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Spider Man or Bat Man to own?

By thokennedy

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

assuming same price and condition (like new).

I may be just dreamin at this point...but I just may do something silly soon.

#2 11 years ago

SM, 1000000000000000% over Batman.

#3 11 years ago

I like Batman but I love SM. I would buy a NIB SM but not a NIB BM

#4 11 years ago

Thats kinda what I was leaning towards too - thx

#5 11 years ago

I have them both spiderman is great, Batman is good


#6 11 years ago

There I go drooling on my keyboard again......thanks Tatman!

oh yeah, I vote Spider-Man!

#7 11 years ago

I have a custom Blue Spiderman coming next weekend from Great American Pinball. I say Spiderman. I played it at the expo and realized I wanted one within three games. I went with the custom blue because Mike makes it more like the comic book and less like the movie. It really looks amazing in person. Good Luck.

#8 11 years ago

I agree with the others. BDK is a good game, but SM is a lot better. Personally, I would only buy a BDK if I already owned an SM and an IM. I think there is something very cool about having all the modern superhero pins lined up the way tatman has them. The main problem with BDK, in my opinion, is that it's just too darn easy. Ball times are really long on that machine. SM is much more challenging, has better flow, and has a deeper ruleset.

Of course, you shouldn't just go off our opinions. Before spending that kind of money, you should really familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of both machines. Plus, if you happen to like one theme more than the other, or really love a particular art package, that would certainly affect your overall opinion of the game. To me, though, it's a no-brainer. SM all the way!

#9 11 years ago

I tricked my SM out with the Buildings and Train mod from Back Alley Creations, added a Shaker Motor, and now it's Top Dog in my collection by a mile!

IMG_1644.jpg IMG_1638.jpg

#10 11 years ago

Looks great, shock me! Now you gotta get some LED's in that bad boy.

#11 11 years ago

"Looks great, shock me! Now you gotta get some LED's in that bad boy."

You're right about that gweempose! My next order will include LEDs for sure!

#12 11 years ago

well I just played both of them for awhile at an arcard that actually has a bunch of new stern games...and I have to agree with everyone, Batman is fun and certainely a good game - but it just seems to easy, and there is so much wasted space with the Joker toy and that batmobile ramp on the left.

I've played SM before but only now am I getting interested in owning it...I put 5 credits in and said well if I'm bored with it at all after this, then forget about...well after those credits and a few replys in the mix, I was still wanting to play more. A great game for sure.

#13 11 years ago

Dang Shock_me that looks F'ing awesome...nice work.

Its weird, I'm not even a comic fan (except for 'The Walking Dead')...but most of the super hero stuff does go well with pinball.

#14 11 years ago

"I'm not even a comic fan (except for 'The Walking Dead') ..."

I've never read any of the comics, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the TV show so far. As a huge fan of the zombie genre, it's right up my alley.

#15 11 years ago

gweempose -
I hear ya, I'm a fan too. I'm really liking that show, they are being pretty true to the comic but adding in some really good stuff.
Me and a friend of mine keep talking about making a zombie pinball game...I thought we were the only two guys into pinball and zombies He just wants to re-theme a game, but I want to do a full scale game with rules and everything...

#17 11 years ago

Thanks everybody again - I ended up getting one and I love it. I knew I liked it before, but I didn't know all the little nuances of scoring and the depth is impressing me.

#18 11 years ago

Awesome! You're gonna love this game!

#19 11 years ago

Do you know where a current listing of the rules is?

the review on Pinballnews is pretty outdated.

#20 11 years ago


I've been pretty much going with the rules from the page you mentioned. Seems to be working out ok. I gotta confess, I don't really follow rule sheets too closely. I know I should be in order to get the maximum out of the games, but I'm too slack to study them...LOL!

This is a good site for rule sheet write-ups, but they don't have Stern's SM yet.


#21 11 years ago

im kinda weird ...i like knowong every little rule. Not that it makes me a better player, but I just like the depth of the rules...maybe its bc I'm a programmer by trade. Man would I love to program a game someday!

7 months later
#22 10 years ago

I'll be buying a Spider-Man someday for sure.
My price point is $3000.
I have a Batman Forever and dig the new one but I'm more of a Spider-Man fan and dig the ramps.

#23 10 years ago

I'm Biased but,SM all the way!!!

#24 10 years ago

I would definitely go with SM. Don't get me wrong I really do like BDK but I think SM is on a different level.

#25 10 years ago

Spider-Man for $3K will not be easy to find. I think it is going up with time too, not down.

Guys, High Protein rezzed the thread, thokennedy already got Spider-Man months ago. I played it at his place.

#27 10 years ago

I like them both but if I had to choose would have Batman. Love stacking those multi balls and the light shows are better against a dark play field.

#28 10 years ago

Spiderman ever so easily!! just the 3rd flipper Venom shot is enough to beat Batmans gameplay! Both outstanding looking games but Batman has negatives that stand out while Spidey dosnt have any obvious in ya face ones like the terrible Joker cylinder and the batmobile down the left side.

#29 10 years ago

They finally end up in a draw. IMO.

#30 10 years ago

This is a 7 month old thread i'm sure thokenndy picked one by now

#31 10 years ago
Quoted from pinmike:

This is a 7 month old thread i'm sure thokenndy picked one by now

About 2/3 of the way down the page he posted that he went with SM. And yeah, that was 7 months ago!

#32 10 years ago

Now we can add Tron and make it a 3-way question heeehee

1 month later
#33 10 years ago

I love the tricked out spider man!!! What a great idea. And I am very jealous of your machines!

#34 10 years ago

I am guessing op means BDK vs SM in which case SM.

Now SM vs BF? I'd take BF although I might be in the minority there.

#35 10 years ago
Quoted from yenningcomity:

Now SM vs BF? I'd take BF although I might be in the minority there.

I'd say its safe to assume you would definitely be in the minority....(=

#36 10 years ago

Had a BF. Liked it but not as good as SM IMO. Actually, I sold it to buy my SM.

#37 10 years ago

SM is my favorite, played SC's tonight. He has the buildings and many LED's as well. They look great. I can see owning a SM some day.

2 months later
#39 10 years ago
Quoted from pinmike:

This is a 7 month old thread i'm sure thokenndy picked one by now

yeah I thought this was a familier thread when I seen it pop up....still got it and still my favorite game. Just ordered some mods off of backalleycreations about 10 minutes ago!

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