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*SPOILERS* Star Wars: TLJ is really bad and other Star Wars/Disney/Marvel talk *

By InfiniteLives

2 years ago

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    #935 1 year ago

    Well I finally got caught up on this thread & now I can make a few comments. I grew up on the original trilogy & when I say I'm a huge Star Wars fan, it's an understatement. Like so many others, I've seen all the SW movies hundreds of times. I live for Star Wars & the fantasy escapism it has provided me for over 40 years now.

    I won't rehash what many have already stated, but for me TLJ was without a doubt, the biggest letdown & disappointment I've ever experienced at the movies. I went to the midnight show on opening night & left the theater completely dejected & discouraged. I could not get into the movie, because every two minutes some glaringly stupid plot point, poorly written dialog, or cringe worthy joke would completely jar me right out of the moment. When Luke disappeared I was like "Oh he's dead now? Wonderful...That's the icing on this shitcake of a movie". Reluctantly, I went to see it a second time, which only reinforced my immense dislike of the film, and I know a huge portion of diehard fans feel the same way. I will not see it in theaters again.

    I still cannot believe, with all the mountain of books, comics & material to choose from, Disney thought that THIS would be the best storytelling path for Episodes 7-9. Just unbelievable. Now that the women writers have come to light & it's clear that there was no coherent story arc fleshed out at the start, it's all starting to make sense why these new trilogy movies are such a disappointment.

    TLJ will make its billions, and it will be all smiles from Disney I'm sure, but they have a huge problem on their hands now. Here is the end result of leaving HALF of your fanbase disappointed (and downright angry) about this film.........You've lost the excitement & blind devotion of your fan base. You made poor storytelling choices, disrespected a beloved character like Luke Skywalker, and really dropped the ball on this one. Quite frankly, I could care less what happens in Episode 9 now. I'm sure JJ Abrams will open his ears to fan criticisms & try to fix what went wrong in Episode 9. But for me, I don't care because I've decided I don't like these new characters. And my childhood heroes are dead, so there's that. Way to go Disney. What a shame.

    If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would be saying today... "Boy, I wish George Lucas would have made Episodes 7-9 instead of Disney"...I would have eaten my plastic lightsaber for lunch!! Oh what could have been! At least we would have gotten a trilogy focused on Luke, Han & Leia running off to face one last galactic threat, while passing the torch onto their children at the end of Episode 9. Such a wasted opportunity. Episodes 1-6 have always been about the Skywalker bloodline, and it's like these writers & Rian Johnson just decided to shit all over that legacy with Episodes 7-9.

    Bring on the Star Wars stories. That's all I really care about now. Give me a Boba Fett & Bounty Hunter Underworld adventure. Or cast Ewan McGregor as middle-aged Obiwan on Tattooine watching over young Luke. Or a Vader/Emperor team-up movie. Give the fans what they really want.

    #936 1 year ago

    Another point:

    Speaking of Star Wars stories, I'm convinced that this Han Solo movie is going to be a complete disaster.

    Does anyone realize that we are just FIVE MONTHS away from release, and there has been NO trailer released, NO movie poster, and practically ZERO hype about this movie? That's unheard of for any summer blockbuster, let alone a Star Wars movie. All the issues during production are already well documented. The firing of the directors. The reshooting of up to 80% of the movie. An unworkable tonally-incorrect script? The dialog coach hired to help Alden Ehrenreich with all his scenes? I guarantee Disney would love to scuttle the whole project, about a story (Han meets Chewie) that honestly did not need to be told.

    Recasting new actors (Ehrenreich & Glover) to fill the shoes of iconic screen legends (Ford & Billy Dee Williams) is an extremely risky proposition. Audiences will judge their performance in the first 10 minutes. If they don't believe that this guy is a young Harrison Ford, then the whole movie is a failure.

    What will two back-to-back divisive movies do to the SW franchise? I'm really curious to see, but instead of a feeling of elation, I guess the new norm is prepare to be disappointed.

    #938 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Well it worked fine with Rogue One.
    J/K that thing was a mess.

    Rogue One had some reshoots to fix the pacing & climax of the film. Not because the script was misguided comedic romp like Solo, that required over HALF the movie be thrown out. Or at least that's what Variety says.

    #942 1 year ago

    Here's another thing:

    I love Admiral Ackbar!

    I mean who doesn't this ol' Mon Calamari??? One of the most beloved characters (and memorable alien designs) in the entire Star Wars universe. A brilliant tactician/military leader, a symbol of hope & defiance, his legend grew over his 60 years of service during the Clone Wars, the Rebel Alliance & the Resistance. Legendary Fleet Commander of the Battle of Endor, where the Alliance successfully mounted an attack that led to the destruction of Vader's Super Star Destroyer, the Empire's second Death Star, and the eventual death of Emperor Palpatine. Ackbar also led the Republic to its final victory over the Empire during the Battle of Jakku, where the final remnants of the Empire retreated into the Unknown Regions.

    Ackbar is probably the most important Rebel leader next to Princess Leia. He's a fricking legend. And these new writers decided to throw all that stuff in the trash & give Ackbar one of the weakest, undeserving bitch deaths in SW history.

    They teased us he was going to be in Episode 7! They got the original voice actor back to do his voice! How cool! And what did they do with him in TFA? Gave him like one line of dialog & told him to sit in a chair. Not only did this tactical genius (who already blew up one death star) not lead the attack on Starkiller base, he didn't even make the trip! He just sat in the command center drinking seawater for all we know. Once again, another beloved character tossed aside by Disney like a piece of trash.

    Oh he's back for Episode 8? Great! Oh wait... I guess old-ass Princess Leia is running things here & leading the escape at the beginning of TLJ. Where is Ackbar again? Oh don't blink or you'll miss him drinking seawater again on the bridge of the command ship. Oh shit! The bridge just got destroyed (I thought the shields were up) & he got sucked into space and died like a bitch off-screen? Well THAT was a huge disappointment! When the bridge blew up I was morning for Ackbar, NOT LEIA. Beloved character just tossed aside. Incomprehensible to me.

    Don't you think it would have been a better idea to NOT kill Ackbar in that scene? Let the Rebel LEGEND lead the Resistance escape from the First order. I bet a brilliant tactician like Ackbar would have come up with a better plan than "lets-wait-til-we-run-out-of gas". Poe is like "OH that's commander PINK-HAIR of the battle of NOBODY-KNOWS-OR-GIVES-A-SHIT!! OH I'm SOOOOO Impressed!!! Ugh so irritating. They could have utilized a fan-favorite legendary character like Ackbar to a much better degree. Forget pink hair altogether. There was no need to introduce another commander, only to have her die anyway.

    Can you imagine the audience reaction if it was Ackbar who heroically sacrificed himself & hyperspace-kamikazed his cruiser into the First Order instead? The theater would have erupted with cheers & went ballistic! THAT'S how a legend goes out! Not sucked into space off-screen. Or disappearing on a fricking rock while starting into the sun.

    God I hate this new triology.

    #958 1 year ago
    Quoted from DaveH:

    I’m still waiting to hear about the script that would have satisfied everyone. Many Bothans died writing it.

    George Lucas needs to follow OJ's example. Guaranteed #1 bestseller.....

    IFLUCASDIDIT (resized).jpg

    #960 1 year ago

    Meh. I would love to hear the story outline he pitched to Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford to get them onboard for another trilogy. And then how he gave that outline & story ideas to Kathleen Kennedy when he sold SW to Disney, and they promptly threw them in the trash. Along with most of the expanded universe. It will probably never be discussed or come to light, but there’s a lot of fans out there who are curious.

    I’m 100% sure I would have enjoyed Lucas’ ideas for Episodes 7-9 more than what we’ve gotten from the disjointed, make-this-up-as-we-go, female centered bullshit we’ve gotten from the group thinktank at Disney.

    #968 1 year ago

    Yeah I read that article. I'm talking about reading his entire outline for Episodes 7-9, which would never happen, because people could objectively judge what Disney came up with. Maybe someday he'll open up in an off the cuff interview. I'm just curious.

    relichunters (resized).jpg

    I remember when this early pre-production art got leaked before TFA, which was very early in the creative process. Something about "Relic Hunters", how they draw their power from ancient & lost Jedi/Sith artifacts. Digging up Vader's bones, hunting down Luke's lost lightsaber, Yoda's old staff, Palpetine's robes, etc. While everything has been peaceful for 30 years since ROTJ, and Luke has trained his new generation of Jedi at his Academy and grown complacent in his old age. This all allows for this new breed of evil to rise up, threaten everything the New Republic has come to build, and eventually leading them to hunt down Luke, Leia, Han and their all children. After these Hunters take everything & everyone away that Luke holds dear, he unleashes the full extent of the Force, unlike anything anyone has ever seen before to save the galaxy.

    Sound better than the complete crap writing we've gotten so far with this new trilogy? Yeah I thought so. This stuff practically writes itself.

    #970 1 year ago

    When I first saw the Knights of Ren, I thought "Oh man...The relic hunters!".......NOPE. Haha. Two movies in & still have no clue what they are.

    #1016 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    I actually thought it was good, 2/3 of the movie pointless? come on. The scene with Vader and Krennic was not superfluous, he needed the motivation to go to Scarrif and look for the communications...if he had been relieved of duty by Tarkin then we would wonder why he was still pursuing the leak. The assassination soul-searching moment was also needed to indicate a change in the character where he later decides to join Jyn and disobey orders...it's called character development. As far as the main character having zero purpose....wow, the whole story was about a girl and her father, a father that had lost his family and was forced by the empire to build a weapon against his own ideology. How do you makeup a cause/motivation for a scientist that built a massive secret flaw in a great weapon without a back story......gimme a break.

    Thank you. I was about to respond until I saw your post. Couldn't agree more. Rogue One is great story telling. Group of misguided souls crossing paths, who find purpose & redemption through their ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. That movie builds & builds into one hell of a fantastic climax. Fan service? You bet! Give me more. Hard to believe it only came out a year ago. Definitely holds it's own place in Star Wars lore.

    #1046 1 year ago

    Now we're onto Vader hating? That's a new one for me. That entire concept is preposterous to me.

    Speaking of dumb, how about when Force Ghost Luke is staring down the First Order army, and everyone's least favorite character Poe Dameron goes something like "Wait! Luke is doing this for a reason.......He's giving us time to escape!!!!"

    NO SHIT SHERLOCK! I let out an audible groan when I first heard that line. Would have been better if they named him Captain Obvious.

    They should have killed him off in TFA when he crashed landed on Jakuu, like it was originally written in the script. (I'm sure the female writers loved the thought of killing another male character anyway). But JJ Abrams had a change of heart during filming and decided not to, which helps explain why he mysteriously reappears later in the movie, and really has no purpose in TLJ. Again more poor director choices for a rather boring, uninteresting, shallow character....who's only real purpose is to act like a chauvinistic male & make the female characters in leadership positions look better.

    I swear he's on par with Jar Jar for least likable character in a trilogy. His insuborination led to the death of his fellow pilots, the loss of an entire bomber division, he stages a failed mutiny, sends Fynn & Shrek off to their likely deaths that leads to the loss of pretty much the entire rebel fleet. And he's a cringe-worth comedian who likes to state the obvious.

    Am I right BUDDY???

    #1111 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    None of the new Star Wars movies make any sense from a character standpoint. Consider this: Who would be more broken up over the death of Han Solo - Rey or Chewey? And yet, at the end of Force Awakens, Leia walks RIGHT PAST CHEWEY and instead hugs a woman she's NEVER MET BEFORE!!!

    That still pisses me off. Didn’t even look at Chewie. Incomprehensible. Even JJ admitted he screwed up that scene.

    Plus if a recall correctly, Chewie goes back inside the base, puts his head in his hands, and sulks alone in his own sorrow. Nobody consoles him. Not even C3P0. Awful.

    #1140 1 year ago

    You're forgetting all they money they get for Star Wars related licensed products & toys, games, etc. They make that $4B investment back, and then some, no problem.

    #1145 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    I'd be very surprised if Luke's back in non-ghost form next time.

    Anakin had a miracle Jesus birth, so I wouldn't be surprised if Luke rises from the dead like Jesus in Episode 9. Hey! Luke just reappeared! And he brought Yoda with him! The writing has gotten so stupid that anything is possible at this point, which makes me want to puke.

    #1160 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    All they had to do was not f$&k up Luke. They couldn’t help themselves and took a huge sh!t on Luke and the rest of the OG characters. They could have left every other crap decision and dumb plot point how it is if they just handled Luke right. Everyone (even the defenders of this hot mess) wanted to see Luke kicking some ass as a Jedi Master. We’ll never see that now. Instead we got to see him almost murder his twin sister’s son, drinking sweet space manatee milk, and sulking like a bitch.
    It writes itself really. They should have had Luke showing up to save Rey, killing all of Snokes guards single-handedly, before facing off against Snoke himself in an epic lightsaber duel. They want to kill him, fine...let Snoke do that in epic fashion only to have Kylo bitch-kill Snoke as a result and his conflicted feelings. Hell, let him force push an AT-AT onto its side...SOMETHING cool!
    They paid a writing team millions for what we got. Luke hologramming like a bitch from the safety of the island and dying pathetically because of over-exertion??? Weak.

    Amen brother!

    If I was ever blessed enough to have a random encounter with Mark Hamill somewhere, I would love to give him a hug and say "I'm so sorry Mark". I'd like to think his response would be "I'm sorry too."

    Such a disgrace.

    #1182 1 year ago
    Quoted from racer_x:

    Actually it was originally going to be Colin Trevorrow, but he was sacked and replaced by JJ. No doubt Colin displayed signs of directorial backbone to Kennedy.

    They can spin it however they like, but he wasn’t “sacked” for “being difficult”.

    He had a vision for episode 9, which he & Mark Hamill discussed & were on the same page. Obviously Luke was a huge part of it, and when Rian Johnson decided to kill Luke, Trevorrow said you’ve left me nothing to work with, this is shit, I’m out.

    Who can blame him.

    #1231 1 year ago

    I’m a huge fan & bought tickets to see TFA FIVE times on opening weekend. First Star Wars Movie in over a decade, Luke & everyone back to finish the story, total runaway hype machine. Fan service reboot practically. Tons of Star Wars fans did the same thing. Hence huge, $2B+ box office receipts.

    Even I’ll admit five times in 3 days is crazy, so for Rogue One, I went 3 times opening weekend. Then went to see it 2 more times before it left theaters, because I enjoyed it so much. So did the majority of diehard fans. Good word of mouth.

    But TLJ was a different story. Booked tickets for 3 times opening weekend. Hated it after first viewing, reluctantly went to see it again the following day, and was so discouraged I decided to get a refund on my Sunday tickets before leaving the theater. Just didn’t want to see it again. Word of mouth after first weekend was worst of any Star Wars film. Diehard fans took a step back, didn’t buy as many tickets as before. Thus box office numbers dropped quickly.

    Now you have the suspected dumpster fire Solo coming out in May. There’s no trailers, posters or hype for this movie, which is a bad sign. You have lost the momentum & enthusiasm of your diehard fans that you always took for granted. I’m only getting one ticket to see it opening weekend, and if it’s as bad as I suspect, I know I won’t see it again.

    What happens for Episode 9? I don’t really care. Sorry Disney. You really effed up.

    Now $1.5-2B box office receipts are not guaranteed. You’ve oversaturated the market with a poor product & you have to re-earn the trust of your diehard fans. You killed Luke Skywalker. We are entering new Star Wars territory that’s for sure.

    #1282 1 year ago
    Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

    Broom kid will wind up being the first non-binary / transgender character in the SW universe. He'll probably also have autism and be allergic to peanuts just to make sure all bases are covered. Whoops, this character already has more back story than Snoke...

    Haha literally had me laughing out loud with this one. Well done

    #1297 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    The prequels actually ushered in major lore points that have kept the franchise fresh for over fifteen years, Episode VIII just killed off interest in the franchise of previously dedicated fans. Episode VIII is the dog of the franchise.

    I couldn't agree more.

    Say what you will about the prequels, but all of that established lore eventually brought us 6 seasons of beloved The Clone Wars cartoon, which is really wonderful storytelling that gives solid character development for established characters from this period (Anakin, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Mandalorians, Plo Koon, etc). It also introduces a whole host of iconic new ones (Ahsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane, Captain Rex) who are FAR MORE INTRESTING than any of the new characters from Episode 7 & 8. It's far more enjoyable that watching the prequels, and I'd highly suggest anyone who hasn't seen them to dive in. They're all streaming on Netflix.

    Now that the Rebels series is ending, I can't help but think that the most exciting period that hasn't been explored (besides comics/books) is the 30 years between ROTJ & TFA. One can only hope they make a series about the period directly after ROTJ. Perhaps an altered version of the Thrawn Triology might actually make it's way into official cannon after all (assuming Thrawn survives the end of Rebels). They could explain the story Luke creating his Jedi Academy, Leia's difficulty establishing a new government, show the Battle of Jakku in all it's glory, the birth of Kylo Ren, etc etc etc. So many stories to tell. A cartoon is the best way to explore his period, because all the actors are old & a movie covering middle-aged Luke just isn't feasible. And this series would provide the die-hard fans with the satisfaction that wasn't delivered with the new trilogy. This cartoon could really be epic.

    Mark Hamill has the cartoon voice work experience, and I'm sure he would love to be involved. Fingers crossed.

    #1317 1 year ago

    God damn these "female director rumors" just make me cringe. Feels like Disney & the people in charge are living in a bubble, ignoring/dismissing all the fan negativity heading in their direction. I get the women empowerment & #metoo movements, but I still can't comprehend why they chose to use the Star Wars franchise to push those points.

    No matter how they spin it, when they say its not about hiring someone because of their gender, it's about hiring someone because of gender.

    2 weeks later
    #1378 1 year ago

    Well too early to judge the actors from one short teaser. Again whole movie hangs on audience believing Ehrenreich & Glover are young Solo & Lando. If they are able to pull it off, then the movie has a great chance of succeeding.

    Thankfully the movie has the gritty, darkened look of Rogue One, different from the Episodes.

    So a clean brand new Millennium Falcon? Body of Falcon slightly different (tuning fork front end is one piece)? I'm very intrigued. The Falcon is just as important as any of the characters in this movie.

    I'm more optimistic than I was before

    cleanfalcon (resized).JPG
    Capture (resized).JPG

    #1386 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Falcon was well worn already when Han won it in a game of cards with Lando. Little reconning going on there.

    Considering that story has never been told as part of official cannon, you're connecting a lot of dots here. The card game of sabacc story? That's all extended universe stuff, all thrown in the garbage can. Sure they are gamblers, but nobody really knows the details of that story, so they can come up with whatever they want based on ESB dialog....

    LANDO: What have you done to my ship?

    HAN: Your ship? Hey, remember, you lost her to me fair and square.

    LANDO: You know, that ship saved my life quite a few times. She's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

    Granted the card story is pretty much accepted by all fans, they'd be pretty stupid to change the story. But that has never stopped KK before, so who knows. Considering Han/Lando are in their early 20s in this movie & early 30s in the original trilogy, I think a decade of Han/Chewie smuggling adventures is plenty of time to turn a new falcon into a fast modified hunk of junk.

    All I'm saying is that I'm more interested in the story than I was before. I can see smooth young Lando proud of his shiny new ship in this movie, and a crew of smugglers & scoundrels join him & Han on an adventure & just trash the hell out of it through course of the movie.

    #1390 1 year ago

    When I first saw the article, I thought it was fake, but nope, confirmed from starwars.com. This is incredible news Best writer/producer combo working today gets their own SW trilogy. The sky is the limit with these guys. Game of Thrones fans already know.

    Who wants to bet that Rian Johnson's trilogy is dead in the water & he quietly moves onto other projects within 6 months?

    #1405 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    It would still be a problem. Disney did this exact same thing when they over saturated their animated output in the 1990's thinking "everything will be as big as Lion King!" But when there's a movie a year it's no longer special.

    Riiiiiight. There's been about 2-3 Disney Marvel movies per year since 2008. Good for around $12-14B in worldwide box office gross, with an overall cinemascore average of A-. That's not even counting all the superhero merch Disney/Marvel sell each year. The public is just burned out on all of this superhero stuff huh? Not special anymore because there are at least 4-5 superhero movies a year eh? Bollocks.

    When the storytelling is well done & the product is good, people turn out in droves all over the world. They can't make these movies fast enough. Just look at Black Panther presales. Just set the record for advanced marvel ticket sales, for a character 9 out of 10 people on the street couldn't even name 3 years ago. And Infinity War Part One will likely gross $2B worldwide easily. Marvel isn't slowing down at all due to market saturation, and you could even argue it's getting bigger.

    Disney can do the same thing with Star Wars. They just need to get their shit together. All starts at the top with talented writers, excellent directors, respected actors & an overall cohesive plan. Just stay true to these beloved characters & the universe they live in, and put your own forced political/social statements in the trashcan. If the product is good, people will keep coming back. Come on already, it's fricking Star Wars!

    3 weeks later
    #1466 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Why does anyone do it? I just (barely) made it through Wonder Woman which is maybe the worst Super Hero movie I've seen since Daredevil; and it's sitting at 98% fresh. Literally, and I don't say this lightly, Suicide Squad was better.
    Half way through I was hoping league of Extraordinary Gentlemen was on another channel.

    HA! Thank you! WW was atrocious. Same shilling spin scenario by critics. Can’t speak ill of such a feminist icon & an inspiration to little girls everywhere! Story was awful, and she’s a lousy actress IMO. First movie I’ve wanted to walk out of since Godzilla 1998. Got up halfway through to take a leak & seriously debated just walking out the door, but I reluctantly went back to my seat. What a joke. I’d still like to get that last hour back.

    Should have cast Lady Sif from the Thor movies instead. My two cents.

    592E5373-7D3B-4F31-B599-6D4DC1BACD70 (resized).jpeg

    Back to shitting on Kathleen Kennedy & the SJWs.....

    #1467 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    The Watchmen movie was interesting, it was almost a literal, shot-for-shot (or shot-for-panel, I guess) version of the comic book brought to life. As a fan that's what I would always say I want when a book I love is translated to film, but it doesn't always work in practice. That said, it's great source material and a great cast. I should watch it again ...

    You’re right about that Absolute Edition Hardcover. Best print edition of any comic I’ve owned, hands down. But this is the best news I’ve heard in years. As a huge fan of the Watchmen comic, I always felt it was better suited for television. Dig deeper & tell the story at the pace it deserves. The movie had its moments, but missed the mark overall, had some questionable casting choices. Wasn’t a fan of the changes they made to the ending either.

    HBO series, R-rated, written by Damon Lindelof?? Count me in. Getting real close to beginning filming I hear...


    To be honest, IDK which series I’m more excited about...HBOs Watchmen or Netflix Mega City One Judge Dredd series


    #1468 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    FYI- They are ignoring Lucasfilms own canon.
    I present you the Millennium Falcon as shown in the prequels. Lucas stated in an interview he slipped it in and it was THE Millennium Falcon, not a run of the mill YT-1300. One that looks very much like the one pictured in A New Hope. Considering Luke was not even born yet we can assume Han was 10 years old at the time, at best. The Falcon would NOT have a shiny new appearance in the SOLO movie, it was already 25 years old at least.

    Meh. Blink & you miss it. That could be any YT-1300 freighter, really doesn’t matter what Lucas says. Just like “The Ghost” from Rebels is briefly spotted hyper jumping into the Battle of Scariff in Rogue One.

    Is it the Ghost? Is it the Falcon? Just little background Easter eggs that let the hardcore fan’s imaginations go wild

    #1473 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Disney doesn’t care if you’re hate-watching Solo, they just want your cash.

    Speaking of hating on Solo... I’m pretty confident that watching Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as Han Solo will be about as tolerable as itching your crotch with a cheese grater.

    Then I stumbled on this footage. How the F did the KK thinktank not cast Anthony Ingruber in the role? He’s played a young Harrison Ford before! And did it well! And he almost looks like him! He sounds like him!

    Further proof that KK are complete bumbling fools with this material & casting choices. What a wasted opportunity IMO.

    I know I should probably see movie first before passing judgment, but come on now. Can’t blame fans at this point for having little faith anymore when you see stuff like this.

    #1474 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    First I heard of the JD series! Holy crap! That movie was awesome, this has serious potential!!

    From what I've read, the series will be more focused on the city itself & the people/judges within it. That's why it's called Mega City One. Last I heard Dredd will be a part of it, but not the lead character. Which might make more sense. Karl Urban has a busy film career, and he can pop up in the big episodes while they explore the other judges. The city was almost a character itself in the comics, and since the guys at 2000AD are producing, you know it's going to be more faithful to the bizarre aspects of the comic. Curious to see what they do with it (explore the wasteland, dark judges, etc). Much better suited for mature TV like Netflix.

    #1483 1 year ago

    Yeah I saw that news today. Not impressed with that announcement at all. Been over that guy for years.

    Current SW future pipeline BTW:

    Episode 9, plus Episodes 10-12
    Rian Johnson Trilogy
    Game of Thrones producers Trilogy
    Stand alone "A SW Story" movies
    Star Wars Resistance TV cartoon series
    John Favreau live-action TV series

    They are going to pound SW down our throats, run it into the ground, and give everyone SW burnout. The complete & utter bastardization of a great brand. I wouldn't mind if they were putting out great material, but the cartoons are the only thing worth a shit anymore.

    Don't give a rat's ass about Episode 7 or thereafter. Based on Episode 8 disaster, a Rian Johnson trilogy is one of the worst ideas ever. I can't see how it ever sees the light of day. I like GOT, so I'm more hopeful what those guys can come up with without input from the KK braintrust. Those SW stories are going to be hit or miss, depending on the subject material & if they are done right. The backstory-filling cartoon set after Episode 6 featuring Luke's academy, Asoka, the uncharted regions, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and the backstory of Snoke really has my attention. John Favreau series is just fodder to get you to subscribe to Disney's new streaming service.

    Just counting down the days until Solo kicks us all in the nuts....

    #1489 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    He practically has sunk the entire franchise. I agree with hoakypoaky in that only the animated series (and whatever the GOT people are doing) is worth getting excited about.

    It's my hope that the GOT producers will be given their own freedom to come up with an ADULT focused trilogy. More adults themes & situations (wars/death/drama), less Porgs & JarJar (fart jokes/laughs). That's one thing I always felt Lucas was wrong about. These are not "kids" movies. Scooby-Doo 2 is a fricking kids movie.

    With that said, those GOT producers great at old world/character building with GOT. Let them tackle the Old Republic set thousands of years before the Prequels. Pull from the extended universe stories. They basically would have a blank slate to do whatever they wanted, with zero rule restrictions since it took place so long ago. The property is just getting off the rails now. It needs some fresh concepts & excitement again.

    1 week later
    #1518 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    anyone seen Ready Player One yet?

    I am so stoked, tickets already purchased for opening weekend. One of my favorite books of all-time, but I'm also being realistic. No way it can compare to the book, as I'm sure they changed a lot (licensing issues, plot points etc). But it will be fun for sure tho I haven't read anything about the movie so I'm trying to go in completely fresh.

    #1520 1 year ago

    Book was an absolute blast. So many direct references to things I loved as a kid. I played that D&D Tomb of Horrors module. I loved watching Ultraman & mecagodzilla on UHF TV. So many things so many references, on & on.

    For your average person watching the trailer, they might dismiss it for some dime-a-dozen CGI "VR theme" movie. It's so much more than that. Speilberg will do it up right Can't wait until next weekend.

    #1523 1 year ago
    Quoted from racer_x:

    The book was not great literature by any stretch, but it was a fun read and that's what's important.
    The trailers' prominent car race, the attractive leads, and the obvious impossibility of getting everything licensed has me pretty skeptical about the movie.

    This is true for sure. As I said it won't be the same as the book. But I did read the other day that Spielberg was able to acquire the rights to use every intellectual property he asked for, including Star Wars (Xwings, R2D2, etc). That's pretty exciting if you ask me. Granted changing Ultraman to Iron Giant makes way more sense for the general viewing masses, so I think they should be able to pull it off.

    1 week later
    #1587 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Haha, look at RJ's face when Mark says "I told him we have to care about what the fans think"

    RJ: “we need to form a bubble around ourselves at the very start of it & say we are going to tell a story we care about. We’re going to make choices that feel right to US & we’re not going to second guess ANY of them, based on OMG...what is everyone going to think of this? We are just going to follow our own internal compass”

    MH: “Then I would say ‘We have to remember what the fans will think’, and he said NO, we have to remember what we think. And that was a pivitol moment for me.”

    F**K you RJ. Seriously. F**K you.

    God bless you Mark Hamill. Both you & the fans were royally screwed by this effing egotistical asshat.

    IDK what’s more upsetting... RJ’s statement.... or his ear-curdling fake ass laugh at the beginning of that segment.

    2 weeks later
    #1732 1 year ago
    Quoted from Underspin:

    Rogue One: Came out of nowhere and was great. The most "star warsy" movie since 1983, though "droids with attitudes" are wearing me out.

    FE993FF3-A16A-4BCC-8F8E-4F98B397DCF3 (resized).jpeg

    Well you better get ready for L3-37! Lando’s droid partner from the upcoming Solo movie!

    SHOCKER: The robot is female!
    SHOCKER: She’s a one-of-a-kind individual! She’s got attitude & she knows it!
    SHOCKER: She’s self-modified! She depends on no one! She can do anything!
    SHOCKER: She’s free! She has no owner! She is not a piece of property!

    So I guess another SWJ theme for Solo will be to address the unjust oppression that droids have been forced to face in the Star Wars universe up until now. After 40+ years, we are FINALLY getting a Star Wars movie that addresses droid slavery at the hands of their evil masters! The topic we’ve all been waiting for Disney to address! Shorter shifts & equal pay for R2D2 working on Jabba’s Sail Barge. That’s what I say. #POWERTOTHEDROIDS

    Can’t believe I’m writing this shit. Already hate this character. Pretty sure I will hate this movie too.

    #1755 1 year ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    » YouTube video
    The Last Jedi: Defeminized Fan Edit
    Ok flame suit on for the SJWs in the crowd. I’m not a misogynist in anyway but if you watch this and don’t agree that it makes the movie go from a 2 to 7.5 you’re Kathleen Kennedy.
    Watch the whole thing before you start bitching if you plan on crying about this. But the fact that there is so much agenda shoved down your throat in this movie that this opportunity even presented itself says something.
    Leia’s death scene done right.
    No porgs!
    No stupid humor!
    Practically no Rose!
    Casino scene gone!
    What a great movie!!!
    Same post twice just to carry it over to page 36. I wanna hear opinions on this and not have it lost because of the page break haha
    Watch it before it gets pulled!

    Creative edit.

    No lame jokes. Luke’s not a bitch. He leaves with Ray on the Falcon. Leia dies in space. Snoke disappears. Poe does the hyperspace kamikaze. Luke not a dumb hologram, but gets taken out by the ATAT? That was awful haha. No dumbass broomsweeping force kids tho.

    Just shows you how pointless the whole casino/codebreaker subplot is. Waste of time, shitty writing, etc.

    2hr30m down to 45m. That says a lot.

    1 month later
    #1898 1 year ago

    Few comments. I haven’t been in this thread in awhile....

    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Chewbacca farts.

    Ha! I made this comment to a friend of mine the minute I saw the new “shiney blue” Lando version of Falcon. The running gag here will be that cool, smooth, always composed Lando is going to lose his shit every time Han bashes the Falcon into another ship or a building, or Chewbacca farts on the flawless white upholstery. Might get a smile the first time. But you’ll be groaning by the end of the film.

    #1899 1 year ago

    I don’t buy any of the shill reporting about “record breaking” preorder sales, or $130M-$170M opening weekend projections. They say Solo sold more preorder tickets in first 24 hrs than Black Panther. Talk about spin. That’s doesn’t mean a thing! What about the rest of the 3 weeks leading up to this bomb?

    I did not want to go, but my buddy asked me to go with his kid on Monday. This is premiering Memorial Day weekend. Everybody off from work & school. I figured trying to buy tickets this late would be a pain in the ass. Sold out, only front row available, you know...the usual Star Wars movie opening weekend stuff.

    Went & looked for tixs at the most popular luxury theater in town where everyone goes. Surprised to see PLENTLY of seats available for Solo, and good seats in middle of theater, on Friday thru Sunday. That says it all to me. SW movie tickets always hard to get opening weekend, but not Solo! Complete opposite from buying tixs for Infinity War.

    Chickens coming home to roost. Fan backlash to TLJ is real. Shit on your fans long enough & they will stop caring. Hope it fails to meet expectations.

    And if I see Lando rub Hans thigh with a gleam in his eye, I’m going to lose my shit. Seriously.

    #1901 1 year ago

    Speaking of LTJ, I stumbled on this old Rian Johnson video from around 2005, where he explains....

    “I would be worried if everyone across the board loves a movie. It’s much more exciting to me, when you get a group of people who are really really excited about it. And then you have a very large group of people who walk out & say it’s literally the worst movie they’ve ever seen. To me, having those two extremes is the mark of the type of movie I want to make.”

    So now TLJ makes sense I guess. He wanted to piss all the fans off on purpose. Ah I see now. Just brilliant. Good luck with your next SW trilogy jackass. Fool me once....

    #1906 1 year ago

    Finally! Giving the fans what they want! It’s not that hard.

    Mangold as director is a huge relief. Gives me hope we’ll get the bounty hunter movie we’ve been craving for. Bossk, Dengar, IG-88! 4-Lom, Zukkus, Cad Bane! So much potential here.


    #1910 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    does Lando bang Chewie or what?

    Yes this is the stuff that Disney says people really want to know. So was Lando sodomized by his robot in the storage compartment of the Falcon or what?

    #1912 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Didn't we already have a movie or 2 with like 4 billion Boba Fetts? Wasn't that interesting... Whole point of the character is he's an unknown.

    They can do a lot with a Boba Fett movie. Consensus #1 fan favorite character, next to Darth Vader. There's a lot of mystery surrounding his backstory. The Mandolorians have never been presented on film before. Lucas may have told an origin of Boba Fett in the prequels, and that he was a clone of Jango Fett. Most fans weren't happy with that explanation, and it could be easily fixed.

    I've often heard a different origin story, where an unknown ruthless bounty hunter looking to make a name for himself killed the clone Boba Fett, stole his armor & took his name for himself. Cast that Jango Fett actor again & kill him. Fans would get a kick out of that. That would also give the writers the freedom to do whatever they wanted with the character. They could tell that origin story.

    Or a better idea might be to tell the story for how Boba Fett delivered Han Solo in carbonite to Jabba the Hutt. Once word spread that Boba had his hands on the biggest bounty in the galaxy, every other bounty hunter (like Bossk, Dengar, etc) tried to hunt Boba down & claim Solo for themselves. That could be a pretty crazy adventure & would provide the fans with something they're really wanted to see.

    #1915 1 year ago

    At least it doesn't have the boosted 95% shill critic ratings like TLJ did. 69% I last saw, worst rated SW movie since the prequels, with audience giving around 50% approval. Not encouraging. I'm sure those numbers will drop.

    #1930 1 year ago
    Quoted from Darscot:

    Looks like Solo is not doing well, the 150 plus million opening is now being scaled to 80-90 million.

    Sub 100M opening weekend would be an unthinkable disaster for Disney & KK, sitting inside their bubble up in their high castle. Fingers crossed it happens.

    Can't wait to see the bullshit "star wars fatigue" explanations for poor ticket sales.

    #1931 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Next to Darth Vader eh... How'd his origin movies turn out?

    About a 1000 times better than the SJW dumpster fire films we've been getting. I'd watch the prequels any day over Episodes 7-9.

    That was an unthinkable statement just short 3 years ago. Sadly it's become true for the majority of fans. You blew it Disney.

    #1963 1 year ago

    Went into Solo expecting to be disappointed. Turned out much better than I expected. Great story, lots of twists & turns. Gets thumbs up from me. And I am a huge fan who became severely jaded after TLJ & how they disgraced Luke Skywalker. I think Kathleen Kennedy is ruining the franchise, and people should yell “you suck” whenever they spot Rain Johnson on the street.


    I think they did a great job explaining the Solo backstory lore. The way Han met Chewy was great, the games of Sabacc, the “fair-and-square way” Lando lost the falcon, the dice, the Kessle run in 12 parsecs, how the new shiny falcon got trashed, Solo’s iconic blaster, how he finds his way to Tatooine, Chewy making exact same wrong move on Falcon’s video chess, the way Lando mispronouces Hans name, etc. Even included “The Maw” & the Black holes around Kessle from the expanded universe. Even spotted Manolorian armor & a reference to a fan favorite bounty hunter from clone wars. Cool new stormtroopers. And obviously the super cool unexpected reveal of THAT character at the end. There was no mention of the force & that was refreshing in a Star Wars movie. These types of gritty films can work. Damn, writing this makes me want to go see it again.

    That said, Erenreich was not the best. Did not portray the essence of Harrison Ford at all. He is the main flaw of the whole movie. I suppose I will grow to accept him over time, but I wish they would have cast Anthony Ingruber instead. What a missed opportunity. Glover on the other hand nailed Lando. Voice was spot on. I thought he would be terrible. Glad I was wrong. Woody & Clark had great performances, and held the movie together throughout.

    The bad? Lando’s robot was grating, annoying, and a device to push agendas that don’t belong in Star Wars movies. Jar-Jar Binks level bad. The scene suggesting Lando wants relations with a robot should have been cut completely. Of course there was an unexpected role gender swap in the film. This is what you get with Disney Star Wars, but the degree of SJW influence on Solo was overhyped IMO. Thankfully Lando did not grab Han’s ass.

    I love these “A Star Wars Story” movies, because they scratch the itch for super fans. They focus on the things we want to see, and fill in backstory of beloved characters & historic events. I’m looking forward to seeing the Obiwan & Boba Fett movies. Boba delivering Solo to Jabba the Hutt? Maul hunting down Old man Kenobi to get revenge? Yes please!

    The low grosses on Solo are clearly backlash from fans for the backstabbing we got from TLJ. For the first time, we didn’t show up in masses for a Star Wars movie opening. It’s not “Star Wars fatigue”. There is no such thing to superfans. This is a clear message to Disney, and specifically Kathleen Kennedy & her bullshit agenda. Fans don’t want it.

    Money talks. I think Solo will do better at the box office over the coming weeks, as word of mouth will generally be positive. But the damage is done. Solo will not hit its expectations. Kennedy is to blame for the troubled production, and the general backlash of the new films. Hopefully Kennedy gets fired after Episode 9 gets released.

    I will see Solo again in theaters

    #1966 1 year ago

    Everyone online has an opinion this morning why Solo didn't meet expectations. Excuses all over the map. The most prevalent opinion is that a five month gap between SW movies was too close, and combined with crowded competition at the box office & a story that didn't really need to be told, so Solo was doomed form the start.

    The first point is nonsense. If I have to read "star wars fatigue" again, my head will explode like a thermal detonator. That's such a lame excuse. But I bet the immediate end result will be just one Star Wars movie a year, released at Christmas, for the foreseeable future. This is an easy solution for Disney to execute. Too bad it's not the real problem. And with 10+ movies in the pipeline, it's not feasible to release one movie a year.

    I don't buy the competition at the box office either. Solo was the only major release over the holiday weekend. It was competing against Deadpool (an R-Rated movie) and Infinity War (already grossed $2B & in release over a month). That's banta fodder. Fans made a conscious decision not to show up in droves as usual. Plus the fans & general audiences still have bad taste left over from TLJ. Disney still doesn't get this.

    Disney reps are saying the year & a half gap between Solo & Episode 9 will help to solve their problems. Too bad that they still don't realize they did irreparable damage to the new trilogy with TLJ. What will be the excuse when Episode 9 fails to meet expectations? Which it will.

    #1967 1 year ago
    Quoted from mcclad:

    I also retired a Zuckuss.

    You have a Zuckuss costume? That's awesome, never seen one in person. I've always wanted to do a Dengar costume, but I need to finish up & adjust my sandtrooper build first.

    You're right about those popular characters though. You will get attention at events as a stormtrooper, but those guys showing up as Boba Fett or Vader get mobbed!

    #1974 1 year ago

    Ha I don't mind if people repeat themselves, I enjoy the discussion

    #1990 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    They’ll get it in merchandising

    Wouldn't be so sure. Have you been to a toy store lately? Overstocked expensive Star Wars toys everywhere. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap merchandise out there that does not sell, mostly items related to Episodes 7 & 8. The product doesn't even sell when it's significantly reduced. Tons of porgs, Rey, and Rose Tico garbage, and all so over priced. Who buys this stuff? Apparently no one. Not the collectors, and sorry but little boys don't want to play with girl action figures. Never have & never will. That's why GI Joe is for boys & Barbie is for girls. Maybe the Solo stuff will sell, but I seriously doubt it. Disney created this toy mess all by themselves.

    #1991 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I had read they were putting Chinese actors in to get more international audience like R1 had but the characters were not great and they all died anyway. I wonder if that was why they put in the Asian girl in TLJ or not.

    That's 100% why Rose Tico, the worst SW character ever, was put in Episode 8. To appeal to the Chinese market. How'd that work out? Every studio today does this practice to some degree, with mixed results. You just have to look for it. And yes she is worse than JarJar & LE-E7.

    #2002 1 year ago

    Should change the name of this thread to *SPOILERS* All Star Wars Films Discussion *SPOILERS*

    This thread has branched out quite a bit from a TLJ discussion for some time, and there's a pretty good discussion in here. Prequels, Original trilogy, TFA, TLJ, Rogue one, Solo have all been discussed here.

    It will be pretty lame following every new SW thread that pops up every time a new movie comes out.

    #2021 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    This is spot on. The series can’t be saved in its present condition. They need to time jump backwards or forward a thousand years and start totally over with competent show runners and a full new cast.
    I agree Disney has likely already decided to terminate Kennedy.

    You and I think alike. When they announced the GOT producers were getting a trilogy, my thought was I sure hope they let them do an Old Republic series. Thousands of years before Yoda, tons of extended universe novels & comics to draw from, video games ripe with material.

    It’s would be like a series reboot. You get all the familiar themes (force, Jedi, dark side, etc) with ZERO attachments to anything that’s been done before. It would be a daunting task, but the public would eat it up.

    An even LONGER time ago, in a Galway far far away. That’s the next step after Episode 9.

    1 week later
    #2094 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    One of the major reasons The Force Awakens did so well was it came off a long period of no new movies and insane media hype. Replay value? Seen it once here, no interest in seeing it again.
    Frankly the whole Disney SW franchise is a "bait and switch" and fans have figured it out at this point, hence the declining interest.
    This isn't Lucas' Star Wars and they want little part of it.

    This is pretty much right on point. Rogue One is the only exception here, true fan service created by a real SW fan. Sure it has flaws, but those last 30 minutes are outstanding & rival the original films.

    There has been a consistent slow slide of die-hard fan interest from TFA to TLJ to Solo. The cat is out of the bag at this point. Fans aren't happy, and they vote with their wallets. Disney execs can continue to stick there heads in the sand & ignore (and continue to belittle via social media) the vocal dissenting fans. It's their funeral.

    Episode 9 is going to bomb too, meaning far less grosses than predicted. Wont even sniff $1B gross. It will be curious to hear the excuses when there is a year & a half gap between SW films. Don't care about ANY of the new characters at this point, and genuinely DISLIKE them. Go ahead JJ. Put Jabba the Hutt's son in there. Fool me once.... Not happening.

    The Episode 9 boycott is real.

    #2096 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Low blow. JJ may have ripped off Lucas in TFA, but at least he had the good taste to rip off good Lucas from the first three films, not evil Lucas from the prequels after he decided that what Star Wars was really lacking was Lil' Vader and Lil' Bobba Fett.
    Although come to think of it, "Jabba: The College Years: A Star Wars Story" could be very topical, I'll bet Jabba engaged in some serious hazing at his fraternity.

    Apparently you haven't heard the latest rumor. Comes from a shill garbage website, but I see it happening.


    JJ sitting there for last year saying how can I fix this mess. With more classic characters we can disgrace in some way! JJ did it before, so expect a Return of the Jedi reboot. Expect another trip to Tattooine for no reason. A fourth super weapon? An Ewok cameo? The end of the First Order. But I expect Luke to just visualize out of nowhere when Rey finds some reason to go to Degobah. Oh he just went to another dimension, Rey chanted something from the sacred Jedi texts, turns out he's not dead & she brought him back! They will officially jump the shark in Episode 9.

    Then get ready for more Luke adventures in Episodes 10-12, building the Jedi Academy, meeting Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn returning from the Unknown Regions.....you know, the stuff they should have done in Episodes 7-9.

    I mean what else can they do? The Episodes are about the skywalker bloodline, and they were stupid as hell to abandon that. Of course bring Luke back will require admitting that TLJ was a complete mistake. These current people in charge will be unwilling to do that.

    Nothing will surprise me at this point.

    #2128 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    I think that Lucas Film need to change tack and put their focus on a new Old Republic Trilogy. That way it will kind of be a re-boot of the franchise, or more like a prequel without all the trappings of story line interference. They can then map out a proper new saga, with fully fleshed out character arcs, continuity between movies and a long term vision. That, IMO, is the only way that they will be able to try and emulate the kind of success Marvel has with its franchise (Or the success of the original trilogy).

    While I've read nothing to indicate this, I'm already convinced that the GOT producers Benioff & Weiss trilogy will focus on the Old Republic period. Simply because it makes so much sense. These guys already have experience taking a complex ancient fantasy world & turning it into a huge success. They are great storytellers. They develop complex characters & compelling dialog, and include shocking narrative twists. They know how to film exciting action sequences. They know how to adapt complex source material, and there's tons of Old Republic content to tap into. How many Emmy's have they won?

    These guys are a perfect fit. Give them years to develop a well thought out storyline with compelling characters, that explores the ancient myths of Star Wars Universe. Home fricking run.

    #2137 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    That is the sound of Rian Johnson and the other directors going under the bus to save Kennedy's ass.
    Question is, will it be enough? No one is buying it, someone had to hire and sign off on what those directors were doing.

    Correct. Fans are not buying it. I think this is all that's going to happen for now. After Episode 9 tanks at the box office, the heads will really roll at Lucasfilm. They can't clean house at the top while Episode 9 is in production. That would be too embarrassing for the company, and create the same bad word of mouth that plagued Solo's release. They gotta let it ride at this point with Episode 9, no other choice.

    Put a die hard fan as president of Lucasfilm, like Filoni, as many have said. He deserves it at this point with a long track record of success. Just like Kevin Feige at Marvel.

    Shame tho, because I thought an Ewan McGregor Kenobi movie had lots of potential. Letting him age another 15 years might be beneficial actually.

    #2139 1 year ago

    I expect a ROTJ Reboot. They'll throw the Hutts in there for fan service, dig up Billy Dee Williams so they can embarrass & disgrace his character too. At this point, no one cares anymore. All character arcs (if you even want to call them that) wrapped up at end of Episode 8. JJ might do a twist to show Rey's real parents. Again, no one cares about her character, the damage has been done.

    It should be noted that JJ is part of the problem here as well, not the solution to fix this mess. So my expectations are rock fricking bottom. I think the execs think Solo was a fluke & they are just exploiting the licence too much. I still think they are in denile that their leftist SWJ trilogy is a train complete wreck.

    Best thing they could do is tease Luke magically reappears at the end of Episode 9. He has transcended the Force, most powerful user ever, rises from the dead. Then at least they can right the biggest wrong from Episode 8, and the fans would be thrilled. Who cares how dumb the logic is. Then they can do the Skywalker bloodline/Thrawn story they should have done in Episodes 7-9.

    #2157 1 year ago

    Push KK out to promote another SWJ to head Lucasfilm? I read those articles about Hart before. They'll be playing with fire if they go that route.

    #2163 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    I think the term you're looking for is "SJW."

    Apparently my brain & typing skills are completely dysfunctional. Yes SJW....Social Justice Warrior. Can't believe I did that multiple times. I must be typing too fast. haha

    #2178 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    What could have been ...

    Good lord. Some things just don’t need explaining. Nothing was wrong when the Force was just a mystical thing for 22 years.

    I remember they briefly touched on the Whils with Cherrut & Baze in Rogue One. A nod to some early draft idea that Lucas dropped. For good reason apparently.

    Again they had perfect fan favorite material to draw from with the Thrawn books. Well whatever.

    #2197 1 year ago

    For this fan, I don't think I will ever be able to get past how this SJW team at Lucasfilm blatantly disgraced Luke Skywalker, without any reverence to his past, or have any regard on how millions of dedicated fans might react to such drastic changes to their beloved iconic character.

    It's even more appalling to know that Hamill (like the fans) expressed his doubts & internal conflict with Luke's portrayal to the SJW team, those concerns were promptly ignored during the creative process. When doing conventions in the lead up to TLJ, while limited in what he could say, he was trying to temper fan enthusiasm & prepare us for disappointment. He knew the fan outcry that was coming. Immediately after TLJ was released, he briefly spoke out about his displeasure, and was quickly brought to heal by Lucasfilm & told to shut his mouth. Recently Hamill was on the record stating his enjoyment of Star Wars is completely tarnished due to Luke's disgrace & the loss of Fisher & Ford. He literally does not care anymore. I don't blame him.

    The entire ordeal is a travesty & can't be reversed. Resulted in millions of disgruntled fans, who like Hamill, don't really care anymore. Star Wars celebration will be really interesting next year, when Lucasfilm can't ignore or run away from the criticism they deserve.

    #2201 1 year ago

    I downloaded TFK the other day. Based on the changes I've read, sounds like a huge improvement, but since Luke is still a grumpy old bitch, it can never truly be fixed. Rose is just another Resistance fighter, not featured at all. Fynn role significantly downgraded. Holdo becomes friend of Leia, not an Admiral. No running out of gas. No Phasma or DJ. No Casino or parking tickets. No SWJ agendas.

    This cut just makes it barely tolerable, and boils it down to a focused Luke/Rey/Kylo/Snoke story, bookended by a Resistance escape. Curious how it plays onscreen.

    1) Cut the awful Poe jokes at the beginning
    2) Cut Finn/Rose/DJ/Phasma side arc altogether, including Maz
    3) Cut the "Low on Fuel" arc completely
    4) Cut Leia being blown into space
    5) Cut Ach-To alien nuns scene
    6) Cut Luke/Rey joke about “reaching out” and slapping on the hand
    7) Cut Finn joking about how the first order “hates that ship” in the Crait battle
    8) Cut Holdo/Leia awkward joking about “may the force be with you”
    9) Cut Finn trying to crash into the battering ram and Rose saving him.
    10) Cut broom boy ending
    11) Luke drops the lightsaber, instead of tossing it
    12) Added the deleted beach attack scene on Ach-To
    13) Added custom end “close out” circle to fit the end of the movie

    #2203 1 year ago

    Yes that should go too. Not sure if he cut it.

    #2209 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Well this is an interesting point of view. This is a writer posting from starwars.com.
    You are not the customer, we don't have to listen to you.

    Yes there are a shocking amount of tweets & comments from many Star Wars executives (the story group writers, actors, directors, etc etc) directed at Star Wars fans who express their displeasure & criticisms. People in this thread who don't follow the blogs or YouTube videos may not be aware how crazy this stuff is getting in certain circles.

    These tweets are not coming from fringe SW employees. These are the people running the show! JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Johnathan Casdan, Pablo Hidalgo, John Bogeya.... They have all been guilty of blatantly attacking fans, doubling down on their SJW beliefs, and incorrectly assume that that any fan who criticize their work are just a bunch of "sexist & hateful fanboys" and are not "true fans". It's offensive to me. They don't understand fan frustrations, and they lash out in return. It's shocking that Disney execs allow this type of social media activity to continue.

    That tweet that was mentioned above is just beyond stupidity. It reeks of elitism. It's a HUGE turnoff for fans. I have never seen a company directly attack it's passionate dedicate fan base is such a manner before. In other words, you are attacking your CUSTOMERS. Yes there are some fans who are bad seeds & take things war too far, but the majority just want to enjoy what we love. We complain because we care deeply.

    Lusasfilm aren't doing themselves any favors here.

    #2234 1 year ago

    A twitter user called Ruin Johnson out this week:

    "My main gripes are that you abandoned the spirit and heart of Star Wars in favor of your own ideas, opinions, and mindset, rather than continuing a 40 year legacy. Skywalker and the rest of almost everything in the film subverted all that was."

    To which Johnson surprisingly responded the following BS response:

    "For me The Last Jedi 100% distills what the spirit & heart of Star Wars has been in my life. But yes it is personal, it’s a certain point of view, and it has to be - originals were personal for George Lucas, that’s why they’re alive. Star Wars films will truly betray the heart & spirit of the originals if they lose that, and become soulless clean homages. But being alive means being messy, and it means every film won’t line up exactly with what every fan is expecting or wants. I’m sorry The Last Jedi didn’t line up with your own certain point of view"

    That's not much of an apology. Sorry YOU had a problem with MY vision. He's not apologizing for what he did. That's a huge difference. So to summarize... he made a personal SW movie for himself, for his own selfish reasons, without any regard for fan expectations or what came before it, and he's "sorry" fans have a problem with it.

    What a complete toolbox. The sooner Disney announces his spin-off trilogy has been sacked, the better. This muppet really needs to go away. He just continues to piss off the fans with his arrogance.

    1 week later
    #2315 1 year ago

    Seeing geriatric Lando on screen sounds even less appealing than geriatric Indiana Jones. Awful. Some things are best left alone. Lando's scene drinking Colt 45 & playing sabbac at the Mos Eisley retirement home will be a real crowd pleaser (NOT). I'm sure this is a cameo, not a starring role. He's getting pretty old.

    If you're going to use Billy Dee in a cameo, wouldn't have made more sense to have him turn out to be the mysterious rose wearing codebreaker in the Canto Bight casino scene in TLJ? Instead of some quickly forgotten doofy looking guy in a white tux? Oh right, that would have destroyed round headed Rian Johnson's vision.

    The re-imagining of ROTJ is full speed ahead now. I'm sure JJ will come up with some real nostalgia for Ep9..... like Lando falling into the sarlacc pit, Rose hugging an Ewok, and a climatic 4th Death Star explosion. I'm out.

    2 weeks later
    #2335 1 year ago

    Well there's a bit of backstory here at the moment that's building to fever pitch this week. There is an alt-right web network who are currently leading a social media crusade against liberal hyprocracy & anti-Trumpers. I suppose they are similar to SJWs, just the opposite side of the coin. They have been digging up dirt, decade old posts, and tweets to try and get these people fired, with mixed results. Context matters if you ask me, and this kind of stuff is pretty absurd, because there's a difference between bad jokes & you know...actual pedophiles. But whatever, social media outrage is everywhere now, this is the world we live in. This is most likely related to (& seeking retribution for) Rosanne's recent fall from grace. Crazy shit goes on in the dark left/right corners of the interweb. Start digging on YouTube for 5 minutes & you'll get the idea.

    They went after James Gunn & got him fired. They went after Dan Harmon, creator of Rick & Morty yesterday. Countless other examples, going on in comics, movies & social media in general. This is the age we live in now. You're going to see lots of celebs erasing their tweets or deleting accounts, because it simply is not worth the risk. The interwebs can be a real nasty place. Personally I have better things to do than waste energy on that stuff, like enjoying life & playing pinball


    #2337 1 year ago

    Was just pointing out the backstory behind people deleting tweets. And by they, I mean Mike Cernovich, who has a long track record of his own controversies.

    With that said, ZERO interest debating what is offensive, getting political, or passing judgement (especially in this Star Wars thread).

    1 week later
    #2358 1 year ago

    The Clone Wars cartoon did a wonderful job of legitimizing & expanding upon the material established in the Prequels. Sure the movies are flawed, full of stiff acting & some lame story lines, but the cartoon turned my thoughts around. There's some really great Star Wars stuff from that era.

    #2362 1 year ago

    Do some of that special effect de-aging that Marvel does to Michael Douglas in the Antman movies. Make a killer “30 year old” Mark Hamill flashback scene. I mean he did just shave his beard.

    I’d argue someone could do a Luke post-Jedi spin-off movie eventually. Luke vs Thrawn story, throw in Mara Jade & the Jedi school. Use that de-aging tech to make him young the whole movie, give the fans what they want. It could easily be done, use body double for the action scenes. Do this before Hamill turns 70 already. Fans heads would explode.

    1 week later
    #2387 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Jon Favreau's Star Wars live action series will focus on planet Mandalore. The report from Making Star Wars states the series could be taking place three years after the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. The series would be about Mandalore falling into a "state of turmoil" with many parties working to restore the planet to its rightful place, with those effects reverberating across the galaxy.

    Finally a decent SW related post.

    Seems like Lucasfilm's new focus for non-film content is based in the period after ROTJ, as this is the most fertile timeline for new stories to be told. I believe the new Rebels cartoon is based in this period as well. Makes sense.

    That Mandalore rumor sounds like it could be pretty interesting. Your average fan has no idea about the history of Mandalorians or their waring clans, and a series focused on a bunch of "boba fetts" could be a big draw. They could even do some flashbacks to when Darth Maul ruled Mandalore, or confirm that Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc pit. Could even debut live-action Rebels Characters, as they spent a lot of time there.

    #2389 1 year ago

    I guess John Favreau voiced Pre Vizsla (the Leader of Mandalorian Death Watch) on the Clone Wars cartoon too. I'd say this rumor is in the bag for accuracy.

    #2400 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Can we not?

    I’d wish these images be deleted from the thread, I do not want to see such images.
    I appreciate that was posted as a sample example to condem the perpetrators but can be deleted (imo) this is not a forum for such images.
    Thank you.

    Quoted from gdonovan:

    feel free to add me to your ignore list and you will no longer see the postings.

    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Fair enough, and personally hope the subject doesn't come up again.

    Stop bringing it up then. You’re the one who continually keeps posting this pedophile conspiracy bullshit.

    Dude seriously... we come to this thread for a healthy Star Wars discussion. That garbage doesn’t belong here. At all.

    I’m not putting you on ignore. You bring a lot to the Star Wars discussion. Just stay on target. Stay on target...

    1 week later
    #2446 1 year ago
    Quoted from Crile1:

    Just for fun, I was going to re-read the Zahn trilogy that I hadn't read since college. Boy, they are bad. They have not held up. I couldn't get through the first book. They were great at a time when we never thought we'd see another SW film again, but they did not age well. Plus everything written before TFA was released was abandoned and no longer canon (if that matters to you). So, in a nutshell, the Zahn trilogy is the best of all the expanded universe, but don't expect OT or Prequel quality. More like season 1 clone wars quality.

    Well I disagree with you on that one. I never read the Zahn trilogy when it first came out in the 90s, and just started to read it this summer. I've only had time to read the first book so far, but I've found it to be quite enjoyable. Grand Admiral Thrawn is one the the most interesting charters in the whole SW universe, and I'm greatly intrigued by the Luke/Mara Jade story, the use of the Yalsamari, dark Jedi, Leia's twins, etc. Good stuff. Snoke, whiney Kylo Ren, and bitch old man Luke? Not so much.

    Thrawn is actually official cannon now thanks to the Rebels cartoon (also with Corusant & other things from these novels), I just wish they would have adopted/altered this story for Episodes 7-9. It would have been difficult to the the age of the actors now, but they could have introduced Thrawn to the movie-going audiences & it would have been a huge success. Why they threw all this great material out the window (and gave us Rey, Fynn & Poe) is just unreal. There was a great foundation in this story.

    #2450 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I’m worried that these books are described as YA (young adult) reading.
    I may be better served with some other science fiction writing for adults?

    I've heard it mentioned here, as well as on recommended reading lists, that "Lords of the Sith" by Paul S Kemp is a great read. Vader & The Emperor stranded together on a hostile planet. Came out a few years ago, so perhaps its a bit more adult oriented. I bought it but I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

    There's also more recent Thrawn novels from Timothy Zahn. There's an origin story novel from 2017 called "Thrawn", as well as a Thrawn/Vader teamup novel released a few months ago called "Thrawn: Alliances"

    #2480 1 year ago
    Quoted from Captain-Flint:

    I don't believe it is possible to make a movie that pleases everyone.

    Disagree strongly.

    They could have pleased everyone very easily. They could have thrilled children & adults alike & gave us the story we all wanted. It's completely comical how they effed it all up. But it is clear to everyone now that KK and her braintrust had an agenda. They threw Lucas' outline in the trash. They threw 30 years of beloved extended universe material covering the time period after ROTJ also right in the trash. They wanted to end the Skywalker storyline for some reason & give us all new characters. They severely misjudged the fan base & took us all for granted, and now they are paying the price for their arrogance.

    Basic synopsis here......but the entire basic backstory was right there in front of them. Empire utterly destroyed & collapses after ROTJ. Luke, Leia & Han spend next 30 years rebuilding the Republic. Leia & Han establish a new Senate, and have multiple force-sensitive children. Luke starts a new Jedi Academy & trains a new generation of Jedi, even falls in love & has children of his own. All is wonderful for 30 years. But unknown them, the Emperor had a secret master plan enacted upon his death. And his loyalists have been rebuilding the Empire in the unknown region of the galaxy for decades, and when the Republic least expects it, they strike back with a vengence. Grand Admiral Thrawn, cloned emperor, secret sith relic hunters, whatever. Literally whatever new threat they wanted. They could have come up with anything. All this makes sense to the fans.

    Let this storyline playout Episodes 7-9. Your new characters are Luke & Leia's children. One last struggle for Luke, Han & Leia, who die by end of Episode 9. Their children are the focus for all future movies. Let this storyline play out past Episode 9, because since Episode 1, these films are ALL ABOUT THE SKYWALKER BLOODLINE.

    We are left with utter shit now. A total cluster-eff of weak storytelling, awful new characters, and a one big huge face slap for the fans. And they wonder why the fans are rejecting this new garbage? Give me a break.

    #2481 1 year ago

    Honestly at this point I think it is JJ's job to somehow salvage the franchise. They will attempt to right the ship & give fans what they want. I expect vader flashbacks, Obiwan ghosts, the Hutts, tattoine, lando, Luke somehow returns, whatever. I really expect alot of shark jumping in Episode 9 to reverse everything Rian Johnson did in Episode 8. They have to explain somehow that Rey is a Skywalker. If they fix this, then they can keep the bloodline going & give the fans what they want for Episode 10 & thereafter.

    #2483 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    ahhh please no make it stop, no episode 10 ahhhhhhhh

    Nonsense. Three Marvel movies a year, for last decade. People still can't get enough! Because they give the fans what they want, and the storytelling is outstanding. Fans will support Star Wars in perpetuity, only if it was done right though. Such a shame.

    #2485 1 year ago

    Ha no, no I don't. She's god-awful. Poe, Fynn, Rose, Kyo, Hux, Snoke. Epic fail on so many levels. You are probably right. Let the past die, right? Blow up the Falcon while they're at it. Go out with a bang at this point.

    Perhaps they are saying "Well we really effed up here, so JJ let's just wrap up this storyline with Episode 9, go out with a bang. Give the fans everything they want, let's build some goodwill moving forward." Then fire everyone at Lucasfilm after release, and let the fan outrage cool off. Perhaps they don't release a Star Wars movie for the next 5 years. Then return with the Game of Thrones producer's well thought out, well written, all new story trilogy: STAR WARS - The Old Republic: Episode 1.

    That's probably best move, now that I think about it. Time to punt & regroup. Put this shitshow to bed.

    #2504 1 year ago
    Quoted from John1210:

    shagging my best mates mrs too would be a big risk but that wouldn't make it right.

    Quote of the week! Thanks for the laugh

    #2509 1 year ago

    There's been alot said about TLJ, but for those who haven't watched the new Plinkett review, he made many excellent points, but one stood out that I hadn't noticed before...

    When Rey was in the throne room, she literally watched the majority (350+ people) of the Resistance die right in front of her.... transports being picked off one by one while they were escaping to Crait. She tried to get Luke to help them, and as a result of her failure, they died. She should be completely ridden with guilt & despair. Similar to Luke's story arc dangling beneath Cloud City in Empire. She completely failed her friends.

    Cut to her in the Millenium Falcon gunner chair moments later. She's shooting tie fighters and just smiling & laughing, shouting "WOOO!! I LIKE THIS!" Just having a good 'ol time. No worries. Just some guilt free fun.

    Absolutely tonally dead writing. Garbage film making. Awful characters. Million other example of this stuff. I can't fricking stand this movie!

    1 week later
    #2526 1 year ago

    Yeah nothing is going to fix the inherent flaws (poor core story, weak characters, ignoring fan expectations, etc) that are part of this new trilogy. It's all rotten to the core. The fan backlash is real & Disney knows it.

    Hence JJ will do whatever it takes to win them back with Episode 9. I think that's the main focus now. Win back the fans & save the franchise. That's why you're hearing Vader, The Emperor, Yoda, Obiwan, Luke, Anakin, The Hutts, Tattooine, Lando are all in the next movie. I bet they even get Harrison Ford to do a super secret flashback scene that explains (gasp) Rey's famous lineage. Fan service to the extreme, trying to right so many wrongs. Good luck with that.

    1 week later
    #2554 1 year ago

    Ingruber. Oh what could have been. IDK it was alright I guess, but Ehrenreich & that female robot just ruin it

    1 week later
    #2577 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    OT: I got my mind blown by a movie today. If you all ever want to see a movie with no studio or mainstream constraints check out "Mandy" I don't even know how to freaking categorize it, horror, fantasy or sci-fi, it doesn't matter, to me it was like a graphic novel come to life. Lol, it was weird and awesome. I recommend it, but remember this is not a mainstream movie, this is straight up art house...ala David lynch in the 90's stuff. Nicolas Cage hasn't been unleashed like this since Vampire's Kiss.

    I've heard great things about it. Saw the trailer a couple weeks ago & it looks surreal. And Mac from Predator is in it too? Haven't seen him in a movie since the 80s. Def will watch this month.

    #2587 1 year ago

    Meh it's watchable tho. I'd put it behind the prequels but ahead of the new trilogy garbage. I realize that's not saying much, but the story isn't that bad. Had some good action (and Chewbacca). I suspect it will grow on me over time like the prequels have. Not stellar films at all, but they have their good moments.

    The most frequent comment about Solo seems to be "Better than I thought", "Not as bad as I expected", etc etc

    1 week later
    #2627 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    The really amazing thing to me is I have not looked at a single Star Wars rumor or fan theory in 2018. I was watching and reading many of these before this year.

    For these new movies I've stayed away from all Star Wars rumors, leaks & theories. Didn't want to spoil it for myself. For Episode 9? I'll read anything I come across because I don't give a shit. I know it's going to be lousy. Don't get fooled when that first trailer drops either....when you see Obiwan, Luke, Vader, the Hutts, etc etc etc. Cheap fan service to generate buzz. I'm holding firm & skipping opening weekend regardless. The contract extension given to KK was just unbelievable to me.

    The Mandalorian TV series looks like it has potential though. That's a good part of the Star Wars universe to bring to the masses. Will it get me to buy a monthly subscription to the Disney streaming service? I doubt it.

    Is it alright to admit that Solo is growing on me with repeat viewings? haha

    1 month later
    #2652 1 year ago


    More Cassian Andor? More K2-SO? More Mon Mothma & Admiral Raddus? More classic Empire? More Rebel spy adventures? Count me in.

    I think these limited TV series for the steaming service is a good plan, and a Rogue One prequel series is a good backstory to explore. The Episode 3 to Rogue One time period is ripe with material. Possible Vader & Grand Mof Tarkin appearances. Possibly even running into the characters from Solo or live-action debut of Rebels cartoon characters. Great idea. So is the The Mandalorian TV show.

    A limited series (say 10 episodes) just makes this into a long 10 hour movie. Really get into the backstory of these Rogue One characters that the film didn't have time to do. Don't need the actors locked in for long periods of time either on a limited series, so it's easier to shoot & get actors for a single episode. Plus they need more Star Wars material for that streaming service, so the more the better. Curious how this show develops.

    2 weeks later
    #2690 1 year ago

    Episode 3 is without question the most watchable of the prequels. While it certainly has it's many flaws, it also has some pretty memorable moments.

    That long opening intro shot that follows the Jedi Starfighters into the Battle of Coruscant is one of the best cinematography moments of the series. Ewan McGregor's performance as young Obiwan was the highlight of the prequels. There's well choreographed lightsaber fights. It introduced famous locations like Mustafar & Kashyyyk. It explained the transformation of the Emperor & the betrayal of the Jedi via Order 66. The dramatic last moments between Anakin & ObiWan. John Williams last good Star Wars score. There's some good stuff in there.

    Of course there's the usual bad dialog, wooden acting & lousy romantic scenes. The General Grievous character being a huge letdown. Flying R2D2 which he hasn't done before or since. There's really poor use of green screen, when Grievous is madly swinging 4 lightsabers an inch in front of Obiwan's face & he doesn't even flinch. Jedi fighting on a river of lava. Then the over-the-top-stupid Yoda/Emperor fight, and of course the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scream.

    That said, its the best of the prequels. But behind the originals & Rogue One. I'd basically put it on par with Solo, and neither deserve their own pin for the record. haha That's my take. Just saying "it sucks" is not a great argument for this thread.

    #2701 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    Fwiw no matter how bad the prequels are, I've seen them more than once and don't think I will ever see the last Jedi ever again in my life.

    Bingo. Given the choice to watch Episode 1-3 vs Episode 7-8, I'm picking a prequel every time. All the new films have done is made the prequels look better.

    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    You should give the Clone Wars a shot. Fantastic show that really built off the prequels well. General Grievouses potential was unlocked and R2D2 flew around a good deal. Clone Wars are cannon also per Disney.

    I've stated before in this thread how much I enjoyed the Clone Wars. Seen them all & they really fleshed out the prequel era & its characters tremendously. Honestly the cartoons are better than the movies. Looking forward to the 7th season!

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    I'll just say it, I really enjoy Episode 3.

    Thanks to the new movies & time passing, it's becoming more acceptable to admit that people actually enjoy the prequels. Nothing wrong with that. The thing I actually remember most about Episode 3 was that it was released on my 30th birthday, and that's the day I quit cigarettes for good Last cigarette & last Star Wars movie (or so thought). haha Well at least I haven't had another cigarette!

    #2710 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    I must disagree. The final battle between Anakin and Obi Wan did have substance. Particularly the dialogue from Obi Wan.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi: You were the Chosen One! It was said you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness!
    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader: I hate you!
    Obi-Wan Kenobi: You were my brother, Anakin; I loved you.
    That line in itself is one of my favourites in the entire series of movies. Those lines were delivered with real anguish and sorrow. Pretty powerful scene in my opinion.

    I'm with you on this, specifically referring to McGregor's performance. He's the highlight of the whole movie. The unbelief of seeing his friend Anakin kill his fellow Jedi, including kids. The scene where Obiwan questions Padme & realizes that Anakin is the father, and sadly says "I'm so sorry". He realizes that he is the only person who can stop Anakin, and though he did all he could, he ultimately failed. That scene by the river of lava conveys all that emotion...the complete frustration & heartbreaking disappointment that he wasn't able to save his pupil & dear friend to the dark side.

    When Obiwan is sitting there talking to Luke about his father in ANH, these are the moments he's internally reflecting on. "He was the best star-pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. And he was a good friend". This is the stuff that is really covered in the Clone Wars cartoon. "Before the dark times, before the Empire" This is him drifting off & reflecting on those final moments by the lava river, all those painful memories of the fall of the republic.

    I think Episode 3 did a pretty good covering all this backstory, and McGregor did a great job conveying all that emotion. Which is why I was pretty excited at the thought of a Obiwan spinoff movie with Mcgregor reprising his role. They could have told a pretty good tale of middle aged Owiban protecting 10 year old Luke on Tattooine & facing off against Maul for the last time. Perhaps someday. It was covered on the Rebels cartoon & in the comics, but a movie could really flesh the story out.

    #2713 1 year ago

    How do you cover an entire war, with various political factions/diplomacy & thousands of battles taking place on thousands of planets, all while developing hundreds of characters (old & new), cultures & backstories in a two hour movie? Impossible. These TV series excel at telling stories that the movies simply cannot cover in detail. They're meant for hardcore fans, who get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

    #2715 1 year ago

    The problem is that Lucas got the time period wrong for the prequels.

    They should have found Anakin then he was was a teenager, not a child. Episode One could have been about his training & friendship development with Owiban. The same questions about being "too old for training" could be applied. No lousy child actors or an entire movie of fluff that basically boiled down to just introducing Anakin Skywalker & explaining the workings of the Galactic Republic. Episode 2 could have jumped forward 5 years & dealt with the details of the Clone Wars & Anakin's eventual fall & becoming Darth Vader. Episode 3 could have been about the rise of the Empire & a young Vader coming to master the dark side & hunt down Obiwan & the remaining Jedi Knights.

    That 3rd movie was the real meat & potatoes that the fans wanted to see, and sadly never got. Well the new Vader comic has done a good job, but it would have been fantastic to see that play out onscreen.

    #2719 1 year ago
    Quoted from BillySastard:

    Alright, you guys talked me in to watching those Clone Wars cartoons.
    Netflix has a CW movie too, do I watch that before or after the series?

    Watch them while you can. When the Disney streaming service goes live in late 2019, I'm sure Netflix rights to Clone Wars will revert back to Disney.

    #2764 1 year ago
    Quoted from Methos:

    TLJ killed it IMO. How do you bounce back from that?

    By putting together an extreme over-the-top apology to fans for Episode 9. Fan service to the Nth degree. It's JJ's job to save the franchise, and while Disney will never admit that publicly, they know it's true. I'm sure he wasn't very pleased where Rian Johnson took his story either, so there's a sense of pride as well. And if you've been reading any rumors for Episode 9, it's clear as day what they have planned.

    Young Luke flashbacks kicking ass, tons of Darth Vader & Emperor visions, force ghosts to the extreme, more Yoda & Chewbacca, Lando is back, trips to Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt's offspring, bounty hunters... on & on. I wouldn't rule out top secret appearances by Ewan McGregor, Liam Neesen or Harrison Ford either. Throw the kitchen sink in at this point to make fans happy or this cash cow might not recover. Feature all these throwback elements heavily when the first trailer drops to build excitement. The new characters are an afterthought for this one, except for finally revealing the truth how Rey/Kylo's heritage directly connects with the Skywalkers.

    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    I enjoyed the first one...but holy smokes has ST left the world of Sci Fi and just jumped straight to being a space fantasy story. That third movie just completely ignored every law of physics imaginable... If you are into fantasy and just want to see ridiculous scenarios and no sense story telling or continuity, then the new ST movies are okay...

    I'm just waiting for Tarantino's R-Rated Star Trek. You know it will be well written & a great story at least. Get back to the realism of space, internal conflicts, etc.


    #2779 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    With the added benefit that Wonder Woman was a household name. No one has heard of Captain Marvel (male or female iteration). Makes Ant Man look like an A-list character by comparison. They’ve got their work cut out for them.

    No one ever heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy prior to 2014. How'd that franchise end up doing? Or Iron Man in 2008? Or Captain America? Etc Etc. These were all "B-Tier" characters at one time as well. Yeah I'm sure CM will do just fine without being a household name.

    It's a new character with an unfamiliar origin story to most moviegoers, that is setup as a prequel to all the other Marvel films with some familiar elements thrown in (young Nick Fury, birth of SHEILD, the Nova core, how will this tie into the Infinity War cliffhanger). Plus Skrulls are cool villains that can tie into an eventual Fantastic Four introduction to the Marvel Universe. And another big factor is that parents will want to take their little girls to see this too, just like Wonder Woman.

    Marvel isn't stupid. They know their brand. They have smart passionate comic fans in charge at the top, wide variety of talented directors, and a huge cast of great actors. They they've been putting out quality films for over a decade. I don't see why CM will be any different.

    Lucasfilm on the other hand? Not so much. Idiot executives pushing person agendas, bad writers, dumb egotistical directors, downright bad casting. It all starts at the top.

    #2782 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Just a matter of time, Marvel is owned by Disney. Shots are being called from on high and the Marvel guys are going to toe the line.
    I think once this 10 year arc is done with the infinity war and the contracts are up with a number of actors things are going to start going south in a hurry. Marvel Comics itself has been converged by SJW's for years and is burning with the stupidest storylines imaginable.

    I don't buy any of that. Comics & movie divisions are totally separate. Sure some big actors are going to step away from roles after Infinity War, but there's no need for panic. Disney just bought 20th Century Fox. After Infinity War, Marvel Studios will shift to introducing the Fantastic Four & Mutants to the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man & Wolverine together? Yes please. Their A-List properties are finally going to get done right, so they don't have to rely on B & C tier characters for another 10 years. Doctor Doom will be the next Thanos. X-men in their proper colored spandex costumes. Yeah there's plenty to be excited about after Infinity War.

    I'm not sure how they are going to resolve everything that happened at the end of the IW Part 1, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised that once all that life "returns", something isn't quite right, that it's changed....or mutated.....hence introduction of mutants to Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. The Fantastic Four can be another flashback movie from the 60's, then just appear out of nowhere in modern times after escaping the Negative Zone.

    #2784 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    What makes you think they are not going to make the same error? Same guy is still running Disney and has made it clear they are not changing direction.

    Because Lucasfilm has zero influence on Marvel & vice versa. Bob Iger is Chairman & CEO of the Disney Empire. Alan Horn is Chairman of Walt Disney Studios. Kathleen Kennedy is President of Lucasfilm. Kevin Feige is President of Marvel.

    So Iger & Horn, who have vast responsibilities & divisions to oversee, have been micromanaging Feige & Kennedy to push a SWJ agenda across all Disney properties? Come on.

    Feige has a background of producing Marvel properties for almost 20 years. He wanted to showcase Captain Marvel, a solo film starring a long overdue strong female superhero to the Marvel universe. Black Widow & Scarlet Witch just doesn't cut it for this type of film. They've been moving in this direction for years & were just waiting for the right opportunity to do it. Wonder Woman's success at the box office didn't hurt either.

    Kennedy on the other hand, was handed a golden goose based on her previous work with Spielberg & shit all over a can't-miss property by pushing her own SWJ & women empowerment principles. She threw all of Lucas' ideas in the garbage, hired an all-female writing staff, and pushed her own beliefs onto Lucasfilm. Mary Sue characters like Rey come from her alone. It's all on her, not Iger or Horn. That's a big difference between Marvel's long term plan for strong female characters.

    They see the downward box office tends, the shitty toy sales, the negative publicity from fans, etc. They realized it would be difficult to find an executive to come into the middle of all this & clean up the mess she's made. So just give her an extension for now to cool things off, stop production of questionable spinoffs & trilogies (with exception to GOT producers doing their own thing), and take a wait-and-see approach for Episode 9. That movie tanks, Kennedy & everyone in charge of Lucasfilm are gonzo.

    3 weeks later
    #2851 11 months ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    FFS. The answer to whatever ails SW is not unearthing the absolute worst ideas from the prequels. The amount of butt-hurt fanboyism generated by Episode 8 has been pretty amusing, but if we are back to midichlorians I am out for good.

    So let me get this straight...

    1) KK & Disney threw Lucas' Ep 7-9 draft in the trash because it was a horrible idea focused on Midiclorians, Whils & the explanation of the force.


    2) KK & Disney proceed to destroy an entire franchise & piss off every fan with their own horrible story ideas & poorly written new characters in Episode7-8.

    3) Now to try & save face, KK & Disney are pulling ideas about Midiclorians from Lucas' garbage draft for Episode 9?

    You cannot make this shit up. If there's a scene where Palpatine's ghost starts explaining Midiclorians to Kylo Ren, I'm going to lose it.

    2 weeks later
    #2864 10 months ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Even if ep 9 is finally the SW we've been pining for since TFA can it make all the mishapps disappear? Me thinks Not, the trilogy is damaged and will go down as the weak link in the saga. I do hope they can save face a little bit with this last episode. The only way to bring it back with fresh relaunch in the future when our appetite returns.


    I think their strategy is pretty clear. Profits are down, toy sales are in the tank, and ticket sales are not meeting expectations. They blew it, they pissed off the fan base & they know it. But they won't admit it. So they hope to try & right their wrongs by creating a fan-service swan song for Episode 9, with the hopes of winning the fans back as the Skywalker saga saga wraps up. What's done is done at this point. Pretty tough to polish a turd.

    After Episode 9 released, it's time to restructure Lucasfilm & fire everyone involved with these poor decisions. Most future projects are already scrapped, especially anything that has to do with Rian Johnson. Time to reassess everything, especially if fans boycott Episode 9.

    I will say this though. It will be pretty tough for a hardcore fan to holdout of Episode 9, especially if Vader, Emperor, Luke, Han, Lando, Tattoine, The Huts are in Episode 9. Hard core fans just love this stuff.

    But Disney still has a couple aces up their sleeves. Game of Thrones writers/producers D.B. Weiss & David Benhooff are the future of the franchise. They continue to work on their "original content" trilogy in secret, taking years to develop their story. That's a good sign. Take your time & get it right. These are some of the best storytellers in the industry, and if their rumored "Old Republic" trilogy sees the light of day, the franchise has a great chance to win the fans back & make money in droves again. It's not that hard to just give the fans what they want.

    Let's not forget about John Favreau's "The Mandalorian" TV series, as well as the announced "Rogue One" prequel series. These smaller scale, low risk TV projects will build the fan excitement back before the GOT writers movies get released. The opening of "Star Wars land" inside Disney theme parks in 2019 is going to help too.

    They just need the right person in charge of Lucasfilm.

    3 weeks later
    #2885 10 months ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    Disney wont release the title until they are done with filming, speculations that 1. they are trying to pull a Marvel move like they did with Avengers: End Game, or 2. They aren't happy with the way IX is going and are scrambling.

    Has nothing to do with any of that. They're just waiting for the big title/trailer reveal at Celebration in less than 60 days. Gift to the hardcore fans. Then the hype train will start rolling. Mandalorian trailer, etc etc.


    #2894 10 months ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Ep IX: The Return of Qui-Gon Jinn
    Re-shoots commencing this week

    That's not as unlikely as you might think. In fact I'd be shocked if they don't put Liam Neeson or Ewan McGregor in a top secret force ghost cameo scene for Episode 9. Fan service to the extreme for this one.

    The title should actually be Episode 9: The Kitchen Sink, because they have absolutely nothing to lose at this point.

    #2904 10 months ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Now reading that the rumors are false and he is doing a new trilogy....

    Back in September 2018, when his new trilogy was still in development limbo, he shifted gears and starting shooting some murder movie called Knives Out. He claimed the same bullshit back then, that he is "still working" on his trilogy.

    The dude is so full of shit. You don't go off to make some other movie when you've been handed the keys to the Star Wars kingdom. That amount of pressure & creative development would require all of your time.

    His trilogy will never see the light of day. Dude is a dipshit who enjoys trolling fans on twitter. Period.

    #2910 10 months ago

    In other related BIG news that quietly slipped under the radar.....

    Look what happen to Kiri Hart, the female head of the entire Star Wars Story Group & Senior Vice President of Development (aka Kathleen Kennedy's right hand). She was a producer & expected by some to succeed Kennedy at some point. She was highly promoted by Lucasfilm (see article link below). She's been there since day one when Disney took control of Lucasfilm in 2012. The whole "The Force is Female" campaign was her idea. It was her idea to make the story group entirely female. It's widely accepted that she was one of the main driving forces in destroying the franchise. And now she's gonzo. No press release. No explanation. They wiped all mentions of her on their websites, which fans finally noticed last week. Lucasfilm were then forced to admit she is no longer working at Lucasfilm. The "consultant" tag is just a cover to avoid admitting she was fired.

    This is wonderful news for fans, and clearly shows that major changes are coming to Lucasfilm after the Episode 9 release. She has no credits for the Mandalorian or Rogue One TV series, which leads many to believe she had to be fired last year.

    Good riddance!



    #2917 10 months ago

    You see it everywhere in society now. A small extremely vocal minority (SWJs) force their agenda onto others, via social media & other platforms, to enact change. Unfortunately if you have a difference in opinion with these SWJs, you are falsely judged & immediately declared as part of the problem & attacked. You see if from both sides of the spectrum. Corporations are targeted often in these attacks. "Twitter-rage" if you will. Companies don't like bad publicity, so they fall in line to this toxic vocal minority, which can prove to be a poor decision & they lose profits. Hence the term "Get Woke, Go Broke."

    Star Wars & Lucasfilm are an excellent example of these forces at work. Their agenda took precedent over fans desires & the franchise has suffered as a result. Weak male characters, overpowered female characters, disrespected classic characters, and just flat out shitty poorly-written storytelling. Fans were duped with Episode 7, got furious after Episode 8, and flat out rejected Solo. Box Office in the tank, toys of these new characters not selling, etc etc. Expect more of the same for Episode 9, after which Disney will admit error of their ways, fire everyone, sadly end the Skywalker Saga & reboot with an all-new trilogy. Wasted opportunities to say the least.

    The exception here is Rogue One, which as the first stand alone Star Wars film. Written & directed by Gareth Edwards, huge Star Wars fan whose dream job was to create a Star Wars film. Gave the fans what they wanted, and the final results reflect that. No SWJ agenda, and sure it might have some flaws, but it's just good old fashioned storytelling. It's not that hard to please the fans & save the franchise. Stop forcing your agendas & just give us what we want.

    #2930 10 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Speaking of SJW... They have been hyping this movie like crazy, as we get closer to show time the pullback has started.
    I don't know anyone who "wants" to see this movie. In the comix she isn't even a second string character and the trailers have been underwhelming. It doesn't help Brie Larson comes across as wooden in them and has started spouting BS at press conferences.
    Get woke, go broke.

    I’ve stayed away from all the Captain Marvel pullback drama. I’d rather just go in fresh & just for myself. But with Infinty War wrapping up, actor contracts expiring, etc Marvel has some big decisions to make about their future. If the film division decides to suddenly get woke like the comics division, they’re going to end up killing the golden goose.

    Marvel has forced this SJW agenda onto readers for years, with horrible book sales & really disgruntled fans. I’m sure many here would be shocked to read the changes to characters they’ve made. Iron Man (black female), Captain America (black male & white female), Hulk (Korean male), Thor (white female), Hawkeye (white female), Spider-Man (white female & black male), Wolverine (Mexican female), Deadpool (white female)...and a whole host of new female characters like Ms Marvel, America Chavez, Squirrel Girl, Mockingbird.... it’s over the top at this point.

    I think they’ll be phasing some of these ideas into the movie universe sooner than you think. On the bright side though, they did just obtain the x-men & fantastic four licenses, so if they were smart, they’d focus on them instead.

    #2939 9 months ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    This move screams "Fired" to me. Maybe, maybe the last straw was the rumored clashes with JJ Abrams on ep 9 over creative differences. Who knows maybe she was the reason KK fired Trevorrow and the other dudes.

    Cut the head off the snake & the body will die. Her firing is going help change the current culture at Lucasfilm for sure. It can't be forgotten that KK enabled & supported Kiri Hart's to push all that BS agenda, so she takes the blame as well & needs to go too.

    1 week later
    #2958 9 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    So popular that the title is unable to sustain a regular series. Fact I did not know- Marvel must keep a "Captain Marvel" series going with no more of a gap of 2 years for copyright reasons. They snatched the name after Fawcett discontinued the Captain Marvel series in the 60's.

    Well that didn't stop DC from making their own Captain Marvel movie. Most people have been referring to him as "Shazam" since the 70s anyway. Sadly that movie looks awful as well. Zack Levi? What terrible casting. That's a character that any kid would love (Superman meets the movie Big), but I've got very little faith the film will be any good.

    Captain Marvel is probably looking at Antman type numbers, or less. The bad press (and general fan dislike of the character for years) isn't helping. How is this girl more powerful than Thor, Hulk, Thanos or even Galactus? Not buying it.

    #2989 9 months ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    We learn how Maz got the light saber and hopefully ends up being a really good story

    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    I think this plot thread is as dead as it could possibly be. The item was destroyed and of no further value to the story...sadly it is just another undelivered plot point that can't be resurrected after TLJ.

    This still really bothers me tremendously. That lightsaber had such historical significance to Star Wars throughout all the movies & TV shows. It’s the most important relic of the franchise.

    It was the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker. He used it throughout the countless battles of the Clone Wars, and was carried to every corner of the galaxy. It was used to cut the head off Count Dooku & slice the right hand off Mace Windu. After turning to the dark side, Anakin used it to kill the remaining Jedi & younglings at the Jedi Temple on Curosant. It was used in the epic battle against his former master Obiwan Kenobi. It was then taken to Tatooine & kept safe for 19 years, until it was passed down to Anakin’s son Luke. It was used during his very first training session on the Millennium Falcon. It was used to save Luke’s life twice on Hoth, when he used it to cut off a Wampa’s arm & Han Solo sliced open a Tauntaun. Luke used it throughout his monumental Jedi training with Yoda on Dagobah. Luke used it in his first confrontation against his father Darth Vader, where ultimately Luke's lightsaber hand was sliced off by Vader and fell, along with the lightsaber, into the depths of Cloud City. It’s whereabouts unknown.

    And what did JJ & Rian Johnson decide to do for the new trilogy with this epic historical relic of the Skywalker saga?

    After 30 years, they mysteriously find it in a dusty bar’s basement with no explaination how it got there. The saber now as new powers, where it “calls out” to a junker named Rey, but let’s not explain any of that either. She actually defys conventional thinking, flat out rejects the lightsaber & doesn’t even bother to take it. A former Stormtrooper named Finn does though, and dispite the dangers of wielding a lightsaber with no training, and having zero connection to the Force, he inexplicably holds his own against stormtroopers & briefly against the Sith Lord, and Anakin Skywalker’s grandson, Kylo Ren. Soon after, Rey uses it to overpower & defeat this same Sith Lord, again with zero training. She later tracks down Luke Skywalker & presents him with the legendary weapon of his father....where he dismissively tosses it over his shoulder & off the slide of a cliff like a piece of trash FOR A CHEAP GAG. Rey later uses the saber to train for a couple days with Luke, and later has it taken from her when she confronts Supreme Leader Snoke. Kylo Ren uses the force to cut Snoke in half with the saber, and then Rey & Kylo proceed to have a force battle over the lightsaber. Dispite not being fully trained in the force, they manage to wield incredible power & break it in half.

    That lightsaber survived all those battles & epic moments, used by all those legendary characters, only to be split in half by two mind-melded half-siblings or something? Still don’t know, or care to be honest. But they managed to destroy one of the coolest relics in Star Wars playing a battle of Force Tug-O-War??? Kewl. I had to go back and verify the end of TLJ, because Rey apparently took the saber pieces with her on the Falcon (along with the Jedi Temple texts) & will no doubt use the kyber crystal to make a new weapon for Episode 9. But it won’t be the same. Damage has been done, that relic is gone.

    Episodes 7 & 8 seriously suck. I expect 9 to be no different.

    What would I like to see for Episode 9? How about Rey lets Rose Tico examine her newly built lightsaber. When she looks down the barrel to glimpse the crystal, the Falcon mistakenly collides with an asteroid, which accidently causes Rose to ignite the lightsaber & the blade goes through her face, killing her instantly. She drops the saber, which pierces the floor of the Falcon, drops into the fusion reactor, imploding the ship & killing everyone onboard. Sorry Chewbacca. This is a terrible way for you to go, but you’ve been lonely & depressed since Han died, so this is really for the best. Long may the First Order rule. Roll credits.

    #2993 9 months ago
    Quoted from tl54hill:

    The purpose of Episodes VII-IX is to reboot the franchise. The presence of original trilogy actors was to give the film some continuity with the historical fans, and pass the torch from the old to new. To do so, the old generation must fade so the new can take their place. I think this is literally the only purpose of the new movies for Disney.
    Han did not have much of a purpose in the new movies other than to give us nostalgic feelings, then for him to die dramatically at the hands of his own son. Luke was in the movies to die also, to make the way for Rey. Leia will die next, I am taking bets that she will die in self sacrifice (because women are strong) while killing their son the cartoonish evil Kylo Ren. This will leave Rey as the center of the franchise, the new "Luke". But to pass the torch from Luke to Rey there must be some sort of connection, more than what we have seen in the movies so far. I expect force ghost Luke to be freed from his guilt and bitterness, and explain to Rey that he is her father. To confess how he screwed so many things up, became emotional and physical with a woman (perhaps a jedi student, explaining Rey's crazy force abilities because jedi don't normally hook up). He will say how his emotions led him to fail the new jedi order, and now she is the last of the jedi. This is Luke's confession, and the figurative confession of all straight white men who are to blame for everything wrong with the world today. Luke will be a metaphor for patriarchy and the "old" world of exclusivity and white privilege. It will be to Rey to help usher in a new force world of feminism, diversity, and a figurative rejection of the patriarchal past. Force ghost Luke will get in line, and support Rey in this like Old Ben did for Luke...
    With the original characters gone (Chewie and the droids stay, they do not age like human actors and don't need to be written out) Rey is given a clean slate for any future writer to use and continue the franchise. Finn can remain as her sidekick, heartbroken after Rose dies heroically (because women are strong).
    That's my guess...we know whatever they do will be politically correct, requires a passing of the torch from the original trilogy actors to the new, and needs to be done in a way that looks forward and not backwards.
    All IMO, of course.

    Actually that's a pretty good take on it. I'm with you on this.

    They'll officially make Rey Luke's daughter, which was JJ's intention when writing Episode 7 anyway. Cue the force flashbacks & Luke ghost chats to correct all the wrongs of Episode 8, which should all be revealed early in the film. Yoda & Ewan McGregor cameos etc etc. Rey can't hide anything from her mind-melded cousin Kylo, so he will find out at the same time & be visited by force flashbacks of Vader, The Emperor, Snoke, etc etc.

    All shall be revealed, specifically the next question that needs to be answered, who is Rey's mother? Obviously to make fans happy, it will turn out to be Luke's estranged wife & fan favorite from the extended universe, Mara Jade. That backstory will be explained via flashbacks. After the fall of Luke's academy, and dumping Rey on Jakuu so Snoke wouldn't discover her, Mara bailed on Luke. He lost his wife, daughter & all faith in the Force. He sunk into depression & became a hermit, which would make a little more sense now I guess.

    I'm guessing the McGuffin for the movie is Mara Jade & the race to find her. Rey wants to be reunited with her mother, so all her friends will help her. Now that they are together again for this film, love blossoms between Rey & Finn. Kylo obviously views any other Skywalkers as a threat, so he will reunite the Knights of Ren to hunt down & kill Rey & Mara. I'm also guaranteeing that all roads will eventually lead back to Tattooine for the finale, perhaps finding her living in Luke's old hideout (where he built his green lightsaber) or in Owiban's run-down house. Big ridiculous force battle at the end. Rey vs Kylo, with jedi (yoda, luke, obiwan) & sith (vader, emperor, snoke) force ghosts battling along side them, while the resistance battles the First Order in space above. A battle to decide the fate of the entire universe.

    Rey & the good guys win. The sith are finally wiped out. Mara dies & is reunited with Luke. Luke is also reunited with his dead sister Leia, and shocker.... Han Solo! Turns out Rey can communicate with ANY dead soul! One big happy reunion which should have happened in Episode 7. Kylo gets redemption before his death, becomes Ben Solo force ghost & reunites with parents. Post credits shows Finn knocked up Rey, previewing they will have a multi-cultural child. He will be the next Skywalker to lead story into Episodes 10-12, and this is the perfect ending for this SJW trilogy shitshow. Rian Johnson will direct episodes 10-12 & cast Michael B Jordan as Han Skywalker, and the madness & suffering will continue to torment fans for another 10 years of bullshit. Roll credits.

    #3002 9 months ago
    Quoted from tl54hill:

    I want to believe they will try and fix this mess, but they have boxed themselves in from a storytelling perspective. I feel like this last episode will be fairly predictable, because they just don't have many more story options left.

    This is the entire problem with Episode 9. They are really boxed into a corner.

    If they decide to make Rey Luke's daughter, it's just not going to make any sense when relating back to Episode 8. Luke just completely forgot he had a daughter? No that's just NOT possible. He had absolutely no clue who she was in Episode 8. Even being told she was from Jakuu meant nothing to him. She was dumped on Jakuu when she was what, like 6 years old? Where was she all that time from birth that Luke didn't know? When Han was offering her a job in Episode 7, I always had the sense that he MIGHT have suspected who she was, and wanted to keep her close to him, but he wasn't letting on. Leia again had no clue who she was either. I mean Luke & Leia are siblings & can speak to each other with the force (ex on Bespin, Luke calls out to Leia while dangling beneath Cloud City), but they can't even sense their own blood standing right in front of them in Episode 7 & 8? It's just a mess. This is why you don't let 3 directors tell a singular story.

    The only way I see it: Mara Jade had just become pregnant with Rey at the Jedi Academy, but Luke had no idea yet. She tells Ben Solo that's she's going to surprise him with the news tonight. Ben becomes intensely jealous of this new Skywalker offspring, and this is the spark that allows the dark side to call to him. Luke senses Ben is turning to the dark side & the first seeds of uncertainty creep into Luke's mind, he panics at the thought of the Sith returning. He tells Mara, who is repulsed by Luke's dark thoughts & wanting to kill his own nephew. She tells him he's wrong, that he's actually the one who is turning to the dark side. Luke panics, and then attempts to kill Ben in his sleep. Ben becomes enraged at this & turns to the dark side fully, becoming Kylo. He and his fellow trainees (the Knights of Ren) turn on their master & defeat a broken-willed Luke, burning the whole Academy down. Mara sees all this & flees, knowing she was wrong & that Kylo is going to come after her & her unborn child Rey.

    Mara disappears & has the child, but Luke is now a broken man & disappears himself. He has no clue Mara was pregnant. He gives the missing piece of the map to Lor San Tekka, and tells him if Mara ever changes her mind, she can find him on Ach-To. He wants to be completely left alone, because he is a failure & cuts himself off from everything & everyone. Kylo & the Knights of Ren are recruited by Snoke. They know Mara was pregnant, but they have no clue of the details, or where Luke or Mara are. When Rey is around 6 or so, they get close to catching her, so Mara dumps Rey on Jakuu. She tells Han Solo & Lando just so someone knows where Luke's daughter is hidden, and perhaps this also ties into why the Millennium Falcon was hidden on Jakuu as well. Mara flees to Tatooine & remains hidden, promising that she will return someday for Rey.

    There's your backstory for flashbacks. THIS is what Episode 8 should have been with Luke, Mara & Rey all reuniting at the end. Episode 9 would have been the final battle between the reunited Skywalker family vs Snoke, Kylo & the Knight of Ren. A personal family story of redemption, instead of more rebellion vs first order nonsense & exploding planets & super-weapons. We got a huge smoldering pile of shit.

    So now in the current smoldering pile of plot holes & bad writing, they will attempt to fix it in Episode 9. It's going to be an impossible task. No matter what they do, there are just too many inconsistencies to tie it all together nicely. The countless worthless characters (Finn, Rose, Poe, Hux, DJ, etc) have to be demoted to the 3rd string characters they truly are. To make this work, they have to have at least a third of Episode 9 be flashbacks & plot hole filling. I still firmly believe that Mara will be the key to tie everything together. Rey & friends will piece together the clues in a race to find her before Kylo Ren does. Going to Tatooine, getting info from the Hutts, tracking down Lando's info on Mara, etc etc. I have not read ANY spoilers for Episode 9, so I really have absolutly no clue what they are planning to do. I don't even know if someone was cast as Mara Jade.

    That said, somebody at Lucasfilm should hire me. This shit is not difficult to come up with.

    #3012 9 months ago
    Quoted from lpeters82:

    Prior to The Last Jedi, I was thinking they were going to mirror the Legacy of the Force (LotF). This is the story of Jacen Solo, a conflicted character, who isn't fully light or dark. He reminded me a lot of Ben. Like Ben, Jace began his training as a Jedi, but choose the dark side after seeing a vision where if he continues on his current path he would ultimately destroy Luke. In choosing the dark side, Jacen became the apprentice of Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith, and former apprentice of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. She told Jacen that he must make a sacrifice to become a Sith Lord, killing that which he loved. His choice is to sacrifice his parents. I'm skipping some key plot stuff here, but once the sacrifice is made, Lumiya completed his training and Jacen becomes Darth Caedus. To me that seems to be about where we're at between Snoke and Kylo Ren at the end of Episode VII.

    Yes they definitely pulled Jacen Solo plot points from the expanded universe to create the Kylo Ren character. They briefly touched on Luke's Academy, etc. It's such a shame that they didn't adapt more of it (like Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Unknown regions, the return of the Empire, Mara Jade, on & on). Such a wealth of 30+ years of storytelling, just completely ignored or relegated to cartoons/comic books. Such poor decisions.

    This just boils down to egos IMO. Disney directors & writers did not want to be beholden to fan favorite books & characters that 95% of the movie going public had no clue about & they didn't want to be tied down creatively. That goes for Lucas' story outlines as well. They had their own agenda & they were going to do it their way. Rian Johnson just took that mantra to a whole other level for Episode 8, and purposely set out to create his own vision that would divide audiences.....fans be damned.

    #3013 9 months ago

    I will say this, it has been fun brainstorming what Episode 9 might be. Curious to hear anyone else thoughts on this. Much better discussion than griping about the people running Lucasfilm or repeating our disappointments

    I did a little poking around this afternoon & read up on some rumors. Of course none of them can be verified yet, so it's all speculation & could all be bullshit, but stop reading if you don't want to know anything. I love discussing this stuff with friends.


    One interesting theory I read sounded very believable, although I could have some of it wrong. Time has passed since the last film ended. The resistance is defeated, desperately trying to rebuild. Kylo Ren is now a fully trained matured Sith Lord & rules the galaxy with an iron fist. He has a entire private army of red Sith troopers who only answer to him & his Knights. It's revealed that the Knights of Ren were dispatched to a place called The Beyond, and now they have returned & revealed a new threat to his rule. Something about The Acolytes, a Sith worshiping cult, that can communicate & summon Sith ghosts, using relics. One such relic they have in their possession is Vader's lightsaber, and Kylo has Vader's helmet. Can force ghosts be summoned into the real world with these artifacts? Is this the gateway for Luke, Owiban & Yoda to return? Vader & the Emperor? I don't know but it sure sounds more compelling than Rebels fighting stormtroopers, boring chases & running out of gas, blowing up planets & death stars over & over. It does sound similar to the relic hunter storyline that was dropped early in the production of Episode 7 though. Maybe they are chasing & looking for Jedi relics to bring back Luke for one final battle? Could you imagine Hayden Christensen Anakin ghost facing off against his Vader ghost? Haha I mean go for broke here & jump the shark. I mean they officially made time travel possible in the Rebels cartoon, so anything is possible. If this is TRULY the end of the Skywalker story line, then they need to go out with a bang. Who cares at this point. Make the fans happy.

    ***END OF SPOILER***

    Speaking of that, it's going to be very interesting in 5 weeks when Star Wars Celebration begins in Chicago. All those panels & discussions for the fans, releasing the first trailer & details about the movie and getting the hype machine rolling.... How will the disgruntled fans who were betrayed by Episode 8 & rejected Solo react to all of this? How will Disney react to their vocal concerns & displeasure during open-mike panels? People who go to Celebration are passionate fans. This is the first time they can vent directly to the people in charge in a public forum since before Episode 8 hit theaters, and it will all be streamed live on the internet. Will KK & Rian Johnson show their faces? Will they acknowledge they made mistakes & are trying to make things right? Or will it be more of the same egos & nothing-to-see-here attitudes? It will be interesting to say the least.

    #3024 9 months ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Solo on the other hand was underwhelming. Definitely not as entertaining as TLJ -- which despite it's many flaws I was never tempted to walk out on -- and not something I'd see again.

    Solo is a mediocre popcorn adventure, which could have been so much better if they had cast anyone else as Han Solo. The excellent supporting characters are what carry that movie. They did a decent job explaining all the Solo backstory lore too like the Kessle Run, The Maw, Sabbac gambling, etc. Even Lando's subtitle mispronunciation of "Han" was a nice reference. Lando's robot was especially grating though, but it died & now it's the non-speaking navi-computer of the Falcon, so I can live with that.

    At least there is an actual adventure story plot, instead of just watching grumpy hermits, animal rights activists, and spaceships running out of gas in TLJ. That movie is NOT entertaining. If you can get past Ehrenreich's poor acting, Solo is actually quite enjoyable. Definitely growing on me.

    #3050 9 months ago

    I heard about that Prospect, I'll try to check it out this weekend. I love that Pedro Pasal. The Red Viper, The Mandalorian.... what's not to like

    #3070 9 months ago

    I saw CM this weekend. Suppose I went out of habit because I've never missed a marvel movie in theaters. I wasn't expecting much, and I was correct. Just found the story to be pretty weak overall, and outright boring in some parts (especially at the farmhouse). The character just isn't that interesting overall, she is clearly super-powered & has no weaknesses really. Those factors just don't lead to great character development (sound familiar?). I'm not sure it would have made any difference if another actress was playing the role either.

    Still made $155M opening weekend. Saw a lot of parents with their little girls in the theater, which is what I was expecting. But I wouldn't recommend it to a casual viewer. I'd say it was a bottom 3 Marvel movie. Just not very memorable at all.

    Nick Fury was the best part of the whole movie. The worst part was what they did to that poor Space Invaders pinball machine. How many of you instantly knew the pin was Space Invaders when it first appeared blurry in the background (raises hand). And I don't think that was an original backglass, looked too "cartoony" to me. And the only time I laughed out loud the whole movie was Fury's pinball joke, something like... "Shit I'd have the high score too if was stuck on this station for 6 years"

    #3071 9 months ago

    Also watched Prospect Thumbs up, really enjoyed it! There are a lot of limited budget Sci-fi movies out there that fall flat, but this one was really good.

    #3076 9 months ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Thanks for the review, I trust your review more than anything on the web.

    Well I still need to watch your suggestion Mandy. Goes both ways!

    #3083 9 months ago

    Anyone catch the new Avengers trailer this morning?

    Perhaps I'm becoming hypersensitive to this stuff now. Found the very end to be interesting. So it's pretty clear that the fans generally don't like Captain Marvel, but Thor has officially declared that HE like her, therefore WE are supposed to like her too now?

    I was hoping she was going to come in at the end & help save the day, but based on the trailers & post-credits scene I think she's an integral part of this film. That's not really encouraging.

    Full disclosure: If she's able to pick up Thor's hammer I'm going to lose it. And I'm 90% sure that's going to happen, you know, just because she's awesome & can do anything #marysue #girlpower #feminism

    I really hope she doesn't ruin Endgame.

    EDIT: Oh wait that's actually Stormbreaker (Thor's Axe) in this film. Technically not Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer). Of course she can pick it up. hahaha

    #3122 9 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    She can do anything including hacking a game boy and pay phone to make intergalactic phone calls on a planet she has no memory of being on before. Mary-Sue to the extreme.

    Ah yes.....I forgot how incredibly stupid it was having her call an alien spaceship traveling at the speed of light, from a hacked 90's phone. And she did it twice I believe (from a payphone & also from inside a Top Secret Air Force base). So she just hacked the phone into her suit to make the call or something, or did she just dial 1800COLLECT first? Just another dumb example in this completely forgettable movie.

    captain-marvel-photo-phone (resized).jpg

    Fun Fact: The 1-800 phone number listed on the payphone is actually a working phone sex line. Whoops Disney!


    #3140 8 months ago


    Surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but it sounds like the Benioff/Weiss trilogy is definitely set in the Old Republic Now that GOT is wrapped up, they can work on this full time now. With a clean slate & total freedom, it's exciting to think what they'll come up with.

    1 week later
    #3151 8 months ago

    Episode 9 poster leak....


    Don't mean to hate, but seriously? Every one of these main characters (besides Chewy) is awful. There are 2 new human characters shown, and of course, they are female. Check out the new "Red Fury" Stormtroopers, which look exactly like the other First Order Stormtroopers....but now in RED! There's now an amphibian Jar-Jar apparently, and C3P0 is a bowcaster-toting weapon of destruction now. GTFOH

    The Knights of Ren look interesting, which means they probably be in the movie for less than 5 minutes. Not impressed. Looking at this poster makes the fact that Luke, Han & Leia are dead even more painful. I guess we shall see how Celebration gets the hype train rolling on this garbage in a couple weeks.

    Star-Wars-Episode-IX-poster (resized).jpg

    1 week later
    #3158 8 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    If fake where did the images come from?
    Far as posters go I have seen worse, the only really absurd thing is C3PO with a bowcaster.

    It’s legit I’m sure. The Warrior C3P0 lines up with this rumor floating around...

    “According to Making Star Wars, which is generally pretty reliable when it comes to Star Wars leaks, C-3PO will “reluctantly” have his memory uploaded into RD-D2 at a droid factory. This could allow the Resistance to replace Threepio’s personality with a warrior who knows how to handle a Wookie-sized crossbow. In addition to creating a deadly new ally for the good guys, this personality swap apparently leads to “some funny issues” for R2-D2.”

    Let the belly laughs begin! I swear these ideas are so cringeworthy that these writers must throw a dart blindfolded at a cork board full of bad ideas. I hope this one turns out to be false, but I doubt it. Anyone remember the last 3P0/R2 pun-filled high jinx at a droid factory in Episode 2? How that go?

    #3163 8 months ago

    Here’s their line of thinking I billieve.

    BB-8 works because he’s a ball. He even operates in the real world as a puppet so he’s easy to film & can keep up in any situation with the actors. He’s popular. Let’s introduce another ball robot for Episode 9 then. Because two is always better than one! You can see new ball droid on the far right of the new poster, it’s name is Dio or something. It’s like a baby BB-8. How adoreable BB8 finds him annoying, more laughs! Meet Dio, the “porg” of Episode 9.

    They haven’t done shit with R2 or 3P0 in these new movies, which is another reason why they have failed. Ok let’s correct that. But this movie going to be lots of action & characters on the move. So let’s put both R2 & 3P0s personalities into R2, so that they will always be together forever & ever now on, and it will be funny! R2D2 can fly in the prequels, so let’s bring that back. Now R2/3P0 can keep up with the action. What should we do with 3P0s corpse? Preload a warrior into him, More laughs!

    Problems solved!

    If this turns out to be true, I hope R2 explodes before the trilogy ends. End his suffering. The thought of him being stuck in his own personal hell with a split personally C3P0 is horrifying. Plus his master Luke is dead, which is more reason for deep depression. That’s just not right. Poor R2.

    #3165 8 months ago

    This is going to be quite the week...

    1) BKSOR gameplay video stream
    2) WONKA reveal at MGC
    3) Star Wars Celebration & the Episode 9 trailer release.

    For those of you who are looking for more info on Celebration & the panels, check them out at the SW YouTube channel. They usually stream it all on the SW website as well.


    It's going to be interesting to say the least. The last one was in Spring 2016, which means this is the first public forum for Lucasfilm & the fans since BEFORE the release of TLJ and Solo. I'm guessing there are going to be some passionate disgruntled fans who want to have their voices heard at these live panels. KK showing her face to fans for the first time in years. Will they drag Rian Johnson onstage for a panel? Could be a disaster.

    I wish I was there. Won't all be bad Ep 9 vibes though. Really looking forward to more details on The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, etc etc.

    1 week later
    #3237 8 months ago

    Guys..... don’t let Episode 9 nonsense get you down! Forget that garbage. The REAL big news at Celebration wasn’t Episode 9, it was the panel for The Mandalorian TV show! I can’t believe there’s no chatter about it!

    This show is going to be fricking incredible. I’ve always been more drawn to the “scum & villainy” aspects of Star Wars anyway (instead of Jedi/Sith), and boy does this show deliver! They have NAILED THIS! It’s catered to the 40+ year old fans, not kids. It takes place in the chaotic 5 years after the fall of the Empire in ROTJ. It explores the cutthroat world of bounty hunters & the lore of Mandalorian culture, armor & weapons. This is what the hardcore fans have been dying for since Disney bought SW!

    Produced, written & directed by John Favreau & Dave Filoni, and the cast is fricking insane. Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Bill Burr, Nick Nolte, etc. You can tell all the people involved deeply care about this project. Hard to believe something this cool could be made under Kathleen Kennedy’s watch. Just goes to show that Star Wars CAN succeed when the RIGHT PEOPLE are involved. And a live TV show is the best way to really tell a deep SW story that has never been done before.

    A trailer, a behind the scenes clip, and a 4 minute clip from the pilot were shown to the fans in attendance at Celebration. However this material hasn't been released publicly. Why? Probably because they don’t want to steal the thunder from the current Episode 9 press tour. The hardcore fans are ecstatic about the Mandalorian. Watch that pilot clip/trailer video & you will too.

    The clips are leaked from the panel presentation, so they aren’t in HD, but you get the idea.

    Pilot clip & Trailer

    Behind the Scenes

    Celebration Panel

    Now tell me Star Wars is dead November can’t come fast enough.

    #3248 7 months ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Yeah, what's going on at Disney? Another bad hiring, writing and casting job by them. Look at the resume of the duo directors, wtf? Sometimes you get a indy director and you get something special, Btw, Rian was supposed to be one of those guys, but boy, did he crash and burn. I guess a lot depends on the kind of director you get, someone with a vision and respect for the source material or someone looking to be the IT boy or girl. For example look at the B movie space that Planet of the Apes resided in before Mett Reves took it over, he (along with writer Bombeck) arguably made it into something more than it was meant to be. Something great happens when intelligence and talent converge on a good franchise or reboot. So far not many of these independent types have come through in a big way. One other demographics we have to blame....Us, the fans, we have to stop giving money to mediocrity. If we don't it's TLJ and Capt Marvel for a loooong time.
    Btw, speaking of indy directors that can surprise, Todd Phillips is one of them, his new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix looks darn good....the director has a weak resume but it looks like he put a lot of love and respect in this movie. Obviously I'm only guessing since it's not out yet but check out the trailer:

    Matt Reeves is awesome. He’s a great storyteller. He nailed it with Planet of the Apes. Really looking forward to his take on Batman, more geared towards the “worlds greatest detective” aspect of the character.

    If that Joker move is a hit (which I’m sure it will), I’m sure they will try to set his Batman movie into that new Joker universe they are creating, separate from all that Justice League crap.

    1 week later
    #3285 7 months ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I also think that CM is way too powerful, like she could destroy an entire fleet of ships without much effort. Initially thought when they were saying she is the most powerful Marvel hero that was just an exaggeration like she's not really stronger than Thor or Hulk. But it almost seems like she has infinite powers and could do anything at all.

    Wait until you see Endgame then. Your head will spin. My biggest gripe about the whole movie (which was outstanding overall).


    I'd say Thor is the most powerful Avenger. He personally repeats it throughout the movies, it's a running joke, so it's pretty established. And Thanos goes around bashing Cap, Thor & IM into the ground, effortlessly tossing them around like ragdolls. (He did this ass beating without any of the infinity stones too, but whatever, I digress). Then when CM shows up, not only does she destroy his massive ship instantaneously, but Thanos punches her right in her resting bitch face. DIDN'T. BUDGE. AN. INCH. This got a fricking HUGE ovation from the SJW's in the mindless audience. I was just rolling my eyes. Then Thanos pulls a great move, drops the power stone to his other hand & sends her flying. It's still awful. Why?

    Marvel has a huge problem on their hands now. Now the writers have to figure out what to do with completely invincible, overpowered (and pretty unlikable) character for all future movies. A character with basically no flaws, that when she shows up, she can basically save the day. They are shooting themselves in the foot by making her so powerful. It's the same problem DC has with Superman. And that's why CM was in this 3 hour movie for like a total of 4 minutes. They didn't know what to do with her. At least Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite!

    And how did she get so oversuperpowered by the way? Is she a god like Thor? A massive beast like the Hulk? Nope. Just blasted by an exploding jet engine. Whatever. #girlpower

    They would do well to write CM right back where she came from, right back into space for good.

    #3304 7 months ago
    Quoted from Eryeal:

    They didn't announce a new one, just an updated release date. It was actually announced almost 3 years ago with a planned 2020 release. It's not a reboot - Spielberg directing with Harrison starring, no Lucas involvement.

    I was discussing this the other day. Everyone cringes at the thought of another Indiana Jones....80 year old Indy adventures in the 1960's. That just sounds awful.

    Here's what I would do. Start the movie with old Harrison Ford telling reminiscing & telling stories of his old adventures to his young grandson. Then make the entire movie a flashback to the 1940's, featuring another adventure of Indiana Jones vs the Nazis. Perhaps the search for lost hidden treasures that Nazis stole during WWII, rumors of hidden map to the Lost City of Atlantis....IDK possibilities are endless.

    The key is you use that anti-aging special effect that they have pretty much perfected in movies now. Just look at that new Wil Smith movie Gemini Man. Make Harrison Ford 40 years old again. Use a body double for all the stunts. Don't recast another actor to play young Indy. Now you have a whole new classic Indy adventure with Harrison Ford that everyone will go crazy for. If anyone can pull that off, it's Speilberg.

    But if they just trot out 80 year old Indy on another swashbuckling ridiculous special effect action adventure, that's a hard pass. The Crystal Skull was just a bridge too far for most fans.

    #3305 7 months ago

    And it's clear from that announcement that Disney is referring to the GOT producers "Old Republic" SW trilogy, with releases in 2022, 2024 & 2026. Those guys are 100% confirmed & that is happening. Those 2-year-apart release dates coincide with a single trilogy.

    If Rian Johnson really had movies that he was working on, they would have announced that too, and they chose not to.

    #3306 7 months ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    if they go all CGI to make him look younger and stuff it will be real sad imo.

    Get with the times.

    100-digital-dude-wave-of-the-future (resized).jpg

    #3307 7 months ago

    I would rather see one more Ford Indy movie with CGI anti-age effects.....instead of seeing the role recast, the whole series rebooted, and Hollywood bastardizing yet another classic franchise in order to make millions. Give Ford one more go & then put the character to rest.

    #3311 7 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    No one wants to be geriatric Indy who is dragged down the wedding aisle. Let it go...

    Yet here we are. Indy 5 is happening. I'm only offering my thoughts on avoiding another train wreck.

    #3321 7 months ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    The problem with Indiana Jones as a franchise is that Harrison Ford *IS* Indiana Jones in my opinion, its a tough act to follow such an iconic figure.

    Quoted from rai:

    I would love to see IJ come back with new (younger star like Chris Pratt or some of the names above). I think there is a lot more action adventure stories to be told in the IJ universe just not with 77 year old Ford as the lead.

    There's two problems:

    1) Ford is so awesome & iconic that is futile to try and replace him. Not just for Indy, but ALL his classic roles. How'd that Solo movie work out again? The whole time everyone watching is thinking this dude is NOTHING like Harrison Ford. Same comparisons will plague whomever they'd pick to play Indy. Even for Chris Pratt. People just will have a hard time accepting it. If I was Pratt I wouldn't touch the role, he's already got plenty of work.

    2) Even if you did recast the role, what would be the story? What would be the adventures? Should they do a complete reboot/remake of Raiders of Lost Ark? Of course not! Do you place him back in the 1940's then? Again it will just be compared to Ford & those classic films, which are preserved in the Library of Congress by the way. You don't remake those movies. Do you update the character to the 21st century then, battling terrorists or something? Give him an assault rifle & ditch the fedora? No that would be the Uncharted video game.

    The problem with Indy is that he is a throwback adventure character from the 40's when he was introduced in the 80's. He was retro before retro was a thing. He uses a whip as a weapon & generally dislikes guns. He's smart & uses his mind to get out of sticky situations. And he's funny & charming to boot. The women love him. Ford nailed it. Impossible task for the next guy.

    Let Ford & Speilberg have their fun (without Lucas this time) and then hang up old Indy's whip for good. And if Disney REALLY wants to peruse the license after Ford is done, they'd be better off moving the franchise to the Disney+ streaming service. Cast a young unknown actor & make another Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV show. If that takes off after a few seasons & you have a new established fan base, transition to a big budget movie. That could work.

    #3323 7 months ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    what are the odds that the new Indiana Jones lead will be a female actress? basically tomb raider but with the speilberg touch?

    Well ask the writers/producers how that new female Dr. Who is working out. There's your answer. The worse case example of the SJW/PC movement just destroying a beloved franchise. US fans leaving in droves, show about to be cancelled. Complete & total fan rejection.

    #3329 7 months ago
    Quoted from Hobbypinball:

    This is pretty slick

    Yeah that guy has been teasing that video for awhile. Took him a year to make it I believe. The Obiwan vs Vader fight we've always wanted. Very well done IMO.

    #3331 7 months ago

    Not sure but the creator said a ‘Making of’ video is being released soon.

    1 week later
    #3341 6 months ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    its funny how everyone praised them when they were taking the story from the books and making it into the show. Once they got ahead of the books the show went downhill fast. Wouldn't hold out hope that they will be the saviours of star wars unless someone else hammers out a decent script for them to work with.

    If the rumors are true that they are doing an Old Republic trilogy, then they will have access to 100s of novels, comics, and games from the Extended Universe to pick & choose from. It’s all right there for them to shape into a story for the movies.

    This would be the complete opposite path Kennedy, Abrams & the rest took, by taking the beloved post-Jedi extended universe stories (Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, etc etc) and throwing it all in the trash to push SJW agendas, new lame characters & destroying beloved ones.

    If these GOT producers think they are feeling the heat from disgruntled GOT fans, just wait until they upset StarWars diehards. I hope they learn from their mistakes on GOT & find success.

    #3350 6 months ago
    Quoted from rai:

    You don’t get to $900M by accident or hype. You get a huge opening weekend and that’s it. But TFA had long legs and people *must have* seen it multiple times. If it was bad word of mouth would have crushed it like Solo and TLJ.
    I liked TFA (some not a lot) and I thought R1 was a good movie. But TLJ was so bad and Solo said to TLJ “hold my beer”.

    This is pretty well documented.

    Fans went to see TFA multiple times, since it was the first SW movie in years. General public caught up in the hype too. Shit I saw it 5 times myself on opening weekend, which I will admit was completely excessive. It wasn't until later when I realized it really wasn't a great movie & the characters were unappealing, but fans were still hyped because well...just wait for Luke in Episode 8!

    R1 was a great movie & well supported by fans. Didn't make as much TFA, as characters were unfamiliar to the general public. But it proved that a SW spin-off movie could be successful, if it was done right.

    The worm turned for TLJ. Fans obviously revolted, didn't go multiple times like TFA. Bad word of mouth prevented huge box office numbers. The fan resentment only grew worse after the release of the movie. Disney realized they may have a big problem on their hands.

    Six months later with that bitter taste still fresh, Solo releases. The story that really didn't need to be told, with a well publicized troubled production & a lousy lead actor filling an iconic role. Fans flat out rejected it & it bombed. Disney sticks head in the sand, blames "too many SW movie releases", scuttles plans for all future spin-offs.

    Fast forward to 2019. The hype train for Episode 9 is practically non-existent. Majority of fans don't care about how the story ends, some even plan to boycott Episode 9 completely. Disney just puts head down & wants to get through this. Just move on to next trilogy after a huge upcoming 3 year layoff. Focus on smaller scale SW TV shows in the meantime until they reassess & reboot the properties & studios.

    The only thing that can help Episode 9 is a big boost from The Mandalorian TV show, which releases about a month before Episode 9. It should get the fans excited about SW again, because unlike these new movies, this show to catered to the 40 year old fans & looks very promising. That might happen, until fans realize oh yeah, they killed Luke & these movies blow. Yeah sorry but no thanks.

    2 weeks later
    #3354 6 months ago

    I saw this the other day & thought it was pretty pathetic.

    Vanity Fair has always gotten the rights to print the exclusive, first-look, behind-the-scenes photos for all the new movies. You can find the article here. I read it and found it to be rather uninspiring, boring, and made me want to see the movie even less....but that's not the main point.


    Someone online pointed out that the best photo from the article, showing a badass Luke & R2D2, was completely fake, and a bad photoshop job at that. Judge for yourself, as you can see that elements of Luke's robe, hands & feet completely match the cover photo from last year's Vanity Fair Star Wars article. So to generate fan buzz for TROS, they created a completely fake first look photo of Luke. I doubt he's even in the movie now. If so, just post an actual set photo. If you have to create fake content to generate buzz, it's pathetic.

    skywalkerfake (resized).jpg

    To make matters worse, Hamill chimed in with his own tweet, pointing out in his own subtle way how bad the scale of R2 looks.

    r2 (resized).JPG

    Only 6 months until this turd drops!

    #3355 6 months ago

    This is the most interesting thing from the whole article:

    Star Wars doesn’t have to stay frozen in time; if anything it’s the opposite, if it doesn’t change it’ll die. It will turn into Flash Gordon. For Abrams, that means he can’t go through this process so haunted by the ghost of George Lucas that he winds up doing a cinematic Lucas impression. At some point Abrams has to let Abrams be Abrams.

    “Working on nine, I found myself approaching it slightly differently,” Abrams says. “Which is to say that, on seven, I felt beholden to Star Wars in a way that was interesting—I was doing what to the best of my ability I felt Star Wars should be.” But this time something changed. Abrams found himself making different choices—for the camera angles, the lighting, the story. “It felt slightly more renegade; it felt slightly more like, you know, Fuck it, I’m going to do the thing that feels right because it does, not because it adheres to something.”

    So......JJ felt an obligation to honor Lucas' vision with Episode 7, which has basically a soft reboot that matched the basic story elements of Episode 4. Then he watched Rian Johnson shit all over the plot points he left for him in Episode 8 & disgrace the memories of our beloved characters. So now JJ is back for Episode 9, and his attitude is "yeah well fuck it" I'm gonna do my own thing now too. Based on the track record here, his comments are not optimistic.

    The writer of that article was a complete shill too. No I'm sorry. Star Wars does NOT have to change. The formula works. Adults & children love it. Jedi vs Sith, good vs bad, rise & fall of empires/republics for 1000's of generations. When you blow all that history up for something new (No more Jedi/Sith, bring on the "rise" of the new religion of "Skywalker"), then Star Wars we know & love ceases to exist. The fans stop caring. I know I already have for Episode 9.

    #3360 6 months ago

    Sure there is! How about something positive for change?

    After a fairly long process, I recently became an official member of the 501st Legion. For those who are unaware, that is the Lucasfilm sanctioned worldwide fan organization of Stormtroopers, Sith Lords, Bounty Hunters etc etc. Lots of appearances, charity work & making people happy. In fact all of the stormtroopers appearing in the upcoming Mandalorian TV series are 501st members. So yes I am officially part of the Empire now! Just completed my first troop at a minor league baseball game last Saturday.

    I grew up with the original trilogy, and have always thought the dirty Sandtroopers looked the coolest. So since I live in the Nevada high desert, this choice was a no brainer. Now I just need to tweek my armor to make it as screen accurate as possible & get accepted into the Mos Eisley Police Department, which is a detachment of the 501st that is exclusively for Sandtroopers. My armor/helmet came from the original ANH molds in the UK, so it's already very accurate. So some tweeks here & there, start to build a DLT-19 heavy blaster.... there's always something to do. I have too many hobbies. haha

    Am I the first 501st/Pinball enthusiast? I'd be curious to know.

    1-1 (resized).jpg
    1-2 (resized).jpg
    1-3 (resized).jpg

    #3364 6 months ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

    If I had a Republic Credit for every time I've heard that one... haha

    1 week later
    #3370 5 months ago

    Exactly. Nobody cares that some people at Lucasfilm are attempting to retcon their recent mistakes, via "offical cannon" in a comic book that 99% of people will never read. The whole premise is a waste of time. Go write some new material instead & leave the original trilogy alone.

    So The Emperor has been influencing Luke & breaking his will from beyond the grave for the last 30 years? Is that it? So then what was Yoda doing to prevent it all that time? He was too busy doing afterlife laundry I guess. This is exactly why these new episodes are so dumb. The wrap-up story for Episode 9 is going to be a real turd.

    They could have just had Luke & Leia build a New Republic for 30 years, new age of enlightenment, new Jedi Academy, marry & have lots of children, everything is wonderful. No retconning needed. Then we discover the Emperor had enacted a secret plan upon his death, Empire & Sith loyalists rebuilt a new army in the unknown regions. Empire & Grand Admiral Thrawn return out of nowhere to crush Skywalker & the New Republic. One final struggle to defeat the Empire once and for all.

    Nah let's create a jumbled mess of a story, shit on the original cast, make it all about female empowerment instead. Think of the holiday Porg toy sales!

    #3374 5 months ago

    I saw it. It's the worst of the new X-men movies and quite frankly, a wasted opportunity. They brought back all those actors one more time to just to rehash the phoenix story. They did a poor job once again. The story ignores setups from previous movies & tells a pretty dumb story with little explanation of major plot points & characters. There were multiple reshoots of the ending & the release was delayed. This isn't really surprising when you consider that they let Simon Kinberg take his SECOND attempt at writing this story. He wrote the awful & poorly received X3: The Last Stand, and then somehow gave him the green light to both write AND direct this turd. They had to let Bryan Singer go due to his sex abuse scandal, and it clear that he had no part in this movie. The reviews are legit...you can pass on this one.

    Disney has the rights now but I've been hearing that the X-men won't be making their Marvel movie debut for a few years at very least. They want to let the memory of these movie fade a bit. They're seriously focused on inclusion for the next phase, and Kevin Feige has stated it repeatedly. More female lead films like Captain Marvel 2 & Black Widow, more Black Panther, introducing gay characters in The Eternals, the first black female marvel director, introducing an asian lead in Shang-Chi: Master of Kung-Fu. They are going all in on this for the next couple years. The only holdover is Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr.Stange and if they continue to share Spider-Man with Sony. I can't see them doing a 3rd Antman movie either. They want to move on from these characters. Marvel movie universe is going to look pretty different post-Endgame. The question is how will fans react? If numbers start to drop, expect the Fantastic Four & X-men to get moved to a higher priority.

    3 weeks later
    #3384 4 months ago

    I'm going to go on a rant here, but I think Marvel has jumped the shark. The downhill slide has begun, similar to what Disney has done to Star Wars.

    Skeptics will look & point to the record recent box office numbers. Look at the billions Black Panther & Captain Marvel pulled in. Endgame is the highest grossing movie of all time. Marvel has never been bigger & shows no sign of slowing down. Perhaps....but the Avengers movies are in a special class of their own.

    I would argue that the downward slide started 4 movies ago. After Thor Ragnarok, the stand alone films started getting bad. Ant Man & Wasp was boring, unnecessary & totally forgettable. Black Panther was seriously over-hyped by the media & is quite frankly not great a movie. No need to rewatch. Captain Marvel was without a doubt the worst marvel movie ever made with unlikable characters, a dumb story & an overpowered mary sue hero. Sure they made huge money, but are you going to see the sequels? Hard pass for me.

    The nail in the coffin for me was Spiderman: Far From Home. I really disliked it. The focus on his annoying teenage classmates. Bad jokes that fell flat. The unlikable nihilistic emo ethnic version of Mary Jane who bares no resemblance to her comic counterpart. The poor depiction of a great Sinister Six villain Mysterio, who uses McGuffin Stark-Tech drones to stage his illusions, instead of gasses & toxins to screw with people's minds. What a poor use of a great physiological enemy. And after nearly 20 years & multiple reboots, this teenage version of Peter Parker has been played the fuck out. How many times do we have to see this version & stories retold over & over? Oh they teased J Jonah Jameson for the next one? We haven't seen that one before huh? It's about time to show an experienced, cynical, married Peter Parker in his late 20's. Into the Spiderverse was a MILLION times better than this flat boring Spidey adventure.

    Marvel has made clear they are all in on inclusion & gender swapping characters moving forward. That is the priority now. Sound familiar? Look at how they self-destroyed their comics division with this material. Look how they did the same thing to the Star Wars franchise. Now Iron man & Cap are gone. Thor is an afterthought. All the B & C tier Avengers (Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Winter Solider, Loki, etc) have been delegated to television. Marvel has moved on. Lady Thor & Black Widow? Pass. The Eternals is a property that couldn't even find success within the comics industry. Repeatedly cancelled. Notice there are no plans for a new Spidey movie? No Guardians? The question here is whether or not fans will accept the new focus of Phase 4. I'll see Dr Strange 2 & that Kung-Fu movie, but the rest looks very unimpressive to me.

    Of course all of this will be moot when they give the fans what they really want....marvel produced X-men & Fantastic Four franchises, Galactus, Dr Doom, etc etc. I guess we have to wait 4 years or more for that.

    #3387 4 months ago
    Quoted from Tomahawkjim:

    it's only a matter of time until they bring Iron Man back from the dead.

    Sure they will...as Riri Williams aka Ironheart. More gender swapping. Same as they did in the comics. Especially if Lady Thor is successful. I’ll pass.

    I read the only reason they are doing a Hawkeye TV show is so they can permanently make Jeremy Renner the ninja Ronin & replace him with Kate Bishop aka Lady Hawkeye.

    F6CA10DF-02A6-423F-BA1A-34ED46066E8A (resized).jpeg
    2 weeks later
    #3426 4 months ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    Well, in topic related news Disney is cutting down the hours to just 30 a week for employees at the Star Wars theme park because it’s not meeting expectations this summer. This shouldn’t be a surprise to Disney with how badly the Star Wars brand has been managed.

    I heard that. It could be that people are staying away because they figured the lines would be long for the initial opening. Or the fact that’s theres only one main attraction. Or the fact that the park revolves around the new trilogy, not the classics. And have you seen the prices of merch??? $200+ build a lightsaber/droid? Insanity. I heard a Disney report dismissing attendance numbers but proudly pointing out the fact that individual visitor spending is up like 20%. They are milking these fans for all it’s worth.

    #3427 4 months ago

    I also heard that when Disney+ launches, they will be releasing The Mandalorian episodes weekly, not all at once for binge viewing. Another tactic to build up fan hype & water cooler talk. No reason to release episodes that way on a streaming service. But they probably already know they have a winner on their hands, and the fans will be so excited waiting for a new episode each week. We’ll only be half through season when Episode 9 releases.

    #3429 4 months ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    I think it’s these two things (a trip to Disney is not feasible cost wise for most families, it’s simply too expensive) combined with apathy for the product based on poor story telling and world shrinking (as panzer said, everything feels so tiny in the Star Wars world)

    Hating on Star Wars is the popular thing to do now. And with these lousy new movies, characters, storytelling etc etc it is completely justified. But I think it’s going to turn when that Mandalorian comes out. It’s going to itch Star Wars fans in all the right places once again. Looks outstanding. Everyone will be ready to move on from Ep7-9.

    #3437 4 months ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    I’ll be willing to check out the Mandalorian. I don’t have any expectations for it based on the other product recently but I’m willing to be convinced. I’m very interested in Disney+, might be what I need to shut of DirectTV for good.

    Well final season of Clone Wars is another great reason to get Disney+. Soon this horrific period of Star Wars will be over. Kennedy will step down after Ep9. If they want to move forward, all they have to do is look to the past. Wrap up Clone Wars. Mandalorian post ROTJ. An Old Republic trilogy. An Obi-Wan movie. More TV shows, like the Rogue One spin-off. A new animated series with Mark Hamill post ROTJ. Put Rey, Kylo & all of them to the ash heap of history.

    That’s why I’m looking forward to The Mandalorian. An entire series based on bounty hunters, scum & villainy, a fallen Empire, and no Jedi. You don’t need to have lightsabers to make a Star Wars story. Personally though, I’m hoping they de-age Mark Hammel for a post ROTJ appearance where the Mandalorian crosses paths with him. Fans heads will explode.

    #3439 4 months ago

    Well Dave Filloni is doing Clone Wars again. He was pissed they pulled the plug, so I think he’s super excited to end it like he always wanted. He’s the only guy at Lucasfilm worth anything. I wish he would take over Lucasfilm. He’s been there forever & the fans love him.

    Which is why I’m excited for Mandalorian. He is producing, was a co-writer with Favreau, and is directing a few episodes. Clone Wars will be good

    #3443 4 months ago

    That guy is a complete troll. He loves saying things about his "new trilogy" to rile up fans who hated TLJ & all the damage he did to Star Wars. There is ZERO chance he ever gets another shot a making a Star Wars movie. When Kennedy resigns or gets canned that will be the last you ever hear of this bs.

    #3453 3 months ago
    Quoted from rai:

    This is not a Disney observation but just saw the movie Into the Spider Verse and thought it was one of the best super hero movies and hope that some more comic type movies will be made.

    Without a doubt best Spider-Man movie ever... live action, cartoon or otherwise. Great story. After watching that, I’m ready for Marvel to ditch Tom Holland & the played out teenage Peter Parker bullshit that’s been done over & over & over. Give us the wise, married & cynical 30 year old Peter Parker. Far more interesting.