechanics, flow, art etc?

Been wondering myself. I ordered and I have received nothing..No emails, nothing in the mail...Not sure how the Fang club works. It is a bit confusing..

3 weeks later
#961 5 months ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

If spooky goes into space, isnt galaxy quest the theme to beat?
Fun, goofy and missionbased in a pinball suitable way?

No, Event Horizon would be better.

#962 5 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

No, Event Horizon would be better. or Pandorum..

1 week later
#1642 4 months ago

Nobody gonna talk about this?

spooky (resized).jpg
#1755 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Merely suggesting they move with the times.
I'm not creayive, therefore my examples suck, but it still doesn't need to be a theme from something from 40 years ago.

TNA takes place in the future, Rick and Marty is current tv. Rob Zombie is fairly current, What are you talking about?

#1771 4 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Dunno. Bible Adventures presented like God of War could be amazing, but if you're going that route, why not just stick with the mythology angle which is much less divisive/controversial?

A Moses pin would be kind of cool..lol

#1815 4 months ago
Quoted from shazam78:

Old blood and guts. Get the desert fox in there and various other WW2 elements. When the pop bumpers are activated they can use sounds of the Flak 88 and implement a shaker motor and lighting effects to make it represent the flak guns going off.

When you lose a ball the animation will be Patton smacking you while you are in a hospital bed..lol

#2017 4 months ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

Would love evil dead and if that's not happening then hopefully a theme with a charismatic heel like nightmare. Blending horror, comedy, and fun is the recipe.
Please just not a family friendly theme because everyone else is making those.

Exactly, This is a boutique pinball company..Make pins that are not commercial mainstream please!

#2038 4 months ago

Maybe it is House...

house (resized).jpg
#2084 4 months ago
Quoted from desertT1:

Where’d everybody go? Too busy hitting refresh of Facebook?

Spooky did say the next game would be stacked...

dednr54-f07f1564-4b72-4c49-a360-e09009078ab6 (resized).png
#2122 4 months ago
Quoted from JediMcMuffin:

Originally this was far more adult but they couldn’t reshoot some bits which is why somewhere between scenes Velmas outfit gets pretty revealing

I can see this being incorporated into the pinball game...Opposite of the Mandalorian getting more armor on his avatar as you play, Velma gets less ...lol

1 week later
#3107 4 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

A retheme of Diner but with the DE Tommy blinders?

Star Wars should have done the Blinders thing...Use the Force mode..

1 week later
#3484 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Well someone will be happy regardless.
I’m pretty bored with the industry right now. After playing it, Mando is just another stern with terrible call outs and was bored in 15 min. American pinball is out to lunch, deep root a joke, JJP making GnR for another year (and it’s overrated and I own it). I’m really hoping spooky brings it!
On a side note, excited to get alien back with the new version Bc that game is incredible for those that haven’t played it

You left out Haggis Pinball...lol

#3531 3 months ago

People right now...

is-it-friday-5b6c46 (resized).jpg
#4546 3 months ago

Thank you Spooky! Now I am getting 2 dream themes in the same year!!! Alien and Halloween.

#4603 3 months ago

Rob Zombie Halloween or Original is the question now..

#4860 3 months ago
Quoted from dr_nybble:

Once you've done all the engineering, why not reskin it? Sounds like good business sense.

Probably not a reskin, Probably more like how they did Alien pin.

#5118 3 months ago

Why do people think it will be a reskin and not just where you get to choose Rob Zombie Version or Original version like the Alien pinball machine?

#5154 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Um what? RZ is completely different than the original. And inferior IMO.

Which is a good reason to have the dual option in this machine. I am a fan of the Zombie version. So having a choice kinds of makes it more appealing to more buyers.

#5284 3 months ago

Maybe the second theme is Silent Night Deadly Night..

215px-Silentnightdeadlynight (resized).jpg
#5983 3 months ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

So how does this Spooky Fang club work? I signed up and paid several days ago but haven’t even received a confirmation email. I’m guessing you get a member number and or backdoor link to reserve / purchase a game. Any insight would be appreciated. Heck, if the second title is Rocky Horror I might need to get one of each.

I wonder to. I bought a Fang Club Membership a couple months ago and nothing to say I am in the club officially.

#6138 3 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

[quoted image]
Ahh ... only just made out the tip of the upper playfield flipper behind the chainmesh!
*Scoop or gobble hole there, bottom left corner of pic.

Looks like the upper playfield will be the Psychiatric Hospital.

#6247 3 months ago
Quoted from Capn12:

There is one of our upper playfields.
[quoted image]

That's the school..

#6460 3 months ago
Quoted from psexton:

The playfield looks like it will have a lot of pumpkins on it. Was there any pumpkins in the movie? I remember the little kid asking to carve one but I don't recall actually seeing any pumpkins.

Almost every porch during the movie, Tommy was bullied and pumpkin was trashed, opening credits..They were everywhere..
Screenshot_20210705-085234_YouTube (resized).jpg

#6611 3 months ago

I wonder if you can get the shooter rod mounting plate powder coated to match coin door when you order your machine? That silver looks off.

#6684 3 months ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

This is what you can expect again when you try to order, CRASH AND BURNING website.

Ya, I am concerned about ordering Wednesday morning.

#6847 3 months ago

I knew that they talked about a reskin possible on the 2 theme deal. I was really hyped about getting the CE for Halloween but seeing Ultraman reskin has weirded me out about going all the way for the Halloween pin. It feels like it lessened Halloween uniqueness of the Halloween pin....Anybody feel this way?

I am going to have to do some soul searching between now and Wednesday I guess on what level I want to get.
Zero interest in Ultraman and now when I look at Halloween I get flashes of that rekin..

#7038 3 months ago

Have we heard that they are going to do a video of game play before plunking deposit down on a 9k game?

#7118 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Any chance we will see any more video today?

You would think if they want the sales for tomorrow morning to be big. I am sure there are people like me on the fence not pulling the trigger until they see game play.

#7218 3 months ago
Quoted from Jj557:

The top left metal bridge seems like a lost opportunity…wonder why no art whatsoever.

I was just saying that to someone.. It's almost like they leave stuff like that for the moding community to have something to do..lol

#7266 3 months ago
Quoted from Nightmare:

Well John Carpenter Himself just linked the game via Twitter. This is going to be gone by tomorrow. There will be competition from the outside for sure now.

Which will make an interesting dynamic. Does that mean a year from now when someone buys it just for the Halloween factor we see lots of these 7-9k pins for sale with super low plays because they can no longer justify having a 250 pound machine that costs 7-9k sitting there collecting dust in their house?

#7267 3 months ago


#7346 3 months ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Well said, personally I love how the game looks, but having that much area of upper playfield scares me. I NEED to see at least video to commit.
Could be an epic game, but personally I cant trust pics alone on this one.

Going to be a fun shop job in the future! lol

#7426 3 months ago
Quoted from AndHart120:

I used to say I wouldn’t buy a pin without playing it first. Now, I would do that as I have been contemplating this game. However it is kind of odd to not get to even see gameplay at all when putting up this kind of money. I bought TNA new, but that didn’t sell out the day it came out and I was able to play it beforehand. Oh the “old” days!

That is today's reality. The hobby has grown larger than the supply in some ways. You can take a leap of faith and buy the pin NIB with less and less information as time has shown or buy it second hand when they come up down the line.
That is just the realty when buying a boutique pinball these days.

Spooky has proven themselves to be a reputable company and this kind of action is the new norm in pinball market now.

#7520 3 months ago
Quoted from AndHart120:

I used to say I wouldn’t buy a pin without playing it first. Now, I would do that as I have been contemplating this game. However it is kind of odd to not get to even see gameplay at all when putting up this kind of money. I bought TNA new, but that didn’t sell out the day it came out and I was able to play it beforehand. Oh the “old” days!

That is today's reality. The hobby has grown larger than the supply in some ways. You can take a leap of faith and buy the pin NIB with less and less information as time has shown or buy it second hand when they come up down the line.
That is just the realty when buying a boutique pinball these days.

Spooky has proven themselves to be a reputable company and this kind of action is the new norm in pinball market now.

Quoted from wackenhut:

I dont think this is going to be a race to get a game, I mean it is not a PS4 which has the world as its market lol

Millions of PS4's made compared to 1,250 Halloweens made...lol

#7581 3 months ago

Site crashed as I was finalizing payment..But I just got a bank alert for 2k charged by Spooky Pinball!! So I am in!

#7617 3 months ago
Quoted from amstrick:

My order with Spooky was #11330 - curious what everyone else got?

Mine was 11318 at 9:04.

#7659 3 months ago

OK. Time to start flipping...Who wants my super low order spot on a CE? 4k? Just kidding..lol Too soon?

Hell no I am not giving up one of my dream pin themes. lol

#7699 3 months ago
Quoted from Chicoman:

I'm OUT! I like the theme but I don't feel that NEW CAR Excitement spending $9K for a machine from a company with the exception of TNA hasn't produced a quality pinball machine yet. Sorry Spooky but maybe next time! Best of Luck with Halloween!

Well, I guess you might get a chance in 2 years then to buy one..And possibly for the cost of higher then NIB..lol

#7812 3 months ago

The shop is up and down as fast as the Halloween Pumpkin flash on Halloween 3.

#7841 3 months ago
Quoted from Lopa:

I wonder how the order numbers work?


#7916 3 months ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

Someone owes me....

Suckers bet to begin with..lol....If you didn't see it coming means you are totally out touch with todays pinball market and still think you can buy working DMD pins for 1k..

#7981 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

We pick up parts from Terry Friday they will be hot on the line Monday. Will be a bit slow at first due to lead times with computer parts however we have massive quantities coming in when they arrive. We ended Rick and morty over 20 per week. We are going to say 18 months but make these as fast as we can. If we can get them all done in 12 months we will! Basically we will continuously grow throughout the build!

I am quality over quantity for me,lol...Take your time building mine perfect..

#8005 3 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Congrats Spooky!
[quoted image]

I will pick the 3rd place guy all day long knowing I won't have crumbling playfields and posts breaking and falling off like JJP...lol

#8099 3 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Are the differences between the CE and BSE the topper, shooter knob, laser cut rails, different powder coat and red plastic protectors?
Aside from that, everything is the same?

And Knife in Shooter lane and speaker grills are different.

#8101 3 months ago
Quoted from blastbeat:

On/off topic. Are most spooky owners happy with quality of builds, components, etc.. any big issues etc.? I've mostly heard very good things. Not that it matters now since I bought a CE Halloween but....

There is a TNA on location by me and it is holding up very well.

#8144 3 months ago
Quoted from curban:

I don't think I'm off at all. All I'm saying is that if I got the false order placement message at 9:07 and a successful order placement message at 9:37, I shouldn't have 300 buyers that received the false messages between 9:07 and 9:37 that never tried to fix things jump me in line.
I think Spooky should go with the actual successful order placement times. They COULD TRY to figure out everyone's false order times...but as you've pointed out there are deeper levels of errors with different Buyers and, as I suggested, this would be a HUGE mess. IMO the approach that would be LEAST FAIR would be to penalize those of us that recognized the problem by putting everyone that didn't recognize the problem ahead of us.
If you continue to disagree, so be it. We're all entitled to our opinions.

I am not in a crazy hurry to get my CE. I got mine ordered at 9:04 with a pretty low order number. I still have an Alien being delivered in a couple weeks. I will probably have my build date pushed back when they figure it all out. I just really wanted to make sure I get the game.

#8493 3 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

Yes it does.
I'm not testing or doing anything techy today at all. Mostly just hanging out and stealing parts.

I saw people hyping up the red board that will be in the new game. Can you give us some insight on the board?

#8529 3 months ago
Quoted from brerspidur:

Mine was 11305, I haven't seen a lower one yet. ..

Man, that is pretty low, I was 11318 at 9:04 time stamp.

#8548 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Yea we learned during R&M that order numbers were not exactly a good indication.

A bunch of people put up their order number and time stamp and they were going in order so it is relatively accurate for the Spooky direct sales...

#8554 3 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

It wouldn’t surprise me if Pinball Brothers already secured Predator license or if they already thought about that as the 2nd title. Likewise for that with Spooky’s next title(s).

I never had the same love for Predator as I did the Alien franchise but call outs in the first movie would be enough for me to buy Predator..lol

#8564 3 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

I would love if Spooky could elaborate on the lifter mechs.

I would love just to see some video play of the dang game!

#8589 3 months ago


I guess having custom made laser cut armor..Shaker motors and knockers and designing and having blade art made..Having custom topper designed and made, Custom shooter rod made, speaker grill lights, making plastic protectors and sending stuff out to power coat and labor to install the extras is just free for Spooky..lol

#8597 3 months ago
Quoted from Aqua1122:

I got this message too but the thing is the money was ALREADY taken from my credit card! What are they going to run it again at midnight? Anyone else seeing this issue?

I got the same message.

2 weeks later
#9472 3 months ago
Quoted from monkfe:

I agree, not crazy over the color...wish there were options there....

Maybe they will in the store later. My Alice Cooper came with that similar color and I bought the purple armor kit in the spooky store. Came with legs, side armor, lock down bar, hinges and speaker grills.

Screenshot_20210722-091036_Chrome (resized).jpg

#9538 89 days ago
Quoted from pldubya43:

Curious as to what arrives first, my GNRLE ordered and paid for in April, or Halloween CE

Same with my Alien I paid in full in April...Suppose to be on a container ship couple weeks ago.

#9687 87 days ago
Quoted from pldubya43:

Who has experience with the Butter Cabinet? I want to know if it's worth the investment.

Love to know this too and close up pics would be cool even though you might not be able to see in pic.

#9689 87 days ago
Quoted from icyjones:

Any thoughts on how paranoid I should be getting an early run machine? I am number 58. This is my first home pin and will be learning a lot about maintenance and stuff as I go. Luckily I have some friends around who are more seasoned.
I ultimately think I am probably being paranoid. I can always update the code as it matures, and figure Spooky will take care of any thing else mechanical due to their excellent service reputation.

Not nearly as paranoid as me getting my nib Alien pinball machine in next couple weeks.

#9901 84 days ago
Quoted from dnapac:

This! This is exactly why I am a Spooky fan for life. The whole company is run this way. Not only do they make awesome games, they 100% stand behind them and will bend over backwards to help the individual. I blew up my ACNC and Luke and the rest spent hours helping me…mainly after hours. Rock solid games from a rock solid company and family.

How did you blow up ACNC?

#9983 82 days ago

I can't wait until until someone makes a decal for the speaker/LCD panel.. That black kill me. I have a great decal on my ACNC. Made a huge difference on the look.

#10114 77 days ago

Lol, people.
This is a family run boutique pinball company with a handful of people. This isn't some big company with managers, HR departments and marketing department. I am sure they are learning with each pin they put out and most people wear multiple hats and are spread a little thin.
Cut them some slack on what you think should or could be done.

Hope you all enjoy your pin when it arrives.

It is so great to have choices other than a Stern pinball machine these days.

#10179 74 days ago

It says next stream is Monday 6pm..

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