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Spblat's Game Room

By spblat

9 months ago

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#51 8 months ago

Oh, that does look good! The blues especially - they don't looked washed out in the after picture.

#52 8 months ago

Thanks! Looks even better in person: in the photo the blue flipper hand seems to have some of the detail washed out but in real life I think it looks great. I also forgot to mention the mega flashers I put behind each of the two hands in the back box. There are two on each side. I left one of the incandescents in place on either side rather than having to modify the circuitry to accommodate LEDs but on the left side and on the right side I have a monster 22SMD flasher from comet. Bright enough to be noticed but out of the line of sight so it doesn’t blind the player

1 week later
#53 7 months ago

I made a couple of very loud Getaway Pinsound mixes that I am super-pleased with

Quoted from spblat:

Happy Monday! At last, my two new Pinsound mixes for Getaway are posted and available to download. I'm really proud of these.
First: The Crystal Method.

NOTE: This is a slightly NSFW mix. Replace the music files in 0252246587 and 0632683336 to
remove an F-bomb, heard when super jackpot is awarded and when entering initials.
The main theme is "Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method. Loops from this track have been
assembled to provide increasing intensity as the game progresses. Other songs used include
"Name of the Game," "Over the Line," "PHD" and "High Roller."
All the "deep voice" callouts have been re-recorded by...well, by me. Discussion:
The driver's "hop in" and "damn, they're shooting at us" are also voiced by me.
The hitchhiker and "woooohoo" is voiced by actor Mandy Michaels.
Download the Crystal Method mix here:
Second: Prodigy. Same spblat callouts with some adjustments.

6:50 "HE GOT AWAY!!"
9:42 The hitchhiker is having fun too
9:59 "I can't keep up with him!"
12:20 Super Jackpot music
14:35 Start of ball 2
THIS IS A 100% SFW MIX. No part of the song title is ever heard in this mix.
The main theme is "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy. As you play, you'll hear different sections of various remixes of the song (Major Lazer, SOM, and Noisia) with increasing intensity.
You'll also hear (SFW) excerpts from "Mindfields," "Funky Shit" and "The Day Is My Enemy."
Download the Prodigy mix here:

1 month later
#54 6 months ago


B8620840-EADE-4660-BCF7-607422F096B7 (resized).jpeg
#55 6 months ago

Some more pics of this new-to-me original AFM. So far I've replaced the lock, gotten acquainted with this weird no-door backbox, replaced the balls and batteries, installed tilt bob, tweaked a few lane switches. I sort of fell out of pinball after TZ came out so I never really got to know this game well. It's such a back-to-basics masterpiece that would have been a blockbuster if the industry hadn't collapsed. Two flippers. No subways. No magnets. Wide open playfield. Classic approachable theme. Spectacular light shows, nicely integrated with the music and SFX. It's aggressively and unapologetically silly.

Short-term to-do:

- Fix the 10-year-old clown puke
- Clean/wax
- Assess flippers, they seem to play ok
- Fix the snipped slam tilt wire
- ColorDMD?
IMG_3521 (resized).jpgIMG_3516 (resized).jpgIMG_3522 (resized).jpgIMG_3523 (resized).jpgAFM backglass composite (resized).jpg

1 week later
#56 6 months ago

AFM updates!

- Gave it a quick wax. Needs a fuller teardown so I can wax the whole playfield.
- Removed bright green "MARTIAN" LEDs. They were blinding! Replaced with 1SMD warm white. Huge difference.
- Replaced LEDs under orange inserts with pink so they weren't so clammy.
- There were cool white LEDs under all the yellow inserts, producing an interesting lime green. I think it works for the capture and atomic ray lights, and "light lock."
- the two upper lanes were lit in red. Return them to yellow for better visibility.
- I'm gradually replacing the colored GI with 1SMD warm white. The backbox is much better now. Added bright front-facing cool white LED flashers to the backbox, which makes them more visible in the player's peripheral vision.
- mod phase 1 installed!

IMG_3546 (resized).jpgIMG_3548 (resized).jpgIMG_3551 (resized).jpgufos.gifIMG_3560 (resized).jpgIMG_3561 (resized).jpgufos2.gif
#57 6 months ago

I rule the universe!

Quoted from spblat:

I was today years old when I saw this mode for the first time. I had never read about it, never seen a video. And my wife was available to capture the moment
Last night my DMD got ghosty and then failed altogether. I swapped in a ColorDMD from another game and finished the Bill Ung expansion mod just in time!

#58 6 months ago

Hey look I'm a pinball streamer

1 week later
#60 5 months ago

That Chris Granner music!

1 week later
#61 5 months ago

I don't know how I missed you ruling the universe, but that was great!

#62 5 months ago
Quoted from spaisley:

I don't know how I missed you ruling the universe, but that was great!

I did it again last night on twitch! I'm going to see if it's feasible or interesting to make an "annotated" version of the playthrough to show exactly how I got to 29B. I wonder if that would be interesting?

2 months later
#64 3 months ago

New pinball day!
61673206363__E8906ADB-8185-42DF-8561-CCFD24FED3F0 (resized).jpg
ToM trapdoors fail often, I've learned, in that there's supposed to be a metal plate for the plunger to rest against when the door is down. That plate breaks off.
IMG_3715 (resized).jpg
Here's a few photos of the trapdoor popper so I can get it back together once I have a new bracket from Mantis.
IMG_3717 (resized).jpg
IMG_3718 (resized).jpg
The last guy didn't know the bracket was broken and the trapdoor broke. He tried epoxying the door back onto the assembly...and then he bought another trapdoor. That one would have failed too, eventually.
IMG_3720 (resized).jpg
I wasn't expecting this, but it seems normal for the trunk magnet to just flop back and forth like this.

#65 3 months ago

I've accumulated a bunch of random bulbs, and I wanted a way to test and sort them. I took a hunk of 2x4, mounted four 555 sockets and four 44 sockets, strung them up, and wired them up to a USB charging cable. Solved!

1 month later
#67 60 days ago

Pinbot #2 has many issues but we're knocking them down one at a time. Today is the "ramp down" switch. The last guy had replaced both coils and almost had it right. But for some reason, the switch wouldn't fire.

Other switches in 44's row and column tested fine, and an ohmmeter across the switch terminals showed that the switch is mechanically fine. So what's going on?
IMG_3842 (resized).jpg

I pulled the switch and tested the diode. It's fine.

Then I found the answer. Here's how it was before:
IMG_3843 (resized).jpg

And here are a couple of other working switches.
IMG_3844 (resized).jpg
IMG_3846 (resized).jpg

The diode was wired backwards. Here it is, fixed.
IMG_3845 (resized).jpg

And Pinbot #2's ramp diverter is working!

#68 60 days ago
Quoted from spblat:

The diode was wired backwards. Here it is, fixed.

The ole backwards diode - happens all the time!

1 month later
#70 15 days ago

Catching up on some stuff that's happened. First of all I've started using my iPad to log stuff, which is fun.

Pinbot #2's left jet wasn't working and it turned into quite a story! I had some help with this.
What an ordeal. At some point before I got this machine there was an event that blew through two transistors, probably a zener diode and definitely a NOR gate. Everything's (almost) cool now.
The ramp is still not behaving correctly. The "up" coil seems to fire intermittently. the answer may be here.

#71 15 days ago

A few text notes for google: magic eraser plus alcohol is really great. I've heard it cuts through clearcoat, so I'm not using it on diamondplate machines. But it's amazing for getting grime off these old system11 games. The method I like is to cut the ME into 1" cubes, spray them with 99% alcohol, and rub, taking care not to break through any paint. This leaves behind a greyish gooey slurry, which I clean off with simple green or 409 before it dries. Then Novus #2, then S99 wax. It's not like new, but it's nice!

#72 15 days ago

I was having lamp matrix problems in my Taxi, which ended up being caused by a blob of solder the last guy left on a plug while resoldering a coil. That was a fun one to track down.


Taxi was also having GI problems; half the backbox was out. Spoiler: the backbox interconnect GI power header was burned to hell. *And* there was a lamp in the backbox that had failed, causing a short circuit; they do that sometimes. **And*** the relay board had a burned header/plug. Three problems contributing to the same failure. While I was in the mood I also fixed the GI in the topper board by reflowing the soldered terminals in the header. I'm getting better at this.


#73 15 days ago

To do:

- Figure out why Taxi sometimes comes up with GI only, and sometimes it comes up with the knocker stuck closed and bell ringing. My hunch is there's something about the blanking circuit or the reset voltage. here's a thread that was left hanging.
- Figure out why Pinbot's ramp keeps popping up. I'll start here. Since the last guy put a diode in backwards, it'd be good to start with a search for similar errors.

2 weeks later
#74 16 hours ago

Meet the new old member of the lineup, a Mata Hari ! This is a much older game than I'm used to.

Half the GI in the backbox was out. I had a fun adventure sorting that out. Got a couple of small things to tidy up but it's playing beautifully.

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