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** The Next Spooky Pin(s) **

By sataneatscheese

10 months ago

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Post #1125 Great outline of different types of buyers. Posted by mrclean (5 months ago)

Post #6466 First release video Posted by Borygard (3 months ago)

Post #7251 Led strip explanations Posted by SpookyLuke (3 months ago)

Post #9021 Spooky interview on podcast. July 12, 2021 Posted by ZMeny (3 months ago)

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#20 10 months ago

The CGC Spooky Heck game is after Cactus Canyon, we most likely won't see it till early 2022.
I hope Spooky runs TNA in short 10 , 15 batches , while producing the next Spooky main title.

Big Trouble In Little China, is my number one hope.
Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th dimension, number 2 choice.

Then any other John Carpenter film, Escape From New York, Prince of Darkness, The Thing.
Halloween 1 and 2 in one machine, like Alien pin.

#43 10 months ago

They could go for a more niech Horror of science fiction theme, and cut the number back to 500.
They might not want too run 750 again so soon.

Musing from the Freeeek Kingdom.

Fear and Loathing Benecio Del Toro (resized).png
1 month later
#93 8 months ago

Sounds like TNA 2.0 is up next. From what Charlie has said in the last few months Spooky has it's next 3 or 4 games planned.

I'm praying that one is a John Carpenter film.
Big trouble in little China
Escape from New York
The Thing
Prince of Darkness
They Live.

I'll take any of the above.

Message from the Freeeek Kingdom.

2 months later
#328 6 months ago

They have licensing conventions in Las Vegas every year, All these licence holders are there trying to sell. They are looking to keep old properties in the public mind. Almost any property is gettable, it's all about price, and what you get to use.

#383 6 months ago

If you want the next Spooky game, your gonna have to pay attention and call them the morning it goes on sale, R&M sold out 750 in a few hours.
If its SD, sounds like they can up the production to 1000.

I'm still pulling for Big Trouble in Little China, but my hope's are fading.
I'll pass on Scooby. Hope it's awesome though.
It would be a huge licence for Spooky.

That's 1000 premium priced pin's, Stern won't be selling, which is all to the good.

#427 6 months ago

Charlie is on the new Final Round Pinball Podcast with Jeff and Marty. Episode 32.
He talks all about what's going on at Spooky, new Factory, and Rick and Morty.
Check it out.

#433 6 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Link us to it please. And maybe give us a summary as well. Thank you!


#437 6 months ago

I gave name, number, and content.

By Silverfish imperatrix, who's incorrupted eye,
Sees through the lies of Doctors and their Wives!
By Salamander Drake, and the power that was Undine!
Rise to claim SATURN¿¿¿¿¿
Ring and Sky.
Before my visit to the workshop of Telescope's.
By those who see with their eyes closed.
You'll know me...
By my Black Telescope.

By Silverfish Imperatrix, you can't control me.

Orr...... I don't know how to link something on this shitty phone.

Message from The Imaginos Kingdom.

#461 6 months ago

Big Trouble is my No 1 Dream theme, custom Kurt Russell callouts!? That would be a blast.

Still hoping this happens.

#484 6 months ago

Would also love a Hammer horror Dracula pin.
Starring Christopher Lee.
With Franchi on artwork. frederick-cooper-christopher-lee-draula-has-risen-9-27-2018-small (resized).jpg

dae3370a6e5b22979121ea9635a15dfa (resized).jpg
#524 5 months ago

Very cool, sound like they can't wait to announce the next title. Soon!? Ish?

1 week later
#968 5 months ago

You know..... I feel pretty good about this announcement.
.yeah......me too!

30-Things-You-Might-Not-Kno (resized).jpg
#1206 5 months ago

Don't know about you lot.....
But I'm on the edge of my seat.

cdc1095e4fc298d7240693d060429816 (resized).jpg
#1267 5 months ago

No announcement yet??....

7ab573bdd0c4a0da2e0884272bc2926a (resized).jpg
#1269 5 months ago

I could be wrong.... but I think Spooky is simply building a expansion to the current building next door. Not another full move out/in.


#1272 5 months ago

Pork Chop Express, stacked and loaded.

0158c1c647c14623dbaedfef6090843d (resized).jpg
#1369 5 months ago

Lo Pans's lordly Robes!

87a8f840733725b01f52aaec6e4a8a0d (resized).jpg
#1400 5 months ago

A sculpt like Alice Cooper Castle, of the China town Underworld?4ca2016f0c318eb3468ca6496a59c7decedf174a (resized).jpg

41 (147) (resized).jpg
#1403 5 months ago

Believe it or not there is hardly a drop of blood shown in Halloween 1.
Mostly suspence.
It's not till part 2 in 1982, that things get red.
And Myer's only kills 5 that we know of in the film.
His Sister, tow truck driver, and Laurie's 3 friends.
Oh, and maybe a cat or raccoon.

1 week later
#1850 5 months ago

This isn't getting any clearer Ben, I'm stumped.

852da447398477baba1f013862783be2 (resized).jpg
#1931 5 months ago

I'll take any of the three classics these two guys made together. Look how much fun they are having!

f88eec620f1c8d907cc0df50d4125ae8 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2396 4 months ago

I'm looking for a Pinball machine with Green Eyes.

Jack-Burton-Big-Trouble-Little-China-Kurt-Russell (resized).jpg
#2400 4 months ago

Count me in!

30a5b86131ecdbc60df9f61bfa1aaa88 (resized).jpg
#2615 4 months ago

Uhg! 40 new posts....
and all we got is Ben's A-maze-ing.

So ......The Shining? Seems like to slow burn of a film for pinball.
Labyrinth? Love Jim Henson, and Jennifer Connally, but not a great movie. Good ,but not great.

#2649 4 months ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

Do we know the announcement date?

Yes charlie told us all yesterday, but were gonna keep it to ourselves.

2 weeks later
#4116 4 months ago

Fasten your seatbelts, folks.
Looks like fun heading our way next week.
Here's some live Alice, for a Saturday night.

20210613_234249 (resized).jpg

#4903 3 months ago

Let it be Escape From New York, please pinball gods.

#4937 3 months ago

We know the theme, and that photo still is confounding!

#4954 3 months ago

With the expanded factory, and new hires, could they be planning to build 750 Halloween, and 750 Escape From New York, or whatever title?
In a year and a half timeline?

#4972 3 months ago

Any of these?

20210629_172909 (resized).jpg
#5473 3 months ago

Bill Cosby escaped prison, just like Michael Myers?

#6164 3 months ago

That's what I was thinking, I'm hoping Spooky got the Rights for Blue Öyster Cult, Dont fear the Reaper, as it is featured in the film.

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