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*SPOILERS* Star Wars: TLJ is really bad and other Star Wars/Disney/Marvel talk *

By InfiniteLives

1 year ago

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    #186 1 year ago

    just saw it. From all the slap stick humor right off the bat. It was cringe worthy. really bad. The pointless casino chase scene was drawn out and boring. After half of the movie was bored and just wanted it to end. character development was empty once again. I try to want to care about the characters, but they lost what little attachment you may have gotten from EP7. Action sequences all lacked any substance. There were some good parts, but not enough to save the movie. Just felt empty and unfeeling through the entire movie. the first half , made it so I stopped giving a shit for the second half. There was never a point, I was captivated by any of the characters.

    #198 1 year ago

    This is how I felt after about 30 min into the movie. Felt this when "ghost" yoda showed up, rolling around with his feet in the air laughing as well. OMG, are you fawking kidding me? At some points it seemed like an SNL skit. And what's with the lack of character development in the SW universe (post 1983)? Every movie seems to have 2 dimensional characters that lack any kind of attachment for the audience. I know directors of today are capable of it. We see it in most of the super hero movies. Saw it in the LOTR franchise. ST has no problems making characters for you to associate and bond with....why not SW?

    picard (resized).jpg

    #261 1 year ago
    Quoted from DugFreez:

    Yeah...because classic Yoda was so serious. He wasn't goofy at all.
    » YouTube video

    yes but not to that level. this was more like a fraggle rock yoda. And in ESB, yoda was putting on a front to hide his true identity. Once it was revealed, he was more serious.

    #265 1 year ago
    Quoted from zr11990:

    That right there is probably the truest thing anyone could say in this thread and the biggest problem with these movies in more ways than one.

    it's not about being young again. It's about good movies and bad movies. EP1, 2 and 3 and this movie are just plain bad movies. Whether or not your young or old, you know a good movie from a bad one. None of these movies captivate the person watching it. Characters are 2 dimensional. Kids can feel it as well as adults.

    The old movies were captivating because they were extremely well done. EP1, 2 and 3 will not stand the test of time and give the ones who were kids at that time, the same feeling like the original series did for us. It's like the BTTF series. Why does it bring back great memories? because they are awesome fawking movies that stand the test of time. Very well done. why doesn't the Troll series bring back those great feelings for people? Because they were not as good and troll 2 was deemed one of the worst movies ever made.

    #284 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    By the way, Luke's final act was downright boss. That was maybe the best Force "trick" we've ever seen. He stalled the First Order, saved the Resistance, showed Kylo Ren that he's still insignificant compared to Luke, and spread the Skywalker legend even more and to a new generation. It was beautiful watching him fade away, but it legit saddened me. My favorite fictional character of all time...gone. At least he went out in spectacular fashion.

    nevermind the fact that it was a waste of a powerful character. Like he couldn't have done that, as well as maybe do something constructive besides? And just dissipates his essence as a sacrifice? What ass. Just all around shitty lazy writing.

    #296 1 year ago
    Quoted from Sinestro:

    The whole movie plays against expectations. It was refreshing.
    Some people don't, nor never will, understand.
    So tantrums will ensue.

    I know, I was expecting a good movie. Guess they showed me. How refreshing. Slapstick humor that's cheesy and out of place....thank god. Where were these directors of the gods in the past?

    #337 1 year ago

    Here is a great little video about how disney effects the SW franchise and a little review into the buildup for TLJ. Some real in depth truth on how disney operates, and the future of SW.

    #372 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    The only thing I'm getting more sick of than Star Wars is Red Letter Media Star Wars Youtube links.

    red letter media reviews are better than the movies themselves. Last movie worth a shit from the SW franchise was in 1983.

    Lucas even tried to fawk those up, with the special editions. That singing peanut character he put in jabbas palance in ROTJ, was the same cringe worthy bullshit that was in this (TLJ) movie. that's the kind of shit that started ruining the look and feel of the movies. Except SW, ESB and ROTJ had great character interaction. Character depth and chemistry. So the slap stick cheese he tried to ruin it with, wasn't enough to kill it.

    Now when you have movies like EP1,2 and 3, which all characters lack any depth or chemistry and you try to get by with all special effects. You fall flat and the slap stick humor just makes it all that much worse. When you feel nothing for any of the characters and just wish they would all die so the movie could be over. You have failed as a writer and a director.

    #394 1 year ago

    the penguin things were useless. Just disney feeling the need to put something cute in the movie so they can crank out toys kids want. Was the only point.

    Plus, chewie wasn't used correctly in his little scene.

    It would have been more fun and in character, if that penguin was watching him eat his mom or whatever relative it was, and chewie just stared at him as he took bites out.

    #404 1 year ago

    i'm sure kylo should be able to see it, for the fact that he was his teacher and he's a blood relative. But this movie had so much lazy writting, i'm sure they will just dismiss it if it's not something easy for the storyline.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the writer/director didn't get pissed off at disney for requesting, cute this and that, and require him to put in shit they can market. so that he purposely made a weak effortless script as a fawk you to disney. I'm sure they had him by the balls through the entire process, to make things marketable for many things. Just the way disney rolls.

    #407 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    That's what I'm hoping.
    Would be way more interesting if Kylo wasn't hip to it. And what does it matter anyway? If Yoda the force ghost can bop wino-Luke on the head with his ghost walking cane, then force ghost Luke can probably still wreck shit up.

    oh, lets not forget how he suddenly turned into Storm from xmen as well, and used the lightning. If that's the case, why isnt' there an arsenal of indestructible dead jedi just fawking up the empire every time they try to do something?

    #411 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    I'm guessing that Kylo sensed Luke's death, but he knows it's not the end of Luke's presence in his life. Luke already finished everything he needed to do. He reignited the spark of rebellion, he saved the Resistance leadership (what's left of it, anyway), he instilled the only lessons Rey needed about the Force (not the Jedi), and he found peace within himself. Luke finished his mission.

    I felt the same as luke as I saw this movie. I'm finished with the SW franchise. Actually I was done before EP3 came out, I did have hope again after EP7, but not it's out for good. Thank god we had some good movies with LOTR and some of the super hero movies.

    #413 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    Too bad you'll be reminded of it every time you get mail!

    the core movies are still some of the greatest movies ever made. I just pretend the others don't exist. My kid still hasn't seen EP1, 2 and 3.

    #422 1 year ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    Not the 3rd one it was amazing, not sure why people disliked it.

    3rd one was the worst out of all of them. they started shitty and got worse through the series. There were parts that were laughably terrible in it....pretty much the entire script from open to close.

    #442 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Mediocre humor has been a staple of the series. Two cringy “funny” scenes in Episode 6 that always annoyed me:
    Exhibit A: » YouTube video
    Exhibit B: » YouTube video
    The acting is pretty juvenile as well. These scenes could have been waaayyyyy better. Star Wars has been pulling this crap for years.
    Anyone else see Chewey’s resemblance to Kris Kristofferson in the first clip?

    you kidding me? This is oscar worthy compared to any dialogue from EP1, 2 and 3, or any of the "attempted" humor from these new movies.

    #444 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Well some more...becasue it is possible. I can't believe people are still saying this.

    technically it's not possible, unless they were spring loaded or something to launch them that direction. Which the way it was filmed, was not possible the way they portrayed it.

    #489 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    Haha. Fair shot. But I shot first, so you're Greedo.

    Oh god, please don't remind us of the other ways George tried his best to ruin the franchise before the year 2000. It's almost like he was pissed off at all the fans and went out to see how badly he could ruin the SW universe before fans got pissed off and left.

    #490 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Beacon, tracking device, whatever fuck it is...the Empire followed the MF through hyperspace in 1977. As if a homing device works across an entire galaxy. Star Wars physics strikes back!
    How are they tracking in TLJ?

    Lets not forget how, this tracking must be some super secret technolgy. yet fin and his new friend pull it out of their ass on how it must be done, thou he has no technical background at all, and was on garbage detail. yet, now on the drop of a hat, becomes Scotty in engineering. Lazy lazy lazy writing.

    #492 1 year ago

    reading this reminds me of those (everything wrong with "such and such movie" in 50 seconds or less youtube video. Some of which are very entertaining.

    #519 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    It seems to be the only existing story line Rian Johnson did not conclude in this middle film.
    But he created a love story of Finn and Rose so we have that to look forward to in 9.

    and what a disaster that was. They try to push this love story that happens over a period of 8 hours. and all of a sudden have this ever lasting love affair. Same with Fin and poe. They escaped together, had maybe 30 min together. But when they finally see each other again, they blow it up over the top, like they are long lost friends that knew each other for years.

    Then you have characters that have this build up to something, yet nothing every develops with them, and they get chumped out. like snoke and phasma. lets create these intriguing characters that are suppose to be powerful characters.....not use them , and just have them die off in easy pathetic ways.

    Man, what great writing. Nothing like writing a script that doesn't challenge the director or the viewer in any way.

    #522 1 year ago
    Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

    Fans wanted to find out who Rey's parents were [ACCESS DENIED]
    Fans wanted to know more about Snoke [ACCESS DENIED]
    Fans waited 2 years to see what Luke had to say [ACCESS GRANTED - Insert Lame Joke]
    I absolutely HATE the "Real Fan" arguments. You can be a fan of something and admit when they made a misstep. This movie was a pretty big mistake in the franchise. Now J.J.A has to spend most of episode 9 fixing the problems with the canon introduced by Rian Johnson. I hope they make Ep.9 a 2-parter cause its going to take like 4 hours to undo what's been done...

    I don't know if they can fix it. It was almost like rian had a vendetta to destroy the building blocks JJ put in place. The only way he could have made it worse was killing off all the characters he brought into EP7. Including Rey and Kylo. that would have completed the F.U. then see what he does for Ep9.

    #543 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    I actually liked the CGI Yoda better. Flame suit on.

    but you think colored bulbs in the GI sockets is ok too..so there's that .

    #594 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Say what? He was cut in half! How can (did?) he survive that? And if he did, well then truly anything is reversible in the Star Wars universe and this hubbub over the TLJ is much ado about nothing. It’ll pass and mistakes will be rectified.
    Look, to me, Star Wars is the movies, and that’s it. The EU is like an “alternate universe” to me, and not the real Star Wars. The sprawling EU offers up too much, from too many perspectives (and agendas?).
    Im sure it’s not, but my instinct also tells me it’s kinda random, so not part of the “Skywalker Saga” that I love. I understand that for many the EU might be the best part of the whole shebang, but it seems a bit overwhelming, not to mention a huge commitment.

    yes, but you have to have a certain believeablity to the movie too. To captivate you. there is a reason, Mission impossible 2 is deemed one of the worst movies ever made, while all the others are pretty awesome. It's because of the outlandish action sequences that are so far out of disbelief, that your mind just dismisses it as ridiculous. Same goes for character development. When you have characters introduce to each other, that have about 4 hours of interaction between each other. then try to throw in a deep love affair between those characters. The script is really expecting your mind to really dismiss a lot of things that should have been built up. They did that a lot in TLJ. Where they basically said...yes we know the timeline isn't working out, or....we know it's a stretch to believe this, but we are too lazy to make it more in depth, and we know the fans will buy into it, regardless. As long as disney can sell the merchandise, I get my paycheck.

    #595 1 year ago
    Quoted from jhanley:

    I don't understand why people don't like this movie.I loved it and I saw the very first one when it came out.I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    I was too, because after about 30 min, I wanted to leave.

    #611 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Too many movies in a row tend to burn out the public too, not a smart hand Disney is playing here.

    because Disney doesn't care how they screw things up, or if they turn the subject matter to shit. As long as people buy into it and they can sell a ton of merch off of it. They have no emotional investment in anything they seem to do.

    that's why LOTR turned out so awesome, because the director was emotionally invested in what he was doing. Took the time to make sure things were right. Took the time to give you characters with depth and chemistry.

    #710 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    check out the cinemascores for the prequels.
    phantom menace A-
    Attack of the Clones A-
    Revenge of the Sith A-

    this alone, would cause me to never go to their site or believe anything they had to say. Anything higher than a D- or F, means they have no idea what they are talking about, or what elements are needed for a good movie.

    #744 1 year ago

    if you would have told me in 1985, that there would be a day that Star Trek was wayyyyyyy better than SW. I'd tell you that you were insane.

    yet, here we are. Cats and Dogs Living together...mass hysteria. ST series is awesome. SW series sucks ass. Who would have thought.

    #750 1 year ago

    kevin smith [comment removed], I don't respect his opinion at all when it comes to SW.

    #785 1 year ago
    Quoted from konjurer:

    I’m not saying I agree with the audience. I’m just providing another data point. Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the only or best barometer of goodness.
    I can tell you as I left the theater, the buzz going on around me was very positive.

    yeah, well when I left the theater after ep 3, and was bitching how awful it was, some teen couldn't believe someone thought it was terrible.

    Around here, you would be hard pressed to find someone that had something positive to say about this movie. Even ones who didn't think the prequels were the steaming pile of shit they were, knew this one was pretty bad.

    #868 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Nah, they were flipping the narrative.
    Strong, independent womyn saves the stupid, reckless male.
    Never mind it would have doomed them all to certain death if Skywalker and Rey had not shown up.
    I was touched at the time, it looked like Flynn was going to have an actual character arc from cowardly space janitor to hero of the rebellion/resistance and then they took it away.

    the date on that tombstone is wayyyy wrong. Should be the year 2000.

    #876 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    I think they should recast her. Would be ballsy and serve the story better; Leia's ticket isn't supposed to be punched yet.
    Helen Miren or Streep. BOOOM.

    couldn't get much worse. at this point. It's like......what would it hurt?

    #904 1 year ago
    Quoted from Flowst:

    I got a few good laughs out of this one.
    To be fair, while it is an attack on the movie, it does offer some defense of it. It is a much more eloquent means of expressing my opinion, in puppet form.
    » YouTube video

    right on the money with this. It's what many of us have been saying from the moment we walked out of the theater.

    #908 1 year ago

    what I dont' get from ep 7, is how did lukes fathers lightsaber even get back into anyones possession? Remember, it was in lukes hand, when it got cut off. Fell down the shaft of cloud city, and fell into space when the garbage chute opened and luke was left holding his nub.

    #915 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    It’s Star Wars. There literally could have been a dog crapping onscreen for two straight hours and if the movie title was Star Wars it would have positive critics reviews and a good quarter of the fans/users would blindly give it 5-stars too. It’s riding on its name.

    dude.....quit giving people spoilers. you pretty much just laid out the entire movie. Some people havn't seen it, you know!

    #916 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    "Maz Cantana: A Star Wars Story" follows everyone's favorite character (Maz Catana) from her early days as a street sweeper on the mean streets of Bespin. But everything in her life changes where she finds a drain clogged by a severed human hand, holding a weapon she's never seen before....

    except, we already saw it leave cloud city and fall into the clouds in ESB. So we know it's nowhere to be found on cloud city. And why couldn't it just be lost? It's not like it's impossible to make anther one. Seems like people are making them left and right. Hell, Kylo made 3 of them into 1.

    #950 1 year ago

    well, at least there would be some kind of love interest going on. Since disney seems to think that people shouldn't hook up anymore.

    #966 1 year ago

    kylo gave him a mercy killing. So I guess he is good.

    #986 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Fair enough, Its personal pref . but The movie that brought us NOOOOOOOOOO, "I have the high ground," dying of a broken heart, a robot with lung cancer, Palpatine s No no no no etc... Not exactly a high water mark.

    oh yeah. EP3 was a shitfest. There is so much of that movie that is dogshit, it's not even funny. TLJ is a piece of crap...don't get me wrong. But I wouldn't want lucas back in the chair either. Anything he's involved in, turns to shit as well. Look at IJ4. His Midas touch has turned to Poopies. He needs to stay in his little Special effects department, and never direct or be involved with the directing aspect with anything ever again.

    #995 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    The prequels at least had some decent characters- Mace, The Emperor, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan even the older Anakin Skywalker for the whining bitch he was. Lucas forgot how to tell a decent story is the biggest problem, some lazy camera work (see below) and being surrounded by yes men who convinced him he could do no wrong..
    The Empire Strikes back really shines as it was NOT shot by Lucas but by Irvin Kershner. Kershner was intent in getting the best out of the actors and materiel which annoyed the hell out of Lucas who was notorious for perfunctory takes and just moving along. Kershner would work with the cast to get the best take and would do several until he thought it was right.
    How can you even begin to like Padme when the actress is stiff as a board? ugh. Lucas had little interest in motivating the cast for the best they could do. Not to mention everyone knows how the prequels is going to end, Anakin is going to be Vader. That is a huge hurdle and Lucas whiffed it.
    It would have been far more interesting if the actor they picked for young Skywalker was closer to being likable so you would be invested in the character as he descended towards being the most evil enforcer in the universe.
    Jake Lloyd was annoying as hell as soon as I laid eyes on him.
    Somethings are best left to the imagination, Vader's full origin would have been one of them.

    really? mace? He is a good character? Really indepth written character?

    Describe Mace Windu as to a person who has never seen star wars. (without describing physical features about them) If someone wanted you to describe him and explain his character. how would you word it?

    #999 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    Easy. Threshold Guardian style characte in the form of a warrior priest.
    Quo Gon Jinn is a better character (acted by a better actor) than any character in the current “trilogy” (I use that term loosely since Kennedy and her team have no cohesive plan and are making it up as they go).

    so you are saying he's about as in depth as the emperors royal guards? Because both were about as useful.

    #1002 1 year ago

    this is where the prequels fails so miserably. None of the characters have any depth. Obi wan is the only one who has any personality at all, and the only way to describe him is.

    A newly trained in the arts of "the force", tries desperately, to not take himself too seriously, as he finds himself trapped in a very very shitty series of movies. Uses humor the best he is allowed, to keep his mind focused elsewhere, and not to think to much about the script he is required to try and pull off.

    #1004 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    A threshold guardian is an important character type in literary fiction. Mace fits that role for Anakin.

    I didn't see him guardian for anything or anyone. He was more like a bouncer at a bar, that decides if you can get in or not. The dude that checks your ID at a club, has about the same role as Mace. You don't know anything more about him beyond that. People look to him for his decision, that you are forced to assume is important, but nobody knows why.

    Now, lets use this bouncer as an example. So far mace and the bouncer have similar backstories, as we know nothing about either one, and people are required to check in with them, to join their boy band. Got it. But lets take the bouncer. He gets off his shift. Goes home in his rusty POS pacer. Grabs a cold plate of french fries out of the fridge and sits down to watch friends.

    Now we know more about the bouncer just from that scene, than we know about mace at all. We know the bouncer lives alone, doesn't make much money, doesn't eat properly, and can assume he's lonely.

    #1009 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    He’s the guy with the purple lightsaber that has “bad mother fucker” engraved on it.

    hey, you are not suppose to describe physical attributes.

    #1019 1 year ago
    Quoted from JWJr:

    Coz, that's almost as good as the Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset.

    but jabba has a back story. You hear about him, you know why he's after han. You know he's a gangster. You know why he hired boba fett, and you understand what his character is and who he is, because of a nicely laid out storyline pieces.

    #1021 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    I didn’t much care for Rogue One myself, but Vader wreaking havoc on Leia’s ship in the last five minutes was worth the price of admission.

    actually, I thought that scene was really forced and completely out of the Vader character at this timeline. It was put in there solely for fan fluff. Not only was it out of place, but completely ruined the image of vader.

    Remember, this is around EP4. This is not the jumping around like a grasshopper vader. this is barely a vader that gets his hands even dirty. Even the opening of EP4. Does he go raging in and clean the place out? No....sends in all his scrubs to do his dirty work. Looks around walks on through. Same with hoth. Troops do the work, he comes in and handles the captives. He's important, and above being on the front lines, plus he's old barely able to fight anymore. Obiwan fight scene anyone? He practically falls over his own cape and looks like he needs the wall, just to hold himself up. That's not a rage inferno through a hallway vader. Complete bullshit fan fluff.

    #1022 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    And once again benefited by George Lucas not being able to do too much by putting him in New Hope.

    indeed. We saw how well that would have went. Lucas is better if he's not allowed to direct. write the ideas, and let real directors take over and fix things he messes up. Reason ESB is so badass, is because Irvin Kershner is a character director. He's all about character development and the actors telling the story. The way it should be done.

    Lucas himself has said it many times that he hates working with actors. If it was up to him, he wouldn't even use them. And you can see this in EP 1, 2 and 3 and the dialogue and acting is absolutely horrible. And it's not all the actors fault. it's the way lucas does things. Mainly the fact that nobody has a full script. He's so worried about leaks, that people have nothing to work off of. You get a snipet of something and suppose to create a character off that? Plus the characters are so 1 dimensional, that even the best actors in the world, could make those characters likable.

    #1042 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    He certainly joins the battle at the end to defend the Death Star as a fighter pilot.

    only because he's in a ship. That's the equivalent to an old guy riding around in a rascal. Which is at this age, what vader is best at.

    #1044 1 year ago

    true, but he doesn't have to be in shape to use it. I'm just saying there is a big difference between a fighter pilot, and the jumping ninja we saw in R1.

    #1068 1 year ago

    not only did she magically learn how to force pull, but she also learned how to make her own oxygen heat bubble instantly, in an unconscious state. Granted, there is a lot of unbelievable aspects to movies like this, but there has to be some level of believability to it, or your mind just dismisses it all as ridiculous. Which is what happened here to pretty much all of this movie.

    #1214 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Today's humor installment

    and it's a better movie than what we just saw.

    #1239 1 year ago

    box office sales really doesn't say if a movie is good or not.

    the twilight series is complete ass, and those earn well.

    Yet a movie like, Momento is brilliant , yet didn't do shit in the boxoffice.

    1 month later
    #1435 1 year ago

    anyone that thinks this movie is anything less than the biggest piece of crap ever written, watch these. It's a step by step review of the entire movie. It's in 3 parts and worth it.

    I challenge any of you that thinks this movie has even an ounce of redeeming quality to stand up for it after viewing all 3 parts of this full fledged review.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    #1437 1 year ago

    There is a difference between rebooting something, and simply making just a bad movie, with no time and effort put into a script or story. That is the problem. They make movies and the primary focus is......Do we have things that are cute or look cool so we can sell toys and merch? Do we have scenes that look great, even though they don't make sense to the story, and blow out any reality to the situation? If both of these are yes. Then, they get the thumbs up to start filming. Assuming the audience is too dumb to notice the discrepancies. And in Disney's and the writers defense. 82% of the time they are correct.

    2 weeks later
    #1492 1 year ago
    Quoted from TRAMD:

    I've been reading interviews with Rian Jackass and in response to the backlash he basically says:
    - It is a small portion of fans that responded negatively to TLJ.
    - He has looked back and doesn't think he did anything wrong and wouldn't change a thing about the movie.
    - He had to make Luke they way he did with the set-up he had.
    - People are mostly just upset because their Snoke/Rey/Luke theories weren't correct.
    This arrogant ass-clown is just setting himself up for something bad to happen to him from a lonely Star Wars nerd. Thankfully, I finally came out of my shell and met a super-model-looking girl-next-door and had 5 kids with her so it won't be me.
    Meanwhile, I was trying to think if there was a way to screw this up worse and I actually think that Rian Jackass intentionally tried to f*** up this trilogy. I don't think there is a way to make this movie worse than he did.

    what a dickhole. Small portion my ass. There is only a small portion that tried to defend this pile-o-shit. People who still lick the star of the SW universe no matter what. Like Kevin Smith. Whether or not you loved SW. there comes a point, where you should be able to tell a bad movie from a good movie, regardless of what universe it's told in.

    1 week later
    #1509 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    .nothing special. it's like Matchbox 20 vs U2.

    Comparing TLJ or the prequels to the originals, isn't like comparing matchbox 20 to U2

    it's like comparing U2 to Crispin Glovers solo music pieces.

    If you never heard the works of crispin Glover, here is a sample. And there is much more where this came from.

    #1515 1 year ago

    I have the actual CD of this as well. This is the most normal thing on the entire disc. It goes way more out there, than this.

    #1536 1 year ago
    Quoted from TRAMD:

    *EDIT* Nevermind. Despite initial reports, there will be SW material in RP1. YEAH!

    that's unfortunate. Seems anything with the SW name these days (since 1999) seems to be shit. Hopefully the SW name won't taint this movie as well.

    #1543 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Force awakens was fun as shit.... Although I agree other than that.

    yeah, that one was better than anything else we have seen in the last 20 years. But 1 out of 6 really doesn't really pull the scale.

    #1593 1 year ago
    Quoted from kst8cat:

    I'm very glad I skipped this movie. After watching The Force Awakens I was so disappointed that I just lost all desire to see any future Star Wars movies. Never saw Rogue One, and I don't want to see the Han Solo movie either. I was a huge SW fan for the longest time, and I still have two entire rooms full of SW toys and collectibles, but I just really don't like what Disney has done with the new series.

    the series was fawked way before disney took hold of it. Lucas started to destroy it in the 90's with adding a singing peanut and a awful jabba scene that didn't need to be there. Then finalized the nails in the coffin with a shitfest series that started in 1999.

    #1607 1 year ago

    yup, I 100% stopped giving a shit, and the only way i'm seeing any new SW release is if it's free in one form or another. I will not have anymore money going to the SW brand.

    #1633 1 year ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    Ok so after getting the Blu-ray and trying to watch it again, what I did to make it easier to watch is, after every single line a female says to a male, just add “... with your dumb penis!” to the end of it. It’s brilliantly satisfying and makes you understand what Kathleen Kennedy was trying to go for.

    I hope you burned that movie. Because they don't deserve a dime for this piece of shit.

    #1670 1 year ago
    Quoted from henrydwh:

    lol Were you going for the dreaded no from Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith?

    please. One piece of shit movie at a time.

    #1682 1 year ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    R1's core problem is that somebody insisted the movie revolve around "the daughter of the person who designed the Death Star."
    But she has no business being the main character. She has little to no effect on the plot, is poorly written, unlikable, and doesn't change or grow in any way (besides trusting the robot with a gun) The main character SHOULD have been the pilot who defected with the message.
    This is why I find the first 2/3rds of that movie so crap. The "plot" isn't working in service of the story, it's spending all of its time trying to justify why Jyn Erso is the main character.

    and it wasn't well written or directed, as all the characters lacked any kind of depth. None of the characters in that movie, anyone gave a shit about. You didn't care who lived or died. Except maybe the imperial droid guy. Everyone else.....you are like..meh.

    1 week later
    #1757 1 year ago
    Quoted from vid1900:

    Leia flying around in space and not bloating up and dying was the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
    Even dumber than the laser cannons having sound in the vacuum of space.....

    yes, yes it is. Least you know the laser blasts are just added for effect, because it's very boring with space battles being silent. Leia floating around like a cutout from a south park episode, just looks like shit and doesn't make sense as far as the story goes. So all around it's just an epic failure.

    1 week later
    #1789 1 year ago
    Quoted from spfxted:

    At least I got a part in the new Solo Star Wars movie. I'll try to fix things up!

    It's dead jim.

    3 weeks later
    #1830 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I mean ‘The last Jedi’, it was bad although the special effects were good.
    Can’t believe how badly they treated Po and was expecting Benito Del Toro to do a triple cross somehow.
    It just was very meh to me.

    I know, you think he would have been more alert to being double crossed while having 2 infinity stones in his possession. After pull shenanigans himself, he should have been more prepared for thanos.

    #1840 1 year ago

    I plan on not seeing it ever, until I can do it for free where disney doesn't see a dime from me.

    Just by the trailer, I can tell Disney didn't take the time to even do the timeline correct. Han is what?...like 18 or 19 in this movie? In EP 4 he's like 25-27. So within 7 years the Falcon went from looking like a brand new showroom, to a grimy dingy mess everywhere? Please. In order for it to be filthy, he would have had to have gotten somewhat broken in to begin with. If disney can't even take the time for easy details like that. You know it's going to be a straight up full blown piece of-Shit.

    #1842 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    So you're an expert on space grime now?

    I am an expert in good/shitty movies.

    You can tell disney took as much time with the script as they did for the other garbage they let out.

    #1844 1 year ago

    ok, look at it like this. Remember how the falcon looked in EP4? Remember EP5? Remember EP6? During that timeline, you have crossed about 10 years. Maybe more. During that time. The falcon didn't get dirtier at all. Looks exactly the same as it did in EP4. So a longer period of time, and no change. So just by comparison to the originals, It's fawked just from that. Whether you are an expert in grime or not. If you don't even take the time to stay consistent with your timeline. You know the script is going to lack the things we have seen out of disney's SW universe. Lacking character development, Character chemistry, and actions inconsistent with established characters.

    #1846 1 year ago

    space is not dirty. My walls in my house don't get wiped down but once every 5 years, maybe more. The walls and ceiling do not get filthy like that.

    Just admit it. Disney's scripts and attention to detail are always piss poor when it comes to SW. We have seen some of the worst movies made under the Disney name.

    #1848 1 year ago

    that is true. But, you think every single inch of the interior is going to go from spotless to filthy in 7 years? I'm sorry, but my van and every van i've ever owned was at least 10-15 years old, and the ceiling and walls of the interior still look like new. Hell, even the carpet anywhere that's not the drivers seat looks like new.

    #1850 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Chewbacca farts.

    thats probably the best way to describe Disney's SW universe. Should have been the name for The Last Jedi.

    #1870 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    That's basically the entire thread. Everyone agrees it was a travesty. The break down after that is whether,
    1. It ruined your childhood
    2. It was ruined by women
    3. Ruined by PC agendas
    4. Ruined by Disney
    5. Any combination of above
    Then you can add in whether the prequels were great, if Rogue 1 was the best SW movie ever, and how many years you'll refuse to watch Star Wars material

    actually has nothing to do with any of that. You can tell a good movie from a bad movie. Whether or not you are a SW fanboy and try to overlook things because you cannot come to terms with a SW movie being complete and utter shit. you still have common sense to know bad writing. When you have no character development, it's a shitty movie. When you have characters that don't act well together, don't fit nor fit in the story you have written, it's a bad movie. When you focus more on special effect more than content of your movie. It's a bad movie. When you try and write a movie with established characters that have a long history, and try to force the audience to completely disregard everything they know about a character.. and just choke down what they write........wait for it....it's a bad movie.

    Mission impossible 1. Great movie
    Mission impossible 2...worst fawking movie ever made
    Mission impossible 3. Great movie
    Mission impossible 4 great movie

    So, whether or not you are a mission impossible fanboy or not. You can still tell a piece of garbage movie. Regardless of what universe is attached to it.

    #1871 1 year ago
    Quoted from kst8cat:

    I have no interest in seeing the Han Solo movie either, and I expect it to be terrible, but I don't agree with your analysis about the Falcon. Harrison Ford was 34 when they filmed Episode 4, so if Han is supposed to be 19 in this movie, then that is a span of 15 years, not seven as you suggest.

    just because ford was 34. The Han solo character was suppose to be 27 in EP4. That's where I got my number from. It's been talked about before in interviews and there was an article in the SW insider back in the middle 90's discussing this.

    #1874 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    And in conclusion ... he's going to Solo opening night.

    all of this. Except the opposite. In fact, i'll go see deadpool again on solo's opening night just to make a statement. Hell, I may do a twofer and see avengers again as well.

    #1905 1 year ago
    Quoted from mcclad:

    I agree. I had a Star Wars themed wedding. I am part of a worldwide Star Wars costuming group. My house is full of props, helmets, light sabers and blasters. Its safe to say that I am a big fan. And I think the recent movies were garbage. I wanted to like them because of the universe that they were attached to, but in the end I couldn't.

    I was in the same boat. Luckily before EP3 was released. I sold everything I had and bought pinball machines instead. Never looked back. And my last name is Skywalker, and everything released past 83 is garbage in one way or another. The ESB special edition wasn't horrible in some way, so they managed not to fawk up that one, but the other special editions are garbage. And everything released since. EP7 was tolerable, only because of the hopes of where they would go with it, but that was an epic failure as we all saw.

    #1945 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Can’t we say bad Star Wars movies are better than no Star Wars moves?

    If I could change time and make sure nothing is made for SW after 1983, I would have in a second.

    #1946 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinPatch:

    Good summary of the failures of the last Jedi.
    » YouTube video

    this is spot fawking on. This is why nobody can truly defend anything in TLJ. You just can't. Trying to justify TLJ as a good movie, is like trying to convince people that pure water is soda.

    #1960 1 year ago

    I saw Quiet place, avengers and deadpool as well. Will not see Solo. I'm sure all 3 are going to be god's of movies compared to solo.

    #1996 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    That's why I specifically mentioned Tranformers.
    But we already know how we each feel ....over and over

    in all fairness to Transformers. Transformers 3 isn't a total piece of dogshit. It's the closest out of all the Michael Bay shitstorm, that has a story that would be closest to something from the TV show, cartoon movie or comic series. But all the rest were complete pieces of garbage and M.B. should be banned from directing. Hasn't the movie industry realized that, when you find directors that are actual fans of the subject matter they are filming, they pay attention to detail? Care about the script and direction the movie is going, and actually try to keep the feel of the movie in scope of the spirit of the subject matter?

    #2000 1 year ago

    no amount of showering can wash off the taint that SW has been covered with for the past 19 years.

    #2004 1 year ago
    Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

    Should change the name of this thread to *SPOILERS* All Star Wars Films Discussion *SPOILERS*
    This thread has branched out quite a bit from a TLJ discussion for some time, and there's a pretty good discussion in here. Prequels, Original trilogy, TFA, TLJ, Rogue one, Solo have all been discussed here.
    It will be pretty lame following every new SW thread that pops up every time a new movie comes out.

    could just change the name to SW shitfest. That way it will be universal.

    #2028 1 year ago
    Quoted from Flowst:

    No spoilers from me here.
    The Last Jedi was just awful. I punished myself with one viewing and could never stomach watching it again. As a result I truly could care less about where the franchise is going now.
    Saw Solo, found it to be ok, but boring if that makes any sense?
    Alden Ehrenreich was not nearly as bad as I predicted, but i didnt buy him as Han Solo.
    Rest of the casting choices were “meh”
    Jar Jar still worse than L3-3T. And “she” was beyond ridiculous.

    welcome to the club. We have about 95% of the worlds population as members.

    #2031 1 year ago

    the fact that he referred to, "The Last Jedi" as a much better movie, had me totally disregard anything this guy had to say. The fact that he cannot tell a complete piece of trash movie from a good one.....has him lose all credibility. You can be a fan about something. But that doesn't mean you become a complete idiot, and lose the ability to see good from bad.

    #2040 1 year ago
    Quoted from okayestpinballer:

    A movie costs on average about $15 and 2 hours of your life.
    You spend the next 5 months and countless dollars of wasted productivity whinging on about it.

    either we bitch about this, or see you idiots put Colored bulbs in your GI's and tell you what idiots you are for doing so.

    #2050 1 year ago

    nope, don't miss George either. One movie shittier than another, doesn't make the shit ones any better. It's all garbage. You need good directors that actually care about the project on it.

    #2066 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    Let the jokes fly free...

    now this is a SW movie I would actually want to see.

    #2077 1 year ago
    Quoted from okayestpinballer:

    It's not like you would have liked Lucas's 7-9 either.
    "True fans" won't be happy with anything beyond Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.
    Maybe it's time to realize that the movies aren't being made for the "true fans" ("super fans", etc.) and avoid the prolonged disappointment?

    It's not about true fans or feelings.

    It's about good movies and bad. Doesn't matter what universe the movie is in. If it's a piece of shit, it's a piece of shit.

    Bad movies have

    No character development
    No character chemistry
    Crappy dialogue
    Loops holes in the story
    Characters act out of character to what has already been established
    Useless scenes for camera fluff to show off special effects at the expense of the story
    Scenes created just to sell merchandise but no real need to be in the movie beyond that.

    #2091 1 year ago
    Quoted from japespin:

    As terrible as Rian Johnson's take on the Star Wars is, yikes... George Lucas' original vision for the SW 7-9 sounds as equally head scratching. Maybe it's time to just let this Universe go. Sigh.

    maybe? I was done after EP2.

    #2108 1 year ago
    Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

    This is pretty much right on point. Rogue One is the only exception here, true fan service created by a real SW fan. Sure it has flaws, but those last 30 minutes are outstanding & rival the original films.

    Except the Darth vader scene which was really out of place and out of character for that era of Darth vader. You can tell it was forced as fan service and ruined the continuity of what Darth Vader was at that time.

    1 week later
    #2232 1 year ago
    Quoted from JWJr:

    If Empire had been anywhere near as poor as TLJ, the franchise would have died in 1983.

    Exactly. There are good movies, and blatantly bad movies. The prequels and TLJ are blatantly bad. It's never been about nostalgia. It's about movies written and directed by someone that has a 10 year old mentality. Ooooo special effects. Things exploding. Lightsaber battles way overused. dialogue? who needs quality? Character development and chemistry? Nobody notices that in movies anyway. Characters acting in character? Nah, as long as it looks good on screen.

    #2245 1 year ago

    well someone gets very entertained by blinky things and xplooshuns.

    #2282 1 year ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    The prequels had a start to finish plan and cohesion. People might not of liked Jar Jar and felt Aniken was mishandled, but the prequels expanded Star Wars lore in many ways that has given much good material for others to work with (we saw a functioning Jedi order and a galaxy at war that led to the Clone Wars animated series which were phenomenal).
    All TLJ did was destroy the utility of ever needing a Jedi at all. You just sent around and get blessed with being a Suzy Que because there must always be perfect balance...so why ever practice/train or develop any Jedi methos at all, if you go dark someone else in the tiny galaxy just instantly gets all your power on the light side anyway...

    the prequels also mishandled more than that. Did you forget about the midiclorian fiasco?

    #2303 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    I finally got a chance to watch Star Wars: The Fallen Knight fan edit of TLJ after a suggestion by gdonovan
    http://www.thefallenknight.com (Note: Only the 4GB downloaded for me due to google terms of service - But the quality was still very good)
    Well, I must say it was a VAST improvement. In my mind, it will now be the ONLY version I will ever watch again.
    They corrected Luke throwing of the lightsaber over the shoulder, cut out the whole Canto Bight sequence and all events leading up to and after that pertain to that sub-plot. It removes the Leia getting blown out of the ship scene and removes Admiral Ackbar's death, removes the whole Poe mutiny attempt plot, almost completely removes the characters of Holdo and Rose, and does completely remove both DJ (Benecio Del Toro) and Captain Phasma.
    The core story remains intact, fixes many of the issues, plot holes and pointless scenes, and I did not feel that anything was missing from the final product.
    I must thank the guy that put it together. Clark Zuckerberg, thankyou very much!

    so the movie was only 15 min long?

    3 weeks later
    #2364 1 year ago

    Personally, I don't think they should have fired him. That's back when he worked for Troma. Troma is a totally different company and offput humor like that is something that is taken in stride. Fact remains, he makes some of the best superhero movies out there. For disney to fire him, is a huge misstep. Disney has been stepping in a lot of shit lately and probably should watch out which franchises they decide to shit on next. Or they might not have any resources worth a shit left. Who cares in general? You think if Tosh started directing movies, people would go back and slander past tweets of some crap he said? Probably, but should anyone give a shit? Not really. Only thing they should care about is if he's doing a good job at the job he was hired to do.

    #2371 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    They should have done their research and not hired him in the first place.
    For context? Huston Huddleston is a convicted pedophile. Screenshot is from Gunn's own website.
    Huston was arrested on April 24, 2018 and charged with possession of child pornography and other crimes, including contacting a minor with intent to commit a felony. He was held at the Pitchess Detention Center North Facility on $750,000 bail and pleaded not guilty on May 22, 2018. His court date was June 12, 2018. On June 21, Huddleston pled guilty to one misdemeanor charge of possessing child pornography and has been added to the sex offender registry.
    I'm thinking this is why Gunn went under the bus so quickly, Disney doesn't want some of the more outrageous.. items.. seeing the light of day.
    [quoted image]

    that was kind of my point. If it was so important, it should have been a problem from the get go. Not down the road after he already proved himself as a great director. Only becomes a problem if some shit goes down somewhere else and they are trying to make it look like they give a shit. Which we all know they don't. Only time they care is if the $$$ is in danger.

    2 weeks later
    #2422 1 year ago

    tony stark made DV's suit. Nobody can just pull a suit like that out of their ass. I'm sure disney will have a side movie about it and do a marvel/SW crossover. Why the hell not? It can't get any worse at this point.

    #2427 1 year ago

    he can just infinity gauntlet there. Done. Cross marketing, here we come. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Disney$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    #2435 1 year ago
    Quoted from InfiniteLives:

    Finally watched avengers infinity war last night. Wish Disney could make the star wars movies as good as the marvel ones.
    It's like night and day

    I have a feeling, Disney knows marvel movies are good, and limit their interaction with that division. Hence why they are sooo good yet, and everything else disney seems to put their hands in, turns to even more garbage.

    1 week later
    #2500 1 year ago

    I think they accidently said plot leak, instead of plot weak. Which means it's going to be on the lines of EP8.

    #2517 1 year ago

    I love the plinkett reviews. They are 100% correct and spot on about every aspect of the shitfest now known as Star wars.

    #2519 1 year ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    This one about The Last Jedi that his channel did is pretty damn good too, lol.

    What's the one thing you miss being amish? Probably the sarcasm.

    #2532 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I thought R1 was pretty good.

    the problem with R1 was the total lack of character development. At no point anywhere in that movie, did anyone give a crap about any of the characters. nobody had a built up story or involved enough to have any kind of investment or compassion for any of the characters. The only character that even remotely came close to having any feeling for is the black robot guy.

    and the darth vader attack scene was so out of place and out of character for that age of Darth vader it was almost laughable. Horrible context.

    #2545 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Needs a hard reboot like Spider-man.

    hard to reboot something, when the boot has the bottom of the shoe completely destroyed. With legacy series movies like these. You don't get a second chance. It's already fawked up beyond repair. Least we still have back to the future.

    shoe-glue1 (resized).jpg
    #2547 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    They're not doing BTTF prequels now, are they? I can carry on happily without ever getting to see Marty McFly's first day of Kindergarten.

    they better not. they already ruined enough series.

    1 week later
    #2555 1 year ago
    Quoted from TRAMD:

    I finally saw Solo in a way that gave Disney no money and I actually liked it a lot. It didn't really feel like a Star Wars movie and Alden Ehrenreich was worse than Anthony Inguber would have been but overall I enjoyed my time watching it. That just further proves that its failure was due to TLJ, the worst movie of all time.

    can't argue with that. TLJ ruined the SW franchise so much for me, I don't care to even see any new movie since with the SW name on it. So I doubt i'll ever see solo.

    #2557 1 year ago

    there is no way it's worse than TLJ. TLJ is almost a text book example how to screw up and make a terrible movie with a high budget.

    1 week later
    #2576 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinSinner:

    This guy completely sums it up for me. He articulates exactly why Star Wars fans have abandoned the franchise.

    exactly right. My exact same thoughts on the James Gunn situation. Make some off color jokes 10 years ago and everyone turns their back on you? Get fawked, is the way I look at it.

    #2580 1 year ago
    Quoted from Eryeal:

    I think just about everyone who actually read the " off color jokes" agrees that they are, at the very least, troubling and offensive. I mean - they aren't even jokes I don't think *anyone* would actually laugh at. And most wouldn't even say they are jokes if you read them - there's no punchline, just random comments about pedophilia, rape, and even a link to a video about preteen girls touching themselves. I think one thing everyone can agree on - there's no way this guy would ever be allowed alone with your children if you were given these tweets - even if it was 50 years ago. Take away the fact he was a famous director, and I think he'd be fired from just about any job if they came across his prior tweets. And no parent would ever let anyone who said those things near their children. It was a very tough position for Disney to be in.

    tosh.0 makes jokes like that all the time and he's still funny.

    1 week later
    #2624 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    First two seasons were good, went of the rails after that.
    I liked the rebooted Star Trek, but it was good for only one movie, plot holes and all. Second movie had some really bad writing and I'll not even discuss the third.

    I agree with this 100%. Seasons 2 and 3 were phenomenal. then season 4 took a totally different tangent and went some religious route. Very disappointed on how they decided to explain everything.

    1 week later
    #2633 1 year ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    My goodness look what they did to R2 for a 2018 Hallmark ornament lol. Might as well have the Porg on the top taking a crap on R2...
    [quoted image]

    thank you disney for more desecration of the SW brand.

    3 weeks later
    #2640 1 year ago
    Quoted from oktobernv:

    Anything new to report here on EP9??

    it's a piece of shit, but that is old news.

    #2642 1 year ago

    can't fix it. It's already there, and it's one of the worst movies made due to plot/writing. No movie regardless of how good it is after and repair what we've already had to witness. it's dead jim.

    2 weeks later
    #2685 1 year ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    The first 2 sucked but the third one was amazing. For me my 2nd favorite in the entire series after Empire. I haven't seen Rogue 1, Solo or TLJ but Fawakens just did nothing for me and kinda made lose interest in seeing any of the others. Revenge of the Sith needs its own pin, fight scenes alone make it a worth while game. Epic.
    [quoted image]

    god no. 3rd one was horrible in sooo many ways. EP 1 was bad, but they got worse as the series went on. Horrible horrible pieces of shiat.

    #2691 1 year ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    Well ur statement that they got worse just proves u have no idea what ur talking about at all, I will prescribe the same remedy to you sir, crack-head in ass- attempt removal-fail. Good luck

    One sentence from the movie is laughably awful.


    give me a fawking break. Padme dies with all that technology around from what? A broken heart? give me a fawking break. Fight scene that lasted forever and everyone wished it would end. No character chemistry or development. It's a straight up dogshit movie through and through with NO redeeming qualities. If you want to witness good movies, and how to write them, with character development, chemistry, dialogue that doesn't make you cringe. Look at the marvel franchise.

    #2692 1 year ago

    To save myself some time, just watch this. Pretty much sums up everything wrong with the movie step by step. You cannot deny anything said in this review, and pretty much says everything all of us have been saying since we had to watch that pile of shit.


    #2697 1 year ago

    1000x's better than anything the prequels had to offer.

    #2703 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    I try to be diplomatic in these cases as items like the saber fights tend to boil down to individual tastes.
    Luke vs Vader in Empire is far better in my opinion since there is so much emotional sub-context going on and tension building.
    Lets face it, the problem with prequels is you already know how the story ends. Where is the suspense?
    Ankin vs Kenobi was over the top too, that close to lava both would have fried in seconds. It takes away the suspension of disbelief that lets you immerse yourself in a good movie.
    Give Lucas his due, the fights were well choreographed.
    Opinion: The saber fight with Darth Maul was the only one I can recall in the prequels with any weight to it.

    fight scenes were just fluff with no real substance to anything. Like the entire story line. If it was written somewhat well. There could have been plenty of twists, turns, good dialogue, character development, and overall good story, with a little bit of creativity. Regardless if you knew how it would end. Unfortunately, Lucas has spent to many years away from real interaction with people and forgot how the real world works or interacts with one another. Hence why his later writings (anything post 1983) are weak and lack any substance.

    #2740 1 year ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    I've read that George Lucas really wanted to emulate 1930s films in the prequels, so he intentionally wrote and directed to get artificial, stagy performances. Interesting experiment to make with a billion dollar franchise, I guess.

    or, he realized it looked like shit, and decided to come up with some pollywampus explanation on why it came across as shitty and awkward.

    #2741 1 year ago
    Quoted from Methos:

    I have no idea how that was even allowed to be released. Disney should have held it back for 6 months, done a shit load of reshoots, and fixed it.

    I don't think they wanted to reshoot 2 hrs of movie just for the DVD release.

    #2753 1 year ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    PC garbage will kill everything in its path including Star Wars. It certainly didn't do the new Star Trek series any good. What a shame, hopefully this will pass in time. GB's, Oceans 12 etc. crap

    difference is, the new ST movies are actually really good.

    #2755 1 year ago
    Quoted from gdonovan:

    First one was in spite of glaring plot holes, highly entertaining, seen it 4 or 5 times. Just a great popcorn flick.
    Second one brought nothing new to the table and lets face it, Wrath of Khan damn near impossible to beat. Magic blood and trans-warp beaming pretty much kills death and Star Fleet in that universe though. Bad writing.
    Third went to hell on rocket skates. Bad writing all around. When I saw Pine on a dirt bike I knew the shark jump was at hand. [quoted image]

    I would watch all 3 100s' of times over having to watch anything out of the SW universe (post 1983).

    #2791 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    I thought this thread was about Star Wars, not some stupid Marvel Movie that is sure to suck like almost all of them do.

    when talking about star wars, there is too much shittiness to discuss. So marvel is talked about so people regain hope that good movies are still possible.

    #2794 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    Well, like Star Wars, there have been a few really good Marvel movies and a bunch of crap ones.

    I wouldn't say a few. Most were way better than expected. Like

    IM 1
    IM 2
    Dr. Strange
    CA 1
    CA 2
    Thor 1
    Thor 3
    GOTG 1
    GOTG 2
    avengers 1
    avengers 3

    that's an 94% kickass ratio. that's better than a few.

    #2798 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    I see maybe 3 on that list that I thought were pretty good.

    which 3?

    #2802 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    Ant man sorta.
    I did like the first two x-men. Love Ian Mckellen as Magneto.

    no dr.strange? That movie was surprisenly better than expected.

    1 month later
    #2858 10 months ago

    I couldn't care less. I'm totally done with the SW universe. They had a chance to drudge something good after the prequel shitfest, and they started. Then ended up piling up twice as much shit as before.

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