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** The Next Spooky Pin(s) **

By sataneatscheese

9 months ago

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Post #6466 First release video Posted by Borygard (3 months ago)

Post #7251 Led strip explanations Posted by SpookyLuke (3 months ago)

Post #9021 Spooky interview on podcast. July 12, 2021 Posted by ZMeny (3 months ago)

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#15 9 months ago

Evil Dead, Beetlejuice or SAW (traps/mechs galore!)

#23 9 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

I'm seeing a trend here.
Custom Bruce Campbell callouts would GROOVY!

I spoke with Tobin Bell at a horror convention last year and I asked if he had any interest in SAW side projects, specially a pinball machine and his response was “I love the franchise I love the character any chance to return to the character I would love to”.

Give me SAW with a tonne of cool mechs based on some of the best traps from the franchise custom callouts from Tobin, day 1 buy!

#32 9 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

They should do Predator to compete with Alien. That’s would sell a shit load.

To compete with Alien? I think Pinball Brothers should get Predator and make it the follow up to Aliens, then get T1 & T2 and make a new Terminator pin like Alien with both movies, it would make the holy trinity of pins!

#44 9 months ago

Dredd should be a cheap licence but would make an awesome R rated pin, come on Spooky!

#49 9 months ago
Quoted from oneballjab:

This would be Amazing! MaMa Multiball. [quoted image]

Yeah that’s an obvious mode the Gatling gun scene is brilliant. Repurpose the Monger mech Stern used on LZ and have 3 kick backs rise out of the playfield!

MaMa would have to be the final wizard mode, tonnes of great scenes and lines from that movie. Plus Urban would likely do custom lines as he’s a pinball fan and loves the role.

#66 9 months ago

How about Spooky take on Sterns superhero themes with The Boyz Pinball!?

Butchers quotes alone would be worth the price of admission.

1 month later
#92 8 months ago

Spooky + SAW + loads of mechs/traps = instant by from me!

3 months later
#1838 4 months ago
Quoted from zeldzameflippers:

I hope that they will make SAW
[quoted image]

I’ve thought this for years, so many mechs you could use as traps; the possibilities for ball interactive traps are endless!

1 week later
#2432 4 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Honesty, I think that’s one of the *main* reasons pinball companies keep the themes quiet.
If Stern announced a few months ago “we are currently creating The Mandalorian” ... people would go nuts, their imaginations would run wild, it’d be cool if it had a dancing Yoda, it needs 23 light sabres, it’s gotta have a tribute to the cantina band, it’s gotta blah blah blah ...
Then when it comes out, everyone gets disappointed, because no way can it live up to what they imagined.

A moving Grogu would be a no brainier though right? .... oh wait, scrap that

#2752 4 months ago

Just release something with lots of blood guts and gore please, TWD is now gone from my collection and I’d love another gore pin to replace it.

2 weeks later
#4494 3 months ago

Still no announcement cmon Spooky your killing us

3 months later
#10376 4 days ago

SAW! traps = mechs!

Licence should be cheap enough for spooky, tonnes of footage, voice call outs already made for the game “I want to play a game” “game over” plenty of traps for creative mechs and rules!

#10377 4 days ago

Ghostface is back! And this looks like it could be great! I loved the previous 4, fun slashers with some cool kills and Ghostface is up there as one of the cool horror villains along with Micheal, Freddy, Jason, Jigsaw etc

Metallica & No Good Gofers in the background it’s practically asking to be made into a pin!
Scream Pinball! C’mon Spooky!

#10380 3 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

If Spooky can someday make a Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St, I am 100% in on CEs for both to line up with my Halloween! Would LOVE to see that set!

They should make a series of games that can become a set/collection within a lineup it adds to the FOMO.

It was like Heighway when they where around why follow up Alien with Queen? You follow up Alien with Predator!

I would love to see Spooky roll out a Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm, Hellraiser, Scream, SAW, aslong as they shoot good I would buy them all to have a horror lineup.

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