Speedy recovery, Mr. Charland...

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By Cliffy

9 months ago


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#301 86 days ago

Thank you for the update. Kick it's ass, Steve. We are all pulling for you.

#302 86 days ago

Thanks for the update Cliffy!

Steve: beat this bastard back! We are all in your corner.

#303 86 days ago

Praying for a speedy and full recovery for you Steve!!

#304 86 days ago

I thought about Steve tonight when I was testing a System 80 MPU that I repaired. I learned a good chunk of what I know about Gottlieb System 80 games from Steve. He's always been a "giver". Come on Lord...cut the man a break.
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#305 85 days ago

Praying for you Steve

#306 85 days ago

I had a long and wonderful conversation with Steve tonight. He was at the hospital but to be going home this evening. I will summarize some of what was said. First off, he wanted everyone to know he is not a superhero in regards to his continual fight against cancer. He simply said he was not given a choice, as the other option is not acceptable. I quoted him saying, "I'm gonna be here." And I absolutely believe that after speaking with him. He wants to thank everyone for their support, I know Cliffy has said it but I will as well. The public and private messages of support is something he has taken to heart, I cannot express how much it means to him. Thanks for reading, Steve is a special guy and I am reminded of that each time I speak with him.


1 week later
#307 75 days ago

Sorry to hear of the recent news Steve, but the updates have been promising. Sending good vibes, thoughts and prayers your way bud. Keep fighting Steve. Hope to see you at PAGG.


#308 73 days ago

Hey Steve, I wanted to let you know that we are all still here rooting for you, brother! You've touched a lot of lives here, and we expect you to continue to for years to come. We'll see you at PAGG, I've been saving up my System 80 questions for you!

Art & Amanda

#309 72 days ago

Thinking of you Mr. Charland and wishing you the best. Keep on smiling man!

#310 69 days ago

Well I had a chance to talk with Steve yesterday and it was real nice to hear him laugh. The only word he is looking forward to hear right now is remission. So extra prayers to the man upstairs which I don't think Steve needs, but it doesn't hurt to cover all bases.

Hope to talk again soon!!

#311 69 days ago

I had a chance to talk with Steve tonight and I can't tell you how blown away I was by his positivity! The man has plans and said he was going to live to be ninety, and tough old buzzard I believe him! He dominated the hour long call, which if you know Steve is also a really great sign

We had a really nice chat and the importance of telling people how much they mean to you while you still can came up and it was a lot of food for thought. He mentioned this thread and the guys on the forum more than once and how touched he is by everyones thoughts and prayers. We all have told Steve how awesome he is, but maybe we can take a page and tell someone else how we value them while they are still on this earth. I just made a point to send a message to some good buddies just to thank them thanks for the fun times I have had with them.

Steve you are going to beat this, we all know it. Get well soon so you can help me fix an EM and go fishing.

#312 67 days ago

Sending positive energy and prayers your way Steve. Your family, friends and the pinball community all love you buddy. Call me if you need someone to talk to 408-835-2397


3 weeks later
#313 43 days ago

I'm saddened that I have to report our brother Steve Charland passed away this morning. Every time i talked with him he was positive and told me he was fighting hard. He wanted everyone to know how much he LOVED this community. His impact on people in so many hobbies- coin-op, fishing, car restoration, so many things he was involved in that will feel the loss of such a giving and caring man. He was a wonderful father and grandfather and dedicated husband to Cathy whom he called his rock. Fare well, my brother. Al Garber will be there to greet you in pinball heaven.

#315 43 days ago

Total shock. Steve will be sorely missed by all that knew him. Peace be with you Steve.

#316 43 days ago

Heart goes out to family and friends.

#317 43 days ago

This just sucks!

#318 43 days ago

This sucks. I stickied this thread a few months ago intending only to unsticky it when Steve was fully recovered.

My thoughts are with Steve's relatives and close friends. Pinside has lost a colorful member.

Rest in peace, Steve.

#319 43 days ago

Steve was one of the best
he will be truly missed
RIP And bless his family
I will be donating the GTB Timeline pin
that he sold me years ago
to the Pacific Pinball Museum in his memory.

#320 43 days ago

I'll miss talking to Steve. What a tremendous loss.

LTG : (

#321 43 days ago

I've never met Steve or dealt directly with him but from what I've seen of his postings this is a real loss to the pinball community. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

#322 43 days ago

Wow... I'm so sorry to hear this Cliffy. Steve was such a great person. My prayers go out to his family. PAGG will never be the same without him. He'll be greatly missed.

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