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*SPOILERS* Star Wars: TLJ is really bad and other Star Wars/Disney/Marvel talk *

By InfiniteLives

1 year ago

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    #61 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    Also, why even have the scene where Chewie, a beloved character, is eating one of the cute little critters. like wtf. people laughed, i cringed

    That was my favorite part of the movie!

    Not my favorite Star Wars movie on the whole. The fast travel stuff (getting all the way across the galaxy in just hours) is a bit much for me.

    Also, I think the Republic being totally destroyed and the first order just being in full control is silly. The republic was tens of thousands of worlds. Blowing up a handful of planets in one system in the last movie destroyed the republic entirely? What happened? The scale of the battles makes no sense.

    Many people don’t like the prequels, but the war felt like a war and not just a skirmish.

    #87 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    and light speed ramming was AWESOME.

    Light speed ramming was great, but question...why didn’t they just do this to destroy the Death Star in one of the prior movies that featured a Death Star? Seems like a simple solution to the Death Star problem, ram a cruiser into it at light speed.

    #89 1 year ago
    Quoted from RonSS:

    The prequels didn't do much for me, but at least they were action packed

    The prequels were action packed with Jedi duels and the mythology of a functioning Jedi order (revealing lots of fascinating history) with a war that seemed to be the scale of a real war (and not a skirmish). They also were generally paced well, they just suffered from some dialog challenges (particularly in the last one) and a character that bothered people (mostly in the first one).

    The two on one Jedi battle at the end of Phantom Menance was far superior than any light saber duel we’ve seen in either VII or VIII, not even close frankly.

    #117 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    The Death Stars were the size of MOONS. Too big for that sort of stunt I imagine.

    The light speed ram destroyed many First Order ships, not just the giant Dreadnaught. Maybe it takes two or three cruisers to take out the Death Star but one would clearly damage it at least. Should have at least been discussed as an option.

    I don’t know, I enjoyed TLJ enough (I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan in general) but I do feel it was the weakest of all the entrees in the series. Star Wars is supposed to be a fantasy soap opera in space, it needs things like good villains and consistent mythology.

    Does any one really feel like Captain Phasm was as interesting as General Grevious or Bubba Fet? Does anyone feel that there was a light saber battle in TLJ as solid as the two on one Jedi/Sith battle to close Phantom Menance? Does anyone think Snoke was as interesting as the Emporer was in the prequels? Did the land battle at the end of the movie match the intensity of the land battle to start Empire?

    #121 1 year ago

    I think ultimately there was too much comedy, it felt very much like a Marvel film or Transformer film. I enjoy movies that have comedy and don’t take themselves too seriously but quick easy jokes like Luke tossing the lightsaber over his shoulder (and kind of ruining one of the best moments from TFA when he was presented the saber) hurts re-watchability. This will be the first Star Wars movie I do not go see more than once at theaters.

    Star Wars should not be cheesy, this movie had several moments of somewhat cheesy scenes that were designed to get a quick laugh. I think Disney is applying their super hero movie formula to Star Wars, it doesn’t fit organically...at least this is how it seems to me.

    #128 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    I think you're taking it all a little too seriously

    The dialog was great in the original trilogy, sure all of the movies have some humor, but they went for lower brow jokes on this one. Some of it worked, the Porgi trying to copy Chewies battle cry was great. The light saber over the shoulder, not so much.

    Again, I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan. I did enjoy the movie, but it is not in contention for best movie this year for me ..not even in my personal top five (IT, Logan, Thor, Blade Runner, and Switch were all better movies in my view) which for a Star Wars movie is a shocking thing for me to say.

    #157 1 year ago
    Quoted from John1210:

    many reviewers are saying it’s healthy what Ryan Johnson has done... creating discussion

    I noticed that too and think it’s pretty funny. It’s a Star Wars movie, it was going to have all this discussion anyway...except that if it was a good Star Wars movie literal life long fans such as me wouldn’t have words like “disappointed” littered all in the discussion.

    Out of the eight main movies and Rouge One, this one easily falls in at number nine for me, and it’s not even close...I will not be as excited for Episode 9 or the Solo movie over the next two year and that’s a real shame for me as I really looked forward to this movie and all before it.

    #162 1 year ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    Do you honestly believe that this movie is worse then jar jar binks? How about angry teen Anakin

    Episode One was, hands down, better than Episode VIII.

    Phantom Menance had a supporting character people did not like, fair enough, but Que Gon Jinn and Kenobi were superb characters. Darth Maul was far better than any villain in Episode VIII. The two on one Jedi duel with that phenomenal sound track (Duel of Fates was amazing) was better than any fight in movie VIII (which had no Jedi duels at all). Seeing the functional Jedi order and counsel was cool. Learning rules about the Sith was interesting. The blockaid and political intrigue of the Senante being paralyzed and not able to over come their own beuracracy and sending in a committee to discuss it while seeing the Emporoer weasel into power was far superior to wondering if a ship would run out of gas...

    Episode One smokes Episode VIII, pretty much every way imaginable.

    #166 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    The casino scenes brought a level of grey to a universe that is absurdly black and white and I think it’ll be better for it, less cartoony fascism that was so effectively mocked at the beginning of the movie.

    Star Wars has always excelled in grey, or did you only watch the remake version of IV where Han didn’t shoot first? Lando wasn’t a grey? How about the entire (superb) Clone War cartoon saga...basically every character except for maybe a half dozen were grey characters.

    Quoted from jwilson:

    Pretty much everyone shitting on this movie gives some lame “it’s not Star Wars” party line

    No we are not. Re-read what we are saying.

    Quoted from jwilson:

    While watching Episode One I had a visceral, negative reaction to how terrible a movie it was.

    Episode One was actually well received by movie goers when it was released, the view of it over the years by fans didn’t age well and now people make quick digs at it because it’s the “cool thing to do”. Sorry you have “visceral” reactions while watching any movie. That is somewhat an unusual trait.

    #168 1 year ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    Nostalgia is a motherf¥€Ker. Sounds like your trying to hold onto something.
    Evolution is inevitable, your ability to change with it is not.

    Change? What change did this movie bring really?

    This movie waves a magic wand and brought back the empire and the resistance. No explanation. No plot points. No clever manipulation, political intrigue, or battle strategy.

    This movie expects us to believe that the destruction of a handful of planets revolving around the same sun destroyed a political organization made up of tens of thousands of planets and reinstituted the previously defeated empire’s control over tens of thousands of planets in a matter of days.

    This movie just unwound all the progression the series made and reverted right back to where the galaxy stood in Episode IV...and didn’t do it well, just waived a magic wand and said this is the situation again.

    #184 1 year ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    That was a great moment in comedic timing, but I really enjoyed the first gag in the film. That whole “I’m on hold for the commander.” Bit was precious. I totally unexpected it, the music was suspenseful and your expecting some great heros taunt, but in the end he’s just fu€king around and trolling the commander.

    I was okay with that one as well (other than adding in the “your mother” at the end, a bit too juevinile).

    I wasn’t a fan of the blond male villain dude the gag was played on either, too panicky to be a commander of anything, wouldn’t cut it in a military force at all actually.

    #245 1 year ago
    Quoted from Matesamo:

    More concerning is that Rian Johnson is going to be writer/director of the next trilogy

    I know...horrible. I think they could still pull him out. I’m just baffled that Disney thinks they put out a top quality product with TLJ and want the same director as the future of the franchise.

    Disney needs to consult someone with some measure of talent on scripts and plots, maybe see if they can get George R.R. Martin to give them an idea or two, because Johnson has nothing but “fly the Leia”.

    #310 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    The ship they were chasing had massive shields they couldn't penetrate - being in front or behind didn't matter so they followed them until they ran out of fuel.

    You might need to go watch it again. They have no problem penetrating the shields, it was only penentrating them at the distance they were at, or so they said. Now that ramming is allowed I’m not sure why they don’t just remote ram them with a small ship (manned or unmanned) and take out all of the rebels in one hyper space jump.

    #326 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Or a jaded old fart wishing things were like they used to be?

    So, TheFamilyArcade and several others have made this statement in this thread to people that didn’t like TLJ. Also, I looked around the net a bit and see several reviewers have made similar observations for those fans that are most unhappy with this show.

    Here is my reaction on this “you must be old and grouchy if you don’t like this new offering from Disney” attitude many have to those of us that feel disinfranchised:

    I love Star Wars, pretty much all Star Wars, I am a life long fan of the franchise. I even love the prequels (*gasp, a non-conformist*). Sure, I found EMO Anikan’s portrail in II and III to leave something to be desired here and there. Sure, the Ewoks were not my favorite characters and were at best poorly thought out. Sure, I thought TFA was a bit of a rehash and could have done without the planet Death Star.

    But, in the end, I’ve bought all the movies in multiple formats (VHS, laser disc, dvd, Blue Ray, and digilitally); I’ve gotten many of the comics; bought many of the video games; bought toys; bought encyclopedias; went to actor signing events; listened to expanded universe books on tape; watched the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoon; etc.

    For me to complain about something Star Wars means there is a problem, because I have no issue suspending disbelief and I get the difference between science fiction and fantasy. I’m vested in this franchise. I want this franchise to succeed. I’m fine with “new directions” and all that jazz but a good fantasy world (whether it’s filled with Hobbits or Ewoks) has rules that it follows within itself...these aren’t plot structure rules but rather rules that you stay within your own fantasy guidelines.

    Rey becoming super powered with no training and no teacher violates the fantasy guidelines that were set out. This whole the force will always find balance thing means one side will not advance beyond the other. The whole Fly the Leia power and ramming and cheap low brow comedy spread across the entire episode combined with the weak story line of running out of fuel just makes me concerned for the future of the franchise.

    It’s like James Cameron used to say, there is a big difference between giving people an ambiguous answer vs no answer when pushing plot points to a conclusion. Much of TLJ answers were “it doesn’t matter, move along” which is not how a good soap opera works, fantasy or otherwise.

    #334 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    So Not “grouchy” so much as jaded and maybe even entitled?

    Yea, I could live with the "entitled" description. I do feel entitled to a good consistent product from the flagship series of Star Wars given the reasons I identify in the prior post. I've spent a lot of time and money with this franchise, I want to receive epic movies and I want the lore and history explored deeper...I am disappointed this did not happen.

    As I said earlier in the thread, I had fun watching TLJ. I didn't walk out of it or anything. It just was simply not a worthy flagship movie in my opinion. If they wanted to take the comedic tone with the Han Solo spinoff I would not have a problem with it, but they went this direction with the flagship...they went the direction of no soap opera, no interesting questions and rendering older movies less important. Odd choices.

    I'll be back in the theaters for Episode IX, just less excited about it than I was walking in for Episode VIII. It'll be a boring two years in the Star Wars realm with literally nothing for us fans to talk about for the first time since Disney bought out the franchise. I guess we do still have a half season of Rebels left and that show has been getting better and better, so that's a plus.

    #418 1 year ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    Not the 3rd one it was amazing, not sure why people disliked it.

    When you just take in the prequels from the perspective of “what did they add to the franchise?”...the answer is a heck of a lot.

    History of the Jedi order, history of the Sith, history of the republic and how it functioned politically, the master padawan relationship and Jedi trails, etc.

    What have we learned from TLJ that added to the franchise lore? Lasers have a limited range and resistance ships don’t carry much fuel. Force ghosts can use force lightening I guess is biggest thing. I expect to see Yoda zapping Kylo Ren in the next movie repeatedly.

    #565 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    People got hyped about her for one reason and one reason only, which is that she's silver

    I was interested in her because the actress is a Game of Thrones star and pretty awesome. Sadly, it wouldn’t have mattered who was wearing that suit in the end, we get an eye only right before her death...anyone could have acted that part. Waste of an excellent actress’ talents.

    #566 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    I think they've backed away from that a fair bit. It was kinda dumb to begin with.

    Well, there is a difference between a Sith and a basic dark side force user, but ultimatly yes they’ve backed away from it and did so well. Watch the Clone Wars cartoon (which is superb by the way) to see multiple trained dark side users and four active Sith at one time with two masters and two aps.

    #568 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    The same movie where one of the coolest villains of all time - Darth Maul - was introduced and killed off without a backstory, in the same movie.

    While you are correct that Maul is an amazing villain (my favorite in the series actually) he was not killed off in TPM. See both Clone Wars and Rebels for more on Maul, they are both cannon and he survived the fight again Ginn and Kenobi.

    #581 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Say what? He was cut in half! How can (did?) he survive that?

    I don’t want to spoil Clone Wars with particulars, but Maul played a big part in that show and was a fierce Sith rival to the Emperor and Dooku and had his own Sith apprentance. He obviously was not “whole”...

    #586 1 year ago
    Quoted from dzoomer:

    One thing I have learned from SW8 feedback is that Rotten tomatoes user ratings can be gamed; 92% from the critics and <60% from users. Lots of talk and evidence of bots/shilling

    And you feel the review from the critics is perfectly fair and reasonable? Disney does seem to use intimidation here and there with critics. I have no faith in the critics myself, they collectively seem wrong with so many reviews in so many ways.

    #603 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    So, will Snoke survive? It’s about as far fetched.

    My feel is they wanted to emphasize he was dead when they zoomed in on his tounge hanging out of his mouth several minutes after he was sliced in half.

    #605 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    If Han Solo isn't a blockbuster heads will roll.
    No more under-experienced indie filmmakers hired ever again

    I agree with all your points on this. Also, I think TLJ Director is going to be pulled from directing the next trilogy. Even though the first week’s numbers for TLJ were okay (any new SW will draw in big numbers the first week of release) the drop off is due to the bad word of mouth.

    #619 1 year ago
    Quoted from dzoomer:

    My disparity comment came primarily from TL saying "the first week’s numbers for TLJ were okay

    I feel you could slap the Star Wars title on anything and generate a $500 mill opening week, at least as Episode VII left the franchise. Episode IX may not enjoy the same type of opening, it certainly won’t generate the same level of buzz from the lifelong fan base.

    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    Well, if all that comes to pass, which is what so many people want, you are all gonna get exactly what you deserve next time around.

    All I want is a good quality movie with a story line that doesn’t cheapen itself with jokes that won’t even be funny on a second watch through (the lightsaber toss over the shoulder should have been on a blooper reel, it kind of ruined an amazing moment from Episode VII). I want to have a desire to go back to the theater for more than one viewing to see what I missed and try and piece together mysteries left by the writers/directors...this movie left zeltch...no reason to watch it a second time, certainly not in theaters.

    #629 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    You’re suggesting the spent $300m making the movie and $700m promoting it (such that they need to hit $1b to show a profit)? That’s crazy talk. Now will someone be getting fired if a SW movie doesn’t break $1b? Sure, probably. But they’ll be turning a profit long before that. And you know they’ve made hundreds of millions in merchandising before the first screening.

    So, the studio only receives one half of the domestic box office, the theater gets its cut. The studio only receives 25% (on average) of international box office, the theaters over seas get their cut.

    A movie with a $300 mill budget must crush the box office to make its money back in theaters. Of course, movies have trailing revenue...rentals, premium tv, video game tie ins, etc.

    #738 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jumping-Box:

    Failed The Last Jedi has. It's simple, when Luke died, no one cried.

    That’s a great point I had not considered. The director couldn’t get a single tear to drop when Luke died...a character that is 40 years old and draped with emotions faces death and passes and no one sheds a tear.

    That is a shockingly inept total fail that sits solely at the directors feet.

    #755 1 year ago
    Quoted from konjurer:

    I can tell you as I left the theater, the buzz going on around me was very positive

    Confirmation bias from those who made it a big event for them and their family as opposed to treating it like just another movie. It wears off on people once they leave the theater and sleep on it. This movie will not generate the re-watches that SW normally thrives on.

    #759 1 year ago
    Quoted from racer_x:

    They're on record as saying there wasn't a big, bulletin board plot outline for this trilogy...they're literally making it up as they go

    That is pathetic, seriously sad. It totally explains why this doesn’t feel like a trilogy in any way though.

    #775 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    That puts you in a very distinct minority my friend. Penis owning director and writer or not, those prequels are reviled by most people
    For good reason.

    The prequels added a lot to the Star Wars franchise. They expanded the Star Wars universe in many positive ways and gave a lot of interesting questions for everyone to ponder. Sadly, group think and the quest many people have to conform and get “likes” and what not has made it cool to dislike the prequels.

    TLJ expanded nothing, just detracted. The director of TLJ has no business being involved in the franchise any further.

    #783 1 year ago
    Quoted from konjurer:

    The prequels added very little. We had stupid pod races and crap that was just eye candy and no substance. The third movie tied up some loose ends but there was little meat on the bones.

    How about seeing a functional republic and how it was governed? How about seein a functioning Jedi order? How about learning about the Sith and their history? How about seeing them slowly unfold how Palpatine corrupted the republic from the inside? The prequels gave us all kinds of stuff.

    The biggest thing the prequels gave us was a real war. We got nothing from TFA and TLJ except Death Star 3.0 then an instant return galaxy wide to the empire running the show and a small resistance (we didn’t get an explanation of how the republic fell and why it happened in one day...across tens of thousands of worlds...).

    Quoted from konjurer:

    The new movies have actually expanded the universe with a host of new characters that are at the beginning of their life cycle.

    Any show can introduce a new character, that is a meaningless addition. You have to look at the lore that is added and expanded upon to see if a fantasy movie contributes to the franchise.

    In this case, TLJ (and to a lesser extent TFA) introduced nearly instantaneous travel across the galaxy (which sucks for story telling purposes long term). They also introduced hyper drive ramming, which was cool on one watch through but ruins fleet warfare moving forward for the entire franchise.

    #836 1 year ago
    Quoted from konjurer:

    nearly every sci-fi flick asks you to suspend physics!!!

    Star Wars is not science fiction, it never has been. Star Wars is fantasy. It has always been fantasy. The only movie to even hint at science fiction aspects was TPM.

    As an aside, good science fiction doesn’t toss physics aside either, it usually just bends a couple rules of physics and the rest is supposed to be possible. The most recent Star Trek movies have moved away from science fiction and towards fantasy as well, I’m not sure where to qualify the last Star Trek movie with the ship bouncing off rocks and then going into outer space...certainly not science fiction, probably fantasy...but even fantasy tries to stay within whatever rules it has created.

    #837 1 year ago
    Quoted from konjurer:

    I loved the sci fi series Dark Matter. Anyone else? But every episode I cringed because they short circuited so much of the story line. Nature of the beast

    Yes!!! Loved that series. Haven’t watched season 3 yet, super disappointed it is canceled.

    #849 1 year ago
    Quoted from BC_Gambit:

    Maybe write a better script and your movie won't be such a mess?
    I don't hear any(?) actual criticism of the "directing" on this film, it seemed competently made. The complaining has had to do with the writing.

    You are correct, I’ve been criticizing the director but my complaints are really more with the story itself than the directing. I guess I’m unclear on who is in charge of the story: writer or director. I know for Episode One Terry Brooks (Shannarah Chronicals author) said George Lukas walked him through the plot that he wanted, Terry had little creative direction.

    #879 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    I think they should recast her. Would be ballsy and serve the story better; Leia's ticket isn't supposed to be punched yet.
    Helen Miren or Streep. BOOOM.

    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    couldn't get much worse. at this point. It's like......what would it hurt?

    Heck, I agree. Not like they can “ruin it” any further. If Kennedy and the other ladies feel they need Leia’s character for whatever reason then recast her. If they want to just mention in the opening credits of the next movie that she died, fine with me also.

    It’s not like she is really key to any trilogy plot line they have built up...

    #887 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    Yeah, and no one came to her aid when she sent out her "personal" distress signal, so no one in the Galaxy cares if she dies

    And with the fast travel they introduced anyone anywhere in the entire universe could have been there in time to help (cross the entire galaxy in two hours and all that)...so yea, the writers made her meaningless anyway.

    #888 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballOsp:

    My point was that -- feelings aside -- there was nowhere to go with the Star Wars universe after episode VI: the story was 100% complete with nowhere left to go with it.

    I know they made it feel this way since the writers decided to hit the reset button and go back to the empire vs rebellion with no explanation or story (beyond five planets being destroyed in one solar system bringing tens of thousands of other planets to their knees instantly), but the universe is huge and they could have taken it anywhere. They decided to hit the reverse button and add SJW features because they couldn’t think of anything better to do...

    #902 1 year ago
    Quoted from judremy:

    I have heard Thrawn is on Rebels.

    Yes, different version of him though.

    So, this Kennedy person and her team...how did Disney find these people? They have any skins on their wall that made them worthy of the job they couldn’t pull off? Surely she and her team have some successes they can point to?

    #909 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    what I dont' get from ep 7, is how did lukes fathers lightsaber even get back into anyones possession? Remember, it was in lukes hand, when it got cut off. Fell down the shaft of cloud city, and fell into space when the garbage chute opened and luke was left holding his nub

    Yep, and that was a story point they were saving for the future, but now that it’s just broken in half and destroyed it totally doesn’t matter. Just another “screw you” that Kennedy and Johnson gave to the fans...they made that plot line meaningless...it’s almost like they wanted to render the plot points from the prior movie that people have been enjoying discussing be totally meaningless.

    I’m just baffled the critics gave VIII a good review. Has to be Disney...

    #911 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    It’s Star Wars. There literally could have been a dog crapping onscreen for two straight hours and if the movie title was Star Wars it would have positive critics reviews and a good quarter of the fans/users would blindly give it 5-stars too. It’s riding on its name

    I agree. For many people Star Wars is an event, a family event at that. Someone who spends $100 on tickets and concessions and gets their family of four all out to a movie at the theater is going to say they enjoyed the movie when they walk out...that is just how the human brain works, call it confirmation bias or whatever else (same reason why we who buy a NIB game are likely to rate it highly).

    This movie has hurt the SW franchise long term though. Episode IX and Solo will not have anywhere near the buzz and built in positive feelings. In big franchises like this your box office performance has almost as much to do with how good your prior movie was as it does with how good your current movie is. The XMen franchise has many good examples of this phenomenon.

    #978 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    a robot with lung cancer,

    No one has lung cancer. Mace Windu crushed his lungs and other organs during the Clone Wars cartoon. When General Grevious was 100% he pretty terrifying, he wiped out Darth Maul’s people nearly single handedly.

    The prequels were a billion times the story TLJ was. You have a villain that makes sense and slowly corrupted the republic from within with subtle manipulation and political moves...not like the First Order that just waived a magic wand and became the empire and instantly subjected tens of thousands of worlds for no reason whateversoever (lazy writing).

    #979 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    I hear Disney is looking at a follow up book that "explains" various events in the movie as damage control, good luck with that

    Yea, few people are going to waste their time reading yet more stuff from Kennedy and her band of SJWs they want to disrespect their own fantasy world.

    I stuck with Star Wars through thick and thin, I even defend the prequels (which I believe were pretty good, though I recognize some dialog weaknesses) and the expanded universe (even the Force Monsters), but what Kennedy has done to the universe is shameful (and I had some fun in the movie, and laughed in several spots, but recognize is weakened the franchise horribly).

    #997 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    Describe Mace Windu as to a person who has never seen star wars. (without describing physical features about them) If someone wanted you to describe him and explain his character. how would you word it?

    Easy. Threshold Guardian style characte in the form of a warrior priest.

    Quo Gon Jinn is a better character (acted by a better actor) than any character in the current “trilogy” (I use that term loosely since Kennedy and her team have no cohesive plan and are making it up as they go).

    #1001 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    so you are saying he's about as in depth as the emperors royal guards? Because both were about as useful

    A threshold guardian is an important character type in literary fiction. Mace fits that role for Anakin.

    #1040 1 year ago
    Quoted from fishbone:

    Vader doesn't join the battle,

    He certainly joins the battle at the end to defend the Death Star as a fighter pilot.

    #1043 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    only because he's in a ship. That's the equivalent to an old guy riding around in a rascal. Which is at this age, what vader is best at.

    Fighter pilots on aircraft carriers are pretty serious warriors. The entire aircraft carrier and crew revolve completely around them, they are attune to the quarterback of a football team. A fighter pilot is nothing like an old guy riding around in a rascal...a fighter pilot is a fighter pilot.

    #1045 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    true, but he doesn't have to be in shape to use it.

    He did kind of let himself go after his vacation to Mustafar.

    #1051 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Yes I know all the tie in stuff but star wars just isn't popular in China

    But it certainly could be popular there. It just needs to improve its content.

    I wonder what the Chinese critics have said about the latest offering, Kennedy, and all the social justice warrior tie ins featured in the movie. I’m sure they were less kind to Disney than those here in the states that perhaps thought Disney may deny them press passes in the future if they didn’t give TLJ a positive review...

    #1053 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Now you're equating a "good product" with box office numbers? If only it were up to the quality level of the Transformers movies which make bank there

    Agreed, quality doesn’t equal box office success. But a movie in the mold of TLJ with that plot structure was never going to be a big hit in China.

    #1226 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    But he was 100% right when he said that Disney and the SW franchise are fine. I get that you feel they've destroyed the franchise because "SJW" or whatever, and that you badly want TLJ to be such a financial failure that Disney goes crawling back to George Lucas to save them from themselves. But even if it underperformed expectations (and I have to wonder if Disney's projections were anywhere near your and Ted's $2b), TLJ was undeniable a $$$ machine

    I agree TLJ made a bunch of money, but the damage done to the franchise is almost impossible for Disney to recover from. When you have a movie that alienates your fan base it is felt on future movie releases.

    Excitement like what Star Wars “had” cannot be forced on the public, it has to organically grow. What could they possibly do to get people excited and talking about the next movie in anticipation of release now? Nothing, not even canning Kennedy will bring any interest in the next movie.

    Star Wars will always be a big franchise and it will have future $1 billion releases I am sure, but the days of people going to see it I. Mass four or five times on release are over and it’s because of the TLJ.

    #1229 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Haha Over dramatic much?

    Yes, I probably should not have used the word impossible. Nevertheless, Disney does have a challenge on their hands. They should have written the entire trilogy in one go and had a direction for the story.

    #1251 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    There s gonna be a bunch of damage control by JJ before would be my guess and once everyone is promised to make things better most people will be back in the theatre.

    I was wondering whether Disney would try and do any damage control. I personally doubt they will. They still think (or at least state publicly) that Kennedy and RJ created an absolute bloody masterpiece of story telling and all of us unhappy people are really just bots on the internet.

    To do damage control they have to first admit they made some mistakes here or there...and that us unhappy fans are not fake bots on the internet.

    #1266 1 year ago
    Quoted from yuriijos:

    I think the Han Solo movie will be much better than TLJ. I'm curious to know how he became best buddies with Chewy and how he got the Falcon. Kinda like Rogue One, a sub story of the originals and much more interesting.

    With Kennedy in charge I’m sure Chewy will be rescued from an animal cruelty circus operated by some incompetent white dude. I’m not even kidding, that would be my bet on how they meet in the movie.

    #1292 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Have you forgotten the midichlorians?!? Worst idea ever. And clear evidence that 1990s George Lucas was completely out of touch with the magical universe that 1970s George Lucas created. Providing an (extraordinarily lame) clinical explanation for the mysterious, mystical force that permeates the Star Wars universe was far more egregious than whatever's off with TLJ. Still pisses me off 19 years later just thinking about it. Maybe they can retcon it and say that the Jedi Counsel had slipped into a Scientology-esque fascination with bogus pseudoscience, yet another sign of the Republic's decline?

    So many people mistake Star Wars for Science Fiction instead of fantasy, just look at those in this thread that call it Science Fiction, one can forgive George for trying to introduce some measure of science into the methos. An attempt to explain the force isn’t an unreasonable thing to do.

    To say those thirty seconds of TPM were worse than anything in Eposide VIII is laughable. The prequels actually ushered in major lore points that have kept the franchise fresh for over fifteen years, Episode VIII just killed off interest in the franchise of previously dedicated fans.

    Episode VIII is the dog of the franchise. Fine for a single viewing (I enjoyed my single viewing, which will be the only time I watch the movie) but it abused the rules of the fantasy world so bad and insulted everyone’s intelligence so deeply while simultaneously wacking iconic characters like Luke and Akbar needlessly there is nothing left other than the Mary Sue they created.

    #1296 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    I also want to point out, it was 1999, the very dawn of CGI and he was more focused on the look than the story

    Just to briefly piggy back on this point by kvan99 , in 1999 we were witnessing the evolution of true high quality surround sound in theaters across America. The pod racing scene was designed to feature and promote the high quality LucasFilm surround sound system that now everyone takes for granted. Just as Avatar unveiled the newest in 3D quality film, TPM unveiled the highest ever sound quality and the pod race sequence was the coming out party.

    Technology advances are important, but are often forgotten by people that judge old movies by modern criteria without taking into account what was so ground breaking by them.

    #1329 1 year ago
    Quoted from racer_x:

    "After cleaning up during 2017’s holiday season, [Jumanji]—not ‘Star Wars’—is now crushing it in January

    I'm excited for Jumanji, though I haven't seen it yet. The Rock has some drawing power.

    #1332 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    That’s what I’m talking about! They should cast him in the next SW movie. Would take care of their China box office “problem” as well.

    Like could pull a professor X and just take over the Rock’s body then go layeth the smacketh downeth on Ben Solo in Episode IX. I’d go watch that for sure.

    1 week later
    #1336 1 year ago

    Well, Star Wars TLJ officially under performed. I think it’s funny how all the media outlets say it’s due to Star Wars burn out generally, none of them say it was due to the plot of the movie not being any good... Hopefully RJ and KK get canned quick. I still can’t believe how bad they blew it here.

    Here is one article: https://www.investopedia.com/news/disneys-last-jedi-box-office-sales-lower-wall-street-expectations/

    #1347 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    The article says "the most recent Star Wars franchise film has fallen about $200 million short of analysts' expectations." Will be interesting to see if they shake up the creative team as a result. Equivalent to a SB winning team going 9-7 the following season and missing the playoffs. The head coach should be safe, but a coordinator or two may get the ax to send the message that expectations were not met

    I hear you. I just hope Disney takes it more seriously and recognize Kennedy’s social platforms she wants to use for SW have simply alienated the fans that made SW big to begin with. The new types of casual fans (that like her social issues) she is hoping to pick up will not replace the hard core fans that would previously have gone six times to theaters, bought the books, bought the toys, bought the other tie in products, etc...

    SW needs it’s hard core fans. Those fans can’t be kept with a bad quality story product and a plethora of lame jokes.

    #1382 1 year ago
    Quoted from Flowst:

    Cautious optimism setting in. I.....cant be hurt.....again..

    Don’t get too excited. I predicted weeks ago that Kennedy is going to have Han save Chewbacca from some type of animal abuse circus ran by some incompetent white dude - mark it down, that will be a big plot point they will use. Kennedy won’t be able to help herself.

    #1388 1 year ago

    Disney had a pretty good quarterly earnings report, but I have to laugh with the analysts saying there is "Star Wars fatigue" and this is to blame for the last movie missing expectations...I've read this now twice this afternoon. Neither time did the respective author mention the possibility that the last movie just wasn't a good installment and the "fatigue" they reference is actually just a reaction to weak product.

    The media refuses to acknowledge this "fatigue" is self inflicted by RJ and KK pushing their personal agendas over the best interest of the franchise, combined with a trilogy that wasn't even mapped out and doesn't feel cohesive.

    #1398 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    Oh for sure there's Star Wars fatigue. They're releasing a movie every damn year now!

    If the product was good that would be a feature. Since the product was not good it’s a problem for them.

    #1402 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Interesting to witness in a way, a company destroying a franchise in real time.

    Rather than go slow and turn out a quality product (Think what Pixar was at one time) they are going to shotgun the market with as much as possible.

    Their approach would be fine if they had a plan and a cohesive story that made sense and was interesting. Large volume doesn't always mean poor quality, but...man...that last movie really hurt them.

    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    I'm pretty sure I saw Maz in the Han trailer, called that. Probably how they will try and tie Maz to Lando/ Bespin to get Luke's lightsaber.

    The lightsaber Luke cared so little about he threw it over his shoulder like a blooper reel gag? They devalued the item so much for that quick laugh that no one will care how they got it since it is worthless (and now destroyed to boot).

    #1408 1 year ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    I hear yeah at least a bit but personally I think the Marvel movies are starting to feel dull and have felt that way for the past couple of years. Every story told is pretty much predictable at this point. The second Avengers film, Age of Ultron, seemed like a dud in my opinion. Also, unlike Star Wars I think the world and lore surrounding the Marvel universe is rather weak. It doesn't help that every main character in the Marvel universe seems invincible either.

    The problem with the Marvel movies is they feel like there are no stakes. None of the good guys die. They don’t even get injured. War Machine was walking again by the end of the civil war movie.

    Marvel needs to take some chances and kill off some heros here and there. Civil War was a failure as nothing changed, not even how the characters viewed each other (with the cell phone message from CA to IM at the end letting him know they were still pals). Marvel needs to take a page from XMen movies and kill off characters every now and then to give a feeling of stakes.

    #1410 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    And even if they do, like Quicksilver in Avengers 2, don't worry the other better non Russian Quicksilver is still alive in the other movie

    I thought he lived. I looked it up, you are correct.

    #1420 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Speaking of originality, anyone seen the Netflix movie "The Cloverfield Paradox"? The production value is shockingly good. The story wasn't half bad either. Thank goodness Abrams just produced this time

    Thanks for the recommendation, just added to my watch list.

    #1427 1 year ago

    And it’s probably a violation of an NDA or employment agreement...

    2 weeks later
    #1445 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Sorry, I didn’t read the whole thread but Reddit is brutal even by net standards. I just liked the headline ( I took the link partially out). Ontoh, saying the fans anger against this movie is because of their aversion to strong women is just begging for more backlash.

    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    There is a difference between rebooting something, and simply making just a bad movie, with no time and effort put into a script or story. That is the problem

    I couldn’t agree more. Kennedy has no respect for the fan base. RJ takes zero blame for delivering a poorly plotted product. They just say we are sexiest if we don’t like their movie...it’s the only defense these Hollywood types can muster.

    I really get a chuckle when they say the hard core Star Wars fans have Star Wars burnout. We were never going to have burn out so long as the product was good and the story was interesting and the lore developed and grew.

    #1447 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    My personal theory is that Disney knew well in advance how divisive TLJ would be but couldn't course correct because they were already busy reshooting all of Han Solo. Internally they know there's a problem otherwise they wouldn't have released so much spin afterwards. But they had to put on a brace face.

    I agree, but question Ben: why did the critics go bonkers over TLJ falling over themselves to give it basically innacurate reviews? What was in it for them to fawn over the movie so irresponsibly like they did?

    #1450 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    They will get invited to the next Disney movie pre-release for critics instead of having to wait for official release!

    It’s got to be more than just that. Does Disney pay for their travel and lodging to these premiere’s and host a party for them or something?

    #1454 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    The movie that ended Sean Connery's acting career! And he passed up the role of Gandalf in LOTR to take it.

    I enjoyed the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The depiction of Hyde was great. Dorian Grey was great. I think had it been released when the super hero craze really got going it may have been successful enough for sequels.

    1 week later
    #1486 1 year ago
    Quoted from TRAMD:

    Meanwhile, I was trying to think if there was a way to screw this up worse and I actually think that Rian Jackass intentionally tried to f*** up this trilogy. I don't think there is a way to make this movie worse than he did.

    He practically has sunk the entire franchise. I agree with hoakypoaky in that only the animated series (and whatever the GOT people are doing) is worth getting excited about.

    Everything from this whole instantaneous travel thing SW has going on now (warp across the entire galaxy in one hour!) to the perfect balance between the light and dark side of the force at all times (so if someone powerful dies someone else just instantly has power and needs no training) are really horrible things for the franchise. Just hitting the reset button and turning the First Order into the Empire in one day and having the Republic completely destroyed and subjegated is an hour is extra stupid...they treat the taking over of tens of thousands of worlds as if it were as easy as a short drive across town...

    They’ve basically had SW becomes simple bad magic that makes no sense.

    #1491 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    I want it adult skewed too....like REALLY adult. Yiubjnwknwhat I'm talking aboot... Blue milk squinting everywhere!

    I think you can find some of those videos on the internet already... I don't think they carry and endorsement from the mouse though.

    #1506 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Sequels rarely pull in more than the original movie. It happens but the exception not the rule

    But trilogies are not supposed to be sequels. LOTRs final chapter smoked the prior two movies in its trilogy. Of course, TLJ was a sequel and not a true trilogy installment, felt that way anyway.

    1 week later
    #1541 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Force awakens was fun as shit.... Although I agree other than that.

    I didn’t love the TFA (it was okay), but did think it could potentially be a good lead in episode for a solid trilogy. TLJ hurts TFA’s legacy badly.

    #1554 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    I forced myself to watch TLJ again last week. I thought that I might find something i missed the first time. The only scene I really liked from the first viewing was the throne room fight scene. I did enjoy that scene. This time around, I was hoping to find another little gem, something else that I could hold on to. WRONG. Even that scene was disappointing on the second viewing. What a pity.

    The throne room fight scene was okay but the problem with it was it had no stakes. It was two known characters fighting a bunch of nobodies in masks. It ended with the destruction of one of the series top artifacts (Luke’s lightsaber) that supposedly was going to get an interesting back story.

    Why destroy the saber? It just makes whatever backstory we will eventually get on how Maz got it seem unimportant. I just still can’t get what KK and RJ were thinking...

    #1564 1 year ago
    Quoted from Flowst:

    It seems the Disney corporation will double and triple down before being seen as wrong for their creative decisions.

    I think that’s why they announced the RJ future trilogy. They were hoping to create buzz and excitement behind him even in the face of what they had to knew was going to be a harmful movie to franchise health. My guess is that trilogy gets canceled.

    #1570 1 year ago

    On the positive end of the Star Wars spectrum, I finished watching Rebels today. The show was hard to watch during the first season but kept getting better.

    In my opinion, on the whole Clone Wars was the better animated show but Rebels was respectable. I’m interested in the next show.

    1 week later
    #1687 1 year ago

    Let’s get back on topic here gang:

    Kennedy and Johnson are ruining Star Wars and both must go. We all know they are going to blame the destruction of Star Wars on viewer fatigue and not the bad product they generated.

    And, also, we all know Solo is going to save Chewbacca from some type of circus show or animal cruelty place ran by an incompetent white dude and that’s how their friendship will have formed. Anyone think their meeting would be any different from that?

    1 week later
    #1730 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Yeah, the internet nerds did not love it. I’m probably the biggest fan in this thread and I’ve said since day one that it was more enjoyable than not, but not great.
    That said, and this is entirely anecdotal, I saw it with two large groups of non-nerds, and to a person they enjoyed it. Now they’re probably not nerdy enough to be writing online movie reviews either, but nevertheless there are definitely folks out there that liked it

    I had a good time watching it live on opening night with a giant group of friends in a rented out private theater (only the treatment of Luke, the ram, and flying Leia really bothered me in the theater).

    The more time that passed the more irritated I became when I thought of the plot holes and what it did to the franchise in general. When I started reading all the garbage “positive” reviews from “experts” I got really irritated.

    #1738 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    WTF Tiger? The lone fighter against the Star Destroyer, the hold the line joke, the Light Saber over the shoulder joke, the Porgs, the weird hole in the ground on the island that was never explained, the whole casino excursion, the Rose character, Admiral Pinky Winky, Captain Phasma's death, Snoke death, the whole long distance force BS, Yoda's embarrassing dialogue, all of that didn't bother you?

    Snoke’s death bothered me too. But generally, nah, the lame jokes were “okay” (just okay) on an initial viewing in a packed theater filled with my buddies on opening night (I actually still like the Porgs). It was over the coming days as I thought about it that I realized the permanent damage the movie did to the franchise.

    #1740 1 year ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    And finally! Lol. I think the entire First Order concept is lame. That's right, it sucks. After destroying the Empire in Return of the Jedi what is essentially the Empire again returns and is even bigger just 30 years later. BS!

    And able to completely subjugate an entire galaxy in about twenty minutes. Disney has shrunken the galaxy to where it is about the size of a small town...

    1 week later
    #1786 1 year ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    It’s always so hard to tell if these script leaks are legit this early in the game BUT this actually excites me a bit. And would totally undo what Rian did to Luke. Thoughts?

    Would be great but it’s not true. Heck, I wish those early allegedly leaked scripts for TLJ were true. A couple of them were strikingly awesome compared to the garbage we received.

    2 weeks later
    #1795 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    plus, they signed that dude to 3 movies as Han. Yikes

    Smart of Disney to lock him in. The worst outcome as far as staffing goes is they don’t lock him in and the movie is a huge hit and then they have to go back and negotiate with him to be in the sequels.

    I doubt they paid him much more than a respectable “hold fee” (to keep his schedule open) for what is effectively an option to do two additional movies with him in the role. If they pick up the option he plays the part, if they don’t do the movies he got what he made for movie one and a schedule hold fee.

    1 week later
    #1822 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    These people are broken and won't be satisfied until the franchise is buried in the dirt.

    I just don’t understand why Star Wars is the franchise they have taken over and decided to run into the dirt. Disney paid a bunch of money for the franchise but they just handed it over to these morons and are letting them run amok with their SJW agenda.

    Oh well, we all know Solo is going to totally bomb next week. I hope it stays below Deadpool, that would be freaking awesome.

    #1839 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    Considering how inflated Disney review scores are... at 71% Rotten Tomato's Han Solo must really suck

    I, surprisingly, don’t know of anyone who has made plans to go see it opening night. I’m not planning to catch it at all.

    #1889 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Exactly and putting in the old geasers like Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammel and even Ford all three are about retired for all intents. But just put them in in their old age doesn’t do it for me.

    What a missed opportunity with all three of those people (Harrison Ford’s role in TFA was good, the others not so much). Look what Karate Kid was able to do with its two “old guys” in the amazing Cobra Kai series. Give them a story to tell and use the old characters...not hard, but didn’t fit Kennedy’s personal agenda from what I could tell.

    #1891 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    lol, Ford was cringe-worthy, like all the times he was amazed at Chewies crossbow... like youve known each other for decades bro, youve seen that thing so many times, but now its worth throwing in one liners about it hah.

    Sure, but at least Ford's death had meaning (or, potentially had meaning...it got tarnished in the following movie and ended up meaning nothing) unlike Luke's death that was one of the worst most useless passings of a major character on any show ever.

    #1968 1 year ago
    Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

    Fans made a conscious decision not to show up in droves as usual. Plus the fans & general audiences still have bad taste left over from TLJ. Disney still doesn't get this.

    My guess is the Disney people do get it they just don't want to admit it publicly. In the end, Disney understands the bottom line, they will just keep their true opinions to themselves. The RJ trilogy series will never see the light of day in my opinion.

    #1972 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Those specific examples point more towards foreign markets which do huge numbers compared to SW. Take shit movies like Transformers that still print monies because so much % comes from outside the US.
    Marvel universe rakes in an average of probably 65ish+% non domestic compared to SW maybe 52ish%

    If the Star Wars product was better it would do better over seas. Bad product is the problem.

    #2007 1 year ago
    Quoted from Darscot:

    The problem is where can they go from here? They have no where to go? Does anyone care what happens with 9, I know I don’t. I figure they have one minor story when Obi wan kills Darth Maul and even that is wrapping up a pretty cheap plot line. They can’t have Han and Obi-wan meet and the can’t have Han and Darth Maul meet, but Obi-wan needs to kill Darth Maul. I take it back that story line is a complete mess now too. They have completed messed up the universe.

    This is spot on. The series can’t be saved in its present condition. They need to time jump backwards or forward a thousand years and start totally over with competent show runners and a full new cast.

    I agree Disney has likely already decided to terminate Kennedy.

    #2009 1 year ago

    Well, the good news is the internet is starting wake up and not believe the official narrative any longer:


    #2024 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

    If Disney wants to salvage Star Wars they need to punch way past the weight class of these movies they're making now or they'll never satisfy the fan base. A Star Wars movies that's as good as Captain America is not going to cut it. It needs to be 2 times better than Deadpool. That's a high bar and I don't think it's going to happen.

    Agreed. We need thoughtful plots and consistent methos and rules. Complex characters would be nice as well, the characters on episodes 7 and 8 (especially the “villains”) are so one dimensional as not to be any fun. I don’t want a mustache twirling villain, I want someone with some depth (yes, even the evil males...). I don’t want a perfect hero who is great at everything, I want a flawed character that has something to overcome (or at least went through some horrifically hard training to be good at something).

    A little depth to our stories would be nice. Making the galaxy be a big place would be nice also...it’s so small on the current series it’s kind of ridiculous. The entire galaxy is far far far smaller than our earth it’s just ridiculous...make the scope of things feel meaningful and big.

    #2037 1 year ago
    Quoted from okayestpinballer:

    A movie costs on average about $15 and 2 hours of your life

    This only is true of a casual fan. A super fan that often goes to multiple screenings, buys video games themed SW, buy pins themed SW, buys action figures, travels to conventions, buys comic books and novels, buys Halloween costumes, etc spends much much more in time and money than you identify.

    The super fans are the ones shit on the most by a studio when a bad product is generated, casuals won’t really care. SW has lost a meaningful and noticeable percentage of its super fans. Can they be won back by the studio is the question. With Disney not acknowledging the problem with RJ and KK it seems unlikely. Those two must be fired without further ado.

    1 week later
    #2115 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    Sadly it's too late for Luke Skywalker, you completely fu*ked that up and there is no way to retcon that. Such a shame.

    It really is amazing. Look what the Karate Kid franchise just pulled off with its actor’s 34 years later. It’s incredible how amazing Cobra Kai was led by a nearly 60 year old Johnny Lawrence character that is a nobody in the anels of fiction compared to Luke Skywalker.

    Of course Cobra Kai has the opposite message of most canned franchise shows these days and was incredibly insensitive to the SJWs like KK...one of the reasons it’s so popular and legitimately well reviewed in my opinion.

    #2121 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    They need to take a break and let anticipation build. Used to be 3 Star Wars movies a generation... Now it's one every year. It's no longer special.

    I respectfully disagree. All they need is a good product. American's don't get tired of anything...ever, so long as it is a good and compelling product.

    #2140 1 year ago
    Quoted from Darscot:

    I wonder what they will do with nine, will they completely half ass and low budget it, knowing its dead or will they actually spend time and energy to try and make something out of it. That ship is sinking they might as well just make it a turd and hope it's a cult classic of terrible movies. I can't

    They are going to have to double down and try and save the franchise in some way by correcting a lot of RJ’s BS. They will go back to Rey being the child of someone important, I’m sure, and probably place her in a predicament she can’t solve with her perfection (not sure what that would be).

    They would need to do something incredible to trigger interest. A Rey heel turn to the dark side to set her up as the big bad of future SW stuff or their television show would be interesting.

    Their real problem from a story standpoint that simply can’t be solved is the First Order instantly gaining full control over thousands of thousands of planets. They’ve made the galaxy such a tiny small insignificant place with instant travel and light speed ramming weapons and warp drives on fighter planes...negating the need for carriers...I’m not certain how to solve this plot problem. It’s all a fantasy universe destroyer.

    #2155 1 year ago
    Quoted from trunchbull:

    I just don't understand what a "universally acceptable" version of Star Wars would be - the reason the first one was such a smash was because it was so unexpectedly unique and strange and unlike everything else, but now it seems like the whole point of Star Wars is to be as much of more of the same as possible.

    No one wants it to just "be the same", we just want a good cohesive well written story. Sure, a decent send off for the old cast would be a nice bonus as well...but so long as the plot is good and compelling and interesting and plot points generated in the first part of the trilogy actually have some type of meaning in the second part of the trilogy we would be happy.

    I don't think anyone feels like TFA and TLJ feel in any way like part of a trilogy. At best they are like Highlander and Highlander II, disjointed sequels.

    1 week later
    #2237 1 year ago
    Quoted from resipsa:

    Nothing spectacular, but it was a good movie. Plenty of plot holes that I could pick apart if needed, but what science fiction movie (or any action movie) doesn't have that?

    Star Wars is not science fiction. There is no science in Star Wars of any kind. It’s pure fantasy.

    Fantasy worlds are great with me by the way, I don’t need science fiction, but fantasy worlds like Star Wars must maintain consistency in the rules of their fantasy world...TLJ ruined consistency with the hyper space ram. It was cool to see happen once but has totally ruined the naval capital ship style of combat the Star Wars Universe has been known for.

    The fast travel and putting hyper drive on small ships like X-Wings (rendering carriers useless) were problems that started with TFA but were made worse by TLJ.

    #2238 1 year ago
    Quoted from resipsa:

    Right, if empire came out today you wouldn't be freaking out about some stupid green muppet showing up and the crazy decision to change the story about Vader killing Luke's father. And of course it must be those damn SJW folks insisting on adding a black guy to the cast just for the sake of diversity....

    Obviously everyone would have a problem with the use of a muppet in the era of CGI renderings leaving muppet technology mostly obsolete.

    Nothing else you say on this topic is particularly credible though. The plot device of a seemingly unimportant creature you stumble across on the side of a path that becomes far more important than one would believe is an ancient and respected plot device in fiction.

    Vader being Luke’s father was a cohesive story plot point in the original trilogy. The OT was a true trilogy, not loswly connected sequels that trample over each other’s feet like TLJ did with TFA.

    As for Lando, he’s a respected member of the original cast and is a great character and I don’t believe I’ve heard people attack him for his skin color. I wish they utilized him in the current trilogy in some way. Most people believe diversity is great. Diversity of course comes from diverse ideas and perspectives as opposed to a superficial difference in skin color in the view of many. KK and RJ seem to feel that being a white male makes you evil or incompetent and this has frusterated many as it feels agenda driven.

    #2240 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    Even the one in TLJ with the Royal Guard (or whatever they are called), was poor in comparison to the prequels.

    The problem with the Royal Guard battle was it had zero stakes. There was a greater chance of the Brooklyn Brawler pinning Hulk Hogan in the 80’s than the faceless mask wearing Royal Guard killing either the emo villain or the Suzy Que.

    The only thing that Royal Guard fight did was needlessly destroy Luke’s saber and make what should have been a meaningful item no longer a part of the story. Of course, Luke tossing it over his shoulder deleted scene style for a cheap laugh already had devalued the item to almost nothing anyway...thanks again RJ...

    #2251 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    Not that I want to defend any of these terrible movies, but Luke's X-Wing had hyperdrive in Empire. There's a whole sequence of him going to Dagobah

    Ah, that’s right it did. My mistake.

    #2254 1 year ago
    Quoted from okayestpinballer:

    I don't remeber the prequels being all that great.

    The prequels had a start to finish plan and cohesion. People might not of liked Jar Jar and felt Aniken was mishandled, but the prequels expanded Star Wars lore in many ways that has given much good material for others to work with (we saw a functioning Jedi order and a galaxy at war that led to the Clone Wars animated series which were phenomenal).

    All TLJ did was destroy the utility of ever needing a Jedi at all. You just sent around and get blessed with being a Suzy Que because there must always be perfect balance...so why ever practice/train or develop any Jedi methos at all, if you go dark someone else in the tiny galaxy just instantly gets all your power on the light side anyway...

    #2267 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jason43:

    No, they really didn't. It's pretty obvious Lucas was making it up as he went

    Quoted from fishbone:

    Correct. There's a behind the scenes documentary on the prequels where Lucas admits not having started writing the script although the production crew were already building sets.

    Well, the scripts may not have been completed or may have been in constant flux, but that doesn’t mean the story board was not completed. The new series had no story board at all for a trilogy.

    The prequels did a good job of setting stakes and making the galaxy feel huge. Three years past between episode II and III while the Clone Wars raged on and the credits alone in III made it clear “their are heros on both sides”...what an awesome multidemensional thing to say. Episode III started with a capital ship navel battle in space that was a great segment.

    By contrast, in the couple days that past between Episode VII and VIII the galaxy simply had a reset button hit to bring back the empire. How small is the galaxy now exactly? Destroy a few planets and the entire republic folds and the first order is instantly in untrammeled control of tens of thousands of worlds? Not only did this make the galaxy feel tiny it made zero sense for so many reasons I’d feel silly even typing them up (anyone think Hux had the ability to take over the galaxy...ever...). The writers had no other ideas than to go back to the empire and resistance...ridiculous.

    #2284 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    the prequels also mishandled more than that. Did you forget about the midiclorian fiasco?

    Not at all. That 60 seconds of screen time they took up in Phantom Menance just didn’t bother me as much as they did you. Lucas was considering adding some science fiction into his fantasy story and it didn’t work out. I think racer_x addressed the issue best a few posts up from yours:

    Quoted from racer_x:

    A clumsy way of explaining different levels of Force sensitivity, and certainly no one's favorite plot point.
    Still doesn't even approach the level of character assassination from the new films.

    Regardless, and though it’s not the cool thing to say, Phantom Menance did a lot of things really well, things that Ryan Johnson and KK couldn’t do with more attempts, money and time.

    1) PM ushered in a new technology, high end theater digital surround sound. PM was to theater sound quality what Avatar was to 3D. People forget this but the pod race was a show case for the debut of these systems and was designed for them. Speaking of sound, the sound track of PM was incredible, duel of fates was phenomenal...TLJ had nothing so memorable.

    2) PM had an incredible villain that dons the covers of video games and comics two decades after his debut. Does any one think emo Kylo holds a candle to Darth Maul?

    3) the battles had stakes. Jinn’s death was shocking at the time and meaningful. The immediate follow up death of Maul also surprised many (yes, I’m aware that in canon Maul survived...which was basically a retcon).

    4) people complain about the “trade embargo / hostile takevover by treatie” plot line wasn’t interesting to them but that was the subtle start to more than a decade of events (including the commencement of a civil war) needed to subvert tens of thousands of planets from a democracy to a dictatorship. TLJ just used a wave of a wand to do the same thing, and TLJ’s main plot line was “will we run out of gas!!!!!!!”....

    I could go on and on but PM was just a better more complete movie than TLJ. For those that disagree, try drawing some comparisons of what you like better about TLJ over PM and think about it...sure Jar Jar’s humor bothered many but did you go home after watching TLJ and think the light saber toss or milk drinking scene were incredible comedic devices or did they hurt the story or characters that were involved (in PM the only character or plot harmed by Jar Jar’s antics were Jar Jar, such can not be said about the horrific humor we witnessed in TLJ)?

    #2288 1 year ago
    Quoted from Captain-Flint:

    Dude, C3PO was made by Vader, who is the father of the only Jedi supposedly in the universe and a Princess who was a leader in the rebellion. A Rebellion which fought against Vader. R2D2 Helped Padme/Queen Amidala survive some trade federation blockade, and just stuck around for the next 7 movies. Oh and Padme is the mother of Luke and Leia because she banged Anakin who turns out to be Vader. Should I continue? Okay, Yoda just so happens to train Dooku who turns evil and leads the Separatists who also helped train Qui-gon, who trained Obi, who trained Anakin. So in a way Yoda was instrumental in finding and training Anakin.

    All of that is totally meaningless compared to nearly instantaneous travel and conquering and completely subjugating the entire galaxy in twenty minutes.

    The Separatist movement had much political intrigue and took more than a decade to generate the power transfer (which used the existing republic governmental structure and then wacked the separastists, they were just pawns of a decade long plan). Very different from “blink, the entire galaxy has been taken over in 20 minutes...we are back to rebels v empire...err...I mean resistance v first order.”

    Prequels are supposed to have some measure of character familiarity and they are always going to be handcuffed by the original material...the current trilogy have no excuse for their plot issues and small mindedness...they are sequels that simply have no story to tell and KK and RJ have no business making them.

    #2291 1 year ago
    Quoted from Captain-Flint:

    The Last Jedi flips the script and makes ballsy decisions on a new direction for Star Wars to take and everyone Loses their minds that it's out of character. As far as I can tell the Fanboys will never be happy.

    So, I’ve heard this argument proffered before and I’ve not understood it fully. What do you mean by “flipping the script”? Surely you’re not saying simply having a character not be related to other prior characters is “flipping the script”?

    Failing to deliver in a trilogy on plot points set up by the prior movie is not “flipping the script”, it’s simply a failure at being a trilogy.

    Quoted from Captain-Flint:

    Again JJ ruined this from the get go. He brought back the Empire, the rebels are still sporting X-wings, Leia is still doing the same shit, Admiral Ackbar is still a god damn Admiral (after how many years). JJ remade A New Hope, and everyone loses their minds that it's the same old same old

    Yes, on this we agree. JJ was not the right person to kick this off, but RJ screwed up what he did have anyway with the “oh my goodness we may run out of gas” plot and failure to deliver on any meaningful plot point. If he couldn’t think of anything to do with what he was given he shouldn’t have taken the job.

    Quoted from Captain-Flint:

    And that whole rule of 2 they came up with for the prequels really sucked too. I mean would it not have been a far better trilogy if hundreds of Jedi Masters had to battle hundreds of followers of the Sith order?

    Yes, agreed, I’ve not liked the “rule of two”. It was okay for the prequel trilogy as that trilogy was about intreigue and espionage and politics...so small numbers of Sith were okay. But making that a permanent rule going back centuries was a foolish move by Lucas and everyone since him (including the expanded universe) has tried to ditch the idea. Heck, even his own Clone Wars animated series tried to ditch the idea.

    2 months later
    #2564 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    So they said a bunch of vocal minority of fans can't make Disney change direction.....well, here's your proof that we can.
    Also significant in the interview is the fact he mentions Weiss and Benioff's trilogy but not Rian Johnson's. I think they know if they want to make money they better distance themselves from that moron.

    That story irritates me because it is yet again promoting the idea that it is simple fatigue and not a want of quality that has tanked the franchise.

    Americans never get tired of anything in the entertainment world, so long as it is quality. TLJ was a low quality movie and hit the fantasy driven franchise square in the mouth because it hurt its methos and was so inconsistent and couldn’t deliver on a story thread it was given. The fact that it insulted Luke was just icing on the cake for it’s Legacy.

    #2567 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    his guy completely sums it up for me. He articulates exactly why Star Wars fans have abandoned the franchise

    great video! Nail on the head for me, in many respects anyway.

    Quoted from Methos:

    watched Tron Legacy last night, and I couldn't help but think how great that movie was compared to the recent Star Wars movies. And to think they halted another Tron movie because of Star Wars.
    Tron Legacy is a actually a pretty good film.

    I thought Tron Legacy was phenomenal. Great story telling driven by a strong father/son story arch. The movie just made sense.

    1 week later
    #2604 1 year ago

    Haha! Now they are going to tell us we are all just Russian bots!

    Gosh, I find it so funny they keep trotting out the rotten tomato rating like it was the real thing and wasn’t subject to manipulation. These people just can’t admit they made a movie that harmed the franchise.

    #2616 1 year ago

    The really amazing thing to me is I have not looked at a single Star Wars rumor or fan theory in 2018. I was watching and reading many of these before this year.

    #2622 1 year ago
    Quoted from TwoHeartedMale:

    has any reboot, rehash, spin off, prequel or remake ever been worth a damn? nope

    The Outer Limits reboot was really good. The Frazier spin off from Cheers was great. Doctor Who was great when it came back (though it was technically just a continuation but felt like a reboot).

    1 month later
    #2695 1 year ago
    Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

    The General Grievous character being a huge letdown. Flying R2D2 which he hasn't done before or since.

    You should give the Clone Wars a shot. Fantastic show that really built off the prequels well. General Grievouses potential was unlocked and R2D2 flew around a good deal. Clone Wars are cannon also per Disney.

    #2704 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Opinion: The saber fight with Darth Maul was the only one I can recall in the prequels with any weight to it.

    Ah, and the sound track for that one! Duel of Fates was phenomenal.

    #2712 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jason43:

    I see so many posts referring to the clone wars cartoon. If these movies needed a cartoon to flesh out what should've been in the movies, then that's just another reason they failed.

    Not that at all, it’s just the Clone Wars are the best thing to happen with the franchise over the last decade. The Flone Wars expanded the methos of the franchise and connected with the fan base. But for Disney needing to cancel that show to get a show on their own network going I think Clone Wars would have easily been a full seven season show and would have kept delivery stellar story after stellar story.

    Much of the Clone Wars simply illustrated the real world impact of beaurocrats, trade conflict, centralized banking, political groups forced together that are not naturally aligned, subterfuge, and all kinds of other concepts that one may see in a conversion of governments.

    Contrast this to what we got in the last movies: magic wand waved, we are right back to rebels and empire 2.0 with a supposedly giant galaxy totally subjugated on all planets in 20 minutes...lazy writing.

    #2720 1 year ago
    Quoted from BillySastard:

    Netflix has a CW movie too, do I watch that before or after the series?

    The movie is an okay lead in to the series. By the way, the first third of season one of the Clone Wars can be a bit tough to get through. Several episodes like the Plo Koon in outerspace and the Yodi in the home alone jungle feel very childish (like in an old G.I. Joe post scene type of way)...the show hadn't decided what it was going to be yet.

    #2728 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Well, it's just that we lack sophistication ...

    Perhaps we are misreading it. Maybe he is saying people who lack modern sophistication’s will enjoy his 1930’s style...

    #2756 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    difference is, the new ST movies are actually really good.

    I enjoyed the first one...but holy smokes has ST left the world of Sci Fi and just jumped straight to being a space fantasy story. That third movie just completely ignored every law of physics imaginable... If you are into fantasy and just want to see ridiculous scenarios and no sense story telling or continuity, then the new ST movies are okay...

    #2761 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Check out this article, another shill that thinks we're Russian bots. They must think we're all right-wing Breitbart bunch. Um, I'm a Democrat.

    Well, I’ve been called worst things than a Russian Bot. He quickly tosses around other, more insulting, accusations at people that were not pleased with the movie though. He also makes straw man arguments that people are not making.

    The author is an idiot anyway though, he thinks Star Wars is science fiction, which just underscores his lack of sophistication or education. It’s a fantasy set in space, only episode one had the slightest hint of sci fi elements.

    #2767 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    What's the over/under on The Rock joining the SW universe for Episode 9? It'd juice the box office (especially overseas) and move us one step closer to the inevitable SW/FAF crossover film

    B60DAC25-4A3F-4969-A8EA-16EFED56445F (resized).jpeg

    #2790 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    I thought this thread was about Star Wars, not some stupid Marvel Movie that is sure to suck like almost all of them do.

    I’m in favor of broadening the topic a bit if the OP is okay with it. We could even re-work the thread title a little to be more inclusive of our dislike of the direction of Disney films generally and Lucas films specifically.

    #2807 12 months ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    When I see Deadpool's girlfriend get thrown off an 80 foot high ship in dry dock onto the ground and not seem the least bit injured that ruins a movie for me. She's not a superhero, she would be in a world of hurt.

    Yes, the movies today have just completely left reality behind. True science fiction is dead, fantasy rules this decade. The Star Trek reboot and conversion of that franchise from science fiction to fantasy is what convinced me of this.

    We occasionally still get a good science fiction movie (the bladrunner sequel comes to mind) but they never go completely bananas at the box office...people prefer these fantasy based popcorn flicks.

    1 week later
    #2835 11 months ago
    Quoted from Methos:

    I swear - 10% of all the park attendees had Star Wars shirts on. I was shocked.

    Meh, probably mostly people that don’t want to wear a Mickey Mouse or Disney Princes shirt...but want to buy something from a gift shop to make their kids happy. Star Wars is at least viewed as more adult than Mickey Mouse or a Disney princess.

    Quoted from Methos:

    If Disney pissed off their fan base, you couldn't tell

    I think the box office results and lack of toy sales will have their attention. In a year we will know. I’m still passing on Solo.

    #2844 11 months ago
    Quoted from JWJr:

    Maybe they have_ actually been listening to us.

    That would mean they would have to accept we dissatisfied fans are not really just all Russian Bots...

    4 weeks later
    #2868 10 months ago
    Quoted from Ricochet:

    They took their eyes off the target demographic and have tried to create a universe out of a very small story.

    And they made the universe so gosh darn small with the instant travel and instant suppression by the first order of tens of thousands of planets. You can’t have a universe of material when the entire playground of places is so tiny and so easy to flip flop...it just has no credibility.

    #2876 10 months ago
    Quoted from Ricochet:

    ... and the First Order is inept and comes across as a bunch of screaming idiots. They are effectively a toothless idiot with a brat running around them. It's so bad its laughable

    Exactly, how could those idiots at the first orders have accomplished anything...much less subjugate an entire galaxy in 45 minutes? Disney made weak cartoon character mustash twillers into main villains and expected fandom to just go with it...incredibly some actually did and defend KK...

    3 weeks later
    #2909 9 months ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Now reading that the rumors are false and he is doing a new trilogy.

    That trilogy will not see the light of day in my opinion. Not a chance Disney let’s him touch the franchise. I think they only announced he was going to do the trilogy to make it seem like they had confidence in his work product before episode VIII was released...

    #2933 9 months ago

    That was a really interesting article and is so true. The rise of the “influencer” has really had interesting impacts...generally, the “influencers” are pretty much all for sale and they are easy enough to buy with early access to things.

    I agree that the star of Captain Marvel preemptively attacking the critics is likely a sign this will not be one of the better Marvel movies. The character isn’t going to pull at anyone nostalgia either. Will be interesting to see what happens but my guess is the movie is going to have a good box office (how could it not as the follow up to Infinity War?).

    1 week later
    #2970 9 months ago

    They are still saying The Last Jedi was unfairly treated by fans and we are just racists and don’t want diversity in our movies (and says we may be Russian bots): https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired.com/story/rotten-tomatoes-captain-marvel-trolls/amp
    I just don’t know what to say about these SJW opinion pieces. They simply can’t acknowledge the TLJ product was not good.

    #2976 9 months ago
    Quoted from tl54hill:

    RT looks to be funded with in-page movie advertisements, and the studios undoubtedly pushed to have this "are you going to see this movie" feature removed. It is possible the overwhelming TLJ backlash and skepticism of the upcoming film may have accomplished this change all by itself.

    Yep, the advertisers likely said they would pull the ads if RT couldn’t get the message under control and deal with the “trolls” and “Russian bots”...or something along those lines.

    When you take advertising dollars from a company it can come with a serious price tag of them having input on your content because they can threaten you with removing their ads...if you have grown addicted to their ad revenue you’ll do things you otherwise wouldn’t do and use some type of confirmation bias or dissidence to self justify your behavior.

    #2984 9 months ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    -We learn how Maz got the light saber and hopefully ends up being a really good story

    I think this plot thread is as dead as it could possibly be. The item was destroyed and of no further value to the story...sadly it is just another undelivered plot point that can't be resurrected after TLJ.

    I do think they need to explain how the entire galaxy was completely subjugated in about 20 minutes by the First Order when it took decades of careful planning and manipulation by Palpatine to convert the republic into the empire...how did we end up right back here (to empire vs. rebels) so quickly? They need to take a stab at addressing this in some manner

    #2988 9 months ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    I was just looking to see what you guys want to see.
    You're all very vocal on the issues of the last movie and bring up really good points in your complaints about how things are wrong and what not, so I was trying to see what would be considered a "save" if you will.

    I hear ya and that is a very good question. I could see a couple things, Rey making a heel turn (becoming a hard core villain) would make her character really interesting. From Mary Sue to full blown dark side mega bad would be an interesting place for her character to go.

    Perhaps doing something the Game of Thrones team could build off of later would be good to. Hard to say.

    #2995 9 months ago
    Quoted from henrydwh:

    sincerely. But what about the fact that episode 9 is going to be the end of the Skywalker story?

    I think it’s safe to say that episode VIII was period at the end of the sentence of the Skywalker story. The Anikan/Luke story is well over though HoakeyPokey has some good ideas in his post above.

    #3015 9 months ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Glad to hear you're realistic about it, my impression is that many aren't and have a "wahoo, we got her fired!" perspective

    I view her canning to be attune to what a college football team does when a coach that has won for them in years past has a bad season, blame the coordinators and fire them...if there is another bad season they fire the coach. After episode IX bombs, KK will be canned in my view.

    I wonder how much JJ was paid to do episode IX. Had to be crazy money...he has to realize he’s in a no win situation and he’s in danger of being the fall guy for KK and RJ...

    #3035 9 months ago
    Quoted from Eryeal:

    It's a bit of a stretch to have to go to France to have a bad review - I've read about a dozen reviews today, all of which were either very positive, or generally positive

    I think many people simply lack confidence in the American reviewers...many people feel the American reviewers are either bought and paid for wiry advertising dollars or are scared of being locked out of early screenings if they give a Disney movie a poor review. Also, it was released first in France I believe, hence the French review.

    I’m not condemning this movie before it is released, perhaps it will surprise me, but I’m concerned about it as so many are...and I’m not interested enough the character to go see it in theaters.

    1 week later
    #3100 8 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Disney just didn't want anything that could potentially screw up the Fox acquisition. Now that it is all but in the bag it is safe to "rehire" Gunn.

    I’m not following you on this portion. How could Gunn, one way or the other, have had an impact on the Fox acquisition?

    #3106 8 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Anything controversial during an acquisition of this size is to be avoided. There were any number of things that could have upset the apple cart making it not happen. Disney moved with unusual speed to "jettison" Gunn when the news broke which leads some credence to the theory.
    They wanted the Fox movie properties and wanted nothing to jeopardize that.

    Just my personal opinion here of course, but the two biggest hurdles were (1) winning the bid for the assets, and (2) passing federal regulatory compliance for not being anti competitive. Gunn should not be a factor in consideration of either of those hurdles.

    Of course, I do agree that Disney would have preferred not to have any controversy. Disney does not subscribe the theory that any news is good news, they are (by a wide margin) more sensitive to bad press or criticism than any other major corporation I can think of.

    #3131 8 months ago

    Saw Captain Marvel, it wasn’t a bad movie...far far far better than TLJ.

    I did feel Captain Marvel was over powered. I prefer to see adversity and hero’s having to conquer some kind of defect and that wasn’t really present in this movie. I also like movies with good and clever villains that are themselves deep, that was lacking in CM. I also did not care for the lead actress.

    Nevertheless, the sound track was great. The special effects of course were great. The humor was good. I love movies set in the 90’s. Was it the best marvel movie? No it was not, but it was better than Iron Man 3, Thor 2, or Ant Man.

    2 weeks later
    #3155 8 months ago
    Quoted from Jason43:

    I think the storm troopers are red because of the lightsaber.

    But the ones right under the hilt are still white?

    Quoted from Jason43:

    You sure that's an official poster? Looks very fan made.

    I agree. That is too weak to be a real poster, but of course TLJ was too weak to be a real sequel and we got it anyway so who knows.

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    The more I hear about Episode 9 the less I care. This entire new trilogy has overall sucked.

    Yea, last week I tried to watch a YouTube channel that was designed to explore the unanswered questions we might see revealed in Episode IX and stir up some hype, I watch five of the sixteen minutes and realized it just wasn’t drawing me in so I turned it off and watched something on Avengers.

    #3161 8 months ago
    Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

    “According to Making Star Wars, which is generally pretty reliable when it comes to Star Wars leaks, C-3PO will “reluctantly” have his memory uploaded into RD-D2 at a droid factory. This could allow the Resistance to replace Threepio’s personality with a warrior who knows how to handle a Wookie-sized crossbow. In addition to creating a deadly new ally for the good guys, this personality swap apparently leads to “some funny issues” for R2-D2.”

    Oh my goodness, no way...they couldn’t possibly do that to 3P0...

    #3170 8 months ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    apparently he is still working on a trilogy...
    "Johnson also spoke about his upcoming Star Wars trilogy, saying, "I'm just chugging away on it," and that the most exciting Star Wars projects to him are the ones where people are, "pushing the limits of seeing stuff that we haven't seen before in Star Wars."

    He's just building a record so he gets paid something when they cut him...in addition to quantum merit he'll say he lost other opportunities working on the project and that he needs to be paid for those lost opportunities. He will milk the mouse...in my opinion anyway.

    #3230 7 months ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    So now Rian's dumbass has a chance to muck up the GOT directors saga lol.

    I still say it just isn’t happening. The party line is he’s still involved but there is just simply no way he’s really going to touch Star Wars again. We can say what we want about Disney wanting to prioritize the SJW message over a good story and what not but they will not risk further damage to this franchise. I think KK will be canned after episode IX as well.

    #3232 7 months ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    If ep 9 goes down well, Iger will not touch her.

    Yes, you’re right for sure. She has been given a chance to “right the ship” so to speak.

    I just don’t envision Episode IX being a success but it doesn’t look like it will have much competition at the box office when it is released so who knows. I will not be seeing it in theaters, I know that for sure.